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tontent Area: Science itandard: 3. Earth Systems Science ‘repared Graduates: > Describe how humans are dependent on the diversity of resources provided by Earth and Sun 3rade Level Expectation: Si vidence Outcomes: 21 Century Skills and Readiness Competencies tudents car e Gather and analyze date from a variety of print resources and Investiaations to account for local and world-wide water crculation and distributien patterns: Use evidence to medel tow water is transferred thiougrout the earth Identify problems, and propese ralutians related to water quality, sircu ation, and distribution ~ both locally and worldwide Identity the various causes and effects af water pollution in local and world wate distributions Describe where water goes after it's used in houses or tuildinas Inquiry Questions: ‘1. How is water cycled on Earth? 2. How does the lack or abundance of water impact human dvilizations and populations? 3. How do your cally decis ons impact the quality of wa:er ir the water cycle? Relevance and Applicatio 1. Homa water quality and consumption affects for heath and conservation policies. 2. Water systems affect local, regional, and world 20puation development. 3. Water-use irrigation patterns in Colorado artect economic development in the state. ‘Nature of Science: 4A. Ask lestoble questions end make Falsifiable hypetliescs research about water distribution, 2. Creare and evaluate models: identifying the strenaths and weaknesses of the madal in representing water circulazion and cistribution.