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Soft Prayer

Soft Prayer

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Published by: sam907 on Nov 19, 2010
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Soft prayer Heart open up to Skies high above you, And light shining from deep within Body

be naked, Your rhythms are sacred, Beauty emmanate from the skin. River wash over Your cool, tranquil water, Give life to our heart so it may grow. Sun burn with passion, Mercury and Saturn Inspire us above and below. Earth hold us steady, Our souls are your body, And we are the children of your seed. Stars ever hold me Deep in your mystery, And calm in the hour of my need. Peace be upon us, Guide and protect us, Our hearts and minds shall be your home. Let us tread lightly Live pure and quietly True love sink deep into the bone. Moon let us explore you, With our hearts, for we adore you, Our tides ebb and flow with your dance. Draw down the power, Let lightning strike the tower, And your spirit awakened will advance. Heart open up to Skies high above you, And light shining from deep within.

© Sam Garrard June 2008

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