Love is unfair For when you are broken The world turns them around And they leave

you laying on the cold and gritty Floor, weeping over the lost. Oh how my heart sits there within me Like a lost bird It breaks and breaks My heart sits within me silently pleading For death It is quiet It is broken It is in a state of defiance And shattered into dust The world walks over me Without even looking at what it had trampled over The world is uncaring when I am not with it The world will not wait for me To gain my stand The world will leave me alone and lost. The world will not come to my aide They leave me a broken mess The world does not pay attention to me For I am left to grieve The world will not wait for me to come back Yet I believe there is something? That has transformed salty tears Into sweet droplets It can make the cold and gritty floor Turn into a blanket The hope that I have is love Love is just a single word And emotion Yet it holds so much power within it It makes you fall back in love I loved only two souls But they broke me by their own They left grand wounds deep inside me I try to mend the wounds but I just can t For they keep on bleeding and I gave up hope Yet love remains

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