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Jeevan Saral

Table No. 165


LIC’s Jeevan Saral is a versatile plan having good features of the conventional plans and
the flexibility of unit linked plans. To the policyholder it provides —

. higher insurance cover

. a smooth return,
. liquidity and
. a lot of flexibility


On death:
 250 times the monthly premium, plus
 Return of premiums excluding extra/rider premium and first year premium, plus
 the loyalty addition if death takes place in 10th year onwards.

On Maturity:

 Maturity sum assured, plus

 The Loyalty Additions

Special Features:

• High risk cover at low premium

• Auto cover: If the policy is in force for more than three years, the risk coverage will
continue for another 12 months even if the premiums are not paid in that period.
• Surrender charge: No surrender charge will be deducted from policies surrendered after 5
years. The policyholder can choose a maximum term but can surrender at any time
without any surrender penalty or loss after 5 years
• Any number of withdrawals through partial surrendering
• Loan facility available after 3 Years
• One single plan can be a money back plan, pension plan, reducing premium plan etc.

Eligibility Conditions:

Min Age at entry: 12 Yrs. Min. Term: 10 Yrs.

Max. Age at entry: 60 Yrs. Max. Term: 35 Yrs.

Min. Premium(12-49 Yrs.): Rs. 250 Loan : Yes

(50-60 Yrs,): Rs.400 Assignment : Yes
CIR : No
Form No.: 300/340 Term Rider : No
Female Category: I/II/III
Modes Allowed: All Age Proof: Std./NSAP1/II/III