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MBA Finance Project Topics

Comparative performance measurement of mutual funds in India

Methodological issues in share price forecasting with reference to Indian capital market

Astrology as a forecasting tool for share price projection

Modeling financial time series data with special reference to Indian share prices

Role of micro finance in the growth of an industry and a region

Behaviour of share prices of stocks that are business cycle dependent

Macro economic variables and behaviour of share price movements in India

Changing customer service focus of nationalized Indian banks

Quantification of public relations effort towards better brand building with reference to financial products in

Performance of Venture Capital (VC) funded projects in India

How banks become brands? – A case study on “ Bank of your choice ”

Quantitative tools for risk monitoring and management with reference to Indian capital market investment

New global norms in accounting and its impact on Indian brands

Role of media in investor protection

How costing is different in a cigarette industry?

Credit rating in India – A case for accountability

Changes in dividend pattern of Indian listed companies

Monetary policy and non-monetary sector in India

Risk management methodologies adopted by a rural co-operative bank

Analysis of pricing of Indian IPOs

Alternative means of financing a firm with reference to a SSI unit

Capital budgeting of a PSE

Group micro financing in India – A comparison of micro financing institutions

Refinancing to poultry farms by NABARD – A performance Analysis

Do regulations really regulate Indian capital markets? – An historical fact finding exercise

Role of microfinance in exploring better marketing routes with special reference to dairy industry in India

Stock exchanges in the SAARC region – A Comparative Analysis

Capital structure between an Indian subsidiary and a parent MNC – A comparative analysis

Finance and resource management in a government aided university in India

Financial perspective of bank mergers in India