Nonlinear Regression Nonlinear Regression in R

• An extended linear regression technique in which a nonlinear mathematical model is used to describe the relationship between the response variable and the predictor variables. • A nonlinear regression model is a model that contains at least one of the parameters in a nonlinear form • Example

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Y = αXβ + ε

ε ~ N( 0, σ 2 )

Linearized Nonlinear Model
• The linearized form of the example is:

Parameter Estimation
• Iterative procedures are used • May require users to supply initial estimates of parameters • User should know the biological interpretation of the parameters to provide intelligent initial values. • The function getInitial() may also be used.

log Y = log α + β log X
• The normality assumption for the error term will not be appropriate for the linearized form. • Hence, if a nonlinear model is assumed to be appropriate for the data, the nonlinear model should be used for the analysis instead of the linearized form.

Logistic growth curve
• Sample data
Severity represents the number of lesions on the leaf surface, standardized as a proportion of the maximum.

Read and Plot Data

Graph shows a logistic relationship. Logistic model:


α 1 + eβ −rt

Initial values
SSlogis creates initial estimates of the parameters Asym, xmid, and scal from the model:
y= Asym 1+e
xmid−input scal

Estimate Parameters

α = Asym


xmid scal

The model that we are estimating is: r = 1 scal

t = input


α 1 + eβ −rt

Check fit of data

Other Non-linear Models
• Exponential

Other Non-linear Models
• Monomolecular

y = y0erx + ε

y = 1 − (1 − y0 )e −rx + ε

Other Non-linear Models
• Logistic

Other Non-linear Models
• Gompertz


1 1 − y0 1+ y0e −rx

y = e log y0 e −rx

Other Non-linear Models
• Weibull
 x −a  −   b  c

y = 1−e

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