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The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual

The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual

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Published by: silviupirvu on Nov 18, 2010
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PHP’s source code is under continual development in a source code control system viewable at
http://cvs.php.net/. (Migration from CVS to SVN is planned). This is the only place bug fixes are
merged. The code is open source and anyone can read the code in CVS or seek approval to contribute.
The code in CVS is used to create the various PHP distributions:

Two-hourly snap-shots are created containing a complete set of all PHP’s source in CVS at the time the
snapshot was created. You can update your PHP environment by getting this source code and
recompiling, or by downloading the Windows binaries. The snapshots may be relatively unstable
because the code is in flux. The snapshots are located at http://snaps.php.net/.

After several months of development the PHP release manager will release a new stable version of
PHP. It uses the most current CVS code at the time of release.

PECL OCI8 source code snapshots are taken from CVS at infrequent intervals. Recently, snapshots
have been made concurrently at the time of a PHP release (when OCI8 has changed).

Zend Core for Oracle also takes snapshots of PHP from CVS.

Various operating systems bundle the version of PHP current at the time the OS is released and
provide critical patch updates.


PHP Oracle Extensions

The schedules of PHP releases, the PECL source snapshots, and Zend Core for Oracle are not fully

As a result of a recent PHP version numbering overhaul, the OCI8 extension included in the PHP
source code is now labeled with the same version number as the equivalent PECL release.
Table 4 shows the major features in each revision of PECL OCI8.

Table 4: Major Revisions of OCI8.

PECL OCI8 Version

Main Features

OCI8 1.0

First PECL release. Based on PHP 4.3 OCI8 code.

OCI8 1.1

Beta releases that became OCI8 1.2.

OCI8 1.2

A major refactoring of the extension for PHP 5.1. It greatly improved stability,
added control over persistent connections, and introduced performance features
such as the ability to do statement caching and a new array bind function.
Available in PHP 5.1 – 5.2.

OCI8 1.3

Refactored connection management gives better handling of restarted databases
and adds support for Oracle's external authentication. Also some of Oracle recent
scalability and high availability features can be now be used. These features are
discussed in a later chapter. OCI8 1.3 will be included in PHP 5.3.



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