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Bandung, March 23 2010

Human Resource Departement

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Widia Wahyuni Waraspati. I am nineteen of age, female and have completed my studies
in Vocational Tourism SMIP ICB Bandung, where I majored in Hospitality Of Hotels. I received my
graduation on July 2008. I am a hard worker person, easy learner, open minded, able to work
independently or as a team member and I like to learn something new to develop and upgrade my
skill and experiences.
I would be to applying position as your employee. At present, I am prepared to do any kind of work
suitable with my educational background and qualification. I believe I can learn the skill you require.
For your consideration, I enclose my curriculum vitae,photocopies of some important document and
recent photograph.
Thanks you in advance for your attention. I would be glad to meet you for interview and look
forward to having your response.

Sincerely yours,

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Oame : Widia Wahyuni Waraspati
Sex : Female
Blood :A
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Age : 19 years old
Place Date Of Birth : Bandung, October 6 1990
Address : JL. Cemara Selatan Oo. 309 / 181
RT 03 RW 02 Bandung 40161
Phone : 083822180066 / 022-92523495


A Junior School at u u 

A Junior High school at u   
A Senior high school at v   u  


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A Job Training at V  uu    
  July 2007 ʹ January 2008 as  

A Šmployee at    !" Juny 2008 ʹ December 2008 as SPG.
A Šmployee at â#$%   February 2009 ʹ December 2010 at Barista.
A Šmployee at & %   January 2010 ʹ February 2010 at Pantry.
A Šmployee at ' #$March 2010 ʹ September 2010 at Barista.

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Sincerely yours,

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