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Recruitment y The process of discovering potential job candidates. .

Sources of recruitment depends upony Nature and size of the company y Level and vacancies to be filled up y Number of vacancies to be filled up y Budget allocation y Time period to fill the vacancy y Management Policy y Types of jobs involved. .and y Supply of labour relative to demand. and labour market.


Retired employee-In some kind of works.candidate is transfer from one section to y y y y y another Promotion-to higher designation Upgrading-where a present employee gets higher grade then his/her current grade.Internal Sources y Transfer. Retrenched employees Dependents and relatives of deceased employees . the retired workers are again offer to continue his/her job.

since information on the individual s performance is readily available. It builds morale. Those chosen internally already know the organization. y y y y y . y It improves the probability of a good selection.Why prefer internal sources It builds good public relations. It is less costly. It encourages good individuals who are ambitious.

and discourages new blood from entering an organization y Possibilities of Internal sources drying up . and it may be difficult to find the requisite personnel from within an organization y As promotion is based on seniority.Demerits of Internal Recruitment y Often leads to inbreeding. the danger is that really capable hands may not be chosen y Failed applicants become discontended .

External Recruitment y It is limited to entry level jobs. Jobs above the entry level are usually filled with current employees through promotions. y Promotional opportunities lead to reduced turnover. increased job satisfaction and better job performance .

y Employment exchange. magazines and trade journals y Educational institutes-campus interviews and placement y Placement agencies/ set up for bringing together as quickly as possible candidates searching for employment and employees looking for prospective employees.Several private consultancy firms perform recruitment functions on behalf of client companies by charging a fee. . y Labour contractors-This source is used to recruit labour for construction jobs.External Recruitment y Press advertisement-in newspapers.

these may be employed whenever a permanent worker is absent.External Recruitment y Unsolicited applicants-candidates send in their applicants or visit the office of well known companies on their own without any invitation from the organizations. y Employee referrals-Friends and relatives of present employees y Recruitment at factory gate-Unskilled workers may be recruited at a factory gate. .


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