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Name: _____________________________________________________________

Qualification: _______________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________


1.c Do you use papers regularly?

a.c Yes b. No

2.c Do you think paper is a necessary item in present days?

a.c Yes b. No

3.c Do you prefer colored papers?

a.c Yes b. No c. Both

4.c What shape of paper do you prefer mostly?

a.c Square b. Rectangle c. Circle d. others

5.c What kind of paper do you opt?

a.c Single-ruled c. Broad ruled
b.c Double ruled d. Plane white paper

6.c For what purpose do you use paper?

a.c Writing c. Drawing e. Painting g. multi purpose
b.c Printing d. Playing f. Designing h. Any other

7.c What is the quality you prefer for papers?

a.c More qualitative c. Medium qualitative
b.c Less qualitative

8.c What size of paper do you use mostly?

a.c A4 b. A5 c. Legal papers d. Portrait e. others
9.c At what price do you buy papers?
a.c High price b. Medium price c. Low price

10.c Do you feel that qualified papers are available at

a.c Reasonable price b. High price

11.c Qualified papers are mostly used by what level of people?

a.cUpper level b. Middle level c. Lower level d. All

12.cWhat might be the percentage of paper being wasted?

a.c 05-25% b. 25%-50% c. 50%-75% d. 75%-100%

13.cCan stationary paper be sent for recycling?

a.cYes b. No

14.cHow many papers do you use regularly?

a.c<25 b. >25 c. >50 d. >100 e. more

15.cYou give importance to͙.

a.cPapers b. Books

16.cDo you prefer any designed papers?

a.cYes b. No c. Semi-designed

17.cCan paper be used for waste purposes?

a.cYes b. No c. Semi

18.cWhat kind of papers do you give importance?

a.cOld tradition b. New tradition
19.cAt the time of purchase what are your preferences?
a.cQuality b. Price c. Eco-friendly papers

20.cCan we survive without papers?

a.cAbsolutely Yes b. No c. No idea

21.cDo we really need papers even after the invention of computers?

a.cYes b. No

22.cDo you think that students of present generation can do their best without
these papers?
a.cYes b. No c. Can͛t say

23.cWhat is your opinion on paper industries, whether it is a

a.cBoon b. Bane c. Semi

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