The Penn State Equine Research Team and the Equine Speaker Series present .

Riding and Research: Mixing Business with Pleasure
A presentation in practical, exercise physiology research by

Carey A. Williams, PhD
Equine Extension Specialist at Rutgers University y Dr. Williams competes as a 3-day eventer at the Preliminary as well as Training level y Her research focuses on exercise physiology with the practical focus of decreasing the effects of intense exercise The program will highlight her latest research as well as insight into what top riders are feeding and supplementing their horses


Tuesday, November 30th 6:30pm to 8:30pm

WHERE: 112 Forest Resources Bldg. Penn State, University Park
*Complimentary food and drink will be available*
For more information, please contact Dr. Ann Macrina or call 814-863-4202. -This event is free and open to the public-

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