We understand how important health and safety is to you.

This year Landscape Depot is providing all the winter essentials for schools, businesses and residential homes. …so be prepared this winter!

This Season at Landscape Depot
We also supply larger quantities or mixes in ton bags • Salt & Grit ready mix • Marine Salt Please contact (01)-4512608

Ice Scraper
Perfect for scraping icy paths

€26.50 € 23.50

Aluminum Snow Shovels
Light weight snow shovels

Marine Salt 15kg bag treats 750m2
Melts ice & snow on car parks.
 Cost effective


Prevents Re-freezing
Minimal Residue

Liquid Ice Melt 20L – treats 1500m2
   More effective than Salt Long Lasting (up to 3 days) Non Corrosive

€ 60

“Get prepared for the Big Freeze this year.”

Knapsack Sprayers
18L Calypso Sprayer € 44.50 5L Calypso Sprayer € 19.99

Granular Ice Melt 25kg bag treats 1000m2
      Minimal Corrosion Exothermic reaction prevents re-freezing Residual effect (up to 3 days) Earth-way spreader Rustproof poly hopper High floatation tyres for snow


Salt & Grit & Fertilizer Spreader € 145

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