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Post Graduate Program in Planning & Entrepreneurship

Rai Business School

External: 60
Internal: 40
Time: 3 Hours

All About Entrepreneurship

Unit I: Definitions, characteristics of entrepreneur. Nature and Quality of Entrepreneur,
Functions of entrepreneurs, role and importance of entrepreneurs in economic

Unit II: Concept of intrapreneur. Difference between entrepreneur and intrapreneur,

Entrepreneurial traits, types and significance of entrepreneur. Various step in
Starting a business as an entrepreneur.

Unit III: Type of enterprise, Organ of Company Management, Economies of Size,

. Source of finance Available to an entrepreneur, Merits and Demerits of various source
of Finance.

Unit IV: Plant Location for an enterprise, Production Planning, Material Management
Pricing Policy, Channel of Distribution. Government policy and Business.
Problem of entrepreneur and remedies.

Note: Examiner will set 8 questions in all, selecting not more than two questions from each unit.
If a case study is included in the question paper then it will carry marks equivalent to two
questions. The candidates will be required to attempt five questions in all, selecting at least one
question from each unit