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maja blanca

maja blanca

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Published by Louie Jul Molina

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Published by: Louie Jul Molina on Nov 19, 2010
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MAJA BLANCA 2 liter coconut milk 240g white sugar 400g corn kernels 150mL condensed milk 370mL

evaporated milk 200g cornstarch Procedure: 1. In a heating bowl, add 1.25L coconut milk 2. add sugar and condensed milk 3. add evaporated milk 4. add korn kernels 5. bring mixture to a boil (stir) 1. mix 750mL coconut milk and cornstarch 2. stir until mixed 1. Once the first mixture boils, add the mixture of coconut milk with cornstarch 2. continue mixing until it starts to thicken 1. Once it starts to thickens, immediately transfer to a serving dish or a mold 2. flatten the maja blanca 3. Let it cool under room temperature

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