NET Life cycle - CodeBehind, CodeBeside files - partial classes concept - Master Pages, Nested Master Pages - master page inside another master page, Us er Controls - Data controls like Gridview, Treeview, FormView controls iframes - .net 1.1 concept similar to master page - iframe is control to include one aspx page inside another aspx paage - Page navigations - redirect from one page to another, how to open modal window s, insert hyperlinks, server.transfer, response.redirect, - Validations for server controls - using javascript, requiredfieldvalidator, co ntroltovalidate etc. - Javascript - include js files inside aspx page, client side scripting (meaning writing simple javascript code in aspx pages for validation) - CSS - Casacading Style Sheets - designing aspx pages - setting height width pr operties of div,controls etc - webservices - .asmx - consume webservice i.e adding webreference and accessing webservice methods, -exposing webservices i.e adding new webservice an hosting it in a url. - session and state management - rampup is good link to learn this fully - query string, cookies, session obj, application obj, hidden variables. - exception handling - try, catch, finally, user defined exceptions, garbagecoll ection, gc.collect() method, idisposable interface.. some memory management conc epts. 2. ADO.NET 3. C# 4. WCF 5. SQL Server 6. Silverlight Design Patterns - MVC, Singleton Architecure, Factory Pattern - atleast what eac h of them is, if not the implementation.