Schedules of Reinforcement

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HCL : T f 2010 B t E pl y r Alignment of people practices. HCL s Envoronment. Long Term Approach. .

will be reinforced.Schedules of reinforcement A schedule of reinforcement is the protocol for determining when responses or behaviors will be reinforced The timing of the behavioral consequences that follow a given behavior is called the reinforcement schedule. It is a rule stating which instances of behavior. . if any.

000/. Intermittent / Partial reinforcement : Reinforcement is administered at an interval. Fixed ratio schedule: an employee getting an increment of 10.Schedules of Reinforcement Continuous reinforcement : Employees are reinforced uninterruptedly by the administration.if he does 100 units of production in a month. .

then 24 (in units). Fixed interval schedule: An employee getting an increment of 1000/.Variable ratio schedule: An employee getting reinforcement at a varying no. Variable interval schedule : Praising an employee for his desired behavior at an unpredictable interval of time.per month for his desired behavior. of productions done by him like at 19. then 17. then 15. .

Positive Reinforcement Positive reinforcement is an increase in the future frequency of a behaviour due to the addition of a consequence immediately following a response. ‡ The principles of Reinforcement deprivation . Princi les ‡ The principle of contingent Reinforcement. ‡ The principle of immediate Reinforcement. ‡ The principle of Reinforcement size.

Exam les of Positive Reinforcements ‡ Mc Donald s Employee Of the Month (Fixed Interval Schedule). . ‡ Percentage Share of profit to employees as per their rank in TCS . Accenture and Wipro.E. ‡ G.(Fixed Interval and Variable ratio Interval schedule). s Jack Welch s Six Sigma approach for enhanced Production.

‡ Avoidance conditioning ‡ Escape conditioning .Negative Reinforcement Negative reinforcement is an increase in the future frequency of a behavior when the consequence is the removal of an aversive stimulus.

Sell or Close  Elfunds .Examples of Negative Reinforcements ‡ General Electric Fix .

Example : Deduction of salary by 20% for failing to meet the targets of an organization. .Punishment Punishment is the authorative imposition of something negative or unpleasant on a person or animal in response to behavior deemed wrong by an individual or group.

whereas Punishment is used to decrease the frequency of an undesired frequency. .Negative Reinforcement vs Punishment Negative Reinforcement strengthens and increases the frequency of a desired behaviour.

‡ Infosys Software Engineer sacked for conducting unethical behaviour.Examples ‡ Former vice president of IBM terminated for committing fraud. .

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