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Dear Sir,

I will take responsible for taking sangapalagai error log, paypall log and
DB back up in absence of vinodh sir.
why mahalakshmi and you not send your daily status report to me
Thank you for giving apprisal to me
I will go to my native place. Please kindly give me leave on that day.
When did you eat lunch today?
I ate from twelve to one
Where did you have your lunch?
I had it at Pete's Restaurant today.
Where did you go?
We went to a beautiful beach.
Do you speak English?
Only a little, and not very well
Does your brother speak English?
Well, he speaks a little English.
What's the matter?
I don't speak English.
Do you think English is easy?
. No, I don't.
Why don't you think so?
Because I don't understand it.