CASH P 18,000.00 if paid before 17 April 2010 before 17 Apr 2010 and P3,500 on or before 1 Jun INSTALLMENT P 15,000 2010 P 18,500 if enrolling on or after 17 April 2010 PRE-WEEK ONLY P 4,500 CASH CHECK PAYMENT Subject to clearing and retroactive to issue date if cleared. NO REFUND ALLOWED.

About Us - Our Company Profile
Jurists Bar Review Center was born out of the dream of Professors Gafar E. Lutian and Manuel R. Riguera to found a bar review center that would offer not only bar-review lectures but more importantly establish a system of coaching and performance-monitoring that would better prepare the reviewees for the bar examinations. In late 2004, after a series of extensive brain-storming sessions, in which Professors Riguera and Lutian were joined by their respective spouses Attys. Hazel and Gina, the core group designed a review and training regimen that was quite unique in that it was the first and so far only bar review program that involved individualized coaching, mock-bar examinations, and performance monitoring. In 28 January 2005, Jurists Review Center, Inc. was incorporated with Professor Manuel R. Riguera as the President and Atty. Hazel R. Riguera as the Chief Financial Officer. 2005 was Jurists’ initial bar review season, and 82 reviewees enrolled for the program. When the bar results came out in March 2006, Jurists obtained an overall passing percentage of 41.38% as against the national passing percentage of 27.20%. For those Jurists reviewees who faithfully followed and adhered to the Jurists training protocol of mock-bar examinations and attendance in one-on-one coaching sessions, the passing percentage was an astounding 85%. And Gladys Gervacio, a Jurists Reviewee who faithfully followed the Jurists protocol, copped 6th place in the bar examinations and scored a perfect 100% in Labor Law and Legal Ethics, a feat unparalled in the annals of the bar examinations. Jurists’ impressive results caught the attention of the academe, the law studentry, and even the national media. Ms. Mary Ann Ll. Reyes, in her widely-read column “Hidden Agenda” in the Philippine Star, said: “For a

The coaching staff was thus increased to 12 coaches and the coaching program further fine-tuned in order to cope with the upsurge in the number of reviewees. Jurists moved to a new venue at the Philippine Christian University in Taft Avenue. Out of the 78 Jurists candidates who took the 2006 Bar. Only 1. Jurists bar candidates posted an above-par result with 34 out of 91 candidates making it for a 37. The 2007 Bar Examination was an especially difficult one featuring “unusually strict corrections” in the words of the chairman. For the 2009 Bar review season. Enrollment increased to 154 for the 2007 Bar Review season. the Jurists Bar Review and Coaching Program was conducted at the SWU College of Law Campus in Cebu City. The 2008 season also saw the addition of a pre-week review and the expansion of Jurists to the Visayas.289 out of 5. the number of enrollees increased to 108.626 examinees made the grade for a low 22.” (Philippine Star. Supreme Court Justice Adolf Azcuna.91% national pass rate. In coordination with the Southwestern University College of Law.” (Philippine Star. the Jurists Bar Review Center in Las Pinas is gaining quite a reputation. For the candidates who followed faithfully the Jurists training protocol. Jurists will move to its new venue at the . The 2006 season was also notable for the introduction of an English for Bar Reviewees program and the implementation of various refinements to the coaching program. 31 emerged triumphant for a pass rate of 40% as against the national pass rate of 30%. In the 2006 Bar Review season. Ms.bar review center set up only last year. Word continued to spread among the law studentry of the marvelous results posted by Jurists and the number of enrollees rocketed to 374. 17 May 2006). During the 2008 Bar Review season. Reyes wrote that Ms. The maiden season of Jurists in the Queen City of the South was a resounding success with 94 law students from SWU and other premier law colleges in Cebu and the Visayas enrolling. they still continued to outperform the rest of the pack with a remarkable 70% pass rate. The pass rate for those who followed the protocol continued to astound at a remarkable 80%. Gervacio’s “remarkable performance she attributes largely to the preparation she received from the Jurists Bar Review Center … with its unique bar review program that features coaching with multi mock bar exams.36% passing percentage. 14 May 2006). Despite this.

Since then others have followed the trail blazed by Jurists but Jurists continues to remain at the forefront in the field of bar exam coaching. Reviewees are exhorted to undergo the full coaching protocol in order to gain the maximum benefits from the Jurists program. the coach checks the booklets and afterwards sits down with the reviewee in a one-on-one coaching session wherein the coach identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the bar reviewee and discusses the answers with the reviewee. and Institute of Law in Morayta. Manila. the reviewee has been thoroughly immersed in the Jurists Method of analyzing and answering bar questions such that its application becomes second nature or almost intuitive. In this regard. The performance of the reviewee is monitored by the coaching staff and weaknesses and faults are identified and then excised. The reviewee is also trained to use proven test-taking strategies and tactics specially developed by Jurists. come up with an answer and then effectively present the answer in such a manner as to gain the most points from the bar examiner. Our coaches have .Far Eastern University. This cannot be achieved in a program where there is only one or a few mock bar examinations and where there is only an omnibus or group lecture on how to answer the bar exam. Jurists was the first bar review center to conduct a coaching program with mock bar examinations in the Philippines. Our coaching system features the administration of a series of 6 mock-bar examinations specially crafted by the Jurists coaching staff in consultation with the bar reviewers. The Jurists program is sui generis and offers unique and special advantages and benefits not found in other programs. After each mock bar. Jurists believes that each reviewee has his or her unique strong and weak points which must be addressed individually and not just in a group lecture or seminar. The reviewee will note with satisfaction the marked improvement in the way he or she performs in the mock bar exams as the coaching program progresses. We have a dedicated and well-trained corps of coaches which has enabled us to effectively implement our unique program. System Coaching Performance-Monitoring The aim of the Jurists coaching program is the rigorous training of the bar reviewee so that he or she can properly analyze a bar exam problem. The reviewee also receives a written feedback from the coach for his or her reference and file. At the conclusion of the coaching program.

UNC. Liceo De Cagayan. UST PROF. IMELDA ABADILLA-BROWN Valedictorian. UST Bar Reviewer. Our coaches are concurrent law professors or those experienced in teaching the law. SSC-R PROF. CECILIO D. RYAN QUILALA Graduate. SSC-R. CRC MCLE Lecturer Political Law JUSTICE AMY LAZARO-JAVIER Valedictorian. 1979 Bar Examinations Law Professor. Lex. Lyceum. FEU Institute of Law (1991) Law Professor and Bar Reviewer. UST Faculty of Civil Law (1979) No. Arellano. SSC-R Reviewer. UST Faculty of Civil Law (1982) Justice. San Beda College of Law (1992) . SSC-R Institute of Law (2004) Assistant Dean & Law Professor. 2. UST. EDWIN SANDOVAL Graduate. Court of Appeals Law Professor. UP. FEU. SSC-R Institute of Law (1998) Law Professor. UE.themselves undergone an intensive clinic where they are taught the Jurists Method of training and coaching. as he or she can check and evaluate the mock-bar examinations from the unique perspective of a teacher experienced in checking and evaluating thousands of law school examinations. University of Pangasinan. Lex. DUKA Graduate. RENE GOROSPE Graduate. FEU. » Political Law PROF. CRC. SSCR. Legal Advantage PROF. Jurists believes that a law professor will prove to be the best bar exam coach. PUP » Labor Law PROF. UST.

PLP .No. J OSWALD LORENZO Graduate. CRC. 2. SSC-R Institute of Law (2004) Assistant Dean & Law Professor. SSC-R. 1993 Bar Examinations Associate Dean. UPHSD. Lyceum. CRC » Civil Law ASSOCIATE DEAN VIVIAN M. Lyceum. LUTIAN Ranked No. Ateneo (on leave). GAFAR E. UM. 7. 1991 Bar Examinations Law Professor: Arellano. University of Pangasinan. ELMER T. PLM. DARLENE MARIE BERBERABE-LIM Salutatorian. Lyceum. Liceo De Cagayan. UP College of Law (1999) Labor Law Specialist Former Professorial Lecturer. MANUEL R. FEU PROF. DUKA Graduate. Baguio Power House Review. RABUYA Valedictorian. PAGUIRIGAN Valedictorian and Magna Cum Laude. UP College of Law PROF.Baguio Power House Review PROF. 8. RIGUERA Graduate. FEU Institute of Law Law Professor: FEU and UPHSD Bar Reviewer: National Bar Review Consortium. UNC. CECILIO D. El Magistrado Bar Review PROF. Legal Advantage PROF. San Beda College of Law (1975) Law Professor & Bar Reviewer. SSC-R Reviewer. SSC-R. Arellano Law School (1996) Law Professor: Arellano. FEU Institute of Law (1993) No. San Beda College of Law (1991) No. 1992 Bar Examinations Law Professor: San Beda (1993-2006) & UPHSD Labor Law Specialist PROF. 16. Ateneo Law School (1991) Law Professor. San Beda. FEU Bar Reviewer.

ERIC RECALDE Salutatorian. 1984 Bar Examinations Law Professor: UPHSD Former Law Professor. Adamson. Arellano. of Pangasinan. GATDULA Valedictorian. JEREMY I. .Bar Reviewer: Lex Review Center. SSC-R. Ateneo Tax Consultant. UE MCLE Lecturer: Civil and Commercial Law Updates Pre-week Reviewer: Ateneo. PCU. 12. RIZALINA LUMBERA Graduate. ANTONIO BONILLA Salutatorian. MLQU Law School (1990) Law Professor. University of Batangas Bar Reviewer. San Beda College of Law (1989) Law Professor: San Beda. Arellano. SSC-R. Univ. 10. San Beda College of Law (2002) No. UE. Arellano Law School (1995) No. San Beda. Sycip Gorres & Velayo Tax Lecturer PROF. Lex PROF. Legal Writing PROF. SSC-R. 1995 Bar Examinations Law Professor. 3. PATRICIA INEZ ESTANIEL Graduate. Ateneo » Taxation Law ATTY. Lyceum Bar Reviewer: CRC PROF. Arellano. PLM MCLE Lecturer. Arellano. Arellano Law School (2003) Law Professor. SSC-R. 2002 Bar Examinations Law Professor: San Beda » Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises Law PROF. Ateneo Law School (1984) No. ERICKSON BALMES Graduate.

SSC-R. ZARAH VILLANUEVA-CASTRO Valedictorian. Arellano. 2. LUTIAN Ranked No. PCU. SSC-R. Univ. Arellano University Law School (2003 ) Law Professor. UE MCLE Lecturer: Civil and Commercial Law Updates Pre-week Reviewer: Ateneo. San Jose Recoletos-Cebu. Siguion Reyna Montecillo & Ongsiako PROF. MANUEL R. Univ. RIGUERA Graduate. MANUEL R. UP College of Law (1982) Law Professor. RIGUERA Graduate. PLP Bar Reviewer: Lex Review Center. Ateneo de Manila Law School (1991) Law Professor. GAFAR E. CRUZ Graduate. Adamson. IPL Department. FEU.of Pangasinan PROF. Univ. FEU Pre-Bar Reviewer: SSC-R. ERICKSON BALMES Graduate. SSC-R. San Beda. Lex PROF. 7. SSC-R. Lyceum. FEU MCLE Lecturer. Ateneo (on leave). Baguio Powerhaus » Commercial Law PROF. 1991 Bar Examinations Law Professor: Arellano. Remedial Law . Arellano. SSC-R. CRC. of Batangas Bar Reviewer. CELSO L. University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta Head. UPHD. Arellano. San Beda College of Law (1991) No. PLP Bar Reviewer: Baguio Power House Review PROF. of Batangas. CRC » Remedial Law PROF. Ateneo Law School (1991) Law Professor: UPHSD.University of Batangas. Univ. San Beda College (1996) Law Professor. of Pangasinan.

Pamplona.e. Ateneo. SSC-R Pre-week Reviewer. 4.. 5. Ateneo.D. Ateneo.DEAN TRANQUIL SALVADOR III Graduate. A person is considered as enroll only upon receipt of the cash or down payment by Jurists. 255 Alabang-Zapote Road. Check payments should be made payable to JURISTS REVIEW CENTER INC. FEU. the receipt or the deposit slip. FEU MCLE Lecturer. Las Piñas City. SSC-R Bar Reviewer. please bring proof of your payment. 2. During the first day. 8301-0026-97 and faxing a clear copy of the deposit slip and the filled-in application form to (63-2) 871-57-49. Jurists reserves the right to decline applications for enrollment once the desired number of reviewees has been reached. Contact Us Prof. Las Piñas. Remedial Law Enrollment HOW TO ENROLL? HOW TO ENROLL 1.. first-served basis. Please fill in completely the application form as the same will help our administrative and coaching staff to serve you better. Call or text us at (63-2) 846-39-37 or at 0939-634-6234 for confirmation. Enrollment is on a first-come. The application form may be obtained at our office or you may download it from our website or request that a copy be faxed to you. You may enroll by depositing your payment to the account of Jurists Review Center Inc. Review Director . Riguera. i. Manuel R. You may go to the office of Jurists Review Center Inc. pictures. 3. UE. UE. The Azucena Arcade is across the street from Max’s Restaurant. at the G/F Azucena Arcade. FEU. BPI Current Account No. Ateneo de Manila Law School (1991) Law Professor. Please bring two I. Pamplona.

Pamplona. No. Las Piñas City Tel. (Morayta) .net Review Center University Conference Center (UCC) Far Eastern University.2/F Azucena Arcade. 3911308 Cell: 0939. 8715749. N. Reyes St.6234 E-mail: juristsbar@smartbro. (02)8463937. 255 Alabang-Zapote Road.634.