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Three Line Poems

II. Summer – Autumn

Early autumn;
The spider's web
Is empty.

Autumn nearing.
The voice of the grasshoppers;
The sound of the wind.

Summer grass fading;

The voices
Of grasshoppers.

Evening chill
The fledgling
The crow took this morning.

The voice of the blackbird;

Rays of the evening sun
Slant through the grove.

The sound of
The water falling;
The fluttering wings of the butterfly.

A poppy;
The flower-seeking heart
Of the butterfly.

The snail keeps pace

With the sun
All the day long.

Cutting the flowers

That have grown on her grave –

The summer drawing to a close.

Autumn nearing;
The day ending –
A poppy.

Summer heat;
Fed every day and still quarrelling –
The sparrows.

The scarecrow
In his declining years –
Sparrows perched upon him.

The summer has ended

In all simplicity –
The swallows that come here no more.

The snail
Has his home
Wherever he may be.

Summer’s end is near:

I have heard
The dove’s call before.

Towards the evening,

The sunlight
Reveals the spider’s web.

The butterfly –
No flower has
Remained here.

It alights upon the flower

Just the same,
But the butterfly is now of autumn.

The summer grove;

The sun is bright,

The wind blowing through.

Summer rain falling;

The sparrow
Wags his tail.

Summer heat;
The poppy lives
Its brief life.

Summer heat;
The longed-for wisteria flowers
Have become sickly.

Summer heat;
The withered branch
Has borne a thin pear.

Summer rain falling upon the lake.

The sound of a thousand raindrops
In one moment.

Summer rain ending;

The dunnock scratches
A meagre living.

The autumn wind.

The poppy resists,

Autumn nearing.
Ill today;
The evening is chill.

Autumn nearing.
A swallow flying low

Summer ending.
Swallows departing –

No, returning.

Summer ending.
Swallows twitter
Across the eve.

The hawk
Sits for an age
On the pear tree.

Evening silence.
The sky darkening;
A night light has been lit.