E-Commerce and E-Business are two completely different terms but unfortunately t hey are always used interchangeably

by many of us. The reason behind this lies i n the meanings of "business" and "commerce" in English language. But there is a difference between e-commerce and e-business. There are many people who understa nd the subtle differences between the two and there had always been a debate amo ng these two groups about the differences and similarities between e-commerce an d e-business. The aim of writing this article is to clearly bring out the differ ences between the two as both of them are completely different phenomenon. The differences between the two are as follows: 1. E-Commerce is the subset of E-Business. If you remember studied in school then you can very well understand what I The later one is a very broad concept while the former one of it. This relationship will be cleared in the subsequent the Venn diagram you am trying to convey. is just a small part points.

2. Those activities which essentially involve monetary transactions are termed a s "e-commerce". However, e-business is a much broader term. There are many other things besides selling including but not limited to marketing, procurement of r aw materials or goods, customer education, looking for suppliers etc. 3. To sell online is e-commerce but to bring and retain customers and educate th em online about the product or service is e-business. Having a website to do it is not sufficient. But, having a professionally built website loaded with latest technologies to capture the attention of the visitor and win his/her appreciati on is required. When money is involved then the first thing which user looks for is safety and security of his/her money. Having a website laden with such quali ties is important. 4. When Dell sell computers, laptops, monitors, printers, accessories etc online then it is not engaged in e-commerce but e-business. Let me tell you how. When a visitor comes on the website, the first thing he see is website design and nav igation as well as those things which are going to help him find what he is look ing for and if he directly lands on the page he was looking for, he looks for th e information related to it. The information provided should be appealing and cl ear maximum doubts of the visitor so as to convert him in a client. Till now no money has been exchanged nor been talked about. So, was this e-commerce? No, it is e-business which guides the visitor. 5. E-commerce has also been defined as a process covering outward processes that touch customers, suppliers and external partners while e-business covers intern al processes such as production, inventory management, product development, risk management, finance etc. In all, e-commerce can be described as the use of the Internet and the web to tr ansact business. More formally, digitally enabled commercial transactions betwee n and among organizations and individuals. On the other hand, e-business can be described as the digital enablement of transactions and process within a firm, i nvolving information systems under the control of the firm. Moreover, e-business applications turn into e-commerce precisely when an exchange of value occurs. I simply love the web. According to me, it's the most happening place in the wor ld and the best place to interact and gain knowledge. My strong attraction towar ds site analysis from users as well as search engines perspective made me to pur sue the career in Internet Marketing. I started as SEO but now I work as an Inte rnet Marketing Specialist.

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