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EIB News Traq unveils new security plans Iraq says it will close its order crossings with Iran and Syria for three days as part of its new security plan for the capital, Baghdad. ‘Top commander Lt Gen Abboud Gambar used a live TV address to unveil the plan which also extends the Baghdad curfew. ‘The US-backed security drive is now being debated in the US Congress. Gen Gambari in charge ofa plan that will divide Baghdad into 10 security distriets in an attempt to drive out insurgents and illewal militias. Sweeping powers ‘Thousands of extra US troops are heading tothe Iraqi capital to bolster Iraqi forces in the new security surge" US President George W Bush is committed to sending 21,500 additional troops to Iraq, ‘but he faces strong opposition in the Democrat-led Congress, 0Skm (378 miles). Crossings to close: Rabi'ah and al-Walid 1,458km (906 miles). Crossings to close: Al-Shalamijah, ‘Zurbatiyah, Hajj Umran, and Bishmagh