Today·s Lesson ...

Objectives: *To understand the features of a soap opera *To demonstrate a good understanding of either Act III Scene I or Act I Scene I
Missing Coursework: Sarah (µAlone¶ Story) Suraj (Persuasive Letter) Ruchna (Persuasive Letter) Abdul (Persuasive Letter) You will need to stay behind nest Wednesday to complete this outstanding work!

What is a soap opera?
‡ Who watches soap operas? ‡ What do you expect from a soap opera? ‡ Do you agree with the statement Shakespeare was soap operas for the 15th century?
² What do they have in common?

‡ We·re going to watch some ¶Eastenders· Eastenders· ‡ Whilst watching in the back of your exercise books jot down:
² What happens ² What the characters are like ² When is there tension / what is it?

Verona Town
‡ You have been called for an audition by the producers of C4·s newest soap opera ¶Verona Town· to practice and perform a scene for the pilot episode. ‡ You have been given a choice of two scenes to prepare and perform (Act I, Scene I or Act III, Scene I) ‡ Over the next five lessons you must:
² ² ² ² ² get yourself into a group of up to five people choose which scene you will prepare write a modern day script of the scene practice audition

Verona Town
Sample Modern Script
‡ GREGORY'tis known I am a pretty piece of flesh. ‡ SAMPSON ¶tis well thou art not fish; if thou hadst, hadst, thou hadst been poor John. Draw thy tool! here comes two of the house of the Montagues. Montagues. ‡ SAMPSON My naked weapon is out: quarrel, I will back thee. ‡ GREGORY How! turn thy back and run? ‡ GREGORY everyone knows that I am well fit ‡ SAMPSON whatever man, you stink and look like a fish no one would want to eat! Quick here come those Montague fools! ‡ SAMPSON got my blade out ² start on them and I got your back man ‡ GREGORY oh yeah ² what will you do? Run away?