Drill 12: Wall/Fence Drill

Purposes: Teach and reinforce correct paths and North orientation on off-tackle power/toss plays. Eliminate sweep mentality/instincts on power plays. Teach the POA blocking scheme (vary defensive alignments). Reinforce center’s on/away mechanics.

* Set formation (full or partial) perpendicular to chain link fence. Use split-snake to mark LOS and alignment. PSWB’s outside heel about a foot inside the fence. * Position large 20” cylinder dummies on fence to simulate perimeter defenders DE and CB (strap to chain link). Position these away from vertical fence supports (where fence will give). * Position shielded defenders to simulate defenders inside POA (DE, NG, OLB, etc.). * Rep power plays to fence side of the set. Vary defensive alignments to simultaneously teach blocking scheme/rule application. Vary NG alignment to 0 and 2 tech to work center’s block vs even and odd fronts. Drill can be run with anything from ball carrier only (cones demarking lane) to a full squad.

Coaching Points:
* Walk, crawl, run through all footwork and paths. * Emphasize pullers initial step, moving tight to LOS, and turning North immediately around TED block in run-blocking demeanor. Tell the guard to brush the TE with his inside hand as he turns up through the POA. The fence will force them to get out of “banana” path/mentality. * Emphasize consistent motion speed and path by BSWB. BSWB must overcome inertia, adjust his track to get on the puller’s tails immediately on tucking the football. Tell him to push hard on the outside foot. * Check and reinforce correct spin-footwork, path, and acceleration of QB. Initial step with backside foot 270 degrees, continuous motion to his target, run blocking demeanor. Tell QB to dig, dig, dig coming out of his initial spin/toss. * Emphasize FB “taking up space” -- banana path thru the TE’s footprints to his target. * We want the lead-thru blockers to see and adjust their paths to the down/kickout block, splitting the seam between those blocks, not running toward a preordained spot on the ground. The location of the seam will vary naturally when we vary the defensive tackle’s alignment. Variation/Advancing Drill: After basic mechanics are solid, set the formation approx. 1-2 yards inside the fence and incorporate “live” shielded DE and CB in various alignments and techniques. Emphasize track and “in space” play of FB and QB.

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