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Topeka. Kama.' 6660.1.3719 Telephone: (785) 196-1486 Fa.": (785) 196.6049



October 27,2010

c~audin~ Dombrowski


- -- -- _.' ----~--

In the Matter of Case No. DA11. 218 M. Jill Dykes (Respondent) Dear Ms. Dombrowski: Your letter of complaint of October 19, 2010, has been docketed as Docket No. DA11,218. The allegations contained in your letter will be investigated. During the course of the investigation you will be contacted by an investigator. Please be prepared to furnish the investigator with copies of supporting documents. Your input is necessary to properly conclude the investigation. The purpose of the disciplinary process is to determine if a Kansas attorney has engaged in unethical conduct This office does not act as your attorney or represent your interests in any ongoing legal matters. Therefore, you may want to retain a private attorney to protect your interests You will be notified of the _resolulion..of.this.matter._ ~ ~CereIY,

- _.-

(~ I~ Kate F. Baird Deputy Disciplinary Administrator KF~JH cc: M. Jill Dykes S. Lucky DeFries

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