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Theme: Skills: Materials: Directions: © 1995 by The Center for Applied Research in Education <9 Challenges: Explanation: AIR, AIR, EVERYWHERE Ve air experimenting; observing plastic bottles (different sizes and shapes) cardboard rollers from toilet paper 1. Give the children the bottles and ask what is inside them. Have them squeeze the bottles. What do they feel? What is inside the bot- tles? What’s all around us? 2. Set up the cardboard rollers and let the children knock them over by squeezing the bottles. 3. How is wind like the air in the bottles? Can you see the wind? How can you tell if it’s blowing? Play with the bottles in the water table. What comes out of them when you squeeze them under water? Challenge children to move plastic boats and toys with the air in the bottles. Blow up balloons, then release them. What causes them to fly around the room? Get a party blower and a plastic bag. Blow air into the bag as you hold it in your fist. Insert the end of the party blower in the bag and tape it in place, Squeeze the bag to make the blower unfurl, then release the bag. Moving air is called wind. When you squeeze the bottle, it pushes the air outside and creates wind.