'(J~.""I aUD1n, ..... ",..'ACUVUj .. _. - _.'._ V',_ ..... i::I"'~.'H.vJ "_1' .•.••...... i·_ ..

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Co y r gil m;:fl. rI

'1'hestupid, ridiculous ~,i:don that a. GOO. ciu"..e')d:5t in. isolation or cfis~· association in absolute: and. c:ont:irruing ron~ o:fe.verythIDg.~. ~~it:E! tne ages of' eridenceibCl t.heCQ·ntr~, is the .fant.asy .upot:'I! 'Wilith all aeoonda:ryh.f'e-ganes 00n~ t.mue to be played by pciestsandpreaclle:il,"S.

Chapt@l'l' I :MYS'IJt'R"!

We ~ sllrTOuncEd. by ~st~.fti1e are :00t'n in a wor'JIld of ~tery,. we live m a ~ld ofnystery I' riwe- di.e in a world of ~tery.


What '~'~~1 In. Nalit.Y .,00 D:I:Ie 1:cnows ~:. Sclooce can ~t tell us Wlia1tt li::fe ji6. - ''Ihen 'lIIe den itl'mCW' ~at death is; ~d ye't ·the IIft1 in the: street ''l:h:Uiiks: he knows.

'l1'hepriests a:OO.preach~t"lant fre.e:1___y ~uta God. ~. is he? What i.$ he?' NO one ever s;~ him ·and. 00 one: can. defirle him.. He.is a.mythcrnateil .: t>y theHeb~ and adopt:ed by the M::>thel" Ol::nJrch •

The :first and f:i:ri!al, pl€;a. ,of Cllrist:lLam..ty is that: it presmr.ted the one Gt.Jdhypo .. thesis. But·wlly is. O:ll~ 'God betler fur m!m. ibilt thn!e OJ' 8007 If one G::d. does so T:!UCh. gOOd fot" h~i ty" tb:iJi:: how' mtlcn oo:re ooUld 00 c;kme by m;ID3.,

Ml ref€re'n,ce ~o God, oodhis work is, plain a:sswnption and! iS~ation... That:.is another' s:ohrnre of the M:;)iil::OOI' ChlJ.l':'diL ·tol<e~p' the cattle UJ'l.tEr ,oorl'tloL '['he msses 1i!'U5:t ihepreve:nted:frarn acquiclngknowledge thw.; ws.sipcroes 1:'ne Mrlcnefj6 .and5olve:.; the~$t:ery by whiCh ~. at'esUfi!Ouodedi.

we: ,~ seare%.ing :fur1;igl:n.. 'We liIlIl..liSt s1'tart fttmL a '~p::low" witnout feet en solid. ground ~ and keep .aur> feet fixed so weill kJ:la,; where wstald. liIentlllSt .keep fromgp&ng ,as,trIay bybat5,mg 01:r f:indin:gs 00 ~ p':roposit:ioosoofol'@ 'we a.ecept ~. a,s,a.ct;uaJ. .f~:fU.t andne'Vel'lose sightQ! "theME! el'f' 'WfiSiiste:!'lCY.

~~e (sdetttistsl woo· ~st'iga:te tne ph~a. of life areas if lost m 00 inextri.wle iun:gle, in the midst -ofa.~c1b:rest "whose co-wtlesstrees W1I.ceas.ingl,y malge their place an:d, th.eil" s1:'ape. 'Tneyare ,crushed Wlder ,a, ~s of facts whi.ch. 'fhey can aea,oribeibttt ~re :mc~.e.oif defin.:irIg in alge1Dmic ,equatioos. • ••

II~ is rrade :up of ·a:prroces5ion oflthantorns~. in the !i!'lidst ,clfwhiclltne:re strides, ·an~·OIble: rem ty. In. fact:, 0'!J!iL" igna:rence ia prom,1l:Il"d. ~t ,of the questi:OIl5 put: to the:rn7SellLVe9: by ttwSJew,ho S1'Udy h~bed.fl:gs~ ~ withom an.y .~t"! (p~. 1~ 1+).

Copyr'ghted materla

When 'the sdhc>ol:s.~ the ~, and the sci.e:ntis.ts; leaw us in such a darlc, blind, 'Olalllk sit'U&t:im, that rr:E!M5 ·we hi3i1\1e bei'o:re us· ill cle~ field. Anypost~a~rt~ t'i1!at we EY·pn!'sIent:, ~ich i:5reBi5iooable andlogiw.~ .~.Whimis ooyond tl1€i ~e c·f :te~Sicimoo,. cmmotoo 'J:1ejectlid. beeaJUSe it fails to· ~ 'With scientific firmn:p,. Wl" th~ ·~no suc:.m. findings.

WIiIe!!."es:h~ .~ stQ.rt o,ws~tdi~' WithUl,e A~s Wisdom ·of ·the .. Ancient

. M the sd:lools, tlIe~s, ant!: too

sc Cl.rlrnthe h:Jicient Magi were

S~:nlti t1oo.S Heat:hens ..Ifthey knew any'" t:hln~ at all .as; W,tM subject be~ us·~ ~y·.~ IiCON that'iL w~ do~ fot. we k:nc:w ooth.tng.

:And .~we shall g!J way batcl.;::!, into the mists and. th.e dist~.t ~e5t and.5.e~ for <li. s~<I!"t'ingro:i~t. Wh~ we· find it, we Shall prooooo. in steadyst!;'!des,. and bW:lda cl"!ainto o::mnect the pa.:S't wit!bth~ prres~.~ mth.oo mi.s~dlnf!; links, and see tnatall l~ OO1"I!Mct with >one anoth'el" in l7'E!gmar o;mdl h~io!l:lS ord.e.r •

. 'Jl'he: f:i.:rst ~re~siV1;l factoI' ·we fmd is t'h,,~ttbe .Pi.:l'lcient .Magi ~. too t.1i:~e ':QO b~ theirthouW:"ts 'Oll! .~.~ary .gpd., as we hOOJe done:" e.f!d then ,~ onto his back & d:iLe !l!Isterie:s of Creatial. They po:s.1:m,a;too. the e:;d6t~ 'of~r'tgj.n. p~ciples., ard oe!ftail'l e~ImIW.t$, .and certain proooss~s" and OOsEldthdt' philooophy of Creat:iou .up:.m th@ ooli~atian ~.expel'.ie.noo crf thoman.·Qs of ~ .•

'I'heMcient Magi. disooi!ifflredthat from One lmiversal SOOl!iltcmoe there ~the :~~ of wo;rldis. ·aoo in ,e<lloh ~ld QO]iI'e. the. :~T.i.ad!;; of living ~ilrl.gs, sloWly €!volvir1gft'Cim :sirnpl~ semI! to g:nmd. int:elligellCE! ,until!. imaUy fI'iafI ~hold$the firet flash Cl.f Ettemal FOl."Cespel'fenm.ng l~r1y ~ all 8i!J.:M.ma nm.

~ w~. men saw t:he s;uxe O!'der. prevcdl~g ewrywnere,the6a!ire: mity govern~gvmety... 'They ~re oo:nvi:n~. th~ ·11;;00 ka~· Is. Qne .. ~ ~ So~ is One ,.the - SUb~ stanoo is One~. the~:r" is One) .and from thi:s:Universail. 1000prrocee.oo e~ Val:'-

iety~ ead'! a world, ~ne.d mto act:i,a:!by ONEFOFlCE. -

\7/itht:hesefmmilg5 i!!S their :~al5, tM .An.<li~t ~. dis:oowred. that the go.speJ. oftlm MestialPlalrisprere reveals the S~S ~ de:sin"! to ~. 'llu!~ • fac:ts "tend ~i~lyto o\!~ -- -Olllr' VleW of Creabonand 11m ,o-pera!tl..Clrli. 'of its laws.

In all tit@ 1iiiOr'1d thl1!N is 0011 one. 5tory~ anditb&t .is the stoq" of ~. He is .'the!cing Qf t~ visible ~ld, ana rises fromand.mlts. bad;: .:irrt:o the m1St:Le Pclncip]'@ofm~ Urdvenru. Sell.


Copyr·ghtod materia

MM, ge:nE!raiUy oonceiws, "tlhm: he, is leanUn:g about h~lfwhen he .s,tudie:s hJl:soo'L"'Y .andiscl.enoo, m.rtreally an he is doiIlg in such study ~i~ getting fm"ther from self. fo.t'" ,after all, too swd,y of hi5:1i;ory .~ the scl.;i1!ncesrun.ishoothillg of val.ue dS~O self. :for histoiry Ql1waysfades ~ttl tN,tti,tiw ~ and. tre::liitico I:e~S lost in.

the rdght - of ·t~;. ·andtheso-cW(!d scienees ,- WrEm .inves.tigat@.d whh. suffid,E!!nt: care and. ana:JLysis~, ::Peso! VIi! tn@msel ves into thool'ies ~d 1!he the!)ries fmw.ly resolve t~dves .into t.hemisty swstance of' phant~ anc3: lolSe t'~lves .in. th.eV!O,rt~x of dreaJ'E.



~.an~ttheref{)!C'e stOOy sellLf. He RISt nlOOP2.e the fact ·o.fhis 'e~6'tence aspa~W:lt to all other facts, lMld.rnust dmct ~elf .'tL. Uf!~l'S'ti3!nQl.1I:hat all wm.cl!. he ean ~ of self' lEst be ascertadfl'edby lOOarul of introspection. t.hl'tl tlIE:

process Q·f .. decl,y!cti.on. He IiIlUst '00JI.e to rea~ lize that m1t'he ~si:s of self lies his: only ,field ,of mEiea:rd:l.

In 'Iil.e:. dooootiloo system~ we oogin with ~ml PrincipJi.es, .cmd, on the 'bil:5i6 of ana],ogy ~ se~tocom.e>ct 'tMse prindptes,m'tnsar:e ~fW'tt;!, ~ by' ~~ ·of

a middlLeterm. of' ab:i'~cts ~. to be eq!l!Cllly ooru:Lectred with bath. Thus i we bring .~, the universal. to ·the indlividual* . the Ha~,tJo t'he~m~ af-

,fit'lIling of th.e. lm~.(I thEl. ,dlistin.ctive qualities ()£ iI:1he fo~l'.

nds was the ~.tilQd, used by ·the Ancient M;l,gi. 'Ihey s~~

,,~ ~~ c.wn;rt .1Iifii! iii .~ .~ the ~ W ~ IIItdJj tel ~: bt. iJe'!lwm ID! ~Qe 1rI.I!I," ~ ~.~ .~.If! td'llm bpi!-

~~ '1I'IllI W.M .oNLY ""bell tM. IWI. .fI.OM ~ .,1. ~ 1'i.al1!iII'tn ac, R limpil=!/' ~MI.

~'OII ·be.1IO ~ tlW, It Ial' ~ ~ til!! WI: * ~ J![!'" ,~ ,~ Nft' PI_'_" ~ rcit Ibio ~ CiI 1M ~B ,~~~

Fot:> ~ .invisibLe tll:i.n.gs from the· cmatiCl"l (l.f the,WOl"ld aNi clearly .~~ (in .tTh\e WOO) ~ being. wmrstooo. :bytne trongsfuat ,are made "vi5ible) .F'Ol"- we look not ,a:t too thb!g5 ~ ·are seen ~ but· at the things whi.dl :am rot seen,;. to,!:, the 'ti'dlngs which ~sem .~ 'OO~ (and iU'llSio:nal)j, hut the thl.:n~whl.cl1 are. not seen ·are (:real) and ,e'te~ U~om. 1 ;,2'01;, 2Cm>. ~i 1;8.) •

The spli1i1ti.ng of tiheatom sh:atluoo. the ~tld ,ei mllte'rialism, 'po:stulated :fur ,~t:Y:cl,e$ by SIC:ience.. More ~in.g W~ the :f~ct tOOt it ~~~oo tM. ~~~enQ!Ol Q'ff the Sphi.tual WO:r>ld 'of the.J\:n.cient Magi~. whim S'Cierioe Md. so lcmg snoored Mi,d sooffl~d as, pure hog-~h andihekwn.

We .~ krlc:wth~ t:he visible ~ld~the wor'ld ofmateI'iGilism, ;:li.sjsut a s~ ~ld, a 'wot'ld 'of effe.cts, the secret: ca\'!!~ being the vast .~ of S,piritl,lalisl1'ij, in w11iehis, oont.am,ed and. from wh:m.choo:fJesew~hi:r!.:g ~.

After 1ihe~t ~gi.di!;M::OV€l~di 'th.i1l ~ste:nceofthe Spiritual World. ~ they. in~ed G~al6 .;weI. all~p~ to ·re.oovd. 'their- .f~~. and' toCOThCea1 the s,ecret .~ thet~5 who,. for Greed. and Glory, ~ . .ittl'~irbusiness to deceive tlul!

Copyr ghtcd male: ia

~ ~ cat:tleiJr!Q enslave them by the des1:nlet·i.~ of knowledge, the instillation of I9"Uperstitioo, and the prooac:loo.of i.SPOI'anm.


Copyr ghted materia

'1[b£ '®r1ginnl1&,ing 33'111£1 :Bi1bl£ ill!:XO,[t jacsilDUr.

H~ ill . ;mligni~t feVlt~", h ~h~ I)'rI6i~1~inll!. llrcea B~bl" .I • . }I.ued . ibrlbe ~"I" Pn.fl~e1 m. LO!IIII~n ID • l~~.l- tbe ~.It dbCiD ~f t~ ~~!!'!1!!.!'~~t-l'l~o)o,k"" l!!'~'~~m ~.~.I~tIQ~.

1:'......... .;I:. ..CI., ~' . ..:,,~ .,

~IH.I".l.reSWli.,sappear an\] natl!Qns su;~ m,rn

oblivion ~r' .$l.,I.oce!ssi.ve waews of mrvas.icn ~ but: place and proper na:nEs" :iPit'€Se.1"'Ved treditia'!ally byooro of ITCUth". remnn- mviol~e to a ~at 'e~:.

SymIJ::olism is far' .O:ld~ tllan anywdt'tE!fi liI:nguage. Piclw:e'-WI'itll!:~ preolSd@d .~-w:clting by ~y .long ages. Marli~5 ~r'lilest m~:iM f;.OO tw· ~a!1.S of s~; .,.

A :s~l is defined to be ol visible s:ign with Which SOlIE! ideai:1;. coonected. 'lbe word t"synbool t~ is &!cl'!iffl.d ~. the Greek ~ t.:d1ich sigm.:fies Uto CO~Qfiie thing w.ithano~. n But ·the ~.ek~Q naoe that as~e:M:i(m did :!'Q'!;' ~rstand th.e .o:ci~'a1Ii1Ei!!!"!:ing 01' '~syrrtlo1. !It

The ,oldest ~ sYIfOO1!:ii ~ 1he ZOdJiac: t

the Sphinix,. and the. Tarot. Md th.t1ly ~ .• not dee;,igned. :by 'the .An.dent ~.oo ·oo~ Ofi@ t.hing with another. 'They were in.~OO. 1I!OillWi~e

Chapt.e~ 2< SYt:HJLISM

Th.e Bible oornlOtbe ~r5UXx::l because. the ~ of .it weN. ,ffN~ enled by a ,d@sIt'ewe:xalt the pr'ies~gnd enslarve thell'laS5e:;;. TQ that end they perswaliz.ed.syrnbols and. ltte~i~~d .2!ll~gg.ries tbat appeared in the ancient SCI"Olls.

In. its glac::ie~like progress, Lm:~h~ brought dm'm ,al.Orlg 'the ages the det:l"l:us of to:~9 t:h..at weres.p::!ken milU.~ of .~lbewre the art c·f :reoonling bywci ting was d'ev,elol_?ed" but which ,~thstar.d,~ :ins:, ·WE!·:reindelmll.y il:!iscribed! and. f:aithfufiy p;reseoc'Ved in the~s

'of lards~. ~W1tablS ~ rivers.~ €tC .•

'TMlJnlltor,lht! ~di(l~!!U!l;.(~ Klrlc"1I1. ~'of Ele~\:!, iIi!~IiC'!W.ifl£ Otie'j S~f. lhe F.:;tfljllof'rrndp.le 1i\I' jlllluiliD:m. :iUI.~ ~J>I!lj;n 6!''W'i'~'r!, 1!~i!WQ~

'O£EI~~!i!!l en;:f~~ imNit~rc-. ~'IlI!fl 1IRi~"'jlll El:ci'lWi'lli'uy~~.r· !i~ .. !l!iii .... u t~~ n'Udd~lll: .LJi.l!lil H.li:I'ID ",.6~tm!Pj!!.l,NU_ p~,

Copyrighled materia

Var':~ phases of toowo-rk af ereatilooas t:heyunderstood it.

'I'herefbre" "tOlII'li.dars'tandittloe Ndl. ~ 0'£ their S:jm'bdl$"tlw natttn! Cif their philosophy had 1:-0 'be Jcn:lwn. fur ewry syrrbol has ~ J!l;!~, and thenemi.ngs~ of the Synbols ,of the: Ancient Magi ~a1ed the e'~cic n-e~. of their philosOthy·

It was Egypt that led the: w~ in giving shape: ,in, .i t5 religioo and llierogl.:w:hi,cs. to ~ ~ Si aw.weness -of' the nat erial andspit!l. tual" natural and eilleal duality to 'the~ld.

The Egypt.ian. philosophy Wa9 partly .asa.imilded by th.eSyrUma, Ehoeni,c.ians ,and ,~, rea.c.fl.i:ng: the latter nat;ioo largelythn1 seeretsocieties.

He~ i:ndi~., in writU1&': of '!:he: Pyt,hagoreans t that the.y weI'£! obliged to, 'wear l.inen e)othes !lin ~ce' with the OrphIccel:'eIJ'OOies~, which are the S~ as the Egyptim. n

For thi5 ~,:Unit5ting ia i::n:Iwi:ng" 'Fhe'. ecl:D is the pamdigrr$'ic form. of. imitation. 'Wot"dls" ge<metric syd;Qls ,andinmt.er-.ideas arn a ,m"Uder fornl of .imitatioo~

carlyle said ~ ~'lt is in and thrU. synEols t:h.at .~ CONCiowlyor W1COM,eiously li\!'!!:8 ~ i1Uld. wrtri::9, and has his being. II And his ~rdS applly wz:y pertinently t'O ~ in aU itabN:nches" for> evelYone of tbese 'reptesents-,,-in, the fimtplace" an at~ tempt: to reincarnate oomti'lingin NatUi'\l.Andthis att~ ~' 'be: ~save

wi,:,th, the MSist anoo 'of :!K'.mI1I JI'IaI'lMl" .of $~ism. .

Coleridge stated: ~IAn:idea in the h:igtl.est :~. of 'the~dt 'oan.oot be ex'~.but by oS 8~ ~ Pain:tera and sculp1::or'$M~ realized this , andha:ve tried to cty$tdU~ ~t:ract ideu by the ,aid of certain signs" ':i,iOffe o·f "them. h~vinS qw.te an. ,obtdous JllSaning" but othe:rsooing cryptic.

'The ·art· of the Hi.nt:lw:is penne~ed 'WifhsynOOllsm., 1lI.lCh. of it;qui;te ~nensible to Eumpe~. The ~ient ~ tbaters also trMed in s.yntols, one of woo ~ NP&;;tl~yin ~ir' outp,lt being' the .fig:..haf 1 which~sented mrcrousnesst and wa!lia direct reference to 'the allep:y 0·£ 'thefellQf ~ as described in the Bible.

"And the eyes 'of them. both 'W'eI'\\!: 'opened, end ttLey. ~ that they rwere naled', and they s~ Fig t.ea~mge.the:r, and 1M'iethetieelves ,~'~ (Ge:h.. at;).

The .frequent :allusi,atS in the 'Old liestatreM te the handef God, as the:instnl~ Il'Elit of.hia; oow:reignpower",~~y inspired pclsrlne art1:stS too 5yn:OO,uz.e the Dei .... ·'somt:lipnenr.::e ~. ,~,..; ....... a·hand sooet'> ··"th· , .' . -~,l'~""i·· .' ..... :- .. ~~. '-.-,

~.' ''''7 --16·· --.- _ ~G WI_ a cross &"II;;1i.I1.U1Y , t. sanet~

~ fmm the 0l.cU.dS, •

. BefO'rethe: end olf the eleventh .c:etttuty A.D. mystic~ism~d~ :and .tl:!e

Copyr·ghted materia

~at i!'e~vat ooste:rs of

itWLigious art. [ii, .~ l:l!ke

Ghibect, Raphae:l, Finbmicldo andMicllelOO~lo.~s~med t·o deal. in. ~:re 'ernlbLe:1IG I ~ strow: to oopict. blhiica1 SOOnEl:Si witbruth:l.ess ver'~ty to nature I' ~. fO~ SOo - far a:s: t-o' try m ~oo a species Q.f per'Si~m,'ifEI: ,irrto

biiS~N:l:ief .• ' -

Copyr gh[~ mElteria

Tlbe V'arnealil, N.(i!.1'200 ~n ~'l:HIV6t,jca!ll U~' tit Rom'l'!.n 'is VlU-l' (lQrrnpt" has tWidEnUy hoon tampered witb, a~d i!l~m:a!i'kahIDe,for 'oltOO~iOI!f\ ~!W'k.mg tlI.e Apo~n~p.:t~ HwnuJ' iL 4lodtie Old(. [MId lL Tj'l9wthy'i' n,'Ua"

In 'MBmINmtiGl,

IIle sc:cl.be of' tb.e John. gospel. :si@li'fied l?¥' his firSt: s~t that he was 'the t.d.s~st of thefbm> gospelsa:rit:Es. Whowas he? 'Iiitat story WE! ha\l'l!Wld in 'OtII" ~. titlLe(l, i~My;sW:ry .~ 'Of ·The:lBibie.,'"

He kn~ "t!'he5'ecret CJf the Lost WOrd.

JI,nd he. ~rs"'ood its 'esoteric meaning. 'EUs ]5 w'ha:t he said.:

'IIIn the "be~ was the (Lost) MlQrd, and the (Lost) Worn '~as with God, ,aM! the n,.os1:) 'Word! w~ Gcd.~ ••• And the (Los,t) WOOO was ~ fies:n:l< and dwelt arroTIE us" (Jom 1:1,1"') ,.

We, see 'that: ~ Lo5't·~. is f:-;<oeedingly~ient. It psway' b.ac:k to, ·tim oo~ gWfiing ,,1orIgbe fOlfe t,he. mrld eYer:' h~

of '~~,and IIwas with God'" .n he created the 'heaven. and the e:arth (Gen" 1 :1) '0

Wheri! wereveai 'the Nal. eamn,g ·af'the Lost Wb.rn~, the reade!l'" will be ~d by' the fact toot the stateJl'Entwhioo 'openS theJQhn gOSpel. is ~mly trw amd, .oorftct. It·s ~. a matter of lGldring t:1:'ie :OOCi'¥rt meaning of the ,Loot:: 'Wm'd.

.And,f~,!Our NW}a.,tion will ~cate h~ 'cleve:t"ly 'the ancl.e~t :I;i'~ re~ the trnySb:!rus ,of' Creatloo. in ~ that. Qcnfu~dI 'the~Q and. enlighten ~ e.5ioter'ii~.

l'heworld ·bas· :a1~¥ been, divided. between, two lecdhlg .~.; the Truth SeeK'ers Qfid ~ 'Troth SUJiPm5i5Ot"S,.

'Ibe Truth Seeker'S ,enclealllOl" to :ftee'ithe IMSses fl~ the darlmeS5 of ~c::e end ,gi:w them light. The Trufh. :Suppresoom seek t-o enslalV€: t:he l'laS5eS bydestroy'_ m.g li,gh't and keeping them .in. darlmes,s.

E:vi~ee of this ,oonstant sttugg'kl,. ~. thrutoo ,~s,. .~. in 'the. BibLe aliId Ul the coooitiooEi that enst in: this ~and tim ..

'nle Ancient Magi 'OOflcealed theirfmdings f~ the '':huth S:uppI'eSSOr'5i in 'baf~ fling ~b ~ in.whiof:l theyre~d th.eir diisoovemes o·fthemysterUso.f Ctea:ti'OfI.,.and p~ef'Vl:!d them fcn"t'h.ose, Who· were ~' ,ande:ntit'ledl 10 JmaiI 'the facts ..

In ttJ.e ·ari ,~f syOOoli'5m~ a~ol ~. mpresent . an ob]ect'l a :fi~,. a'fj!pe,~ ~~as the .lion is a syrrOO,l ·of fierceness and fire ; the s.cepter; is a syH:ol. '0.£ au~ ority and ~r;the .All:-S@.@ing-~e a~l ,of O!i!inislCience.

Copyrighted materia

Sym::ols ail!;;O were 'empl.oyed byt'he Mcient MilI~i to serve a ~~ :n.eedt fur.--

"Woms there are none "Fort" the he:art:'!g deep'" est des,ireS.!~

A reli.:ib1emte~ ~ tatioo ,of 'the S:Y!'l!OO]J.5 and dl£go,'[!,ies of the ./\ncl,@ifllt l1e.g:i-reqcires,lmOillledge.oi the real ~an::i.n~ (J'i their 1:ieacihiwl~~ • The ,question ,af Whe'thell ,or fl.at their te~~re always OO~ re'et is irre\ile:lant amdi iJn=. ~cl,u,.

TM 1'i'OIlIl-tLlIll 0{ .!II Ufe,'IM' liteM Oil' th~M:l!nlioillllg ,lilt tD"lIH~.~N'~ iI,kI,1!: ,D!! All ''liU1IP'

~ +

n.: "ftillllo!! ,~ Firom OIl'!. It" (itnt A!!~. F'oru; A~~ or ~

:~ g,MCI';I!_

'Ibe !\eason, Why the exo-

teric ~t Wl~retan.d tne Bible i:~ ooca~ . it it; a. ~, of s~lism ami ,allego.ries. BUitfl',any spurious int,erpNtatials anddis~i~haw 0000 interpolaood by the: Churdl fathers in 'tM'ir at~'to 'm;;tke the :B:ible sa,~t tMAnci.oot I'hgi, didoot teach.

'rile: teadtingsof tOO Ancient :Magi, weI'!! ,d@wtedto 'the my,steri.,esof 'Creat:ion

and, the s:ci€nce of Lire and :Kan., ,AOO 'these are'the basic s:ubjects ,of the B:i:.!lDle.

'l"li.e: Chm7cll, F:athers fil1.e,d th,e, Bih1e:witn :S~QU:S int.erpo:lM:ioos i.'l their efib'rt to'.1Mke the: book relate to t!heir an~rphiaGod, his,mythi,CQilSOll J'e:sm, ,~ 'the kin:E,d:'mI !of ~.

Syn-bQHsmf~ifl.depe:rH;l~nce ,and~s :m:mtal o;!~l~t,. It .~. lib-EretEiS the rntindfrom the slaveryofworos and fc:~ t< ,and permits the indi vid~, "ib:ll"i9!e 'tea.. st,ate of t'hirid.nJg freely.

ibe. minds of the bNitl~a5hed ,cm:tle .~. en-

$~d. in ,a web of religious dO~and .sc;iertrlfic :~aganda. E1ue all o:ne Meds. to 00 to ri6e aOOw this sl1Dtll£ri.ng bl~t is to .be:gin

to 'mItE.

It i', .. -, rs. du~tto ~,~J' .ob:s~

- ._5 .~ . . .. ~:1 . ~ '"'-.1 , . - .. ,

re~. a."ld! thinJ;;:~. and, thsn fum l\is aw:t o,pirdo:ns and oonclusi(l]ls. But 'the .insti~ tUitions tMrt oontrol ,civil:i:z.atioo ~e thawur'Se.

'I'h.e "'ther Ch~ @~pecia.Uys~ys:i 1: is 'Wr'Ofig and. dangerou~ rot" :maIlI 'to cb his ,~ 'dli~., ·as· he will alwaY5 'CP' aB,tm;y and Nac:h t'6ewrone: oonelusioos ;md so ·the 'Churd\c:.m:rtends t'hait J.:tS'hould 00 all the.thinking,and, i,u ~m should ~ rep'!: . i t.s (b~ wlth,Qurt :questioo ,as the:Y .an: inf~lj h~e.

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Ewty disci,pline deals [loOt with Nal~· ities reacnw.goYr oon~cio1USrless, but only' with their oNl repres~atiOIl.S" 'with the farrtasics;af the: Hl.nd ~ MU:cn. sc ,often ,al ... la.;s itself to be ~eeiwd b~ the: false coin of our thoughts an.d senses.

And our S~~i9i deceive 'us. We li:ve in a ~ld of illlUSioo. We seethe s'h~' but rot the ~usethen:of. lwor d'J we see wl'l:c:r we think we see. The bllE of 'the

.. 1.-.. .'iI ... 10.-, . ". . . . ~~A the ..•..• c f ... '1...... . ~ . 'd- t: .. .,._, t ,.. '-~-"I I!II'L.~ c , .~,- (l"

......." ,an~ Y!IIiO 'Oooan., "'-!'"'" ,- ,green 0:.. W~ Ire· _ ,an, "'~liOSI 'I ,are !.II,u.~" .lJRl:se ,oo.~

QIi5I:" beloog 'too the, re~flec:±ea rays o'fc;learliSlht '. -

When it is n,e,cessary to e~ss tt'W'iSOiln.&n'tal, thclllghts ~ we are, forced to nill.w ~OO~ to ,~ig;.., urati VI! 1ang~e, iiI!Ildi to1:he -

use ,af synbols ,., ,And so i it is iq:os;sible to. elimi.noote :syml::Ql:$

and, al.l.egOrie:s '. this.is not a ~ ofcho.i<:e; fur very ofOOn tmre is :~ o"ther way of ex~15,in.g what !!o;1'@ r.rean..

'fht 1':1Il~ Vl;ll~e, ril!!m!n:llion Wjt~in; R,cnc:wfn;1l fir till!: ~!jnill !~ l:iliiltl~1Ii Way". GOOfy <1,,10;.' Tht!;. Ul~ Pi!\1'!,,~y 0[ &UcR\i'ic,

a thousand years "the 'Churm did, all the thinJdng, and the moon) ,of that period is 'the blackest and bLoodws~ in the-annals of the: 'W(J;tild.

Or. 'wm,. Sttikele:y n6e,1~116S) said: i'The first ,leamirlg in the world! consisted of syn;l:iols;. ,and. the wisoo.m of iE'he Anderrit:' ~p was ~li,c:.,n

Scholastics, bring: mmscmly' to the ul'tl..lraite analys.is--sOJrething entirely ,arti-, ficial, and des.ccipeive iQ,f the: plilysic:at ~ld which is the Woll'ld.of sh~,.,

By its veryna;t~;a ~. is M InstI'lllEnt of par'Boox:. Al'!.l',l the/sis" regar'dlE!Js;s; ofites abs~ty" esn be d.ef;ended by ~ skIllful use of Words im argu:rentation.

Ct'9:t) fJiitl~ nf~. ;~, Rlptflld :ud :~!lW~.!i &nil., PtTii'.'lKdi or Emh" '11Lil, 1Pm~~ alit. Gnt 'with G~ II, S(llJllUfl\!~ ID Nlrml£,

'The ~~fm:'lpal m~I"li'h M~f~': ~ 'w.,1- !I;~dI ,Lw~-I; ~It~ ~IIIP'LC 01: Dclp1l!L, Tilt li'J'j'ilml.tlt Si~CI:I1:l br!l,",~.~, Goa, L'JId,M.UI. To TiI~, "'''"bel ut ~ ~I j,;, IIui :Man;;iooin aI 11>11, Ua.i, .. ~

ne: Cllilht Prlrrd-.l!'t~, I:M: HCti,f T!J1'I\o, ky" ,!u.Wfiil:di 11) God" Pii'!'iM ~I~, millil}l.


C pynghloo materia

'The Ancient MOgi lE:lum'te.d.tl\e '~ asa chart wIthwhieh to~d certa[n fa.:.rrs ,about the 1.Jniverse ,~d C:rI;::g:tim.

''lhe Mlve mi~sigrJ,S Mid hci'ti&es oolilVey an eoote1'i(j~m;!s9~ 'that S;~s in ~ anY,l'Jessa;ge devised by science o'l'N1ig:i.oo~ ,and :with which the jar:p of themateriallst and the 5ernm! of the religionist fall 100 lew fOX" .any logical

~. . -

The Zodiac: woo ·the H-3ster Syrrbol Q;f the Ancient MtrQlogers 10 by .tl'Ie lU):~S of Which we .~ reoowt" nNd:!.of the ~.less W'isOOm that has been. dest;r'oyedbydiespo6 Q,f past .$ to Jeep't:lie iMSse~ in ~sa ","eli i.;gno~:.

r"And.Uciel shc:wed .100. 12gatesop@n .for> the cd.reuit, of tnedlariots oft:he Sw inheaYen~ ,frotn web shoot fQrl;h the .rays ·of the Sun," (Btd;: ,of £oo.ch),.

'~Andhe ~, me a!iI~ !nth!!! Spirit to eli, great and, high lirOUIlt,ain" and s~ Ire, the great city,. thebol_y Jet'lJSaleml, de~ out of heaven .••• and (it) 'h..l!d ,,'wall great aIldhigh:" and had 12 gates, and8t ·the gates 12 dIlgel!ih~d ~s wr:i.tten ~~. which are the: !!larras of the 12 tci:bes Q.f the dl,,:!i.ldren of ISl'."ael" (Re:'v. 21: 10~1'2) •


Copyr'ghted male: ia


cens ~ blood wsse],:s,gl~~. ,etc. ~ . .;md 'IJEI-

:I!:nown~ and tl iritwithin it descended f!fOl'l'l

heaven. 'i'he (lithe city is the. Aura .E!liId has

1'2: '~€:rg,y (:enter'S t wnereltoo ,:ll,2 cosmic :forces (t'he apostles oit:oo Lamb" Qir' Swd illr'e .fiocusedi upon the Mi.cmwsm, andtMse fooal Cfi!m~rs· ,~dYn~cally related to th@ 12' orifJi.oos: of too Li~ a~m

· ... ~the l2 gat~ays o,fthe ci1Y~, oorrespOOdingto too 12 tribes.

S~y deooh~ ~: tF!~ cle:rics ant] l:a.ic~ by t.he5~lism and ,allegory of theMciem .M~gi.

The. i"Wdall'El'l,ltailOOJl ,of No • U relllat.ing tio

Cele5tiallllCJI:liif)Qf the Tcird.:1tywithin the Circle (Zodiac)' of ,~~ooioo (~\1at1tN) .~~ cle~ly s:igl:U.,fied! :in the fact- th~ all systems of l!:'elig.ion,WOOSE! cl:'def ailego:ry is a.5~icatportl"\ay~ al_of tlle Cycl!.?J or the SOIaF' 'O:r'b"physicallLJiy .ru:1d spirio'lally~, we. find the F~r' hav.:in:g 12 labors ~ 01'" 1:2 soos, or st!n"OW"lding ·himse:lfm:eh 12 a:postIes Or' 12 di!;;icipl.e5<.,

Not only ~: there 'the 12 S(t1S. o,f Jacob ,whooe l'!a."OOme.:a!1S an ,arCh or iQirol~ 1 ,and who, s~lieallyfiO!l.llldedt1:1e 1'2 trib€;s of J[6r:ae'l.~ an::rt.her'~h , but t1:).eN aI"e: 12 princes, ,of Ishma~l _ 12 'Olympic .~ti~s, the 12' ~ of Heroui'€:s, m 12

G::x:Is 1~001I::, the 1'2 ' of the Hanichean. S.Y5um J tn.e :12 di5cipl'es. of Je&us,.

t'ne 12 Apostles of Orl.sJLs, the 12 Kni.Wrts o,.f' KingAl:li:l::i!ur .and. the Rcnmdi Table (Zodi"" iae) 7 the 12:E!mtnens ArvOll1l.S" the 12Altacrs 'of St. ;]I~5, t!he 12 Shield,is O'fMars~ thl! :12 ASSles of 'the: S~~a'iJiafiS;. the :11 Sacred CUSlttoos (seats Q'[' s:igns) on whioo.;

in J"a~ese oos~gony·~ the: Dei.ty sits,. -

Ihe'~ ~re 12 dinrensic.:;ru;to .SQ10l'!'0!:!!: !'s 'Te.!npl.e. !llIl'lcl So1o.J!'mIi, (s~lof' the Sun) had 12 of.ficers (signS;) Owr' all I6,~ra~r (d:!il.d!!::en of the Sun)~1.oh provided viGt:uals (mdiaticml .fo.ro ;tj:)e king ~. his oo~ho1d,. (l~.ch ~ his rnor!:th in ill. yea!' .1JBd!e pmvis:ion.~1 {I Kings 1!!l::1).

Also too 12 precioosstones .rn the breastplate oJ' the H:e!~ High Priest' ~I~ a~g 1:0 the n~ of tih@dU.1QJI of IS,....M~!ll (Sun) 'I' like the en~vi!ii:g5 oia signet It (Ex., ,39 ;J.~) ,i .e., the ,engnaredi symbol ,o.f the Zom<l!Ml Sign.... ~y t.Jelro also ~ lIiI:lpQll the 12 wings oif the two· Che.1'Iimim. above. th~ Mercy Seat in the taOO~." .aQ,d also OfI.1Ehe Chair of Mer :m the V.a:tican" (Mytholor,y ·of t:l1.eAryan Natioo:!ll, Oox 918:).

JEn. tl~ lIetl.rew GiUego~ the: Tr,Wty of :AbmIlanm.,. and. Is:aac~ atLd Jamb are ex,... pwe$ed ~.and. ·"pe.opiL:qthe wnolee,arth 11' ·or· the Circle,thru the 12: floris ( s,ir,n.s)of ,Jaoob (Zodiac)'.

This aJIllegory imllce:t~;'tIheo:rigin of allrac:;es.~ and: db\dcillSly a::.es mt refer to the origin of the Hebr'er4M:tion. fur ,as we ~ :now~. there~'N I1lW1Y - nat::Loos withllLllcl:i. m..~I" d~iliza:tioos than. the Hebrew lorigbefore, as. ;~ll

.as. attf!e tim:e of ~ the be~g of that -.little~atioo.. .

The GIillegcqr was invented to signi:fy th:1Iit; .t'n:mt the. begi.:m:mg th.eoo haw alw~ been l'2~s oftmiversal infl;,u@nmsm;]Ul.ifestin~ in hwn;mity ~ 'eadl ~ ~ssing ale 'of W 12 :phases a,f "the.Spmt.ual Sw:li reflected m - and "fhru 'the Z6d!iac • Italso'- .iruJ:i.:c:artes 1I:oat hmriu-


X.pyrightod materia

The Sun Stornc.s:bowingt.hll! ~cc ca~ll:l1dar. ~$ displJat_yEd h~ tlhe NII,t£o:nal Miusel1m of A,1il~hrQJJ(ll<l:ua rid A!tcli!e6IQD',

has ewlw.d thru, the vmou:s ~¢les ofW'lfold1:rent .by assimilating the~e z~al mn~9i~~'the reQi.ant:spirit\lal~f-Ol;too~.t.he sj!l!rOOlic!~blood OEOW" fatller,. JacOb.1!

IJ1) "this al,lego!"J ap~aTS ~ de!ini 'be descript"im oftM 12 signs of theZomac n, the divis.ior!a1 hO'~~esof the hct:Q$OO];:E. ·~~J.ogiOOl iJ:rqxl<I't of whim 00- cones evident in t~ nat:ut'l~ o,f ~ oon:tra:l ,~w. In ot.ller::words, 1,MI fi:r.;;,t~, c." F-\o -.., . "i"d fRAi:1r elevdtioo. Aries 'the, R<mt,.. is t··'10.- f.~ . ....,.. A'~'.":: , .. ,~, .~. -f' .'_;,\o.' - '.

ar> , "", .. u@~-" ..... _._ .. _._ .. __ . t . __ .-.~ __uo:;: _ ... ~,.,,,- '-l!.!,,"", ..... J.OO, (;) , .... 1.8

Zodiac of 12 signs or 1tciOO~, repres~t~ th.e1i::errn, elevatioo ,.And SO, <B!COO'roing to too Bible; AB~MH eaJI'e. from il:h.eEast ~ the point whe'fe 'the Sun rises.

:~sti¢ally., this, t:llkes us: b~ to the oogiru:llng of TIimlif:estatioo .~CT' the pmjectiGnoftl}@ Spirit' .;u:ld its 1'2: differentatioru;;. '(W s1(lbsisting in.tell ige:n.oo ~ m the :wm-Ji.d, of physical eristence.

'lbe~,r~t'tle'!r', ,.as qua,l1.fY.mg the or;!i~ty o,I .AEli"':.RAH., h~ ~f~;rn;n~, 'wthe

s~reallPdh@J;;d 03.9'. applied t?' S ~~... :~O!r Fathe;l"' whi(1ha:M::. inhe~~--n~1 as ~

dj;re{tt poo,:;er W t1:tLS p,at,errW. p:r'ifiCl,p1.e, «Ld fcl'l" t:h.l.Srea500 K~!.st: (Kn;s ~ SUFI) J.:S ~xpres:s:ly dlenominated as a Son of .AhnIDaJi11~0I" Soo. o[t:heFatherj, fbI" the Sun .is the c:enter of that system, ~ ~cll$a~ desm:'ioos af!i.e~oMlsin,g circle.

'The Zodiacal innooooes s.wUid not be ~~d as h~ -too oo~llin_g: .~ 'of fate .~bu't ;~'. ~I" fm'nbOOd :rn:YI for' gu:i.dan,c@ m his pilg;r'~ thrnt:h@ l~r ~lds ib~ardI his Fathe.t"1l> house, t'hemsrteryof' e~ mflt'_e~.wIlUit;utixl~one of his 12 great .labors, (L~e 16=:2:$'"

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1967 The bidden. seeeets of masonry., Rare, unusual symbo~Ic mustratlo!lls, seldom, found in, books:"M:any s:ay this is one ofthe most unusual books they have ever read, c,o[lten~:Mysmry., Sy,mbo,~:is:m:" fuihe Begjnnlng, Ancient Zodj;ac~!, 12 ,Labors of Mer~ cutes, ThePyram~dt The Cosmic Redll:lC!li:i!i~ Freem.asomy~ Je-Ho .. Vau. .. H, Mdent S:ph~nxl !mage .ora-od., The Tarot.

I8BN o~ 1873·0~24-1 Hea]thlR.esea<rch,

,'0 BOlil, 850 POlmeroy! W A 9j::847 'Ii\f\vw~herutlIire,Sf:ar;chooQIc;.:oom,

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