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I. - Unilever at a Glance…………………………………... ….5 II. – Vitality……………………………………………………..5 III. - Cultural analysis of Unilever……………………………...6 IV. - Unilever’s today………………………………………... ….6 V. - Unilever Pakistan Ltd……………………………………...7 VI. - UNILEVER PAKISTAN PORTFOLIO………………….8

I. HISTORY……………………………………………….9 II. GLAMOROUS AND SENSUAL………………………………..



IV. ………24

a. TACTICAL TASKS………………………………………...24 b. MARKETING TASKS……………………………………...24


LAUNCH……………………………… …………..26

4)-Conclusion…………………… 40



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can be able to penetrate the market. Aromatic and Keya have started to have a strong consumer base. but LUX product of SUNWASH features distribution and promotional activities should be created. Though LUX is produced in Pakistan. It further differentiates these segments into Socio Economic Cluster (SEC) which takes into account the criteria of education and profession which ultimately measures the financial ability of consumers. attract children (by making a special product for kids) and other innovative promotional activities to retain its command in the industry. The cluster is divided into five parts starting from A to E. Unilever. Unilever’s one of the most popular brand is LUX. It undertakes the largest promotional activities in the beauty soap industry. Unilever Pakistan should undertake further steps such as moving towards the rural and/or poorer segment. where the company holds 60. Other competing brands like Tibbet. 7 . Unilever targets the urban and sub urban upper middle class and middle class segment of the population. They segments LUX product SUNWASH according to geographical locations. But the other producers in the industry are posing a threat towards Unilever’s market share as they have moved towards the rural masses of the population. are extensively should be use by the company to market the SUNWASH . with the aid of its heavy promotional activities for the product SUNWASH. Unilever Pakistan maintains the same standard all around the globe.Executive Summary Unilever is a multinational consumer product manufacturing giant operating in over hundred countries all around the globe. Therefore. Unilever Pakistan is the Pakistan of Unilever.75% share whereas the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan holds 39. Tactical marketing tools. Unilever Pakistan has outsourced its distribution channels to third party distributors which allow them to distribute SUNWASH in massive bulks amounting to around thousands pieces. 4P’s.25% share. The LUX industry has a few major producers of which Unilever holds market share of slightly less than 50%. who falls under A to C of SEC.

In this report we also discuss the outcome of an analysis of marketing strategies used by Unilever Pakistan Ltd.OBJECTIVE OF THIS REPORT: This report base on the way the LUX used the basics new product process for the new product SUNWASH which we discuss as a new category entry.. the product. 8 . the positive and negative aspects of those strategies. Most of the information used in this report is from primary sources. The report further analyzes the position of Unilever Pakistan Ltd. in the toiletry industry in comparison to its competitors. promotional and distribution strategies and a competitive analysis. in Pakistan. METHODOLOGY OF THIS REPORT: For accessibility and availability of information we have chosen to work on the strategies of Unilever Pakistan Ltd brand LUX and the product have a SUNWASH. pricing. The main source of information was the focus group discussion. The main purpose of the report is to find what strategies the company uses to market the Sunwash. The report discusses the process of using market segmentation of sunwash. In addition information was also collected from websites. we have decided to focus on one of their world wide successful brands LUX and the new product SUNWASH in Pakistan. As the company operates in the market with a huge number of products in different industries. target marketing.

Their array of products show that they produce household care. Operating in Pakistan for over the last four decades the company is trying to significantly contribute towards the augmentation of the standard of living by bringing world class high quality products at the door step of their customers. . 1. in the year of 1872. look good and protect their skin from dangerous sun light and get more out of life.3)-Cultural analysis of Unilever: 9 . 1. fabric cleaning. Close Up. hair care.Introduction: 1.2)-Vitality: Unilever’s mission is to add vitality to life. and Rexona. Lipton. Pepsodent. oral care. Lipton Taaza. skin cleansing. All Clear. Pond's. We meet everyday needs for nutrition. Surf Excel. Vim. personal grooming. Lifebuoy.1) . skin care. and tea based beverage products under worldwide famous brand names Wheel.1). Unilever commenced their business activities on a larger scale by setting up their first factory in Netherlands. Fair & Lovely. hygiene and personal care in LUX product Sunwash that help people to feel good. The usage of Unilever products by over 90% of the people in PAKISTAN stands a testimony to their successful operation. Sunsilk.Unilever at a Glance: Unilever is one of the world’s largest and leading multinational companies. LUX.

Personal Wash. 150 million times a day. The company had a turnover of Rs. e. and enjoys a leading position in most of its core Home and Personal Care and Foods categories.No matter who you are.5)-Unilever Pakistan Ltd: The Since the time Unilever Pakistan began its operations in 1948. the chances are that our products are a familiar part of your daily routine. people reach for LUX products. Personal Care. In fact. health and hygiene. around the world. 10 . which makes us responsible and accountable to all our stakeholders and society as a whole and strengthens our resolve to: • • • Make a positive difference to the lives of low income consumers Create new opportunities for growth Improve the overall quality of life in Pakistan. 1.3 bn (Euro 309 mn) in 2007. someone somewhere chooses a unilever product. nutrition. This is a huge commitment. we’ve grown into one of the world’s most successful consumer goods companies. by promoting education. In fact.4)-Unilever’s today: Our brands are trusted everywhere and by listening to the people who buy them. and you’re bound to see one of our wellknown brands.g. Look in your fridge. Beverages (Tea) and Ice Cream. the Company has been closely connected to the Pakistani people and its brands have been an integral feature in their daily lives. Every day. the nature of our business enables our brands to be the pulse and heartbeat of the 164 million people in Pakistan. 23. We create market and distribute the products that people choose to feed their families and keep themselves and their homes clean and fresh. or on the bathroom shelf. Laundry. or where in the world you’re. 1.

Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. Focusing on performance and productivity. as well as 4 wholly owned and 6 third party manufacturing sites across Pakistan. home care and personal care.The company operates through 4 regional offices. 11 . more efficient ways of working. Here are some recent highlights from our three global divisions-Foods. How we achieve results is important too . At Unilever we aim to help people in their daily Lives. We have a portfolio of brands that are popular across the globe. our needs and tastes change too. People’s lives are changing fast. We don’t only measure success in financial terms. .  World – class business expertise applied internationally to serve consumers well as regional products and local varieties of famous – name goods. we encourage our people to develop new ideas and put fresh approaches into practice hand in hand with this is a strong sense of responsibility to the communities we serve.we work hard to conduct our business with integrity– respecting our employees. improving tried and tested brands and promoting better. This diversity comes from two of our key strengths:  Strong roots in local markets and first – hand. so we keep developing new products.  Knowledge of the local culture. our consumers and the environment around us. As the way we all live and work evolves.

Pond's. Dove. are recognised and respected around the world. Rexona and Sunsilk. 12 . Lux.6)-UNILEVER PAKISTAN PORTFOLIO: Personal care: Our personal care brands. They also offer a new product category in the face wash industry as a product name SUNWASH.They help consumers to look good and feel good – and in turn get more out of life. including Axe.1.


the Netherlands. could be mass-produced as an affordable substitute for butter. which help it lather more easily than traditional soaps made of animal fats. they realise. over in the North of England in the mid-1880s. Jurgens and Van den Bergh – two family businesses of butter merchants – have thriving export trades to the UK.In the late 19th Century. Later. Unusually for the time. at Oss in Brabant. The product contains copra or pine kernel oil. a successful wholesale family grocery business run by William Lever starts producing a new type of household soap. In the early 1870s. 14 . they become interested in a new product made from beef fat and milk – margarine – which. Lever gives the soap a brand name – Sunlight – and sells it wrapped in distinctive packs.

Then LUX want to be pampered. Lux remains the leading soap brand in Pakistan. 2.1)-LUX BRING OUT THE STAR IN YOU: Throughout this time. And that’s just what LUX offers you on a daily basis at a price you can afford. Pakistani models including Reema Khan. to enjoy that moment when anything seems possible. the brand being synonymous with glamour. Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones are some of the stars who've appeared in Lux ads. to look and feel great.LUX established their business in pakistan since 1954. now with the country's leading models and actors taking part in the annual Lux Style Awards every year. Meera. Things started with a TV show called Lux Style Ki Duniya. LUX has been closely associated with many of the most glamorous and sensual women of the age in Pakistan. Aaminah Haq. leading celebrities like Babra Sharif. representing the stylish class of Pakistan. While initially it was also marketed as the beauty soap of the film stars. Lux soap is also a category leader in Pakistan. And that's just what Lux offers you on a daily basis at a price you can afford. recently it is focusing more on bringing out the star in ordinary people. Throughout this time. 2. Lux has been widely advertised in Pakistan ever since the brand was introduced. Lux has been closely associated with many of the most glamorous and sensual women of the age. Meera and Aaminah Haq have endorsed the brand. to enjoy that moment when anything seems possible. Babra sharif and various other leading models and actresses have been "Lux models" from time to time. Lux has been winning hearts of Pakistani consumers for 50 years. Current brand ambassador is Iman Ali. This year LUX came up with an new concept in the face wash industry as its launch new product SUNWASH in Pakistan market. In Pakistan. Ali Zafar the famous Pakistani Singer has become the first male model for Lux. Marilyn Monroe. to look and feel great.2)-GLAMOROUS AND SENSUAL: We all want to be pampered. Key facts • • First mass marketed toilet soap launched in 1924 Sold in over 100 countries 15 .

for a softer and fragrant skin. Lux Orchid touch comes with the delicate touch of rare orchids and precious Jojoba Oil.• Market leader in various countries including pakistan. India Lux Almond Delight comes with the deep moisturization of exotic Peach. Brazil.Saudi Arabia. for a fresh renewed feeling. From our range: Orchid touch Almond delight Energising fruit Aqua sparkle 16 . rich Milk Cream and Honey. Cream and precious Almond Oil. Lux Nature Pure has nourishing oil of Cade and cumber extracts for a radiant and clear skin. Lux Energising Fruit incorporates the beauty secrets of Fruit Extracts.

and they will turn into cash cows.3)-PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS OF LUX: LUX SUNWASH DOVE BCG analysis on the Basis Of sale:  Stars are high-growth. They often need heavy investment to finance their rapid growth. let alone increase it . Thus. They require a lot of cash to hold their share. Eventually their growth will slow down. high-share business or products.  Cash cows are low growth. they produce a lot cash that the company uses to pay its bill and to support other SBUs that need investment.2. high share businesses or products. management has to think hard 17 .  Question marks are low share business units in high growth markets. These established and successful SBUs need less investment to hold their market share.

3) .BASCIS NEW PRODUCT PROCESS 18 .about which question marks it should try to build into stars and which should be phased OUT.


20 .

Ongoing marketing planning: At that time they have not any product in Pakistan market which provide the both feature sun block and face wash . UNILEVER (PAKISTAN) have already face wash and sun block cream products under the brand LUX and PONDS. Swot analysis:  Strength:  Sunwash offer under the brand Lux and company Unilever.  Provide the both feature sunblock + facewash  Low price  Weakness: Fewer budget for marketing activities.(here are many huge brands in this regard so we have a sort of threat). They again and again scanned the market but they did not found such a dual benefit providing product or any product of similar functions.There is also an other reason of selecting and exploiting this opportunity that they were already working in same type of cosmetic products and they were aware of all the aspects of these products and it was easy for their team to work with this type of formula product . Opportunity Identification and Selection: Unilever’s mission is to add vitality to life. Sunwash have no direct competitors as such as our product is unique and one of its type. We meet everyday needs for nutrition. All those who made face washes and sun blocks.I. Meanwhile their R&D department after making a thorough research reported that there was not a single product in the market that provides both functions (face wash&Sunblock) simultaneously.There are the following LUX strategic planning for the new product Sunwash. So the LUX offer the new product in the face wash industry. There were many products which comprised of only one function like Nivea (Sun block) and Lux (face wash). indirect competitors are many for example (NIVEA sun block ) they have only one attribute is protect our skin from radiant sun rays but they have not any feature of face wash. This report put the Unilever product Manager to think over this opportunity. 21 . That is way our product have edge against our competitors. hygiene and personal care in LUX product Sunwash that help people to feel good. look good and protect their skin from dangerous sun light and get more out of life.

It’s a very good source for them as it lounges under Unilever’s company and a very respectable brand LUX.  Publics: Our publics are interested in our product as it may bring a financial interest to our stock holders. and the other major factor of this is our media public. 22 . Opportunity:  New product  People trends are shifting  Threats:  Strong indirect competitors  Lack of awareness Major source of gathering the idea.  Consultants: Most management consulting firms do new products works because its provide both feature sunwash and face wash.

Maybe ours could be made face wash how have the both feature (sunblock+facewash)(form). The third person was scientist who had just returned from a technical forum and said. METHODS Concept Generation: 23 . Special treatment for example Be tolerant Be supportive Recognize individuality. The second person was a product manager who said “ I was thinking last week about the features of face wash and noted that all of them are provide only one feature (sunblock or face wash) ate time. May be it would be useful in our business. Concept: Management given the concept to what is it we want them to produce.II. No face wash offers these combination this benefit. Activities: LUX’s Management should arrange the training program for the creative people for making them more productive. I heard discussion of a new chemical mixing process lemon to cleanse. refresh and purify oil skin. (Technology) . CONCEPT GENERATION: PREPARATION FOR IDEATION: FINDING THE PEOPLE: LUX hires the people with diverse experience. great enthusiasm for making new product SUNWASH. Our most recent customer satisfaction survey that consumers would like a sunwash because its protect our skin from radiant sun rays and wash their face.

• • Problem-based ideation Analytical attribute approaches Quantitative : o o • Gap Analysis (Determinant gap map.” Using Trade-off Analysis to Generate concept: Factor utility Scores – SUNWASH Four attribute are uppermost in customer’s minds when they choose a brand of salsa:  Face wash cleaner  PRICE  Color 24 . OS perceptual map) Trade-Off Analysis (Conjoint Analysis) Analogy Dimensional Analysis Checklists Relationships Analysis • Qualitative: o o o o LUX used trade off Analysis: “The process by which customers compare and evaluate brands based on their attributes or features. AR perceptual gap map.

Each respondent customer is then asked to rank the cards from “1” to “54” are like most and “54” are like least. 25 . Concept statement: (Sunblock+facewash) states a difference and benefits the customers or end-users to clean their skin and protect it from the sun rays. elastic feeling is one way) We design “54”cards. white. suggestive. each with a picture and verbal description of one of the combinations. Sun block There are 3x3x2x3=54 different types of SUNWASH that can be made by combining the levels of these attributes in all possible ways (medium.

C n in a a s o t u o jo t n ly is up t 3 .S nw s u ah 3 Fc w s c a e a e a h le n r U tility 2 c lo o r U tility2 1 g e re n w ite h b e lu 1 E sticfe lin la e g Ocn l il o tro D ot ry u S nb c u lo k 3 Utility value Utility value 3 p ic r e 2 2 1 m ild 1 lo w H H IG md m e iu stro g n 26 .

000 Development • Test Mktg.000 10.000 • . Concept Evaluation: SUCCESS RATE & COST IMPLICATIONS FOR SUNWASH.000 1.600.000 320.000 2.000 Testing • Product 8 1:2 200.000.1000 RS. 27 .III.000. They need everything they are not only quality oriented but also cost oriented.64. 4 1:2 500.000.000 Launch TOTAL 13. Our this product have both the qualities of sun block and face wash consumers prefer this because now a days people do not have time to carry many thing together. IDEA COSTS • Idea 64 1:4 RS.000 Screening • Concept 16 1:2 20. OF PASS COST PER TOTAL • IDEAS RATIO PRD.984.000 • National 2 1:2 5. • STAGE NO.

smoother. But still we manage our prices due to our name in the market so we decide our prices on competitor bases……… As. It’s not only convenient to carry. SUNWASH (sun block + face wash) LUX’s SUNWASH dermatologists warn that daily exposure to damaging UV rays is a major cause of skin cancer and premature skin again with such sighs as wrinkling and uneven pigmentation. sun block a 100ml bottle cost 70. This product has both the qualities of Sun block and face wash. {We are comparing our prices with ponds as it is under the company name of Unilever} So. Please read the description below before answering the questions. So.00/= And the face wash 100g in 60.00/= So all-together cost 130/= But we give you SUNWASH in just Rs.PLAIN VERBAL DESCRIPTION OF THE SUNWASH AND ITS MAJOR BENEFITS: LUX would like to get your reaction to an idea for new SUNBLOCK + FACE WASH PRODUCT OF SUNWASH. no one have to worry about their specific skin type. 28 . SUNWASH cleanse our skin from the dust. time saving but also easy to apply.We have full confidence on our product and that is because we are not only offer excellent quality. Daily use of SUNWASH its help protecting our skin from UV rays. Younger. briefly speaking we can say that sun wash not only increases yours face beauty but also prevent you from radiant sun rays. and also provide the elastic feeling. but also at the low cost. Essential moisture is replenished so skin is softer. MAIL CONCEPT TEST FORMAT. We are able to supply this at not much cost as we don’t have to search for supplier not even distributor. 120/= For initial 4 months. today. and tomorrow. SUNWASH may help reduce these harmful effects. It’s for all types of skin.

000 Testing 29 . Assuming you tried the product described above and like it. OF PASS COST PER TOTAL IDEAS RATIO PRD. STAGE NO.000 320. How different.1. do you think this face wash would be from other available products now on the market that might be compared with it?  Very different  Somewhat different  Slight different  Not at all different 2. if at all.1000 RS.64.000 Screening Concept 16 1:2 20. about how often do you think you would buy it?  More than once a week  About once a week  About twice a month  About once a mouth  Less often  Would never buy it NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: • • • • • SUCCESS RATE & COST IMPLICATIONS FOR SUNWASH. IDEA COSTS Idea 64 1:4 RS.

000.  The product attributes of LUX product of SUNWASH.984. 30 .000 5.600.Product 8 Development • Test Mktg. SUNWASH TACTICAL TASKS: This describes the way Unilever Pakistan Ltd.000.000 1.000 500.000 13. DEVELOPMENT STAGE I.000.  Conceptualizes the distribution channel of Unilever Pakistan Ltd. use the tactical marketing tools for marketing SUNWASH in Pakistan.000 2. 4 • National 2 Launch • 1:2 1:2 1:2 TOTAL 200.000 IV.000 10.  Visualizes the price of SUNWASH according to different size. This section includes a table that shows the location of the company’s warehouses all around the country. The comprises on the basis of four section.

We don’t have enough budgets so put this product of the left shelves of the big retailers with the poster of 31 . Finally section discusses the promotional activities that the company undertakes for SUNWASH. We distribute it along with the other LUX product. PRODUCT: Our. And we are comparing sun block of LAKMEE as it has its own good reputation among the working class. By our survey we concluded that the face-wash of NEUTROGENA have its importance and the market most obviously the face wash of pears is also famous but usually in females but the face wash of Neutrogena is famous for both males and females.  L-it not only protect you from dirt and sun but also leave your skin with gloss and no stickiness. this new product has many attributes which can give you many benefits. ii. So we design our pricing like this that you can count it very economical. But we promote our product by emphasing on the company’s name which is by Unilever. SUNWASH MARKETING TASKS: Pricing: Our pricing is totally based on competitor bases.  L. Promotion: Being under Unilever we have no threat of distributor as our product does not require any special distributor chain. ’s under the brand name of unilevers so you have no doubt about its’s very economical as unilevers motto is to give you style and quality with the very less price. Instead of by LUX because people have perception about soap towards LUX and that the same reason for the low returns of our shower gel.

Obviously this is not unilevers strategies to do free sampling but we do this to introduce people about our product as our product is exclusively for the people who remain out from morning to evening. GULBERG.. mahrose (as they have many branches in LAHORE IQBAL TOWN. People are always searching for the convenient goods so our product has firstly to introduce in the Lahore . V. and style and the life there in LAHORE is so busy. PLACING: We have decided to this product firstly in the Lahore market as the people in lahore have much trend of working and they also do care about there skin.” In small retail outlets we don’t use this promotion strategies we just keep the product on right most shelves but to paste the sticker of sun on our shelve with our product.“Do you want to wash the sun-burning out of your life see the left. LAUNCH : 32 This describes the category of the selected product. DEFENCE etc. For promotion we also put it in the parlors like mahrose. rajneez. The category is organized into four sections. imtaiz. rose. s’mart) They have a great retail outlet channel for distribution of the product sunwash among the customers. . About placing so we regard we sign contract with in this regard we sign contract with firstly in. launch RETAIL OUTLET: (Agha’s. naheed . Our promotion plan also include free sampling plans also include free sampling of our sachet in college’s and universities.. depliex and bhabhies they also promote it at low cost because it have there own profit as well like we do joint venture so both the parties got good feed backs. We also put banners on the billboards on the places where we are doing the advertising of our existing product a month before launching our product we done different promotion but after the launch our strategies is totally different.

The product should offer for every one without the gender specification.e. Moreover some survey reports also reveal the same result.  Section 2 Describes how Unilever Pakistan Ltd. the product positioning method. I. Product Category: SUNWASH falls under the new category entry product in the face wash industry in Pakistan. II. The population of the country is segmented into three parts which are urban. segments their market according to geographical areas. Its can be the highest selling face wash in Pakistan. Market Segmentation: Unilever’s LUX sure that the get share in face wash industry in Pakistan. Moreover as a beauty soap LUX does not even segment its market according to gender for the new product SUNWASH. sub urban and rural area consumers.1 show that Unilever Pakistan Ltd. Figure 5. differentiates the population and categorizes them into different segments for the product SUNWASH.  Finally section 4 Describes the process through which the company tries to capture a place in the buyers mind i. 33 . Although LUX is the highest selling beauty soap in Pakistan but for launching new product Sunwash they should have work hard. Section 1 Describes the category in which the product fall.  Section 3 Analyzes which segment the company targets and why they target that specific segment.

The SEC divides the population in five segments starting from A to E. education and Income. The Table5. 34 . and sequentially in descending order E categorizes the opposite. Appendices: Urban Rich Urban and Sub Urban Upper Middle and Middle Class Rural Poor (Figur5.1 overleaf shows the Socio Economic Clusters the company uses.1): Market Segments 1.e.The company further differentiate the geographical segments according to Socio Economic Cluster (SEC) i. where A categorizes the highly educated and high income earners holders.

1 shows that urban and sub urban middle class. SUNWASH is not a highly expensive but an affordable product.Socio Economic Clusters B C D E Income Upper Middle Mid Level Lower Middle Low Income Level Income Income Income Education High Level of Educated Educated Educated Very Low Level Education Slightly Less Slightly Slightly Less of Literacy than Cluster A Less than than Cluster C Cluster B (Table 5. IV.1): Socio Economic Cluster Segmentation 1 A High Income III. price and quality. Product Positioning: Unilever Pakistan Ltd want obtain to a good position in the buyers’ mind for SUNWASH through better product attributes. and rural poor people are the largest part of Pakistan population. Target Market: Figure 5. That is why the company targets urban and sub urban upper middle and middle class people who are the second highest population of segment of the country. A research carried out by Unilever Pakistan for the SUNWASH reveals that urban rich people are more likely to buy imported and expensive products. Moreover rural poor people tend to buy cheap products even without evaluating its quality. The company offer SUNWASH in the face wash industry in 35 . offering the product in a different way than the competitors do. However urban and sub urban upper middle and middle class people tend to buy affordable and quality products.

2 Has drawn information gathered by conducting a consumer survey. It states that though in comparison to its competitors the price of SUNWASH is same but consumers rate it as the product which gives them the highest quality. This ultimately helps to position the product in the buyers’ mind as the best quality face wash.2) Positioning Map 36 . This positioning created a strong customer loyalty for SUNWASH. Figure 5.Pakistan at an affordable price under high brand rank of LUX. The good market share in the face washes industry the company wants to get and want to get the potential customers for the new product SUNWASH. for which to get a good market share in the face wash industry in Pakistan. A positioning map of the company is shown Figure 5.2 to describe LUX’s position in the consumers mind on two dimensions. POSITIONING MAP HIGH PRICE Unileve r& Lux face wash P&G Face wash Other brands LOW LOW Perceived quality HIGH (Figure 5. price and quality.

They need everything they are not only quality oriented but also cost oriented. Sun block+facewash =sunwash The question arises in your minds is all about why there is a need for this two-in-one product? The answers to these questions are simple and obvious first we talk about our brand persona is of beauty and style. After the great success of lux soap. MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR THE SUNWASH: Our marketing strategy is promote the new and unique product under unilevers. Under the brand name of lux which have persona of beauty and style. and shower gel we are now launching a new product. Style is the word both for males and females its: Something which helps You two carry your personality with confidence it include everything about beauty so it is also important for both the genders the products of Lux are never gender specific so this time we follow our same patterns. We are able to supply this at not much cost as we don’t have to search for supplier not even distributor. but also at the low cost.00/= So all-together cost 130/= But we give you sunwash in just Rs. But still we manage our prices due to our name in the market so we decide our prices on competitor bases……… As .00/= And the face wash 100g in 60. 120/= 37 .a. We have full confidence on our product and that is because we are not only offer excellent quality. Our this product have both the qualities of sun block and face wash we thought about this because now a days people do not have time to carry many thing together. sunblock a 100ml bottle cost 70.

b. Then in Lahore and finally towards Islamabad . briefly speaking we can say that sun wash not only increases yours face beauty but also prevent you from radiant sun rays.       AGE: 16-36 (2 group) GENDER: both(males. As we have concept of working women is highly found there in Karachi. Although our product is both for males and female. time saving but also easy to apply. It’s for all types of skin. It’s not only convenient to carry. for whom we made the product) GEOGRAPHICALLY: First we cater Karachi. But as far as catering procedure is concerned so 1st in Karachi. students SOCIAL CLASSES: upper-lower and middle-upper BENEFITS: convenient ( in-terms of money and time savings) 38 .female) INCOME: 10000 and above OCCUPATION: Working men and women. TARGET MARKET ANALYSIS OF THE SUNWASH: (Basically.{ we are comparing our prices with ponds as it is under the company name of unilever} So. no one have to worry about their specific skin type.For initial 4 months. So.

 Occupation: We cater the people of good incomes so students and professional but we cater our labors class and those college students who really care about their skin. 39 . SEGMENTATION ANALYSIS OF THE SUNWASH:  Geographically: Firstly we cater Karachi then to Lahore and finally to Islamabad then our movements towards Multan.  Demographically: Firstly we are trying to cater the age groups of 16+ but by changes our promotion we can cater the people of all 12+ means whole teen.  Income Level: We are catering incomes of people 10.agers we give and the limits of 36 but we can cater the people of 36+ as its goof to use sun screen.000+ but we can move down ward as we have sachet.c.  Gender: Already our target is to cater both the genders so no other segment is left to think on that section. Hyderabad and interior region of Sindh and Punjab.

park-towers. availability . forum (by providing face wash and offering certain gifts on these washes through lucky draws) We decided to do this in our 3rd week of the February but we are dong this in the MAY of our campaign because summer season is commencing and the people trends are more towards shopping SUNWASH at these timing] 2nd MONTH:(JUNE) 40 . ACTION PROGRAMME OF THE SUNWASH FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS: Signing a contract with metro-cabs and green buses free sampling at different shopping malls like millennium. service . dolmen-mall. economical. achievers and social persons.  Life style: All those who are strivers.  Behavioral: occasion: regular use Beliefs: quality. As our brand have only this much elasticity in prices. Social classes: Same case goes withy social classes we can move up ward as much as we want but think about down ward movement we can only move till middle-lower.  d. convenient. who are ambitious and want to do something all those who really care about there skin and health conscious and sun radiations are also harmful from health point of view.

000/= 41 ..  Magazines:  Meg monthly  Khwateen monthly  Akhbar-e-jahan monthly  WEB-SITE:  At Unilever’s own website.100000/= free sampling at shopping malls………………………... 3rd MONTH:(JULY)  Advertisement in magazine at website.200. e.Advertisement at front quarter page of Dawn on Sunday. PROMOTIONAL BUDGET: 1st MONTH: Signing a contract with metro-cabs and green buses……………………….

.000/= TOTAL BUDGET……………….000/= free sampling…………………………….000/= Websites…………………………………40.2nd MONTH: (JUNE) Advertisement in Dawn…………………225.000/= 3rd MONTH: (July) meg monthly (2 months) [25000+25000].100.50.35.. Supply a slip to consumer a feed backs slip on there 2nd purchase and upon this they have chances to win prizes.000/= f..000/= Akhbar-e-jahan (monthly)………………... 42 . We are targeting for the sales of almost 500 units per month after 2nd month of promotion we found that out of this estimated amount we were able to sold 450 units so this is a great progress. Marketing control: For taking feed back of our product we should take following steps: 1.50000/= khawateen (1 month)………………….800. People not only easy remember the name of our product but also the color of our product which is blue. 2. 3.


vellani Chairman AND CEO Ms. Irtiz aHussain » Mr. syedBaberAli » MR. ome rH. M usha ra fHa i Finance and IT Human Resource Supply Chain Home and Personal Care Customer Channel Peter Harvey Paul Keijz er QaysarAlam ThomasDarlow Development N oemanShiraz i 44 . Karim » Mr. Fatehaliw.BOARD OF DIRECTORS » Mr.

unilevers hierarchy is very much supportive in this regard.  Customer: We are well defining with our target market and segments market. As.MARKETING ENVIROMENT AUDIT FOR THE SUNWASH: (Micro and Macro) I. As we are using our old chain (by which we supply shampoos and soaps) for these all. So. 45 . So. our product is neither gender specific nor for only one social class. So that our all the managers have good collaboration with each other.  Supplier: We have no threat for supplier specifically as we have made a contract with the same supplier who supplies us chemicals and other ingredients of soaps and shampoos and shower gel. As far as financial intermediaries are concerned so we are sound in this regard. that we have enough people to cater with. So it is beneficial for us to continue start SUNWASH. MICRO FACTORS:  Company: Hierarchy is horizontal.  Marketing Intermediataries: No threat for distributors/resellers.

and the other major factor of this is our media public. The segment market we cater are the middle-uppers and upper-uppers economical classes. As the raw material we use is neither injurious to health nor damages the environment.  Natural: Our natural environment is quite sound in this regard. Indirect. And the product we give is also comfortable with respect to prices. It’s a very good source for them as it lounges under Unilever’s company and a very respectable brand Lux. we have no direct competitors as such as our product is unique and one of its type.  Economics: As the social class we cater are economically sound.(here are many huge brands in this regard so we have a sort of threat). MACRO FACTORS:  Demographic: Our birthrate is increasing from last two years. II.  Publics: Our publics are interested in our product as it may bring a financial interest to our stock holders. All those who made face washes and sun blocks. indirect competitors are many. 46 . Now day’s environmental pollution increases so people are more shifted towards sun block and these types of product. Competitor: Direct . We are not gender specific so it also supports our demography.

47 .  Cultural environment: People trend are now shifting towards using face washes and sun-blocks due to self indulgence. Technological environment: Technological we are sound as there is no changes occur accordingly the advancement in technology.  Political environment: Politically we are sound in this regard as no such policies are there that we should adopt or we should not adopt.

as a product. three different sizes. both male and female. LUX has been highly successful over the years. like the beauty contest has been a milestone in attracting a huge number of customers. has been able to penetrate the market. The demand for this product is very much vulnerable in terms of pricing. Unilever Pakistan is providing LUX’s SUNWASH at a price which is affordable to most of the people in the country. international standard and high quality design. are now getting more beauty conscious. As a multinational company Unilever pakistan with heavy promotional activities. With six different fragrances.4)-Conclusion: The face wash industry of Pakistan consists of a few producers in the industry. Overall with its marketing activities LUX has been a 48 . Its promotional activities. Face wash is an uprising product in Pakistan as a greater portion of the population. Its distribution process is highly efficient.

As Pakistani culture children have a huge say in shopping so they should also promote the product to children like their another Product 49 .Unilever Pakistan Ltd should expand their target market also towards the rural people. Because SUNWASH has safe our skin from the dangerous sun RAYS. LUX should increase their sales of SUNWASH.successful brand which offer the very afforable and quality wise face wash in pakistan as a name of SUNWASH. They should also conduct different promotional activities in rural fairs and socially responsible promotional activities to attract rural consumers and social awareness. to adopt more successful operation in Pakistan for the new product SUNWASH. LUX so now provide SUNWASH for safing our skin. The only place where rival companies are progressing is in giving customers redemption offers. Research revealed that Pakistani customers are highly attracted to this sort of offers. These offers are not sustainable in the long run but still it takes away a considerable part of LUX’s SUNWASH sale in the short run. 5)-Recommendation: Our team would suggest some recommendations to Unilever Pakistan Ltd.

These are the recommendations suggested by our teem members to Unilever Pakistan Ltd. 50 .“LUX”. To adopt for successful operationing in Pakistan for getting large market share.

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