Ford Drops Oracle-based Purchasing System

Automaker says it will revert back to its own custom-built system. By Antone Gonsalves, TechWeb News , InformationWeek August 18, 2004 07:00 PM Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday said it has scrapped a five-year-old project to move suppliers over to an Internet-based purchasing system powered by Oracle software, deciding instead to revert back to its custom-built system. "We completed an evaluation of all of our production and non-production procurement systems, and we made a decision to go back to our proven current system," a Ford spokesman said. The spokesman declined to discuss the reasons for dropping the "Everest" project, but said all suppliers using the Oracle-based system will move back to the automaker's proprietary Ford Supplier Network, a process expected to take "many months." "It's a transition that will take time," he said. "But we expect the transition to be seamless for suppliers." Optimize your Exchange 2010 Deployment Dell EqualLogic PS4000XV SAN vs. The Competition - Virtualized Exchange Performance An Oracle spokesperson was not immediately available for comment. The Ford spokesman refused to say how much money was spent on Everest, which started in 1999. The system was being rolled out gradually since 2000. Discontinuing the project did not have any impact on Ford's use of Oracle databases or other products. Everest was a separate project from trading exchange Covisint, which Ford formed with other major carmakers to do business with suppliers. Covisint, which failed to catch on with suppliers, was sold to software maker Compuware Corp.

Ford Scraps $200m Oracle Purchasing System
September 7, 2004 A four year, $200,000,000 web-based purchasing system has allegedly been scraped because Oracle Corporation was unable to get the software working properly: "We are going back to the proven legacy systems that are still in place,' said a Ford spokeswoman. 'We made a business decision." The articles says that over 300 Ford employees will be relocated because of the issue.

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