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Nursing Care Plan for Colds

Assessment Nursing Inference Goal of Care Implementation Rationale Evaluation


S- Impaired Presence of After 2-4 Independent After 2-4

“Nahihirapan breathing semi thick hours of Nursing Actions: hours of
akong huminga pattern discharges nursing 1. Placed the To facilitate Nursing
dahil sa sipon
related to intervention client in lung intervention
ko”, as
verbalized by presence of the client will semi- expansion the client
the patient. semi- thick demonstrate fowlers demonstrated
nasal Obstruction to enhance using enhanced
O- D.O.B discharges the nares breathing pillows. breathing
nasal flaring pattern. pattern.
Presence of
(whitish yellow 2. Encouraged To decrease
Impaired to increase the viscosity
and semi- thick
in appearaince)
Breathing fluid of the
pattern intake. discharges

3. Advised to Citrus fruits

take citrus contains
vitamin C that
boosts the