International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame – Facts and Figures

Of the 218 individuals and organizations currently inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame: - 70% are men and 30% are women. - 42% of the inductees are affiliated with or have done the English Channel. - 36% of the inductees have done professional marathon races. - 33% of the inductees have completed an unprecedented swim. - 15% of the inductees are race organizers or work in recognized governing bodies. - 9% were Olympians - 7% are or were authors or reporters of open water swimming. - 4% are or were escort boat pilots. The inductees come from 32 different countries as follows: 72 are from America 46 are from Great Britain 16 are from Canada 15 are from Australia 11 are from Argentina 8 are from the Netherlands 7 are from Egypt 5 are from Germany and from Spain 4 are from Italy 3 are from Hungary 2 are from Ireland, India, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Yugoslavia, France, Brazil and Russia 1 is from Cuba, Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, China, Greece, Denmark, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan and Japan The following members have been honored: Seven members of the Cavill Family: Fred, Ernest, Charles, Percy, Arthur, Syd and Dick. Father Reg Brickell Sr. and brothers Reg Brickell Jr. and Ray Brickell Two husband-and-wife teams: Roger and Valerie Parsons and Ray and Audrey Scott Twins: Carole and Sarah Hunt Father and daughter: Robert and Christine Cossette Father and son: Ted and Jon Erikson Brother and sister: Sid and Marian Cassidy Mother and daughter: Freda and Alison Streeter

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