Hamilton Lewis

Vice President
 Successful financial management consultant with over 25 years in the financial industry. Highly skilled in quantitative and qualitative analysis, dynamic cyclic analyst, financial engineering, research analysis, risk management, project management, sales automation, and strategic planning.  As a result of his exceptional performances in wealth building and extensive analytical research, he developed the “Hamilton Lewis Mastery Trading Course” for Global Cycles Research, LP. Serving as Generational Wealth and Hedge Fund Manager he reached the pinnacle of trading over$1 billion in the span of his 25 years in the financial industry.  As Chief Executive Officer of Hamilton Lewis Capital Management, he traded over $900 million in both domestic and international markets, created comprehensive analytical research to forecast price and trend changes, managed assets and risks to increase wealth for clients.  Serving as an Advisory Board Member of Charles Schwab, Phoenix, AZ he liaised between senior management and $150 billion investment advisory community, evaluated the desires, needs and concerns of 25+ investment advisors and communicated them to senior management, and traded over $800 million in individual stocks and options.  Featured in CFP Today, The Wall Street Journal, and on the front page of The Houston Chronicle on 1/02/97, plus local and national radio and television stations within 44 markets.

He served on President’s and Dean’s Advisory Councils at the University of Houston School of Business, Toastmaster, and has done several conference presentations for universities, hospitals, and associations. He is a Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and received an MBA in E-business at University of Phoenix and a B.A. at Houston Baptist University with honors.

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