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The ECETI Ranch is a spiritual center that is open to the public with prior notice. We are also open for occasional scheduled events that are open to the public, designed to assist in the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. Please do not come without an appointment. We ask that all guests be self sufficient and focused on self mastery and personal discovery. Respecting the land, people and energy is a requirement for all visiting guests. ECETI Ranch is a non-profit and all donations go towards supporting the ranch and keeping the facilities operating and the land open to the public. For more information and a reservation please call or write: Email for Event Questions: Email for Lodging Reservations: ECETI phone Contact: 509-395-2092 Skywatching The ECETI Sanctuary is open nightly for skywatching by appointment. Please call or email prior to arrival to ensure we are open at the time of your visit. Skywatching is a $10 suggested donation per person—if you cannot find a staff member, there is a wooden donation box posted on a tree near the skywatch field where you can place your donation. We also have occasional scheduled event skywatching with the ECETI Staff using infrared technology and presentations by James Gilliland. All other skywatching is open to guests to create a unique personally guided experience. Directions To Sanctuary Please call before visiting the ranch to schedule an arrival date. Directions are located on the website at ECETI, 172 Little Mountain Road, Trout Lake, WA 98650 Guest REGISTRATION All arriving guests are asked to come to the ECETI Guest Registration upon arrival to sign a release form and pay for camping/lodging and skywatching donations. Guest registration is located in the ECETI Store under the kunlun meditation room (behind the main house next to green house) If no one is in the store/lounge area please ring bell or knock on door in main house for help. The ECETI Store features a wonderful selection of books, dvd’s, t-shirts, cards and gifts and we encourage you to explore the store. All purchases are donations and support the ranch and ECETI staff in the pursuit of continued service. RIDE SHAR ING There is a ride sharing forum on the ECETI website at http://eceti. forumotion. net/rideshare- to-ecetiranch-f9/ (you must join forum first before you can login to ride share forum, details on website at http://www.eceti. org 1

CAMPING & LODGING CAMPING the preferred way to experience the sanctuary. etc. Campers can use the bathrooms located behind the conference center. 2 nights . 2383 Hwy 141 Trout . www. coolers. 15 Guler Road. showers and hot plate for cooking.eceti. and items you would need when camping. mini kitchen (limited space!) sinks. tell them we sent you for possible discounts!) SUGGESTED LODGING IN TROUT LAKE: Trout Lake Country Inn www. Food & Shopp ing Options Guests should be self sufficient with food and supplies. Trout Lake. WA 98650 Phone: 509-395-2777 TROUT LAKE COUNTRY INN. canned goods. Large 2500 sq. CAFÉ /HEAVENLY GROUNDS EXPRESSO/CHEVRON STATION: Located across from general store serving café style food (breakfast. $10 for each additional person per night).com .http://www. (all by reservation only) GUEST ROOMS are available by reservation by emailing or calling the main number to check on availability. WA 98650Phone: 509-395-3667 E-Mail: TroutlakeInn@gmail. A variety of rooms are offered all guests in rooms have access to library.(509) 395-2525 OTHER GROCERY: There is a grocery store and restaurant in BZ corner 16 miles from the ranch.5 miles from ranch) open until 8pm. The Inn is a Nat'l Historic Landmark. If more than 2 people.$100. weekly . Please check weather forecast prior to visit to ensure you are prepared. Camping is $25 per night/per tent/camp site (up to 3 guests per group additional guests per tent $10 each.$210. We do not have propane grills available for cooking. lunch. dinner) as well as espresso bar. Daily or weekly room rental: 1 night . There is also shopping in white salmon and Hood River (about 22 miles from ranch) In hood river there is a Wal-Mart. During cold weather it is possible to camp in our conference hall where we have a wood stove. It is recommended all guests bring coolers & ice for food storage due to limited space. rooms have river or Mt.troutlake.trailheadbnb. No need to bring bottled water as there is excellent water available on the ranch– there are a number of food shopping options available in the area.(509) 395-3667 2 TroutlakeInn@gmail. 24-hour cancellation policy. Additional Lodging available by visiting http://www. Live music on weekends. This is Trout Lake’s only gas station as well. The store has basic provisions (staples. sat TV and large commons area with views from front porch and back deck. basic supplies) Room Rentals also available. toilets. (some recommended lodging below.$55-65. call for rates & dates. There are a limited number of rooms available for $60 per night ($60 is for 2 people in a room.troutlakecountryinn. Adams views. additional tents per group $25 each). Some options below: TROUT LAKE GENERAL STORE: There is a general store in trout lake ( . fish. videos. pies. Bring all food. Kitchen access for overnight guests. meat. Safeway and many other options for shopping and groceries. which include Trout Lake Country Inn offers Lunch & Dinner until 9pm nightly. and a sink. hall also available for rent.

This includes past lives and any unseen negative influences as well. etc) If you have items that you wish to donate to support our service efforts please contact ecetievents@gmail.mtadams. Guest agrees to provide any and all footage captured upon request of ECETI Ranch for public use. These are the only pets allowed.(509) 395-2300 Eceti Store The eceti store & lounge is now open! Featuring books. Qi Gung and Kunlun Nei Gung classes are designed to assist with the awakening process and provide a path to connect with the god within. traumas or wrong conclusions from past experiences. Guest also agrees to release for use any and all footage captured onsite that includes said guest on property. and much more.Group Class & Private Sessions Available An important part of the Self Mastery experience here at the sanctuary is participation in weekly Kunlun Nei Gung and Qi Gung class offerings. We do build group fires occasionally during event season. The ECETI store is non-profit and all proceeds go directly to the support of the sanctuary and staff. HEALING OPTIONS SPIRITUAL TRANSPERSONAL RELEASE SESSIONS WITH JAMES GILLILAND: One of the most powerful therapies on the planet is the Spiritual Transpersonal Release Technique. There is a resident dog and cat that live here at the ranch. We do except donations for merchandise and items that could be offered in our store to further benefit the ranch (jewelry. dvd’s. Many of our fears and phobias often do not have any base of origin in this life. we just cannot accommodate your pets.all donations are tax deductions and a wonderful way to energetically support our continued work here.serenitys. Call for details on sessions 509 395 2092. It is time to open to the positive and heal the negative. unusual sounds and energies that can cause even the most well behaved dog to act in unusual ways (and bark during the night disturbing other guests). $125. While your doggy may be well behaved and an amazing .com . incense. This is when past lives have to be taken into account. starting on July 1. hand made gifts. The ranch has Serenity’s Cabins www.(509) Mt Adams Lodge @ Flying L ranch (in 395-2500 glenwood 20 minutes away) www. CHI GUNG & KUNLUN NEI GUNG . This was once known as Reto Clearing endearingly referred to as a spiritual roto rooter. "Quickly and Gracefully:. small children. PHOTO & VIDEO CAPTURED AT ECETI Upon arrival to the ECETI Sanctuary all guests agrees to release permission to share with ECETI Ranch all photo. Participation deeply enhances 3 . . shirts. No Dogs/Pets Absolutely no outside dogs or pets here at the -.http://www. any mental or emotional wounds. video and audio captured for the duration of the stay.(509) 364-3488 Trout Lake Hotel business. CAMPFIRES Much of the summer months. Egyptian Healing Rods. crafts. It is a technique that transfers powerful consciousness and energy to the recipient allowing them to heal. there is a burn ban in effect and no fires are allowed When fires are allowed they may only be built in the designated fire pit—please contact a staff member to get permission and help you get started as the fire pit is next to James’ house. t-shirts.gorge. Our mental and emotional bodies are affected by unseen spiritual forces in positive and negative ways. We are more than the sum total of this life experience.

Saturday 4-6pm & Sunday at 11am-1pm. All exchanges will be reviewed and preapproved based upon project needs and and attracts the experiences you will encounter during your visit and for further or by email at 5elementkunlun@gmail. tables. freezer. catering service items) • Furnishings for common areas (quality furniture. drilling a well. http://www. back jack meditation chairs. chakra clearing and grounding and shielding activation-. Please inquire at ecetievents@gmail.all healing options are reviewed in consultation-Information on class schedules and private sessions available at http://www. food storage containers. it is possible to do an exchange for camping lodging or workshop participation in exchange for much needed items. patio furniture. Chi Gung. Farm & Gardening Equipment.http://www.eceti. ALCOHOL or DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR This is a healing sanctuary. Classes are led by ECETI Healing Arts instructors Son Tuoc and Pamela and offered by donation ($20 suggested donation. Please visit the website for further detail on upcoming classes available. refrigerators. meditation cushions & pillows. shelves for food storage. Chi Gung and the annual Science Spirit & World Transformation conference each july. We reserve the right to terminate volunteer agreements at any time for any reason. Recent Class / Workshop offerings include: Self Mastery I. scholarships WORKSHOPS Workshops & Events are ongoing here at the sanctuary and an important part of our Service to humanity. Canning Jars.html or the facebook fanpage ECETI Ranch.We do offer some opportunities for volunteer exchange here at the sanctuary (as needed). Self-mastery is the focus! Respect yourself and others by adjusting to the energies here without use of outside influences. shelves.eceti. heaters. DONATION EXCHANGE If you feel you have items to donate that are needed at the ranch please let us You can also call for more information 503-880-9683 More info on the kunlun nei gung practice at http://www. You will 4 . Canning supplies. • Fans. OTHER IMPORTANT INFO VOLUNTEER EXCHANGE There is much to be done on a working ranch and spiritual sanctuary--. Current items needed are: • Catering & Kitchen Equipment (gas stove.primiordialalchemist. All self mastery classes are led and delivered by James Gilliland and staff. Self Mastery II and Self Mastery Ambassadors Training and Self Mastery Teachers training. Please note that an exchange would need to be preceeded by an initial visit and meeting with staff before an exchange could be approved. Heart NO one turned away!) Classes are generally offered Fridays 7-9pm. We also offer events across the globe. We also offer weekly collective remote meditations – info posted at ECETI ENERGY CHAMBER fanpage on facebook. We also have workshops featuring masters of Kunlun Nei Gung.eceti. etc • Expertise and help planning with these possible future projects: Septic system engineering (currently undergoing changes). vacuum sealer. etc) • Fencing.Events. rugs. Please support the energy by going with the flow…. implementing alternative energy source (solar power). please see website for details eceti. futons. and the facebook ECETI Ranch fan page Private Sessions are also available upon request (Kunlun. If you are financially challenged and need an exchange for camping fees during workshop visits please let us know and we will see what we can arrange. lights.

volume and energy around you. There is no paid staff her to upkeep the facilities. If you see something that needs to be done---help is always appreciated (cleaning.http://www. Please do not leave cigarette butts on the land. have the most amazing experience with a clear body/mind! Please reflect the energy of the moment and adjust to the tone. SMOKING Smoking is permitted in designated areas. gardening. SELF SUFFICIENCY Please be self-sufficient during your stay.eceti. all support is by volunteers and live in staff and we ask that our guests approach the stay here with the spirit of service. dishes. garbage. etc) Dedication to service and the uplifting and healing of humanity and the earth is why we are all here so if you so choose to participate it would be wonderful! 5 . especially in common areas. sweeping. Please clean up after yourself.

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