TO THE SATISFACTION OF THE ARCHITECT AND THE PROJECT MANAGER Definition: The process in preparing a construction site by putting up a fencing system along the perimeter of the site is referred to as erecting of hoarding. Fencing panels can be rapidly assembled, however, care does need to be taken to ensure the panels are stabilised correctly. SITE CONSIDERATIONS Assess access and condition of site for delivery and storage of hoarding stillages Assess access and conditions of site for safe erecting procedures. Assess condition of ground in the proposed perimeter. STRUCTURAL CONSIDERATIONS Ensure ground is able to support concrete fence bases. Ensure consideration against wind loading is taken when erecting hoarding systems in exposed location. PROJECT PLANNING AND LOGISTICS Ensure that hoarding will not interfere with other works on site, such as excavation and delivery/deposit of material. Ensure that all required equipment (basic hand tools, protective clothing) are available and if applicable in good working condition. Ensure all required personnel are available. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING Hard hat, Safety footwear, Gloves and overalls should always be worn when erecting hoarding systems. METHOD 1. 2. The disassembled hoarding is delivered on purpose built stillages to minimise the risk of injury or damage. Check precise location where hoarding, including the lockable gates, is to be erected against contract drawings or with architect/project manager.

The ground skirt deters opportunists gaining access under the fence.3. 6. 15. some crushed aggregate can be lightly compacted beneath the fence base to make up for differences. 5. Once the fence line is completed speak once again to the architect/project manager to discuss if the fence line is to the understa nding of the original plan and if any gates or fire exits have been positioned correctly etc. 13.e. 11. The Ground skirt hooks over the inside edge of the channel at the foot of the panel and is fixed to the panel by means of a rivet or screw.2m (panel width) intervals ensuring at all times that the bases are sitting on an even level surface. 14. Remove the nut from the top Heavy Duty Hoarding Coupler and locate in place a Hoarding Stabiliser. Signage is then fixed to panels a minimum of 1. 8. Insert the Gates (swing panels) along the fence line as indicated in drawings to allow for authorized access to the site. 7. 16. position the fence bases along the fence line at 2. and a spacing gauge or tape measure . A further Heavy duty fencing couple should then be installed approximately 300mm down from the top of each panel joint. 12. the banding straps for the panels).5m from ground level. and then the tray is loaded with ballast to a weight of 128kg (4 x 32kg concrete feet) The infill sheet is attached to the adjoining panels with 2 Heavy Duty Hoarding Coupler and bridges the gap between panels to ensure total privacy . An Anti-Lift device should then be inserted underneath the fence base then attached to the fencing panel by means of a Heavy Duty Hoarding Coupler . A block tray is once again bolted to the base of the Hoarding stabiliser. 10. and fit it into position by inserting the legs of the fence panel into the central locating holes in the fence base. If ground doesn¶t provide even level surface. 9. . Insert the remaining panels along the fence line as noted previously until the fence line is complete. this should be left loose until the stabiliser is attached. except adjacent to gates. Replace the nut on the hoarding coupler and tighten to fix stabiliser in position. Two personnel will lift the first fence panel out of the stillage. 4. Using a Spirit level. Clear away and dispose safely any rubbish that is caused by ho arding erection (i.

.A verbal risk assessment with the architect/project manager will be carried out to point out hazards (i. obstacles and holes) opposing erection of hoarding.e.


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