Swara Yoga

Ref: Shiva Swarodaya (Original Sanskrit Text) Swarayoga Swami Muktibodhananda under the direct guidance of Swami Satyananda

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What is Swara Yoga? Ancient. prana. closely guarded. movements and patterns Talks of relationship between prana and cosmic prana Science of Siddhis or ESP . its rhythms. esoteric science Origins in the Tantras One text Shivaswaroday dialogue between Shiva & Parvati Swara continuous sound Science of breath.

Science & Swara Yoga Body Dynamo with infinite electrical currents Kirlian Photography & Prana Breath controls many autonomic & voluntary functions Nose Peripheral organ of the autonomic nervous system .

Examples - . Emotions affect the breath.Prana & emotions Thoughts and prana travel through the breath.

Overcome enemy. present & future Achieving sound mental. popularity Winning favor of king. physical & spiritual health Swara in Daily Life . winning friends Gaining wealth. prosperity. Knowledge of past.Advantages of Swara Yoga Fighting wars.

Swara or Nostrils Left nostril Ida nadi Mental energy Moon Cold Female Right brain Relaxation Considered auspicious Right nostril Pingala nadi Physical energy Sun Hot Male Left brain Stress response Hard. tough. not so virtuous .

temple etc. Destroying enemies Sensual pleasures Work requiring extreme dynamism. gratifying senses Meanest & worst actions . clothes.Acts to be performed Left All auspicious acts Stable. journey etc Construction of house Offices. Eating. Marriages. religious rights. permanent actions Purchasing jewelry. physical work Solving Mathematics. peaceful work Treating incurable diseases Right Extreme tantra tech.

Third Swara Sushumna Center of the spinal cord Shiva in So-Ham SoLeft & right swara flows together No worldly action recommended. work gives no result Non attachment Meditation recommended .

Linked with the sun and moon phases. When both nostrils are active Sushumna nadi is active . from left nostril for 1 to 3 hours to right nostril for 1 to 3 hours again to left A healthy rhythm.How nostrils work? Nostrils change every 1 to 3 hours. is 1 ½ hours.

Daily Schedule Get up before sunrise for better physical and mental health. Waking check which nostril is most active and move that side first. Yoga & exercise Eating food Mental work left nostril Physical work right nostril Sleep Travel Shopping Enjoyment parties. get together . movies.

Interactions & Relationships Left nostril peaceful and friendly Right nostril aggressive and forceful Relationships & nostrils .

Cold milk. Right proper hunger and digestive stimulation. Left depressive can increase or decrease hunger in an unnatural way. banana. ginger. guava (stimulate left) Hot spices. curd.Food What you eat affects swaras or nostril rhythms. garlic (right) .

Place cotton wool in left nostril to block it turns on right nostril. Same nostril breathing will turn the nostril on. . Anuloma Viloma / Alternate nostril breath for 10 15 min.How to change the nostrils. Sleep on left side to turn on right nostril. Hand under left armpit and press for 5 min to turn on right nostril.

balance the nostrils.Health Can predict and prevent disturbances in health. Heatstroke switch on left nostril. Migraine change nostril. . To maintain health. Stress balance both the nostrils Depression & anxiety activate more right nostril Anger & aggression activate left nostril If a cold is coming left is more active. To prevent it activate right.