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Suunto T4 Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Trainer Watch (Black)

Suunto T4 Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Trainer Watch (Black)

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Published by: robertgaytinson on Nov 18, 2010
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Suunto T4 Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Trainer Watch (Black


Suunto T4 guides you toward optimal fitness with individual training plans for frequency, duration and training effect. When? How much? How long? The Suunto T4 shows the way. With each use, the Suunto T4 adapts to your changing physiology, making on target recommendtions for achieving optimal physical condition. Whether you accept or decline a recommended workout is up to you - the Suunto T4 continues to adapt, mantaining an up to date plan for attaining your fitness goals. Features include heart rate, calories burned, quantified training effect, logbook, and speed and distance with optional Suunto POD's. Additional functions include dual time, date, alarm, and stopwatch with splits and laps. Equipped with optional PC POD and software, you can transfer data to your PC and easily maintain a personal training log. Designed for athletes in training, the Suunto T4 wrist-top computer monitors your progress and makes intelligent workout recommendations for frequency, duration, and intensity. The unit is built around the Suunto Coach feature, which generates a five- day plan for improving your aerobic condition. Employing Training Effect technology, it tells you which days to work out with information on duration and intensity. If you accept a recommended workout, the T4 guides you through the session to make sure you receive the proper training load. If you decline a recommended workout in favor of a rest day or non-recommended workout, however, the T4 continues to monitor and adapt by adjusting your five-day plan accordingly. The unit is also compatible with Suunto's various speed- and distance-measuring pods, including the Foot Pod, Bike Pod, and GPS Pod (all sold separately). Each model offers its own functions: the Foot Pod measures your foot speed in seconds or miles per hour, while the Bike Pod gauges your cycling speed and distance. The GPS Pod, meanwhile, employs a global positioning system to track speed and distance across a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, inline skating, and kayaking. Other T4 details include measurements for heart rate, calories burned, and distance; a three-tier zone training system with alarms; and a wristwatch with dual time, date, and alarm modes. An ideal training companion, the T4 monitors your progress and makes intelligent workout recommendations for frequency, duration, and intensity. T4 Details: Suunto Coach mode (adaptive training advisor) Real-time training effect Measures current heart rate, average heart rate, and maximum heart rate Gauges real-time calories burned 3-tier zone training system with alarms Two adjustable HR limits with alarms Speed and distance with optional Foot Pod, Bike Pod, or GPS Pod Compatible with PC Pod Dual time, date, and alarm Log memory for 15 workouts Stopwatch with 50 split laps Interval timer User-replaceable battery HR belt with error-free ANT transmission technology Water-resistant to 100 feet Interchangeable straps About Suunto

Suunto was founded in 1936 by outdoors man and a keen orienteering enthusiast, Tuomas Vohlonen, who had long been bothered by a problem: the inaccuracy of traditional dry compasses and their lack of steady needle operation. Being an engineer with an inventive turn of mind, he discovered and patented the production method for a much steadier needle, better readings, and a new level of accuracy. By 1950 the company was exporting compasses to over 50 countries around the world, including Canada and the United States. In 1952, Helsinki was hosting the Olympic Games, and the torches carried to light the Olympic flame were Suunto products. The next step was improving the stability and accuracy of marine compasses. The first marine compass, the Suunto K-12, was launched onto the market in 1953. In 1957, Suunto started manufacturing hypsometers, which measure the height of trees. In the 1960s, the compass range grew further and Suunto introduced its first diving compass--initiated by the divers themselves. A British sports diver attached a Suunto compass to his wrist and found that the device also worked underwater. Thanks to his feedback and initiatives, the new business category was found. Suunto's exports and business grew steadily and Suunto then focused on combining its strength in precision mechanics with new skills in electronics. Accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness have been Suunto's key values from the very beginning of the company history. Today, Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports instruments for training, diving, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, sailing, and golf. True to its roots, Suunto is today the world's biggest compass manufacturer. Prized for their design, accuracy and dependability, Suunto sports instruments combine the aesthetics and functionality of watches with sport-specific computers that help athletes at all levels analyze and improve performance. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto employs more than 500 people worldwide and distributes its products to nearly 60 countries. The company is a subsidiary of Helsinki-based Amer Sports Corporation with the sister brands Wilson, Salomon, Atomic, Precor, and Mavic. Low Price - Click Now!

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