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Photoshop Tutorial

Removing blemishes
Skill level: Novice
Duration: 2 minutes
Requirements: Photoshop version 5 or higher
Goal: To remove unwanted blemishes or artefacts

Stage 01.
Start by importing a suitable image into Photoshop. If you wish to use
the same image as this tutorial, download it from the image bank at

Let’s begin by grabbing the Zoom tool

and dragging a square around the
area that contains the blemish you
wish to remove, as shown in this

Remember if you need to zoom out

just double click the Zoom tool.

Stage 02.
Grab the Clone Stamp tool (the shortcut key
is S) and select a soft round brush size that
is a little bigger than the blemished area. I
used soft round 13 for this tutorial. Next
place your brush slightly near (not on) the

This is the area we will be sampling. To sample the area, simply

hold down the Alt key and click your left mouse button, then
release the Alt key. Note that while holding down the Alt key, it is
normal for your brush icon to change and look like this
Stage 03.
Now to start removing the
blemish. Left click the mouse
button on top of the actual
blemish, and it will begin to
disappear. You may have to
click more than once,
depending on the intensity of
the blemish and the size of
your soft brush.

The blemish area will now

look like this

Once you are confident in this procedure, you can continue removing
unwanted blemishes from the rest of the image. Here are before and
after images

Original image Blemishes and freckles removed

This procedure is ideal for hiding unwanted blemishes, removing dust

and scratches from badly scanned images, or ironing out wrinkles.

This technique is also deceptively used by glam magazines and other

marketing material producers to improve the appearance of the models
in their photographs.

This tutorial was produced by Michael Ott