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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

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Published by: Aditya Shukla on Nov 20, 2010
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Medical Tourism

About Medical Tourism ‡ Medical Tourism: The term is coined by travel agencies. ‡ Over 50 such countries has been identified as medical tourism hubs. . ‡ It basically relates to the mass media describing the rapidly growing practice of travelling across national and international borders to obtain healthcare.

Services entailed in Medical Tourism ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Joint replacement (Knee/Hip) Cardiac surgery Dental surgery Cosmetic surgery Psychiatry Alternative treatments Convalescent care .

Medical Tourism: History Neolithic & Bronze Age Middle Ages 16th century 17th/18th century 19th century 20th century 21st century Mineral & Hot spring visits Thermal springs or natural geysers Fountain of youth Spa Sea and mountain air Health or fat farms Hospitals .

Medical Tourism: Market Drivers Alternative/innovati ve therapy Better Quality Care Why medical tourism? Ageing population Long waiting time .

Medical Tourism: Growth Barriers Legal issues Image problem Barriers to growth Follow up care Other problems .

000 $ 24.000 $ 300.400 $ 19.000 $ 13.600 $10.500 $ 70.300 $ 8.000 $ 11.500 .000 $ 24.000 $ 6.000 $ 210.000 $ 2.500 $ 8.000 $ 12.000 $ 200.000 $ 11.000 $ 3.Medical Tourism: India s edge Breast Hip Heart valve Augmentati replacement replacement on Countries Open heart surgery Liver transplant $ 30.000 $ 120.000 $ 13.

Medical tourism: Global presence .

Query initialization & document submission 5. Treatment finalisation and surgical treatment . hospitalisation and surgical treatment Work Cycle 2. Post operative care in guest house and departure 1. Preoperative risk assessment (PORA) by panel of doctors 4. Visa application and travelling to destination 3. Preoperative care.Medical Tourism: Work Cycle 6.

Regulatory and tax reforms Economic Factors .Use of telemedicine .Lack of government intervention Medical Tourism Social factors .PEST Analysis Political factors .Increasing elderly population .Use of information technology .Geographical reach .Extension of Visa for medical tourists .Legislation of Accredition of healthcare institutions .Increasing demand for speciality services Technological factors .

Medical Tourism: Segmentation  Geographic:  Region: South East Asia. America. business class and high income group . Income : Upper Middle class and Higher class.  Demographic:    Age : All age people but mostly elderly people. Occupation: Self employed. Europe.

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