Contemplation on the meaning of the G³yatrº Mantra duringthe japa-dhy³na helps excellent emotional conditioning.

Itcould be practised in other times of the day as well. The wordmeaning of the G³yatrº Mantra is as follows: Oa® the Omnipresent, Almighty God, the Brah®; Bh¿¡ embodimentof vital spiritual energy; Bhuva¡ destroyer of sufferings;Swa¡ embodiment of eternal happiness; Tat that; Savitu¡ bright, luminous like the Sun; Vareñyam best, most ex-alted; Bhargo destroyer of all sins; Devasya divine;Dhºmahi may imbibe; Dhiyo intellect; Yo who; Na¡ our; Pracoday³t may inspire.

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