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BDrrOR - ---~-- M.li-G6ELE. CARTER

Iinm:p:n'l"ElN J?iEALM:;: CIIl:~'f"IV~ Din 'c't!JI~

------llilCJIARD BAlCER



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"I~V"II I. I. U,J$'I' fJ./l'fl ON

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BlI5Cd QIl t'.he ru;ginal DtrnGJU)NS & D~GONfi@ rules.ereatedbj E. Gary Gysax and Dave Ameson ,a,nd the aew DUNGEONS &. DI'l"AG(l'NS gaUI~ designed- by Jonathiil'l Twee~ MQlm~ Cook. Skip '\V'illirun:;, R.Icha.rd Baker'_. <!bud Peter A~u.

This Wiu.rds of tJl~ Coast game 'product {;Ql1t3ms no Open Game :Col~tell't. No portion of this WOFk: Inay be r.epr-OOuced in lIny fl)l:m wi.thout writteJ] perf:liissjo!J. To learn moreabous tb~Ovell Gaming License «nd the d'2~ System License, p~ease visi.t W\\'W.w~:a:ds.c!lmJcl20.

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6:20_ TI j~B9..:OQI_E:!\1 987 ~ 545 2 1

Jo I I I ',

DI'WIDf:J. DUlJ~F.ON, DLIN~oI<s & Of\MiONS. D&D. ~(leol' MA-"1"ER. Ft:~..N J;lEA!.Ii<S. end ~'S Wlzs.'<la (II tIm ~l ko;i" .~ '(I!lost .. ."d ~eI11.n..:l DWilad

Ill' ~ of IIi-a Canst. In<;, 'I'b4 ~2;! 'S~~k)m IlI90 13. e lttldll,I'!'" 9Wf1'ed ~ Wiza,d.; "" lIlq ella!!!, III¢. AI! Wilrnroo cl'lllra.:tsOlL Gnara(:'lllJ lW'Il~ ~nd \f1li' d'<&t.n1:~l'e !i~,.~~ !!1~ ~~ qoB<h!rrcarJ;:s ~wnecj b)' M~,.ij '" lill} Coo~I, II1c. Elil;,1r!h>llt5Cllil It," ~~."tor, an~ cbmfl;lood& Fn ~ LJ~~~ Stll!es and Can<01fa by mgill'lt.1l ii1Strilllfl~rn. OrsltillooJfHl In lilC lJn>!IJ!tl S'f\l~ ta 1110. boo~ !raile b<y HoIlmn,m\e I?iAtIS~<r>\l. O!5Illbuteti '" e& ... a-,ja 10 the oooj; ·[radi!· by F",," Ltd ~tlh'dtM WQ!toJ\'lrdl!l blI Wlz;m!s ul !hil COOlSj, llio:. ~tW

~Q,",I dililrilll:l'r~r,;,. Th!rl'l'!"I<1nal b >JI~ u~oer ~ilB ""piir~M 1ii'llS er tllo Unlted SIa1es et 1\;nirJ,;ca~J\n~ ~~oo.r~Ur:.:r Of. OOBultkJru:!ld ~"" rn I~e" mlil!>rlilJ. or rIifM"iIc -lC,;m!B<ned ne.'e;r, ;. p~hltl!tM wJthor.rt I~e qqJ!l!S1J writleri pcm\lS1S!Qli ",t Wlmmli o! 11m CIla3l 111~ Th<s pr:idrJilt I. iII;~!1rk 01 !,<ilion. "nv 5ml~ilI.i~! 1<11WI'\1;i1 ~oPW" Drganl~i\lr;)~ Plo<)el>. (lOf"'i;',(!IlW I~ Pl)r~lt ~oineid~lWlLA'(lm W""r~s QJ tl .. Coasl. rne'./~d~ III 100 U.s 1'(,

Vl$it our w"b&:lte. ~t ,VwwlWlurds.oomlfoIgOIl&me8Im~


htrodw;ti~n . , , " 3

S'lliebar: Qreatun'6 fWIn

MU'1;jle,-s -fit Fau-tin , , •••• , ... r

Major O~.i:Ji'UtlOB$. _ ......•••.•... 6 The Clfurch of Cvric . . . . . .. . •.. 6 Sidebar:).ppe~-mllce ami Pel'5ollaliry , . , , , ..... , •.. ' .. 7

Sideba:r~ Church of G)'Iria; .

Tip;>fOf rne HM,,,,,, ,)I

Spm Lord pl'{,:sr.ige etass 11

Tw-in Towers of die

E.criW ulipse 1'1

The Cull( of the Drngon , l'B

S.itJebar Cult of the Dragon~

TipS' for the DM 11

Si,de:har, How Cultists Au " 22

The W;:ll d" Drn_gc)1lffi ••. _ .•• 14

'The- Draw" •. , ., '28

Sidebar: Drou"'l'er-sollali~ . . . ~,o Sideban Th~ Drow: Ti!l'S'

for the DM .......•. _ .•. 33-

Darkmask _Presl;~ge elass H

Honse Jae1n; _ , : 34

The- NlguT Mask5 ••• ,,, .•....... 3S Sideb;rr: A.E_Pcaram:e and J?~rool1a1:tcy ..... : •.•.•. " . 4 f Sidebar. Th.e: Vampil;e Infestati.on of Wmgatc .• -47 The &cr·ct Haven of the

Cow:t of N,,&ht Masters: . , '5'0

Siddmt: Nigllt Mas']~s: .

Tip.s for the DM .• " 52

Sid~bar: The Mosr

Dangerous G.HI'U: •.•••••. H R.ed Wizards of Thay ..•.... ' ... H Smd.l:J.r: Appeacam-e Rod P;efSOJlll.JJty •.• , .•...•.•.•. J7 -Sm.ehaf::' Red Wiz-ards; Tips

for du: DM , 60'

Sidebar~ On Th.apm Soil 64-

Thayan K.n.i!:#

Frcsdge Class , - . 64-

Prc;;ktliIEl:lda Vi! 6f

Si-dehar: Knowi!:I Eodaves .•.. M Sidebar. The-I'Ti:tdor

Emporium 70-

Sid.eb:ar~ The Ssronghouse 74

The 5'badeJ; : 78

Sidehas: The Shad(l~

Iips for the DM .. , 7B


Sidebar: Appearance

. and l'erl>onaut)' 81

Ancie.nl' Netberese Qutp-oGt SS

The Zb~nYrun" ... , , .... '," , 9 J

Sidebar; Ap'pe:;rrl!11C~

and. Personality _ 97

Sid!ebar:: 1..h.cntarim: Tips

fur the OM 98

ZIientllrm SklIIIHiB~~ •

l're~~ig€' Class 10'2

TethyanJIU' F'Q!'·tliC'l5;; UH

Minot 01'gll.li.l~a.tion5 .101

'rhe'An:a.lie Brotherhood. : 10~

Sidebtr: Thl'l HigJ:\. Capt:illus

. of Luskan 11'2

~"FG Gallier;),;

Artelnis Eurreri .•.......•. 114 .

:Bclroidcrs 116

The CbUllCh of Same., 118

'Y\,:tl'1.p'], of th~Blat:k-'

GattJl.d~t. ~ , 1,20

'fhe Church of Shar ....• , .. , , 11..1 Sklebar: The Church and

the Shadow Wel1:ya- .....•. 12~

th.~ D~monfey , 116

Daemoilfey Eohhole 1'27

Tb~ Eldreth Vduuihra HO

the Fin Knives. " ..••...•.... 13·~

House Karanok - .....• 130

Entropis! Presti!}&:' Class. , .• ·U8

l<ar~n(}k_ MIU~im:L. 139

'The Iron lbronl! IU

., The lGr·LanJl:os 144

Kir- Lanan Rookery 1+8

Sideb'.u; The Rookeries 148

The KnighlOs Qf 'rne Shield .• , lSO

The, Kta.}U'''ll Society , .• ,1:14·

Nl;!Jal!lgryms •••••........•.•. 151'

- Mind Players .. ;; , HOi

Monks: of the Dark Moon U~

l\TPC' GaUer}"! Ladoch.. •.•.... 161 Da~):: MOQ'll Slir.int: ..•..... 164- n,.lo~li<s ohne;.Lol1g Desch,; , .. 166' l?eaple IOf tIle Black Blood, .... 167

• The RrlIllieen .••••••••• '._ , ••• 170

The Shadow Thieves .........•. 1''1 SbadOw Thief Safe House .. 17t The Twisted R:!1I1~- .•.. ' •.. _ •. 177 l\TPC Galle-'ty; Sememmorr ..... ::1:78



AJlpendll: '£001]1 of Evil .. , .. _ •.. 180 .. Weapon. Spccial Ablliti~ .... _ . 1\10

$Inokinj; ••• , • , • , ••. , .• , .. , 180

Specific Mugk Weapons ....•.. ISO

Blll'lco;lVoro ~ . 1130

Eboa :t...a:slJ •••.••••.•.••••• 190

. Ni,ghtbhHk .•.•....... ; _ 1BO

SkuLl made 130

ArtifOlct'S .•. , •. __ : . , ~Bl

Storm .8tm 'of' . " , .. : .. -.181

Gba-rda.lyn 181

~guSC'epte:r .• ' ..••••. _ rsi

Shidd of the

Hidden Lard un

Rings , .....•..•. 181

Ring of Antivc:nom .. ,; .•.. lIn WOIlilroous Items, ........•.....• 1S~

Draw House Insignia 181

Fire Et~mentllt' Gem 18'2.

. Gr~atet P'iwaf wi .••....•... 18'2 I)f!l~ in Faenln •..••••.. , .•. un.

Spe11s- • : 1St

BiM::detide I .. , • , _ •• 1St·

Combust " !SS

Darkfirc .. , , 186

De,Tastate Unclead •.... , , . , t8li' Dread Blil;6t ..• , • , •.•...• , .. lS6i Greater Sbadow Tentacle ... 1\36 Handfxng •.•.•............ 196 Lesser Shadow Tentacle •. __ 187

Mystic Lash 187

Nig~f's Mimth: •.. , .' .. , _1£\7

~ Phantom Flow , ..•. 187

Shadow Cano_py 188

SJ:ull Eyes. _ 188

Skull of'Se(:ret5 , 1,88

Sta"Ols Clone. •.•..•........ 189 Stone W·al.ll .~ ••........... 181

Triple: M<I:fik , .•.• 189

New Feats. _ . _. ~ ..•........... 189

Eschew Materials , , lS9

Fhalall X' Fighting , '1 s 9

Tattoo Ma.glc ....• ,., •.•.. IS9-

Alchemieal Items .•...• ,. ; •.• 190


Moot 6f :the org.miutJpl1l> desol!iPed 'm this booR have evil in!)rt1tions~ and. tb;.ellL1lj'odry of ·their nrembers share ~ha'f ~V11 dignmellt. This, may not always be rhe case. nowev~r. since

~ there are el'Ceptiam; to every ra:k. Soum:im:c5 gOOD peap].: do bad thiI1~ for good reasons You, thl:.DrM, must d:etc'Hlliinc tilea.x.lgtu'tJentf. pr )'!)ij I" }l.1}'C Antagonists and establlsh .:heir mo- 1lives for tb..~ t1llngs t.ID'ly do.

Something makes me members ofthese woup:; commit evil deeds. ]'J'h:eiv.~ LlilQoobteQJy ;ilEll1e d~iC'l!:b:k things. though. they may have (lone t'ru:m I.f1 the name of Jusr.ice, love. or ign& raeee, Majb!: tiley simply laJibfffi out like: injured animals and then couhln'r e501!p~ the mess they made .. Did t'hcychOtl!ie an evil path. or end up' there ·through acddet:1f 01' hIlel chokes?'CEtIl your heroes help them chAnge their waysf Was one of your

HOW to use This uook . J heroesresj!cmsiblef<JHherntagQru:.t':sdownfaI11BydeterinlJI-

. ~ 1 iN; rbi!~ tact'S In advance, y~~ ~;m cteat~ wmpJe..x ... ;mta;g(miMS

Thls book has rbtee prin~i'pal parts. The first chapter, Major I that add ro'lep1ayi1lg flav·or to YOLli game.

Or!l;illl iz.atians. discusses seven primary .organi7.uiol!'ls ill; Faenin, Etadl entry ~etai15 "lU"iou~ aspects of these orglmizatinns, .Q[fcl1s sample eucouuter gfOilping:s" arid pr~ents a loearion important to~hat pRl"ticehrr g;":oup. The aotioos of me,se b'tGUPS have ef:fr:c~ that ripple through all of Faet,{lIl..

"L'.h~ secend e>haptli'r. Mwut' Organizations, de .. cri'be~ a. ~t:rjb~r of 1~&5 po\.\'~rful: or smaller organi1.at.iolls, The "mams Ut this chapser may p.rove mOl"t accessible eo heroes than those ~ the firSt" chapter, ,,~ tU(jcr: :may liimply be fewer of them, They't'(I:nge in power from exremivl! tllie'i'es' glljlds to shapecba.n:gel's, qf nl'rrifyi1!rng 'lethality.

An aPJ?~:ndix;lt the end eampiles aU the {lew f~ts. magie it~lli .. and sptlJs noted in the book. JUSt a& player dlarmer5 ciea:te new spe US' and weapons with which to COil'!. ba f rhd:r r OCS'. 00 too do e'VID! otglloizarians o;m~trllct ittms and magi.: .to' deE e n'a their ibrerests..

. '





ms book presents ·the most inlporWlt and 11.1- tri.g,uil~g agencies 0r ev.lljn Faer6n. along with. in.£Of!:lliUion abQu:thow to. usc them :iu }'our

caalp.l.ign. Pcrp1e:i' ),OIJT pJay-ers with a murder ~J'petrai:~d by the tamed group of assassins called the N"Jght Masks.. Draw Y0Irr play&rdlil:racred, Into 1C0I1:rdy intrigue and involVe them in negotiations with d:te'sh.arp-eye~, bald, II. n a mnooed Bed W]iz· ards of Thay. W:ha~e"'~j" path your ~m.palgn take.s. you call LIse. these .antagol)i;;ts'[()~l1aUelll'ge your p111Yw's and t.heir characters,

No rol.eplayiilg garue''\I!onld tie c(impkt'l: witPOlIt enemies, and F~en'in has a pleliliQr:! pf thi!lDI. T'I;k~ the basicspreseated m dtis. OOok and build yoW" earnpaign around them. Give your aatagonists depth aodl bre:ad'i:.h.l Allow them some penarmlitjl. Let chctll, e~:u.G~ yillaitl~ :l1'>r Xl.O less right and JEllidfh:d in their actions t1~an .th~ h~N'I';~-fl'Om their point of view., Treat eaeh villain .as the protagonist of his or .her O'IV1llitory. and nor simply an.ta:gollistB chu confrenr the bf:r~~ at d.r:u:natkaJ]y ap:pr.oprjarj:: point'S.


~ .



What kind of Imtag(lllJsts do ),Q(l \\"ant' in },ol.l:r campaign! There are as, rmtll3' mcdels for VjI1;1JiIl5 alii t!J~e ilTe Ior herees Some .openly and obviously follow an evil agenda. sltr1e·kil1g eurses a.n~· causing bloody may hem as they storm the fOI>'il:fesstS of g:ood. Some sit had. gnth.er theil ft')l1{jw~I'~, a:i1d ",,;tit with. eternal patience (or the perfect.momene tQ litrij;C.

Wit!J.in the organb.a.t'iOtlS descri~(ru~ this book, individuals in the aemal membeeslup vary greatly, TMy have different m?f1'VII~i{)f.!~, philosoehies. :mrl pe:rsoooiti_es. Tohe j,ea,~er /fiay por want' tibe. same thing as a new iniriazr; l'beir pf".iot!tie~ un-

'.doubtedl;t differ. One may be smart While tbe other b.liu barely 11ut- Oil Iris armor without help. Cookie-ctll'ter villains Rlll.}!' .sp'~ed cOin;n.u. ~t t"bty won't slffprise and.ddigllr yourpLiI)'eJ"s

l¥ m"udl 01$ ~n.ique personalities will .

SiCicn.cy; CLas:;ifit;a:tion of die level of seerecy of the group,

as descri.bcd below. . . )

_Simoo1: A de:><--riptlOIl of the sfD?bOl or sYIDOOIslffied by ~e orSlilllza tiOll.


liicu[g'by; The way all OI~a;iliatjon 15 5fnlctlll"edir:l.n~inro

(line 0:( r {lU:[ gc neral C><I tegorie~, " 1

LoGSII: r'1 this. type of orgill1iuiioll. t be oilly cnnstant is cbange. Leaden come a-nd So as ellsily ,3S the weather ehaages, Solncthing other !:hall, a ChllJ:lsrnatlC leader l:tep:; tins group WOrJdl1g a~ a Ill .. it, Perhaps roC! menrb ra an w(}[;sIDp the~,e ddt}'> or all shan· a batred of ene race, Member"!; khow their lead:~rs. openly Ivekome recruits, and us~alJy rdy on bhlwn ~at:her than bl'ltin anu an pssaiou rat.het than premeditation.

l!iilitariJ1i'c This type ill o¥ffimimtion m;iintUtl& a Strict hierarchy. Orders come down from the tqp. MllmQers 000)1 their sope:I'.IDrF¥uwfuJ ffvilgo1.JpS6ft~ll Use 'tbis modelfoe their hierarchy. 1)1I~ leadtJ' oouhl be ill iLlru~idl1i1 0.1' • rommitree~ Ollt ·fh;!, blghi!St level of authm:ity remains isolated [!lOIn the b"'>(j'mernhers.

Se&m~t.ruul; this type of hierarchy has pods or brai}ches that functIQn: it'ldepei1denrly of one anpth~·r.S(Hnl!times f~ese brancfreli SCI'''!: .redundant. pm-poses, bat don:t 'know about each' other. Oth~r times. the brancaes may compleme~]t oae another and work togerb~ c!as1tly, Only th_e higilest:Jevei& of the hierarchy .l;'llOW the wlrol~ strueture, T-her create h~d_dl:fI stlbsidhll'ic~ to P1'OttC';t their assets in rimes of rrouble, to di-

ve~5if y their can tacts, and to mliin;~ain tll~ iI' 5:l!crlfcy, '

Ir~b.bed: A w~b:bed -li:i~ratchy ha.S cells connected by a &il:JigJ~ linking tlJT'cad~ A cell coald he an ,ind.i\'iduM nr it small gt'oup, Member,. know Qnly other.lnembe~s wich w1:lam t:!my

• have direct cont3n.Th!:~ orgauizselcns don't have a cleilJi'ly traceable hitr:ucDy. They're layered ill deep- secrecy, .and eveu rhese in the hlgf<e~t Ieve l of tne organization -don't .know ail their agellts,

Seli:ret;y~ Since most of these lorganiz;ations cannot operate m the ,p.ublk ere wlt.l:i.out fear of reprisal, cber adopt one of four levels of S!cr~lI'

Fligb-: Memb't!r!l know \Jnly tbeir immediate &lpe(,iol."3. unde'l'li!lgs, avd Q1~1:le,I'S the]! wo.:}t with fl'~ue!ltly, 'lllformatroD lSi passlld tbto!lg1~ wtecrmedlllrld and m ofte'D in code, O~jy those 3,[ ~lcl: b~&best l~'I"el:s of a.~t,hol'ity kl101l" tll.:e true: i-g~lMb of the gr-oL!p, 3J1l0 if 'mll!tlple peopl~ l!I(.e tit tbis level, [hey aLL may have tbeiL- own secret agenda. 'Members eommanitate ~1t.h out~ders via di!iI,tuisei\, aliases, and-anon,ymo.us lU\\SSag,I.'S-

Me,dit~m: MembGrsJ;,~l(nv their supedors;rnd inferiors. Olle silep up lind down tlit: chain of command, Mid-l.evd a,gems. are usua:lIy .informed of major plans, or at. Jell-Sf how their tole affects the plRll. F,ew J1l(:m:b0r~ ]lee oped !!bou~ 'th-eir: affiliati.on. and foe LO\lli:$t-levda.genrs may be ll:naW;ij'e U_111.i: !:bey workfor

t&e'.{}rg~mii.atiol'l lit all. -

l..!npr.Member~· Qr the:cu;ga,liaatiOLl know mlm~ of the odier members. panicululy tile leaders, Some efforr.is .lll\lld_e to conteal ('he I(I'eIltit)' of Irnportent imuviduals from[h.: common fall. Outslder-s know tbe :iffiliarioll of many mc-tnbers;. andS01Dl! flaunttheir rr-larionlihlpll.ud status with the g{O}:tp.

N«)he~' Th~ group works entirdy in the open and males no dforts to cOfllceallts agenda, wdquart~rs, 0Ji opera:t:i'i'e£. Mel:'llbd. ate IllJlliIy Ie[;O~'W:d •• lffid moot people arc famUiar,,\dr.bthe nature Q.f'tbe Q)'gafllzatiol:] and its ultimate goals.

M·odvatioD and G~II; This ..:sec1:ron descr-ibes, rhe mothres




You cau ~eep YOUT campaign !iua;gbtfotW3HI b;y pn"senting your players with one eneonrtter after anothe1', earn Imillue and isolated, Or" you C3J:l .increase the complexity by introducing anf<1lgorili;is witll 'hi!.tory, f:le{5011a1it>~ goa Is. a rid . deiiitres.

Ca.mco ApICara:Di:e. Chailce enCGilllter,S l}appetl_ 3.S p".t of the advt'Ruu:in:g ellJleUem::e. Ih~ ene-shet canllict 'CJjX-lU:;<! art an>' time; in -a·l;ly.t:n..-ire<nmrnt. TIle hcrO!:s aw:prise GI.l;I: of the Shadow Thiev~s in fh~ middle of an assassination attempE, or tht-y meet ,a. Red Wi1.an:l wIllie negotiating, l'he sa!eOf 'a magic item diey lialnged f ram a dung~on. In these .installfes, the heroes have no prteldf>d.lg conneedon to the ;mtagC')n;j~t and 1'i'illlike1y never see the villain agatin.

_R_ecu.ning Tluead. yo~ an give au lI.ntagaMt leng-term u-tili.ity.Onr the 3mp; or your t:ampaig11, build a sag£!, of yam:! ~l:QportiQD;', by b.aving youii' viDal!] grow as your I?Iayc.r characl:;el'5 do. Your players will lov;: hii v. ins; (ilJld ..ues:d' .me .. tiDg) lui, 311mgolJbt 'Who appears again iI:nd agam. espec;j<!1Iy if th~y luow rln<eyire ir1~eder.ATg \Vith that antagonist'& evil pla]]5.'L

NemlU~. You. don't get :LJl)'whe.l'l! in Faenin ~itho.~t lina]:ing eaemies, All sU'l:c~lisful adveaturers ri&k acquiring .. aemesis, You may wisli 'to ik'.1w the recurrlag lIri.U1igollt:,;t from eneef your he1'O~S' backgrouads, Villains have parents, possibly siblings, friends, lovers :lnt! even children of their own, Did One of )tQur hero!$1;lIl,ow the ant.1:gOOlist. llL'UlY ~ars llLgo? If the' tl\'O actl\\ally Kl'lOW one another, havedeveloped ll, hBtocy between them, ill hall'l: somethil'l~ in cQmm0!1 .. then you h:rvethe ~n3J;:u~g" f(l:r a truly d'!'rtrnatic encounrer.

Mautr:D1iW;d. Build tile "Story u,p' ~ [he characters ad,vaq;icc W. !.evel Y(ln can add rut epie Ieel 00 l"0ifr campaign 'by h;tv~U,lg yomheroc face the lU'lStenllilld's nunionscarl}' in tlNir eareera They '(,M then rate inC'rcas!ngl}~ Q'angerous follOl\lifrs as ther become litronger~ until rmiilly they .meer the mastermind himself.

The rest of thh intraduction expiaids how the infonllittim~ , each oJ'glldiz.a,cion JS, a.J',Mnged~

nrief History

The Qrgal1liZa.rion~ ilis<s!lssed have long ~t0tks. sweeping stories of intrigue" Mcbrnb'hmg. -andcareI'1lU}" plawed ,political C'OOp,s ,hat tim. (an d hay'C) filled _j]o'Vc[5im the.ir detail. !'hi!> t\:'xJ Is. an . (}Ti'eryie~lr of these IWlto:r~ whkh call be cmbcll:iS,hed as r'eqtlircd,

The Of'5o.nizo.tion

Th)(> textgive&.sta1'ist.it;lll information 011 th1: orgll,uiz;atioillilt'a glance. In 100m!:! cases the 'Statistic:; reflect a s,j)lleilic ~uhgr'Q1:lp rather than the ernire arganizacion, as noted .•

H!!adqvll1'te:u; T1:n'location of the agellcy's headqilrutllf~ if my. , Memben: TIre g,oup's. a'p]~'[o.l[imat.e popula.tiO'H 'throughout the \I,'hoJ~ of Fa_erun.

Hillfl-rdr:y: Cla.ssifleuiO'd :af the ,§e:rteral nneure of the bi~ruclty,_ whic;hde[el'm!ines vado~ factors as; described below, LC1I:de:r: The name and ~it1c ordw 1<'aile.r or leaders, Religion: The deity Ot· deities c01.n.moilly wors hy,ro tiy tbe members of th~ org:mi:1;atioi1, it ally.

Alignment: Tl1C overall ahgnmelit ()f the orgafl-]'l.anO)l:!!!wbJiCh d~,s not lLIJecessttily :lp;plyt'o all meru'ben \\.-iti:Jio the orga:niz.a.tion, If m.u11ipj~ alignm4lDi:S ate giV~D •. t'h~ Jlrst is_ the most common, witl!!. th~[cst listed in deCl:easing order. .

. ....;



\ oreotures from Monsters of .Eoerun

;md ,objective; of 'the organizatien, along wlt.h die typ,;'c-al :to-dvitie$ used [0 1i,hlt!v;~ theSe S;0il.]s.

• RecruirmSi E ve!'y orglInizatiQrI has its own Jiews on· gaining new members and .its OW.D methods for doing so. So;me g.f.!lllPS dQD'tattiv:dy recruit bur acquire members \'\Iha 11--rult to l)ejol1g. Others, ~nd. their m.en1.i:Jers· out Into lIbo worl,i to coerce, convince,; or capture -their D~w~r COhOfts. ooru~ o:tgani'la:uona use the rerl~! ~'rl!l'fD~if' liJlOSe:!Y, WGI!Il daej r~1ry mean '~en;':lR.:"~:' This section aescri.be!i how the o!'gan~tkm :1:ppro"d'leii recruiting.

Allies: A description m[ famQUS individuals, groups, faiUl5; or CT.C":Ft\lres thar commouly oi1>sociate with the-GrgOLlllzatIO!1.

Enemies; Famolls illdivi:dlla.ls" organizations. or faiths that freqtrently QPpo,;e'the group.


1J1 ,this, $C(;ii'ioo; ),Oll,'ll m.ovtr the rcols-needed eo inoorpi}rar~ villainous li;geuts !mID me srgani",atiot/ U,1 yot'lr Cilll'EJ1'iigal1ll!5e toob may indude [[ d~wriptiOfi or a ry.pical.y.rnl11' of ttavel~rs" a breakdowu of Nl'G classes and levels for a series of encouurer

leVel!. il.pi'e~tig~ c~· ooiiilnoiimoig-icil iihj]iffc.~ held hy m,em-

bers, and the so·eugdli'. and weaknesses of the- group in lluestion. The maj.ol' ()r~atlUatiotl!i ll.we ddilieat~ sec:tioflS'rul follQ~

Sample Groups: A brea~-dawn of encounters by EL. 'Combat "utd Tactics! Note!; on specific stl'lltc:gi~.'i imd ten' 11l"'lltlC;'; of the' organizatIodlI 11lli~m:be'l'~dri·!lombar.

S'tr.eng.du aDd WC1ibUiCI: The Qrgan:i?,,:ltionrs_ gnat--e-s;t

assets EJl d S]10r [coWinWi' ,

Weapons :~d EqilUpm..mc;- SCl1m: org;aniz;1tio!IS ;;:~u.ip ttleit rouowers with spi:dJ""ic .i~e~s or provide greater suppni't for their missions. "This section lists items eemmeu to. the gr,qtIp III questlon and gives equipment and feats _pos.e!is~d lly typical members of the org;mizatian. Uniess otherwise specified.. it


Som~ cir rhe O1'gRnlo;r;~tiollS piecSel1~,t'd itl ,this b001 USee men-

f;teri!l from J.W,m.Jrwn C'fjm.p~'iu1i{l.~/U J~ii,nSrerI l!f F",e.r1lti as ,j II ifSj sla lies, Qr 5'e.r "'lIn ts:, If )'~u do !loot 1130 VI: ~bm: book, yon

1 might. wan~ to ~nh!;.titllte rhose mensecrs 'with analrernarive creature fr~ the J,!,ifD~I.1k,r YaniSO/: The following is a Il$t of thl:w tee-antr!!.$, e<!cl:b; pair,.:d with a crq,rur.e (;jr 'creatures GOUI tIte lJQ'~JI'lfr Mallti!:fl that can be used 2.6.1 sub-


MOIIJ(pr I if F tin ... A:bi.hai


Illlnede:ad • ,,~

B;u",~aara .-


Beaa£: or XVUll (JIime) Behetdel' mage Beholderkin, t'yeba_fl Bebolded:m, gOUgi:.L Bontbat (deep' bar) l,llack Dilkorn

M#tn/N'M..tI".'/ •

O~yluth, ermYl:S"Ql' barbszu Mina, f1aj'cr (.,.ltD l.iclilt!:!mplate Gp3St~

AIl:ip or gha;st

Dark "aLgI!

FIGI~dish [~¥Fl'iat"e Be.bQid~r with Wi'l.llrd levels Standard familiar


D'ire oo:t

Fiendish unicorn

does nee j11clude bonus equipment tor a eharaceer ha.\~g<l rre·· (erred class for his{lt her home- region,

. Special ltcmsUid Silpcrnat~m1 AhHitic!I: Any ~mr;tOTdi· nary m:agiC'ittms or powers a'ta ilable 10 ml: mbers of the.groop.

xpcs and pfestite closscs

Some ,of the argllnit.atiocn desuiptiri'EJ~ include statistic:; ro~ nonplaye-r characters R5SOCiar~d wrtb that orga:ill'llltion. In adci!itien~ some of the entries include new i?r-estig~ elasses-i-the Spur Lord (churcll,of eyric).. the da.tk.mask (draw1 t11~ 'th.'lyall j:n~bi (Red Wiz.;ttds of "Tha.y). the Zhc<1taritll ~kym;tg~ Etbe 'Zhl:n. tarw_l). and the iatroplst (HouselUranok). •

Ihes.-unpl.e l\ll'Ct.aJitI5 {'over character lcv-ds 1st-10th. ~ipQ;, a.lxn'e.:LOt:h level Rmd to. be urnq_u<l Illdividu:al5 rl1!uifmgCLlllIDIll atrenrion, and should be created by you Ivjr1.n, that in Ini;ml. You caUl ~ th.e !liIfilp1e N1'Q; .iil; a ~liHc' 1]1~ g;uidE for 'C~~ting Iligherle\'el l:ihara£Jers, ~~ th.: sample; cmCollut(t8 at high ED· cOOflt~r II;..evtIs U5!I bo"ID!aooye 10th level, Y.QU will need te.create these hi,~]".lr:vr;:l characters before you can use those fn'COW:lti:ts.

AJSCl, thno Pl'O!m.ncmt nonphyer ~haradm are highlighted" in' ANPC Gallery" sidebars, '1'011'11 ,get more lnforrnaslon abour Artemis E.ntrcri and $ememm(JJl (both originally described ·in ·the FO:RGO:tT.EN Rl!.A£MS f:d:mtQign &l(il1,) as well \\1> fun statistics,lmd a det,,-ittd d~criptioJll ()f the iearsd~e ridi Larloch,

sample Location'

For el1l!a Or the In'':j"or o:rgarlll:.iltlons aDd some of th~ minor .

• cnes, it sample l,oc;anO'Il such !!./) II base Cli' lair is prcscated wi,th mfOr'ilna:t19n QD Its inJHlbimnt:; 1!.I1d its tole iD the greater orga:nit;ltiol1. trnique ID' important creatures and- ciJa:racte:rs at ~hi$ loc:mon are' presented with full statistics bli::lcl;s,

Deep dragoD Dmesl[?!dt

Dr~d.d \~trior Petri Gham.1.Ildari Hairy s2ide:r Myrlochu Night buntc~ bac J:>1l:aer Imm Q!!.~qth

B:c vt"llall{ Bh.',d-on· dr:agcm

§har:o .

Blick dragOl1 ({3lf'fieJ'ldii;h dt~w :Gba~t

Standard tie'flin:t; - "Deppe:!gilTlgl:r

Tiny mOilstrdUs spider

Fiendish Large monstrcus spmer . Darkmantle

Ravid witiJ sorcerer levels

-Dgre. ,

Vilmrire 9pa.,lln

Elu,e dr.agon , _

Obaos bca ... v,'idJ derlc ami


. ..


Sword 5pider W~rebat ~ren:sh~rk Yochlol

sorcerer Ievels

'. ~e m.bnstl:Qus Ii!,ider Wueb~r

Huge marl • F,iendi:shgrayooze or

fiendish dop:peig,angel' Ul.ll.rdfolk



I •

ms c¥a.pte.r de.tails seven of the largest a.ud moo insidious evil or:gan.i:'l:ation5 in FlKrrhL These pO\IH:!r' I groups !iold. in(I~I1;:11C'\:' ll!Cr'oss .bugeru.ri~ocies and-

ml!Il[publ'te events bod! tbrol'lgh tlje.iI: 1tc.rionsaud their o~ IHmfs'reSPQflS(;S to th~ir'actiot1!i. nlf presence or the MOW in Cormantbor will. affect: the Dalelanrlll, for )lears to come. and th~ Red W iz.ru:ds'· e!llfc1a.vcs Il.!'I;' ('rile;). tJlm!!; a .!'Iew dYI) :!mi:c ill .eities around the Moonsca· and beyond. TheSe mgllllJzation.s luigur sum~. setbacks that delay [he realitation .of their goals, but tbe'ir schemes will !llways have 3J1 eff~ct em llft': in Faenln,

The ,church 0'£ cvric

The .rbrt!e 1J~(K" rfl4cbeJ the rfmd'eZIIJ&/U pomt'ivitbGuI heing joIIO'llled. T'b~ir tot. f4tf bua'Jol !let .Art'.wi?d, ,.,"(1 'IJ~ n '/V(lS b.e· gi1Z{li1It; Itl gtt rlln''IIQ1Jf. TJJI] sorcerer J&rlltch~ll hi! /Jbaa {,."td {lJ.l)k.ed lfl;o,lt f/.~i'IJaMb.

'J Are they la.td"

"Nti:' J'fp.li~J Omber!, buffillg a m~/a.i st/ttl (}1l hisIft<l;~lier IIh11Pr: "We'r' eqrly: N()lb;ng If) 1Hllrg .z/;orl(."·

"C:t!~H; y~ar I(JIll, '~;r f":irltuis," rhiife!l fhe ',/loman ii, pdT plale .• "]Jad nr'bu[.h w~ bil'tJe' sa

--,ded'i wiln Ihtl~ crin .• i,Ul! QQllttrc:i<1 i!I J'M1"!, [

.-,hou{d1lt ba'l}r t~ bear you h.zbble 011 m)'otlt'it," Slle

t;rtjl'Pl$j be» b~l~ .sym"r-! if L~'lb(md(Jr dtnt /r07unM.

r< I bear ,flmerme:' w1l'isper,d ,IN haifling • .A .lew

,w;;ond's Irlter-, f.li'l'u hl./tiw1l.S step-ped. into 'l}ill"Y', hllo _

1l1c,armg IJb~inmQ.;1 ami the third ONly .;'amt~n dOlhf"fj. Each carried a #Jt'aJbed lWlf,r'WI?nJ. TlHfttfiilJ"lllQred one $pb):tf.



"~ni,~g,s. Omb-:t. I J:rtt:1 »« /Jave ~ltr p'ar_me1Itr

'''] e',. TOI4' J.jtL~t w:fr#tIUttllJ'I, ,m w,;ho bQ!4. fbI' r/(Ja4 DOth' 0/ O/.!'I' sfr/in e:lericfriend!"

"'Why y.e . tes. [ do. II, me-." As Ih"e man f,rittneil. h.is !i:il' hwl!'s lind ,i:lot/Ji(Jg, $bifled. UfllC'{zlilJf, 11 h414f,hty man qf e(Jl~kj'

feaJ'fmrJ jn ~>JrfmfJll.jaJ biad/r.dl pl«}/!; .

"Mnldrkf" I;,.clt~.imed th~ pai .. uibl, ar,zWln,g her sun blade, Tbe t-llit cleric gri:imed 91ft! /JT/f'JV his '/Ve0f!tlll. ltfldskid ill 'the. Jl.ig,bt, ltenrin( tlu prr;fil'l1f sympol if jh~ epic u;,:·J ~xudi7Jg lit} atma of Irlll! t:QJH. ".i'I1j' sk~tl hb.d..: tI)!'f'st:s fbI' ytm'r blood. Haw I S/Ja.ll a'lYiln;g~ my !maJher's tl_l:d.th at J~U1' ha.,ult." With htl 111f)1"d. s, SJ~ J'RI(lrdrmet1 .appe.ared ()'UI if 1/;111 ai;' i;.mJ fU1'rDU1Iill'd fbt 1Je'I:qe,r,

l':he church Gf eyrie is a fanatical org<lnizatlol1' dll ... otefil re zhe deity of murder. CreaCher)" arid dl't:eptlol'l. The roast devpur raUower~ of the l'rinll'e of Lies areIV.illil'lg to give their li,velS rOT their ClI1Use" and often do 50 if ~bey ean take others with dl~rn. Worshipers ofCyric Include. murderers, !iati. 'TIes, trsitor's. and as~a~s wit.h J]O loyal~y to anyone lucept the'ln" selves. Even loyalt'Y [0 thei,r elmrch is ten UOU9· cJl,t best l!"l the face of de$i:ro.ction. Otl!-';Jl; e;lllbracll thil dark deity because tbey hope Iili; phllOropl1Y of 5upr~macy and pOIY'IlI wilt empower them as wall,

CytU:'s cb.u.rcb.!sa Imge cult with members uil.everyc.ity, 'Because .it .is bj' and 1~c: a chaotk; rn:-g:..llizat:i1)I1, its members often acr indepC:llde,lftly or in small groups l'/ith Jitt!e or no lnewledge of each. (\)t~er. ma:rulS t.he murah very hoard to eombat, Likcw.i5e~ its members,~rl!. hard te l.m.wc't and :m'couigib1.e in rhelr evil, same w ill i.t'g . to betray their fel1el-l'5 [(}r taCIT own galn, otilers

U)O:l'C likely w_lie theiI~'af through a siruatfoll until [her ean m.lIr&:r thC'~ calro,rs and es:capa


Brief Histo.fV

:Eorn to a lower-class WoIllm:l ~n Z!i~ntil Keep (p.re--

. sumed by CYtic'~' detrnt:tors to 1iI; a prostitute], ~e '0""''''''0' Gyri(' n.eV~t knew hill parents and. was sold lnM s!llll:ery ilft;;:r hlii mother "';IS killed when he was very }toong . .As '01 yoong #duit, he fell in with a thieves' gui1d}lJld Ieamed ('0


The clturfb of eyr-ie is cen~lat it! :;U'IJC~~, with different grOUP& of Cytidlit";;. keeping their [ocatiiion and agenda. secret j_~1~ often even woricing; against each orhes, These habit::. stem from the Dark Sun's f ormerpedbd of madness, When lie would give 1;00d'li.r:ting tlliformatiQtl to tillie-rent high priests, !)aWiiug them to tl;3,l'Il the!]; ter:np~es -;rgain5t eadJ ether. Cyrie has i,topped do1n,~ this overtly. hut his cbaot4c n:!tm:e and the fa,~t that lie embodies LfiIlg 1lLlld intrigue 1(t'tmcrts people; (If :sim~lar chru:ru::rer who regul~rly betray their aRies. which nlak,es elanlnatmg the problem diffit::Cllt.


fight during rfi~ tniwis, During ~be Time 'Of TrOll b~ h~.rt:lbe ro godhoodlirld inherited till;' diV~~pOTifoLio& of~a,Il~. BhruU. and ~yrklJ_l, the deiries of t)'l'anny~ murder, and. death. His meteoric rise from orphan to d~ity would eventually suffer several dramaricplummet5 before' hiil power ~tilbiliied gt its current level,

Th(mgh ailril1<! events b~ himself on:bJ:strated, Cyrie ~6st the portfOlio of tynm.!L)' to Xvim, rnnclr of Myrkul'sPQrtfolio to Kelemvor, and eaescd the de:>tructii::in of Zhe.l1til Keep, at tllitt din.," om: of the rug_<!5t conc'entf;!ltion& of his own worshipen. TIm weakened hi, power and tbe authority of his cbu.rl§"h. He later made t:he-misl'aikeor.r~<ldillg th.e Cj'~inMMd, 1I nlll,gi.ca1 book of l1i:s {)",n cre:itiotl that ,a~dth!i! r~allr ro be· neve tha_r Cyrie ,~~ tile rn~timportam heing LIl tbe unl,vetse. The madness and megalomania this caused weakened him further. Since- thar nme lie .has regail1eU lIis seuses, r;OJl;;riUdijti:d his power. and enccnraged 11. ren<;;wed [tn'Uf :i11 hili church" Belsrered by elldi evil ileity'5 rrew fOCWl~ th-e CYificists work harder

[:han ever ropronrore JfiJ;. gQa].s-. .

The occsonizGtion

Headqpanel'i~ The cb.urch malnt:<'l1m 110 []'tJJ:'CC1\t,aI bead-

quarta:;, illthougi'iL seV~H·,n.I outposts 1rie fpt, the ritle.

Membi:n: :Roughly 11,~OO clergy and '150",000 worshipers,

Hkn:r~hy; Loose. . .

lAadcr. C:YJ'ic (the deity .himself holds power over dIe entire


Religion: Cyri<;:, AUgtlW~rlt: CE. NE. CN. Sec:[er~ Medium. .

Sym'lHlh The symbol of Cyrie is a white jawless skull eeutered 011 a black or p~lrple sunburst. Hekep't tllls symoo~ evea though i1: O,r~gil~!1teil From hls Oi\fll~hip of the _portiOOIOOi, of death do n d t.be .lead, wru-eh b):. no longer has, Soms:' of l1is temples ~ispiny mlrlOJ: Yllriallt~ en the 'Yl'l'1bol, sud~ .as :I. s\\,a;rd, under the ,o"k,~ll, fb.Ulwg l:yI::! soc:kets1 or eve.n multiple .skulla..

Cyricstlll &.l's a few war~hq,e:r'S wno converted [0 his clmrd'JI from Bane .. Bbiaal.. and MJrTrul when rh6Se deities died dmiilg the Ti1n(: of Trembles. Tbe:>~ worShipers 1l>8e'tbe:06yW'bol,s tlf the:~ orig:iml~ d.dty {3q ujl.ri,ght .b!'H"k nalld Oil "I'M shield for&ne_ a stuU SUj'MQ1Ided LJ' !>(reaming teardrops for Bhaill. anda skull on an :inverted shield oonkr;;d by finger bOll.es for My.rkul) or a 'combinlttjon of the old symbol and eyrie's. Moot of these spUn: fer cults. have been elim~at~ or absorbed .into larger gI'BII~5.


A Gy:tjcist t;erllple :is led by the most piowerFuI cleric of C.y:ric pr,e§ent (115 'f the on~ with thl: most derk levels, but some. times p,-eler}c/b13ckgu<lFil. takes tills role). The temp'le's .hierarchyis bascd on power and personal influence, with the most charisrnaeic and dominant lcader1i'U!:kln,g l?O!iitio!IS of author,Icy. R~u'lar tw'Jl1Zi'reirS ill [eadeI"5hip~'!WJrI! d~t t~ ~iJo manage to stay inpower tend ttl be, vm:y paranoid. ohen c-Qq· . trQlling j;hcir inunedjate subo::dinates and allies with magic to prevent octiayaI .

. The cl:mIch's fractioos .Ila.t:ure lea,1is TO [be Ci'£,:\,f\On or DU' mei:!il'l]E splil1rer groups. an~ oolts. $Blch as tilt: Fl:unes. at zhe ·Dark SlU1. an order of assassins deyate.ho eyrie and bawd ill the CLo!,l.d l:'~ks 'Moutitains. The arch j.:;·_:allieil with the Mop.orain of SkuUs temple in AJ:ruJ and dedicated ro the dr:.struction of "heretical' sects of' Cyrh:lst •• sud) 'lIs'tbose lecated at mil' TWIl1 Towers of.he Eternql Eclipse (deSQJib~d·!ater it·! 1:111; e nrry],

MOTIV' AllON' A}o.'1fj: Go'ALS- .

The Cj'rici1ot;s wish to dest(oy anyone 1!'!ito oJ!pmes Cyril;; dtl:'llinate r:i.~:liJ churches (of their own l"eligio11 and other'S\ kin those devoted ro good, ani! take over ~ll~ warlit Titer pu,r1>lJtl these goaM w-itb :ma:ny diffe ent .[llet1ux15, .SQIlH:'tim.,..s at odd's wit~ the 'plans of other Cyricisr te.m!!les, Sonl'C sw-t armed

, confliees against temp!l.ts of other deities. Some quietly assassi!111Je innuell,t.ia1lx'ing~ of good alignment. Some promote banditl'}'. Some 'take O'\'l:r _g~Jl~ snd cause economle dcS'fi:'~at:iolL Kidnapprng.. mnrder, and erop.io.nage are also common activities. Because.of their fr.agJ'lleIlted a.nd ina~entietIt' nature, the cells of th~ cllutdi migbt he plotting just "!bout- 311ything that furtbetst11(: . ."31~ of 'tileftince of Li'!5S.

'; Ap peurunce on d' persono.liru ? _ ..

I11e following It):e~ typ~l P~l1sDrtali:tie!i and .. tfitllile-s for eler- eonh::mplaeti>:Eg secreca and rlre lusr ~Q destroy. those Who

les of Oyriu anilthme \VIm u.mallj eravel with them, T.h~se de· ·offend thelll .•

scr-iptJunsassume a ~r50n of,~tic I!vil a'J;igllm~1: lui,rnvn. to ·hr'buia:o of 'CyJ'ic: _Murde:row and &ot·h~ed, witb a

be a worshiper of tbe ~lack, SUD (instead of ~ing disguiseil). hal r-cr igge1' temper and the tbQug-hts of murder and

Cl~ric of eyrie! Hauglltyand menadng. with wild eyes and ma)'h~m close \1o_the §1U:face.

11 .jresem:ethlU lnsp.ire~ IDllWt:1:IU:OU,l, dislru~t ar:ul,i>eliei: FJghter of Cytie: Bloodthirsty a~d ~lm:rp-cyed. ,with tile:

So"ccr~r m Cytie: Angty ~,!1a:. '3ggr~II'.e" with :Ii. habit ofj,lltllnt fQ spure'eve-rjf eil:emy in sIght.. .._

ruaJcing threatening g<:5tUres lind cerarnents. _ Ibo:gu of CJr,ie~ Feral and crud_, wh:h'i.he postur<: of an

Wizard of CYI'~; V(rrhdtawll and aloof. with: an air' of animal that.killi ('or thdo\r~ofKill~lg~ .

Ciltt"f-mly th[l: Zhenrui.rn forces ill Darkhrrld nre In (C~a~ due to ~nfigbting betwcen {o!lowen of Gyrtc'and \'I'm:sh;~ers of BalllF. pzoul. CImn.hr)'I of z'l'lelj~ .Keep 113& enoouTag~d thia r;thFe by !!Cri~8 unru]y ml!mkrs of d1:eZhe~tM_im or ~hq;e who. openly' worship Cy,6G ttl,this \Ve~,ter!l. cas~l~" bcc[lu'S(!, he sees IhrUloid as II ,lace to weed out thi i.V!:,zk frOill ~ Ol',g'!lllization. His ~IUl mar bae:ld'in: if Cyri~'s d~'voot ~ marg". and. 5~vual C'l:lls, cif Gyiicist cultisfs·l:!aVt be!:ll 5t.lpplYit'lg ~id to tluID: eorurades in r.h<l C<lSne, Should Da.r:k:l:rold tmm to Cyri"" tlie. Zll.enwim "IIIlilllose their west~rn nrm and Cyr.ie will gain a lii.1j,';1:: ;).]1~ e5tablhhed m illtm'}, forc~ and f6rtiFfiatkl1l in "fhl:

IN estern He<>rtl"'nds. .'

Thouph G,ylic is opposed to l'I~dy every bt1icr d~iW, Sh!lf hil~ been tempti:ll£; Gyrie with. the J?OlVC.r or thi: Sh'addw Wean, Tbis power W01illM arrow his derk.s to SeV!n" the ties tiIley have 'With Mystra eo 'cast tmir spells; w.hlch he tlnod!> rllbllorrellt.

The best aU}' [oi it ~in§le member JJf rln:;;;harth l's au asse~illte from a nearbj allied ~~pte. If 11 te.mp~e can be!:o,lJvj:[lc.ed.' .hat :lJp.uticu!,nr gwup, {su"b,;l,$;JJ baml mh~,oc~J IS a threat 'to .'the !;;DtH'ch or ill'laffrOllt to th!l'hQly power of Gyrie, a G)'dcist is III most gUIU:illltec,cl] assirtlU'lce f rm'J:l o.a.t' t.!llilple.- even if it's g111~ HTI: the form or ~'l'lll~ruilry, "uPFHe~. and i.nfol"lnalioQ.


The Cyrifim "'"ekol11~ new comre1"ts. Thq see: [heiJ:: deity as t.he Ol1eti'U.e· div~1ea:ll[houLJ • .and dim. joinillg CYl"jc's cblll'ch· is the ol11y sensible choke. Even dd'f,;)cedel1e~ ean buy themselves time if'lhey lIol!llltl:er to convert, Hlll,Wev~r, COil'I'~rs}oJl to CyriL' um!'!'f such !:.'!t".urn~t~ti!l.c<'l i:!!>1,Ifdly ~nvol"..e.'; rert,u.rous rituals. aL'li.d horrible ('I'iiritts (:i1.ldud·j]]g !:nim:al~ sa~rifiC!l~ _Ber:fOE£l1leO hy the woulcl_.be ~O[JW.rt5 to ,Prp'l'e the;ir I1eYfition, 5.0 ~nyolle of gl':lOdl allgnmenr who usessuch a ruse needs 'toO escape befor'C such eve il~ ClCc.ur or: .. i$li.cll f'Gif"cd a1ign~

ment dl_ll11ge, ,--

Some ~mpl~ recruit pooph,:br .. m~ tht"m into falll'\tks, and', taeusend 'dl~m em. sl'lle ide m:iss!oo8, TI1.CSC coovtrts ~:rc puriJmlrlrly d:angi~rous besause tbe), have b.e'ell C!)]]vin[)ed Om .• 'tM.ir i:lcatils adu.ilcethe cause or Cydc, In. their l'l)ind:s they win either Wlly. sluce martyrdom hri~1gS "the In favm in the 'afteriit'e.

Althomp m~ temples havegained m"Vw rw:w' t~p'uj,~. because th~ Hl'a:rch was ifllDarr]r formed of wotsbiper:s 9f three other -d~lti:es, Cyrie .h~.3 been. :k1J 01'l'11 to ca U ,r or JtU[g~s todJrni· -nate h·eretiG He lias done 00. 'at lea$t twice .to remov.etkooe with all~g:jan"e 1:0 liane (while ihatdeity wa.& (lead) MId sometimes calls fur ~ pur.!Jic :;impij' t:!iI~~ir Ilj) hIs Followers, Those who flee sOfch pW"g~~(whe'eh(:l!"' justified Q:I" J;lQt) -Qfte!~$wt their o"vn !:l:'!ls and ti.'lCi"urt mont f ono~rs to thii caust,

The Ilnrm,h is f'on~ qf di:iguismg agents as bewgllp;uties, then Jtavmg 'these agent:; p~ygood-al.igned ad.ve.nturers large ampUIH5 of mil,~' Ih:_riil:s(typicall'1 scrolL; and potio.l:Is) to ~J1' dert:t:k;e lit ({IlC;>'f. W:l)1::Il the 'inf;~p[QYes to flltJb.er :tbecaitI~ of the ch ur.ch or IS an outrIght ~ vil act, qrbI:'.l" :lg~tlts surpd'se (he ad Vf![ltllTcIl:[S'mlq c:ltfu~r .011\1' r h~m or ~ tt~:mpt to' g~lltl:r· (QIlV(!I"J t\~rn ~!J rhe causeof Cy;: ic, These m e'thGlilsh<1, ve resu lted. in '

. se'l¢Jl"al p(}we,(ij,l 'i1dv,entlJ.rill,B" ~.o111Jlilllies turning I:'Q eyrie ..

In addle ion to tbe pec,pJe w !1tH·,e ~lereqrk' 0011 of geQume de- . voriuJ), C],r!.(:' nru. l'lliI!lY \\.w:~hjp~r" will! pac}' him lip ~rvice in tfl.e hope of ;atay:ing ·off his atttmtion ~nd *rat~,"tM d,eVQtJ:tof C)I'ri(l Wok upo[l:rhese wt:ak·"".ilh:d fQiJI wld.,cl)llt<:mp,t~ If!lt are not· ~lwvet!J, IdllS ad vlinll'.agc of these lar ~'Ql'\Sh ipers if IlCce"sar;t:


Crric"Jichu.rC'h ;ill~<:;j ~t!i~J,f y;iith monsters th;rt have shn.i1ar Intt)fCSUl or !'!rntttrllii that '.1t"Ii~iIBi].y doulill'at~d_ 'or brib\'!d into serviee, The cliurch is patticillady fond of , de mOils;. undead, evil ln~man.l9irl!l, illitd dmotic and evil outsiders. In wilder !a.l1d& ""hut:: iI has ~Q XICCd, to di:>guifi<: its ill!.ie~, dlechuf!lh employs Ctl!.1::llll'e5 <i!Jc.h it$ at'ha€]lS" chim:e.:a:s:, gjl1nt~ hief!l,oosphlmres, how] t!1'Sj 'mino!]l.lll1's,. ()gte~. ropexs, wyve.na.Jmd YOI1.lIll'1:!ragoll;s. I1w FoUowing c.:rearures fmID the Momter. ¢ .F(,jeNg~ aCC~s· SQ)"Y are ,al.sa C611l1noa. oill]je",-c bandar:!. (.althDugh 50l11e !.WQuS. Cy:rlcists dislil!e th~ir lawflll Ilature_ the wlleLan. ue iara1), ~kl,ck urucpnts (on!y i.l'! Thay), dread \\far.riors" ruld Y\iim.cl tain,ted r;i!;e;;; (in Calimshan.. Oitllt, H,loll1let,b, <t,J].d T'a:sh:l!atJ SOme- pow~i"fU!l cl~ric~ h~ ;j, I1iS11·!;;vd (umimp" 'mpmtqr r5r plorJar ally ,spd! 1)[ scroll ill rC,jcrlle JUSt in case they D~ed imcikup. Moor dcxi.cs, .. aJro .km~p a few 1ikeJrtons. er z,ornbi9 in.

their l;ili". ---

The dhmch 5omecim~:> ~mpp@.rb celb 'Of the Cult m :the Dragon (although tbis is less fr~ql1ellt· 5WC~ Cyril; lost th<; FaItfolio of dca.th), mOlla.tories- of the, Long Death (,agail1;. not as, common since' Gyriclo;.t: that P;!U of b;i~ EQrtfq~oJ' <liud,othe,r

evil IOI"l!'iantz.atiens Oil a 511mB scale. '


'B~G]jllse It·~ OFFa;e" I1v!"ry$mg good and oonSWf.:l:s an cth~r neities either beneath hira Of rlvals for his po\'T'E:f. eyrie is an enelny 'Qf llt;Mly eve'!:)' (jn~~,IJ;_r.ed bei1evolen ~ g.l'oopand tlI.e clI~C'he~ of aU other dl:i'!:ies, includir(g t:~ ones ·suchas. MQc5~ ,and. Bane. His -riyairy with Bane j,c; especially Fierce l'1IQW tlwit ~he B1:l(;k H.arnd has ret.:ru-nd" Gyril: aJ;s0 p.aJ'trcuiatly hates M}'$:O"Ol, and K.d~mvQr <111d l'imtli hii dn.ltcl1~ri I':Hn1il!m~ wl;If'sitip<:'l;s d l'J1ie:l:e deities a:li: e'v..ery oPForumity. Because or these ronf1tcfs:, r oilOWl':fs cf ey,ie r:are]y w0r:l wish ~Mse of brher deitie5,

1'ill: Cy riclJl~ oppose ~ he Z.bclUarim -bebi.asC of [lie ll1i!: eer's alliance with the H:l:nites" alfl\oogh f.ol1(jw~tsof the Dark Sun u~uany dc.o't go outQf their way t9 attack U;e.ntarim troops since bath SI'O'UpS promote edl

N:o gfG!lP hares th~ Cyril"i::.ts more than the :Bllml:e;;. They eMsmll1" Cyrli:a llsux~el;Of Bane's poriJ91io" 11114 ollly the .filet that Bane irec~imed m~ch "f .hli powe,i' from Cyrit Ilas prevet!ted an all-out boLy wa r, Ali it ffi, "Bane sees Cyri£ as Q,Q_ an.Il,oying cur wll0 ,om;·~ stole a p:iec~ of meat from. "his tllble" and when be fwds it eom:elli.eJ]t, Bane will ha~fe tbllt r,~r _put dow!:!. The' f ollower5 of Ul.e !lack Hand trea:c the Cyrici'sts i_n :a simi- 4'1:I JI]!lnlle;r, !lO't goillg.out ·01' ['i1~i.r w.ay to tmd ihe serVial1i~S of the Frill,:e of LiIlS, hUt wU8tntg no time ~yjug tfienl if tbey arc d.u.sCQ,¥w:d. 'Th.t CyJ:'ichts are moOte Mtive in t~it plJ:t"S(1it of

the \a!iit~, hut the fcclil1g)S ot!J.er wIst mU~lJ!l.l, .

Iudividual, ulembers qf the dmrcll or Cyr.ic tend ({).Ilavc .many euetnies,pa.rtk.ul:uly Witilln their own ol'gwniza't~o:tl, FQIt~td.y,. the$! f~ltngs:,"hift q,ulckl}' ar ,all 1m,: ,the illig&e.'it le\Te1;s of 'pQWl;t" 5l;) sOm~!.ln~ who is au ~nemy one .w.y. might not he. Qne the next.

B~.ause th~:y ~Ilgag~ tEl murder ~ncl deceit ~cr(J~ rl\e.COA'tiMIlt, anil ~'£a~e J:h~ir dei.ty is:a fae of e"~:rr ,other dei~}':, foljoWl.;!,!; of ~.)iJ ic t.:xpeet to lYe OP1H.-.sed by just '1000.1: ilJl yOJ'Le Wilt d:ls!;owr5 tlli:ir;~entitt Eve.n fbHowel.& of Gth~ evil d~ities h:lv:!; been kllq.~111ta, !ll'U::r,IJPt '(11 batt:!:e: \vith b~f~s whe(l ~. .grQUP of vJ:oknt C:y:rici~ts lluivl.$




~1t9 .Qf Cyrie). 1 m<1ge (eE. hununSQd~ or W;izS). 2. body ... guudi; (c::E human Bbn~., FtrS~. Qf R.gl'S):

, C:yrico1&t Enlloufltu' (E,L H:):' 1 clerie Qf Gyri!: (CE hum. '<111 Clrll of CyricJi 1 !nage (eE h'IlI11'1l'1l SorlO ar'Wn.l0). '2 hodygna:r~ (CE human Blmld, FtrlOj or RgrlO).

gyrkis'l: 'Ellt(lI;mtu' (EL 16): 1 cleric of Cy.rie (eli'- human cltH of eyrie], l~ge (eF. human Sod'l. or Wi1.U), 2. brid}!guar:d5 (CE hru;nanBhnll" Ftrllt.ol' Rgrl'l):.


The ioq,es.or Cyl!'k are f;e'!lUaUy [00 undisciplined 'to f6.rnlllLitre amslstent group tactiCs. Each individual tends to act, indeprndently,. nyin.g to balance the desire [0 siaughter m<lUy Ices ill tne name' of eyrie- and ~hr:: fe<l:i' that Due's allies will "Qke adVilll'cage. of the d.istl'actIOllS or eom rut,t to dim ina til a rival. Only' in th~ pH:sem:e or :I ]lOwetflll and respected leader are Cyricil;ts able to eoor<dill_at'c: th('i:!; arsacks, This ~"leS nor mean th~J :ire f>tU:pid~they .don't ultel;fel't' wi'l::h ,oach dth1!:r'Si1lfnfCks and t:l,k~. advant.age 'of coopel'~tive_ oppor.;run.tties wbc::.n they occur, bur they rarely enter .combar witI1 rnese lIians in mind

About half or C; ... :riC'5 de.rirs !lSe'tlll~·lrsp,cU~ s ce augme:di their pfly&tcal prow","ShI n:md a:tttcJi; their fex-s In melee, while 'tbe rest a"ttac% dn.lld:ly with t'-z,.Utir sgeli&: Hoth types shout the gtorles, of -the Dark SIIJl while ill combat, The wizards and soreerers eon" Ileal: ~emOOtveJl rI1~th :i1hi;;km.s '<111d dllfeJ1Sive. :Qlagk atl~ n:tt!ltk

suddenly wi.th aggre5Siv~ and destructive !>peDs. Barbarians, use t11etr. rag,!!' oft,en and ~dy. tlgh.ters'f«w;, on ra~v pmver over tricky nsanenvers, and, racgers oftlmiU their t"YO-WeapoJ) r ~t:ing i!;.rn!'ie~,

T~ CHURCli OF Ct1tlC.


C)I.r:icisu pn:fe,[" ro t~~'\I'fri a.lo~u! Dr llS!lU;U g!'t>UJls., becau se larger grotap~ arc more'liifficoit to manage ("-'lilian the internat cOllflj·tt lind h,u::kstllbhrng) and llkely to draw-,nteDtion. A ,t:.vp~call:1jcP{lrHel'l'rith -It group of CYlitists 'is il;'d~rk leader-of :let !!f!'J.$t 2nd level _pIllS a w'izitl"d 01' sorcerer end one or two barbarian. f~hter> or -ranger bodyguru-ds dcll one lev:\!11ower tnall the. cleric, all, wors&Jipers of .eyrie, Sarbuiltl) bodyguartfu are COUlmOl) in b,u:tm,r~illil lands, lighters in eivi1iz>:d'lQ[_Id:i-an~on I'Idl-p,a ve~(:>d roads, and -rangers ill tor~stiCa cegion~ If title wizard and ftghte:J'::! are pOWCJr ul enot:lg:b, 'they JilllF hav~ ~evels .i.Q t:hl! arcane devotee or divine cbampion, pr;!st:l~ classes, The WiI;uds wbo. \Varl wj~b eyrie :rarely spllcla1i2.e ill a Be-bool of magic, since they lack die d!isdpliRe: to Jscus 0Il'R single sdlool.

eyric'ist5. encountered. on toe road 1.lliay be moving La ox from a 10:110'11'11 temple, pi'-eparmg to establisha cult cell, li> the middle of II missi:OJ1 of \Yoe~ a:, fleemg pel"sec~ciolt elsewhere, '[hose f61mcl~l'1g a cell, Qli flf'ein,g 3l1otl1er .lI1n\:e ~e maee Hkely to be secretive -and 110nOOWrOI;rtlltionaJ toward IIny t1le)T meer, not wishing to dr{lw atsention to themselves. The others display 'their alkgial1l~.e ope.l1l), ;Iln~ viote!ltl y chal Jellge ~IlJ groups they tlMk they EM everceme, or whosgdest.rmrtIOl"1 they think would ben~m the church,

SAi\ffLE G,Will'S

Cydc,bt EooouJlter eEL +~ 1 cl~i{: of eyrie (CE human elr'! orC::yrlt:), image (CE [nnuan Sor L or Wid), ~bodygu.ar:d 0CE .hl1Jl1IUI .Bbn~ Fb'l, Or RgtlJ.

Cyrit;ut B:ucQunte.r (EL, If): 1 de.r:ic: of Cyri:c feE nu:m.il1i I Cid .of C}rridl mage (IT .haman SOl'1 ali Wil.'2), '1 bod9'g,llU.dS .(CE Ilnmm1 ~bil2,. Ftt'2;, or Rgr:'2).

C:ydrlst EJi~o.ili:llce:r eEL 8): 1 cleric of Cyrk (CE human C1rj of Cyrie), 1 mage {eE. lmman SOd, or Wi1.4), '1 bodyguards (eF. WflNil1 Bb1l4, Ftr4. or Rgr4).

CyrJcirt Elloou.n.cer (EL 10): 1 d.l!r1c oj CYri~ (BE humllJ1 Clt7 gf Clyrk), .1 mage (CE lIwUa~a: Sor.ilor Wi:l.6). 1. bo_dy·

guards (eE 1l1:~man BbllO. Ftr , or Rgr6} -

OFfici!! ErI~unteT (El..1.l) 1 cIeri, Of Gyrie (eE human


The rnun:h of Gyrie di'1lI1l1'51H;we.f fJ;'om ies man)' 'lio.rshipcrs;, its, magic!!! l'J!soutc~. and its very persu.;osi1l't and believable members. Cy:rkists 'arc bJnpredictai}ie_, zealous. and even willinE to die if it rneans tbey t;"J:II iIItS'tro}' enemies 'if [he~r I'digitln 11,1 t.he proceSli, This ruue!! them ve:ry d!lllgero{ls

, people to cross, andslnee their deIty is a d,eity of illusion, lies, and inurdct. anyone Wh~ t'bw:u:t.'\ thetl" plans can expect multiple assassiuar ion :Hhmlpts, dey ious iaclII'itJ;lillating



... _ . I

2hurch of eVrie.: rips for fh,e D~'

As rnasteesof lies, rnl'r~~e. deception, and murder, eult~"ts of eyrir ean _Pop up a~lywh4li'tc:. Even trnsted,N~-partil!ular1}' th~ whose bickground.isn't knowu tQO welJ by tbe hetQ\':~ can be rfp!aced by lllasqul!r;ading C:frieisrn 'r11ese agellts murder .innocenrs .tin tow:n, refer heroee IiQ dis_Tcpafabl~ :mer· cb.allts or mrdirngs. mi:ft TUl1lors- a.OOut 'the :flerQes while i'~c},jre oUf of town, aail do their, bm:Hu make lif~ difficuh: _f~r me pla1~r characters, destroying any tr-Us~ betY"ocn rue.ni

and the other tow.dsfoll. .

Because they I:ill r~ei)' afford [0 mde their pf~ITCe pub[iely l~own; Cyrid.~cntl t'tl tak~' Q .... er existing huMin!;,s j,":it'~er [haIl IDllstrm:t.ill.g -new edifices. This L1~eajJs :tba~ all}" mllnge h~]ding. 3,liaJ1.don~d 'hoUR; forgQrr~fl dungeon. drt .se'I,Ver .. or neaz:bY,al.vi: migllt becOllU: a lair for the fC'lllowers

• urCyric. Since &:mle'of theu- w&id alliC'!i l1):"e. qu.ite ecccntr.iG', -\

• they mJg-b,t_ qp~at<: f (&1m il: tower "\vb.Ie add magical tf'fli:ttii. l:outiJ)udly 'function, creating SOJllC' llIlWiU:il.lOppm:tunilie\i f3r adveD!tul"in~.

The -Dar''"' '~un. see!.:s the WQfSrup of ill cre:rtlltcS;,. so a !:most >tnt ~yil menster- .with the 'potetlLiil tp pc II d§'{ic t'bUlil be a den;} oj Gy~~c,. and those tlLat don't mjJj;ht be -alli~a w;~ a ~n1lu cell of {'ulti~,ts- Fm e1<l'lmpk, hf10!li!. :the expeet>1:Q co 0- frol'lt.i! brY;~ rnarrnccre may ~fur'p'r'i:5.'h~~en tbf!}' find tailt the ma.ncirore' is th~ ally af a C'yri:dst ranger And hi" 001'barian fr~,enM.

Tlll!·dJurch a1® l,rm"id!!5 rtJite- i'le;uJ; and hciling;spclh fOlf c"'ir¥lomt~r;; it. is trying t'o conve[[:or tbrr:t ue already'in in "e;J'vic.t', Thi" llttu~fit tends to c,c:ment: the monsters' lOplty- to tb>l ,Ch!.lT€h .and males '(;I'll-miil ~f~tl.l!'e$ 2. i'CC1:!J'l'lllg tlimn i~l

the .s.ide of.local1um;;'s. _ • _


4th L~nl; Full pla:te~ latge m,Etal ~hidd" maSt~rwQrk 1001gsword, light. Cl'ossbow, 10 boles. Potions: llitl",., Cha~hm~l hatle. &rqlli; ,r;ure light ,wtJUi1dJ (1'). .

tth Lc'vel: Ral1 ,late. large metal sbkld".m~ter"'Vrk longs:v;,'Ord.lIght crossbow, 10 holts, ci~dk ifTes~st(.m(;t! +1.. Poticms; OlIW, Gh4:ri1l7JlI, haste. Scr>Q[!s:. ,ell rj;' ii~hi 'WfJlllUl! (SO).. .

IS th l.el"cl: + 1 ft~U ,pillle, lU,'S,e orne-tal sbifeld,.masten\'DI" k ,Iong,- 5Wor.d, ligbt cross'bo.w, 10 bolts, cia",.! of T~$is.t(Jll.e 't"11oriMS> blt~r, CJmrirma. haste, SeroUs:' cure Ilgh.t '1u(}undS (1'1_,/,:11.(;(:·

7th Lent: +1 tuft pinte; large ]lleta] shieid" masterwork lo~gsword, light uos:oliow_, 10 bolt~ c;ltJ.J1k qf fesr.JI>lfl.e +1. Wa.nd; "tiU lighf '1Ut)4'l'~. r-otion: haJJ!:! &rQIlsr '.1'!lfflwa!i;r;f! .poi'SO'I, piii.!! d(4d,

8th Lenl: +lJu-1l pM/e, +llnrt,e tm!flii ~hield~ mas'i:e~'wotk lOngllwurd, ligbt crp55bow. 10 bolts, dual: oj' resistance f"~ Wal):!d': at/j'e light 'Wumuls. Potions; b4~/c, ,r;bang,e self. Scroll;

raise dt:tlil, .

SI,t'h, Le ... el:·+lfl~tt pl4te.+1Iarl.l m11:idl shield; masterwork· fOl:l~5\l/Qrd.1igl!t crossbow, 10 bolt's" doa,k Df r.uistlJnu!,,.l, !J'or f!! disguist". Wand: hold p~f'W1r. 'Potions: b4Sle,chtl1ig wif,.bel'o-

ism. Scrolls: righte(Jus mighr, !lo~ /l4\1,lg. •

.Hkh, uvcl: +lJitll p/~~, 1-J. tdi'ge md,,/ thieM, masterwork IGngsw,onl:'light t:rossbow. 10 oolr~" ti~1: if'resi:!1a),Nc'!! +,t hat iii' di:iguiStt., fer'iap' 0/ fl?ir@W1 ... 2 'Wand; hold P{f1':JfJtJ. POtions:: }Mile., Cb4tf.ge self, heroil:m .. Serolk $"'l1ffl~tl In.Qtd'(e?' V.

Feat'll!; ls,t,. Martial Weapon Profldeney (lol\gsword), 3rd.

Scr.ik Scroll; 6tIl. Combat Cil.sting;. '9th, IrQ]) WilL '

Abi1l;cy .&.ores: Srr 1't Dex a. Con 14, Int 10,Wis If (Hi at 4tb •. 17 a,t, Btl1, 19 at 10th \~j[h pel'i~pt'if fYi5d:Om), ella 11.

Lyl hp A.C luil! SpJ:l LoDiliword (US) Light Ctoslbow (Lis) F(R./W lntim Ji)~pl GQD SP,U& p~r Dlly
1st Ef l.i +0 'lOft. +1 ('fl dama,gej ~1 +!I,/-1/-I;-4 +2 +~ +6 ,n
2nd l'! 18 +0 2'0 ft. +'2 (+1) +0 +1/-1/4 .. '2 ++ +7 '4/4
lrd 11 19 +0 '20ft. .3 (+:1) +1 .. JI·O/+6 +5 +5 til 414/~
4th 11 19 +0 20 ft. -t4ftl) +'1 .,f>6j+O/ ... 7 -s +6 ..,9 'i/S/4
:fEh 26 19 +0 7,6 ft.. +4 (Tl) +1 + 7/+1/+$ ++ +1 -io fl'f/4J;
6~ 30 2.0 -1-0 zo e, ",'S' (+1) 't-3: t:Sl"'L/-I'9, ++ ",.8 'I'll f/'11/4
7th U 2Q '~,a 10ft. +6 (+1) '+4 +f,/+2/+9 +1 +9 +12: 6/6/f/4./1
8th 'W ~ +0 'lOft, -t 7{'l ( ..... 1) +5 +<J{+21+10 +r +10 +B G/~/'}ltl~
9th H 11 '1-0 10 ft: +7/2 (+1) 4-5' .. 9/-,3/·,11 +:6 t~ll +1'1- 6/6j 61'lI:'f'l
10th ilr8 U +0 '10 ft, +'8/3 (10'1) t6 }10/+3/+H +6 +12 +U 6/6/6l'; Itt?
la.d.m: Intiluida"tc check :mod:if:ie:.c. Dip,ll Diplomacy check moJ±fi.~r, CoO!; Concentration check madifie.r. NpC E [<;J:li'l"E B OF CYRIC
LvI hp A.C 1fti: Spd Long,'WIHii (ld9) LijJ;ht CC-OJ800W (lal8) 'F/lJW CJ!l/Ju
1,J."f 1'2 18 ~·5 ',!.Oft.. + f ('i.'t damage) +1 +4/:1-·1,1+1 -3
ind, 19 19 +f" 20 ft., +6 (+'2) *s "r$/+J:f+l -2
~rd l'i ?L tf 10ft + i (+1) +4- +1j+'l/+2 +0
4th 1~ 21 +f 10ft. ... 9 G+f} +f +6/+1;/+"1. +-1
fth, 41 21 -tf 'lOft. +10("') +6 '+7/+3/+'3- +3
6t11 49 7.'2: +r 20ff> +11)6 (t-11 +i i<Bj~I+4' +5'
7th, rJ :2'2 +1' 'lOft, -+111/ (+(i'J '!'~ +B/;.A1 .. 4 +6-
8th 6\ 2J +r '20 ft. +H/S (to] ..,.10 (+1 damage) +9/+4/+4 . , .. 'B
9eh n 23 +t 10 ft. +14/9 (+6) +11 (+1) +91+5/+1 +9
10rh i!.1 H' +r 20ft: +;U/I0(+6) ",.11( .. 1) +lW"i'~/+S +10
CliIJIl~ Climb 1l11dJum_p check modifier.
~ ...
La .,

J~OI"S. and l:rawtt:mgima,ge8 in drearas <IDa the waking world.

nle~eate;;t' weakness of the church ~'> its fr:lCtiuu:ro ami distrustful nature, Its low-level fallowers tend to be unruly and !l.rgumetltllltive. Its agenu i~ the middle ra!Tks of if'S bic:ruchy distrust gIl: Rader£, t:JP]O.l't the grunt followers, and plot ~gail1st tub other, The leaders of the' d!uf"ch ate. e'V'I!:I~ 1i.'O!.'se rban the i.nid"nm rnembees, am.! dJft'el'cni re.mples to rhe Dark Sun have 1Io1y wars agmns[ llac,l'I ocher ~ of ten .as fliey do against bastions of good sud] as L1.tha:llder and Torm, SolU~ .ttmes the best way too defeat a group of £:;l'ricists i.'l to Illeri' another grrn..p m CYriCist~ to it> ,rcscncr,


Because of their dependence U;P0H stcal.tb and their l'n:di~~~-tion for ':81i"egious rnurde1'~ clerics of Cy.rk Tend to ha~ differem: c:qu1plJ,lent than the st;!.l1daril equipment pteSt'nted for Jl,1pC clerics inChapter ~ of tht'f)IJNGmN M.-tSl'P.Ii'l Gt;,tdl!. An,), regiui'lal '~lu:riprn~llt from hav,ing a prertrr.ed class ,slim:lld 1le addl.-d to dmt si't!en hdqw. The fear progre~oLl5 da'jjQt indude OOnus fears for !Ju,man" or strongheart hillflIDgs. Some characters IDlI_}' VaTy fw~ the listing; by having regional fears,

The typi;!;ll equipment:, f.eats, and ability &ores for a clerk of CY~'it (ind~d~!lg divinl.l disciples and hierephants] aee, gi<v.tll below. &e the l!cccmj);ul),i[Jg table fo~ more de'taUs.,

bt Levels SpLitu: flHl.il, larg!c' metal shieid, ~ ... scerwork ]!Jl}gsword" light crossbow, 10 D6lts .. Scrolh Of;S/'O'lU ~It,.u.

"inil uVI!I~ Half-plate. hH:g~ metal shi~ld, mlilltcrwqtk iongsword. jjglit ['(o.~soow. 10 bolts. F"nons:- bhlr. Gh;t,r-istn<'1 .. Sc1"olk: pr7Jl~t;t;_frrJm fl"m:~t!ll-rct{",<~'ligh.11vr;11'fI.df{'J.).

Jrd uV'd; Fl~l] plate .. large metal shield, masterwQrk longsword, I.iglit CE05S1IDW. 1>0 bclrs . .roticms: blur, Clli~rimJd, • - Srrolk ,aflt'f li{ht 'lilOMd, (3),

Fighte:rs af eyrie USe [he stamL~d eqti.ipment pre:se~l'~M in Chap,t~iI"2 of the VlJR(;EON MASl".b.JtS Qniae', The typicd feats


and a b.ill~ Y <i'~~S [or a fig ~tl'r of CyllC are give'1l. lJ:e:lDw- S!>!t o:he

aaomp<lllyiag mMe for more 4etails. "

,Fe,lta~ 1s[~ Wi:!lpbn Focus(long.swoI,"J1 Improved Initiative; 1r!d, fbw-er :A.tuc k; 'itt!. Ciea V!.'; 4\t1!,. We.,rpo;:l Sped~li2.atloIl: (longsword);, 6th, Pomt Blank Shot, "l':l!!il-:k Draw; at!h" Impr.o-vccd Ci:itical (lOllg.%'l!)[dh9th,.R1Ipi.d Shdt; 10th, Lightning

1I.e:fle'l'i:'';' .

AbUity, Sco:[~ Stt'U' (16 :at 4&h. Ii (It St~), Dex B. Con 14,. 1m :rD. Wis 12.,. Cfut 8.

Sor9~er5 of Cyrie USf- Mte; s;t;;ftdllrcl ~'l1);~ipmerlot an.d I!.~ilit}, SOOJ'c. pn:Kntcd til' the '1)UNGEOl!l liJA'STEJ(S .Gr,Me;

FC'atl: l:St. CQm:baJ: eas;ting;. '3rd, Impr.oved IIlitiatiyc:; 6th, Li,ghhling Rel1exes', ?r1l.. MalfWl!l':e SpelL

Wi»rds"or eyrie use me 5t3ifi clard Ilqpli jll'l1eLH: and :ability scores pr,,"'S!!n'ted In ale 1JvR(}wN'M,lisl'E.P.'fvUMIJ,

F'cliItt: 1st_, Scribe Scroll, [ll1pr,ovr,il Inititti.¥c; 'Srd) CombAt Cilstll1tti )"1:11. 'Brew PonoJ],t {:th,Llgfuming ReJ1lxes; 9th,5j)ell Focus (EvOOl,[i.on~ lotl!,. Craft ~q.nd.

B'1I.dna.l'1aJ]S of Cyll:W use the standard equipment and il.hili!:)' score 5 p.reSC1.lted iii th~ 1Jl.TNflEfJN M .dSl'BJI/~ Guid~.

Feats: lst"Wea;polJ F~m (iangswqrd); srdJ l'av.-e r. Attack;

5tll,Combat lefll\'x~ 9th.Pl~;l.'.-e" .


Ra~1> ofCp'ic use the standard eq:uiJl~elllt nnd ability scores

preseuted in the lJ!TNGJif)",'f M4S1?'!!.!Ki G",:M~, '

F'!!ii!.t';, 1st, Weapo:n Focus (short sword]; ~rd, DQdge; 6tb" MohiLit:y; 9th. Fewer .Atr.i:ek:



Th.e dlUl;c:h of .Cyd.c in"!;'~lill.f:illh~ m3;gi~~ sJip./j Najj~ :,u~d is the primary l:lSl.,~ of!\u(;h we .. p~tJ.l>. CY1i~ cr the d~itie& wl1~~ power he: inht'rited createdrhe ~peIl51ntJrtal,w~/tJJd> ~kulJ~;'I:-S>. ].1<,41 if se~F~tr,. il:Jld rrlpiq md'$J:.,a.lf of wb.jgh are OOlllnton]~ used by his clerics. See dIe appendlx for d~iptio:ni;~fille:;e items.and spdk

The wor~bil"Qf Cyrir: does not,gr':ltH'3n,:r !i_pdl"lik~ OJ' s!lpernatm';U "biliti~ l)y ,dllf-;tl.!-lt" altho~gh the cb~th kno.W1i o.f5l:venll ritualstha;t g.rant pet;n'laneutpowers to- the devoutiJ;! eXdlrlllg:e for personal 'and moue tar¥' 5:aCl"ll!Ces. 'A rima1rypi· ~lJ' >filkes5ev~r\l:l aours aud reqlili"e_s, the lllterVClttion i:>f ';1. t;ler:i~ of CJI;dc of 91;h lev~i pt higher,

Th~ :&it~R1 of}l'one~ train: The redp i~i'!t ·of this riti!1aI gains a f2 bO<lU5IOJl Bi!lff" [)ipJ!lm~y, alld._HilmHc An:imal tbetKs-,. The ri!cipi~m'~ !~e:s _ eannor" be ileteCted' aS8!,roh by spe1~ of lwer tba:1l ftl!: levet .illil~ SlIt' ean tie free1}' wltbLnth" kumd s of a ;z-,Mie.r!}:, 1't'~t}J. or, slinilllii' -spdL This ",llpenld.nln.l ab~l1ty flllwtiqn&Q:pwrna.tk:ally. The war of thlliriru.aJ1 is '2 ;!?OintH Qi Gonscitu_tl.on~ iSiinct the magical pr:ocx;ss ca.f!-.es greli.t piiIJl\nd r,aumato the body. Re:storative spens (slac-h as rWll)ri!ti~1t or fP',eate'rr ftSloro:liiml) d.o [Wt 1:everse. t:lils Cou:s'tit:llt!Ol1 loss.

The lIUtuJl of Bla;d; O'bIl'.mJ: l'liisritualgiv{'s th.e r:eC:lpjll;:<rt tl)1: ability to lISe charm PWfJ71 (D.C 11 -I- _[ecip~eBt's CU.J~a n:od1nd:), and .miJ;1sti~n CDc 1'~ ¥ r<~(;ijlit;ut':~ ~!lIisrnlil ~od;;rlcr)el~~ once per da:~' as:l. !iI!P~rt1.'l.turalabilltr' Wh!::I\l,Q$a.. tlle l'eclpll'll'lt'''.leyes;tm:ll (lomph:~tel¥- b1acjl; far 1 lull _[pund; The recip'ieJit's caster level is nil. The ritual requires nn opa1 wor-th

roo gp or m~.3!l3 material 1=9mPQJIl'lUt and drains 1,600 Xl' from the r~cipienl.

n,eIUtnamm: the Dart Ftlam'fS;' This .r.ituil was created wllil"e eyrie W2!1 S'till insane f tom _readi1lg t~ Q;prinhh4d. 1 t anOI!l!! t:h~ r.<:cipient te m'VQk~ black flames of l1efolativ.e en~t:SY ftolll herbanjs, as .a ;'lupC'l'nawrai ability. The fume!. are a raugoed tOlleh attad;, 1!o';th;a ra[}g~ of 10 f~t that deals Id~ pOints of iiam"1;Se,p-er lEt: ~ie of the USfr (ulldea.d a:rehealed rathe,r thUi darnagtd. by dlis effm:[} Unlike rhe c5imi1ar ability possessed by dIe Spur Lerds (see below)' tbispower :ha5' a !"ost: Eaeh time ·the dark flames ~'c.in.volct:d, the 'user suffers '2: _points of wmpot<tr}C Wisd~m darna_,ge. Th~ nitual reqaires a bJ:\l,d:QJlYJl wm'th iI,t Ieast 1.00 8P and drain'S 1,200 XI' ftom the te'ciJ!,irn t,

spur Lord presrice closs

C}!r:'!CJSCil who surviw ~ reach big!~e~ levels !Jsually shaw devotkm to their deity by il!iY+l.flCU'lg int1i~ ;U-~~, di~i\l.t.¢I divine champion" di.vin~ wsciplf:\.' divine seeker, or -hjer·QP~nt pre.stigt: class, In reO!ni years " uL1iqu;: :miliriry ol'~~r hlI.S: arisen witbin dlt'_ dmd_i calie~ till: ComIM1ilY of th~ E.llOJi Sptzy~ composed of r~ht~r~ aa d warriors of a'l lea&t In.l l~vl\'i mh!) f a.¥Q,armQf ~pi_k\!.'S and sbteW $pike~. F;l!$tit's to the extreme; too gto~p isled

"by ~yil men alld: women with the_ abintytQ >l;ha:nri~J Cyric'.5 power. These ~:tr;aDge a~nd t-enifyi:i:J,g agents of tho: Dark SI:!Il a.e caned S_P.llr .Lor:d5.

Tlre Sp:ur LQrJs He the,elite tf!P]ot~'9f til,;: dJ.u'rt'b, WiddiJ1g t1}~ dark pow-er of Cyrjc and com.mMding the au-endon of even u.e most falla:t1cd clerics, Sol~e consider them the future

p &Irk S$~n!:$ of rhe .dtrlln:h, d,e~tined to,.ht:CrniH~ powerful extraplanar 5e1!~auts &C}!ric afte.r tbtir a~tlis. ProlCllfjid by C)'ril:'~ power- :ag,ail~st: threats IV11tfD:lll the .:hurcih, H[e Spur Lords are ri'~ u~.pursm~· t.hdr· ~endifS :'L!l:d \vatc.h ever file trained solrlier~ in tliei:tcat!:. Beceuse >~liley call igI1orc_cJ1!fical powers. wi~b ln1J?llility, th~ Sp~T" LQI{i$s w(n']} with the clerjcs wil:hou t fem" ill betrayal 'to p·romotlj; tl.iL~ 'C~Ui>e of Cy,rk.. Bo.me Spur Lords pursue their ow;n coarse, With a. .s.mall cOI1,tingon:t of -Rhon 8p,u_r~ iiL tow; Wht'U l1(l;L actillga.s the .nlll.rtiill ar mof t bl:' unltoly power' of Cy.fic, a Spur Lord is·,hari,wnatic. I;Q!l:fi<itrit. and persuasive.

Mpi>t Sp~ J-.ords ~<:. figJ;I,tllr.s, ranger.., rogu.~ s, nrsome combinatlOI1. t'h'llnof.Gl{lr.ics baNe never 'b~en knqwll. to b~cQ,me Spllr Lor~s, perhaps because theix connectien to eyrie pr:ll;rn~," turel}" ~poHs the pin: or -their soul that Cyri); WI'I6t tou!:h to Cfe;1te II lead~~' Qftllis caliber.

Hit Diet dl.O.


Tp qwt!.if y to 1becom<; a Spll! Lord, it ch.v.adet mui>t fliWill.ill the 'Following crlterin.'.

Bu.c Att&ci, BUQ.il:S; +4.

S1::i\,: :Bl11F:1 3 n;tl_lq;. Co!:i$elltf~tiorl 3 tank5, l';!lowled,ge ere. ligion) J·l:alW,. Semre Moti¥c 3 rcauk\i, Tumhle r rauk-s.

. Bah Q'O: eyrie,

P'czta: lion Will, Leadership. Ligl:rt:ni:r.D.g Ite.lkxes; Qgick, D,raw.

Spe~id; 'Th<:cilrafii,Cter Ili\J_St m'1{C tidier mad!: peaceful eMtact wi.th an evil out-sidt;:r tmit .::!~ .. e~ Cyrk .or \eceived ;i l));:ephetic dnam .from O}'ri_c,


[he bonss of a !-V'!:ilpon ~it,h a!!J ellhal}€l':mrnr bol1us. bur does ·aad the f!nmtnl, ability :if dn' wt-:apon does not hll:''':6 ir), The Spllf Lord ;also gail:1.sa ~2 natural armor bonus and a +2 deflectiqn benus to AC. 'This lIbifuyi'astJi for. a: number or rounds equal to 1 T the cruu:actcl"S (newly improved) C]l~Ldslna Dloc& fier .. )Nhen the power ends. the Spur 1;";0' is fatigu~ until he is a.bYe to rest for l. minute: Usi.ng this :ilim~y does .fl.Of CO\Ulf tDwafd his abiUty to call upon his Gyrie's g,1ury abllity,



'IlIe Spur. Lord's class slills (>tnd the key ability fer I:!ach skill) ~t~ Bli:nff (Cba), Cln'll:l.b (5trl Conct'lIu;aJioD (eon.), lAirt (Ine),.· Djpl-omacy (Cha), Disguise (ella), Ill.timidM"t: tGhal Jum'p (Su), KnowJ!:dg~ (niligionJ (lllt1 Move sae.IIdy (Dex). p.ofession (Wisl. Ride (Del:), Seus~ Mo"tilll; lWi5), Sw~ (Stt).~lld Tu:mMe- (Dex J

SKill Foints i1f Each Level: 4 '" lot modifier.

Tu'E S pU.R LOBD rna'lll, hie lfo.rt L:nl. Att:ii:::k- BQ!!l;6 SavC'

1;;r +1 +'2

'2nd +iJ. +~

Ref Will
Save Ba-V1!I Spe~~
-+0 ,,0 Darl bond
+0 1'0 Secret blade
,1 +1 Dark fTames
-r +1 C,rit'J;.,;!rJ.ry
~1 ~.1 Flesh of the pri.tlce 3rd 4th rEl1


All .the f ollowing ate ~5, /e:rture!> Qf the Spur Lord p;testig~ cl35S.

Wc-epoa lW.d Armel: Profirie:qcy; Spm' Lords gain,pron· Ci~ll(,Y with the Iongsword and one other siimple Of martlai. weapofl oj;' the·if: choice. They gain no proficiency in armor {It

shields of any type. •

Dart 1011<1: (Slit) A Spur Lord' is irnmnne to any- ~anll:fu:] spell, s,clI.like 3biHty. or supernarural IJbiliry th;u ,o;t:igiua'res from the po~"er of Cyrie: Suclreffecrs aC[a5 if dllC Spur Lord is flQ[1nduded m ilie:ir 3:rF'a. This lJ:i,cludcs spells \valtrn,l; :to be tri~ered (such 3$ glyph if 1jJtmlin.g) but Dot 111agic items ere-

, ·i!.!'e!l btir worshipers of Cy.d.c. Wh e never thisa.hi.uty is triggered. a. btief ,1ll;3;llifestatiO!l of ~~k!lll su:n:oond,ed hy black flames appears abov~ t~ Spur L6r(J'~ head.

Secret Bll1de (8u): .At '2nd level, a. Spur Lord. hat; rhe.ability ~o magically hide an item as if he w~e \~'eru;alg a limJl!;if norhJo,g, Ou~y om: ;irem can ~ concealed at :I. tim~ in this manner. alth.olltgl'l the Spur LorH can 'C'IUSe the item to [capp.ear m either hand as .a free action, regiU'd"lc5s of whkh hand was used to store the- Et:t'm.

Dut J'hmCI (Su):.A SPlit Lord of 3td level mr highercan invoke black flames of negative Mc;l'gy -ftom his h~:Dds. Inc flames lIte.'J;~ngcd touch attack with II rang~ or 10 f~et ami deal ld6 points of ilami!~:pf:1' Hg Die ef tbe ~~I: (ro.axUnlllm ltd6). Ullld~ad an healed rather thin damage.d. bX this effect. A $pur Lard call use dus abi[rt)' a number of timespee day equal to l ~ his Charisma mo<llfier.

C,ri,,~s' OJoq (Sp): DIU; i1:hw1)' allows. a Spu.r Lon1 of 4th level or b.lgher m 'temporarily increase his presellC'c and deter!].LimLclon w phenomena! levels once' per day. He gains +4 to Charisma and ~. +1].1"W!!iI!1alc bonus on Will sa.'j't'~, C)i"jC'S gliJr)' !as[S, far a number of minute;) equal to 1 T the dillntcrerls (rtewly JmpmvedJ Charma modIfitr.

'IUnll of the Prince (Su) Usable om;e ll!~r day,tbi,s extreme l'i1OUlif~s~[inll of Gyr1c!s,powC'r 5,hows tll~.t the Spur Lor'; l:!l1,S reached the pinuacle of eyrie's fnv-or. When It J5 invoked; his :skID tUIDS ehalle-white ltud his ey~ turu dnk and Maze with inftlnlal energy:. In addition to aU 'the a,hilLt~ of tbe eyrie's gJor) abiH.fy~ :til}" weapon wielded by the Spur 'Lonl, becottU~S a .,1 !flo;7Jtlllg .wea~{}II. trailing .ark flames (thii; does nor increast'"

Twin Towe.cs of the urerno.l nclipse

H~adq:uutc:il&, The- "lwm 1'Qwcrs of the·Et.ernal Eclipse, th~ Small Teeth MOlmtll1n~) Amn.

M;emb¢n: Neady ;00 (,mcluding servants) split between


I..:.eId-er; BtackwiJl A.kh~le lere,

.In the S-maH Teeth, ;-be mOl1Iltams tflat defUle rb..e,s.ou.t.hr::tli'l borde_!, of AfIll'l, 100m "iI. pair of fortified t~IV<:TS alolig tIle 'pael:ll of tho tr3de rOJJ.J;e into Tethy.r .. orlg1nll1ly co!;smlcted iU te'mpIes to ThIne, ilil!y wer-e overtaken hy followers of CyrIl! in 1361 DR, who tore dOWflJlU ~v'idenre ill Bane's worship a:nd reoll15e.ct.u:t!d them in the 1'1a!D.e of the Dar}: Sun.

The towe1!Sllre well rcneealed, each built within ;I. ~t20~ of tal] and thick trees and p.rorecred from the sun by tbe mountains themselves, EV'~n-ftQm the air they are obscured, with only a .hidd-sized disc \flSible on each. Tbe discs are made of bronze and hear eyrie's .holy' symbol inset \\'~.th. taru'is.h,ed silver, Eaeb castlelike tower stands five stories tall ami IS a neat duplicate of j_t-s u_eigltbol'. The towers are five "-iiks apart, with the Trade Way, . .P3ssiJ~g near the renter of th~ distance besweea them. A winding undergroend tunnel, ·Ilocn:m!l.ly used oilly in em ergencies a- ci;mncc;tl; til.!: toOWl!r~ Th.e getlefitl pllbblic does- not !;.nolV the ~ocllt'iO:ll Qf rbe l\ .. dJl T!:Jwe:rs. a,!thollgll.(\mn aI)d Tetby.r wouldlike [0 Iind and e;radJrnt1! them.

The tl!l1:1ple's devcrees keep ib location secret through the use of 'illusicn and;tbjmii tiou magic. brlber..of local officials, and frlilIdermgafl.rclIle ~y dunk ~nO\l'1i-(oo mlt1cb about the tCl'mpre,

Each_ tower is J.wost fully independent, With over one bundred soldier::;_, .1even'deriCs, six ma_ge,.';,and servants 1tI1d.suppon sraff to :run the tower it~lr; An a:djacetl't pen .holds '[\vcnry ro thirty pIg!! tl1iif dis-pose @f slops a 11 a provide food. big!'> <ll1l0UfI ts of grain and athe.sirn.liIll:& lire swrt"d \\~rbin eaeh ti:m'et~and fresh £W1pplies are delivetoo ~wcek1~r, The soldiers often' engage in banditry and .acquire supp1ie:; from ClrnV<tlli! tll.at 1J5E: the Trade Way.

Tne members of the Twin Towers,·of ttteE:t.l:.ttlal Bc'lipse .e~ist to serve Oyrie. rheir lQikr. "Black will AJdimekre. (hiE !ual'e human CIrB of eyrie) wisheS to d6str~y th.c leaders of orhat: Cyridst c'hurc:he~ lu.Am:n:. n[hyr~ :imd O!limsImn. brmg .. ing then" fOJ:I.''CS under hill control so his f.em.pl~ i;Srile undisputed greatest church to the Dark SW'J iEl the EOl.j,therll lamls. Thottgh. Jill ['Cmpie's plans M sapport me .O&C.~ mages that attacked rb.::

A..m.nilla;! tJry of M'Udllll ba:ve g011':- as:kew. th'l! stdft and n.u ,t]ut it ~ase.d among t&e peopll' of AmI') pleased him and his deity. alldhC' wID indlrettly oppose any anempts te stahilli,e th.!" region in the D~ futuTl.'!_

Tlle clerics of the Twin 'to\~rs h3. Yll their 5tron~ lllJId' ill clst violent rivalry wirb: the memberli of llJ1oU!er tlt'l}rby t~.ple to


Two soldiers stand guard a.t aU hdur~, in this locarion, A p~epooie on either side ;Qf thE! man] doors allows tllcm !:O set' outside 'to identify visi'l:OfS, They minstrul:t~d to r.ing the .

I ala.rm bell If ,anyoll.e enters the tower lWtit-hrnrt permission, patrlcu1l!rly jf'ifn[uders use mag'lC 1:0 bypass it.'! defe.n5e~J sucb a.s by 'i:e1'~PQrtati:o.n 01" gaseous ri3rJn.

The areas mar ked 1A mclkMe the winches U5e_d to raise and lower the dl':il,whridge. Om: cbaracter on .;adb winch can raise 0;' law<:r the drawbridge as a fllll-r,onlod acrion (Stlcngthcl:Jeck .DC 12} ,A !im,gde character can att-all1pt 'to f'lUse o r- lo'W<:~ the lira:wb:ridgf halfway 418 a full-round action (DC 20). Mch of the \vin~!Jrs is made primarily of rope end \ll'>cxl. and it: can D!: disabled if If OJ· merepeints of'.oamage' penetrate Its hU.dness of r.

filside. the entry room ~~ decorated with C)rricist tapestries Of! the m.l'C walls and pamtirlgtl en 'the doors.


CJlih::. the Moun.tam of Sinll,. That temple _hi led. by TyD:ndS, ArgUm feE .niall" hUlnail CLrl1af q.:rii::k all.a since he and Bl:u;1;will Akhme!trc b9th. clains to QyefSiet the 5Upl"Cme temple to'CfrJc m southwestern Faquo. bl'oody conflicrs are mev,i·taMe.

If your Climpaigll' Js .not l>I?t near £Inn or l'~thyr. the mal' or the ]'Win TQw~rs ean be used for 3.illoth.er Iccation peru" a tnaj01 '!:rade route;


Tlim lDi:atmus'liTe j'OOIUS witbio the western row~r. Because of the lawler;' almost identical 5truetuft.'. the map for tb.e western tower can be Totated 18~ degrees and used a~ the map ror the easrern iItOVirer.

The (ower [MOOr be entered from th(: grmmd leve], ~irlCt: tn~ urllwbridgc conntcts to 1:1)e. ~ond floor of the [JQ-W~., 'th~reforej tht mmibecing'oll the mn£! hegins 011 the second floor.

UnlCS5'l'lthu'Wlse noted, ilIl ,J'OOrs ate slJ'llpl.e woodell d~ (break. DC I)) Yi:ithaye:ragc tocks (Ope.u Leek D02J').ln~eF'Ior doors th.<rt dQ Mt lead [0 b!,'droom;; are usuaIly unlocked.

Sev~i'<Il loc4ltiolls menrionan aIarm bell. wbidl is a large br-ass bell with.a:n attached I!Of-d. If r~mg. tiie alarm beJJ tan be, hend ",nywhen~ 011 that: .Iloor 1lll'ld ~p or dqwn 'QJl~ floor tLHteo Cn~d. DC OJ. Each :ldllitiol'lal floor betl.V,Utl the bell

~nd the listener increaaes th~ DC b;- 10. I

The fOQ'Ildarjo.n Ilrouucl [.he dungeon revel i5 f·:foot-thii::i. nOIl~.

" L Emtry}a:y

the douhk deors (Ill $e 'other Sl~ of the dr,awbridgc arc iron (break DC 18) with an a~z.ing la,:k (Open Leek DC 40); T.h~ door,:;: leading :rar,th~t .into ,the: -tower lire' strOllg wood (break

- _ _ J

DC '2"-) With ~~ locb (Op<lll Lock DC ~O). W.ben·~e draw-

b.idge11.is raised, it covers the main door. The drawbridgt is made of 4-inch-thick-wood.

2.. Wiltch S'ta.tlon

Each of the-four corners of the 1:emple has :J parir of soldiers on duty at .aU times. E3.C'll tower js stOckll!d with a pair Q[ l<1ngbow:s,.:forty arrows, .. atld;3,J1 il-a,m bell. With. rne arrow s:lit'S po each o_pefl silk, anyone h!lI~ Inti! a dear field of fire w targets on tllls side of the tower.

3. Kitchen

Thi5kttchi:i1 hustles almost every hour of the d~y_ ~ people whotive he..re eat in st~ggcl'ed shifts, so the cooks Wdrk frOID dawn until artet Jlightfiill. E1I:tr"l f;»d is left t'lU_t o~ce the cooks go [1;1 bed. Sill rh:l:t I"esililents I:Ip late (such as cler-ics involved in 3 midoisbt ritual) can pkk it I:Ip widrour 'baving 'to waJt. (Of course, if the clerics dOiDJ~t fha;mythlng to th .. ir liking.,. they don't t.,lilinli twice aEJou.t p,uU:I.)1g tb~ fooh our 'of bed. to serve them,) The llia.;:e-js crammed wuh basins. pots, pans, dishes, and sil'llllr'wue. If comber rakes plaee





ONE S!.LUA.RIl ~tl!r::t;,lZJ EI'l]rAl.5 f Fzer

and shored lip every 10 feet wi.th timbers, Evenfually the" tuanel reaches the eastern rower, SmaU' clay miles pJtlf'oe t,h,e ttmf or :me tunnelte dloYl Som,c <rir1Jm,'_ Two porn t.s along tbe • runnel are tnerely a Wood!:ll roof with about l'root of dirt ~n tr, making it tel;jthre]y llasy to create an. emte:rg<=ncy exit Irem the, rnnnel should bork towers be at'toc.ked.

bere., inevit,ably a great rldJ or noise is genera:ted (,Olll itemli that are Iq10d· .. red oyer and broken . .A broad fireplace vents QUbl.I1l rhe tower, <I.I1d the 5m~U wbldow ope~s upon a small kdgr: thet n~ngs ov~r the trough in th~ pigpen. Leftover SIDPS fr.onl [he meal'S an: dumped out th.iJ.wind5w to :;upple. m en t tll~ pigs' diet.

The ares marked 3A is a' p<llUf)f, prima r:ily used to stare spiees, cooking sUPtJtie'j and other g~ dun are used often but in small qwmtities"

'4-. Me!l~ H:al1

T~ me.s'S hall sean trurty cornf(Jl"tably. Fifteen' to, 't\·;<tnty people can be: rCIU;ld hare lit allY rune during the day. mosr of dl;~m mId lets..

1. :Senants' 'O!!arten

Each of these' quarters hOU\'lfS six s~nallt5lN hmltMl5 Coml). The servants deaj] t/:te to.wer, pl'el'are die f'ood; ,and perform

other domestic dult'ics. •

0. Luge Gu.udtoo.mll

Tflls gnardrcom is dn: sleepi.ng area for sixteen Cyrinsl soldiers (GN, m .. or CE humans Ful} SiX'teeo Ji>UJlll beds nn the room. and ul~derl1eat:heach ~d lies a dt\:.$t pI:Qt!l(:ti:d bYo a very &impl!l 10(1.;; (Opel'! Lock DC '2,0). N~w ,~e!dli~rtl trallSferrecl to the rower -at.!: usually piac(;d here, nli~"i(ov~t,cd smaller gmurd· rooms (area 71 are used as rewards for n:lel';jtorjo~!s cO~Jd'u("t.

7. Sm.allGua:rdrooms

These guanlrooms are the ~lcepjug area fot' [000' Cy.ric:ist soldiers. The ,rOOm'S OOIItlUll two 'bunk beds and f o~r chests, eaeb protct't;"d. by 3 very ~impll1'~"1;; (Open 'Lock DC ,,,OJ.

8.Aj81. Lieutenants' ~uers

These quarters .nQlJISt: [\.\in Cyrkl!it Iieutenanta (h'E hur:ml1l.~ Ftr:li) e:a.c11. 13'.i:ich Ile,utell,lpt; has ;t bed, ;'151m..!! deak. ;U1 iI a dlest \vlth an average lock. (Op<'n bock-DC '2:f). ~A Is the room of Darvin and Stedd, and aD is the room ofLusvil and .MiI:i

• 9. Guards,' Storage .

The guards hang their armor a;od 't .. avt!ill~ gear in these rOOlUS when. flqt .in use (in sJ1Qrt. anything other than their 'personal items, clothes, a.nilmdt'tl \ll~pons}

10 .. S1!ril1e to eyrie

A large jawless s{;:ul] made of stone hangs on the wall .in the center or a bla,k'pa.inwd flreburst. A semk:in:ui1!l' line 011 the floor dli:fi:m:5 Ute bar der of th(> shcine, 'and a (JOtilitlJlal/i (11M 11- lurninates jhe area. Th~ soldiers Clli:iiomiUy Light: .. small'fi;e ina brazier <l1~ld make oftering.s 10 CYillc here,

11. GQ;:u:dpo~t

QIl;: rold.ier stands on _duty. here at all time_s. m. ease al1Y of the pri'lOl1er:s. manage' ~o escape, "Both. doors in thi.s .room are usnall)t k~t :tl(l!5ecl to J;lreyen t the Ill' isorrers' gj-oa-l1~ from bother-

io)!, the soJdiers steeping upstairs. I


11 Eaup.c Tumid

lhis rl<apcloot i.m the floor (m;u'bd F) opens to a llitdd~t' .1Ia.t lead:i.ll fec't dowmvard into a dry tunnel Floored with stones.

H. 'Torture B..oom

]'his room has II rack. a fiat table witb:manadcs,aJ1d 'i"uirn:J,s, 't.orture ]llsmlment,5. There ali'enooFo.ci..'fl for'l;llr¢li5 Oll. stal( ill the tmY~J', so me del'lcs take turns. Th!: less experienced clerics sometimes ~u;ddel1..a:Uy kill tJleir victims. 'The' 8el110J' elerieseonsider -tM,unforfullate, both because of the lost chane¢ «'1 ae .. qP ire il1fQF Jl1a'rion audbeeause of tht! loss of a potential sa,cr ifiClol to t he DM k Su u,

.140, Celli

IrOIl bars enclose these cells, each of whith has all iron doer ~'ith an avetilge look (Open Lock DC 'If} Prisoners are only doubled LIp in iXllS if '11 0 opel] "US are avaHable. Bet~e:u ~U to t~p pTi30J1e,r~ hmgtlisb here at UlIygl::Ven time.

11'. Meat S't(1)agc

. This -I'OOi1~ hes stacks Q[ dried m.C:3t5 of various kinds, Only the tower steW:lilld.> tM clericS, and the eooks fLaW! ke)!stG the il";n:ta,ge rock (Open Lock DC 'If) '011 this door.

10_ Grills :lind Veget.bl~ Sto.raSf

This room M<I Du&hels ill gra1'ns an~ veg,t:tllbks fOJ' !l5~ D)' ttl: - , cooking Staff O .. ty 'the tQwer 5tewa.:rd;. the- cleries, and fne cooks ha'i'i keys to dl~ ,we.age lock- (Ope:n Lcd DC 'It) QIi ~hi5 door.

17A~D. Minor Clerks and! Letur Mages

t:h~se room eae:h home !Wq millo,; clerics (all of eyrie) and a lesser J];Ia,gt.. Ea&h personhas <l bed, II. small 'desk, and II c'hil:U with'au average lock COpen Lac\: PC 1 f) ..

111\; Malas (eE human ma,k elf'l). llandil (ell male human Gtrr), Mehmcn (eE male human Wiz4).

l7B: Helem (CE male Imman eh:'!). Marta;; (CE female hernau Clii-fl.Atabi (CE female blilman 80]['4).

1'70: Ja!.';mQr~l (Cil male- human Clr1). Thallonia (eE human female C1rS1 Kaseir (CE male humal1 Wiz""J

1'11): Setn:a CCE fe111iil~ htlJ:niUl Clr'!), Talindn (CE ffma:le half-elf C!r~ J •. Westewa (CEfen;mJe n\irnan &or+)'

18. M~.eting Room.

This muting .oom f eatl1'[e:r,; a long_ [avl:c and twelve chairi, MaR.!> or ArnJl 4111d TethYL" hang on the walb" ~vi£h t'radG routes lU11'~iI Iud arecord of ~uo'l\'n earavans 1l000te~ nearby. Tn e clerice, Ill:ag~s, c:aprclli:m;" a;I'Id Jiwt~nanta meet Item todiscu:ss plans such as bal1ditty aglliflst. CaraVIIJlS, JIl\I-ita:ry strikes agamst other churches, recruitment, and so on.

_ .l9A,./19B. Captain

Thi& is the q;ua:r [efS' for 'ti'w C}"ridst clipeain~. Each room has a bed/ Ii small ;it'S]:;. and a chest with_ an av,u_age lock (Open . Loc1;, DC 11). Ctptain Sihve:t; (l\'E femme human Fp'6j OC_CIJ· pie. JOOIl) aA:, Capwin Stev (l\TE. mate human Ftr6) room 198.

i ..


ccmponents, and 3 banelar Ciln Cltiit asing.!e £pt'll ~vt:t)' j'ol1nd

as a; f:ree action wh:ill1' attacking. '\

~6.i&olL (ll.,x): StiJllg or IMe-F9J't 1i3Vt: (DC lS); lnirial a:m).l!ge 1df temporary Coo, second:try dan:mge uuCO~:;(lOIlSow for Idlb!JuTs.

Cift,..i, Spd/~ 'Pr:rp.:lr~d cr[flff4; base' DC = B + spell level):

O-cttre nrilll'ff 'lj/()I~'JJd~, d~tfi'tt 'l11~glc, ligilt, m'emliJ'~ r.t'!l~ masic; lsC-UaftCT, lJle,rl, ,ili'IJine /1L'JlrJ,f", f:ndfirf! eleJ1UfIlS, prt:!l~,(;.ri(infrom 1!.(}od-; '2:nd-fi1g dot#d". /_}{Jid f~f"'l'Ji:t, Iesser restorelio,!, sile.,tcr:, 'P;',..iiri611Dprap0l1j 3Id~l,lr' JtnQuJ 'mounds, Jjspd

ll~'i!lt.ic", in'llifi'hili!y f1ltge. prf'j/el'. '" '

"Dolllilm ~peU Domains~'E.vi.l ernst c~jl 5pCUlli lI.:t +1 caste,l' IcY~lJ" Magw (use In3g~;: deylces.aS ~h-lil!nl w!zard), Water '(mIT!, fIT~!r~bl!l.ke water),

1F;~,"J Spells Pi'et'QY'tJd (4/4/4!~; base DC = 13 + ~pelL level}' O-dIJncll1& It,,h:s, tidzet, m~ hAHd, ftlJ! q/rotf; lst(harm pr:l'JMt. ~·t:tediti{J/J5 1',C1t'IJat; bald porta4 rna,gic miuile-d 'f;nfl.- AgalM~;:;'4r s H'I?rCmtl'; ;ri\TJ~J;~i1i~j MI!/f's ,arid r1rl¥>1U, ,U· i.rl.-vhi/Jilii~; ?riJ.-flaJtI-t'·arr01{1' hoM perwnt) JfJggCj/;01fl,

tBecllu~ of S~l:'li FOcus (End;uIlH:ru~n{), tf1,e base DC for S~V(!S :lg:a~t rhe~ \>pelli, is1f -t s!ldJ lever:

SpdioMk .: Q.,-n.r~t1tte llIMrk, tfandwg, t;!.ht~. ddZe" ,IlItr!er I1tdgic, detfft prdSiJTl, iJ.tJr.up: w~d~mi~ fJo.re~. g,.hoa lI'Jtma, ligh~. rndg{t batuJ.; nUl1diNg, (}p~/d!)se-, p1·CSlid!.gitdfflm. raj' rtfprGsl, read ItJdgic .. rll!IJiffiNCIJ,; l$t-.r;/;&JI.f,e' .s e/f, chaf~ p,r&I;tfJ, t'.~'PeiJi.~ li{lH5 ,-ureal, hoM portal, ;,derrJify, m4f;,lr armlJr;»Iv.t1c missil&, jh:'~f:!> u;rnr~t1 Jt.l'iFJam; 'lna-..dg,';.I1<f.zz:..,r'.r scorcbe», d~;ll!~t thottghl$, i'ti'l;is.iiti/ity. M.r;if's arid arrtJw,. m;,.~()1" i,~.age> prflte.cti~lI from "rQ1ll~ see rttllJirihilif)1, Snitl~'i .,U!'w~a/'I j.I,V'fJJ"m,lb:l~1Jlf1J'&.U' ptJrlal,fllltl'll! .r1."Iiut, !Mid perSlJtt, mgt,estifJ1i .

'P~j:re ss iQt1 So' .Ring of pmt~t: i:i.o~ ~ 2, 'tWUJjl rif 111.:lgje mis,Sile Cfth-lC:\'e~ caster, ~3 cb.ar&~516;3"2 ~p.

13A/'!3E. Lesser 'Cler.ic

,[fns is the :re-'Oideuce '9t'" lesser cleric. The door is protectedby ill g,ljpp #.'lJ!.al'(li~l. (biflict 'serious 'iUOfltld$, 3dS+1; Will haU DC H, Search DC 2ft Disabk Device: DC 2~ set to react to anyone- ",hQ wu~hes th~ door l\ithoiIt first s?c!:aiJJlg thepassWOld Omow" only to this clerir and to Bla.chl .. m Akh.;ndere hlwsell). Th" room i:r.l's a bed. a small desl.and a Il'nest with ~HI average Iock (Open Leek DC 2n Room 23A is the re;sl,dence of ZOrn (}.'E maIehl:lmaii Clt7 of eyrie). Room HB is the r,~ idence of lillin (I:\'E femail!htmulrlCrr.7ofC).t.Ic.).


20. Ste-wud

Thill is tbe qEl<lrtch of z,1;<l)jeir (N-"E. male .hu.rua:l1 .E;;;p4), We tower ste'v.'al"d. He commands the servants omd i$- l:esponslblt· for tt:u:k:ing: Ulc tqwl.'r~5: sllpp-lir::s and requ.ish:ioning moee good&. ZaShril is It ~oWllrd O!ni'J.. surrenders if rhreatened by invaders, 'fht' 1'00111 bali a bed, :l SfP.all desk, aI.ld a ~hestw:i.th an ac,rer:ag~ roa. COpen Lock Del'tJ}

UA/1lB. llcl.igjcuE IttDIS

Tile door to rhis room is p:tmted: w,ith the symbol orCyrk_ Tbe room contains the ,e~r.emotlial robe~ and orhtll" reliS!Q.as items used by die deries dmJ.I'I.g ~crcmDnies and rituals- The darn.' has a ,good look. (Open Loc.k .DC ~O). A.nypersao: aside fr(m~ the eleries who handles these, items, witl10ut permission IS SC1'l.-

tenti:d fO; (le~l:h, -

SQlile' of the items are made 0(017 .. ontain ptee~B materials. If tb.ese items. are collected. they weigh ::1. m!;31 of 2f pomn'ls ,md an: worth roo gp . .All beaT symbols of Cyrie.

A Jlidd.en compartment (5earib DC 10)111 d:i~ b<lck oftQOm llA limlds six scrolls. pla<:ci! J,or use .if th~ to,,,er is attack,cd. OnIy !!:he Iesser clertea and "BtaclwifJ kLl.O\V the scrolls are here, 1.: ,bm)S &a:mmer. '/LIard' qf Mtuli!

2: circle if d'go#r, di$irlt"Cgr4.f~

3: ItfaJph~m>'. rm'hnly blight.

+. nnf uji~;J, phdnt4sr1h;:i A:illi#" r:/la.mr. "triM, llmUnIJfI mo~ster VIl 6': blAde barrier; dIl'J1f'tlt'tiolJ·

'2~. BaDelu~5J LOr

This large roam wntai~ Iittle more than a pair of stain:'asC'l;,

.f our ,illars, and all. a i:ar III ·bell.lt isalso the laM" of sebt.'S~~n. a •

. banelar .in th~ service of the temple. Eyuyo!'l't who lives: in the tower (inclu clhlg II U t:b~ soldiers) are iIi t~oouced ~ .be ,ere's rare so it mai reClilgl1i7.e them. later. It rings the alarm ,Iilllil i1,ti.'iu:b if It notices intruders, Tile handar car-ries i\ rit'l of protltct;(J~t 'F-2 and ~ 1t!~11J. ·~f tpfti!,.ic ~~lis;j}~ O'tb.-lt1reL __ mlt.eJ:, 2n;bll_rges) at all times. A SIU;Xl! shelf near the ill,' 0,( the southea.st FiU ar contains fhe rest of its perscnal tr~.rure.(6'l2 j;p in It leather sack), which it sometimes tJSeS w bribe od~e;r . .resident& of t}l;e mwer for information ~nd, tiVe'5tOCk. When h~r~, rhe bal'l<i"UlT roils about 0»0 of t~ pillars ncar the' ceiling. It is fawilin with the rn.{'ti~s Qfthe o,tl':!er be:ing~ that" live- on :its floor and c{l(')!'dioor1!'s i!S attarks ;rpp:ropriatl::lr. Scbes'keu knows fhe i»fI!iJib 1liJ:r and see fl1'11is iliilii;' spells, and often.lwndeJ[& the tower in searchof iuvi:sibl~ invaders,

Se"hclunl Male baoe1i4r, CR. f; Huge mag;i~I· be.1S~; 'lID 7dl()H"~ IIp ''13; Inir 4; Spd so ft",swim 30 [t.; .Ae 16 (tol1cb 11. {b;t-foote-d l..r); Atk +1~ melee (2dt+1! pll~:S, POOOil. stil:rg). ;;8 melee (ld3t4 'plus pojoon, bite); FlItlc/R.eacli 10 it by ~O ft{lO ft'i SA Foisou~ ~Fa5t healing l. irtunmuties (acid, _POlso1l1 rUlst pet.r if'iCatIDtl. ('"' j on. "Sa ves ~ AL LE.; 5VFOl't +10. R:ef+,6, Will + 1i. Stt '26:, D~ 11. Con 11, lot 1 i, Wi~ 16, Cfu'l .. 16 ..

Skill; dltd Featl) Concentration +10, Dip40ma<:y +10.

-. . ..,

Inti.m.ici!ate +10, Spot +10. O~ Mi:'gic Device +11~ CDrobat

Casting. IflllH·O.'.lcd Initiative, !:rOll wm. Sp·ell Foe-us CE.ndiafttm~nt).

Spe.ll!: A o.anetlI bas the spdkastmg, ability of a LSI::hAcvill cJerk (with ajiice'ss to the Evil, Magic" and Water donuins] and. a ~t~·level wril.3.rd. ~ h!ln~1:.1.T'1i spelJs ha~~ only ,"cibal

'2i4Aj'2.4B. Mages

'!ibis "is the rcsidente- of a tuage af the charih, The door is locked hy an (Jr'rm~ 'rK:J~ :iiljleJl Tli~ fOOl'll has :<ilol:l. a small ae$."\lLtd. a GbC5[ with: ail ~V«3:ge ],oik (Open Lock DC 2r). Room 'l4A is 't·he room 'of Bal"~k~id (CE male bUlllll.n ~). Room 'l4-B.is tbe room of YalY.ts:iua (CE female ,human Wh.9J.

R.oolD ?)le is !'he roof of one of the row.;:rs, u~d as- a ba.l~ cony. Th" door to tb~ bakony ~'; al1 iron d.oor wit:li H good IM'lI. (Opell LOCK DC 30) a.n~is also warded. by an ,a"'cd~f:.II}r,;_t s.l'ell . Tbi:;. bakoil:Y 1s1Ul elcemn't Y3.lllage point for Dmlin:g, speth; at times when rhe: t'o,rre~ is unda ;!'ttark.

'-"1'. Towe£ ]loot

'l:1im roof rff thjs ~ond~ry tOW}!1 is florma.lJy· ~ a .. lifl ohsei vatiml pOU'lt,but it ms btlm me sil-c of sewn'i '"accjdeuta]" rills tba.t fl'sulted. in the ~eMh of mme tb:il.n on"j, upstart de]" ic




fir !>oUlie!:. T~ door to tb~ balCOJlj" i'G:t11 irO'o dOOr with a good lock (Optil t.ack. DC 30). j\ sC?M_ier stands liJl,,!"d ar tm:; poiut ~t ;jJl boure, and a. large bell -Clui he struck to alert the tower,

'2.6. W.t"hfliiil Sbll

This is the room €If Blac'kwjlJ Akhmelete, tile lliglil _pri>lst of this, tC'lU_ple. His title is thee Wa tchf u r Skull. IUId w~thn] the te!npl~ b\': normany dresses l]) ~ ten:moliial a:pnor and priestly garlJ.

The door is protected hy a gf"fta{:er &l.lpJ) tf" 1Partiiftg (rldY Ji;JJi~Et PllI'tpattiaj DC. 19. Search DC 3':1.. Dliable Device DC U) lillt p:l J:e3~trq anyone ot:b.u diall Bla.clr.Will .himself The room bas ii larg,e" luxurious bed, a large desk, II sturd~· and comfortable chair:, and a Cl!H:!it ). .. im a good l.ocK (Open Look DO 30l •

RO(>m 'lQA is the roof of one of the towers, used as a balcony.

The aOOt ro the bakony is an iron door witl) !l11 amazmg.quiliry loc_k. rt is also wardt!d' by a g11l3r:ler glyPh tif 'll'tt.r:!:iing ld:t~l~t.kal to the one ad_ the door. this b~lcony Is an e~c;ellent''''''ntagl: lloillt for hurling -spells at times when the tower i5. und« ~ttark, bur IDlckwill.rypka1ly us~s. it t:o-e-oj13}' scme fresh air.

In the i'll!5'[ctl1 ~fiwet of the Eternal Eclip$e, [his room j5 QCcllpied by OlmO! Knlen.o~· the: Bloody (NE female hnman C1111 of eyrie); tile secoed most powed"W cleric at the TWin Towers. She loathes !lack~ill bur 1{110\\1l, l>he erumot defeat

him witnollt help. 1.

BlaetwlllAkhme·lere: CE 1l1al.i: Innnau Cl,r13 of'C)!rk~ ell H;, Med'ium-aize t!lllnamoid; ND Bd8+26; hp lOO;Iqit .. 1; Spd :10 ft.; AC 14 (~OtIch 12, f!at-foor-ed H); Atk +1'l/*7 melee (1d'B+4/19'-20:, +11'{Jngs1Vord); SA. Reb\l$re undead 6/dilY; :AL ~1E; S\' .Fort tl~. Ref +7, wm +1'"7; Sa- 14, Dn: 11. Con lA·, fur 1'4, \-VB zo, Chlt 16.

,Skill.! a-nil' !<'eMl: .Bluff -1-9, Coacentreeicu +l. 7, Dl_pJrm~ -I- n, Disgl1is<: +-9, He-al +8. Intim:idam +8. Knowler;lge~(;rrcann) -I- ~j KmQwl~dge- (religronj +7, ErofeS5ion (mere-pant) +7, S_pelkraft +6, Spot i·lOr. 'Blooded •. C:ommut Cil5t-in" Iron Will. :Lu_ck or Heroes. Mardal WellJlonl~m£j_cililnty Oon~wm·(l), &ribe &rolL

&etmkl: Undead (So). The cltmi.c- £<In mille unde-ad (eWer by

cbann~oog lI\!ga~i.~ energy, '

Cieri, Spells "Preplmd (G!8l'1616/5/3n;has-e DC "" U' + 8]lelJ leI/d) O~f-'re tli"lllj' 7-lJourJrlJ, rl~t~.~ :nt-4t;;r:-,. deft'f! p~lron '(2)-, liJ;hl; rt:a.d m.af,;c~· lst-Llt!:r~~~ff'~"--, .ovlmanJI cl~re iig,J.ir 7VllIftid,-J, diaJine fa'fl'iJr', mtife1"f' eiem-elltr (2), pr!J18Uitm from ~t1.> fhield if !d;UJ; 'lll,d-bltlf'S JiTIf1'l:tb~ cnre Jtt,Qlie1'ate 'Wrmndr, d. day PCIsI)}s. held perJoti, tn.-ttlsll;i1ity\ Ii lefler, spirillMI 11/f,ifPl}lli i,d-4UimQ/e dead, l:"re seriou's "ZlHJUI}M, dispel mag~e. irruisif,i!it:;i pf#·g~, :m~gie dra~ agauuf gW.,I', [JTl1yet:,· 4th4.ljre aiti.ai- 'WPU!IIJ&, di'fJitJI! Pt7lflf"J I~ffer p41Hlr ali)', sertdiJlI" Jlpm}~(Jif 7J'to'!rJft:r tv, rmbllh' blig,br:; nll-riFe.!e 0/ doom, ,i!i!pl!J 'l.lJIJd"',j'J41mJst'l:iii!', iJ·.e'4ier comm'tlltth slaJ lhlirJg; 6.th--t1'eqtl< ,maeualo,lulrm,llvord, if '(t:eall: 7th-l1!nsphem)l"~ d,-]lm,fiwJ,

"Dom~n spdL Deity: eyrie, Dpmaios: Evil (t3,'j~ evil spells ;:et ... ;L ca]tu level), Trickery (Rl.uf['__, Dis.glliscl, ;tnJ Hide are dass skim}

'PG.t!mr02~r: +1ID1f{,:I7J!QT'4 .. +1f'4l pin:li!. +1 In:rge rkd .fhfll~1 ~2 ~,l<!o,k if rf!JiJtMJce, ritlg.o/. -p.r'Glti'-"j~1l +;;:' mlmlct of 1t.aI-qJ:-4~1 flPmQ"F -h~ peri'd'pr---Il/ Wisdom- 1<-2, 'Iv<utd of cure -Ught 'UI(;14fld, (fO c. ru-gn} Scrolls:. 411~r)l. bill-de' ba/Tlpr:, ~r(ll. m:lltrallze

e!1i&:Gn. p_JtuJ'l'lr.a-liy,. restoration; WmtflOR tnr2mier- P[f. 1:00 gp;

AD p_p. -

Bia,c'kwiU A1J:Jmde:re WllS born of a merchant familv in the-

... . • • -- olt'

Tcthy.rian c.apital of Darromar, Hejo~m:d the church of Bal1c \Vhel tr:a.'1(!lir1s,l'Iritll it caravan to i\mJl, where he Mi~S i\IJ· 1JIIexception.aJ cleric. When B:lflL-' died durmg the: T'llne of Troubles, 81>1cbvi1l col)1I'~rted ~a:Tly to the' wors.hlp of Cyrir;, a f;n()ve that allowed him to rocker to: a -statio!]! IUlll~rg_ihbl~fo him under the eld Gln:mrch. He was t,me of the l![aders of the army tqat sacked the T"'~!l Towers, and he lat'Clr claimed tt fo,j. his OWll when aU the other leaders dj!'-U 01' left under mysrcri-

. .

ous circnmstances,

Bbckwi1J l1a.5 gathered a. large number of loyal C-yricisrs lmiler_hili ecmmand and feds ronfident in bls :abilimy to act~cf or defeat those who ~l'Ou]d try ~o remove him frol'll hili pos.ition, His i'ears m the sen ice of B:lllC tll.-ugbt him, th e Deed for discipline, lnforrnation, and prepararion, whi2'h <helps hinl maintaia control of his'temp]c.

'2. ,,/, Unholy'Cha.mbe.r

This profane chamber S>illi--s of evll and ~um;in sacrifice. All but a. 10-root~lYide 1}I!tth.arglllJd >the rerttn~ter' of the_ room is htlaidi wirh duU gray 1:ile~ A tail oraz.ier stands in the corner of eacliJ 100m, lif:(:Ollite-d·witb motifs of 5kIl11~. dosed ey~.lt_j)d bloody weaptllUrS'. TEll!! center p;an- of the rilemosaic changes to [lUJp!e tilcs mat form a SOIl-burst. at ~al! eeuter ofwbich ~ .. 1.. foot'roll pedestal in tht; shape of:j. j'll!w1"e!!'! skull and' adorned \Vith whi[~ tiles. l'lle entire room °js warded by a11 1i11'iJ:a1l{)'fU •

, speU (willi th.e secondary effect of JirDi~cti(}~ from r!lrm:lcllfs [fire] Oil anyone who holds eyrie ;!S. tl;);ei;!' patron),

LiJ.Ling the outer. pt!rimete-r of the room are twclny skelefo~s(mat"ktd 8 on the map). each wearing full plate: and hold-ing a 1!JI~gsWDrd. EacI:i iI.'as giveQ l]:l!Ilu~ by BlackwiIl. Till;:.!' attack nOycl11e who isn't ac deric ~r Cyril.:> Beeause cleries gain a +4 profane bonos on rebuking undead here. :a11}' deri;: of eyrie has a gnodl:tl:al"L~e-- te be able to c,omma;tld tbese :;;kel'lltOll'S ilito service, W~le the: skeletons are tOQ weak to be. ffl'l-lCh Qf a tb;r'c:at against JUQf,( attackers that wo~ld ~ able ropenett~te tbis part of tne tower. iliey,atc fj,ood at ab.yinS weak but Lud(y foes or delaying thoSe of moderate power.

The-ceiling h.'f'5 fOI1I wil;p'doors (mru:ked C 011 the map). each loeJ:ed i>o·ith an amn.ing lock (Open Lorlt DC 40) and gnarded by a greater· ri)'pb of war-ditrt; (sllf:Y li-lJi.Jlg_ Fort pmial DC 19. &arch DC, ~1. lIT.&ble Device DC l'lJ tr.igge:rt':d by ;myen~ not of rhe Cyrffiist religiou, O~ly Blaclavill a_IlIl the lesser clerics mvc copies or tbe key.

High .I'j;mak; r~ Cydc are performed her~> .ranging from lnilltJ I saerifice to ordaining (lew clerics to stlmmo.ll1,ng demon,; a_nd other creat~s to .,serve the Dark Sun,

Dermdm_g~ tbe TOWC'l •

\-Vhlle [hey iUay be l!Ieaenlly ulldiscip.lined' an:d clta.oEit, iBlJu:kwill's soldiers Me tr::tm$d ill i;;errniu tliclms liD deal withattac.kli agaitl!lt the_ towor; l)a:rticularlj~ diose that ,manage to pt;;~~nlte _j_t.s defenses.

Exter-nal Atucli:s,

StllJ1dard ptocedure Is tQ-soond the,runnl'l. bd\. then s;no volley aft~r volley of arrows into whatever ellrerpa1 threat appe,u:s.



If thl: ecllemy has, derenaes ag'ainsta:nrows, is, c:ap;tbl!:; of majdJ.'ig magical 1!ttacks (mdud.iJlg the presence of a ~eU(Mter:). or is o"b~i'w~ a,tr<lIig..- creature capable of ignol'mgs1lch damage. and stlll harming the- tower or its .iilMhltants {sueil as a chimera or dr.tgon). the spelleasters of the rower bolster the tower's defenses al'ld lash out ma,~jcally ag;rlIlst tl;~1r foes.


If an alarm s~uDds, the firStgtOll,pi [0 arrive are. two squads of 5ix 50Idi~s.each led br 3' Iieutenant (EL 6 each group} The lieutenants !!valLtll.tc the sit!l~iQn'j ~for\; e.nte.rrng comba.t, abouting, for :more aid if til!:)" thlttl it m;ceaSU"y (e'~p~ciill)' If the}' reei dlfty need backup from the clerks or mages), All· otner squad or six guards (EL 5) arrive'S e'l'~r.y fifth round to den! will} r1i~problel1:l unless it is appulmt uJar ~oil1gllo i.blatantly suicidd (although these guards might stay at a .. nwg\! and fire UpU13 the enemy without cloomg to melee distance),

If dUlcs 1Ir~ .reqneot:ed, nainorclerics (OUIl. CJ.ri :I-rld ~~ CJifJ accompanied by;Si~ more guard;; arrive to palttitlp'at~ (l!'L J} If mages are requested, one of rhe lesser mages (SorAl or Wil.4') lHriV"C'5 with six guards. and a lieutenant (EL 7).

Sbould tll~ grouP'll prQve ~)U£tJtiel1.t to repel o~ slay the invadefs. a. captain comes with one of the lesser derjcs{iCk:7J or a .. Ill:age (8or9 or WJ.t9) and i:t ~quarl 'Of ~ gU01n:1s {EL 9 for ,.teric 1VOl.lP., ELll for mage groop} The 'imrlelar en~er!! the fray only it commanded m by BlackwiH (or, if he is a~nt, the lesser cieri: he vW:jed m command), and Blackwill ruuy appears if jt seems .tba't his !IlIinion~ ba:vc prsvellllllabLe fo defeat the1rOppoIlencs.

The' cult of the nru'5?n . . .

":Arul tMllghf '7Jn/1IJe lift' It111't' J!Jp,tler'411 ;lJrtl!~r~ 'Wdh I'1G >Tiilen, B'lt the df!4d drflg~ns shail'rf.61f; the,1vpriil entire. , .."

Lh the plfrplc J'l)b-etl jigu;'c (»jIbe 'P1aiform cOllliJltml 111' ifltOfJl' tl1~ jjt4nJ~ Hl'lrnlJ.ib Tummor, lcnu mO!f:;~ if" the Cldt if the JJrW.M; ,<!"~e' 1'JJ1ly part !if hh art'tu:#rFtr,.fa, .f~(! $pllaker. T;J1e O.thff" balf 'lV4$ /u('I'$ed G~ ,t~ ["c.redible siKh: before him; An dg;lT.d Mit! d1"12g,;n, its srrpffltirttfrlT1I'!tli rlfSi ou tlJr>plat_finn llf:'# to the fr-eat't'f ()f'IN4rph:. Ay hi: '1(latchlld Ibe uremrm)' f;Imfi7l,it!, Haru4tlls ,,/J.<'J"1 s'll/clled 111flh priile. At lad; Ben! 1,,(lS the dAY 'f/Jar kl! had waited and 1l1tJrke,d for stncl! be fir-$! j&itJ-ea the CJllt. Tadil)~ IN '1P(m!.d tee.lh~ #lti~rJt1J:.t1 proof qf Stnm:Jltl'mr'.s 'luisao.m dil" 1m (Jragrm al14ndor~td j1fI!t#~;'~ f1f life {illd f,'I!CllIlli! "0 Sacnd One-a ilracu1ich.

". , • (["ltd ih!!"damittiiJtl of ihe de,ad ilr~g(mI ibt!!I Ol,dtJr~ 11!l.t)1 the eml uf ~i things. So 'We nueor-/,' ,c()n,:itld1.id 'be ,1¥e4rer rtl 'Pu.rpk

"So wa fi7PM'f,'> cqc/.poed the dazel1J if C1J#i;.J -w!ifl stood !l;"tIpe:C(txull)' 'lui/hi,. thi! ($"'"11~ber- (If Astenfi4:rJt:lll From sDmcwhffc '1vithitf th'f' folds W hiJ cer(!monin.1 garb,lh!: vffrdwing 6ulti11'1'lIffbdrew nuo oojea!; a clq.yflasl: ond 1111 ~rJormr.l.lfl rub)'. Umlopperiiti; the f14.sk,. tIM (1<IIi» pT"l!fffT"e-d H Jo Ihe dr-ago". Gt'a.l.i~ftir6", t~e blue l(/yrl1, f1fJimed its ,bllg~ mlZ'7P. The cllftii/ ol;ii~i{, 'p.rJlIrillt;, I:h~ 1:1711- feut! of the fldsl: atlto its lang~_ A cslkcli<ve' "4Mb" weill fbr{J!lf!,h {!.;e "Tpakhinl. C;J.hiS1J, and HllYJialh 1])()Ui,ht'lbal 'fj.~ ~'I)/Ild "dJch 4

"Jill! if g iirall,ge SUJl,t in fhi air. Su!fHrr .

SMliienJy tb'r: arat,f"JN'S ja}v$ r:_.Iem:lIed iir.hti;)l together, (I.ita tJj., Wearer.. if 'Pltrplli Jf1al'/ihep bis lumd tt1J1ay liarely i" iJ.pI~. 4. tpafftl 'lllrOIiJ ked tbe- grl!17i. crentm'e' s'blJd;y, awl the n il :ill~1n:PI?i.i jIJi''1I1,ard liti fIJI:' platfr-rm iJ.nd Ill)' still,. A Z,rilJi(tnt light filled fhi l1Iil;y, spitting or"!!" lnl;;;IPe him! a_f.the Wearer of 'P.urpl~. Tbe lightflarcd onee, ami t!i(!~l reclidea rl.~til·,it b.e~arJ:l~ a milled but i!CJ1UJa.?1tgluw. If 'Wm Jone. Th~ i!rst'}la'rl 0/, f'!je w:t,nj()rma.: 1~(JrJ 1V(lS cIlmp.lr: f'!. By tJjt' rime !be .1111'1 :f.d fh:i! (fi'.)lfn iT/g, F-,z'erf11t

'Would t~1J"W tJ' ncw terra'r.. . .

The members of th.e CuLt of. too Q.ragoIJ belii.,,~ thnt it j:; Fal!rfru"$ d~st:i:ny to he ruled by oodead llrn__gon5\ '[hi Cult t;!;kt;s

I .'_

Ilpon itsdf thE: respofi5lbili.q of hdpillg tru.t dmilil:Y a,1oJ,lg. ~i·

reetmg all irs plane and etlE.rgi"s toward gaming tID:: '\gealtb and magical pol'ler necessary to transfnrrn liying dragons: mte undead &--acoljches. Cult members ~dert"~c magical r~ru::ch> espiona,gc. tnereanrilismjand ,a VJ.l"lety or criminal acrivitses to rlilla 3.iJ;dSUppc'rt):ll1li.r; gooJ in antici~ati:on of th.e day when. the undead dJ'il;gt:mswiUliol.d sway over the elJlltirc wm-Id. Many CllIlt .,t members are therefore criminals, thOlllgh ill their minds and in ,~ the .minds of thcirpcers they are h«01c and devoted individlllills i. who rale great personal ruts 0:11 behalf of t'b~ orffill'l~[j(ll1· t

More ~han one advenenrerhas remarked on thi: fact thllt tht ~. min as rurbe Clllt''9 cur;ren.t members [lm:1.uding '[he -Cu'!t's fOlmdcl:' the archm~e ~kr' an: JIm: ah'lilYs elltirely balanced, Indeed. some !Ire qmte" mad. though their insallity mll;~es them all the more l:iangerolls in the deadly serious pursuirof their gatJl5. The .®(ists veuerate dr;Y;QU5 to rm point of wQnml,ping them as deit.ies.· and certain d:ragO)l5-[uri!d by prolTl ises 'of eternal milife and o'l"cfwhdming pO\ver-:reyei in the .attlilltioJ].

U.fi ef His~orv

Over four oenmries ha .... e passed since the Cult'of dw Da:agOI1 first ~.ppc;tt'ed. ii~ F!lenTil. and allotbe:r century before drM since the Cuit:'s f ounder and Flrsel ~"11d~rJ Sam,llI1!!ltuPirBt-Spea.ker, \\'US rom. &IlUI1l&liteJ·was a powerfLrl·arrhmage w.ho beClJ..IlU! one of Myrna's Chosen, lUI honae that proyed roo g~ea[ a l:illrdcn, The a:rthma,g~'s mind·'COl!!Ild not beat the 4ili'uie power,. and S,111ill· 1!1a5tel' e:I!"!:'n;tua.lly went inS;l o,e. B)' rnr;: time zhe de ity rf:Sc"Lt1dm her gift~ it was ~oo 11m:: Saml1HISrCr was E.looJi"il.bly m~,d, Suffel"mg Jrom 'rudbte delusionS'. the marl ar~nm3·g~ In-

SJ5~d that he pos~~d pecial iIlsig1it inre the. fu:ture of Tacit. its people, and its deifies. He began oollectuig both wen-

kanwn aDd.ohsrure works-ef oracular kllo\)"h:dge and trausI:a.'ting tbem, (br reinrc;rprel!:i.ng t'!:E~m, as 'the C'!L~r?& detracrors lind ~nem.ies wouldhave it) as validation of his claims, In the I''\ge'S of' 00'1. of rhese wmes~

MaglilS's CkrWlict~ rffT~ri t6 Com-e, Sai,tU.llastel' dtocO\l~ efta ;l. crypticprophei;Y t,pat i1e. believed 'pr~ctcd that un dead d:r'lgQ.n 5 would eVCll tu;IUy r E11tl the wodd. rhus .. ,....~ im;pired, the irr<l:tlooal <trdl.ll'llgc gafbeRd!l. tialld of toUowo:r5,31!.d pnsml.ded tmlIlo tbat his foretell.illg of the futut'e Vi'llS accurate. In 902 DR .t,be ~'Cll'lr I'lf die Dragoll" Cl"oIlatl!.iI its ru.:st dracol-

iC:~Ilsin,g Ilecromant~c formu.ias W,?t Sanl:l.l13Ste:r ilJ5~~d ia

_ bj:si magnum apus, Tom;~' ,1i{1:/Je V'r~gor4 8:;::nuua5te]' cY"<!lituiliy mt"d~~ lllS soQltl Cult l:ll'tJmber:; believe .. beca.m~ :'II !jell. a'lld di.s~ ltPll~e~. 'I'iJdil)'. the iulicritors of hi-> t~j'·;-ble h1owiedge; COil· timlit;;-tQ .:.a.1;"ry-Ollt hi,s legaCy,

membership, These Wlz.;u-ds caunot alford to bearmchair gell-' e.nt1s if rhe Cull: is too achieve it!'. goal:;; \Vben a (."el1 Jac~ danger from enemies, the Wearers of Purple must lead their

f0fceS i\g<!J:nSt the eneooy. .

The €u1t offW's nel:l'omaqcUS 3CCii'SS to the otherwISe difflml~l~r.J1d research, eecducrcd by Sammastet:,.and1:he chance to work dlrectty ",,!ito. S{IIme of the most pov;:r:-rflli lilw:lead i;.reatures in all Faerun, Others'jam to furi1ier their own ii1nbi'~!Qn5 oJ beI;.all~ they foWltd the endles:r-intl::rl1!1il c:oi1fli~1J> of.othc:r ~gm.i., I.!ltirut{S!lclt as the Zbentarim) IIllSati!Jfacto-ry to tl:i.el[' rastes,

Belo~' the Wearers of l\rrpk are the lesser members Of tH~ cen~ dl.~ir de:sigN~1:iol~S determined by the ["ell's spta:;ific fi.Uld'Ior!.

The oi'5QnizGtion .

HridqlDrtul! The meUibl,T~ of the Cult do not pt:esemly maintain a 'central h{;adqllaItem's, However, they are in dIe precessof constructing oml!_m.ighty for-tteliS in ~he Western He:lJ'tlands, :built over an extlncr yoiru{o tl:Ul!t huuses the Fabled WeU of Dragol1s.

Mcom'beu: Neady 1,000 i.nd:iviihllllS are knowing. wli'ling. and active members of the Clllt. "Cou:otiw, mere ~rYI! d~e

c;ultist5 without suscpe!':til1g \Voo titey serve. . ,

~i~ran:hy: Weubfd,

La:der~ The Weare1'S of :Purple {fotIDU!Y tffe ·name used by k:;lier.s of the Sembiall cells" 1'i0W adop('Xl for the,orgiluLucion as 11 W hole).

'Ileligiol!.: None, rhoi.lgb the CUlt's Fe .... clerics 'p.rima:ril)' wor· .. hip B:ru.e" Sha .. , T=>l,os, Taloml, Or Velsbaroon. A !llIltdfpl of ethers venerat:e Cyrie, Gar~1lidl. Malar,. or Tiamat,

Aiig.nml:!:ot CE, eN, NE.. I

Sl!tl'~cy; High.

Symbo~ The 'Cult uses the symbol of a flame with eyes h,ulling ahove 11 dI'ali~n'~ da"v. butC1J Iusts displal:: ,if openl>' only wilen a cell or ludlvrdual member carr besure that l.r-'will [let llUtact the astention of the Cnlr's m;ltiy nedi"a;ted. f!X,s, "Be-c::llli~~ some groups of culti~n scmetimes take it- into their .heads ('P work ar cross purposes with "heir fellows for ressons Ul1g_-ing fl'C!11l m-adness ~ 'pure ['ontrllriDm;, the exact lI11p!!aranre Of tillS 5ymooLvu~ from ceil to cell.

The Cll1t of the Dragon continues its founder's wor'k by organi7.Ulg itse1f into· a nwnbr;r of independenr.cells, each li\utb a specific purpose and role ~e play in the group's larger ptans, The- [<!1l.chings of &!mmaster have attracted a I.imitcd IllJillb~r of [0110\0'1'(:(5. some of tbem as delusional il5 be was; oth~r!5 ll1r;c:d by the promise of gre1!t rewards gained by means other t1l3r1 honest toil Many of the CuWs currenr memhers 1'1:1'1.7 ~rm{' (so far) hut "dtibjt other defect~ of mind 01' cllarat.te-r t.b1!t convince rhem tl!a~ the Cult bITers a path to [heir desires th.rt is quk ker and easier Ulall a lJ.y athe •. V iFton]] y all culrists

are human. .


Individ:l.lal cells compriSe the bask units '1ft-be Cult's ol'g!lna.a. ti.OIlal.;;.trIl.:tIl:r~. EVI:Il as Q~hceU I!; il~clacli'led, 501:00 do r~II,fJ function, mid P.u.r~~ differentiate t~e members' roles, Aqy given cell !lQrmaH}, has from ten to <me hundred members, de!lenclic.tl~ 011 its Tl:lla:tive .impQrtant!!' in tb:~ CI11t'~ grea t 'Sch.emes. The c:cu·~ hierarcby is based en a r;Uuc:ture frilmwed through-

OUt the Cult. .

So ca1i(;d bec4tlls~ of their purple Mrcmollial robes, < tire Wt:arc.r..s of ~urpJ(; "-!"I!, the drier RII"thority in every eell, SmalL Cll'lI;; bali'!: Ifnl!y one Wearer of l'urp~1l af the helm, but largu [dIs can J];fVe !ll:ve, al, all a:cdng (~heor~tlGa:lly) in concer t as part of a coalition. More thnn a .f~w Wesr!U's 0] Purple are oecremal:i!lcrr. who sed out Cult,of~hc DragDt'I cells for .the spec-ific purpo.se IiJf jo.inin~ theicranks, These necromancers oversee [he complex proc~;by wlrlcl1 a' Uying dragon is tI,ahs. formed in t-o a drat:olici:i, 't:h~j" a].8Q. offCUt: magic- items, both l'QI" usc by C:EllE: members j;lnd ilS gifts aud bri~8 to'evil dril,g;- 01l5-- It,is adrlir.ionally their- burden to uulle' up dlC shoJ~tfalIi; f:lced b)' t~ Cult d!l~ ~o HIL~ SCiIr:city of I:l,efie;amoIlg its

Muca:etil:r: Celli

Some cdills ~e devoted to pursuing co;wpktlriy 'legitimate' bllf;tness inreresrs ~ 1\ means of generating eash Om .... The lesser members, of these cells tend to be merchants, JnBJly of them quf!:~ \\--eaJt1t}I, These cells blk~ ad vI!J1tRge of th~l1 ~Il'ade t:GDtactS n:n~ i;:ommwti,adotl;; to g;.rther.all~ pass along im:ercsi!:ins infett113tion to other cells,

Clltm.inal Cena

The n:laJQrity of£Uli cells generate the needed eoin through ilh:gal means, Hod the schcm·es in \l:f;itn cl1e}: are involved are-as V:ltr'~l!d, as the werrl.bers tJiemsclvc.s.

Banditry .

Cells sometimes I:l,lgage. the .service. of bandits, brigands, and highway robbers W .reli~ve tn. .. 'c1!!ifS of their excess cash, Ralds .

• 011 m~rr::4ant caravans can be cxb:efll~~y lucrstive, both in ~old and trade" gO()!~s (!ate.r sold 1>.)' mercantile or smuggling ceUs). n.~,IiC €eUs m-e smal.1, contilrting gce"cT~lly I)f "We'Ucr of Th:rpj,e and perha,pshalf a dozen subordinates who deaf with the local oo.11i1its. The ou,tla\Vs who do t.he.xtual work usually do nor IrnOIll' wh~. hired tlnrril, a_m:;I.'tlIey usually aOi'l't care,

. Frotttction

T.he Cult of ·th~ Dn_gM gbllcratiy ;l!vllid~ protect,ioD rackets on the small seale, Th,e prgana'ltio.n i;,!l't large e'nougn to dominate the underworld ui most Inaja! cines, w h ich is' where protection money really p.ays -off. It leaves s'-1ch pur sui to. to loeal·thie.v~' guild! 3.;04 unsCXupUJOUa merchants, liistea~ &t .fng~ges In. g:U[IJ&.sca1e prorecrlon rackets dli:eat~h.lllg carefuny c.hosen merchants with draconic intervension &n:olIld the)' fail'm meet the Cmt's d~ll~J]rl.s [OI money, goodS;, cr service:&; O.[)c,e a merehaut so a.p.pr'oacl1ed realizes exactly whom he's dealin,g wJdl,.he us~any pays the demanded price:

Everyone knows, after Illl, tnat Y()t:lt:ln't bargain with insane prople. Tiies;e ~i':1l5 usually \!llnsiE.t'Qf .:L We~J'~r of Purple whe deals, 'With the: dn:colJch;Pf dragon .rUllSC"". ana. a dozen or more operatives who ded with the merchants th~mj;el\'eli. The cell may dso employ labor,en or traders wllo 4:a.mUc: any illgotten nh!l."c1talldk\~ for a fee,


.AMu;ctil~g wealthy nobles ll.nd-'T,l!nSOllDIlg t.h~.1tT bad to [heir nl.mili.o~ j2tl. genel'at~ ;'L I~rge <tlUOI:IIJ:[ of gold. M<!ny.aristo-

• ants pay IIp 1~ out of any dem-e to regain the ~idll:ryped .member of(h~ family. llnd more Ollt of a ntllJ'1l profOund desire not to suffer th~ emblUf"il58mg ~Jo't9f"i('ty of being the



. ,



targ~t. ·of a ISIl~cMsfi..t1 kidtl~pping plat. The QII.t almost ;;lw1!..ysl'dt"!!st.F; ,its hm'lllg"lS afteil'tb.~ ranSOll1 is paid; orher- ,.

• wise" ot'1;e:t v~ctim:>' families migJ:rf' St"Mt I"efmin,g_ 00 pay. and thllt would ~Ild this :parti.'(:J,:t.l~ Iine of ba udsoure pmCi!:" very q_aid..Ij'.

'The lajn of e vii dragons lllale very con V'eniellt allli! secure lroldmg l?!i!~:Cii" f'or k idno'l,pp iug Victlnlii 'who Jlr1ightbe. located by f rief.lli5 :OE allic'5 be'f ore their ransom is pa.i,d. The Qdt'secW' !"Qgil;~s generallYlvork withln kidI'l.3pping.Plilhi:, alQug W~(iD: severa! fig~tcrs W.Il@ take care of tnl!:!>IltQi! kid Ilapp,ing 119 directed by the Wearer of :Purple.·,

Blu:ll,mail aJ},d Enbrtlon

.Here <lgaih,t..I;t'ld~iH~ t!! a~~ ~1n(j<l! g'encratt:s a good-de.al of In9n~y. Few pM,!, Il!ian'~ to see th\.'1r dark secrets pub!ldz~il., and some folk l)~- seerets tbat lin ~l'lOJ';l dangt'mus thau the'}' are emha:r:rassUl.g"

:Blad ... tnaills a ddkat'f tiu,o;ipts5" because it 111voives continue {IDS n:gul",!!, payments. CI;U~ e~gag-ed in thi;:; I!r;-ti~ity must uSe eare- .!lot: ·to d~!lLutnd ouch a lrigh fee 'that' they kilt the golde11 goose,O' that the goose ~eciJl'i:~ili3.t ~pQ:,iJr<:·.1!} It:~ eJlpenfll'l"e mall paymellt.

·Extortlon.O!1li the oeher halld. requiresonly 0[ Olle,time payrnenr and is'therefot'e prefru:all1e in sj!J.ll!.riolls wblOte .Ule target !totS aIimired amount of !\ea.d)! tal'~. Thll I:.e!ls th:.a.t~nga~~ in these a~ti,'i~it.'i geue,r~J1Y' have p:nly a very few acmal i::ultim. htl~!.a.r~ n.lJ:IlU:e.en ofp:l.id 'spills ~d iufOi'mlll'S"n];ost.of whom sell lirlior:marioH nat onlyto the .:.eU hut to. atl~Gne who can glly."Some ceUs ooas;t ['he,ll' own pr\\F:a.te spy networks, h;llt IXI'm· peririon fer gerl:llitlel.y bl.adi.mail.woffhy secrersis so sciff[bat

ili .is a .r ar ity. .

Sm:lliggling .

Au old Ta.vorite not ollly of the Cult but IDarlYotfu;r criminal group~ .smugglin:g, is, a lhriyingind~my. Stolen. magi.c items mi,ke ~.p wa.·ho!k of m~ Ctllt':,; illiI~gg:led g~ though P.cri~l1s II nd illicit dn~gli a~e dSo populO'. These cells ~arl b:: q_;;lJre lou:g~ The Cult\; Sembian smlTgg,llllg celllW5 1l10re than oua hundr~rJ cultises,


A very Jew cells pos:>eS5 enou,gh oontJ:e.l over the ceiminal elemeur msrnnc Sl"Ila1le, coounpnitie;> to roo secrer l~d i:l:lI:J'efot~ Ul;i~) garn:bwlg, dens. drug r~U~Qr5,;tnd festhaLls. Tb~ cells .farely boast l1l0re thim a doz.cn mern be .. :;, tbQughrlley do employ several tim;e:; dml num~'Q'fliired !l.l,usde. The:'emplayees ofrhe vice esth~ris:funenl:!i alJnp.,'1; never 'I!n\lW who P,3YS ~heir IVllg,cS.


The..S~fljOI"' enernbersof th~ CUlta.re unequally divide'cJ';ilJro two ",.mp..>: dl~ who ht!ieve completely >aJ)J ,w~loMl~[~dty .in Sa rnruast'er', l)rophec'ie5" '\lJl.d those who R re rend to d05? j' OJ:' ~eir own reascna The laffer feW :tre mOSt (jft,en h~~dua1$ whp :;:!l~ rncooJ)erslliH in the Cull,. a,g. <I. w:l;Y to flli£ill. wha1rev~'r per'$Qll<l.I. d:esil''<ls theymayha:V1l for powet, wealth.self-.iJupottaece, magl:ca.l luo\Vi~dge~ 0/ 'even ainUSctl1mt:. What'.s die ItaIm in \1Ior}:il\!:\ tQwarda Fh'frUt.l ruled hy undead drngollS, they teaEon, if tit Ilt9.kl!5111C ticb. pmYr:'rful, andimport.ant along the, Wlty? These. ruembers suspect tnat.:tlu:.Oult won't ever rea~fu its goals, hut there'>!; [10 dctwwg that lIa.l'ingadiatcilicib or tW? as an ally ~er(ajnly makes ~ Lif~ of criimc alat t'!,sicr.

The f Jl!l.ad~s, JjQwever, are t'i'te 'reallJl dangerous members of dre Gullt;,ai;)d they ma;li.e up the bull:: of [he mel1i]bcrshipat.he



cult of the n.ra'f0n: ~ips for the D~'

0- - •

Tbe Cult is. compared 'to !;@IDe of the ether. Groups fhat Me that they've actually just dtwatted lhe:plaos Bf ,the Cult:, and

- .

eonsidered leading evil or-g:mizatiQl'ls, oometnllig of It white that to!!}' mU:!jt ~ow \ioutQld! wit" angry liccrmn.Mcers and

'~leph~I'. Its uumbersare not lilrg~~ and F~lile.'~e' of' its Ui.I:iJ.' undeau all:l~, An advrJ.lttU:>lIlg p;u"t1' mig?1uign O~ to

a:lli,e~ lire quite.powarfu! the Cuh d~.l1ot wield ~St iufln- gtmrd a num.:hant"s caravan as lr makes h:s way ilEtO!isi:h~

enee, The shter insallity -of .its goals makes it i:l1ffiet.lltlCJ rake. treacherous Savage Frontier; only to q.: 2t'~;'~ed by a.dracol-

1M -org4llla.atID.1l5ui.CUli1j_ NC'Vel'tl:\de$l>, tli Cul:t 6jloth pc,..- it'll because I::.hf' 'fit:rchl'll11' refused to JilG~ hlk 1E~lt'~ bla.ck.rrutil

&isrent aod p~l'f1'I.SillQ1 It'S' weathered ;';01111: nru.ty knocksln us (altod "forgot" 'ttl mension ",bat little, fact to the''heJ:oe.).

four hundred-JiJo'£ ye~f Qi!>terl~e-, ;etrenched, and rebuilt. The CUlt'" rreed for i!Ilt-rscy meane .that Ge'li b~adlluarrers

llllt more .uupCKta.nt. tJi:l.'l Cwt~3 poterreial for doing serious \'\fon;'t be easi1y visible; AdYe'utl1n:r.s hoping to d~ batt'lc"Wifh

barm, mlitkcli ,it an IlIttrac:tl.ve;,. COtllponci1t of 'callliai~d yji," pJe C:uH qi:On't"be able co k1Jock OJ'l the door of a, big temple

tain-y. If' Fa{:riin'~ lierces were 1:0 19nore the CMk '~O!npktelr, ~\l'itl1 a COI1\1_~HIi;l!n~ "Cult of t'h~ 'O:ragoJ]I' ~ymbol or s:igll bung

ilt~mkl:ng It ru;~ju:'"1 an associarion of'Ir1nge lunarics, the lID. the exterjnr, Fel:'i~tir1g our 3, Cult: ceil takes:patiell,ct. dmt.;'

number of don::oijch~ 'might \yellpmli£eratc Sf!~edi!.y. perseveeancc, and scme luck, Attempting to infiftmte li

~i:aiJ¥:- the CuIt ~ 5Q linm), intt'rests .in J: l1urn~, of knOlO'll cell, petfiaps at iliE' .le{lue::;t bf II Harper ~t'nt or '[liIe

cities, aU busy :r<tisi:ng mo.n~y-and g,athe:ring'lllfor.imuloli for loc<!l gQverumcu(, can m:t.$e itn excitmg ll:~vmtlU'e 'ill. hn its.

tI~c greater glary of a 9Iarolicfr..r.ultd Faer.:w~ l:"lcouatel1i Ol'i'll • .And an UpeditiQ~\ tQ tbe Well lOf Dti)garn. (si:!:belaw}"

'r\'iJ:b ~ultis~ C'all «;;u,r ncat];y anywhc:re:H"r~ who, i:ntu· '.f!1.:ight prow to be II cliil.11~.nging multipart: ad\?enture for

fer!:;' IlIith ;. ,gr~l? ,of balJ.diffi: or smUJ].IE:(5 might di5oovec.. hlgher-Ie.l.,cl thill'adets,

hi,ghl"f h~v!d~Thl!r believe so ~m"l1g1y and completely hI th~ir insane goal that they are wimJl,g notonly to dle far It, but also to take :I11YOtle l'lsl! ".ho ID~y ge~ in ~be,ir way "ian:!!; with them,

Many ,pei'Jple Who aid the Cult of the Drugan dOfl't (wen know 1l1a.tthey are doing 00. These folk are the bandits, rnercenaries, m'erch:mt:;, and smugglers whr.. ~,o a.bo.til: their normal actilfitit's. in return for pllymt!nt., ull]:;nowi!l:g a.mll !lm:aring ,gf dtcH.- employer's iJ.entity, But some do know, and purpose-ruily seek ena the Cwt with the inteuteion of becoming membees, Wh9 would at] otherwise (ll:d.in~y peno.1] d,;:"ide tajoin'a group of pgw-.:r-fmllgl:y wizards. who me t.he demented uvlngs o[ a long-delld madman .0' transform dragons into undead monstrositicl> as a prd~iie to ~onque'rltng the wp.tfcl?

]FOIl 5tar ters, OOO\l! pO~';i'er-h:l1ngry' .re.crui,t.s lack rial: tru.eut, wenld~. O~' cliaripm3. to a.1:'!';a.in t:h .. e EO'!o.\<er on the-ir OWtl..111e Cu:lto(ret!l them a w,ay re sare thad!' fnmger 111" way tbat'smore viable tban V'aguc: seif.genl:ra,red plan!; to cmlquer the world. Otile;r:s arc gri!fdy and reWihtl;!e com that he Cut'!: ,g;enerntc:t.~ the promise of future power Is mctel,y-;t{l ~ddoo 'enticcmcn'l' to the avariciees, Still others a.rethe d~c:;ent'lan>tJ; of preyious members, and they intend to carryon the fam.ily tr.1i!itioll., .A. rait~ltLe might say a,mming-number .of the "av(:l"ltl\e'" Cultises ~it.l:ir relieve or come to beuev;e yery,str<mgly .in th~ prophd'il: doom p.rol1oum~ by SanHnast~r,

These who h~'1re seen the terrible gtWI1W\lUr ;uid awesome fl().w~r of a dracolit:h begin to. _beJie\'c ~lIt the crO!:zy old arch- 1'I')ilg~ way aa'ile i;!een onto somethiu,g -afte;rali, To many ru:d.inary f()lk, a drago.n mjgllt as well be It dtity~ It might not be ;LbletQgf~Jlt dhille "peUs, but it ,r,,,llks il,mong t'Iie most ,Powerfal mortal crearures on. 'Toril,

WIUl:ll the cbanceof one'spatrun deity coming to Olle's,aid in tim.E'!; c(dl"ficulty 15, unlikdr at ~5~thc C?~t's dracoliches ~d evil dUg'OiiS can serve as relisble allies, Addi.tJOllil!1y~ the i10ntm of ~Il. impending apoc.:tlypse is ilppe<llliig to seme poopre, ~)QIl1llrly those who are convineed tbat only t1Je "true·lM:,lievers" wil1 survive the doomsday and then inherit the world.


The Cult of the Dragon h3.s .mixed feeling, abG-ut new 00· cruirs, Dn~:bc cmle nand',tlle.ril's no deIlying '[113.1" the Cu,le

. needs fresh blood t{l rel1iace those members who either -die of old age (rather than. become Iiches, an option actively sOl1_ghi by 50m~) or who pe.l'ish ilrdle SVlQrWl of enemles, Aild [he more members .be Cult has, th~ rnore quickly it can bring about the subjugatioll of lii"acrun und.e.r the ,claws Qf the dra'Condi~l;;.

Oll. the other I'llli1dJ the Cult bas been the vii:t'im ,of oeurrtJess iufiltratioo attempts sponsered by irs enemi"s.Seve:r a l Qr tbc Cui!:'s weaker cells h.a ve :been wiped out by I IX!I, and it ,tak~s tiim~ money, arid effort to I'~Ol!et these lesses, 50 aow- ,does, tbe -Cuk (le:a.1 l'ol.th ,he dQl'!ble~dged ~WGl'd of [he ;pro~p~c~ive recruit],

Sir!1ple: 'It uOt;'SJ]'t. The Wearers of Purple trust lIt the word of Samm;l.ste.r, wbe wrote: ", .. aad .ail out enemies sllaH be revealed in good Time, Those who '(i1lotUI' oPfics!:; us shaH falJ ta ruin and d"eatnm. the )OlWS of the dead dragons, An.d. UIClf bodies shaUe-T'lu:k ;and] thdr hair shall burn, and th~y w]lt kncHIi in 'their last moments that theies was the path of roITy. For tfulo reign of rne dead dragons cannot be Forestalled, cannot be. thW>lrtlllfj cannot be broken." D~p-it~ -the fact that the 'Cult'li enemies do sometimes succeed. ill in-

mr[,atiug it~ ,rant.s and 'wreak.111g havoe wltl;l0pe::ra:tiOl~i>, the Wearers of .hIp!,: nQn~tb~less ding stubbornly [,0 tl1eit belief ilia!': all the Il;!ftorts 9'.f their foe,-;rwill prQVe, utdmndy, to be f~t:ile.


The most common allies of the Cult- IITt:. evil dragons and {be' dracoliches that the Culrcreatcs, The-Cult: is not averse to co-Op~;J;'~ti.ug. temporatily with evil I1l0n~tc:r.; or even ~ few evil adventurers, and certamly its necromancers ate capable of ereating undead creatures to servemany diffel'cnr fUllctiom. Individual men~bers have been knownro make d!:!lts witb Gn!lutic




and evil out"stdl!r~ rhoegh CuItpolicy discou~age!i i>llteractin.g w~th demons =d devils. The church of Cyrjc is' il sometime ally, t:hough this is OJ. Iess CoimfiOI1 eccarrence 8iuc~ Cyrie loot 'I1n: pOl."tfot'io,of d~tJ;J.

Irs m'~mber;; know the dr~Q1idle!> created tly £be Cult as "S1l'~Fed: OIH!S:' sm;;c tile}' are d,1;3 forces' ilestu.,ed. to reign supreme Oyer the werhl, The precess of creating -lI dracolich, and th~ra.6!l,tjcs, for these fell creatures, are aetil.il!;d in the FOl/.iJ01T5N R~:AL.l1S Campaign Slitting"

Dnling with DJ!i!goiiil

Dragol1s in general are i!! n.oroI:ious!)l ~If-cc:ntered race, and none mate .9!0 th;tn the evil dragons of Faenin, Yet tht Cplt appra~che., these incredibly powerful beingS" ,routinely.. 'v.iM~iI~S their Iairs to advise th~m of the great destiny dtat awaits them. Cul~ists hrl~g large gifts of treasure to the df"'!:go11ls they viliit, a,'i a contribution to their hoards (ilfIlQt:!let reason wily the Cult req_uih:s s:ucbaiarge mlJount of c;u;h} Tb~y fJllt~,e( tht;: dragoue, praise ,their skiU and c:utllung; ~ffe[ '~p provide. any -tre'l"vioes that the dragons may desire, and-usually on a visit mhsequffit till 'tile fi.rBr-rean to the dragon fromSa:ll:'lmas:te:r'~

Tf)me if 'be 1)rr.:(,(JtI. :'

&nn~' evil dragons deal r~.gularly with die culnists, I%\'c.ho;lngiug the- Cult's services for ,ermission to shelter in. die dragon's lair in til1,~l.':~ rue,mergen€y. Ddt cells serve 115: ~heeyt's :til>! ears of the C'vll dragons with which they hav~allied_ Others dismiss the cnlrists as crazed fool&. and the cultists gcneral?)I 'Ieave these dragens 1l1oJ'le" at Ieast Ier .. genera-riol'l or two. Mol'': than one &-agcl1 that rejet;:ted a depLlt<1JiOJI From the (fulr- elf dIe llntgoIi 'centuries 'ago is more disposed to rreat, Ivith them after two or three hundred f~a:rs have paswd, particularly the ;-

, Iesae.r dragolls thl'! t n~ve[]'t done liS 10'(: I! for tb;emse). yes itS they had hoped to do, Tbere'~· JlO harm, these creamres reason, in allowing the' cultists to ildd rome new ·trlip:s rothe lair if all that's 'L1!qu.1ied js, P:Wing a nen tion to some anci~n t prophetic I'll iting:; (wlnch mall)' evil dragon:> nnd qIlit~ jmel'e-stln,!'; when th~y !'te-

roaliy pay attenti:on), .

W.hile:tnil: oultist'l venerate the' e-vil drngoll~ rheil' visit,,lions l1nd offers of aid qo !tave tt]wriQj; motivc;s; first to pers't.lad~· die dru,gm,f, to cooperate act1vety wIth the Cult, <t~1d second te cV<m,rually mnYluce tbe dtagans to lH1detgOI 1:he

trml~for1l1nt:ion mfo Iiehdern, .

Th( Blend! Ones

Mimy fo.ll> mtist<lli:t:l'lly assume that ,me CuJr of ~11f: Dragon ellen;ises complete consrol over the dracoliche~ ir creates, Dralioliidle$ are, jost 1 ike living ,I'!rag(}n~ i.l1depe;nd.ll:lit-trIrnde-d creatures dl;at~iOi and do embark un plan.ll; and sj::bem~ oJ; their own (pr~wpll.~]y to keep 1:he~seh"es occupied ";'}ri.le tbe), wait for S:an;:lInaster'&p.redict1oEll'1 to o:ome trlle} Dr,aceIic:bes do cooperate m'egulally wttb th~ CUlt.h(Jwe";;e.r~ excnangIng the'ir ~roteetfDlli .f0l' th: cliftistt> 5crvices. A dracobch nli~bt a~rce- to "'estray a merchant vess~~r ell/aval1, for in-, srarlc,e, 1>01 that .,,-·Cult cell call persuade Ii noble·or. me[d~II!l!; to COOp~('3t:e. [11 .retam -the C!;l!t !:wlTigs ~~ ru-ac,ulit]l_.offer· u1gSi.O[ treasure and \'al~bl~ infonna:tWIl, and pro\lfdeJ> reassurance tbatt: the end time5 for F'aerun are ind,;-,ed a:pptlilichir:lg qUickly,


MOSc[ Fae;nlnians see ille Cult of the Drago" as -a d:a.'l'Igerou!! grow" !'If JI1I33t:ics. But the Cult doesn't receive as ilulch artenrion as, th~ Zh~lltarim. the church of Cyr'ic, or the 5liad~s :becanso: tbe threat posed- by -the Cult seems less Immediate. (ltt leas.l:, i[·sc~ms If'5smlmediate'to ilny a rHt "who bil,~ !leY'(1I·lv,.U:c:bed in sfurefi e :;d horror as D, dr~c·olich makes mwcc<1lw;'I(t mlhl.i" her advcnrut'lllg ccmpaniol1s~ 0[" .5!ll:ais:ht'-5 a: Scmbi;Jn warship into so l11aJlY splinrera] Nevl:rthe\ess, the Cuh: of the·Dragon has Irs enemies, principally t,host' 31'OUPS who either, campere with. the Cult: for :reS0urce~ :md turf. or' cl)ose d.eilk!ltc~ M ensming

dmt evil. folk ito not pnvaiJ- -. .

The Cutt of the Dragon is content to leave the Red Wmil;rd's or TM.Y [0 thJ:iF oWI1. iltvices;. secure- in -ehe bl,Qwleodg\J tbil:t Truly wil1l:vent\lilly :be just another vassal state when the undead dra.s,OIlS rule- the world'. ImJe~d, recent re1a't:ioas betweeu the Cult anl~ the Red Wiur,Js h.1ve been 'busmc-sslike and-prof ffijiOf1ilJ [0 tbe point af ooL,lrtiloll.ime-SSl beean se the Cult illa.sdiscovered thllt it'!; quicker and ea~er _to jlufchMe Ulagit!:; items at an enclave than to create irs own. But individual Red_ Wi}.ar~ tOl1tin!]~ to plag!]!! rhe QrB.a.J1izatioil~ They m'l"tl all-a-[]Il.;Y.ing babit of 3t~el1'lpt)llg .to ac.~llire [he Cult's eCT!Omantic kllowIe-dge for thernsel .. e!!. and ~j even more !I~oying h.abit .of tryin.!l to SUD\'ert the evil dragons allied to the CUlt. How,ev(;,f-? strife Dc.tWl:en the ,or-gani,zations Is g~!lc:rdly: limIted 19 iJl.dividud Red Wi"l.ru'ds and Cult ~ns rather' tlia.fl t1J socil\lty-

wide warf .. re. r

WlLerever [he Cult of the Dragon IDIWJt'.:!ll!S CJ"llUIna1 (dl~ it cernes il'lto COIlIlic'l: ,I't'i.ti1 the local c rime lor-Wi_ Whether it'll the Mgbt Masks in Westgate Qrth~ Iron 11ltone:in Sembia, "he Cult runs afoill of rhose competing for th~ same ~U-gotten gains, l'hC;!lt! '~01'i11f.:ts ean be: as 1l1COns.c:C(lle:l'lt lal as a disagreement m'!!rtEl',il;ory .tha:.t is 5etclad by a pact ora SUIl} of compensating gold, paid to one ·side or the other, ne}' can also he as desperate as fuJl.kiIe armed 0rl'~itiQn v • .ith both factiOils .strngg,ling,openly for COlltrolof fhe d~i>ired prize. The Cull: prefers to bargllhl its W3,Y out oj thes;e probleras, but \Nb~'I it can't, it's, members ,dig ui and fight. The W_rus of Purple d~V'i,~ the strategy th~ir cells emJ)loy ag{ILiritt rival organizatiol1~, .and th.ey a]so join th~ ,r:t:nk an d file:in t:he figh tiug.

Not! !lUrprisln~Ly> the Cult of tbe Dragon and the llirpen lm.ve. battled ene another fl';:r sIDe!: tbe~ Cult Calm: into behlg_ The Ftarp.ers oppose the-~'l!Ilt the same way that t1~y()PPose all iL1d Ivirli:lals or grol.!pS woo seek to n"rc~ their will on others (or conquer the world .. at Im'u:U broader ""fllJIiCl1!'rJOII of rhe same conCCP[J Harper <IglflltS continually attempt Co ;iruIlu8te Cult cells and disrUpt tcl1elf qpe.ll.tlo!l5. Some. indiviihtal Harpers hnve d~

HOW cultists net

The ~oUowin& ar~ • .!.vPi£~J ]Jer:!i.ol'lnlJries ~.ml -attltlldes fo)'

CUltists. •

Wcar_C[ of Porp,te: Scholar!y and visiona.ry. with a fa., mltieal: deme.fnol".:an:li ! be w ide-eyBt!! stare of the de'~Qi~~d mDlIticor a@nt-t~lil1di!d professor.

UISU, M1.8~1 J\mbitiQU5 3,Hd PQw:er·bun.gry~ ~cith w eye

toward the furore, _

Fig,h1crBodyguud:: .Alert and aggr;::·s~i,,~, -


The CLid.t of dH.' Dra.gon boasts- as its crner strengths jlOwerrllt allies and its members' fanatical dl:'Yotion to the cause. L~s telari:vely small membetsbip, however. often hampers i.t'S ability :to elTectjv,elJ acoompill;h its gQah 11"1 addirion, the chaotic nature of many of the CIl!t1st.s makes them. 1ilErp.redicfll.MI:, whJd! can Ill! both a blessingand'll curse.

ioot~d their c.ntian: liY'ell to ~dentifying:l;ild !;wJ:lplng Clillt llgnrts, while others rnf"rely strive against the cultIsts whqJ~'cr they arc eneoaneered, It's. it special event for a eell Ivhen";I Harper spy J.s discovered ijl, its ,uiost After taking the agent prisoner. rhE! rwti.«£5 ~y tpulley him or bet' to me near sr allied evil dragQn or dracolich to be messil¥ devoured, 11U5 sjght never fai1& to iring brooll sUlil~'" [J) the Jaees of tile .a"ttending c:uJtis,tsi,


C'IlLrim rru:-ely, ~ ever, [I'30VeJ aprol}'. They canner afJlJtd.o pl'oci<liJ'!I their P:'$wu:e., £0 [:{l,ey 'ili(lgu.is¢ [hem:sdv~~ ~d tra \Ie.! in sUlaH groups· to avoid scrutin y. A typ ica I.encounte:r I'ilth. ar g.fOUP. of CuhiMS iliVDlv~.£ a ~'iwd leader plus another wi:r.ard am! "omo; booygttarcds (usually rlghten, bar s~luetim~ barbarians or even warrlers, if the leader is from a weaker c!tU). The wifards are normally spec1ali'ZL'd in Necroraaney, Only the blgg;e~tand most import::uu cells ~c;nltaitl clerics. Thli! F/H/cam.N RE41.11/S Cl,m~pM&l1 Set.ti1'l1J, (:Qora:in's. statisncs Fo:r a typical v.ei;tard Cuh member.


Cult Eio!;Qnnter (EL +): 1 iessef l:nage (CE: human Wi .... !). 2 'badygllHds. em JlIltriati Ftr'L, RU1, Ow'Rugl)'

Cu.lt Eoccuncc,f (EL 6): + ~sa mage CCE. hum:irl Wi13), 1 3.si:>tant (eE human SorZ GIl' WiZ'2), 1-barlyguards (hl'£ harnan Frr2, Rgr.2, or. Rog2}

awt Entowuer (EL t) 1 Wearer of ~urple (CE !lWilan WId), 1 !esser mage (CIi'. hUlliiHl $or4 QC Wi1.4), 1. booygll:atds, (1'>.1:E human FIr4, Rgrf~ OJ' Rog4}

Cu1t Eu()otm..re.r (EL lO) .L Wearer elf Purple (CE .bU.Dllill WIz7), 11~eT mage (eE human Sor4 OI' Wi1l41 :1 priest (hiE human Cli'2 Qf ~lI.r11 bodygllards (NE hurnart Ftr4, llgl't 'Of Kog4)

Col:*, .i&IlC".Qoo'f~ (Et.l'i); 1 Wear];.r of Furple tG'E hUnlan Wlz&111leue:1' mase (CE human 50r6 or Wiz6), 1 j'riest tCE hmna:rt C1_r4, of Talru)' '2. lxxIygu:U'ds (};'.1E human Fn+. R.gr4~

or Rog,+} ,

Cult Eu.coo:ntet (EL ][4) 1. Wdnr of l'litrp1~ (CE 1l:UJD1ill Wl:!;ll),l lesser mftJ:\€': (CE.hlll1~anSor8 (ltWi:l8), lpriest (NE buman Cl:r+ of Shar~. 2. bodyguat'ds (1\TE il!l::mttl 'Ftr6, ligr6J or Rog6}

CUlt Eru;olmter (EL 16); 1 W~re.r- of Purple (CE bUm.lUl WizB), 1 lesser IDllge C(:E human SQrlO.or Wi1l10); 1 priesr 00. human Gh6 of V'eJs]'!arool111 ~yg.ual'iils, (lsTE. iimman FaB, ll;grB~ or RegS).


Tb{)ugh: the C'Ultists ate: (lrgani~ed into differentiated cells, their ({::wtiolilwd_anger tends to be unserucnsred, Each member of fbe cell rends to act accotdiil!lg to bois or h~r best judgtlle1lt. thoo.gb ill .lt~lUpt in t lid.r own way ~(}. suppo:r t the .;;("11. Cu 1:i: 1"12.ards normally re.pomll) to threats dir«t'ly with their spells, ltild. c1er~" 00 Likew]se~ while bodxguards and flunkies do their best to engage attnckt[S phlSiCilll},- If a battle goes poorly, the wizards g~j1~.r:1.Hy shift ttl dd:eillsive: ~pellsor jllusion:> and: [I't ill escape. Tiley may (ll' 1:I1UY l~ Stop to .m;:5!!>t' colieaguelil d~~dlug Oil ,chejr individual relatioaships, Tbe CUlt's lack of.spc~iill:

I'csjmn~s rnay make it fUQJ:e. U3c'!lgcrous than Ii mare predicmblo: foe, sm:re each ceil responds. differ,end), tosiUlilwf s!t"uarions.


Wizards of the Gult of tbe Dragon ~SCi the fifllndacd equipmen t IltTil a.bility scores pre'S!! n ted in the 'J)fJ Nfl W,N M ASrEJi'~ Quine. Their fea,t pl'.ogresSiOJl doesnot include bonus.fears for humans, Some C'haracrcn may~(ffe'r ~y ~Ying regicmal feJ.ts" Many of the CUlt's wu.ards spenialize b1 NeCrOIJ1Rru:y.

. "fbe .typicaJ equipmeut and feats for" lesser mage or Wearer of Purple arc giveJibdolV. Ahility scores and ether details are ali For the: Nrc w12;<Lrd in C!lnptet :1 of' the 'l1UJ[Gl!O.N

MA.5T~'JGld41f. .. . -

ht '~'I'd: Si:rort: endure £itlmlnt •.

2nd :Li!ve1: Potion; CharimJIl or Illtetlige:m:t plus cttr« Jigllt 'Jtl{lffl104. OCrQJlFo U,!flSl! j'Mr-, thieM.

• ~rd, Level Potions; Chart:rma or IlllBl1igem;1/ (totlll of '2) P las (, ~"JJ't' .tigbt 'llJDlin(Js, &rolls:g:hOlli f(Jl«h~ .sl'tll:fI"iJ I hill/d.

+til urTrd: W;U1.d:C_(Ht;.t/-ear. l?otilills. Charitmi% er '''Jldli,ge1JCI!' "(total of ?) plus 'curt! '1flatirro,te 'w)ms. ScrolL;: Mrw, scare:

ft.h L:Tcl; CtfmN if. fr~WC1iQfI 1-1. PoriQl1I1: fnldligl!11(!e or Cha;1'ism:a (tot.d of 2) 1'10:;; CMre ;nod,eral(' w,~luuh ~.!'Id l~l#/tr. Scroll!;; blu!', dlil-J.nrh~#? /!I1JntM nee ..

, 6t.h Lave!: C1Gnk if prGl1Jc;Ji~'l +~ j'IDnOD5: Intetiig,eite:e or

Ch.Jrlcsm.r '(total of ;). Serolls; hlt~~>, 4.MkfJ;"'il)n~ eJ}/iuralJ(:(J~ gentle rCf!fJs(:.

. ?dl. L.evel! Cloak ~f pr(Jt(f(;tlM1 +L Wand: burning !iitmls. FoLio,n'S: lntdligf!lJ(:eor Chal<imm (tQtal of ~). SoroUs! lh~rlM.isum,

{N)nt'll'gifiit, /ffiii!-r'IJlltiO?J.· •

8th Level~ Cl{lllk-aj' prolt:ction +1. Wand: c'Tis f/'4Cf/. PoOtlou: . r;llre serious 'Wolllrd s. S[;iI'o]j,.; d,:irk.·isio,fJ, wJPl'ftued' uI'vi:ribililj'. 1'o-lym,orph self

9fh Level: Clod if Pl'otCCl'tMf + 1, bM,arJ' of health. Wand: flrll'fll~ arruw. l'otioll~ IUil-'SIII. Cl}, C}jd";~md (IT JJilcllig,EtH£ (total of 2J&rolk ['i?nr71.l-1nqlliter~ dar.l"!Ji$iuJI, d.imemifJ'l:l dool'.,

l"bttt., lAv-ol: CIM!:, of prtJt~li:tJlJ?1 ... 2 W;md: liglJlfJitJ.g boll (lOtn-level caster). FotioJ:ls: ClJdr;5m~ or rlltelligr:,Ju (total of 2.) plus c!~re .eri()ltJ 7,(_'QUJI(l;. Stto!Jfi:,,,harm m'()}l1w-I" dtll'~fJ~sirm, di1l1-UlSil)1i aoo1'.fin:Jitidi ClOth-level caster),

Peat,; lot~ GOlllha[ Castit~S; ~rd, ,Brei\\' :PonoD;, 5't1!,. S"e11 Maseery.i 6th, E.mpowc:r Spell; 9:Ch. CI':Jit WOllclroQ~ It"ffii 10th, SpeUMastery.

Booyguards of the Cult ~se the standard eqaipment, :lhilit), sco.r(l~ and Feats ,PIe5Cll.ted for 1\'!'.PC fighte.rs in Chnpr,t.'1''2 of rae 'DUNfl!iON .M..If$l'ElI,'S Guide.


T1:Je Clllt ~f the Dragou PQ;SSes5eS II sacred book,lvl'itttm by Samma:!!'e]; First>-Sp,eilkel' bimael:'f, cmcitlcd TtI'IiHt til ,(be

• ZlmgG~. The rome I;; a dutk I;tack of vellnm pages ,bQund tp· gcch.e:r inside a cover made .of cured t~d dragon hide, The Cult syrnbolappc:ll"S- .in gtlt on the front cover. TIll! orig,tnaI cap .... _,

. .




. . '




rontains det:aiffi 011 all. the insane archmage's research ln creating druQ1iches.. It also holm the eomplete text' or 'his prophecif's regarding me fate of loril" [he rei!¥! 'or t,bt"- undeaij, dragons, al~d the role of dn: Cult in dmllllstt:riog the t1eW wi9'!"ld, order, Moreover, it bQ1Js al1 the 'Playerl Hnndb(Jok spdls fr~]] the school of Necm.maD<:Y, <lud'deta!ls [be- prOCe:S8, tuat inl!.>t' be followed '[0 tum a dntgan Into a dtacolkb C~~ the FCrB(KlTT'e.li RBAUl1s Cawpoig;J &i(i.ngl.

The boek is written ,ill 3 cipher Invented by Salll111ltstci', The solution to the code 1:> one of jtb,t: Cult's IT.l:ost'dose-1v giIJ:il r9l!d sec rets, and_ only-the 'tVeatltrs ot Pltr p le nre pesrni [ted to Ii!lU'TI it. The Cult Gas made sever-al copies of die. origina], and most cells hit ~e their own LOP)!' kep,r in the pos&eSiiiol1 of it:> 'Vt:anr of Purple, All JIlIMl'IOOtS of rh~ C!l:ltRJ'e ~';v;p,ect!'"d [0' guard th~ir cell's copy of Tom« '" the '!Jrag.o,r widl th.m- lives, if necessary.

The well of' Di'a~p~S

Mcmb.L'J"" Nearly no (indudin.g servants). Lt:-.dn: Naergoth Bladelord, '

In the \~Ll.der:!i~ss southeast of the Bartle of Bone" rises tire llfec less caldera of a long-exti:J~t volcano, Withln. its hollC!>~" dcpl;'lls 1iffil tbll ptaee at wMch Iegends have lO.llBbi.i:lt~d; _;j dragon graveyard, where tbe greatbeal<t.8~o iB.pe'l"isJi wh"en 1th:clr time is nigh. It is a: grWl sight, Uiled with countless thousand, of dra{;Oi:l. bones bl'eac.hed wh.j,~ bY' time. Sui t9 a m~mber of t,hl:

Culr, [ills is a vision of ~ltty" for the graveyard is a veJ'lrable treasure frov!' for those w.h~ WOl'Wp undead drageus;

A£ Doted, m die F(}.R(;a'lT~"l REAU.f'S Campaign Selling. the Cult of the Dragon discovered thi:> site outyrecent1y, mld it acquired possessiory af .CJ1 I'ele:lls!ng t.h~ ~ild~::ld dragon gtlIll"di:a.n. H.q\\'ever, droug,b. it bas seat a numbr;:;r of L:111ri.sts and. rnueh material to the pJ~clolit has not thus far been a;ble to el1jQ}f its wlndfalL The Cult is not the only o1tganJzat:tmi lnreresred iu ~oot~ the treasures mat lie indlc.y,oIcano's hpllol'l' ru.'t'::J"l:or. Tltoug~ the 9utr is building a fortress ~Q- guard th.e Well of Dragens frem rivals, the work proceeds, slowJr due to the ~eu])' t;oo:Stallit eb~t'1"!.IcI'iQIl rr:om- mtmder:s, Fegding (Iff [ne interference of "tdVel1iturer,s, ardLmage!!. d!ra,gdms Wh0 objciJt to the Cu.lt's,activities. aria a hoot of oeher interests 'Sl1!t ,easy. but the Cult members statloned there ha~e 50 rar man:!g!."~ .~

gxim1}' def~l1d t~air [ootlloJil .

Thill location if, 11 seri~~. of'natural caverns, mg;ether with some has;tily built chamocrs, in, a neaJ'by area of the volcano, It BUVI':S' 3& a t~ml?OFat}' headqnarrers r()J" [he. commander of the, fQru~ss, While the, 1';'0,1");; progres~.s i'\OO'te. rh.~ ~O!ltJl'Hl~~!I':r !Jlends mach Qf h~ time III Ills rooms below, dil:cc:ting his rnmion" Wl10' ill,1:um :;uper;L5e the laborers building the str~n,ghajj. Rough!.).1 three hundred fIfty cillrun 'are :assigned to thls projeCl, including 51lJ"\'acnrs, Most-aoout two bllm;inrJ rj{typ-e bhQrers and craftsfolk who are, worku.~g fr<lnEically tc;) raise the fon~es5 so that [he 'Wdl or Dragons [Ill! be p;roLcctl1d against i:J.ltrlJ.d~(~. Th~. wor;.l.i WOIlid ~~ly go fast~r if the CUll hired out5id~ lahoi~ .b'1lt it fears tbe lu"each ill secnfcy. Better ·ta finisb the task ~@Jne.wi:Htt slowly, dle Wearers, of llirllie reruiOll. .. than risk splieading all over File-ron >tl1~ lJowledge oF.wl1a( is happe.ning h(:rt::, Of till: relIlilming one hllndnd, about twenty are lcssu IUl'SC5 who defend the site lIgaillst u.n-

wanted eyes 3:}ld mterlopers, About seventy are: se.r,'1a:nC>l whO' KC1lp the laborere fed. cloehed, and s.uppliM, and [he remainder arr~ W earel~ of furple Msl;gned to help guard the ~1t:e3nd' bJ!gm cataloguing its treassres, The- cll!lti~ts ;lssigned to raise the secret fortress t"liat will soon become the Cult's new headquar-

t~~afe ,amOl],g_ the mostdevoted of lt5 I:lIcm~s. .

Nn!"rgoth .D1·ulelo:rd,. inal"guII)J.ly the Culf's iill')!!! ,Powerful warlord (CE male human Ftr18), oversees the entire Ilnt~[prise. The WearerS' of.:P'l'l::rple ~s~g):l~'him the ccmmandof t.he (Construction .projelZ.f when it became dear tha,t' somebody woula h,ave- 't-o defend it. N".1t"l'goth was pre,'kmsly attached to a luge Cult: eel] in Semhia, where he >Iud his ooJdiers ,protected varioua :ilJeg~l Cult activities. Hili deese'e mt!Ch cue far d:115 assignmenr, b,OWl!vet: T~I;: W)!:~1"erG of Purple are too paranoid about dlseov~y to hire a pl'oper-si"Lcd eoussnrction crew, and fliere hasn't beetl time fqr a sufficleut number of soldiers ~o# assigned to ,tb~ place. Na:erg'odJ., Feels exposed and >"Rinel'ab!l.'t, ind he !f>pelllds 3 lot of hie tune' r"rring ~to. £0]'1- vmce thr Wearers of Purple tQ hi!'" a merce aary WIllP"'U), to hdp him fend off IW[fl:ld.ers. Thus far" the. :;enior Cultists presenr at the site 1111,\l"e preferred tQ rely on. rh'l:i:r spells and rliose of their Iesser tu<tt\es ro rcp~! iru'LlJ"iopers. Thisr strat.egy !;ias worked so far, but the Cult has los.t some members:in trlle


Unknown to Waer1¥lth, helpis on the \Vay. The W~lenH)r Purple ha ve ium.morlc-il aid from .ArSl.!bslyx. a Illi!mce red dragon that the Cult has beee]] coopet.a:t!ng with fOr years. They auticipate her -lU"rival aqy day I]OW" ,Old hope thlilt her presence enables the Ia.borers to rll1isll the fOrtress ",-jdlOl1t tbe need to ..

, j:1l1,PQft more work.t'J5or snldiera,

Ouly die cemmander, hi~ aide, and several of his solwllT1i are quartc:red here, The' W~a;el'!; I'll Purpte G!;l~'e :tlready In'l;l\'cd jmo makeshift qmtrtets Wi the: t:mf1n1shed fortu'ss' above" t41: bet1:~r eo deft!Dd ie. Most of them Ililli[ the commauder (who is erartmg to wonder just wh~t he's in cmTIIirl3.!'!d of) n.t least onre a clay.


This location is reaehed by :1 wide natural cavern that exits t~ maiu dragon !';m ';e~ Bird in t~~e hallow volcano In terioe, runrung; fOr abou._t '2:'00 y<lrds seurhease ;,t a downward angle of about 11 degrees, Unless noted othe!wi~. metal bnazaees that: servants keep rilled and sUl'ked lIg:l1t aU tbe rooms 0f (he com .. ]Ie:-:. The structure itself is oatural ~tOfJ,~ wmkecl In some (lIaces to creare t~m!l and chambers.

1. TUIDJl,e] Ell tl'IIIlCe

A pair of the commander's soldiers (LE lnnmulil Ftrl) stand guard u all tunes, fotbidding entr:;mcOl to :tor except tli:.C!S.e th~y recO§t1i2e;and w.hohl.ve legitim.:l.tc bu~me!il>wirh [he: commander, They haV>Il·:flfrckrs·tO'(iUl:StlO.ll e'feryon~ wh,p c'omes rhis w:ay. ~\le-D if kuo\V[l to them. and [0 ask for ,the password, which is changed daily. If .anyone 3p~rooehing Fails ter'g;i've the p;u;sw!)rd, the guards raise the -alarm by blowing tJJeli hums. ,R.aising and bto)fl'llig r,he nOl'1l .:is jib 11l OV~-Ilq,!li va!~ Iltild.io.ll .. The hpm i6 .heard thro];!!ghout the :complex. Anyon.e approaching 'the lion~plex from this- area can hear :t~\e SOI!I!ud of TInlJl:ting, WlIttt dir~c'!"ly ah~<id (the, 1;DIl,lld lS m:l.d~ by the IU1!fergro:und Stre-.uII, area 16),



'l . .stQI'C'l:oom

This smap reom is onl Y parnall l' ftniS'b:ed.: Ill,!: walls Ilnd ceiil.lug still bear '\f~ibk gQcuges and marks where the cultjsts· hacked away :i;t'on~ to creal:c 'the room. It is. p.ilecl 11ig~ ll'it:il boxes of ~ry biscuits; harrell> of water and w:iJ:)..e. sacks of [1oU1", be:tij:5;, and rice,and bllgs: of similar items.

3:. Trap

A threadbare' woolen I"tlig "as been thrown over me noo. of this vestibuJI.I. Worked into the rug~ ,attern_i;; the Iaded image of a red dr~gon. wings spread, iIl:eIlHi:iIlg" g,Dln of nam~ as ithovers nbove 3. tlll.y farming commenlty, The half-dozen buildings in tbe pic:wre, are all a b!.au, as <II';: the nearby ("rel5 'and ba)tStacks. l'anicked Httle prople run PU~ of their houSes. The rug ruseJf smells strange. exuding' an odor more l'e.min:i.se·e!U of 3. ;pine forest than a biB square of wool

Trap: 'tne 10-foot-i5quarc rug ;is &LIll.rded ?y a, t;/yph of 7Ul.frtling triggered by i'lllY 110JlCVU creature thai enter .. tnt: area, The blAst igniti:s the rug (which .is coated with pitch) and dC.ll,~ SdBp'oints of fire dal,U3ge ro the cbarjl:"t~r who stepped 011 'tbe rug and anyone witliin t feet of iWll or h;r. The' rug burns fBr 1 round followmg the explos10c. All CflO:aJ;UfeS standing tin the: LUg or within 5' feet or the :rug tal€! 2d6 PQil1~ of fire damage, Acotl1{,ating ~he tfiP rnekes suffici!.!nt noise to tin,." the atteJ1ti:Ol~ of ,eve.tyon.: in th~ I."omplex IV'hO is not In areas 11. B~ or 14,

Gllel~:f IF .,.;U.g: CE. 3~ r ·ft. fire blast (j'd'8); .Re£:tex 1Wlf (DC 16'); Search (DC 211); Disable Dt:vice (DC 28)

j,'oFning ltag Trl.jf;CR. ~; +f I!Gnged rouchlttcack (ld6 fir~); &arch (DC '20); Disable ~vioe (DC' 28).

+. Armory

T~S' room st6rot8 the MUlot, 'wc-apallS,. and personal gear of the compll!'x':; gu~tds. The w~p(ms and armor here i!ldud~ ~WOl!'d5, axes, daggers, CI'~:boW1;j ami ntilJi of chaii}l;i,a,i] andstndded l~ather annce, uone of'it magical.

jr. ServlI.nta;' QJla[tcr5

FoUl' servants (},'E. humans CQml) whQ serve tal! commander and his staff are holl~tld in this; rccm, The only items in the room are the servomts' ordimllry personal e:ffecrs.

6. Guardroom

Twa of tllc cOliIlTlOlrufer's soldiers (NE hu.man,s Ftr2) are starioned here at all times. Their order~ are to $top :ytd Itgt!Stion everyone- who approaches, eveu if the guau);; recogllii~ l'fil:tp, alloll to halt anyone: lac'king lcgitu1JRte besiness with 'the commander. The}f requ!!st the uaily p.asslVortl" ;and if it is not fcnhcomlJlg, one soldier attacks while the Q'thef blows his warning hom.

7~ Gauds' ~,tU5

Tlus is the sIte_pjng, quarters for eight Cult soldiem (NE or LE human .Ftr2). The area has four bUl1!k bem st:t agalnst tbe wail5, l\ sma~! woolell stana ronminitng a c:er:lmic washbarln. a cham.her pot til 011(1 corner, and the gUllJas'l'el'sonal iilT«:ts.

S. Aid!::', Cbtltten

This is rhe qmtrt:ers flf KJ.~,rarn (1'.'E nuile' btml!1n Ftrl0). the ,;ommander's aidMe-catltil' He IS rcsJlonsihle for &eeLl1.g to it

N:ae];godll Maile human Ftd&, C'R 1:8; M~ium·Size huwanen:!; HO UdlCt 71; :!:ip It+, Inir +:1; Spd 10~ AC 1~ (tow::l't ll. nat-foot~a 10); Atk +"'l,'i1+"l21+17/T12 melee (ldO+l0} 17~ 20, +.f pllJlfOfF'd !7vilni) or + 21f+~6f+ 11,1+6 ranged (1.d9+6, + 2 mig hI;!! I:fll'lJ {lfJ1ite. 1;1Jr;!11'W r +4 Str oorluslX AL GE_; SV Eor~ ';17. Ref -t 7, Wi1l*6; se l8.De;>; 1.3J Co1'118, Imt14. tIlis, 10, Cllll: 1.1 ..

ssu« .:I.'fJd hats: 8limb +19, Handle A!limal·~lO.Jllmp ,18, KVDWkuge. (ardl.itetture ;cud tlngirl~l'inS.) + "I. Knowledge(g,eogfapl:ry) +4, Lisren *1~ Ride (horse) +'H, Sewch.+Y. Spot +~. Swim +1~;, A1ertness, Blind.Fight. Cleave; Combat Ref[eJ:~. Doct~e. Eudurance, "Exotic Weayon ftGfic.iency (}ast!l.rd sword)' Grf1li[ Cleave" Great FQrti~ude-> Improved B!ill1tJI~b.lm,prOlf:~,d GriticilJ (b$i'ard s~"ordJ. Mobiliey, Power Attack, Splillg ArnH:k, Sunder, Toughness" \'/;ea,PDll FocUs (l'l;18tlU'd 5wonl1 Weapan Speem!izatlO,lI (bastard S\\>ord).

'PM$lmi~Il$: +4 h,ad'4crJ. J1V{}rd. qf 1(1(Jlluaitrg, -+-2 mJgbt:.l~ &pl1i' ruSilt jOl1gbfl'lv (+4' St'r .honus], masterwork ftlll plate:, po.tiiJ'1 qf ht;ruzs,n, 7jui1Jl!1" if E1JlfJtrlM" riTlg 4' f! rO/l!ctiGII + 4.

tha't the' eorumander's orders ate carrled out. arrangrng for the daily password, a~tirrg as the l:'iil1ll11l.:mder's liaison 'Wii;[h the We~rers of 1"urpl~. and overseeing !:'he ~i:te's overall p:i'og:i:Il'SS wbile the cow~lliUld'i:t worb on plans, eo defend, it frol'l1 intrP'ders. Klaram is a m~tieliary wli~ lll~ bee I] with t11e Colt: fOJ' t hr~t.: year!;. The room boldi; his bed. a. writing de .. k, ""chair.. and Il' padi:hig erate that dou bles 'as a f eorlnc ker, The ~n:t~ is i.ocke~ with an i\v,ernge Lock (Open Lock DC 1n, and contains Klara !U's personal ~ff ~~rs, as WI! L1 as ,three poti(lnJ' of awe mrJil· erat« W(J'[$fUM and the Olidc":s password book. '{his is a. sllm book cb~;}:ply bound in: cowhide rllac oollt'llins column; Qf'hu:ndr~d~ of ~vonls. all Wfitt;m in a. neat', plain script: '/i.e l11.:c'k' mar k next to,a word ind.i«;:!tes tJmt it has been used as a password; Klanuu. 'apptarlll'O be using the word~ ill order,

9. CQmma,ndel:;!~: Q!a:rtcn

Th15 is the persona], d1;"ULber of the COmlIHIIPQer of the site. When llot an;o11g tb>: W£ill'~S of EIli'pJe tryil1H to turn th~m' tollis point of view or obserVing ill trusfi'ittion while me work

on the ferrress slowly cantinues, Naergmh, cnnbe found ht'l'l! , \vritwg in hh log or reviewing hit> aide's ·r~port.s, Witbll1 rhe room IS .. b~d (som~\'IfMt l,ar;gcr than the other beds irn the complex), a wriring dt'Sk, and c,h:rir. a \\'ll.KhbasiJl, and a wooden chest 'l'einforced wi.th brass fittingl' The chest ,is lochd wirh

an il-lT~rag;e lock (Open LOCK OC 2S,) The cltcs.t eontains the oo,mll1Ulder'5 perOOtlaX efI~ plus :'I m!!.lmbel· 'Of his old c;m· paign 10g.s',

1{)' Unfinished adam ,

On!), ene I~oal'! of tim rcemis fi.llish~. giving it a rathe!: lopsided ap~arlln{'e. The room is crartuned with furniture that pre. .. mn~bl}~ will be 'put to s;m use-when tho.' fortress is flilishM: clta1rS, chests, boohhd"es, tl<J:Jling deskS-lind a long oak table.

11. Holding Cdl

Unlike tbe other iljU'ti: or the complex, this room i$lffllir, ,l11d It re.eks of .swea,t • .blQOd, ;md de~air. S't::f iron pillar!!, each 6 mche'S

_ III dinmete •• b.~"'!t been haStily erc::ated in th.i5 rihiunber ami bo,[t·ed to the floor and ccfJing. A pal1 of <i.ha.d\ks has been r.a~r 'tene.ri m e~l1:a Jilllar. Most of the smckles: are empty but coated with dried hl.DOd and bls of desiccated skin. Two"pr1Gouen ",lID


II.rte:mpted' tO'spy gil the progress of the forrress b~t were spotted and captured occull}' tlre tenter pillErs.

One Prl:SOMf is Nevtii!.il, u Z'hcntaJI:im agellt (LE m~~ Muman. Rog~). The btl1Gl is Av'aTJ":L afi3atdctdal.e.,"a Ha;rl'er agent (OG fumale half·df Rgr'2). Both l!J,aYI: been beaten, gaggCli'l_. and t;ludded here ep await flli'~J'c:r n\is1-reatmell.l: at tM binds or rhe commander-and the wjv.rd&. N'foYrnil claims to be II. merchant who gat sepanl~cd "from bis caravan and wandered into the area by milit~k~. Avarra 'admits til' br:::illE iI tMlgc:r, but keeps l'<er til: to tile HiriFers a secret untll 51i~ is' Sill':cJhs:t any rescuers are-not in le~gue w;d~ the Cult.

11. Chamber GfAK~duJcc

tv'hetl the eultists moved in w tll:ke over the Well of Dragons, I thc}' rlf!i[ oud"itred this "lr~;1,:a~ iIr'lUakesMft sta:gii1&grmllui for ~ my dragon tIJ:H mignt become a Sacred Onehefore the (S. Iertress i5 fiJllah«l. While some mlg!lt; quesfion the Cl.llt's prj· ... o-ritie.>, it made sense '[0 tilt Wea:s::enlor Purple to be ready fot' ~

d the contingency, T1:Us immense eavern ~;ideli.L f61" the wk, ~

~ c;ru_;e' ~t is open to ~e sky above- via an old Lava· wbe thll:t rises II lbiJl'~ the newly made pond G.wea· 14). off.ering easy lIcces:;JOr ·l ~. dragmi. '!'he e.t vern ~iling is 4: 0 fel:! thigh. DUl'in,g- da y11g111: ! boors, the l:igh.t f'iLrerillg down tiITOtlgb the o;P~n shllft dimly..! lights 'rae C3yer:n. At Dig,ill the area is lit by braziers placed on 1:::

the gre.atplarIof1!Il (area _B). .

U. Great ,P~atfDrm

ConBtrll.ct~d from massive limesfO.rl,e bJOCKll. .ba!Jl~d· down hen

l)y tb~ l .. bQ[r;:rs, ;;ms huge, suge is meant ~n_ -hald a dl'agOll 'awaitiLtg transfor-ma.r:iol1 dUr'rn,g;:in fUHil mom~m$. Four slier[ • i1i£bts- of suits offer d:tc.eultists conveJlimt acce:;s to tl;lc plat(crm'fi,5tll'faCl; wllkb is r feer above t'11e, eavern floor,

140. UiIlck-J:Slound Pond!

Thinking d~;It' any visitin:g lkagon; or potential Sacred. One, may wish to drink or b.1,l;he conveniently. the We:ll~ers of Putpk ordered the nltt~i1El!;ti.ol1 Gf tl'i:is rJ:nillow pond" Laborers piled limesteme b'lnds_ across the stream (area. nj to darn up the L1ow, causing this part of the' eavern ro flood. The pond ffi icy coW: and ahoat 7 feet deep in ehecenter, Ahoy~. a 'i~cated I"~;I Tube Ide O'ler frem c(l_e 'Volea;_n,o''i ac:t:ive perice twists and turns irswa:y up to th~(sur(ike, ~bout 6f feet above.

1', Lime,atone _Q:am.

Limt:!ioonc blocks have. bi:e_:Il used fa da~ the flow of tile undi'rgroond stream, _A sluice cut m'ta the dam's center allmlos th . e stream to oollrinue lnovi:fig, "lowl),. along jtf; course, The slurce call be: p lu§!!;cd wldl.:l Iimestone block to 'stqp th,e llow cJu,i;ret}'_

L 16. Unde.rgrmmd. Stl'~m

TIn: stream ecntinues.lrs s101v tneam~l!:r throllgh t1k IOI:k, pass·, ~l1g from beJl"ethrOllgh ~~hole in the "ave i100r and lILtima,tdy f!m:-rgin~ en the surface on the voleane's s.outhern flank.





The Drow

Or/~'AT Ellfl.n;"qalfs.gl',mp W'I~ r'C'ady, His li'w(Jnl. wet'1! sbil"1' Kerri btlp, fr'd~;m!d a do(Zul spdls to delI/wIth ~pidcn {md p.liiSIi!'" .'1)"In_b1J"~t: "lli(Wf' 1'1> r:/(!aJ: (!_f i1J'llclmida (1m! f:.'lr:ri~d a woml of da~ light. Mebf1Wl J:/tul pre p.u'114 his m'QSI pr:Jfe'ol.lnilll'e. m;agic_ PheJ' I~/_f"f'Ji;~ Carm.tkldhvl''lvith the itJt~f11 t~ .flay.

II 'IiI,aS lil1't~ to strike rlgpimllhe i:n'lJ'aticn ~f Orlpur'~ IMmeI{Hld. The d1Yl1P. W(ij'1htpY's iff A7'(iHI~/Jm:e. l.r;ith, 'iJJI! Spidu ffJJ1.ce1J. '1'1:Ie '!)~" tlm/gLI q dm·J: t'}~e,s Ji<rJJ<J~ in Ilie ah1:;es'4ml brm1t!J of his peoplr $i¢kC'11.l!d him. He and bh- d]ltes 'Iv'IJlIld ariofJ( ~br:m uri; f.if tb-e e tvr1.J trees '/nul/tfT'c1!' lhem ~<lck into lhi U'.1.dB'J'dark sabere the.)1 belonged, or kill 1he.11: WPl:t"t! they Itll(jd~

JITb~ th~ .f:tnt:/: crime, t'hey teere pnfpa;red. K<fff't (o;a.st bel' "WttrdJ d!.(fjmt 'TJt'r7l1ii". Mdme.n hmmhed ;'I f'"u:eba4Jf lind 1JuJnhrmh 1i1a1U! {if 'he q_igbl tiM it Wa:r flOrm,

It ~11 'lPl!l1f f;'()fflhly wrong. No spld~s wert! f"tm. The drow r~ilt!d /1'("': .the fire II,rHCathl1a. T{J~J' ig;nured the di:rJ'/ig)Jt. Hnil5 if liroIsbwll ~(}!tJ f~JJeri nJl (hrel: tif hl~ rillies befm,'e Urfp.:r lwd (f rbanoe /oJ/rille (IN-et:, Halt d doxen Jul'ts pt~.&ed bis s frill,. mId he; J'I!li, bar~lJ' alil./J 1~ ~f:p hi'll e)'e l optn • .A 1rJ~ment '"Ier, hi' war tUJ·rl1rtmJ.ed. "/ eurse )'0# .JII,d J:'fJ111' dar-k deity, drr.nv,'" iJe 1f1hi'f!~I't'd, (·o!~gh;ng.btlK!d.

u. Lih!e t:l'UJ!.TJ /001;"" b.issea Ib-e rim'l:: d./."1 spit 1111 'the 'Spider

54!:1erJ." •

A cf'riSSbo;w OQl1 tTl tht IIjif' e'f/J!,ea Oro/pm·lj 1!'iiz;Z;/'tm.e!l/.

No longer a threat uulyill rot' Underdarl;, rbe d.1J"k elves of Fa~run gO,1N prowl abo>;! rhe !>UTr;~Ce to wad .. their evil or .imply to survive, Ad\lentUfers are discovering them in huge"

- numbers In the old elveu land!!, p;articul3.tIy Corm.ulthor·, and they :!I1'e'" !rot I.llM1: :the tegel~dt; tell. WillIe lliIal'l)' worship Lolth the Spid~.r Qgt"e~l> some bavl: come to the aurface to' escape tb~ C'i_i![l.res~;.I;!n. .• md insane eonflicrs !Df the ('i~ies she (JJI!t'rol~ aud these turn to other delties, of tbe: drow psnrheon or (more' fl3,re.!y) deities of t:4!i' surface world. Some of [1;\ese drow -still" hold We drive to eonquer and-enslave the sunlit lan~ while others juSt wish to be l~ft alone 11.1 ~h<lir net" homeland.

Brief His.Toq

Over tied 'thollsand years ago, dark-skinned elves .of the' nation of m:rth.ii.r £;a, unde the s \lra)' of ('1,1 • .11 de it if: s ap da tC3.d;:ed HHl b.miga dven natIOns. Everrtaally the BeJdarme.. t~e deiti.es of 'the elves, inservened In these great battles, tra:llsrort1)it~g rue Illyrhiirl and other dark elves uno btGcf;-sk'inned,white-haired creatures tInt could Bot stand -the ligbt" of tl];~ SUIl. These crearure S. tilled dhae,'Q.Q'w ("'traitor") by tne at her el yes, fled til to the Underdar'J,;, warred agai.t~t each other; and 6Ccasl0n:aUy attli£.ked tbllU: .surface Ho andanyoae elSl1 W111'l g~t iIl.. .• heil' my.

:I1:Ms si'ma:tlom per.iSlted [01" thqusa.mls of years, w:ith drow of diffuent phill:J,'ioph.ies and faiths fOrJ'l1nrg cjt_f"srates in tlI,;)mmense ca ~ern:; u:ndergroo ruL 0 11 th~ .S!Urface. ~he. otherr ~l"es mffen:d. wtbacks. at the hands of dmgons" eviJ. hum .. noid~s, ,Ul,1 the a:dV<I.nC'I!me.nf of .bU:ffiall ~iVi;liza:[ion!<. Evenl:ually .. the

. ehren le<lders d~cidQd thlU due elv,ell would kbest Slleited b},",a, sernre homeland' tbar no non.elf could! ti!l:ter or ever harm. Thus rhe t.lvt:n Retrl'.at wn~ ~'illh::d, 3.l'Id cl\T~frcl1l ail ofel"tohe

WQdd used .rl"(JIf"tdir and m[u~dane lllca:uS Co travel to Evermeet,

'Yhls~aballd@nmg 'Of old elven sUQngbold,s did. not go,on:L'!9" tice . lte!J,itJgmuls of dro.w. dissarisfied noble: B{)Use.S, and f;aJde:r1i froit qndergrouad cities lOU fo:g:nd [i.!wc.l' and JleweT elres to f'iight on the ~u:rrace near tbe c]o~:;t rurmels t:o die Undenl!!rk. Sem~ deeided to Stay aboveground. fecJiug that the 'const.ant pres!i'll!(U lor :5w:yl~1 would be relaxed. lli it worl~ where food; water, and spR~e were aDl.mdant. It .is tbe&~ oroll!' who 1101.' pose ill threat to th~ S1JH:irre WOrld. Tll~ drow have begpn to-'adapt to life 011 the sotface, Some can tolerate sun- 1.igac, Many have CliOStHl homes ro,. Olli'f,l aad de6e'lld. while others Sec their surface hlirs.;;:s Inuchbetj:ef l:umdnoS point5 for their, attacks OD their .ancient enemies,

tile o[,~Qn~zo:rion

Hea.iU,(ri.a.ttct!lt Cfu.rnanthor on the surf aee, lI'<l;rous dries in the Underdatk.

'Me.mhcrs, Estimated 15,):100 living Oil the surface, un-

l!'lO\1I~ tens of thoU5"UU~S ill the U1Hfertlask ..

Hiel'lrc:hy: Varie:s by group (u5ruill)Cmilitar.istic). LC!II.ru:ri 'Varies by g1Qllp.

.R.clligiou; Drew palltheon (varies by grOI.!'p). Alignment: NE, CEo CN.

Seer",},: Low.

Symbol: No "ne symbol sepresents the iitlrface Wro\V as wnole. IhM teJJd~ilcJ to- divide into factions prevents atl}' bne symbolftom reFre~e1lting them. They usually are idelltuic·d by "house runes," ~!'JGzed tCMbinat1oll5 of symbals !}ately re:fog" nizable as Espnia.r, UndeJ'uark ~row still tt:nJ! to wear the. :\ipid~'r' symboJ of Leith mote !:hall allY r,ther.

As a whole, (be dr"ow :tend to org.anize tlle.m6el¥c~ 3moug mili· tarisric lines" Since Jl111ch. of the If Jiyes is devoted' [00 combat aad ali drQW are imloctriu:L~d fraln' birth tKi) ha;[e thcir: :tildill. enemies, the surface elves, 11 m._ilit.lry bi"rs:rchy i!! an easy partern to fall into, Q;rjt"e ofcen, the upper level. of' an organization are linW by fami.jy,. with II "noble hOllS<:" being-the mcsr eomraoa lIIm!Jr: dill type. These groLlp5 l1SlIaUy 4,a:Vi!· II. :milit~tlstic [01" inatiofl underlying 'fhe OOflj'l,S of Mooe. H~ !:'IJ]·~d ill [his manner arcnilot m:cessatrily affe.ctiol:tare; a drow often fears ru. own. fMli]y IIH!R -than·1Il.fl)" tmtsicllll':. for lEI family melUDef blOWS )'ouJ' weaknesses ~I1d knows wb.en you fest. Whik tbis I,~vtlof CilIitionis normal among IDQ!;t draw grou.ps., among-the foHowet.s @fLoIth it IJ; heightened to a level of exteemc para" nois, since she encouragesher servants CO bct.my e!'l~l] oilier in the. inter·est>of m:cding 'Out the .we.ack.


Furd). milhary organlzatrens are kd by infljvich.l"dJs both _powerfal ~1d respected by rhe lesser 1l1iClMOCl'S of the group. en groups of ene Imndred or 1U0000e. [his leader is always ar leasr lOtlllevel. The leadsr is liSWIUy a spelleaster at 501Tl{' sort, and a:111png ttlllll}' grollips tho Leader IS a cleric of a drow deity, with th.art deity wors.blptn1 by aU drOp.' in tiw group. Only farely, or ]:]a morc e.galit:u:iau groups, are dtlfennt cl~icil:.!l openly worshiped by differrnt tn.em ben.

'fbOJie dr.ow.gro1.lp'5 orga!1.iu~ by family reud toh:ave O!'le~f ,mote- charismatic .in,di.TiiJua:1& at th~ 'tof! wbo (oru.ma.nd the otli.:n by I'ersu:il;:\ioll,. lUa.nlpub..tiQn. :nl)d' !l'V'~.:l.ge tbJ;imgh

the. draw ill t he' Uild.erdat 1(. Sh~ t'l1jo),sthe:ir se If -destructlve 'battles fat l~ much to have them devolc themselves-to cenq1ieri,ng the surf-ac,e., and .a a;I1Y Leleh-wershiping cl'mw ro!:tud abmreground are ll5UilUy simple i,aidillg 'parties with 110 incentive ro stay if faced with :SuperiOr force. Th~y atte m;pt tUinfllct 'R5, Jll uch dam age as ,pflssi'hl c. esp'l~ally tl'1 elves ~nd eben communiiies, before r~rma:tll1,g, Raiding parties with powetful clerics 'or otberwis.e favored by Loltb art oometh'!'lt5 a,cco.mpanied by draeglotru., myr\i;u;ijar!i, ~\.'ord ~lders. or }·odl1ols.


IavoraIf l'lilior~ than one pllIso.ttis in comm;a;I1,~. <l3,c];l IS usually 'qual to the others in power, abalance careflilly mamtaiued by

te'4lJU!)[IS allianees and veiled tm-eats, -

BteaUAc th~ drtlll' live in a rreac-ronstant statt of warfare; sud are not ltbovlO, elimll:l.'tiug toeu- o(HYIl rival(; through murder. tilt' leaders ill a group of droll' can ~haog!! m a f<tiily short alnoot of time_ Ho\ol'~'t!'. since [he drow li,tt' IOLlg lives, thl!Y are patient fnougll to b~l'd andrea.dy thellr OWll power, waiting to strike W'he,n mew rival is. weabst.


~. Tole ti'lat tbt droYI palu:heutl play;; in theatlitlidc am1 D.lltun or ,I group ~f drew necessitaws.<I short discussion of the draw deities.


Dau!l;htu of'Lolth and the ol1lygood member nr the drow pa:ntneQ13. EiUstrae:c eneonrages herifollowers. 'to tr,ea:t ot"m:rs with lwdness and avoid the senseless jl.nd gl:nocidill wars that the other drew seem to enj{l-y. The remainder of this, section of t:h): book assumes the" youp in question does )11>'t follow the Da,rk M.:ai;'li~n, forshe wou1d not tolerate such.evil frcmher f ol[ow!!HI ..


Au amitmddty that predate!> Lolth's.fall, the ,entl~-y .known as That Vlhidt Lurks rules over oozes and ether ~wi:amo:rplwus mOl15ter$ such as glbhe.rmg l'lllow:her~" ghaull~dal1s, lI.ud I'op-!:I's. It batt's, Lolt.h. and its wo,t srupcr:'. ate .!t"eq!J.ir~ to sla y ber follQ\\rtn arncl steal the!r items and knowledg.t:. It ,eujoys sacrifices and rCW3'& those wno break from the' norm [0 expl!lr~ 5~ran,g~ pum::;q.itli. Gh,H1U1(daur ;15 a bizarre, aljlllD entity tMt communkares only in simple terms. despite its ~ren mtell:ls~nce. GI;OtJ ps that worship it tend, to be smaller (s:inJ;:!: m:wy 'InelDiler:; affer ~hemsdves as sacrifices b~fore th~J' rtach middle age) and are sometimes accompanied hy oozes nnd ether monsters it favors, wh,ich"are 6uidedand eenrrolled 1:.)' its clerlcs aad dtwd~ Som~ believe that Gha:unaJmr is ~ing coorfed by Url1hc-rkll, who seeks 'to e)!:plImd her power onto fa;:: land ;Il'ld bold.. 1'I.common interest ill. j~lIyfisll B:!';Id' other ~t ... nge creatut·cs,


An ascended morral necromancer from .motb:er pliu.e, Kl.aranlJs1Liez: cbafes under Lolrh'srnle a n d hIDpe!i to .l:verltlJall y clem-Of ru;r. Sh¢: is .allied with Malar and Velshsaoon, aad tries to balance tbe interests of these two de'lries in orCier to p.reserve. her 0Wl1. power, A! a deity of 'f!'llJgeance, she has ~ lOll;!! m~mor, u;ld crafts plans of m'~trib~ti0l1 ye:u:s·i.n the makillg, Sbt h1tsfew wonbipets, alld not .many of them are on the ?urfnce, since they ptefirr me salitlDide.af the Ulldcrda'rk arid g~i!terill)' share the. sun·hating fC!c1ln,gs uf most undcad. Groups thllt worship her are u.su",Uy -accompli.tljedby 4I1d~ad" indu.dmg

~d:Q,t5.,;and n::ll~Ila:Ht'S. •

~Ith. I ~'

TJ'<:'l.e:tion.!sJQJ!owe.rs of I,.Olth contmi the !'rl0$ drQIIi' tetll"itory ill tEu: UIIderdark.. The- Qg_ec:Il pf tile: Demon'wib Eici encow-ages h~r follOWers to \var on ~~ othe.r and .oppt:esses;all males, 'Ui:lking her a poor d:;Qlcc for bo.nes:( I'.'orshipby illi1f


Sdv e 1:a.I:m is t.be·$Q11 of Vl:laeral.ZJl and;a forgptten elv,ell deity. Be ·'IVl!.t1drred :fOr a rime berween ~li.D,eo;;; and light. ~fore b~iDgehckea by .Lo1t.b into defeating and ab:sorbin,g the essence of a:pow,~flll spider demon. which tW:l:led.hlltl fully to evil ~ new exists as a rud:d~ b!ling Ob8~:d;..lVitb war ~d combat. Selvetarru is fully .subservienr to Loltli ahd aa5 fl:w wo;rshI~er:; outside Ery.n.dIyu Oocated benearh llhc Higb M;oor). the one c~ty tha,t venerates ~th deities, Hili; worsh:ipus support those of LeIth and are either very skilled and determmC!d fighters or reckless ~rbarkns. He has drawn the attention of G:l.tagos" w,bP IJ.~~ rry W steal his. power. This in rum h1tS a.ttrOlCted' rhe c;~·of Tempus, who woul.d warit to prevent such a, POW~I' strqggle. •


V'hal'J-allfJ .• the Ma$,k-ed Lord, drow deity of thievery and evil activity on "be. surface, is tilt raoscproroinenr d:ro1f\! .

• deity am.olClg: rhe mrfac:e.dwd1:illg ~row. Tl1e ~On ot Lolth and. COl'dloll Lm;-et.bl1!.ll;, be ,vwil:es to east off the ~hIWk!i.!s thilt: ~is moth~ has pla-ced upon ,d~e drow so rile,)' Iltay fOlfdbly reclaim their birthright w the slu:face lands, whicll' tney call the Night AQove. V 1l~!.::n.'DJ1'~ followers are survivQJ's who managed to ~:;Ci.lPI' the tyranny of l.olth'!> female eler ics and eventcally find-a home for meIi:l,:I~lve5

. on dJe surfacu, His f.ollol'Rrs are s~llled a( stealth amI observ irig.· otherS; baving hOJlI!~ these skills under the ga1.e of the S'p!der Qgeen.

Follnwers of r]:fe Ma.ske-d Lcrd are em:ool.l:rageCl to form. surf1lce c(i',llllmm:iities iIlld (in some. g:r6u'p~ snchaa #1C' AU1.kovyn dan) even in,tenna.rt)' with surface elves of similar temperament, for Vhacn:u.n believes that the yarErms ~l'Ven. ,aces snouJd stand ~tog_e.ther to advanre the rsee .a~:I wh~l~_ This at· titude js tempered b}' his vehement 1ns~!;tf'nc~ that all dwa rven IU1d gueme i'~u'eS"sllou1d be .avoided. Almost all his derjCg, are male, tbe few t::l\ccptio.ns being v;rorsnipcls of other dtDW deities who cQll.ve:rted rQ:h'is falfh. Vha<.railll':o; foUowe:r~ ... re the most lirkely of all the surface drow eo if.~r:ee to aid] others, iu tile d.enruction 0 Lc!lth-wonrupets, and th\'y suffer the l.e;mt frmJl the' r":ledou,s illfi!:;bttng often seen 1;] other group •. Deep drago[Js:. yeth hounds •• aad undead s.hado~s sornedm,es

accompany them. ~

lleca.use Vhae.rauJl hal; th'irent)'.aJi :pan of IW ~"nqlio and resembles tPf deit:y ~k in many ways, l\'fa;;k has taken a.llmteresu in Yhael'auo ana n.laYlluernpt to &tl!al oransorb Vha,~raun~s PO\vt'Ui in ·an 'atfellipt [Q ,na,l;.t: up fer die pans, ri( his.

. portfojjo t.har Wf:Te lost 'to C~·ric.


. '



Yr-imal'ily" the drew QIl t.h!: surra(;l! wiSt~ tQ .!lilJ:vi:vc. Afcllr centurit':~, of liitingill a harsh ijubterraneall cnvironmenr, they· have moved to a plaee Where food and: warer are ph:.nt.iful .. nd preootol'"S.anHDOl"e easily recoguized, No lOllge.r do they have !:O ei~sfe.r ira gr,eat cities that beeome pros'of oor~u.p:trol1;, op' p~ioll. anadespalr. Nowtbe}' tan ~pread out 1l:i.1d sample the stta_nge deligbts of tlie surface world.

With rhe EUtsic necessities of food; c1otlmig, and-shelter easily satJSfied. the WOW began to purSrlf: Ulfir long-term agelJ,da of wotld dominn.tiati and d'estriJction at rh'iilir enemies, Thl: s!$rfa,-I!' elves, B:ow'C'I'er, SOJl'Ill' groillls {SM'fi !IS t~ worshipers of Yha.ll:r· iW.iil, and especiaUy the AUzkovj'1'J! clan of Cormanthor] have ab8llHJoneOJ their twa,d itiomll racial fua.tr~d. and atnong the se reled surface droll' :r:br::6t' elves an' aduaily a majority.

The IMgest g("QUP of drew on '[he surface 15 the followers Qf Hesse J~el1'C1 'Th~ leaders 01' this group baye e~mblijh~d smal1er~ fmite goals for themselves, Rather rhan ha'il~1g a. di:j .. organlzed plan to take .o\'el the- worLd·ot·destroy- all ies.eueIlJIe&. Bouse Jadre plans to ttl.1tc over old eiv;n wttlemerruts (particularly theold Ehren :Cauf"1r.in Cm1m.nthor). shli:l:y -rh~ m.y/bats and remnants of dven high J1la~,~mJ: find a way to tune these powufuI w.ards to, nor only keep out enemies from - the surface, bur to repe.l anY."Cllemy,d:n:iw who might try to. take their pr,i?e from. t'b.elll. 1'.0 distr a<:t PCQP ~ £l'o)lJ its activities in the Elven Court. House Jaell;e execures precise: and Small-scale raids upon pans of the Dale s, These strike;; occur In .places far From t;!)eElv~!l Cou!i't" SO wh~u the Dalesfalk are suffidently agitated to $end militias and arl.\'el1lturers in Search of the draw; mey never j:~nmect the :tttaclk wid. the location rut 1.hl! 'ElVJlU Crnu:t:; nud ,eftefl end up flghth!g enemies C!f •

. H(,)use Ja.elre, such as raidjng puries of LQ1I1i-w(m'ihlpet~. Of course, if Itne house has a cbance to eliminate sueb a raidmg part)' itsd.f at little otm.risk, it tahs the ol!"porronltr. I,ihicil is why some adventurers find small groups of drew bodies bear-

ing symbols of th.e Spider Cl9_een. I

Honse j'3,ecLrc is led Ill,), [ollr drow; Jen the Lame (NE male drew R!'l,g:6ISo(6). Belarbreeza (hTE female dro~v WilH). Tebryn (male clemii' Ftrr/Rogr). and Nllrklny3.ll (NE ma~e drew Glr14 of Vhaera.nn). Je1.z lead." the l'lI:idlug parti!.:li tha.t dl.tract tI:re ,oDltsidi: world from rue house's true acr:lvitiesDe·, Jam: moec:u. leads a. 't~.m of iUow :mag~s Ul. !llllcJC'1iJngrhe secrets of' [he lTIytbjj!,.. Tebryn 15, the leader of th~ miHr.aty ferces that:. guard. the inner droll" strongholds, and Nur]dnyau is the spiritual leadcr Elf Uli~ h!)"U1Se ;lno T1.onlin·al'I,r the lea~l:r t:o ""born the

other three. report, .


S"lllC~ drow are- defined. by their racial idtndt):,. 11 nondrow QUlnot become a drow \!i,.jdl0U.[ the use of magic Rbweve:t.pie dill eh1!ls.Qften have: ~O!I',\>·i;fO:I' CCftll:tlll'C'.iI or sln:lres.Wh.ilereckni~Uy ,these creatures a.r.er"[tet:l'uit\ dlCY are the closest most df these groups corne to actl.i~l (,ecrllitllg. Tbe ll.'ic:eptiOtlS are scml! of the. 'i~>!!':lun-wo!'shipinll draw. I>llch. M th.e Auz1r-ovyn clan. w:hic:l'l ar~ 'fI'illing: to a,coopt elves, half-dves; and Ilven ~umu$

, who ·s'h>l.['!: th~ir par;ron as fuJI memk;rs witbiD thm r.~'(]~,


Other I"h>in 51ave;>; a.nd .se.r'1itar Cri:"3tlirei tile draw bil,!,!! few aiHeo. Strallgely e.llough~ EpC'U· mrn;t t:OIDmon 'allies Me lIlso

tl::ieir most Inquent l'tv~ls---<other powerful creatures of' file Ilnd e r~~rk, particulady mine: fla.,lIers (valuable for th¥ ll,oiJ1. ity ~o read enemy minds) .. nil dq,l!:l'gal" (~vno prodnee esrellent We;j;pol1~ ana send earavans ill over the Underdark t~ sell them). Tnt: s .... irfucblin, hOwt'yu.l;Icver ally with the drow,

In additiolt to tbe ,a, hove a~ld the OJ. llied C"rmur''C5 ~ciQned in the ECctiO!1 en draw dc:itfell, groups of MOW o{ten:have Poe;f .nigb,t hnnrer bats. Thl; dru:k dve·§ are sometimes aided by air. dust, and. earth mephit~J and even:;:I) dow dr'll:;gO'lli~, Dhj.\vsla'l;<cs. arlo! usually humamoids of various kinds and are rarel}' used in {;omhar. since the surface drew don't. trust rheir 'armed ,slaves nOI'.ln run !(waj' at thd'ir:st o}ipo.rtu.lljty ....


Draw have .B desl!fved repIJtanoi'i; as mu:rderu'S!, faide'l's, lind slauis, creatures evil t.o tb!: core. ~o\'llY perso,l'I living .outside cth.e Underdark tei1ds to automaticallr Fear, and ha:te any dark elf.

No sarfsce !':!'e:lI:tures hate th~drow more than other e1ve5.

Elveu s,torL"5 tell QfAr~~sil;nfoe's bdriyd and hel' attack on rhe Seldarine, ch!:', drew's inseigetion ot the Crown W'aJ'8 (whl:tnef thjf, Is tree or not), and-horrible. at;1:S c9mmirtedby deov. raiil;ets 1Ig3lnst ehren comrnu::Wt:ic:s. RV!:11 tJi<: most; if1¢nminded and tolerant eif !~s,a brud tune <1.c('l:pting the prelietlce of a dmw. even one w.hqclailm ee be good ana whose good ean be verifjetl (magic 0l:11 di5g1::Ej5.~ mueh; after all). Mte:r mill.c.ll· nia of lndoctrin.uion. the elves hn.e iI hatred for the drow that: ~p'pro<!.d:i~ Qb~e.5S';ola.

The dtow art.·lllsd opposed. by Undttdark I:re.:uW'es~sll~h M derro,. duerg.u ... kuo-roas, mind fl:~yel'$, ;wd svir[ueblill . .'.As it 'wholi- these creatures See. drew as a great ·threat J:«aU6C' of their magic 311a Il,umbers. Of 'CBurse .. the greatest enemy of :0 Ql"oup of drow is-a rival gooa.p"omd: the. wau between 'the drow houses and cities.. lla ve ,shap.ed t he sceial ;t'lld eCOfl,onllcmn:ure qf tbe Underdark.fol: tlIousaudB of )"ears.

Drew are hated and (eari~d by allll'ost evely creature thaf knows> of thdrc'X.lbt~lI~~ GOodbeirugs teud to attack at the first chance, E,\TilJ1 groups of rival Grow are likely co ar4:ac·k., particulady if cue of the groups worships L;,~:d,:J aili:Waaother doosn"t. Orhet subraccs of el:v:es, no !:patter wh:tt:aIlgrlment. Rll!!:e ueg,ativdy 1:0 thelr fallen kin" and most other good creatures fed that an}'t,qing a true elf want!; to kill is pmhabJY,somedli!1g

ver]r wlcl:.d indet'(t I

D ;0'; ~person(llbv

To, nnnarow; nCirj' d~Tk ell' scems' meuacmg..sl1eaky. erhel, mysterious; and very powerfuL The &",'th Jg that most dar'll elvesare this \1i'ay, ana r1ic typi~aJ ~rQw attitll'dl:: does-

• n't change IJ;l:ut'h Jejle-nditlg-lillpon whl1:t classes tne, chiirac'[et holds. A hdw de:ric .has these <mIlts ~cau,se of. the teachillis.·of hi~ pI' heJl d,eity, A flght,~,s or'rogue's s1$l1 is 'tnt' basis for th!:s~ fcolings. A wU.arllJs perSOtlllLJ pmyc.F' ere-' :iUe5 this a tttwde. nec.a:uJf of the it tt!'(i:ll.itlg :iIJld f ;lmiliadty with .ell.c;;h other's a~i1itit:5, a gnl'ttp of dU)\vwQJ;'l.:xtr'ern t!Jy ~ will $I; 4L trnlt~ Induiimg prc.reiltillg 3. wlited fiorit til t:ertns of persoJJ3liity;"


Drow on the surface prefer t~ be mobile, tl:aveling in SIlHIU !1wps that arc less li.keiy tJO br spmte{l On;]y 11Ihe:u' an entire. settlemenr is relocating do [!:Je.ymQv;e' in large numbers, and "Vel] then they rarely exceed one hundred per grpup_ A [ypkal draw patrol is hom: to six- itllijyjdua[s (one cleric, one ernwe figluers, Ol!lit: or tWQ :rogu~j3,atld om: \I'izard}. II typical Mow mike force is two to three times t,hat many.

Dr!}\V patrols on the surface, are u~'Uall)" looki.n,g for mtrud· ers, (I1vcstiga:ting another- patrol's report, or huming. A sui)re fmc'(: ;cx;i!ts only m kill, U~iiitl1y creased to rid it<6 teir-irory of a. specffic d!.fot:l[ or ~adjo:ate !I, rival patrol or j;[cike force ..

The group!! desctib~d below are- lira\\' pattors. T Q CTtlitc 3.

S'trii;,'e foree, dQub:l1!. the Il.lJD.lber of llonctel'it.:.5a..n:d !!dd '2: t!.':l the tl.. 0; I'\j~le the number and add '3 to the li:L Cleric; llla)' be of any ~f eke'drow deities; 'in CocmJUlirhot.thlli der icc:; :lire 1I5UaJly worship<trs 6f Lol'en 0)" 'V'hIUln.tfn. In a pat,ral OJ' it strike

fQfCe, the cleric is, tY'pically the:; grQup tead.er. •


Drow Encounter- eEL -40) 1 cleric (NE drO\ll Clrll1 fighter IJI.TE drow Fir 1 J.

DrowEocouDR.t (FJ.. ~ 1 deric (h.1E &0\1' Clr?1, 1 fighter

r-..1£ drow Ffl'21 1 rogue (h1E drow Rogi,). ,

D:row RncoOOfet{EL 8): 1 '.cIerk (N:E:' drew Ch 3). 1 FJ,gbter (NE «row Ptr3). 1 rosu.: (NE dro1'l' Rog~)~ lwi'£atd (NE.dmw

Wiz~), "

DUlw En.toJllD·tu (E:L 110): 1 cIeriG (h'lE dxow Cb6), 1 fighter (NE drow Birr), 1.rog4;l@ (NE drew Rogr),. 1 wii;ird (}.'TJi drow Wizr).

DiI'~!iif E!Il:ccmnta eEL 12) 1 cleric (NE drew Clr8), 1 fighteJ:' (to.rJ!. dI~w Ftr61 1 rogue (N""E (lrow Kog6'), 1 wizard

(Nli'i drew Wiz8}, .

Drow ~ounter (EL 14): 1 rleric (h"E drow.CI:t.1lJ). 1 J:ighte:r (l\'f]: draw .Fu~n. 1 rogue (h1Eo drow !logS), 1 wizard

0'>1]'; drow WizlD). ~ .

Droll' ~oulltcr (EL 16): 1 cleric 0'-1E draw Clr1111 I"<glnu (NE &6w-Ftr1111 Tague (N'E dr:o\\' R.ogIl'11 wizard

(h""E. draw Wizll). • .

SPELL-L!1Pl OR SOFERNATURAL ASIUTIES Th~ draw have three ScpeIl·:like abilities ma.t the), use to th~i:t groeat advantage.Whiie they have no lil~ed frn~ ligbt in most t'D::!;umstancC$, tbe dallt-~tlg lig,bJJ &pdtcan provide a .I:r.wdy distractdoll. s,m::h as by drnwrngattelltiQrt to the opposite side of ~ltnlp at night. 'pre~entitlg III strange glowing, figui'~ fhat might. be conrused fal' ;U~ ~mle;1d· EreatUJ'il, !if evell scarLllg away ~ools witl1 t.b~ s:ppeat3CC1t bf a '~l{ill-o'-wL5p, Some _par1ficruOU'ly (''OrIUpt drew bave been known'io team 'up wrth a will-o'-wisp. u~l.llg theird41Rmg lights to drive ptey wtg the abe:t[,:"dtiou's lair,

Drew use their d4t"J:"e;s .Ibili!:y 'to curoff liller, of 1$000pe, i1~U enemy lig;bt spells, or to set tUJ>5. A drow 1HUbush ill a kllowtl Si;t't ton of rnrLllc1 might .;o.n;ist of a'ZO·foot.-deoep pit WrEn li dnrJiII~s( spell at tbe .. oottom of it. C1'eatrue5appl'oa~hing the Pit migbt!lot not:ic~ rl.t(:1;lfJ.:n~o, r.amJcing i.t dIlly;l, iecdon 1)( d:l r k ,t;tOJ:Je. Dr,oYl' ii,ghters with the llI.i.nd':Fight fea:tcilst Th~ 44!'iuM!J upcm rhemse,hrea, then ~Dter l:(lelee against opponents tliat Ille effectively blind. The drew are espe!:lally r Gilil of lL~il1g d«r/m.c/r 19 dlwatt srtllloas[en, who ~sllally must be-- aDla [,0 ,>\!e

~ ~tgct to ta~t a spell ,at it. lin lll!rge or open. areas, the drew have beea known. ,0 use ml'ltiple anritlJ'U! spells around a group of enemies to' [lIonel the1nm a partirnJar dir~tio.!l__' sJ.!.!:ll

as towiLtd <I.wRiting !!i,roup cf drow cr.ossbowrllf:tl. '

Faerie fin:. is used to LUummate and decorate parts of drew (;lti~lti a~·ility to negl.lfe ,conc~im:erlt effectS sueh as IJIflf amil i,n,·tsw~li& makes it all- tttfecti:ve (ombat ability as wdl. If the player characters eyer fight drow while inYislble, 'one or mere draw arl! !!IolD.~ to I1sefafl-iefiJ'c-rodispdle-ohhc beeoes' adV'lln· [ag~> F-G.uiu flU 'is also ll$eiI as a:. signal OI' code" wjth diffll'rt'ut colors llJnwl!ctil1g different .iltlonnati.oo. Blue lndk'llt-cs a weak .. :lpp~aring group app:roodoog, violetmell1l~ a _P(,[SOIl hail been ill' ju:r&1, and so Ql1. 'Fae-I';efUf elm also 00 u&ed in: a passiv-e manner rJJ' as, a lure, ru-1l'i"1n.g: yi5i.mrs fa sernething the' drew want them to see 0i' aYi~)' hGm wlllethin~-[hey don;t.


"The drew 00 nerartack in a haphazard fashion, Ragh dr@w knows, his or her role in-a figb.t and sticks to ,it, Fighters ah>.rays move ro Jlq_nk, aLlowi.ng t~e5 tQ sneak attadi;, ~~JJl::UlteiStargrt enemy speI1015t"\.'fl> with 5ji,f'flU md destmctive'spetts., and so QIl. Dr',,", US\! te-traln [9 their 3d'1."ant~e. Whe1l pIfparln£; an.amlw6hthey learn ever}' d~tal1 of (he ~tiCl.n. and (if pO>!iible) tb.ey Wsm&5 'IIlba.r -t;u;tks their enemies m;ght use and places tfu;y might move TO.

. .


The' draw are lnfeiligimt a.gd qllll:k. n~;y have 1:ll.i1;lir;l,l nl"iiic;d powers, strong !iJ;lcll resistance, and "3. mindse!: !:hat .sees most eeher creatures as enemies: or ,potei1.ria1 slaves, In M ~l[I¥ir.Oll- ,

• rnent where SUfYI\,a] is !;!lfficu-Li;. th;:ir :;kills have heel] honed to a d~grl:e ra:rfly seen on the sl.lrf~c:;~ worlit Drew reeegnize p.ower .uld know how to use it.

TlJe greatest wdillJltss.es of tne draw are their physlcal frailty, ~n~itivity to .light~ an~ d.istmp:jve 3ppearllllc!:, Tkey avoid melee combat if at all possible, re1.yitl.g,011 rbeir superior ranged attacks and ability to hide. If for~int;o a ,situatiott

. where ~bey ,ha\'.:: to rIght in m:ibte, they are likely ~o ,I'dreat 1:-0 - a safer Po.sitLOl:l wnere th~}' can rely on [heir strength .. ,

The draws sensitivity to light =kes II aifficl'l'tt fIDt'ilicm to 01-'" rnI.te dnrmgrJayllJ§ht 00ru."5. until!!. hum:a'll5, wli>::!, can bring tord~ [0 1.igbt. the nigbt .and ezpand tbeiJr normal 110uts of operation, drOIV cannot darken tbe daylight enough to lIlegare.the pain elk sun causes thel!l. linii:trn,g wnat they can. do in any :l: ~hour period.

'BecauSl!' th.eir reputation precedes OleIn. Mow ate ac.c~tQlnQd to beitig :1ttJ:Kk~d QJ] 5jght. T:his means the drow !Jav( to rely upon their OWl]1 resourceapatting them at :1 ll~dva.ot.a~e COInJiXU"d to other I!:'?li gmuJl~ Tne mem~s cif the llurntllI"lln or che de':l'jG1I of Cyf.ie COl nen tilf ,3.. R~ Wizard enclave and pure-llase items at a discount, but even if the Thayansal''': Ivill:in.g te tr:a,d'c with. rllC w'o"" the host ci~ probahly won't tolerate ilietn.

TJil.e: fpUol'o'Crs pf Lolfhb.;l,I'e an additional wC;l.!.>necSS; the malllY ri'c-;al 110.useS and factions wirhln (heir own citi~ For eaample, eue of Lolth's: raiders has to .cear not only bll.r enemies on ehe run;lI:e:, but 3ioo w1le"her the _group's w:itard .is p lar~:ing to sell the raiders ipro i'i.~verJ to ~ mind flayer. if the cleric ['lam tQ sac:'firme the raider!'. to, LoI:rll. iftbey doo't perform l;Q~l~i tl"'I1ct'tao tiruu;, !)t U' her ,own C9us.in is going, tCl sr:a.b.h~ iu clJOl hack during

. th~ cOllfllSiQll of-battk Th~!)e wot-·rie.s cause mm)' droy;' 'to leave the cit-ItS or Lolth lind jam surfilce clans. te>ull !.Ill' with mercenaries, or become lone!,,, in tilt-strange world, undt.>r the SUIl.




NPC DROl,\\" l'1<;iH:ren
Lvi I1p AC Init S:pd SIio!t Swod (ld6) t.lgli; Crossbow (US) PfB./W eli Ju Hl Llstcn MSil Spot
br 1Q 18 "1'3 • ~>Q ft. +f (+1 damage_i .. 1 +1j't3J,..1 -1 -1 +3 +4 +:1 t4
'lL)d lr 19 +/ 20 ft. +6 (+2) -+6 +3/+3/+1 . 'l;O -1 +3 +4 ,a t4
J,d 1.1 19' 1"7 10ft. +7 (+10) +7 '13/+4/+9: +0 -1'0 +1 +4 ~3 4-5
4th '26 ·W +1 10 ft. +, (+1) +8 (+1 damage) ·+'4i+4/+ '2 ,+'3 +~ +4 .,.J '1'4 ~.-r
rili n 'll ,~ 7 zo re '+10 (+1) +9 (+1) +4/+"1/+2. +3 +4- +5' ,.1 +r 4I-f
~th 37" '2l ·+7 :'2..0 (t. +llf"~ (-'!cIS) +1Q t'flt-'I/t3 +4 ,+4 -+5 +1 1'f ... 6:
cli 4:1 '21 +1' 10 ft. +11/+7 (-+6) ~·11 (+1) +6,1+6/+4 +4 +5 +5 +.6' +1 14
8th ~8 22 +7 20 re. 1'13/..,8 (+6) +12 +7{+6/+4 -feY +1 +6 +ii +f +6
9ili PI- 2~ "+7 '20 ft. -1:141+9 (+~ +14 (+2) +1/"'7/~f ",f +6 +0 ,·6 1',6, ·~6
10th f'il'~ 2:2. +7 ''lOft i·HIl+ll {+ 7} +11 (+2) +7/1'6}+4- +1 +7 +16 +6 +6 +7
Cli: Climb clmck moi!ifil:'l'. Ju: Jump cheC'k modifier. Hi: Hide cheel: modifier. M Sill Moye 'Silently cbecll: rnodffier •. Short Rtnd· eli! BlflLutclIlI/ Usc

Lvi :lip AC' 111ft: Spd Sword (ld6). CJ!'o.S$bow (!dS) FfRlW Ju Di,pl Hi. M Sil ''Ilim ~S:pot Sr~h MD

lsi 16 IS .,..1 30 ft. *1 +4 +01+5'/+1 +3 +4 +6 +6 4'5 +6 +4 ~·2

~nd ~ 19 .+J 3Q f.. +2 -r to/+6/+'2. +4 +5' .~ 7 "+"1 +1 "I +r +'1

31·a 13 19 +3 50 ft. +~ +6 1'1/fG/+i -f-Y +6 +10 +10 +8 ~S +1 +3

4th. 16 10 ++. 30 ft. ...4 ... 8 +1/+8/+3 ~ -1-1 +11 +12 +10 +51 1-6 1'1

Hh 10 '10 -r4 to ft. +4- +'t! '+1dAllm,~) Tl,I+B!+~ +-7 -+,8; .tH +13 411 ~ 10 +6 .. 4

6th 'B "'2.0 +4 ~O ft. ..·r +9 (+1] ;.1}+9Ir4' +8 19 +1+ +14 Tl~ t11 +"1 T4'

7th 27 20 +4 30 ft. 4'6 11. (+21 "P1/+9/+4 +9 ~ -+10 • ,,'If +15 -f'p' n'a +..7 +1'

9th 30 20 +41 ;:'0 f~, +7/+1 +H (+3) ~2ftl01+4 +10 ,.11+26 +111 ",+14 -rs +13 +:1'

9th 14 U ,.4 30 ft. ... 7l~ '1 tl1 (+?) ~ll-±lbl"'f' tIl +1:1 +17 +~.7 +11' +14, '+8 .. 6

19th l7 'B '1"4 ~O ft, +B/+l +13 (+'1) .. ~tt-llJ+r .. U • +13 7'2B ~28 +16 -lIT ., -fO'

mi}J'1l: CWnh and Jump [lb~,d{; medifier, till/Dip:!: Bluff lIndD.iplomacy d,etl Ill:od:ifier. Hi: Hide check modifier,.M So; Mov~ -Silently -cJleck. modlfler, l'~: Tumble ch~k modifier, 'Stiefi.: &::ar<:h theckmodifier. tif5'! MD~ Use Magic liDe\rict'! ehl;(l:k modifier.



As beingsf.rom iI bizarre and evil.:;ultl,li'e>t~iko\\i tend to be equipped "wltl'ii st-l"\,t;~e :m~ unusual [[lagk items, Wbi1e d.erJcs and wizards ll:lv~ itCJ1'Isalinost rhe same llS those presented in the 'DU.il{~EaN MAYl'Elt's GUi'd~T rhe equipment for- figbtcQi and .l'ogtles dID" ers g.re:a tl y f COlI! the siaIJdaid, }.TpC equ ipmm t ~Il thai': bock, U$f1: the ,accompanying tables 'when crell,tl.Qg dww fighter orr'~ue h-rm. These listing.sinc1ude the bonus equipment for ha,vmg a prefl:!'J:eq slas:;;.

The typical eqaipment, feats, aJ1,d-:ability scores rOt a draw ,flglm~r are gii'Ven ~Iow. Me the: .u:compal1ying 'table lor more Iktaih..

ut Ley."t; Masterwork s.horr,swol'(l, masterwork chain~lla1l, light Cr0S500l'l', 10 masterwork bo~ masterwork buckler, 5 doses of drew sleep poisCJn. Fo'tion; eW'1! tiJ(!d~rirll! 'WJJ~,?!J.i ••

2nd Level; Masterwork short: sworll. ,.-1' ~-haiilml1.il" light eross W, 10 Jn35ttt'work bolt's • .!ll<!t\'terWork baekler, 'j dosesof d!"()w steep poison. PotWrr. ('ilre made-rajl: 1JIo!md~.

3rd Level: MilliCerwork .short ~WOI't4 +1' d}(sill11~,dl. light crossbow, 10 m:M!t'I'wollk bolts, Dl3.SterwQJ"1; bu~jj'. f doses of mow 51!:'!>1 poison. Porions. ,o'llfr; m()Jttrat~ 'J1f(}tmds~ enafli'a:ncil

i,wisibilitl" '.

-kb 'Lt'l'd~ Masterwork i5ho,t sword, ,d fjr.eaftptate:J light o:o5Sbo~; 10 +1 btJlJJj masterwork buckler; 5 doses of drow :slee'jl poiSOfl., Potit'ltlS! cere M:~dt:rf1le '1vQf.t1UII_, oM!', (f1Jd~lr;(r.tJt1t~

im!ll;'bU~'fy. '

Jth. Level: Masterwork short sl.l1Grd, +~ breailplafe. 1~:ht tcrossoow, 10 +ll!_olJ.!~ ~1 b~klcr, r d,oses aI, draw :>teep pm~on. . .PotiOll s: ,blur', cure moillJI"itNr 1I;f{J1m~l:i,. e I1du I"o1.Tff:fJ" iti.1iilUriJizy. 6dl Level: +l.rht'Jrr sword, +llmtaSlp.laie. Ilght c.rossbow, 10

"".1 bolf., .fll1m.c-klt'r, f doses of dJ"Q'W steep poison. Potions: Mu"

fltlaflrtm(Jr:, t'11'11uiltiliJy. 'II,

7th Level; CIQ4k o/'resida,nc.e. +1, +1 rhar't J'/1I{!nij +1 brf<lSf' ('-tare, l!ght crossbow, 10 ~l belts, ... 11m~lder, r dosa Or~p1V si~poisolL Potions: blur? il!tldunmfe. in..,.·;.i1J(flty,

6th uTel: Rinl if pr:IJJecJirm +1; cir;n.:1. 4' rl!li:rtapct +1, ~1 ,ihrJ'l't s'WcrJ, +.1 breM/pirm:, light Cro5IlOOw, 1Q rnastuwot-lt bolts.. +1 bHr,lt.t~. 5 doses of drow steep poison. f@tiQl'l:>; ."'Uf'. ~un s(wi~~s 7.ltl(lrtuis, ~'rldllr-;t'IJ~e;. ItJvui;;-JHJl1:l.

?th I.tV'cl; Ritl& if' pr~tfJCliM1' -t 1, elMk ~f ~ii~/a.fm: +1, .;.1 slJM'1 J"Word, +llJ,reaslp/atr:.liglit crossbow, .10 +'1.iX;/fI, .. 1 b,.dr" Ur" r dd>CS of tIrow :sleep poison, Porioll~"bltn::, C#1'~ InlJder:are 1VI){mal' '(21 C~l'f1 serlotu '1iNmfJd-s, (:;ldzlrallCl!;. i,,,,,;si/Jilify.

10th I.;I!',cl: Rirq, if' p,r-(}k,ti~rt .,_ 1. l(!-,Utlr piwq/1v.i., gl'untkIJ if W-epfYI/IU, +.1 shar.t 11p()r.d. "rlbT'f:4,/pJdre; light erossbew, 10.,.2 (;"#1. -i.J lJIld:ler. 'j closes of drow deep poiSOi'l .. Potious: blri.r, c-ure!' serio: ts ~J!lJu.'IIds. f!Rdi,t'uti;'e, ilrViS'il7itity.

Pe:at~ 1st; Stealthy, Weapou Foces (short 'swurd1 10d,.

Iniproved Initiative) 3rd • .Dayl~gb:t AdllptatiG.1; 4th. Weapon Specia1i7.11t~oll (~b."n ~word); 6t~. Cciinbu Rd"}'~xc~, Poilu:

Blank Shot; Srb" fmp,oYed Critical (shott sword); 9th; Power A£tnc~ 10th, Precise Sh(J~

Ability Scorel~ Stt H (16 at 4th, .17 at 8tb.; 19 at 10th' with gmmtleh oJ ngr.e (_U}'IK4r), Dex 16, Conil, bit" 1'2, Wis'12. Cha TO,

The rypical ~qi.ljpment. feats, and ability scores, fer ~ drow rogue are givell bdow .... See ch!l: ,ax:.cl)mpa,nyi1'ig ta;blc for more ijetai~

18,t' Lcycl: Mastcrwod .. share. sword. Masterwork studded


leather, ma,st~rw(lrk buckler, haJld c:rossbow,. '20' masterwork boltS, Y doses of W:OW sleep poisen, Porions: cm7 JIl<Jdet'ale

lIjIf)lfJld s, Jl1e~kirJg. •

'lnd Levell: MastJ;p.l'wk s.il(!rt ,sv,'Otd;, +,1 Jmddru} kcather, mastC!worl!. buckler, .hand crossbow, 10 ma5ren\u·!. bOlts. Y dCl5CS of Mew sleeP pOioolL 1'Oti011S; efJrt! ~UlrJUnJl!·-'{PQ.JfT/,tI$, il'J'tfditll,.

~'!!'d J[An,b Masterwork short mD,d" +l.Nr.utd"ei/ leaMer, masterwork hn[klet~ hand 0'6ssbow. 10 masterwork bolts, S doses of drew .:>b::ep pn:isou. rotions: bJuf, ru!l grm:J:',; (;,urc mr;dtj:/it~ 'WO'/(,IJ·.fs-, tf1e-akiHj!,.

+1& uv,el; MlI5terwor~ shore sword. <-1 stllddetl.fedtht:l',.l bflct/cr. h:lUld crossbow, 10 maseerwork bolrs, $ dQ.~5 r:i dro\'V

. .

sleep polson. PotionE blur, CUTe 11lI1de-r:iT~e WlXlllds, meakiftg.

rt:b I..nti; Mnst£n.I'ork 5hort -swol'd, +1 Itud,led leather, +1 ?lidkr, b:md C1IlSSooi\1,.·, 10 1" 1 bults; r doses or dro\lllile~p poison, .Porions: /;il'''', .Mf.J lif.tlc·e, r;'UJ"e modtt'r~t~ ~I!umjds, rfll!aking,

6th Lc",d~ uuer pi'llti:fwf, masrerwezk shorr word. +1 UlI.dded IMth«r, +11mr::kkr" hend IT0;i5b.Qw, 10 +1 b~ftJ. r doses or draw 51eep poisoo. l"otions: blul', C.ltr(_ m~'(#e 'lJiolutds. .!IIedi!!g.

7'111: Ln!!l: Lssier pirv."'/wi; masterwarll s.hort ~wGrd, +1' JfHd4ed kari", +1 buckler, +1 b.a.rul cronomll', 10 ,,1 hol1J, r doses of drow 51~e'p poison. retioilSl c4h ,r,;.o(. ll'le'a king.

BUt iLn~l: U$!i/?r. piu:a/wi, snasterwork ahort slrord. «L Ijlidded /e_«t.iJer. +1 imelder, +1 hand ,rfmlnl'lt!, 10' +2 'bolts. l' deses of JtO$ sleep poison, Pmions; blmt, 'cafs gnl.{'{, cnrl!c mlldft'iitl! 'il'{!unJ~ tw:akitJf..

~'tli. Le'll'IIJ,: Leser piU'a_bu~, borJu rf' ehcl1i:i-lUi, rin.g ¢.Pt'rJ'/~(' till"' ~l,m;lSl'l;rlilror'k shnrt sworJ, +1 sl![.fd'd~d h;tJ.t/jeY', .. l.!mtklI!T, +lJJtlnd CN"iiJb(J'U~ la' +llllJl1!, r do.~ of cil"l)w sle<:p poison. Petio_ns; bllH', cat'S ViIlle; curl! moderate 1voundl, J1:1(tikiflg.

10th Lev,!.l~ Lesser php4/wi, 'bootI ef,dv'MlIi~rd, ,ril'.l!, #' pn;"#;011 +1, masrerwor k short sword, + 2 ilttdd!'d lC4/.QU, +..1 tJl-td,· ter, +ljjp,rl'CZ rrossbuw, 10 -t-1 ufJlts" r doses of1l.rtmr sleep poison, J'QtID!i~ ld~ir; ,·«frU.ac.r, CU~'e tn.lldtrr.aJ.e 'luo~mls, ,meahing.

P~I't!: 1st, Daylight Adapearion; 3rd. Stealthy; 6th. FOllU Blank Shot; 9th, Precise Sbot ..

- \. .

Ability SCQ,rC&: Str 10. De~ 17 (~8 'at' 'ith, 19 il1:, :Both), Gotf

ll, I.tjt: 14, Wis 14, Cfut 10.

SPECIAL SPELLS JI.l}.m, M.AGIC ITEMS ~!llcof the unusual I'llilgic irems ofren founa in the ban,ds of dIe" .. drow are fire 1!'~1ntmllll &,e~,J!, "drow h~MI!! i.mignro:1j' pi'lltafwtJ'Ues5Ifr :l1nd greaterl and rings of a.mi'lJ(flom. SU rue ap'

pendlX r or details. .

nnrkmosk prestige class

M~t of {he :SUl'ra~e draw !¥.orsmp V1Ulefll.UI1. Some 5jrilw ';i,bal, ance between therr f;lith and [be~ skins at stealth, ~c()ming a specialized ;;or£.Q( deric/rogl~e called 3 darkma.s.k. The' darkIl~as.ks are the el i~~ of V,h4IL'l~>IlLtI's el ~ rgy. and tb~y are called upon to hal.d1e yery spl:ciai missions far the Masked Lord .

A dad:m~sk .is a diviue spellcaster skillei,hn- the arts of hidlllg,· .s.llenk:i:I1~ lind steahng .. Mys'tcrim.s and "~~t:iye, 'the dar.k.m3.5h are the enigmatic sped;!1 iil:genl!li or V:hi!~nmn-, flitting from plac-e to plate under ~.he shatd0w of l1ight to enact': the wlH of VlJaera,UJ'l. They usually we.lllt black masks and' favor' shades of black and gray in weir c:lothing.

Most darkmesks hllY!;; levels j;n rQgu~ aJilJa cleric. but 01 few Hlogert; :>nd ranger/clerics lulV'e heeded -{he call of- "\fhaer.allll, Very few arcane''spcllci'srt:rs become d.!tklnasks, !:hoooing til deve.lop their FOWL'1'511I1ollg different linea,

Darkm«,sks ra.JXI~· workj.ogetherJ alrhangh is. rumor is C1rO:u- 13-L'lng about one group of drow in Cormanthor rhar is led lilt four dilf"k.m1lsk& of equaL P(}\\'l:M'~ This group has; no pen:l1:a.wmt .. , camp ani1l spends most of jrs rime hupfwg Lolth .raidcor;; w.ho come t<J tli~ surf ace ..

Rrt :Die: 11:6.


To qualify to beeome a d.arkmask, a. c~a:n u ;.ter must fullill all the fotlo\ving crite[~a ..

R.a.cc; Drow or na!f-d'Qw.


Drow M~ 5011\(' of the mrni."t t;!llentcd nnd mall.k~pt'o~!tiell,t ereamres In all Faerun. rb~ir 1i'kep arrows can}' potent }lQllJe1i. and in suffIcient numbers can bl!mg d~o almost allY groop; The')' focus 011 spelJcas:!'ers f'iT5~. leaving qth~ charaa~1'Il for a second vl)lky ,at'r'llllsitin'g the.lll op in. rncJetl.

'Th\! .Stalthy. feat means th.:lt ~ ven an IIver..lIgf"d:c-<i.w ~bJer'.

COer ~2) ill a chain shirt {armer Iille·",k penl:ltj' -1.~ still b_1L~-a 4 bonus on Ridf: an<tMo.ve Silcnclj' eheeks, GiYCD dlat a t,yp- 100 N1'C .dro\v prbba b~~as a D~:i'tt.tritf lrig-hel' ~:m'1 1.! LI~mg ~hl!: ",t,~nda-rd au.3.y Rna the -1;2 rli,c;iillbonus'; II group of m-ow rJgh.[~~ taf.l pre_par:e a. reasonably stealthl' ambu£h. When: iJ£ed by a rogll1:' 0> -wizard, tlle ben~fit of Stealthy is e'V'eil. grpte-r.

- A Qrow- fighter or rogu~ w~[b 'I\vin Sword -Style 111alic5 a fonillda bte-'oppo:nceo t oe.s.pite Ii,. lI:ghter-tblUN10lIlla'! ar Illor, ,,,,ming a gOQil AC bonus aHd ~~ extra flttack' from th~ seCOlld weapQl1 ••

_ 'fbI!' my light Aifup,ta;tlPI1 fell t in terf IZrJ!S 'lid tl;i the' plal~fi of iIll}' ail.venturing fP'-oup ~'[ expects all drow tq react t-O the su n as if 'they Were vamp1r~ -The heroes Ri i~bt tet fh.-e'n guard dOw,_Il dur'u!g ~he - day., • c:I1pectiug draw act ivit)t -oa Ly ,a t rii{:bt, SU{J11'is~ them with an atmok during tne middle-of !the d,1.y"

. Because a, haJ1~ crossbow aad twe:nt;}\ il:)asterworI' bolts is

. " ,

~l1S e~ui2mef1 t fbr dr'm."" ~ith t~e- p ... ~pcr f.tI!Je:rred class, a gr9u, of ·dft>w l'oguCli l1.,thm ;Ii City can stnke.from almost a!~y\l'''n~te, ~e~di~!g a'r.am of till}" peisoned bolt~ upon tbltherees, .lieR dis.nppearing. without nny buLlq' ireJl:l!S't~drnw aUen~ion 1:0 .them {a.:..lJllJifig they m,V'l! Wsj;uised fb~m!\dves

:1,$ .I1.onrlmw, Of m]:ll'5&). "'. •

Above aU, remember phar wffile chii' drm of"cltt' U llfle-l'ibirk "afe C'ons-tRIuiy figlltmg each qtJl!:r •. the draw of I'hqur· fact'. rarl11y do. 't-h~}' ilte nots:ruFid QPpcm.ents,; and !lr-~ OIl'a:ble of devious and lO;lg-na.chil'lg plab;> rh:at 'can take

many gmne ses.sion.s 19prlra\ld.. "


Clal!;$ Basil Putt It<:C Will.
Ln-el Att.ad: Bonul Sav!: Save Save
1st +0 +0 t2 -+2
'1:nd "L ;.0 . +~ H
lrd +1 ,,1 t1 ,..1
4<th "'~ .. 1 -r-4 ->4
.fth "" ~~ +1 -1-4- +4
• Specnl ,

'lJ,Q,rifir~"l)llrf 7vilho!# .trace 9~':HJ.!:e J'el/, Skill Btlilus

Dark ",m·br:we. sneak il,tt:n,k Re3istill,usionff, cloak of shadows B!adebe.nd

SpcU.l'cr Day

-H le."d in ex.i.'lrin,g elass + l1e:';rel illl!~.istillgdaS& +1 level in ex is.ting da'S5 +l.lcvet in ~Nis:ting d!l1l5 +~ level in \!lI'lsrillg class

Ski1l1: S,idce S ranks, MOVll Suca tl y 6 rald:'s", Pick Pocket 4

ranks, Wil.derness Lobe '2 n:nk~ ". -

IPc.t~ D~yllght Ad3f!~tj0i1«uaw 01;11)'), St~~ltllY,

Spedal: Must bavll',survived a combat encounter agajll.st'llne or more clerics of Loltb.

Spollnsh.o.g; Must tie alll.: eo as! f2.nd·leV'eldiviue spdls. Patrol!; Vhaeraun.


Tbl: datkmllsk's ~!ass skill-s (:I.tld tbc key ab.illty [or ea£n ~kill) are 'Balance (Dex), Blllff (Cha)" Cl!:imb (Str1 Conceatrarien (Con), G.rnft aut), D~pLQmlli:y {Gha1 Disg~ (Cha1 Escape Artist (De~J~ Heal (Wi61. Hi'lfe (Dex), bltuit Direction [Wis), Jut:np (Sttl Knowledge (rdig~on~ !Jnt), Listec CWill1 MQv~ . S~I~lub (D.exl Open Lock (Dex). Pid. Pocket (Dexl, Protes-. sion (\Vis), Search (Inrk,Bpot (y,rJs1 Ij;lJnhl~ (Dex1, Use Magic:

DeVlce (ChA). US~ Rope (De~1 and Wilderness Lore (\Vis)..

sm!. :Foim'S at; Eadn: Uvel: .6 '" Iut .modifier.


ALI u.c i..,TIovving are class Features of rbe darkmaslpl·e-!it.ige .. . class. Spell-like ahilitksust the darkmask's di .... iae caster level, WU{I{)D iUld Armpr .P,fo.ri,cieD'Y~ Darkmasks gaill .no pt.pfj. dener in 'wt&,:\,ons:, arnlOr, or 'Slueld~ of <I.I1y type.

Sp~ll~Jlljtin'g; A da.:rk1l1.ask continues 'tn.iniDg in. divine magic IVruIe rmtcticmg his secret .sldtl5. j;h:u.~ .. when a JleW darkmask level is Slimed, the ,character increases his spelleaselag abiliry as if he had iliO gained II level in a d~yiu{: ~elle<l£t.inS class he belonged co befere he ndded the f!re56ge class; HI: does ne~3 however, gain an~' othel" benefit a chara:cte,f of t'h1l.t class would have gained (il'nfroved chance of rcbtlk.i~g ot: commanding undead, favored l!J1emy. ru:'ld sa, Oil). This essentially meMlI> tl::!;!t he 114& t.he.kvd of dfl.t'J;mask to th~ kv~ of some other divine s.peUcastmg clses the character has, fhenneterl'llineo t>~eHs per by a.n:ci! Gcaiue:r'lev'Ill acc,or:ditlgl'y, If a eilvactef bail. IDOl':e. than one divine speJ1£asting class b<fot, lw becarae a darkmask, he musr deeide to whfllll Cl-i,5S be add5 eac.h.levelof dllrkJUllik ['("IT purposes of det~r.roiui11g spellcasring when 'he adds the m:\~; level,

, ,'/).s"Iifi"~ (Sp) A dar~ask can lise the ria-rkfir"e sPell once pel' day ssa speH-like , a hUlty.

'PdIl'PIitb".., 7'".1:". (S,): A d1lJr1unask can. use dIe p<1.3.> 1vit1JIm/ t,.4o:e speH cme!: pet day as -a spell.Jjke abUity.

Ch4'111,,-Sro/f(SI): A darkrnask of 2na Iewel or higher calV.lEC r h~ ciuI11g,i! IIl!f spell cnee pc-r da y as a spell-like ability. ,

still Foeu;(I (E:s:} A 2nd-level d;ar.kmask gains the SkU! F~ femt, which must: be appHed EO one of the .darkrllluik class skills, Dtd: Rm,bracc (Sllj. J,., d;rr.kml1.,,>k: of ~rd level cr higher has the ability ~o invoke.dark embrace once ~lZF da~', whkh RlUlli: rests -as -a 1113:s1 of shadow ~at girds the, dl\.irlm<l$k's face. The


darkmssk then casts ,II divine -spell. which is absorbed by the J:llitSk of shadow; the spell mUBr be !I touch spen or a rn~~et spcll .As.a f IOce"'3,C[ ion, tbe "dar km~5k Illil:r~ Cl:!m1n=ifla tile 1.i:l;IY; to, fly !I~ a :>ingle creature wirhill 100 feet; at" which point th_a.t creature is affe4;ted h}' theabsorbed spell- (saving throws and spell resmtal1ce ap,ply normally l:o~1"he spell) and the dark embrace ends, "I'he dark emhraee can remain for 10 rnlnllh:s, If It vall,lshes before l!:$ stored speU it; unleashed, the '$£11;11 is lose,

hen Atta.c). (E.J:J A <Iarl:mae:k: of 3',d lev,e! or high'etgains. th.~ sne:u attack a.bility (as pel' th~ rogue Glass feature}

B.e'8,ist Illil$20115 (E~): ,,_ darkI.Dlllik,of 4th lesel or rugher gains a +4 oonus on, saying throws agal1lst' ·iUmiions.

Clod. of Shadows. (S:u): A darkmask of 4th Ievel or h..!gh~r Ii:3n' ~rea~ a c:1Qilk s'~erningly \VOven out of mundane ~fuadaw:s. Thl! dmik pr®!v'iiles iii regisw nee -bon us 011 sa ving throws and OJ. profane bonus on Hide dl¢,k-.; eq.!Ial to +1 per da~ level of the darkn;lask: The clook lasts 1 x£lllIll{l p<:.r class It1'el of ·the- dark-

mask and call. be created once per d';ly. '

Bta.de-bead Q511}1'h~ defensive a~iliTY causes the IIIItZ;POIl of Ii. sib;J;gle ereature 3ttad(ing the ~a.rok.m3Iik to, turn bk.k aud s~rike In wielde:r. The daikmil!sk. s-;ieru the target c·tea.ttlfe as II free action. If dJe target creature aftad~s tile darksnaek, it makes 3J1llrtacl roll as nOrJl'tal, bu f the artack is made agamst: the tl!fge~'CJ,"eatl.l:['~'s..AC1.aud if tbe' attack succeeds, tke target creature suffers ,the. dam a.ge i nstead ,of the darl;inask, 'rh~ ahili ty U11 be ictjvated (t(l~ per da)· and lasts r r mmds. It ollly affects sl~hinglnJdpi~rciJ:ig weapons, and. does nor affect [lam-

cal weapons ,of any kind. .

House joelre

'the l:u;gest. group of drow in Cormllntbor is. Hou se J MIr~. worswpets of Vcaenml mte-iu Oil c,on,tra!1in.g tbeabandoned elven mylh.ai in 'l'J'lat fOT~Ht" House Ja:elrt: has many "amp!!, outpo:.t.~; and fortresses within the borders of. COfmanerbor" some of them of surface-elf C'OJJ!ltnlCtiOD. others assembled by the drocW theRisll'lyes.1)i:le 5llc11 drow-built outpost is clll'll,rilied ben. OJ place where raids late the Dales C211 be ptaruJ,~ and I:'Xt!cute.a: Witb:outdrawing attention to di-bw afti\'ity elsewhere.

HelldqllUtus: The E.hl~1l Court,. CorQi...'U]fliQ(. Mem'D:C[!H Nearly 8,000.

Hiew-cuy: MLli'W:J:istic.-

Lca-dcUi :Beiarbrtcza, J~n the Lame, NurkilJ)lan, Tebryll. 8..eligfom Vhaenl!UIL.

Secrecy; Low (altholJglll bea<fquarter;s are kept secret from ~eople outside t.hi.s. r il.c1'iOIil.}


This section '"de.<jOf ibes the layout of a.ll outpost ef Ho1J:5.C' J aelre m the fQ!cst of CQrluanth.o:t, Ille: eutposr is on a IQw hili nell! a uroo.dstream and ill built-lloon h%'o "Ilf:!.ll entr:ancJ!s 1::0 thi:' Jip~r


U.ndc.:rdlu"k. House jaelre ClSf:.S this 0UtpOSt as g, semiperrsanenr • oo:>e,.makiJlg raids into the Dales or UPQll an,y· bands, of spid.ei"llss!HS (Lolth-wonhlpets) t:bl!y enceunter, The snbtarranean !e.\'d of the outpoot .iE- ap:pmdtp~tdy 100 feet undergreund,

A total or rity dtow U;E'; t<bis as a. base" with about :half or ~hell'l aWI!)T fl'G>fl] t.he site at aDY time (!lsually patfolling the .surface or the runnels radiating outward [Tom die Und:erdar.k). fblr of th~ pr.e5~nt are: on t:l:le 5i:J_rra,~, the- other .half inthe level belew, One-Fourth of each gnJOl1 is likely to be in rrance or etherwise unprepared fot combar {lJ;ot wearing a:!'XI101", -:J:od se on), ieavi:ng aoou_tIUne; dmwon cht slJrb:ce ..... 4 nine under .. ground either on ,gUill·a or read), to rlShc at a tnom~llt'~ aotice,

The d.row 1live by findi~~g edible ph:.Jts: OIl th:l1 surface, huntillg> aI1di:w'1'~ting edible {ungi from ,& gard"n in the 1J~ldtrdark portian o[ tbeir "lair. SUfPlil;S are brought.in from other camiffi;, taken from !llaJll opPGnrnts, or traded for with other gr.oups,

The drow at this QutP(~t induue: .

Valas, senior In.age (NE. draw male Wiz9)

V~!ol:lor. senior IlJt!fic (NE draw male Cit? of'Vhil:.era:u~) ~ae. ~el1~i' SCout (l:\.'\E drew femue Ro~B)

DfiSUlU, Ji,lnIat mage. CNE drew female W 12.4) •

Sorn,jtlIlror derig; ~ drow m<li~Cl:r4! of VbaeraurlJ

1 captains (NE drew Fttt)

3 li~llte~ants (NE drow Ft(4) 1.0 5CnUC; (ME draw Reg::)

'20 soldiers (ME dtQI'I' Frr~)

riD :tadition to 'the- st:mdar~ NrC f'gui_pment f rnf ;J, (ltlll,a tu~ .of [QW class U'id level, each dl"flW has one of the followi.o.gr two 11:i~k~ ·Qf arid,a flaskef alcbem.ist's [!I·e, <I. smoke .. tit:k. a tan· glefoot bag, or a thu,nde~stQm~.


Tbe slll:f~e _pottia,a of dle OlltpOS[- eonsists pr:tm3rily ofa fenced·in srea 600 feea across, The 4-f.oot-higfi fenee is made of roughly hewn wooden planks tbllt are nailed to- 'IT~ trunks that d.¢flne an: peri.met:e-r of the Bll.tpOSt. l'rl:~:S aear t,be: out,post It.we bC611 felled to {l{ovjd~ a clearer LiUJ,e of sight fer lookours as well as to} .:provide wood and to make ii~ impoosilik tiD enter t.he: CIDl'll,polJI1d SllnP'ZY by climbing from br.mdl tobranch,

Wit~in the c.Ul1p ate a 11!Un~r of simple WOCIalH1 shelters m.:l!~e of rollg,lie p1a,nKS:I11d bt.lUt around O.!'le of die ·f)"ee trunks .. Each shelter has a. simple woodeu dOOI~ with 'I wooaC'n takh (no lock). 'Eachis d~iglJed with a narrow openIng ar thtt to£ ~djacent· to foe tr,ec rrlulk, :aUowing.an escape by dimoing, if using the main door lVould be problemarie, Rvell if tile shelters were ,set :aliI"e, .. ces1dent could easily es~aFI! tmollg,b the front door. the: top o,pening, or eV'C11 by i:icldIlg, the planks apart (Strengthfijueck DC 1'2; frotn [he IJiSide).

The- trees w1d:iin the camp .are close enough to each other that a perOOl} can walk f'n~1Il t;nl1neh 'I) branch. at up to hal! his or her lOfted withOO't ~!.':edin~ tQ Inall,r;: Climhcbeeks.

1. W eeden Gate

'rJre wooden buildings surrQunding these t~D t:rtt.-'tni'rks Me bu.ilt IUop::,stur-dily than any of {he sh~iter!i in the outpost. They are joiued lit the: top to form au arch, ,aud II. flimsy twop.leee -wooden gate is a1'lac'nlld to :tbe frame. Ud.dC'rs 0[1. the

, north side. of the ~muU buildlngs rliaw easy access \1) the tree Iine.One .s\:ntrt ~ on duty watching CruS, area at'.ul times ..




1, SOllclli Cave EZlUlInce

This sJl{'l~er guards the elitr.anc!1 to the i-foo.-wide tunnel leadil\g dOml:wanl 'totbe, Underdark level, The tuu:m~! heads sourh-: ~a.'!t, tbim begins several switchb:u:ks; Wotel:l1teltillg area. lla the Undc.dark l~¥d, 'the rora . .,lengtb. or this tunael ,is approx-

-irnately fOO fell·, •

3. North C~n Entrance

SimiI.tt to itI~a 2, thi. .. 5-(oot-\vlde runnel winds its way dowrrwvd'Q'I'er about 600 f.::tt of disrasce m.reach UC:II lill the Un-

derdark level, .-

,4. Shclte:t

'Each _pf t~ simp] e :;:uucrc;r,es is di!)' !i1~:p11~!: ~ fQr' tlp to s~ drow. Because about half of the olltpost'S POPU111tiOJlis 011 p3.trolat au)' time, ~y no more tfum [WO or three dmw Me in e;t_cb. of iliese,she!t,lIrS. &va~ or the: ,cooperattvil"'pbiloobpp.y that Vhul!raun·worshipers S'B<U"e, there are IlQ separate qUlu:f!:'rS f Iii!' ::1]1 Y Of the lead!!fS) a droVi' of ,any !'a.nk eaa befound in one of these shelters.

:$". Pit Tnp

These large areas are 'tQ .. foot;ijee;p pib'; that .rr.lve ~11 OOVIl!'ed over with a ligh_[ framework of phmkl>, rope,_ brush,. dir:t~ and car~fully cut strips of sod (&an:h chc:(:k DC 10 to notiCf)' All}' creature thAt lo'odghs Less thltn 40 pounds 'tan cr~ it ssfely, but all erhees muse make Reflex savill.g tmow&' (DC 1.0 to. avoid f;Uljng into it} The- pit functions as a deterrent and ~ sort or alarm, beCll.lI~ tb~ breaking wood. and fillint; items cat! be b~Md throughoot the entire Q!J:tPOO11;


This luge ca:vern has a ceiling aoout 40 feet high in th~ center, tapering dUI'i'J] to be:tlJ~en'10 and 1:j; fe:e~ at th e eage..; and in the runnels. No light's are ~d here, suitt the draw rely 011 darkvisinn. The entire area is patrolled by a V':l'Y )fOUlia deep' dragon illtc:d, wlt'b the dl'ow;'; the'dragoJJ I:m .. s bl;l'>mallr1an- III area 7. The 50~thwest alcove h~ a shllloW' poolof' fresh \Vllter that has' tricJ;,kd down from the stream abbve. The pool COlltrun.5 ]li~J1- dreGs of tin),;, bllila cave f!Sli that :f~~d 'ml waterborne fungu~ ll1.ln aqua,t'iI; 'reil.tur~ t~· smallto he ~eeLt .. TbcS1:- f lib. are sometimes caught a.nd eaten hy the deep clragM Wi1C'tl it gets bored.

'The doors on dlis level are sllllpk WOOru;D doors ~d h.1V'~ no ]ock~ t.~a,e!lll \ve1l. mainsained (not sw.ck). and C!l.(;'h has a bar tlla t Ci\!1 be used to- st>CU:1'1l the dQOI from the-ins ide (brw DC 22). The doors 'to, the west, northwest" east, and southeast' are norm'-llly 1el)'I< barred and on]y opened 1f the. person all [he ot1:l~r $idekn owi;. 'tb.e prope!; ll3SSword (dn~ nged dail:r}

1. North Entrllnc~

lhis door learu. to a rwliIe1 'tha,t C vf;rl'tually emerge$> 011 ~hfl sur-

f ace iQ. area 3" .

2. Sooth Enn.ncc

this dO¢;t opens en a tnrmel tnat ends {IIi the su;rfm:e in ar~'l.

;. WeUc:rl1 Guardpost

T\vo gw:rds ale on duty llC'te at all times, wat<:hiilg ,over the wr:si:'en. and nortb.\vestem ~ntra;:n!;es. the w.ill of J'!lbble is·3 (,eer taIl nlld provldeg one-half coyer l+4".AC. '!"'#. ReOf?\ S3V~

'ooIl!L'l)fot any CfeatUr~ figJlti.llg from behind it. .

+. Eastern Gaudpost

Three large 5tdagmit~ pillrur:s."lliIvt: been &tlppJeme-I1'1"edl-;by II 3- foo~ wail or rubble tbat connects them ro the north.wall, The rombmllriOD of wall and pillars l?J:()ldde.s three:'q!lill'tJiES 'ltovcr ('f- . AC. +3 Rltn~J: save bonus) ror~y creatures fighting from

be hind it. .

1". Aidtemist"S Lsb

Th~5 1:11-. is the .. erritory of ValaJi, ~~mna cousin Cir J~Zili tbe ulllc a.ll'd prim:u}' spellcaster of [his oliltpo5r. Here he prepaJ:~ the pdtkms ilnd alch,<uuic:al it:e~5 used by t!:le:tlrbw of this OOq!Qs:t. FIe always prepares one iCliiJibililJ and otic: p4spvali ,spell ellCn day 50 he carr secretly reach area \I if he h3S to, B.r:is ·U.nd'ff standing orders t,oaid 111 the def~ns~of tbe Uollerdark level of the onrpcsr tut to rttrro,:jt)f he believ-es rile defenders


'the mom _is diyidecl into t 1'1'0 sectlous; rhe actual lab eo d~ '!Vest and ;}S!i:l.ill ~kc:pmg <l.l'ell fer V.a1a:.~ to r:be east. Wile-TIl hI;; sleeps 'Of b deeJ:1 In hi~ WQt'k, ill: keeps .I:hc door barred (from the !mide) to ilR'ep him from being disturbedor atracked, The L .. ,b secf.iOll of dJoe room cpntains <:rU the ma_~el"llils n~edct! Ier an 21- chemist's lab O;t:c Cha'Pter. iof tile 'Pla)'fr'. H.nr~db()D~), ghrrog him II: +l·cir(,"lil1llstance bonus Oil A1cllelny cheOs. Vallis (lin also j:mJ~e W-l1,gs., !l.nd _p,Qvide .... ..dOses, i">f :i;lUllll1artb and ziran (see the ap~nd.ix) 1:1} the leitdn~ of the' outpoSt to distrlbut:e 11l1l0ng ehe rest of the gr.oup.

6. Friv¥,

This s~npldantoryfec;;ds 11, smalt GO!Ol7)" of ;J.!:ti'll€ fllllg.u:o dtat gives off ,:I sweer odor, A few cl'!sters of stra.ng,er f,un~l abo " grow here and are tls.ti.! by V a1a~ as lugredicllt& in potions and

nldlJ: m ica ~ I::!:l[)coctioos. '


7. Dng,on's Lair

This is the laiir of Jhlln.ffille~:I1:, a very young deep dGlgoll dlscOY~ ered.as a wrnJ,11inlj and befr~tia.t:d by tile clrow or Hou~~ Jadte. sh~ is gl"l'en fish from the stream above, occasional slaves (who ace eve~ttllally eaten), ,and,sl1laH tI~<1!Sur~s, to adaJ.roher board. I-T~rl:re:l51lJ'5l is lceated Within a small ~~C~ she Jug at the &as.e of thl' ~arge pillar:. 'Ibe a~c.e-.sst!:t11l1e{ is 8 feet: long. Ircaa only be traversed bya small cl::J~rll,C!.I:I; a,nd onl}! with: difIiru1ty (Escape Artist DC If), SIlo: normally Illov£s[hrough the taanel in her s;e,rp .. nrine form.

Jbani1mCIII\ Female very YOllrtg deep dragon; CR. 4, SUlall dragon ~rthJ; HD 9d).'lt9i hp 67; Init +4; Spd-IJ,O ft" fly 1fO ft, (avera,gG}.lnmrQw '10 ff .. swim ~o k; )l.G 19 'tow;b 11; I,:la:t-f:oClted 19); .Atk f:9 n.le1~'l: (1d6.;.f.. bitt), ... 4 melee (ld4.1 Claws); SA Bream weapon (corrosive ga.s, -kin, ~o·rt. cone, DC If): SQJ!1indsight 60 ft;, cold arid, fire resistance 10" ddecll1r4tJt at w,ill,ft'lI'e.lDm if }1I;lJ'tJrmJdtJ"J O1rtwill, Lmmu~ nitlles (charm., panlysi3, ~leep). keen senses "(dar k v-isioJ1- ·WO ft.], snake form §/da)r .. constanr trut: !-teitTg; AL CE; SV Fort t-7; Ref +5, WiU +'7; S.tr U" .De}; 10, Con 13 .. lilt 14, Wis H,

Cb;!; 12, .

Skills imJ. FlutI's.' Bhiff +9, Com:oe13tration +,9. Diplomaey +9, Esu_pc: Arti'it" ·~8. K-nowled.ge (Under-dar];. local) ;-I1J Li..'ite;o tl0.:Xry t-io .. St-;trch +_1;'; Sppr -1'1.0; Ak,.,tl1ess. Ole,,:v~> 1~prov<lo lni[ia.tiv~.

:Sn.ake: 'PQr:m. (Sa); A deep drag,on call ~"'t1mt;)tssel'pentin;:


lLMC:M Area,

ADy ofFduty drow who an:n't sleeping are pml:rabl~: here, eati~ig a qui.ck meal. preparing their weapoili>, and talking to ead'l oeherln low voic~ oc m the sigt,llan,gu.:tgll or draw. ,


{legless) foren three times per day at '{ery young a.gr. rhis form is ,the nmc sire <!5 [be dragon, but is able to mcve through SlnaUe1 tumliils because it' has !,Q legs. The drago]}'s· AC w.or&eus by .6 in rhis form. If mo .... res at ~O feet, .flie!>!;U; 10 feet (poor). and swims at 30 feet. re Inses all da,w a'i:tac1;.~, in this form, !but (:a11 c:Oll~trkt OPPOl.lI!:C,t5 (+3 melec)'.dt.1lHng 1dS damage. If~the dr1lgD.ll hits with thjs attack, it. can make a free gtapplecheck (\vlt"'O\lTpr0~'oJl:ingan attack, of oplort)jni~}..If It wins tWa c:iJed. it grabS and oonstrkts its victim. automatlcally dealing rhe abQve d,ll.tt:l;a_ge every rounduntil the O~'O-

nent .dies or breaks f.r e.e. .'

'P()J;tmiwJ.~" GclJ:ij~ rna lachite - (3cO gp), red 9pmel (130 g.p); \'iolet garnet (600 gp).

1), :S~cn:t Entrance

.A thkk du-stc.l' of &t.uag.mites and !ltdaC'fites b.IliS growJil tog-edler 'to create a wall across 'ltb:ls portion Qfth.i,: chl!:nm;L Despite this obstadc" footprints :in the dust on the floor lead .Ilp to this pointand.di:Sappear Inro it. However. no-secret door 1; here, The d~amber beYIDld (which eau be detected hy scrying Q,["' e.!H'er'ed by a creature in gar:;eOkli9 form, an incQrporea;1 o:eatu:r~ or a DJ;nliuucixe. creature) is n.otm..lilly accessed by the drow with the help of Val::1i5. w~o 1l:!iil51li paJw~ll sp.;:U to opel1'll. u·,ay .througa. Tp!Z barrier can be l1robuthtougl, with toelser weapons, bu: . because m.~ ba.rrieris more than 5" n~et thi!;,~, doing so r.di:es;j

greilt. dcal of time. -

Should ~alas Ieel &he ,outposfis tkmg over:ri.D.ll, he I;mr.ks an ,order ill UndeTcom.lnon,for the other drow to f9,,11 badralldtas.semble. D ~ this urea, a n'i"hich point 'he easts prI'JS7wli t{UDlI,!.;1;! in ope 0 mg: 'it9 ,ire:l 9., Once- the w~y is cku. the drow .nave Into area 9. at which pOl:Q,t Valas :zrnvates the p,l;s'lal there to •

. allow them to esc:a:pe,

If the draw at:!! prevented (~om !!u,red»g area 9' or the port@l i t'self r: the)' sc;l.ttt,r and le:a vc the ea vern th:r~gh th~ western ElC eastern exits, losillg their pursmrs among: the: twists aad turns ef tnt tunnels.

9. Fo;r~lll(lOm

This o'l{al chamber is CUt off from the rest of the cavern by. II! nearly impt:lle~rablt Mill. of stone, The .flIT em'! of t:he room 'Contains a porl"l to a larger base of House Jaelrt:. The 'Ii('h:tal was created by Vatas (usmg II teJep~l'iatjolt cir~/t spell {Win 11. 5C1'e.l(J amI ol~ly functions QtlC!! ever}' tenday, It is 3di'vated by the tOllch of II -draw blind (even a dead. or ampiltated OIIC).]f a ren~at is called, Valas activates the p,orJal when the drow are within a double mfflre of the gate ("HowlJ1g them to jump through it ~fo:r.e it doses tm Valas's next turn),

If -the 11eroes purme the drow r1il'ou-gh,~ ptJrl(d, iWhethc.f ,ilnm:edlateiy or after .. t!:OI)dar or more" they r.,ach an lTnder!}ark droll.! s~ollghold of Ho~ Jaette m.ues a~va1. h~l.'ore t11.a.1,] a hundred dtow, jl;U expecting ~m'V3,d~5 1:'0' ClJlml! cl1l7ough t;h:eir pWf.41, await the lII1Juaky _party. In all likeliluxxi, if the heroes baVCI1't conj~, thrQ~lgh in [\be lil:st fe'w'days after r!i,e dr,ov,1 reo tteat, It f on;!! of dt·,ow reiepcu;'l!,S to th.C' O~It.l)05t to ~cou t _this, area" determill~ th~ sitUlltiolJ, and, p.ossibly des,troy the pi»:-tdl.

'10. Tunce Area

Any drO\,~' 11] Jr!!.nce or rdtlJ:it)g are. Ilk ely t.o be in tM forti on

or the' cave. •

The Nicrht Musks · ,

jpl! N'ih1 Kin!,. u;i:neiJ, SIi; 01 bUl atl'em.!r;r, fl}, hJS' fht'cmt. Th~ ftw!de m(J,ws (Jrisi~from I.ht "UUt whp slcul 'I1§l"y still tlt~ tb« ii4mp/lag,;JfJlrfJ.S ,bcjWfI hirfl 'IEfl'mttllS ~iltll! to hillf ~s J/febieatiug qfJ'~ee? TlJe pri;(Jn~~ handJc.1ue.t:e !;armdtig,_JJt!ji :;;'t!hit~d ki. blii::~ ond ht>f hotly ?Pi1.s. 'Ull'.afped ,111 1''aZlJr-S!.T4rp 1}~(!l.al ~i.iff'll tIm! flit . d1M!p~1 itlffl his ~wpI}J(ld rMn l.lD.c/J time be "flIonJtul. The nurit! f111~' !Japr. if a!JJfliding i1.t'~ruciatil1g i;iflii")' 7va1' til remain Ilbs,fjlptdy stilt, butthe elCpfJseil ,yw/XlJ2.hll.lbatflf!l!kffd fr.(Jmbe'lllM/h hit lClrrl d!Jf.?Jinl{, ga'tlt' fe-1tiniotl7 i~ hi, failure, 'lJrlifJet1.0/ hi.s bioI)+/. 41- .re"dy 'Sui'l'llJd'·tfJeIirmJ: G'j'the Nighl Kin(J aJ..diefiGa ch(J,)~bll'T'. TEe Cr)$IJJI qf Nitl~t, t?,J,e ,quiIt'ret if wiZ;'fNr~ dr&es 'l.11/jO 1el"<fMd as (!}.·/Uui(}w if' Drunkfl; 'lUltt.l~oked. 0"11 JJPpr~~';a~iiJdJl4f th~grim !pf!r~ •.. titld bl~tl.gdJ.I' at {'he ,dP~lix,;'Jg ('r.im$rm J·(nin. .fbat g;r-e<& dUlvjy, dJ'.(lp b,j drop, at tht!'f()(;~O/ tbei« hZlIst~';'s, throne. lzaning fm-Ward fl;c:h~ly, the NigjJt Ki.II!. begafl tp >j!~tlk,

"T1;WI{eem l?! Te~iirJ)ilJu hfl'i'e ktraycd 'l1~1! NigJJt Masks, TlNlt's'lllt.:! {I si'mpll! tatk.: :r~R 1viJt"e ,bart;~d with rl!/l~rti.f1g Ih-e 1f1II1J.1Jmenfs f!f (me Pi?ndrj'lbj hf;.ui fw,gerd./ tl:ie.dfiBr/nl1r I/"IJiJd, "II) )'OUr ,ell /"eader. 'Yet ),{)U j'aile'a be'qu$~')!rm nlltrllltf,(J Jo~rse.lf to be pl1rci),(lSea.71o'irb {.ald iJff"i!d bj' the ·vet;' target you 7/lI!Tl! sent. I~ ob:S!!·rl)e. T.he C()I~);"I rI' N(gl1l ~tl':iBdI 'l(llttIIt.S; I~ !OifT <<In/(wi'''I •. Receiv« 71/J'lJl tbe prmi.hm,ent yuu P4W! ifarned."'"

Or-lmkb r",ijea a pale. lat1cf,uid l;nva ,wd ;poke 4 !ingle'1I.1wd. ii/"~~kiR(, the .4r~ of 1lthich I~ '1IJ(u '7 Jtue maSw!". ltlowa,."Jy the t~isrm('t' l/q,a'1J' wrifhin&, tUzd it wa} deaT to the I)ftlD()kcr:r-t-Qa' 'he 'Uta ~ a:1tr:m pIing to diUlce i1J plda!. ff.m:Ole- to UJ1twol his fJ1V71 move- 1l11!n#JJ the rnt?II' r:Wd-tl 'itol pre'IJenf fl#: wife /r(i'ltl dfJf1'Il, -iu unipeaJ:a/;:!fI 'W~r,l His l;lo~ lp~tJ(i'red ,!g<2irl!'1 tb~fll)(jr, th~ WQJf~, aTfd',lbr:'V(l11Jp~rItJ~ who 1viped i,tfl'mn tbe~" cI/Jthu$ 411(1 skll1, lbelt licked [t frllm their fif1$,itr! w.ith l!Tud, Mfiif_arri,('jjt. Tbt: man'r ~mp;ffhbea screams rgf(J to Ih~ <V(lfrifep, ceilflig #' I!J~ lmrJf!rgl'f),t~gd dj.:,nie.r" in";'1 trl!sermdo if ,'$-f,fmy 11MI die.d to, a ftril1i 1.1fhiJper:, ami tiJI:f{ sHe7lc~.

The Night M3c5k:;; is a po,werfuI thieves' guild r~r eperares out of the men-opolis of Westgate" oillihe Dragon ~t. Tl>:e term "thiev __ ' guild," l~somehhing of a misnomer, because t.heft Is the least- of rhe Nig1lt MID:ik!i' numerous illegal activities. En~gl:d m such ilIidt but !ucnr.tiv0 trade& such Q,s <lS~ass:illatioll" ertoz:tlon smuggling. blackmail, and 'kidnilfI!i1'l,g, tile Nlght Ma5,k~ oont..:el We~tg;;te's ullll'len.l'udd, Oper.:r.Mtl main.iy ar ll]ght, ,guil([ operatives haunt the'citts, ;;,had6wild st:l'ects, somt:t.ir.:it.:s Glae.hi.ng wn~ the City Watch, armed adY(O[l.'tIlJ;e:r:s. aTld p'rJvar,e- soldiers in [he employ of the. city's nebles.

The~ l1()~S, whose. houses orem:prise tJw ka.r:l1:ng lll.erdallt' imerestsin. the city, ostensfu[l' (uk Westgate through a.nling COWltjL The hc.a:d 9£ ell.ch famiJy~t~1l in dl-sits oll"the·ooun· ril and repre,.'Jln~ his hQuse's views and wishes on all aspects of

_ th~ city's administl'ation. It is l'iosecr-et that tht:B¢ families a(~. economu1c: eompe!lmrs" amI tb~t (hey UOIYe been engaged in'ii sem:ic{"!\"crt poWt-l' struggle ~11St one anotheL' for as long ali tn.e <lOll ndl hitS e'X.isted' ..


Virtually all of W:':stgat<?s citl1.~nry~ 3Ji weil ~s tta.~ .in shartly ther~ffet"_ J'liD;e guild migbt have peris'nl!;j: rhen for

othet lands, believe that dli!" council 3.l;;tjyely op,oses the depre- lar;'k of cempetent l\,ad.l:tf:'b.ip, or rOIlllld1f apart with infagnt-

9Jitiom of th~ Night Masks. This. 11.'p])tl:arance-' is a deception.. ing as several of the !remaining itIe.l1l.hcrs scrambled for CWl-

mae of mant crafted with sare by the leaders or [he· t":hi~vJ:S' trot of the group's various I}p~ntion~ Bat in 1369 DR II )leW

gIlild to OM;l1re i~ true pW:pose. l'be N,jght MaskS le3d~5bip Faceless arose to quell tb~i! internal conflicts ami restore the

~irf"'uy controls t::hr.ee of the, noble houses a',ld b U.sillB tllt~m to Nigbt Masks to their pn-vioua. strength.

f]l',!:h~r its own goals, It inrerrds to control me nm:.lwder:. and It has alwa.ys been the CUSrQID t]jat the gCl'ler.a1 mem he r ship

much more" 111 time. In addition, the Night Mash have a.lso of the guild docs not know the trUI:; identity of !:be F:u:ele.s;

glWl_ed indJ'rcct coatrol of SOme 'Qf the ciris, mstituticll~J in- ~)lough. some: holders of the-title have l:i.eeR Less sC'Gretive: than

eluding tli~ dock operations (which are vital to "he' gUUd'5 others. Each new Faceless rnusr prow hims-df C'apable or lead-

smuggling elilJdeavors). ersrup; through 3(.tioJ1s rather than words. The

IT the general l)OpI.dace' or Westgat~: indjvil'l!1;U who rose t<a .chim the titlt when

knew the tru[bab~:lUt [he city'S POWeJ1: stcm;- guild faced irs <larkest-hour ·encoun:[;()r.rd

ture, the)' might. rilld iT dlfficulr to b:licve few obs[a:ck. em his pa.fl,i to becoming the new

~ tMr.an organlzation -t"o.mposed entirely of Facckss>. The -gui~d was in "if. l1ear·t0Hl.l state


I rrmlinals--eve.l1·H.1J1 organization 3.5 well er- of diSlltray following the death of irs last -

~ !!,:1J1i1.ed~. !il;ill~ i1~ the N""i.glu Masks-- leader; and was,"!:lImgry for nc~ loaderarup-

• could briug ~1.!ch a. ",-ealtbyandpowei'fu1 city particularly 'wnen rnat J~ilderShlf'.\'as de.rpon-

J !littler Its tJlWlIb. Under normnl conditions. • strated in rile face .of ll.dVt!:fS'Kt'y. SGlJle limited

.", rhey I\'1)U Id be correct. Ho~~ver, the key to dissent in the ranks pro v ided ehe aspiraet t.o

the: r Ight Masks' Jloiitkd nmri.ipuhtiollls', 'tht! Faceless tme the apponun.ity to show his

S. does not lie with the group's ordmas:y IUcm'- mettle. Those W}lO olvected to his ascension" or

! bers, or wjU.l -it~ 4-Su.u criminal acti\'lrie!i, .Far all ~~ ~~-: sCJ~gbt it for thcll:i5elves" w<:re ;uurllned in spcec-

:i th.~ir greed and vkiom,l.le,ss, the evil commirrcd by the caCllla.rly gruesome fa5.hioll, ofren Inside wh'l-t ,they had

.... l"lliljarit)' of the gvild members pates In comparisen to fhat 5Uppos_ed 1'i'4:re t'hHr wen~guarded privat<: quarters, One rival

~lltel1,1platcd by rhel:r unseen ma:st'«s,"The commcn ~h!1g~. Was reportedly struck dowu only hours ~:ft1'r h e ,u:moul1~eJ. ilis

burglars" thle\les,. and cllttmoats who make up the hulk or the intentions to .a group of ~ comrades wbo l'Veer:: enjoymg an

N'tght Masks' 111emhersh"jp heliev~ theru~hes r~l~ by ill'] evening in. t'ne Purple Lady fest-bill. 'Dozens of witnesses

:I'!lOIJ,'t"ous GUildfllasJ:er. ('al1cd the. Faceless, W1:L~k it is mre watched, horrer-etruck, as he ~"<I.s lltentlly torn apart tn 'tb~ •

iliut such an mdividnal dOi:~ e-xiRt, tbese same guild members • street outside the csta.olishm,eot hy aJ massive SWarm of fren-

(as weU as most of the citizenry) w0\11d almast 'te:rra.il1.ly Flee l,ied dire bits. Oue of his henchmen ha~t.ily 5C'~pm] wba.t; 1Jrtle:

the city if die)' Jmew ms tr·~ uatu~e or understoOd.his ~lJ!I,lli. rernaiaed of the lI[Jfl)nu.lnlt~-man's eerpse lnto a helmet and

The trUe ruler of the Night Masks is the Cow:-c of Night conveyed it eo a nearby guiM sa(~hol!se to report the incidcnt.

Mi!£iH5, :I. ccven of powerful, ruthless vampires who harbor The new Factl:Ml! was acrept1:,d by aU..shQ.rtly thereafte:f ..

:imhitiom; f ar -darke:r than [be mere da.l1dtstinc ruluship of ,3 '!be Faeeless chose not to reve,.J to his _ne",,- minions that he

siJlgll! cit}'. The lea~er of this group-th~ Night lOng himself. WtlS a vampire, H:c had used the .ahHil1ics gnmted by btl!! undead

who, also hol~ th~ title. of Fa:!l:ilf;'~-.is .>1 vampire who re- . c:onru,tio:n to obtain inFarm31;j;l)J:Jaiwllt wcIlnttf5 ;anc .riV'als

tlllmed himseli" Orha..l1i. He is. also oue of tilt1 surviving stasis and theii 1i:il1 th"'m (bem.~ able to ta,k~ on gaseous forITI ~ a

cloaes of. cite Illfamolls w:izard Mallshoon of th e ZlIt:ll tarim, v-ery eff ective .m eMS of enter mg.otherw ise unpenetrable aeeas, and the a !ill it)' It> SUIlJ mOil the creatures of 1'lle night: to de one"~ bid,ding lna-kcs for a.novel fa!;"m. of exeeuticn), But eVll"n: 1f th~. guild b~d somenow Ieamed the truth about the Fa:cel:ess!s nature, th~J"!l ~ .. s ne way:the members could JI::.nQ~v thrtt li.e-W11li no ordinary v,am.pin:. He \,\'as, also QIJe oJ the few surviving S'taSls clones ,or the illf'RW9l.1S MansboolJ, erstw blle' ~ eader ru rhe Zhe'litarim. He:had awakened ill thecaracombs beneath the dry- just as tbe ManshD011 W aI'S be!$an~ mlly to ~covcJ" that prior to his rC'I.iyal he had been abdlJci:~tl !Lnd drained hy Ul~' vaillplre Orlak, rhe scLf·pn:JCitlimed Night .King who laired bi:'ne.aub Wcstgate_ The d.orft'5 ErSt act' upon rising was to hn.ot dewn and desO;o¥ hils t:reator. takIDgihe title for' {lis o'w!l;.and adopting th.e n,;lJI'lE Ori)akll. En5L"oncing himself jn his t:.re _predecesS()r'~ u,m;krground 1atl", O.t:bakll c-onceIllplatetl:.'iis gOil.1s !/'Jld plans fOF the f Il.tufe. not <l:s he pondered his situation, eme'f!~ing ftom rhe under:city only to hunt and feed, he fOUIld hi~ lE.Ctiru;l5 i,nfllJfl~i;eil by n surprising DHl .. 1l ipola.tor.

Among'.dle treasw:es h~ "i.nheri.reil." [!'Oill. his S:lalrr ct'E~t()r

• wab die _Vagr!$upter (see ·the ~p'peJldix) and ll-pair o~powerful magic it MIS: t h~ .ATr;r441 0/ Or/a!; i!Jld the FIj'ing F lUJgf ,qf the llight Kin.g ..

Brief Histof'V

Tbe Nig1u M3S.ks have been ~ part of Westl;;He'll him;ory si1G~ Ins D1l. when. th~ flISt Pace-less assemhled aband of assasSin s , thieves, and enforcers to gain control of the ~ity'~ Cnu;tiolls undf.i1'i'orld. Following, their 1ll1lS,[er'1; iJireetl,n;:s, to!: g~ild rn .. emben quidd;r extinguished or absorbed !1;U tb·e_ criminal. mgaillzll.£iflltls that 911 posedl'th!ml.. The eensolidated Clrgazp2anon bega.nl, com p e-u.n& with 'the merchanr 'houses foJ' ocmtrol of rh~ city's .iU\l:ga] 3.ctJivities. The .mercham hOiilse.s "Stn!i;1c bad, iIild dlll~ reavltin.g conflict became a semi::6ecI'(:.t street WM thAt l~ted nearly twO decades before the' Night Mitsb gained the I1ppt:r naud.

, The thi~ye~' guild suffen:d a n~J"-filtal s~[ba£k in136RDR when Ali'as or Wes'tg_:l.'te and Dx.agonhait, a Sltul'ial ;pal~. Wtr~ eng:l;ged w curtail the ~igh[ Masks" actJv}ties. Th!: FIatp. ~r ·dltll) au d 'tlle.ir .• :ill.i.es JI];!n;~ged t... elmn tilaUy . unma.sk , t.he FIl.~lctlS (the. se.c:GJild to hold the title) a..nd S~JllfiC3:Ilt1y dis,l:upt hi<; grobp's operations. UllWiUing ro arunit «"'feat;, t.)1e FIIl:cless ,m:el1'lpid.o prOClallll .hi.m$tItKmg!)f Westgate., but 1\I'Ei;S slain




The: Arg'-4aJ was. an enchaaeed drinking gobler tkat filled with tb~ .,fresh bloed of ,aity victim fhat; Iit!td been Sla.lll h)' irs companion piece, the F~jnl. F'aJlf,I. This WlI$ a magic weapon· tb>tt dt:illtecl1if~ L'l1,I!(g~' from its ;ictiins, as weD a" ·blood. Both Wer~ 1mbped with some part of chei.t: creator's ~~~l and th~y worked in 1,Imdern ttl influeuce .... iboever 'pi;I~sl$;;ed, rflem. Th~ vampire dbn!i fOllOO himself" FeelIng an mexpli"ahle but deepsearoo ncecl to be served bybeillgs Qr a similar uatucte .. By the time his refiekh discovered th~ ~t(;e of this compll1s:ioll, he h7ld already UM:d the .Ar;g,t'clUlj amI th\l Ft1'1lfl tocteaCe several servitDC' varupil:es and dub the-m his 'Courtof Night Mas.ters,·

Notae:siring m waste p.ot~tlt:i.any uflflful resources (and fully a wan that gQOdhclp is hard to tmd), Orbakh d.~d not eliminate his servirar vampires. After ~ period of o.bs~rV'a[i0i:l.in the ci.ty, he decided bls first aCt wou.td be to claiM leadership of the Nighf MitS'ls.and revitalize thl! guild. He and b.i.6 Cocur womd be tb.c s@<.:tet rulers, uf tche organization, resha'ping .i.t; to suit their own tlilds.

the or-rG.Diz.ution


H'eadquutc:u.l Ibc Night Mas:klS do nor maintain it guildhall

or other central meeting location (that would mabe i:he,joD of t.~e GlyWatcn far too easr)- TIll;! organization. mstead mainm111l dO:1,ensof safe nouSt"-S t.hrOl'lgl)Onr Weorgat:c" maTIY of wluch arc- legiti.mate bll;;i'El~:>ses, dl!ring the lIa)". The elosesc thing the guildh a s to a "town hall" lstJie F'tU'~lc: ~a)' festhal], .owned ;i!;nd o_pera,IJed b)' one of the Night M.uks' upper echelon, M~ltIbOI's are' rr~ Co. meer a,ntllclLve messag~ for one ~n.otfler here, En!\' ide.:! tnJ.l.t they ~ nothing 00 alert we pat1011S [0. tIl': host's role in the orga:niz:ation [and ,that incutdes not wearing ~

. dir,¥ '':It;rec. c1 orh in'g!' inside the clifabli.JlIDent),

Memben: Appro,llimately 900, fndudillg the COW't of

Nigllt Masters.

H[UoLn::hy: Web'bt.d. Lellde.lC: The Faceless. &eligion: Mask. Alignmellr: CF .. LE, NK ~,,"y: High.

Sym\J.ol: Domina mask Ca, black clothmask sb:oq:Jed to coyer the eyes and nose, Gut with rwo eyeholes), used hom as aeigil and all :r pilysicalwkcll of tb~ ,guil<fs work .. Anyone wha betrjiy~ thl! Night Masks and docs not iumlep.i>lldy flee beyond their reach is IWeJiltuany dism::J,ven:d dead, with II domino miWt :Sltovt"t! in his mouth. '\\-rapped around his slit throat, used as a ligarun to bind tris hands, or otherwise aclol'll.ing his corpse.

In f(l'V1lm days:; "the Night Maaks f;t~bittr.illjf iilf'ntifled bnsineSS1S rhat paid protecrioa money to the gnild. by imctjbing tll~ mi!_;)k symbol somewhere 011 the business's property. as. a notice ij.l'ld 11 warning itO: otb,e~ wooJd"Pe e:rtartiD:rllsts.. The ~igh:t ~g ordered I:!tis ,ractice aband:OJ:1ffi shortly after the Court of Nigln Masters II!<lc.hed :its full complement, He did not: waar-ro m.ake it so simple fer enemies to identify- the Night MaRks' "business a&SOCiaws:'''by prOyjd.itlga visible m.~[ker !Tor them t'ofoiJ!ow,

The Nilg,b.f'M':l.slffi' hierarchy Js ('ompley, stlll!."t.W',ed [0 provl"de lnaXlmUm ,rotretwll for those who ~d it'. Some details about 'r!le Night Mask!; axe giv:en in the FORIYO'lTfi:N R8A'LMS Cdtl$- 1"f1ign Settbl,g. The fooowing inforrnatioh .is .for tbe Night:

Mas1l.s who operate on~y ID,WeStgatt;.


F:rO.Dl the group's; inception. an anonymous g!.l.i1d..Jll3~.er and his ihmr .council ()f lieutemmts IllH'e 1'u1edtb~ Night Masks, The' Facdess traditJo:nally wields supreme llurhnrit}' over dle en~e ~uild .. bur de!i!g,ate£ tt:5POP.61bilitf for tbe organization";; varIOUS actiV'it:i~,~ llQd il1.tenst:; to the Nigb't, Masters, \1'!lo in tlir1'l employ aritil:'lue of assistants, agitu:1>, afl~ flu:ukws to cat.,)/' out dtelr wil1. The majority of the ranl-andme m~anbcn;hip CQl1sistJj olroguci> and assassins. The guild a IS'? tOU 11:r;; ~mon g. :it:o met)] bers a DUm ber of clerics, r; gif.u:ers:, sorcerers.wizards, and 11 slllatt(ti11~of otbel' Frofl!!;s.tol1s Il:S wel!. Not evcrJi'one:.oH me Night Masl_s! 11"'111'011 if> a f1.l1l.n'edg~d me In bet. Man'f, particular Iy those wb.19 collec rln:f or'm<lt-ioll for the guild iii ~1sU:111' cirles, are frelO].am;e open tile s,

Thc Fa:celeu-

The Faceless has the prerogative to structure- tbe guild as hepll:iases. Endl successive Faceless bIls reorganized the glJi1d~!i hierarch}' 'to suit himself, though;ala tile hardel'iS of thl,l tide:

Olive retained tho core adtt1.iniscfir;ariVe eleme.tltS of ale F~c,eless am] [he Night Masters Il"glt!'dles'S of what other changes he Wrought. Orbi\kl1 'has, in IUs tm:l1~ redefined the ol'.ganiutional structure [0 both.:reflecr his personal leailership ~tylf! and better achieve III'S gool&:. 'The, current bi.el'a:l;'chy begins with the :Nigm King himself at the apex 6f the sU'unure. Four senior members of the Court of Night MasterS', 'the ddes", repOl't 'di:r~J:t1y ,to him. N~}l,t are ebe counts, each IJf whom reporrs ,;0 eae of the d.II1<es~ E.aob count has it nnmber oflieutcnwTs .. who liIe:al directly 'Yilh the rank amHik of the organizatioll. The gellet;ll me-mbership is difrereutiatll'd into cell-like units trutt nelll Hlllr wieh diose members immediately above andb~ltl!w' them in the JiierardlY. This structure makes 1t very difficult for a given member of rhe thieves' glli1d to identify any of his feI1O:I'" members who. Are lloit' in lb.is cdl, dlmin~~hing thcr-isk oj" exposure throughout the entire organitation. The number of street-level Im:mhets OIl"C numbered almost tv,Q, dtolJsallJd" bur Ur~kh rr:uIlIlled :e:hat number down within a ~'ear ef becoming the flacel~.'I.'1. eli:mmlln[]g almost ;:igJlt 111~ndred, persons that be conScider£cl to be nonessential (il1dlldi:ilg ilpurg~ of thosediseoveres !10

be disloyal). • .

Tile CIlHent Fa<;ele.ss! prefers tlD exercise mdir,~ct control over ,:he elements of Wi?5tgaJ;e . rhat are cru.rrntly under lijs thumb_. lind he ,cxll;::Ct!l his nlinions to do the same. mne iris possible' for a vitmpirl- [0 simply U5~ Ills domlnseion abllityro '{l~t a mort~1 to do hi:5rnd.dlllg. u5' the Night K.illg lias dqne with Lady Thi5'tie Thalav.u" he cQnsiie.rs rpis teehaique both' inelegant' and risly ,if used' too frequently. It takes a s~roBg will to ciQrYli.n.ate 1I m.ortal SO thoroughly U~Ut be or she nei~b. .. .rd:i~btys scmrnands ~"",r shak~s (lfr th~ 'VMlll'ire's con.trol, To-minimize t.he risk of failure aad exposure, the Nigh' King p:r:t:ftn! ;:flat his servitor vampires (and (heir progeny) work .r:hrough iatermediares whcmeve-f',po5slJb)e. I~ Thl]"t necessary t'<l dominate the, ~.a:rPoduaster, tQ..- example, when b]t. werkilig _tlnvu~lt agr:.nts a vamprr!: can bribe. threaten, or blacki1lail

birl:J jilst as flff;!tt"rcly wi.t:hout revealing "l,ilythitlg o£ his tfile 1H[J:;L.m. or rtlOl.'jvations. The Count of Sw"m, need oot :iDeet penoo<lUr with [;h!' h&rborma~teL 11'l order £0' Inake 8u·re that e}'iS 1001 the Gmer 'waY' waen a oertain ship' un!oads a c.frtain


wuggled cargo OJ1 a. certain night. In!'.tcad,he can work through inrltrmed.imries co mnb sure that the harbonnas.rer receives a "little sametru;:~g'> 'm .renrrn for haVb1g lli,,>. men absent from' a pal'ticul.ar dock at 3. pattj:~uJar time on 11 partictJ lll,!' 'day" Likewise, t~e Count of Coins nee.d IIGt meet perscDl'llly whh n client at the l'urpJ e Lady festhall ln' order to blackmail him lI'~gardi.ng !w egregious gambling tmbilts, H!: .can have :aD'y one ofa dQzen iarermediariee- do SQ, giving lillmclf -p1ausi.b1e dcnla-

~ bility.

~ Th~ Nig,h:t Masters, on the

Qth~r IHW d, d€l sQIlJ.etimes meet :per,sonally ~vilOb and rlIlIDITJ:ue' the: heads ef tl).e nob~~ houses they contr-ol, Ther normally '[esDI'1:" to -SliGh ~ir~el and hea'ly--handtd raetic$ onLy when something crtt= icaltc theu' pJ..u;s is at stake, Othtrwls~. the)' ffef~1' to i,I&e

thl!" same indirecr Il~.et.h~ pn their luppet coaneiters, worki.u~ t h roll ghi fl re r rued iaries and: agen.t·s. to amieve th e d.esited result. The1' ar~ Ilil.turally.oarrertl.1 not ··to hav~ thl! cotlJ1dl members do ;I..IlydililJ?; sa outrageous that suspicion falls oa them. Instead. they orifue their pet councilors to make s,")rIalJ bOI 5trate-gj1laJ] y hnportane moves iJi the "jty rhat have lo!'lg-ter'm be'!JJefit to th::: Night Mask!!. ~ucli 35 refti5i[l~ m vote in. f~il"O!:of ;r hudget increase for the City Watch, roting,. to .ap1l6Ul[ a 'certain person te -a sensitive I;it"y Qfri.l:e, or making .UTe tb;!t lI: particular nephew is a.p, powted to. a cushy job .as 11 scribe tn the: hnll 'where rhe C1ty'~ j,lTOpeny records are kept. In ,this f;:l,'li·liion~ aml through ~~b incremental. Olecompllshm e mts. do tht' Night Mash gain more .co.ntrol over tru:ir ciry,

vampire. L1k~ his progenitor. Orbakh haS. made J?owe.r th rocUli of nil; e.xiSt~fII~e.. Wh!=re tile power co.m.ts ftom is i.atg41l' a' matter of circamstance, -and :i:n the Night King'sG<l56 it comet; frern hls rulership of m~ thieve'S' gu:ilIl ]But tie must always have more, Il;H~ to this el1dh~ i.l:.tendG '1:0 crc.atJ!' a ,grcl!.t tingdom of v3ml)lr;n 111I;.d fill it with napks:> morral slaves; He musr Il!hr;ll.Ys be tb.e dominant individual in his environmeat, and he: strives to lil:'('!lre: his pbc(l itt 'th~ apex of '.any l}Ower strueture he employs,

HenEe,. Orhakh believes that all other beings .u~ lJ~~ay di·videa !.tltCi two c.n~gmies: tbOk thl'l't :are de'l~otrstribl)' inrf:rio~. "'nil ,;l1osc that 11:1 'if:. been d!;;~ated beyond their worth, He G3nnot hide his con.tempt {'of others. Tn all his di!a lings and mteracrions, his t~atur.d ~lldlk" sce'tlsio,n is _plaiflliy "isib1~ IlV~ (hougb he gJos,e:; it mrtlf wirh a ve neer or charm, He ca n~€it' to!.erare rhmh He goes our of his V/ilym (:ru:;11 them as q;iIcldy :1$ p!i35JiilJle. boping d1.n by doing' so lie is l:H'oiTiding lin example t'o tlliy othou wbo ttVov.' themselves his enemi-es. Ollly three years a vampire, Orb~kh has not yet aequired the iong-rerm per.spcct;ve and pa:~~D.CC that comwto most pow~Iful u.n_dead ereatures as the cen tur leS pass [bern by. He i.s .stillpTolle to fl.tS Of u.:.p:acience, eJl'llotrenl!.llim. and sdf.il].cb,:rlg;ent c~~e.ky .

. 111 his supreme ~on1idcnc(!:.. hoe canner imagine thar his.plan to build. ;l kin gd om in \\1"b1c:l1 vampires JUt' the- dominanr force might not succeed. His mind' Ca.lluot admit nell tlil:: s!ight.C:St"J?Qt;i)ihiLity o£ f ailure,

Ta.Il and we ll muscled. ·Orbilkh ems an imposlng pgur-c: in 11 ls custorn blal!k;ttmot chased Il"ftb ,gold ennrnel, EJ:; 8'rart! of !l~deal:h has g.iVl!~l it.~. !;US. tCllllaty p:i11or to his face, but Few other than, tht Court of Njgh,j"s~e iii's, Features b1;C::!,USe be ~bitu;l.l1)' l!;'ea[S a'helm to conceal his face.

The F.-C'dCilS~dflo tnG~ 8.1 Qrlath .na Th~ Night King (}."'E. male V3..mp:!r~ \\~~16IAr:ml); The notorious M<l.rUlhoon is respoesible for a great ,J]J.2iny crimes; and a:tr~OI:~ties> bu[ pb-h<l.p' none mar prol'e, so d,apw:rous 'for l'a~nlJl as. the creation of .his stasis clones, The prototypical Manshoon personall:ty rct:l1aijiP,;, li'[geJy .intact in dUs .(;"lI0n~ .. blLt ~t has been made even dad::,er rio a result of :rhll: c1on~'B !.mboty transf ormation Intn <I.

The .nuirel

Dttltlady Dahlia Vhllmmo.1I, the :Ollcli~!I& of V'I!.Jlom (eE female vampire Clrlr/Div~ of Sh_art This cu.cu1ll.ting.and arabitieus aJ:istOC13;t \V:lS the-first to fill v~atim to 0100:1;:b'5 cl:e:.si(~· ror v;>mp.i.J:e servants. Ill! the 11lOnl1'1S p~iQrt(li beeemingrne Faceless



he heard .rUIl1O(S of a secret temple deJit"<lted (0 the Dark Ddty locatlld'~.mewhrte undertl<tl! cit)' aJjd soog!lt it out, locaringir finally deep Ix:illllath Cll'Stl~Vhruv.:im05- Orba:kl;i observed me· temp].:';; Ilig1J pr.ieitessJ Dari;ladt D~ Vhammos- for seyilta.! weeKs, adjmrw,g 'her .ambitioB, mtdlect,. and capacity for cruelty. Because of these 9:llalitif:s plus he.r Iloble NoOO (Da]ilia's mortal family is nile de the rnllng merchant, 110ble booses of Wl::5tgaw) Orbak.h .. bro~t lw fo.r~iM)' into tbel1'orM of the unclead, makillg her tlic first. member of his C"aurt of Nigl,t Masten. TIle Night lGng bo6t·o~d on h~t the title or Ouches. of Venom and cb-:Mged her wiJt:h control of (he gui.id'B ~ MJi,1 proved p~llqueij' suited' to ehe cask •. demonsrt:;tting, that she bas a skilled' eye wb.en~val~1lting tIJe worth ora pGlarltial killer, She oeeasioaally leads II$WI>Ll1atIO.1l missions fh!l'~ we p In'e<: .in rue rity.

Although sl'it'l is Orbakh's servitor vaJllpi.rC and cannot act against him, she does retain some personal 31nliitloos of her own_ Dalilia fllgRtS rlomllClg about her i.lI.vo.lY'~mellt with Orbskh Oll' her new undead sbte. She believes this is all by tbe d:e!lign of ShItr, and Sees Ot!T .induujol1 .mtu ·rbe },lj¢:it Jii1 .. s11i .:Jj Ilothlng less th .. na goWer! opper-tunity [0 gain new C:om!e.rH fOI" Iw ,pitiless deity. 'To thi5 ]':I,d she I!Il.CQ"u'ages acr lieutenanT-!; and those tbey choose to _ tieild worahip ceremonies at J1<:f secret tem.plc. When she is notcollducililg guild businees, thar is \Ii here sbe. i'5 normall y Jou 11 ~f :'4n)~t'! she is Shar'5ltlgllt:St'ran king. elerk U] oM city. Dahlill has fw,th th,u she can tQ:Dvert the Court of Nigbr Masters to the warship of Sbar U1 tin;'!e.

MQreo'ver~ shevie'>!.'1i Orb~kh'1i plan to create a vampire .kingdorn as .iI. goal tl1at. could. also be turned to th~ uses of ~he Lady of Loss, and she 511ppGlrts it: CD1111J lete 1 y- in rae t, 611e. intends tG r1l'le the ~g~QIl1 by Orb-alb's side, as. his q1:Je.Cfl, Therefore, it i1l pot 5IJJ'Prising rha·t tile only matter OJ] w-!:;rich •

. :Sine and O!'1mkh havt;'. ll;vn '!ie)'io\Thlr disagreed is his illtel.l[ to wed thi!. Lady Thistle Tha:lavata.s part' of his scheme to erown hinlSdf [he m.()Ilil1'cl\ of Westgate. Dahlia is jealoas of Orbakb's attentions te his puppet, and if she could find a W"4i'J' to free htft>e]f FmIll the compulsion ~o do ~ -her master commands, snl: \~oold destroy the :5:lmp,ermg'Littlle mortal in .au .in-· stant, As .it is, she must Content hirseJ[ witu tmdt.rmi.ning the gh'Ps activiJ:ie;; 0$1 rh~ sir,. r~}'i!lg -eo lllah .her 105t favOI .in Orbakb.'$l eyes,. and hoping.lie doeso'tc.ll.t!:h on,

Tl1e.L1d}' Dahlia is. oflwerage height with a sIeJ]der buil if. llO Iife she was prerrj,' hut de'-ath has both heighrened ;Hld'twisted her beauty) ~ving 11.-.:r the appearance of 11 pal,~" regal predator. B¢r jet-black hair falls ~tmjght !lind Iull to hJo!I' &huu;ld1:1s~ [ram, i:n~ her viole!;, red-rimmed eyu;milbig;h clJ~kbQnJ;5 .. Whetl net dressed in the re9U" or h_e.r priestbood_, s'he fav,ors the expenr shrt: and .;ur.aV2g:l.11t eaortly 8ii'[b of her hn:adting days.

l'hwtan Ha.mmel_od,. the Duke. of WlW;pe"t$ 0 .. .8. male vampire Wid(}} Far )'eautbis smQOth·~Otlgued, otoone crimiHal ffillSttftllmd [1',3 'i'eb:!!' Ill.: Rearili.nli!& in tb~ ~ ,or a_ merchant Irllidcr. He tn;ed II lu);wiesc;ltr,ava'il as a eo,YU for 11is real businesS) l'l'hKh \W5 the ~quishlOll a:nJ selling. -ofSe"115itive. infGrmatj~m (as well as ;; fair bit of forgery; sm'uggllng. and 9uw. 1,1lg stoleJ) goodsDn thl: !i,j"d~"'lI~11 the $ood or J1eecl. S'[fll.ok-him). During his mercantile journeys. he forged 3 ntll;llkr of usefu:] ooH.!1,ec,tilllls with Vill'ious criminal groups and 'organizations in the cit.(e5 wh~Je hls,t;lIril~'1Ill·t:3J!ed. His I!i!]Ole Il~table !I~s1Xiates include the Sllado·w Thiev-e~ of Am:n. th!;" .t\,st·clfians or Tez.i.i.r, 'the Thie'Ves' Gu.ihl of Watt'r,deep, 3:11d the Xanatfuu,. III addition

he estaol~hed '3 iletwar.k df p~id illf(lflnJUlts stretching rrom. Se1g':IU:tlt to Baldur's Gate, which suFplied him wirm..all nHurnet of ~rpl infor~ntiQiB that be 'then soldagain, somerimes Co the lii,i;hest bidd« ;,md sometimes to the indivj,dual who could best reeegnize its value.

Doring OO't: ~f Phul[an's mallY excUrsions to Wr,Jstgate, he carne into P05>'lt$SIel),!I. of illfar.marion damaging to ORe of ~h~ lieutenapts of the ~'ight Masks. Be· was marked for de:ll.r)i as ~ result, and he- would have perishea ru: [he h.1.0ds of Lad)' Diqilia':S il.5S1!SSiI15 hll:G; he not fD~t- d'e[llOl1Stn! u:J his skills by divining the !!01-rCC:t Jll~1S of ,Co11t.;u:9l11g tht: F:ld!:!e:ss rurnself. Impressed, tile' Night lGog realizc:d that J>.bnlt:in waS worth far mote to bim :aJive. or rather" .undead, Th¢ -g98sipmonge:r b:C~Jpe the :second mdu.ctee i iltp. the Colin, of N!gh~ )'1)<!5t('"rs as Orha!:.b"s per.sonal spS'masteJ' and rrfformatlOi1: hroker.

]?JllJlt:m is unable. to travel &S he once did. It Us :oot. quire 50 !!asy for a vampire tojaumc)T through Fa:eni:n [fOSltlg as a eara-vall . .mast!!·r- !IS It is for a mertal, lnbtea.d he remains in Wesrgate, the spider at the center of a Vilrt aDd powerful web or spies am! informants, Through ills chosen ag1lllts and emissaries he m.ainrams his old co.ntQ,_{;t~ both .... ,itb his ex ~liJlaj associates aud hired qcs, gi.ving; the' Night M:d;5ks it lilemQJa of illformatiou aboUt the dt.i5 and lands beyond their home. Phultan lsprobabLy me o~.·iillqi:Jn.ed individual-iii!. Westgate, and' perhaps in all th~·Pi'-agorl Cai!Sf as 'lovell

Fh~hnl~ lfj noe what most peop~c: think ofwben they pictut~ ll! vampire lord. TIll: liguid diet required by vnmpirism has wor'kcd ullaw-acti~ t!.hat1~ 1J11 hi., forru.edr raJ'u:q1i body. Deprived of its S(~y diet of ric~ foods. Jiia onee co.rplilel1!. n~hj]()WS1lgs, lillilg; ing jJil grotesque, n1l,bby fe,lds frOl!l his face and frame, gjving him a hidecns appearance. Hj5 redd.isll-b_r;oW.ll.hair was iIlre!ldy reced ing when be~,am<;: a vampire, and: tlov.r It .ha~g.s in !li:oi5t, str'<1r.g):y patches over his cars and around f.liC' Cr.a.(k of bis S9l1p.

, .

TcbrY6 "Shadown.n:c[" Dhia.lM:~ tb.c Dnk,e of Shadow~ (CE male l'1i.lllp!n: Wt'l.3fR.ogB,fGldt) .},;_ l'enegadG ilalf~lf of draw ancestry, !ebryn ned a lift! of brutal treatment as O1n indenmred servant ill the: drew dty (if Ss'chin.dyuynYf for the per· ilOllG, freedom of the surface wqri;d. E;[c ese3p~a wj,~n the duc.ligaJ· armies of Underspires overran [he mining encampmenr in \~ihic!J: 11<= was condemned to hI"oor until he died, taking advau:fage of (he artad'$ chaos to Jl:iWI[der his o~·t;lrse.er and flee tbe area. H~ emerged frem the ttlld:erda.ik inro th~ c!l-tatom'bs, of Wel>tgate, making IDs' hotne Jlete untll by chance he locared the seerer haven or'" Orbakh :irld Dahlia. Entering the 11I.K~he: made off with several powerful magic items \\Tithopt alerting the 'Ii'ampwe/i. TIrey l'Il3co\re-red the theft ~OO.11 thereafter and tra(;k.~ !!!bryll down to b:i5 ~d.~rcity lio!t.h:9ie. TebryD \v:u> the third and twal victilll ofOrbakh's desire for servitors,. and the lusc \~crim 00 fall bCr)ell:tJl tlLe }.,'lght King's' Flyin.g P.a(lfj before'·that magic Wc.apoll--Wall dell'l:rayecl.. Orhakh amI Dah.lia Wet~ ill total agreement as to llQW their HeWes! r~t:rlrit would serve. He W1jS dubbed the Duke of Shadows ;l:nd placed in con·

tIO] ;0£ t.he Nig~t Mas'k5' rnicv~ ojler:atiolJS: -

Iebryn tool\ toJlis."Ilf:W"e.:ci:;te:nl,',c wi.th t::l1thtl.siasm.anrl grrat· Itt.lde. He had ga:iued pOIV~r. ll'u:!thQtity.wealrn, 1111,<1 SUIES far gTell.eot than allY be ,could lmV'c !:lope.d to attam. ~n hiS former life. As the DI.!,J;a::, of Shadows, J:w combill.t!s the advantages of hi£ vmnpa:il>m with. rus l:l1ut~ry ef rogue sJ;ills to 'I'nove aOOR~ l\7estgaw Ul1~Il by an}' -except those to \\lIUl:1u)le cnooses to


RanD Fie~dijh Sc1''Il"ot; HD 4~t3tl; .bp 1~; AC 16~ SQ_Im.-" proved evasion, Gill !il1ea:k with [;na&t~t:; fur 7; see MQnrt~r M{l1rWli> Apptndix t


reveal him!ieJf. Be orch{:stl'at.:s aU the guild's, <thieving. attivl' cit.;,; [!:trougb his licutcnruJ.ts, directing them agait.lSl: 100.;11 mer' C;ha.llts, VIsiting caravans, and .of mll"se~ the noble: houses. M:my £If tbe lo,lier-ra:J1.kJng thugs, bravos, cutpurses, burgh¢s, ~rni footpads who .rom up tilt! bulk of fhl"; Nighl Masks' rnern~hip rnlls believe Tebryll to be the Facetess,

Tebryn's .skiu Is Got as &irk as tb:!.t of a fllLl.-1flood~d drow but: dad; enough to cleady define hls ;i.u~es~ry;. His hair is the stirk i.i'h:it~ of res drew pare:l:l:t, and !iit; frame 15 thar slender but \\'try mnsculature common to elves and hll.lf·dyCs 3m.!!. Illi ~yes are Obviously inl1el"itedfromhiB hmnan parent, In&:" they are a bright ~tue'white> m.rding in t;(H:Ii!rk II face,

T1u: Twili,ght K.n~ht: The sclf.s,t}'kdl Twilight Kllight handies the guild'll enforcement • .inchl:ll'~~1gpror",ctio!1 r-acl:iet~ ll.n~ &t!:ong·arm extortion r.be Duke .of l\ .. ,jlight .I:eeps. his face 1til'ldeu behind a skull mask/and. only &he Night Killg.knows tbe kniglll"··. nile iderl't.ity. F'h.ultan Ha.m"itli!fWnnd ebrained wiormatioe that 1eal3s him to believe tlW [he. 1wwJ;ht :l\Tight was once a pdadin 0f Latbllllder Wh9 felJ irof{! .Sr.ace dunl.1g the Tune of T.rmlhles afhir being lured away f100m his faith by the remptatiou or POWt:l'. Not de&id.r.lg to earn d~.e TwiJigh.t K.o.ighc;s ':nIDlry (;t.!' Ie",st, not unril doing. so becomes convenlent" Hammerwand Me, kept t;is suspiciilliS ~D ll.im5~1f; R,egardi~!> of his. past, th.e.resaems to. be ae qnestion tmlt the Duk~ of Tv.'i1ight is Ienllukably dulled at' his m3riy tasks, In addltion to. udm:ini5teriilg ;the thieveS' guild's o,peratlOII.5t.halI: require pchy'sical coercion and violence. J}C alSo oversees-bqt1J: nUel'l141 and exn:rna.1 security far th~ tb:ieves:' guijd, Traltol's:. s.tJ'irclll;fi:, and wose rogtle$ whe attempt t'? cheat the guild orr"!: of itS due are almost rert:un to 5p>:nd tj1eir final mam{:.nto of life in. the rom[l3.Oy oJ some of the Twilight Njg:be~ mlrno.n.5.

.The Twiligltt Knight: Malt: vampire- PaI9!l:lIlf; CR 16; M ... diulll1i~c undcadi HD 14d12; np lO"!l; hut +1; Sp~ ;0 ft.; At 'l..9 Ct~uch ll .. fur-footed. 'l.t); Atk +19/ +-141 .,.-9 melee (1dlhJj slam) or' ,..121.;-17/+11- me1ee"'(ldS+ 7/11-20, fr2'lmho/y IQt1(;t'IJIllyd) or t-16 lan,ge~ Cld10/JSHlcQ, .tl'WStel"lo,'OrJ< heavy uo5.!.bBwJ~ SA COlIlIIUlnd unl.lead 6/iJay, pcison use" smire gQCXI 'lfmy', 5lJe!l'k a!:tllck."ld6j SQ,Aura ddei.pair. dark ble~mg. defte! good, ficnd.isk 5eIV,iU'lt benefit.", /IJ.y "J~·/~41,dI. vampire a~ \T3!npir~ qualiti.es; AL ;(;;E:! SV FaIt +14., lief '~,G. w~n I'}, St:r '2l, De:K Ii C£Jn -. Int 11, Wis 16 .. Chit 10. '

SilUlrlllla Fe-at:s. Bluff +B, Diploma<;.)' +9).Randle An.imal-t9, Heal +8, Hide 1'8, Jl"litlm!datc +B, Knowledge (religion) ,.6~ Knowledg!." (un4:e~Jl) +oJ Listen ;13, Ride {bO[lOe) .... 1'2" Bearcll ~R. Sense MotiYe +11, Spot +Hj Altemes.'J. Combat Refle)!'e,., Dodge, Imp.rmred ·CritiCllfI (lo.ug<sword), ImpJ"oved T:nitia ive. Lrghtlling.R~flexe:s. Mrul)'ltl::l1 Combit, Ri:ile-'By Aul'tcl:, Spirited

Clarge, Trunple, Wea.pon Roc1!ls €lollgsword). •

J1tackt,!Ult"ti Spell$ 'P)'epl'lf"1:d' (2.{'2:, ~ase f)C= 1'2 + ~pe!ll~ve~ bt-a--/Wn, Jll17lrMn 1mmlt~r ij'1:nd-lrllll'~ :r1r~1Jgth, sIJaJfur. l'iendUb Sern.n[ B~.efits; Mast.er C:lin shan s])dI5j ,master

bas empubk liftk. .

V~mp·ire AbiliC:Jes: .DOJn.in31ian, I:lleIg)' draln, blood dra.in,

c:l1ildt"l:i1 of the 'Illgb't. qc:tte: ,spaw~, ~

VliJnpirc: U!!...lities, Damagl'! reduction 11'/+1. cold rl1:iist~11;ce 20, elel:ttMty resiStance '20, gaseGl.a!; form, ospidl)f dimp, alternate rlirm. fan healit,g 11.

The Counts

Or bll.ith is :trill m tH~ 'procCS5 of a:ssem.bling hili f'>dl compI-l:m~11t of Night M:>St.~rtl, Each duke. is served by rwo Qf more counts, Described hen: lire two notable- members of ·this tiIM in

the flleIafchy, "

Sw:t:nth "H3.PPY"· Go.tl:mder" tlu: C_OIlin% of C'OW5 CN-:n malt: v.unpin: RegS/endS) Tb~ gregarious and "harmio,g{)w'n~r and bartender of the l'lil'p,le Lid,. Iesthall was a.heady a-master of rh~ blad>lllail gillnc before he -was; induat.erl Illto the Nig.ht Mas~ to o¥~rseetilis allSFect of the guild's QP(,lC'<itlQns. Care[LJJ]y dlO;;en 1y Orbakheo serve as bis elm! criminal link to tIre city OI.bdvc, Happy.mas easy access to his fd5thall's upscale clientele of jl.ded noh.h~i\ and tru.il.I-setJ.:.mg nterchan~ l:;tho wish to bobnob~b(Jv·e tlJ~ir seaeion. ThcP'urplc Ladie~ sllPl?ly tlieir employer ''''ith a Bteady diJ:t d u~~fpl iDfon:ml.tjon obtained '[I'PI1L tb~ir Wll;ui>pecoog, lfltox1ca:red,.·aitil ardent c.l..ieuts, who ~e rewarded for sharwg eOltf~deilces by becomlng the mrgecs of Happy'iS blil:ckma:il '8ch!;mes. Eq~y important, Rappj"!1 role plmniu him fo .remain. mdoor;; during da}'light boars '·wil.holil"a.rQl1~ing 1U .. plclon,. He ns,es"tbo:: fesnhall <IS II means to communicate sedet.fy with many of 'the foIl> in his empley, who l'~ss through the ~taMffihmfl~t in II v:wictyof dls&!JIises (ddlvuyfQlk. merchants, 1!utrOtllil craitsfolk, and so on} Most of Happy's victim!! realize chat the}' luve little choice ether than to pay up, bDt samet'im,e,.g he encounters an .indi",-i:t!ual who .

# requires 'scm.!::' per5\usiQ[I to see the situation properly. Happy .OC\'Cl" d~,,':'Ul}'- of the duty work hinisd(, bo,ul,@ve:I'.lwtead re'porting the' ta:rget's name to the Duke 0r Twilight for some judiGIOU.5 roug:~il1g-up. Ana.ther benefit he gaim fl'Orri a7.'l. wllIfc and location is the ~sc with 'whlell i[ pennies him to teed . Hnppy lldps binmlf to one of thfl !ovely Furple Ladies wb.e:llever he feels pcc1dsh.

Witb bisl"eady smile:-ana I:h;trJIling manners, Happy ap' p~a:n;. 'tel 'be the vel"'Y soul of affable .gentility. He is uufaiLilJlgly courteous •. even when vend,. a &'hittha.t when ccmbined with: his. handsoiU.c face 'encourages ,Iris dientele [()[I'US.t him, HapPTII pride_if, his filII malJ,e of long. blond hair that falls. in 'genil.e>-"Ilila to bis'shoulder!)j, he usually ties hls lOCK:£; into a POll)' tail with a bit of ribbont, chosen to mit(lil whatever garh be's '\\'ea.r~J)g f~rche evelllftg.

Dr:a.egau Guldu. the COlUlt Df StD'[WI (CE male varapire R.og9/Gldl) The nephew Gf DuhguM Gnldar. the head' of·one of the nltm::h\lJ;lt noble 1l011~S. of Wel;tgate. Sir Draegan is known~l] over the city as a notorious young rakesell, A third son, Draegan had no lll1:~~sf ill the emily b~ine-s$, prefeuing instead oo~p(!ild. hill. 1U000thly a.llowam:e on luxuries and. pleasurcs. Nothing.has chauged since the ra.mll.y ICll.m; m Westgatl:. The ne',e.r-do-wdl,\'I"astes HlS days !i!ceping ofr tbe endless ieries of parties, galaS, a.lld debaucheries dl<lt 1ll3.rk his Uigllt5. &nne.d. from scyer;i.l Qf the city's fC5tha.l.ls fot bl:b;wior char.hocked even the moo. jaded ,of the (tty's pltla5W"f-se.t!kets, the )'Q.u.ng matl:ohemhpst!l h1i OW)] ~rie&<lt .hi;; f11:wily's pala~l hOl1ne. Ha"ing desp.aairfd Df th.e lad f'!i"l::t taking an unll'r~st in the funTIy's mt:rl.1mtlle V'elQ'[UlCS, Dl":tegau's father now merely ~tr1VG<S to lI.eep his. son opt of tl1e city dlJl1gromi.




Wlia'[J)eith.« his family n.Or the city suspeets Is that'yQ1]!~lg Draegan Is leading a double arid dlingerOll.5 life·---or l'ath~. uulife. l1'tanl;:!l, to D n h1in's discovery in Guldilll:ere, [he Vain"' pin: has Fooled hili fam.ily and friends sllccessfiJHy for tb!l hc:tter pa!~ of a ]'ear, ever sinee the Duchess (\If VenoPl made him into ~lie,rs!t'rviteJ. Draegan made the fiij:st'llkc of flirting oll.trn.geou:s1y with llis fellow 'uistocr:u when they met at a noble's ball; amus.::d" Dahlia aiJ'owed the you,ng- man to be:il:ie'1~ she was (imn;:{~d by his dJ;llrrl1,5, By- flu: end of the !tv~ni:ng, he \Va& oIlsn.1l"!;;:d by hers, ""[:IfJ: by her bit'c as well Danlli ptlrsuruled [be Night Xing to aUO\lf Drueg,\ln ,0 be the!; nrst experimmc wlth. the ,nights 'm<1!J1k $p1.!11. -and to dati:. th~; lCeGU!t.s- halTe beenworth 'the risk. Alrhougll he can allow himsdf to be Seen standing Ln direct su.ulight for; only a short time, that h"!l pl'o~ert sufficient. A l'lli.rut:ll -aftOf, Draegan has 5(1' far mallaged ro convince everyone that he ls-srill nothing more ti).;m an lin;gra refu], _ jaded. extravagant yOlll1g wastrel e vCf -~n search o.f greater dlrilli. 1110111511, he still dislik<':sllti;d 3voids the ~llni1ght. his ability to endore -saort exporur~ll to ;~ ,r_eveIil$~o.ile from :su.~pectil1g his true naeure. Thrmlgll Dracg~n., tl:k Ni!giuMasks influence the ·Gilld~f family. tllOughDrael:\<lB rnese do 50 with ,,-uNlet)' and ~];It:lon Sb as llot t"oexROM']lli ruse,

As the Count of Storms~ DnLeg:au utilizes his.-oovcr asa scoundrel to nleet lIIDJ:e or JeS5 OP~I1~Y win] [he' men a,nd women to W,hIl,ti1 he- eutrusts the guild's' smuggling a5Signments, The sjght of nrn,eg~l bo(amg it up thro~gh the Ilignt With some unscmpulous-looking brutes in anLilnfas~joJIJibk I'o'Jlter£rOrH -mVUll 1; not an uncommon Si,g!tf_ What cniook'er:s don'r wllize • .however, .1$ that fbiii iE"h,()W rh~ 'I~j']1pin col1i.dm:tG business with his minions, and very slI.ccessfhUr at that,

Dr;aegoo is .hrmdwl11ej with r!!attlres t~ta derk of Sune "" . \~OIda. envy, His m;Ol1gjifw ... plt;fcing blue e,rm>~ :wd long bro ..... rn ha.ilr break bearts in- all the f~st1m,lli and ballrooms of dte dty.


these are dIe llldivid~ats who aCt~· mi\k~ tlungs happe.u il'll the orgaruVitiou. They receive il1stf'l:lction5 directly from the' Cant of Night MlMiters, orgilJriz.1! r he ae ri viries of the ce lis, II n d administer theJiligbt·t,o-night operaaoru oft~e guild in accordance wkh .heir orders, Tile average.Iieutenaat of the Night Masks has bc:1!1l with the organization for some time, t'YpiC'.lUy a. d~c~e and ofren l:Dnl'c~ an d rher)' dbn't p l!I.D till l}'Ver lea ve.

Ty;pi'Cal14clItc.nil:lit: ATE dw,arf~ balf~elf~ balfJi.ng_, erhuman Ro,~6/Gld4,

Ib", It-eullit& and Pro,¥'cn F'r;ofu$1onals

A nell' recruit: te;ll'llS the tradeesaft of thitves under the. tuee!agc of DIO.!'!: experi~~cei:l cell members. Tile,init.i;ttioll perW:d of a..recruit: lasts !llnl1l his ce'l1I1:11dC:ld:ecid~ that _m.':s leady for q,dvan.Gcment, at whio!l 'point the'recruit becomes .;- pravon p:rof~$sj:on31, II. period tbat call1llcst an¥'vnere from SIX months 'tOll lifetlnrc. Some strUt :r,ccrults lJ e'l'~r make it 0[[ till: streets, for II y;rrit:ty of l'r:aoons. Sowe: dispiay a laCk of it:l~fiative. While others at!>. deemed fOO unudla:bl~ to lIl1.d.ertake mor~ dlrrk-Ult assignmeutS- A few Choos.I!"W :reUJ.tln, at the :;('1'eet level for the elltin: I!! fI gth .of their ;a$SociaciO'o wit-h tile pill.:!, p,~fqdng to cil:lry OUt OI.'ders mther- than give them. A f.:w deservil11g Street op!:J,ltiyes remain stw.k at: the .h;nv!!r level& dut' to thti: invisible m~i]JatiGrn frum ilomc~vhe'~e bjgheE litp fnl t:bf! ladder.

Tn)lcal 5trl'et-leve1opcrativl:l~ are :I~s\gned c[un.iual itet.

~:hat. while petty in the organization;s larg:e" schesnes, ~t'i1t generate valuable im:ome.The.d~iI'ee of [he assignmellt"s-dlffieul[)' ·depeu.dsQ]] the level of ~~_p,edellC:~ ~i)t r«l'~it demo!'!' serates and ,he' degree of tl"U~t her cell !ead~t has in her ~lili!l' ti!!s. ,standard, asaign_meut.s tf1(;lu:df pidpocketing ,m.en:h'iints .un'! 'tr,avEkrs ill tile mll.d,ets~ mugging"attd l'oUimg ~n:mks exiting the city'~ m1lcny ra-v,e'[~ and fe-st:h:a'ils, rDIill.ing crooked gaTllbUng games,. _ilu,ll_ing off simple hurglaries. and ~arryini messages fel' Il'UperioT~+ <;l:p'l:lT13tives w'e _paid, a weeki.]" stipend and ale altcwed to keep II third of any we-alth they acquire durUIg-operatious. Tbe.,ema.in,in,g tw~o-thltds g~~ ~Q'fhe guild via the stl.'ee't (.f]ler;!rlVes' c'dl feade]' (WbD_;taku a ~ut of 10%), Aifore than O;IIe stree!; opqative bas been tf:Qlpted ('0 tenin a slila:r~ of the loot that is larger d'I3.U hi .. -due, The results of Sllcn indiscretions are, predictably, almost always rata!'

Ille :Night M-ask,s do not. discdmitl.at\l' 1I1onl'!, racial lines wh~1l :it comes to Itlc]ltiitulg Into !heir 10w~s~ !'cbelo~. Male'S, ,')!I!d rem~~5 or most humanoid races perrniered ill! W(l1i[~te. crul be found in 1~1lis stratum of t!:ti:' org.anizui:on.

Typic:;:l StJ:eei: Lenl. 0pO'J'ati'1'c <(Taw rl!iln7uit) CE dl1l~llI;:f. elf. gnume. humiUl. hal:(-elf .. half-ore, or hdllingltogI.

Typicw ~trec[ Level Opi:taUv~ (pr:onn pro£es!iional}; (;:E d.w:irf. tIf, gnome. hunMlll. flalf-elf, half· ore; 'or baff1ing Rogt/GldL


Tooghli lite the Night Ma,sks' '5tr\\et·J1:vl!l legin'eakel's, ~ygum rIll, and soldiers, The.lr job is. ~irnply put;tQ j;'aU.Ee- peJisrnJlal injury and propett" dllm;l:ge lit rhe Jirecti011 of their superiors. Most cell Leadc:rHiQII't go anyw'be~.:- witham a couple of rough;, in tow. Some tougbs are cWled from the ranks of the standard 5tre.et·l~v~1 operarives (those who S]10\V' a !'lair for violence or wbo dl!m()nsrrar~ tbnt they C-a,1] ",[and I'll '1:0 a lot of p,urrjshment are prime l:;a.IiLdirlil,t-cS;), wbil~ others take' On the rob: as their fIrst assignment with the OI$anil.atioll.

l'heg_ui1d d!XSn't 'Organize toughs iit'Co cells of their own, bu.! iO:S!t::1Id n:ssigU's ~1/'enl m:u;ghl> to' ,tm~h CI!I1, A lot of tGugli,s g;rn.d. uate f'r,om street:lev:d work in-a y~r or two, becoming _personal bi¥tyglliLTm. to tell ltaders ani Lieutenants. Members of ~he Counof Nig!n MllSfe~s ~;bl'i;l'ceog!lizl!: fjtlll1l:s,IJetial ap,tirude. 01' skill have pluckf:d iii few from the SlT~tS. Toughs .receive a week!). stipend;, like 5tr~~t oper1l!th'eE;, as well 11$ a share of any pwflts eari'ud fTOlB optlr~'tioD5 in whli:h they tll~ c part Thep3!Ji': tlle)f receive per job 1<; at tIle di5Crlt~iou or the .;~U leader.

Most 'tou;g~1S are dwarves, unmans, ,3:l:1d h,M"Q,,,.,.The OCC3- sional half-elf is found aifion.gtheir ranks, but a gnome ,or imlfling tough :is almost-Ilnheard .of iii tbJ! Night Mas.ls.

Trpieat TOllg,&: fQE dwurfj human, or half-ore RogllPtr 1.


N~,tur~lIYI the gnihf1la's llced of In~ltlber;; whO' POS5C!t5e,o;; a.vari· ety of t~l<l!nt5. M~mbeJ·g who fail into this !:ittegoty .inclUde fs-rgns" !!u'rveilla:ntt and col,1.J1J;li:l::1furvdlblnce expel'ts, ut:o~tlcrojst&,bl.acl::m:llie:rs, informa,tion g3th~te;,s" and Icbose.!wh~ pl'Ofessions are o\ltsil:le [hose gem.'l'Ollly found ill ~ thieves' ,guiJ.d; lOW"!J:'(el Fighters, sorcerers, >!.iz.ards. and the! lib. Tradesfolk and ~aft9folk ;Wi! 11<11 normally induc:e,i;:d into the Night MlI:Sls eyen as spe'ciali~t~. 'The gui!d h'Js I1G meed, for ,I;X" iIJllll]~ '1:0 reel' IIi t bmcksmi:tbs bec:aUlle it re~lHn S &''4ch craftsmen Oli1l its pllj'J'oli to ffJllStrDct weapons :lJnd.s,peeia1 ~quipm~nt,

l'yph,al ti~veiUance .specia1Ut~ LE df. half-elf, haJflil'lg, or

hu man :Rog YGJdl. . •

Typicl:l Wiz;ard. Specialist: QE df~ hgtf-elf. 01" 11~rutll

W,it ilR:ogl. .


TIlE NIG.H'r M".AsKs

AppeOrnnc.e orrd _persbno.~tv

Sillnespeci;rist5 are idc;>l1tified and recruited from th.e guild's street operacives and l'OU~ but most are brought into the guild direcdy at this level iror the 5'pedflc. purpose of pr-il.iltidllg their pahict:lw trade, Most €If these inili~'iduaIs;ire at:tacb.edto a cell rhar spedali1tes in their particular line of \fork Som\ll of them 1:171;11 lei3!d cells, thOll.gob rhls hanQ!, j&. !lOt granted them. t:mrll they either have pUt in' se:vc[O!l years of reliable ~er\fice midl thr:gaild 01' have den!lonstmtcd t1huw.al c.omj!u.ence il.ofl skilL rome !ip.rjgJjsrs take OD apprelltic~ ofreu aathe J'equesr ofl1;e gtl~]£i;l in order to ens'lMc than:heo Nighr Masli:s are I~ot deprh,td 6f chJ:[r talents ~hou.ld li"uythlng 'IIU'towwi be£a1J thenl:

Sp«iilil;[s are ~aid well fot their services and enjoy a share in the-profits"I!:iliied {rom tbc· operations In wbli:h. they are i.nvolved. For ex,ample, :1,11 -op~ration to !>mllggie g,OClds iota the rl1~y and then . sell them, wit:h(}utpaying iau·y of the various tnIMft duties and other taxes impCJSe'd 011 such trade, migllt flat .be Night Masks 10,000 !!P. The,forger wh.o cccsted a set of hkll penllifs; enabli.tlg :~e «ILl t aa(l:nJ to enser [be city might -earn as muc.ha$lO percent of.the taJ::e:, 01" 1,000 gpo

Spe.cj;ilists rome from;lTI nlCCS..

Typical Foq!"" Spc~iallit: NE gnome, balflillg, Dr .hurean EI:p5'.

Street Operanves, bw -ltc:crll<iti.,; Tbes:e.loy.'er-e:ccbe1o.n thieves and toughs are very ,likely to bc·~Y'tltooll:fi6le.n..t.. brash,

_ AlId COCK$~. They have only re~eJlt1y joined-the thieves> guild and have-,m} lnnJlred sense of tn.eir 0'\\,11 impottam:e III die: gr:trtd sclir:tal: of tbm~& .As· a .hl"S!!Jr, 11111cl1}"of riIe;qJ -'low, tb:cm.!;th~es to be p-f~k;ed br ao)'thlng IW-~m rn>l,!;':g,tnali), resembhng all insult 0" threat, using a. as an excuS€ to attad Lb.t' off~tiding i~lfivid!l"i.anJ thl:ICl)y "make a namI:"- or otll' ~c:wl,$e lItfT!!llt: tb.1: lilt~llti;on of Tlieir s:u~r.jor~ Agooa Jium~f:r: of thtlJDCan'l: .[C'SLSt. hoo:sting nbout "tlieir' ~evi "friends:' and some am even be persuaded rn-di'Vu:ige th~ etrJil:tryaf :t!ieir Jihut-;d lulOwlledg,e about fhr Nigb:t Masb at-

• ga11i1;;j.ciOn in ~.:tCbilIlg~ fl'll'~8 few tankarus of g.000 ale. (M:.ost

of the 1I11inreUigl:nt raw-recruits dOll;t last lang.) .

Street O~rativ~ :P£OY~.11 ~:ro.feWona:l5: The;sc· guild mern-

_ oops tel1d to 'be cautious areund people .the}' 'don't' know. They didn't'!l:IlI.ke it this far in the ~liId by fu,ppillg Thou g:wns for t"vef'lI'onJ;"' hQ 'Waves a .geld piece. A proven pmfes&i.ollaI whet . C'~l1nQt a~iif:ill t:tU;OUJltIT with.nm",· ad .. eururers or intruders attem,pmeitllC(tOewa:te qui~k1y (withem: l'ea~-tug any dUIlIr, • til' ncr jd.C.lltity·or<~le llimre G>f ne'.f M'mk). or to kill her fees. An. unpllumed encounter with these r 0]1'5 is Jikci}' [0 be explo.!vely ~iokm. qui~~ and' dea<Hy: These: ~~p!e bowtbeirbusi~ ness and U'~f_ to hl.c::apadate er 'kin llltmden; without alt}' "IlIl{!C~saJ;}; pream!lie. _

A:i4l5$in~, No'assassin \1i~fhy of the· nitro\; behaves ~n a' fa':>him) rhllli 15 Myt~g shon df oon~mm1!iteyrofes.si9nal. iYn. Thl,s !stJl1.t1! whether t.,qe ~;J:,_'lSia is Oil a job, wjoymg Il. ~rink 11t hh f..,,-C'liite tave!'u, or :lftenilirr!l a publfc executi.on.

InC orma.nts

The typ1raI informant is j!lllt <In o[diIl~.ryp.civa·te l7irizell who earns a few~xtr~ cotns by snitching to the Nigkt MliSk~ .. and of~n to other organi.zations and institutions as well, The orgalliN.tloll doe~ empJO)T a few FulHi:we il1fQr~tsJ b:owe"t~j who earn tlbeir par by kceproi!f tabs on a partkulu pe.rw'll or instllUriot). The Nigb.t Masks have ;sev"erslp~rm<lnenr infon:ll' ants ",·orking in the cizy's docks, the city wnch. FortunehQoJ] H,:lll (Tymora's ttm.plc In ,the city). and IlIMt of the CaIBVIl._l'i }i:i!Lnl:;;. Informznrs are tYllicallyp~id piecemeal for each nugget ot information ·they uncover. aud their paym~llt is. usually staled <lCI:';On:lil]g (0 .the value mf the *l''ll. Fr;~fe-ssiomJ inform,

f·'· {;;. "

an~ who- ftU·to tum I~P {(~fuJ inf0lmanoil. 1~1:l0 pi'oville j;"OI1.

&isrentiy inaccurate informariou, OI: who betra.y che. Night ~;isks ,by trying to play morethan one side of thtll!foJ'J;mi.tiOJl g.ame w:irl:Jdl~g:llild's; enemies !U'~ n6. !oll!g for fu_ti world.

'Typical InfllImlDt l\1E,<human Com1.

TIu:: trne pi'i'lfessJol'lilLnevcr dlvl,l.!g\::; til . ., realnature qf !~et WO{K. J.ltViti' iliares ehe det...us of hc;:r rnit;;;ioll with WlV.oll~ iJ:O't meant m lie' ill the know • .and never Lea ves ·\dtnc;~~s tuve

!-Vim! clUJ jdelltify her. . ,

J ~~

~ll·Le,adel'&, Licu·reMiiitl>: Adventtiters ~typihtily dOll't cn'-

cO!1uter cen lti:1de.l'1i Or, lieutel~atlt.'I, liiul!"S5 they llave successfllll~F itl1il'r.t:a tt!rl d.~01 orgaDf.l.atioll (in ',:hich C1.lje an encousrer with ,:j; mel{iix:r of thc Court of N!llbt M9'Sters is soOt!:.fordlcoming) or have stumbled upon an operation mlrog.resa. If the ft;}rmer_. they [alii d!.c Ct'tl ~dci-:> to be <'iJ,~j' fo[~ sll~jciou!i' in EOe. extreme about anyQn.: ~Iho W 1l.ot at lenst 'it proven prOfessional They tend 1.03;1>1: a lot of ~uest1o~' r~.hil.e ilttempting to .ghre aay as little all possible. If ti~e latter, rb!;)' fill~ m thc cell kade:J:: 11 Dlercilfl~ oppcnent Who s'\:iive::! [Of IlQthiJ~g other thall.the death or the lnteL'Joller~ Cell 1e"di-', ~I" g,r:neraUy OOD't: plit)' well w[!:hi ot!j.er,;. T1u::y ·;).n: ,lC£IiIStamed to .... -m-king in i5cIa,ticm, and ~sent the mrrtisloll. of llnyom: notabose them n] the. chain of command, •


Druring· ~hr; Put: T~e: Utlut membti' of fhe Night MaSklli dresses in sUi:i:h a W;ty that she calls as little :j.ft"ntiQn~t(l.il!.lr~ sd( as possilJl:e. t [ iSI1i't b~ficilll. to her or the orguruzuklll if ·d,e( it}' Vill1 eli ern ·.ell ju~t by looking 3.t ber 'I1r.tt ;;h~!s a ml!.m:bel' of die tfueve<5" guild, At the same tml~; a fielclopi:!t!lithr'.! lntlsi~ dr~ 11plrOf!riaitely [OI tne job at band. If a thief is l!.aOJJil'l!g to ciim b the walliof a' car a van, mr::l:'c.lW;l,t's ,office all~'b'reak i:mQ its ~rilIl:5~ Vitu((!>, ~he'~Ullit nave fba n~Ces:. S'Q:ry gar (rop~, grnpl'.Il.ng hoo};;, ;md thIC'Ks~·tools to name a few) Tberefore, 'eilch oper3ti:vc ~s ·(cspOlls:ible for scrlk-it'lg il. balai:lce ber:we;ell 3no~Ym]tf;mdl'rOre.5~~a1 fJe~~5i~)'.


The D1Jclt~Sll of Venern ~rrencly has ahnost e.ighty professkmal m'IlIdereni wor!{mg 1';0; ftl:JfHl ,the W'giI.ni:latlOl'l)li sched» !!led Icillill,gs •. andshe"s-alw!I},s on the lookol!:lt fOI" more. Son}!! or these. ~lD,d~rt:ak:illgs are by ron'I:r:lC[. earuing thel'-Tiglit Ma5,ks II ptej),t. Others are motiva,teli.b), "rll~ Night ~ing's IOllg-ca:nge Jllans to destabilize the Dragon CQast aut;! Its ~nv1·· rens, Darkfady Dahlia locr.u:i:t:)" e-valU:ll.t.e5, andtrains her assassins ,personally, preferring to. make cut-am that: she ~eqds only the best into rhe field, Tho~ wno r~il her or who do. not meet lle( dgorous criteria QStlatly perish under bee fangs or become f3_!'ge:t; Jot irer iil.fam,(}lJ:5 <[lilling prey" praetiee ses.1~l1S. f}aliIi~ £equrr.ei> that ;'fl1 hu tillers millnfa"iu at leas!: oa~ residence 'within Westgate. so tllillt she' caD re~ch t!J:eru. Wh~ll necessary,

J\s5:lssins are 'Paid hamdsO!udr fill' their """~lr.k, aua they an' able 11:0 live Jjr~s[yl,es of ease and lillury when ·they are! not actively pllfil:lling their trade, if they so choose. Most ar~ un:en7sely privue I.lldividuals • .however, and take ~l'(at D,ajn~ to safeguard both themselves and i~ St!cl'1~t'of their _pmfeS5JOil.

Typigl A6susim }'lE dwa~r:. halI-elf, human QI"·half-otc

R:og6/Mu+.. '


The majority mthe }l'jg!Jt Masks members want tht:; sarae thin,!:,; they hase .always wanted: e$)' monej'. Motivated p:rUllllTilybJ! unabated gteed and-a desire to a'Vo~d <lJ'i)lcbing resembling hcmc.st !1I1>o:r, .nearly all theS!:cmninajs are in this -dal1gerous: business fOJ' i'be Fa~h. The Iives of these iIldiVid~{ijs

• are efren \Tjnillu't and brief. Mall)! lleWoomcw'S to the guild da, not survive morc. [ban a Jew monfh, ill this ,bloody trade, failing to a 1v;Jt:J;;hWaD'sspear cr the m~glc trap set by a n(jbte"~ pc.: wizard. The .dreams of these rootpads ana'smugglers are almost always f!Xu5'Ild-Oil tll:e acqui:sitio,n of eLlDugb -c;;;sh fa keep them. well supplied 'With Iiq_llor asd gt:'atuitou8 el1terta.rnment for the rest \If their Iives, N6ne of t.hi:' msmbers lit t1rn; jev:d art! awase of'the el{b-reme of the Night I!ti£aslt:,I'S" The), report to tbeLrrell leader, and they linow that ~me\.Vhere ~bove. hhn (beyond -a.1l th,e or;:het cell leaders and li~1;ltel~ancs~ is the 'over-all leader. Those "'ho have met Teibc)111 Dh'alae! believe him t;O bcthe guildiua!ltkr.


T.be Mid.die-EcheloJl

Tile mid·le,rd guild members=-rhe cell leaders, l1ight-to-rugl1t opeNttioo:s {-"niefs .. intermediate administratare, ;tL1d li.e,~· ten.anrs-usually aspire t!il somethitlg'1 bit less seedy thanslifetim~sl!pp]y of cheap Liqrror and even clkaper fcsth..tit pkilSw:e~ Th~ indi\lidualJ> uSua ll tP05SesS some m~asu_re of aurhol' "ry. en d. I~OS[ or [hG~11 haye Qbtarned it h}, climbing tbeir: -way u;p from tht-nuib below the III (ofte Mtl:pp,m.g O;Dl II gC!OO lJlany hands and skulls in the p(.oce55), These ate c'U'Ql:r rrimiaals who han Sl::!'.,ed the guild loyally:aml we II fOF some cime. a nil arc W:df to. nmajn somewhere widiin the Night .M;ilskspower stmcture

until: they die. , .

No small.number of ·them have :attaine.d I< d~inctiy h.lxu· l'iOU5 lifestyle, ~f1!J more fuwfonabie th~n 1!uyt.nitlg ther could huV'e a:rr9l'd<:d throughl!olli::jt Work, and t>h:ey d~sire to m~intain .tt .. Others enjoy the power the,), wil!t~ and deslrt; more for its OWl'! 5ak~. They also, like the pre!i1t!E~ that somes


. The Night ld:n:gdom

Tlfl)ll~ ~e has l:leCDnl'l: ~ v;)'mpire:; the "Manshoon clof'lf! liar. .losr lirtk of 'tW! thirst for power; to say nothing of [he aeroga.nce, a:mb.itio:o. ilnd darrng possessed bl' the ol:igmal M'l.Dshoon himself, Tile- trlUlSfm.:matiQl.1-intl) an 'Undead noeruraal . m~atfder has ,'jil',btly alt~r!;,d wbatevcr remamed of cbe original Mail~h.ooll·!i 'llmbitioJ1.!l that were !:.xtli.nt whell th~ clonerevived froriJ. stasis J nstead of desir ing .to re-erea re I), regai:u- C611.tral ever the Black Net~vQrK .• -tbe Nighf Ki:rJg el1visiom. a vast kingdom .rule.rl. hy a varn[lire mOl1a[~h. (himself, natu:rlillyj and govemed b1 SillJi1.ar ereaenres for ~he:ir own 'benefit. III hiS nurtJ's eye, he 'Oe:c:s III Jl;xmrJla11}a.ra'di~ for his kind. ak.i!l;gdam In. whlch vlillIpire5- ftlay. dwell op!:'Dly and rule 'the m~n:ah)1l\i'NIS vampires W(![C obviously meent TO do.

. He sees a kiugd.omin wll.ilCh mortals are enslaved and herded li'k 'am1e, e-a_Fh ,(;l<.-1sdng enly re p-erforlll me:llilll1,11ior u~ltil_its turn come$, tosate i~;; master',;i ap~tifi."Be pictures a graTld 'P .. late llt:Fe h.t Wesr;g:He. its fotmtams 1:1l.i111in.g I"'ith fresh. bLocxt its ma.ny· roolm f"illed with tbe-!,';hoil:e~t morsds of human flesh for his mlmmy enjoyment He rcj['>Ct's the notlen that Westgate alone would be enough to satisfy his ambJcions. The Night King intends to mdurle the enrire Dragoll Coast j]J hi~ horrific Idngdorn .. CuI111)'];, Sel'Dbi'a, tl:J..<> Sh.inin,gPlain.s~lllt 'E'Uld hisminions plan (0 have them. aI:!, and tneir t~emi.ng mll-

lious of mortal.liees, for their kIngdom of ;I.1i,~t,

The: r urst- stages of' the Night King's plao are already wdl UDder way. One of bjs r irst aces 11.5, th~ new Faceless was the resllaping of .lk guild. rnaking it UlQ11: iju.lee;d as. the inszrument of po·Iihc::d tl!'rro[ he re:ql;liie~ if lui .is to atl1kvl: his end", He -

• has tal,U)('hed ",irat e\'crnru.dl}' should Q~ <I. lengthy lis,t or stt'arfr.gic politbil $$issimu:iom; ill Sembia 'and COnnYf. Tile "tlU'gers of fllfi.C killings are nobles and polirjadly p()~e:rfti1.mtlrcha.lts

The Yompirf Infestation ~f westcsate

Since rnm'pT~ting the fo,~ruiol1 of hIs Coilrtaf Nlj;hr MamrsJ T:he Night KjjJ.g ..kJlow:i that several ,opui41r millooncep-

'9rbaldJi has permitted 11is-scl'liirol'S to or-ea.te minioil vampiIe<,; ficus, aoo:ut v31I1plcft-:\ exist that aid him and hi:. br'# ~.rulPJh1

or theit 0.wu, .'J1I.e r~~g undead l!0pl-lbtW.nIj'KI]:r""'i~ ~ H-D.t''lYefSr oceue iUld tln!urpt~eJ~~c.1# dis.cQ~;>Ilr:ed •. (l~_"1lllPQT"·

n.. ,- d~rT1 ,,' _1. biI --,' ~_I •• • "... ~",,_~ h -

,l"il u -tu (,'ertarn . LL.!1:lhtle5 I,,"'~'t. iii' t c~.:I'cuuy lII.ul:llu. may taut IT'i15Co.m;.eption IS U.la~ vamplirE5 JTUI$t 4'otum to t e_u:

om:: !light lead to ~Oll1J.llk'>lti0ll5:Tfu: most Ob\Tious isstle is-Feed- -corrw~ at dawn.uid ten),am withil1 them! s1cepi;l)g._dur~ the

ii1s, Even in a metrope~such 'as W~gare,. die presellce or so day. This ~s a fallacy. but. one thatO"dlll.kh ~ cc.?l'Jteu"t to prop-

mauy .... .unpins ~11 Ii prQbitma.t~. The: "Night: Klng a~llires !lgl'lte. 'The :truth is that vampires are ~ acuve in tlie_d;u-J.i.ght

tfi .. t tbf: t."xisteocc p(' the vampire COve11 ~n\am hiMell frem hour.s . .as rhe)' sre at night:. They are undead CTtmtu(es- ana do

[he l1lonalli or the cltj1 (fOt 110Q.'1 and smpp'y :feeding J;,abiw [lot ;eqWr.~ sl~ep. :oms it i$..qui~po..o.;rlbl~ far 3 'i'<I;Ql.pire to

ClJ!lId Je:a.d to exposuru. The -v:amplre locd rherefore CllfOfO.'ell meet wid. 3. Jll.orta:hl1i1upn, statka vl~tjJn, conduct I~.s~ntn.

sttWr rP~ rh:tt du:rate' w~Jn.~d wh~rcthC wmpil'es may feed, or metlt wid1 other vamplres run.rio,g dayllgbt .hours, Haw-

50 that their bunting does !lOi attract undue: attcnrion, His ~vi;'r. litis true that di.rectsunligIltis dallg.~J'(m'S. eV{!ll Far:d. t'\)r

I'lloe>t inviolate rule: is tb:2f noevldeucedl' tl!ii:1;: Vo;unpire{fclliting .t.belJl. an~ tiber must avoiifit' .. Bur pr:a"id(!d rbat fbty: do [lot

be left (or Uw moJ,'t;lls to di'ioo'l'et': All torp~s 1.tI.lISt M.-dl5pos.ed e:tl~!.r direCt s!;IIllig:hr, tWx If)a)' do a~ tli.ey i>lcast;·ll.lld ".11.,

of u.ia r;l,Jihion thac OQl!!> OQt cnWi~ the pop-wace to ~pecttha[ rhl!tt powers remain c::'lJlplt-tcly 'Op~ntiy-e:. H-e:m;e. mOEr of

,·.1i:nlllrit8 ue aUl..On:g thmn, Even with theSe" _pr'ernurion., W rue !(alli.p~ in tbe city ~t;1]' in t.he .dark places below ine

rl$il.lg llUlllocr of .di~ppeaJ.1I:iJ.ces tbatth'l! ~towing vampire pop_" street1iaod conduct their busineSs there as, well. Thei' mUlt-

tJhtiDn inevita.hly .pr~ul;es (and toe' pl'oblem Ulldoubtedlj.' rain lairs that.arc weJI :pf.'Orcued from direct 511nlighr. Maul'

y1lM wot:iC',wbcl1 v.:ord &pfeii:d. amol'lJ; V3JllOPu:'C!i llvi.ag else.. of tbi:'m ar~ inth!'l half"dro~;,tlled ~C\Veri ;m.d deep citacolIili.s

w.l1~rc !:hat W'(\l\g.at.e u("f-;n. P_1l'Pot'tun:iti~ fiIr:tbeir kind)"m.lI}' Thil.<r .rl{!d~e ~.l:u.· groo:na below Wesk1!tc (the vam.pWe$ ulke

Wit!~ ClImie ('QIlIptic~ions for t.he 'Night K. .... ng; car.e [I).:a.-mid atl~r ire1l,'l.o~1.1'I11ling water. ef c?urse).

with widdini -a posirioucf allth!.'ltityin the guild . .A few have seeres te settle witJI sori.ety or indh'idua1s, and" rhey see work\ug for the N~bt Adasks as a .means of 3v'lWging rbe-mselv-e::; Oil \Ii~oeve[" 'Eli' wllate,<er rhey believ-e did thew wrong, A til'l)' llandful use their posirions within the ,guild as a COVGl" for a ~rson:li 1 :agenda at odds witI! the int!i!ttlllts iJlf· tb~e' N 19l1t Masks. A wa~e that. diEm'very 'In E':l!,ns- aD agOD.i.-l,i:n g deadt ·t!1e.se f~ \I; membenl-tra.ltors, in the eyes 01 tIleir fellows--cstrive to conceal their Hue purposes with a d1>guise" of ~alOllS', loyalty and obediem;,e. Most of t1le- members.u this level are lIc'Wllrt: of the e_xi"lltem:e of the Nigaf Masters as li. group. Only tl:J~ mot:t trllst:ed .lij;utenan'f haveever met .any of the iudividual N:i£b:t MaetE:rs, however, One; or mar~ of' these pIivileged hendrmen migbt ;<;U. .. p~(:t that tltre Nigiu Mastel's a:r.e 5OU1~th.img other than worml. hut so far neue or them have shared thetr suspicious with anyone,

The Upper EcHelon

The Cour r of Night Masters is m.orivate·d 'hy gO-lIls fat more gl'lILIldio$(:-:llld fright-elling-than anything tlidr agents and employees ceald possibly imagine. The l:,QUTt' b~ already achieved !t;s first shorr-rerm g.onl1)yg.a.iIl.ml,;! die means wi.nflUeIjl',e- Wese~.;tte·"s. mung council, and while It dQ.~s not yet fuiJy :md d Ireedy contml "be entire d:ty, this, second goal shall surd)' eosne to pass, Controlling '[he city, even t.hrough inciirect"Dleans, gains (he vampir~s invaluahle resoarces, mcludiug \vedth. poiitica 1 i.nfluem:e •. militarypower, and a ~on~taD.:t Sllpp\y of fresh blood. Only the members of the court ~:n: in" .. re of the ;;o.lt' thi~ gaul p,h!ys in tb"eit m.a$ter'lt ,grea.t:e"t -goal. Only they und~nt:mcl what h~ is ultimately. trying. eo create-s-a kingdom of vampires.



wb~ interests and views fllight ptove' a hii'\J~a:I'lc:e Of r.L det.rimenr tn rhe Wigbl Masks'·plans 10' cxpan~f into those lands. So far a dOZ;~n men and women have fallen to the lethal ealenrsof thee Lildy DaWia'J'i JciUel'o.. Each SlI,n:c;;sflll ass;J;M1Il11t1011 hl£li cciueided ,vith t:he arrival of one or more Night Masks celt:; in rhe ~il:r~'t :Ire:!.; their goal:is to take ."dvalltag~ or'-the desrabiliz.a:tiol] ca relll1J1 the as.saMinatiO!:i5, lIl1d limrt taklng over the target are",'5cr.jmina] element. T:h'f ct]l-le'l1!l Night' Masks members bd:ey<! on!r that the:!, <Ire pa:rt of rhl' Fardell5'!it plan reinfilrra te 34'ld control the U ndel'wor~d hI. citie.~ beyon.d West~ gate. They have oot the faintest Ui"J.ding mat they-nrc: :piwmg the Wli}' for the cn~:tioll of a ki:ogdom tbat oae da,y m~g,bt trea~ uu:m as lIttle:: more than herd anlmals,

,Already the Night Masks, have mfutrlltoo and takcn over the Ao"torians. !I: once-riva I thieyes' guild operating in the d~ of l'e.zUr. TIte AstarMs (tbe Night l:Cmg chose' t61eave their name intact 5D al> to 'oottl<r ili~guj5e ll-.is act~viti~s) flf,e now aetJvelj' ellgil.gcd ill 1I1l effort to l'onfrQl tbeir Irome dt)1's underworld, a taSK they should: !l.ccom,U!;1r- with~n the year. FolloW'ing d-Ja,t. they art to begm att'mlpts to COlTUpt ",nd eOI:1- trol, the dty's ruling m_ercba.m. council. MeitJ]wllik, in the nearby dr}' ~f Stamm.nt!;;:, the. Nlg;bt M.ask;s cells hav.,. t,;lI.COUPItfred Uule difficuit]Ul assuming the wale of d]e leildit!g pro< fessioual m:lmina,ls 111 &11:;3.[ area. The Night King is about te choose i vampire to bei senr [0 Starm311de ;md oversee rh.: guild cells there. He should . be il:!placc by the end of the ye<il" and. if. 1'%0 obi::tm:les Imisent thcm.scl ves, the' Night Mi\?ks hope to -5~n have control of that. {; ity.

Meanw'hil~'. [he N".gllt King-OO'1tIJIl.lf'S his offerrs to cemenr "his. control tlver Westgt'!te • .his Future capital and.the po~ver base of his new kin~dom. Puhal'!l iti .. hiffi sense ru irnI1j'o.....-.(I[ ~

. his, vanity-that ~iv~ hlm the ~~ire '(0 legitimize I,is efforts by r:esrol:ing Tb£ old InQu!!td~r of Westgate wid1 himself Of! the rhrone, R~ iI1~ tinil!' he is C'1'Gwned • .1:11: l.I:l'b~)lds that -tile Nigbt &L·I.!;ksshollld JlllYt: oomplt"wlYM'uiltr;l,fed the 1~:ajOf DrilgOil Coast cities; assumed control pf,theil;' underworlds, and made Bo1idillrOOrlli into their go\'erll1l'1ell.ts. As th~ 'Vi.!.1:lpire· king of Westgate. he is going to fsce 1:hr.e.ltJ;, ofoppositloll to his sovereignty from mcigbbo.ring hl),ds. bur be in ref) ds tll!!)$¢ JllaceS ·too be s.o rbormlghly under the cO.l1l:1'ol of hill Nigbt M3$ks thar '(bey are uI1aible to offe:r any genuine threat or re- 5.istanl'e wl1en it is tbeir tur-n rc became part of.h~ ki~gdoI!L

TIleold.\:l.(,l:stgate mona:rd'1y is !ong dcfllfl.cr.:BU-t c.areflliJ historical 1l:lldge-ne:llogic:ll research enabled the Nignt King to IlG!l!["Jj"m tu,'1t oue liI.st lil]1 to d)Jlr~nciem and rOY,!!1 bl~inli:

M¥iVes: tru: Lady Thistle TllnfltlTi':1r. Lad)' TruiStic: is tbe beag or Rouse ThalavaI" and thllS its l-ep;rcstntative Ot! We:;tgate>s ruling, POUll,cil. Th~ ~ight King's f~5t thollg;b:&;, which a.J:I:I.u.sed hhn :grea,t:iy. was to woo tlw ;nteUigellt al1q. a.ri-stooratic YPUllg i~Qble\vo1;llal1 in dlssu~, HI: adop[e{/ the gu,~~c of at! ~xpa-trjate COJ:IDyrl:i,iI} noblclEan ami, iwh~1l not !SIlPEtJlittUy away at stllJ. be:an. to ,PunlLlt! the lady with tll~ intention of a.$king fof' h~r hand in man'rage, He abandoned thilt courtship after .dx months wh~n it i!let;ime delli1 rhnt'th-e'Ti.:rc:ely iurl~p~ndent Lady Th~Btle.had 110 lutentiol] of t!li'Itering intD a ;;t~t€ of matrlruoli}' with anyone; No longer ~Ulu5'ed, Orbakh opted. fDt i! mor~ direct means of control He !<Sed his yampil'ie powers, to sub~rt Tttisde'~ will to his GW'n. He, hroke- htlf gl'adually, SIlVOl iI] g- the slow e l'os:i.ol:i of iler will Gver I'lle co~i:i!ll of .se'i"~rttl 'more months. umil sbe b!:c;une tiftle more dl:tll his pUjlp~t.

She eon rinu 1$ to funcruGn ia bel: roles 3'5. head of ber f:Welily and cQ'-!,ndl member; but the ladis voice and ru;t:iDW> Il~' t'C)'VI: ~~e,NIght King rather fll:";ll. hc:rself or h~r. house. When he )Inl!ges the tune toO' Ix; ausplC'IOll:'>,. Orhakh urtends [0 we.clI her 1')::1.01; 'to clailuingtbe !llDtIiU'cny of Westgate for himsel!f. Until then, ~fue remains nrml~ under b,is. cOntroL Curj'~jld)' he is considering lIDI.ki:n~ Lady Thistle .mto a vampire, ~ that h~ can preserve Jlis tmk to·the old tIlonardW for' all efernity;


nll~ Illight tll.ink 'tl'Iat an arg:mwu:it;lIl \,,,jth sucb' 'fai-re-aching desi$flli ,115 .:he l\~igb.[ Masks; lnight seck ~weH lrs ,diem~rsT1jp rolls by inil!.lct.ng e.very Q'1!niuM.m t:h1l city. Tile Night Killg al}Ldltis court, 1101'i'evo-r, much prl!fcr quality to qU<lmity. While It is true that tne Qrgp,ni~;;:t<ioft ~a.:s recl"uit Rod ~mpb))' a uumber-of relatively common cr innrmls, possessed of 110 remarkahle tde31f.§. for dl~ bulk of its grullt work, the Night ~,ifastetii nevertheless ilI1IIersi:al)d the value in r-ecruitIng me best and most skilled mdiv·idllals rlter s:w r md. Opl!rativd ill reerulnnent c!ills spend much of dlel:r d~e oDsOlninf; newly arri.ved crimiaals i~ order to derenmine whether they might merit cleser SCnUlll)' as pottl1tial NJgM- ~ash When <I eell identifle:; jl ~rOPJ?ediveme:mhe:r. OD.e of i~; numbel' approache:s the n1.dtyiduAl ,lIla eIthsuJulli or her to c;tror,' outa job or 011S'sian to determine worthiness, T~ wb:!>perform well may be offered regumr ml:lmheT!;hjp ill i'-hji:gu'iJ,d:, t.hosr.:: who do ll!Jt may 'be given a _place in the organization'S lowest edlelo.ll. where tile), muse dillY their ...... ay upward or peI'ish quickly. The JDOT;;) unusual a candidate's t:apaeiliri,es, the more rug]]ly Sought he is. TIl~ gujld has nc shorrage of common rcgues but tJic. talenrs of a skilled assassin, monk, Qt. hard are barder [0 corne by, even ill :a. e i'ty as c91rupt.:w W <!Mga,til.

R.C-~ilfdl'ess of membership. tlQ cr:imin.als-mdividua! oeorganin:d-opcra't~ in dJe dry of Wcs[g~te withOu~ 'rbl:: eX_Pl'ess penni,J;iol1 m illl:-Njglir Ma.5h Those who disdain the I'i\lild's claim to suprema,y and insi~t Ot'l e~lga,S'in,g in 'criminal attivities wi thou t ~ts blessll1g :mlly es.cape detec tiom for ~ sher t time-a few da,'s, perbaps-bllr rneV'il.'ably thelr-:acrivitie:s al'e noriced by O,l1C or mQre 'Of the many ey~ that ~n'e the Faceless and Iris follgw'ers, Through the- Twiligllt Knight. tb~ 'Fat::cless enforces a rigid pollc}' toward such tT'Olinsgfehsors. They receive on;:: oP£ortui • .ity fO l.'ithcl' purchase a gl.1ild membership or leave rhecity forcv~r.lu,e'ver to return. T,hose l'I',bo refuse to, accept oj]e of these options are" OfiCOUfl;c:, mUIdur.::J and the-ir C10rp"e6 !cl'~ :EIS wam LtJg,';. Such. i5 th~ guild's succeSS t~ rc a [ id~tII:i{yiug 1l0llgllild opeflltive5 and eruQ[crug, its polii:y ri'l!.l't r~· markahLy fey.' vl,>itlng criminals a.rel willing to ri!;); i~ ite.


The natw:o: of dill oIglln.iz.atta,ll does not knd itSillf t,o Ol~illg Friend5':. HoWe",!!r, [he Nigllt M;tSk-s -can OO!lnt 011 several ailies -of COlivm1i.etl~~ that tither watk for or with tht: 'thieves' ~d, Chief among thel}e are .fhl: _A~torians. the leading thi<:ve5' gllild or TCl.iir; ", .. hid ~he Night Mas.k~ ha:\rc infib:t:areii ilDd ,IlQW adl but cOluliQL The Astohms know that their futuri':is flOW ine:x" tri,abL}' imetl'.wtnt:d with that of th~Njgllr: Mas.ks" and so CO" ,l)pera~e with rh-eir I,'H!!ltJ)ers witn,.rea.omlbile. !:ffici!:l1q.

The-Fire- KIJ1ve5_. OIl the Qr~e.r' hand. are 3 diff"ent sort ~f ally. Mos.t or the; gWl~a1 memVc)"5 of dle Night Masks remain IlJl:lWlU',e that the },,;jcl;fesS },as been IDlUJipul<ltll'ig" this

th._a,~ Scirbs h~ ~!ver:aL timet'; in recent nighrs :l:ovil:led ~heaigh' Lord Abbot '~o dine with bim pr.ivatd)!; and once Elttfmded III service a'[ Ute a'bbey's cmf<ll. Orbakh has considered oroe.rlllg 'Sriger K.l;taZIl.u"S flssassinatkm" b.J,l,t has d~l.1yirl for fear tbat tbe deric's m.anyrdom cbultt bring liven greater mrrnbers of Tyr)'follm\'C'l's to the city.

P'crhaps -Ehe most toll~iste;llt ,and trOl.lb!e&erne enemies of tbe Nig.ht Masks are-til Harpers, Ifonj~illYJ the Night JSing's tlarnpai,gn [0 become rhe Paceless ,wa~ made posslhle when 'I'hose WilD< aarp toppled his predecessor, Despltl' dili l\-S1Ji2:' tance he feels no gratitude toward tn(!se meddlers. Anyou:e SU5- peeted of being a. Ha;rpl!'l" mllst be repartd through channels, t!:11.til the news reaches the-,ears of the Dale of Whisper~ whose task it is [Q collfirm the' .mfoJ!'.l1tadotl. A lIal!-dozeJl Harpers 113. \!<.! been identified sim:e this e.aitt was issued, !lotcb one itppreht aded lt1 t'Ut'l:1 and bl'Qug_b t'"before the Co:Y.rt of N:tght M:l.sters for 11 brief but thorough luterl'ogatiOlJ before ~itJg :dram!ldof

~Nel'y last drop of blood, ,)

Ullsu\,prisii)f~l)',ili,e Night Masks' campaign pI" 3gf,Ic.!;Sion .in the ortaujz~d crane syndica:tes of varioilli cities bas attraeeed the artenticn and opposirion or merdJaJlt, societies 5UCli! asthe Knights of ul,e SJ:ridd, th~ Men. <If the Basilisk. a.nrl! th~ RUllrlJl-ell_ Thus jar. however .. DO,m: of these enemies 1w;

-been able, to deUver a?y meaningful' Mows eo the Night M<l:!iks' oP>W'2ti.o;ll:


gang of a5Ba~ins~vu since be ftrst g3:ine!i leaderslti,p of the thieves' guild, E"i[tld fnom "therr homeland of Cormj't' ill BU PRJ [hi ru.:mhers of dl~ UQbk hoases Qf fUctl:! and Corm~eril-'fheleildulia[Jd members of the Fire K.nives-im:tend [0 4lilS\lSSi,l;lat,~ .. hOO!! Cocmycians wh@ cppase t:hdr return, This Stems me a marvelous plan to the Nigbt KiD'g, w_ha permits tJi~ assasain S~'OI ~),"isr an d opeflHe.in \V!!jtr;ue:in retur u for rue use ollhc:ir wiquetlllen.t:~. all the wliile manipulating some-of th~ir j.unior members inte belk'V.ing thaI: rh~ KtIDrcs stand a better ehance of achieving, a 5wiIf r-¢tun to CQ!'m)'r:"jf they robarditutte rhemselves c(lmpietl:ly to .he Mascks. The leader's of the Fire Kni\rcs suspect the Night King1;> true uarure and, a1i'~ heginning to feel hi'! ihflueJJCe on their or~al'li'llttion.l&;c the Fin Knl_\~e6 t'11t1'Y_)


The Night Milsks consider ;auy who .hinder th",ir nightly goaJs and Bpe:rlttlOnS to be their enemies, lind deal wltbi them q~jckly

:wd cl~isivdy. I

The ~ar:lV:aJ1 m.crchlWt who attl;mpto to undereur We g~d flrsmugglin!; goods into ¢he city ';";thout ,er:J:l1~jcm flol]] the Colim of Stortns is ~e ~J1emy of tbe Nigh. Masks. Once disrovered, that merchant dies and his- goods are confjscattlil. The II"C'aP0l1S mert;uruim wh.o falls ll<:hil1d in his protection pay-

m~t~ is the f~,emy of ri\c' ~lght Mas~8, .

The de-gooder advenmrers who ca.~~t seera to. resist stick· U1G their 1l0ll~ wtl'i!l'~ t'hcy dOll't belong are the enemies of tbf Night Masks. Maybe dley find thcfllS!:)ves fumed for it burglary ani! ;:;Olst inte the city i!lIn,g~o:l']~. or IHll',&:aps :they an: tnu:rdeFt:ili' m their beds as r,bey sleep . .A partlEululy trolJhli:r.ome adveJ1t.Ilt~1' might- rnerit th~ :Htentil;m of aIientenant, or jlossjb]f (if the inrerloper 1:> very un1udy) the Cci!][t of Nlght M a~teJ!'s,

ll1i for more specific foes. me Ol:llo: gamering the lion"s share ~r the- Night Masted 'Ilttelltioo 3tthi5 time IS High Lord i\J)l!ot GriS,ol' Khazaar, a militant cleric of Tyt. Based at tlie:

I1mll'!}, ronstrucaed AJJ()ey of tn'O JUillrung- Tl'utn in the K.ing's MudJ" the l1-i,gh Lor-d Abbot and his dcrgy hitve mad:t it their im;;jne55to inte:rfer<l .... 1.th Night Masks oper:ttions whenever ,ossi1'lle. Clerics, roqnh,;md Jlalad11l.5 d'erotw to t>he Jll6t pdt}' h:l\'c cla~hed in~tlgty \Ytth eperativcs of t'he thieves' guild .ill recent montlu;, l':Oiirh~ N't£.ht, Masks have suffe~ed: fmlD thtfse altercmions. '

The Nlghtll4-asrers are more than ,il little 'concerned .aoou,t tht'i. All ilft\lllUpt. to mfilt:rate the IleW ibb~J or acqui1'~ hard mfo)tillit'lion about thendigjolls leader 3l!1<f his temple's der~!iI~ have prO'v-el1inefft'Ctua1:1ei<vlng tbe argall~zatID:Il w;tIlOUL adequate iJltc-lligence a&oo:t thls threat, The N~ght ~ins himsdf is, aware of the d:mgerpooed by these interferlng moralist$, and while he -dares -not sh.o", ir oJ."lenLy he:. t~. is troubled. If the clerk discovers the que nature qf the. FaceleS;!i. thi: ab}~e}~ Will bring all irs r~500 s ecs to bear m an a ttempt to lDj\'pl~ clw Night M:lsks.

The H:Jgll Lord Abbot has SOli,! 50 fur R$tO lobhy die mnn· bcn of th@ nobiC:'tiJVcO.cil in an attl:l11_pt to roU¥illC~ rhe,m to' ·W21te IlP ana (e~li'lC thupjustice tl:mt 1IJ being- perpetb,tecl !lightly ill 'thl'l ciErstreec$; pfte::n by, agtnts cfthe, cOl[lldl ItsCill" GtigOT !ieems to hQve founu 'I sympathetic '~ali' in Qld Stul<dUriio. One of -tl,ie UlOllt wmenOEtl'ie membenl (if the round!. 'Thistle Thala:var bas reported to ru:r liiLa5rer Orbakh

sncourrrers ~

Agell ts ~f tbe Night Mil.s.ks ean be ~flrOllll tered in virruall y dl .

• parts of Westgate, Encounters with ?per-ativcs iOf the thie!les' guUd ill llelghOOrJ:ng title'S are less ccmmon, bl.1t quite: posS:ibJe in those eO!ilmuni'ti.~ tkit lite home re om:- or more Nigllt 1\I{,a::>1rS ~e]]3. Uu: t}'pkal encounter with the Nigbt Masks is witl:i 4 group of !;rimiliil:ls cnga{;cd in. their prima-ry trade: a pair of toughs, (or e-XiiIDP~, ell ,r'!lIJit"1: '[0 I'QOS( a met'dt:i1nt who is behind in hls protection, money, or iii trio of street-op~.rativa who' .attempt eo.mug IIJld roll the l,layer- characters outside their :/"iavorire Ul,'''.rn.

. ..

SAMFL~ GR.OID.s St.o.dudK!dIlApping CeU ('EL \1) 1 cell leader (NEllwt'l.:m Rogr!61dl)" 1 street opera6ve proven Fnllcssion.al (m human Rogf\ 3 toughs (ME human ROf)ilJFn'2.).

StIl:nil~dNight Mub Street 'Operativil Celt (EL to}. l cell Ieader (CE hu.u"lan llogr.IG!d~). 1 stroet opef'atlvl! pLUvcn professional (_}."E human R:ogJ'!Gtdl),. 4 meet opmt.tive raw recruits (~E. human 11,og1). "Z toughs (h"E b.uma n Rogl/Ptrl ~

St-andacd SurV'I!ID;tBtcejCf:ll (EL 12"): 1 cell leader (NE. hltJfelf .mille Ror;i/GkI41 2 5~l,':elOt opcmdv~ prevea j,rQfessiona:ts (NE human RogJIGld.1) ~

Se;tgdDd! :Night Mash Smuggli:Sl!g Cen eEL B}.lcdlleader (NE human Rog6/GW41 ,if street oJ~e.ratlve pro\'pil prafes.!lonals (NE. bumaJJ R.ogf/Gld2}, 6 s\',e:ehweradve ifaw n::cl'uits (CE hum,an Regl)., 4- toughs (},"'E hllman,Rogl/F'triJ


ThE rank""aU~fil,e. Night Masks Ql'eI'at.i'vl' is equipped 'w;ing theNl'C StilJris,tic-s sccfien rn Chapter 1; ef the ~UNtrEO.N .MA,';'TElb Gitid!t.





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ONl'l SQ._!JlIlL£ ¥-Qj.IA!..S f FVF.T rn~ r ,rr,,.

, ~,

what the)' kn~w. Only he and the dukes are a\\f'J:re .~ tbe Uir'aexact; smm.tion. QHe.r,~veruEd jr.slocatloll to dre dldte~ a$ he ereated them" one by one.)

The secret Haven of the court of Ni-sht ~IQste:rs

Orbalh and !us four dukes-Dahlia. Phulran, Tebryn, and the Twwght·K..E1.igh.r-h:rve nnmereus pri'll!tte m'l:~tillg [l'hll~ !\l'!d temporary holdl:o!eslO(l1;tedthl'oughoUI: ~h~e.fl:.ate. Thi.~ howeve.r:. is the cemmunal lalr where the 'quartet of dukRS keeps [heir coffins. 'Here the- Night K.ing at:ld his Uu,.kes. meet tD CllviC\Ir tl'leil' successes lind lay tne,ir plans fot the" future. (Otb!,kh hiij1~elf has a;~rate lair elsewheee in the city.) Th!s. secret Pb:O~'1 locaeed deep Withll1 the-3tinki.ng attd r:res:~hel'M9, &CII'<tt .. of 'We:>tgar'e, is ~YllllIe the vampires tel:le.lt 'to if ~I"dy pressed, or Lf circumstances de!ID!\!1d a :>trntegk withdraw.al from the field and a. return to their ~omn,s. Ea,ch· of these fout vampires usually k~J!s at t!?;iI$t one fusl, mortal vicmTl uDl?ri~l1,l!d h~(e (see below) ill order to, ~p.t:i.sfy ct1l1llngs for [resft hl000.


IJnh::ss you.have the ability ee tel¢port directly into the lair"> ukc 0l.I gaseolls form 'in order to ~J? through grates and ~ma,n 'lell'el p l.p'es. or peihaps .u:ans.f orl~ into a bat iII order J;{i flit dowl1!11l1nl t1uo\lghl1ll,cal~bLiO vertical sbruos-aod ill aU these mstances KilO\\" euctly where to go so as to !lvioi;J bccomiag' hopelessly lost Ul the half·!irowned,mooStet·J?]agued 5cwers .of W ~k-yDD .nmsr ~~d t:he o.nll' path to die Iair that can 1* diM;oveted and nl!gotlal:ed ~tf-dyb.l' mortal folk

Starting from a part:icu1ar gr:a.ring in the' Harbor Loop road, 311 'old iIOldaddec lea:d!;3'O'f'eet dOWIllvard ,to.it borizolltnl sewer tansel, The- tuno~l runs 140 feet under the, .roa.d,leading eVf:'LlhmllYio a tunnel somewhere in the vicinity of t'ne Roseoud Tavern. .A dote,n vetti;ral drainage sllaf~s exit the junction. Me;llllll'llil only to other shafts,:mdmrule]s·anu CVt!l1tili\.Uy to tb~ harber, bu~ one g-oes to to a sHtny, wa'ter·rilled hridi.d1l'rrn· ber 110 feet below the city's. ~SO'Tee'ts. (The wite:r in thi.~ chambes is sllIgnam. pao;ing 110 threat to va,mpires wIio Use this route to aCCeM dIe lakJ Opemng "' s«:t:et door below the chamber's' waterlinereveals a narrow horizonral, brick-lined pa<lSagCWl3!Y lila1: kads dOW>1Wllr.dat 0}, 'Slope of 'lQ degrees. The pllSS;,tgl!' lne);l~ <E~1' oiliu; olde:.r sewer tunnel; <I{ter fS yards, and tlti. in turn 11:a& westward to a large, circular chamber that was once a collection pomt far ~t{)rlJl wate!." that passe!,l d~p under tIll!: city and oEl'f futo the .haroor Ilia a. grating ear the IlIOI3al docks. This chamber ~ locatl:i3 juSt to the north of Castle Vhammos. Ieis nnmtldiatily a,p,p:<rrent upon el~te,ring[hc di"ai1l3.ge cli~b<::t rh;rt thls is a p'bce when. rue: UllWlU'Y w:ill fare poerly a [ best.


'!h~ i Ight I\.i:ng anti ms dt/:kel> have renovated bootb t1l~ anc~[lrt' drainl ch:ll1\ll1eJ :!J1lI'1 the abandoJ:l,cd t~mpk 'that Ilcsilutby . .A-;; nta!' u Orballi can determine. th~ ~emple and. its secret ell~rnm;e wen !l1'e1lted it. or arourld 1;l..17 mt, \;,cbe .. King Aiz.urth and b.is Knlghts 01 the :Silent' SJ..Vll held W~stgate in an Iron grip or f$Ol' (the Night Kmg carl only adm:ir:e such a'figure). He i!w;ov.ered the pl:aoe' slnp"dy after awa'ke'nill,g fJl0m ~~3.~is ~d .om,~ ita 10C'atio.n as [he pufe:c't .'f.itl: in which to el3t.eillfu:h h.rs 101[[. He hired crnftftfolk to help him' ren,QV<!.te- t',ij-e 'banrlonett~mple and coosrruc~ tIle f .. !se lair, slaying the workers ~rer their !:ahem. \veYe ,EQ!Dpidt()d so ,~lt~t none could reV'ftll.l

l. The F&lae Lair

~ pl~« lis d.l1n1y li't hr m.~jve·wrou~ht iron t.l!n;delakas. each ~:porting :;I. lUlJlloor of lar:g,e wllite tll:p~rs wid~ flames that fHch.r and gnrter in the ch111 draft;; thaI; sw.irl pt.li'iOOfC>!Uj' upward from {'be large iron ,gr~tillg; iocated m I:hd center ~f the. floor. Dominating the room Is a rll;iscd 5tonj;' plat[oxID 5UpponlIlz.a quartet of caJ-yed stone coffi.n.s.,NeaI' one of t'he. two 'tUlli:Jcl.s k~(ling into this place ffi wh:at appul's to he a single rectangle .oF ,rm.!ghly carved stone, 110S'".>i:bIy an 31~aJ'_ A h9'i'~ ttle domed a:iling rises to a height or 10 feet at its highe<;t point above the t:t()QT~ which is constructed (}ike dli! w~ls and ceiling):(J,f masonrystalried dirk 'with countless decades of waer ,and !;'jJth. Art I!npl~IU>;lI'IHy wet ooo!', reminiscent 0.( a ..sl>lugh· rer-i1ollse &i(Ll;ited near the rulU'l, permeates th.e ~'we .C;liam· her, waxing stroogerwhe)J the draft}' rise from the grating.

'The caudles in [his chil<rpbcl' are under the effeet of a COIlti'!ualflnmt: spell.

'2. Eb.lliging; Victims

A large' iron.gratlng 11 feet across occupies a section of,tne dumber noor,srtgbtly ,,[f!let from j~ center. EncirCling and att'acl)eci m tne ()Ute]' edge of the grllting is a rin.g of iron, 1 foot ill diameter and 6 wc1;les· thic1i:, t'bat jlrov..ide:i a surface for tne big iron rive!'S that .hold the grate in place OIU the bl'j,;.l:

J1061', At four ~Lli,dist3nt pomrs aroond tbi~ iron coU a r afE if· '

• fixed great chams tJjat ascend up\.l'ard, joinmg together bef-vn: disappearrng into toe sha.daws. Sufficient lighrmg'teve:rls th.l\t the chains area,tta.dled [0 :1 hug!::- pulley-and-gear s-ys:rem

meant for railimg rhegrnting, .

NQ Listen cheek is r~ire:d for anyone who comes \lrithjl~ 10 feet of the-grating 'to hear the pitiful noises mad!! by j:he vampn-es' vEctims, wno awair rheir [f-agjcfa~ in ir~n cages ~pspe.ntkd by more chains from the-bat'S. of the grating. The cages can be seen frem the floor of the chamber bJI standing next to .he .gratmg lind iJJmnina ring the sbaft wl.th adeqnate light 6v'hith UlI11:l.e· diately ~1!$e3 tli;;pri5onu5 tOj::f)' out and beg fQr help, \1iloting m~ umpires in area B to the p.I'esence or intruder -s ). Eaeh of till! !>ireag~1:s approximatel}' ;3 feet in lliameruand. gWm,g;; '2.0 f~et bdQ\1I tbe (&!o!er of the grare, Walking .I.llm)_g thl; surface of '~bE grating n.~uir~ a 1!alatl~ check (DC 'lO} If the check fails, the eharaeter ·s1ip.> an Ill" loose tustcmre.rinJ; tile gfatillg~tla Salts ~i1:totl1~ W';!lu ",ruut. A euccessful Cfim'h .ched CDC 30) allows. die c.lrnrnd:er to gr.ab part of the gl:ating 3md hang Oil to prevent himself from falling. If the character fails this save, he i'l permitted One last Cli.mb chen lDC 25'1 wmch euables himt to grasp one ef the ugcs Gl1I bb 'I""IIY Iilown, Climbing; Ill' tire side of A. cagt> to )'~a~h its cbain r;:qulr!.\l.i a Climb check (DC tn us does dilllbina me cbain back up 'to the g),lning (DC 20,).

PWlin,g a cage up 00 th~ gm~U1g 're~U'm:s- tae muscle to .haul up nppro!limarcly gOQ pou.nd> of cage aud vi~tiw, plus <Ii Balance eheel;; (DC .2.0) fo keep f'rQmf.'llling .int,o the shaft as the cage swings: [q ;!.fId, fro durin,g :its aStellt A r;:age ('lIU flt:betwe~ll the spa~fl'S ~pat:ttmg, TlK gr~g bars ea~i.lf' Ail ar;e see,urtd. with a simple padlock (Open Lock DC '20). Vlaim:; Ieleaoed/rom improonme.tlt repQrr tbu they awakened .in tlus plate Iftcr a nocturnal encotlnter ill the q;i:ry above: with m-rible, pallid creaOOl'e6


ti;r.lth;(d lung tungs add gr~ .. t f,.tl:ei1g,t1i. The victinss ·;:itetJIlll;Me w<tr,:ll r~..ouers atJrftru:gg ~firlilb«r~ th~ .~1ital'li;l, lV~h"nly to, be ]~d back to the s"E:!i'fa,e~

3,PIlR Altar:

At first g1<lill:ce thi~ lQ·[mTI·tolrg block of i:anre.d-·gtlilliite<ap' peaTs Co. !?e some sort ofdtl!:r~ covered as it, is -with dark ~tiin~ ~hatWert';c~!"tainl11"~.e by ag¢t1,S-piLle4 ~lood, CiOS~t ilJspe~tiol1> how~v~rj 'fails to HW'!l'al ~ny 'hil)'[ of the; d.eit}' or deities, to which rhea1tlu: mighe be dedicated, The four ",ide panels of tbe alear are preS5urc pla~E!l::.s. Toudling a:fiy rOfthem: acdva.ms att:fp tim! "\lUli~5 M6l:J,;S ,(If stetre to taU fro~ the

~elli~lg. .

F.dling 81001 T](;I;I' CR 5; +H' m ... lee (8M); Ssuch, (DC 20); Disal:\l:e Device CDC '21); eau strike all dJaractc.rli in ail ~ql;latll'S, .imllli!O.iaiLelrJI aclj:a(ii!nt to theal tar.

4. T:rapplld Tc~~pCi1't(el

This hlcek of hewn ,gt<tniti::~ risio:g J fe~r_of[ Jh.e f1~ and reached 'by" shllnlllW flight of stone s.tepsk seems sot!1~~~ha't iucengrue.Us in that n is clear]y '3. rume r'l'lcent additi.on OI:nd uea put' 0f th e room's Dl:Jginal deSign. The bl,oc,k _m iru:bued witb two types nf magic: a ~rma·nent leJ~(!()1'I4/jW! cjrlll~ .(ieadlng tol:ine ,co1'tesponi:liGg c.~cle in~llJ'ea 11.); and .!l. giY(ffl qf'i!u ... mding • triggered byallJ 11 01le1:il' crea ruse i>tcppwg OIl1: to' the p lw:form> The gl:Jrp'h d.etoll~tee;~Il)lulzanoousJ;' with the i1ctiV;tt;oJ] of rhe leJcp()l'talffJii' c:ircl~a J1011eyil creatll[e.is i!deported ~ut 111a), .arrive at its destinatIon woLin,_dcd fi'om th~ l1lasth.g .fo-rte .of

~u. .

GJff;k if /P",r(littg:.CR 3.; 54t, &ia~J;; ),dB--&lertd~lty ·d~lll:!gei Reflex half {DC 16), S:eltrdl (DC '28); DisabLe Device " (DG'ZS),

SO. ~a:lf;t: CQffins

Th~ 't'ht'mOeI' is dOIll w!lt~d by th~ 11lorbid sIght of f l).ur~Olk~d stOJle coffins that :test side by s:icle _lIpon a raised pllltfoIIDOf bre;;li:lt. A D~gbtofstone ste,ps [('ads tij? to eithe~ el~d of tbe{platfOI rn and. the ,offl1~s;[he' ,tOp ofep!!' pi.>ltfol"llI is 4- !:ee[ a oolle the cham~ flaw, M;;h ef~u: coffins is tt<lppd. I.


Ci:Qffm At This taffin is cr,afkd, of plain 5tl)I1~ Ivith.oot erna-

mentation, Thc Iid is. he.a't)!. weigjlin:Jg~"bout rQ'Q POU[;d5.lliut it is.otherwise not: seeured, The corfU] interior 15 ,approximllteiy'3 file. detp" b~t a mltl'at seJlls, oFf half its dept1t. Etthe~ mtt> tb~ Illirfwl' IS wrklrlg ill. an unfamillirtMgue.J'he llrr:angem.eil •. (if tit~ lie)lf Sl:iggest!> ;i: poe..:m, J)t ballad, l.!1I~ tb~ £!;:r il't ill, in .fil!:!;, t :r;" 'plliS17)jJ r.>11J·/:"$ that tti@~r a more tl;ongtrous tt;!p.

Trap: JR.eadirJ.gtbe etcl:ted t<;.'{t cl~tonatu ,the 1Jxpi~jiw !'Jlnes, \}! ltic1l1n tladit:iQu to dealing d:iJ!ij' norrnl.l i:lal,ft-age alsq 5na:tter toe: mif'tar~, igniting 'whit Heg :befH'eath its surfaee--ea quo:tmiey of 111- !;11et:tJisl\!'; Iire, sealed a gain.!;! !:he air In j!, tank ·ar glas$; mar has ~ nlli:mr for a. top .. The biast 5er)B,. cll~'altliemisr:'~ f'm: hm'~g 001' of the co£rm ,~:ml, up into theair toSC"JLter in a deadly ra-.in over the immediate vkin.ity. The tlllillltity orafullelllist's, Jire inside tbf' coffIIl is etl.ual tf:l·~[ Qf a. d9-'llf'U (,mslis..a:nd w~fn ehe t(31'jS; sprung dley ate divided ~v'eruy among. the six Si{~~s' closest te [his ~d,ge or the: phuf orin i.U1.which the COrrUI tests. Allt'lr·eHtti!r~ witblll :1 foct cor thc,llc'hcl,l:1ilst's fift take sl'laEib ila'rllag~ mclu.d\mg, eb,ose !affected hy tt. difIere:mt: n~ The: n01s!!:of this tr;a:p a; it activates is s,l1fflcient to alert the: servitor vampires in area S.

Eitlplwirj« R1J"~I: CIt :r; f·ft. bbst'{6d6); lleflelf, .half Illithin '10 fl.(DG 16Ji.&:arcll (DC 2.8); Dhnhle, DeV'lce (DC 1!lQ. .A1che:mii~·:oFill; 1'1".p tn.) CR. 2i";)' tang;;d t,9u(;ll (1d.Q fire p~u:> ld6 on. tbe n.ext r01Jnd~ 1 spl~hJ; &art:h. (DC 1;5); D1'labl¢ Device CDC 1.11),

'Ni'fht Musks: Tip~,for 'rhe DM "

The general meen bei"ship of. the gliIucl is r0o:!:f1e&ly ul1,1''>!;anl t~blio:b. ak,mgdnlll of va'mpues rU'st in .\\"1 estg3:t~ aad then in

tbat. 1l'::i m,aste-f,S ase a ceven of b~,drirtking. lliJ:de'ad. Iu [hI: lajl~ .. ~beyol'ld. To rn.1I'~~_ rhj" Nig1):t Masks fhe ceptdlan-

filet. rn;!;l'it' members of lb~ Wigpt Mari~s I)e;v~t meet the tugoniSt,_ of a lle'a- Ciimpalgn. ~t:Uf :mlllllt: Have tb~ plijJ1.1:1

F~I;,eleS5 or~l'l:'; -of rhe du kes in pe.-!!en. The hi~e&f"o1.mking 7hilr~c:t<:rs run afimll of the .gtitih-l'5 mol"e. muada De mas 'UJ.d'

intUviilnal th_ai rrr~!lt of th~ krwer-etbe1on eV~ eJlt;ou~ters i!ii.c i!irti~'ities either in Wcitg;tte-tir mar¥. in &ue of 'ru1~ oflwf'

:l; rOlJnt. Such!! m~jlting W\lil;:Uy OCtUf5 'Only cif. th!!"gtlild E'iti!ai alDng fh~ 'Dragon RC'rtch, and 1rbln ~Iluild OJ1 t:hos<: <ill~

,men.her in ,quest-io'o .js in II poSit_Oil dt'ber. te <:eport directi}1 • ceunters to,5!OWJy reveal the trlltb be:rulld tbe'l9rganizaripn

tp:a m L: It! btl ofr h~ ~tt af Night, o{1:t1s, ~Oi1C ~.o:met'hln§ round. i rs i~al ~o;l.lli- '1h!: p'lia,y~1' charactlllf<i .ot till: irassoelarcs

atU'il:H 11 !!GlilIfs _pet.s.~1 atrenrinn (ill:L~ mat'S ;tlm.qst never mig,ht· even he tbe (ill'gets 01 'il low·lef<el N1g1u M;ru,iQ; Q_PeT:a-

~ "i<.l'Dd I!bLIlg) The pFimil!l'Y mQJ;iv<lItion' for' l~tw'th~ tiQIt,." £utting; ehe h~r0¢,5 and the gmld . ill, QPPQ5itl0Il I'igln

'Sttea:r.ltlvd Wight Mnj!1i:S o11':lbbers IS to gaUl ~·eaH!:J.----;pro-- a~liay. , '.

viM thar gl:l.ild bpe:r\ltiqms remain as pl'¢'it .. hle~ tJley _h;'I'v.e RWr~l~5j or 'hoW. rem: duide to utillze th~ NiglltMasks.

!:lllrom~' ~il1te' the n~w FacclJ;'s,s rook ov~r, l.es u.ll.JJkdy rhat. retn~l1lb~r 'tIot to tcv,~:rl evuything' aoout them mlll~L'ld'ill~J}'.

tl>c COll'n ·or "N'igJ'JJt worries about a ,coup [Wnt[ru: low.er Feet,away tire, lay,(lrs0fsec:r~3' t.h<l.t's~n'ol:lnd tile N:iglrt MaS',

• w:anJis.. [J':$u:rpa.Qi'ln fr:prm w!tim:. the c.our:f_ jf!ldf:is .rullltll'ef' iju:s, Illiyciliillf the yampJ1"e:9 vall}' ""h~ tliep1-aye't -t.:'ataCtet:5

m:a~t.~r ~nrU'ely,.l:lfcClriro-;'. are p,rep'aLed m ~rik.e ~i1 ~~cb p!]i!'i~rftd Crelj'!:in"'tis.:. YI;lIll might ..

YOD could ~sllr build an elltIEc caJDpaigu :uoulla t.hc add all cm:oiu:it~r wlth ;;relativel¥ \!!C~k sc.rvirol' vlIm.pm.-

Nrghh~ hy. ming, them. as th.e chief .aJIlI(agon.ist·:oF me perhaps .&ent" tel de~er' rle pla_y·ecclmr,act~r8 frOID. inroiVlllg

story.Tb.e orga:nij'.~[ km 1. gr'awiug; ·S,I quickly -an¢! i~ rE;lQh~ [hem s.:1 v<.'£ a,oj' dl:'~pt'.r inl<he in:lIJrs' of tu~ . Nigh ~ Mas~.s~

enefldi;tlg So far bi:.}'Q,ll~ We~.lre t:ba[ .i:t pose~ an iJiltIDneli.t: bi;:f01'ebl'i.llgjj;Jg ome .. J the Nlgb[ Ma5~er5: into ·rh .. pi .. tiJ.re,

'threat to th~ elncire. D.ragon Reach. If left ullcne-rk:ed, it J;<;' Furslling t1ile Vlllm.pu·f:o_ lords .into tlldl;" ~-, lair' mllf'ke.s a

qpjt~ p()S.siblQt~t, Oibakh muCli gOOOl 1':111 hi!; pro.lllise~. 1::5- gl'l!:t,t 1tfullll.Ctk ClllcpWlicr f01: the ~mpaigD, "


a noise lead enough tQaTcrt ,the ~ditoT \'aropirtlS in ~ S.

Pit trap egQ, fr, deep); CR. 4; no attac Ii; roll neEessary Cgd6); Ktf1ex SAve (DC 20) avoids; Sean:h (DC 20}j Disable Device

(DC 20'), W;uer"is :u ftlltilt:ep. -


The !\lost Dan~'e-fOUS '(jome

. .. ...._ ~

EiUilel'netb Spellsl;a1J .. ~ is O;ne of the '!fery f~'w l'Ull=bloodGd eh'Gl1 tnembe['5 of the Night Masks.. He- play;> the 4anceJ'01I5 game of Pre1'cnd:ing to be a lopl m!:Dlber of the guild wrule u~1ng j[ fot, bi! (Jvm' ends. H~ is .3C'tu~y a senior -memberof: fh& ¥Jdrc:fb.._ 'Vd~uthra" ~ fl!OOlri¢1 §~QI,I]? of el[ IDpremacistl;, (~e'th'll Minor Organizations sectim'ii} H(': joined the Night MaUl; as a IreeJance wi1"ard 11.11 d :pro"~-->Q vafuable 1l.,tllf(.;pparently-rWy'tl1 that he ~ii~-d :I; promorlQIl ~o the rnlc1dlC' levels oJ tbe: hierlU'l:hy. Ht !loo~ nat know that the lesders of" the guild are' vru,nrir~ E:l; daetnet11ls lif;;; 1; in jt~dy" e\1ttfY moi1n:l'l,t ]fan}! Qth~ member of [lit:: ~jjildo &b~ that 11e. use~' hiS p·o:oit.ioli to' rUl1IldiilfarJuation hack to-th!l. Eldreth Veluutlir~ hI;,! woold~ rOILed to nee \\'e5tgate il1lnlediatdr or De"ilestroyed. He deS_pises trn: humans and hiIf ·dnr. with wJwm SlI!' must roope:i:ate d part rI his rover, mu; the k:t:lllwl.edgt: that he iil:J[ves, the V~$ EI~de of the People enables ~ roearry on, .Adve.n.nu-ers mar face thi.~ N'.igM Masks: o'pe~ve if they -:lmlOY t1r~ ¢ig:aIli1.atibn

, . I

s:u£fieicntly; iftbr adventurers an: human:!; or haJfo.ehres, "Elol.u~T-

,lJetn does n et find il:<e assignmen.tcobjed.iona.hle.

~. . .

FJdLI!Lne'th" S1iI~taU:Cf! Male suo !!1fElJc71Rog~; 'CR 15";,

.'\1edlum-slzC" hll-.manoid; rm 7d4 p-ill'S &:1:6; hp 45'; Il1it 1'7; Spd ~0 ft.> AC 17 Ctrnu;h B, flat-feored 14); 'Atk. +11/ +'6 rne~ Cld~+~/1?-20, +.2 i~ li.I~hnb(jr: S'lJltlr,J) or 'rB r"mge:d (ld.4j19-2{).masterworK baud crtJ5!lbow); SA Sni!";lk attac:k +4d6; SQ?lf trairs, f:tniiliar beneffts, evasion, mIps, uncanny dadge-j AL CEo; SV Fort +4.lii\ +-11 ... Will +8;, Str 10, 1k~ 16 Con n, fut 16, Wi5 ~C1~~ li

Coffin, B~ bmllte bas-eelief ca.rvin.gsdetGl.racC' the lid and body of this stone corrm. tb;: art dr;llicts whatseem to he var~us events in the: life df all 11ll.1i,-.idual Wh9 appears in a!},t:be -;Ce.n L!S. TlJie flgtll't: is l!nale" wit hahou lder-length hair, a. museu- 1ar Iwil£l, alld :l. proIJOlm~~-d ser Qf caaine l:eetlf that extend b~!QW hiSl.Ippe_t lip . .Anyone who haSeV!;}f met QI' seen the f.tue 3ppearsnce of o.rba!d'l: Ilotkes th~ j'~~m"ill1lc.e If he or she HUcGC;W at a Wisdom chock COC B). Dressed in what" ~c-em to be roix.>:& tim!: weI''!' faiihiona bie.m the M 0011S1:3 ar!l:a twO' eenturies '.l.gq, tbe f"J,gure engages in the following sce]'l~ The lid~ depicts the .(igw'1' as be superviises the unpaleraenr 11pOl!li mil v>'oOOe.n .piKes of a rtumber of armored soldiers.. One of the comn'~ side~ shows him conduG£ing a worship or prayer service that mvolves the r.irual sacriIi(e of a pm Of yontb!l COl1.~ malCi, Iilne femillc) who are beund hnId ann foot.- before an altar as ~ number of \'Iell-dtcs-~d> :hHceliug wonbiper:s or sup,plicants look Oil. The 'opposite sid.e· de-~tl:5 him .sea terl a top 11 n O.EiHGt~ throne as &enaliG bring ,him gobldfion se.i'1'lng l~ laue rs "ram dd\f'1' sj'de.On-e end of the toffin shows; tile figtl.te ~,tm~d ~nd armored for barrlc III ,I suit of spkndid hdf-pla:te armor, while the op,pasLt'e end.depicts the same :vmorcd f:lgure leaning'tln a gre.atsovord ;tS he SIlP;:C},S a heaped pile: or 5];1111;.

TfJlP: The coffin, the floor on which it rests, and the floor adjacent to It rest on metal pmsthat sllde 3\'\Illyif [he lid of the eoffin i5 removed, sending, rjlt: (afT111 aedflcor p1urig,ing downwallill into ;J; llghtkss, water-filled pi!:. A.c;:tj~'ati.ng, this tnlp makes

Cofrm. C: This O:Offili is ~o<verejl b)t 3 fl1le.ly wov:en cloth-ofgGid. TlI.: cloth is valuable ('i,tDro g}l) bilt ot:ilrm:vl.se mu.t}dane, Trap: lit m01l';ing rhe doth reve:als ~ glyph- 0/ 'W;o,r-dl11g en the

COff'U1lld. .'

(iWI! if lI'arili"F CR J~ 5" -{t. flJ'e -Mast (rd'S)i Reflex half (DC 16» Seia:rch(DC l~); Disable Device (DC 28)..

coffIn D: Life itl! companions, tIm cruf ill is made of stone, and-it, is withe.tlt oruamentation. HQwell'~l" a SeilLrch check (DC 16) reveals mat the cGf:f1n reses 0-0 metal rollers thilt an~w ir to be pushed a:sJ:de,

Trip: Wb.e-nthiH;off'm is .wlled aw:iJ.}-:' a elcud of poi&t-n ,gas

• billQ\:I'~-ilpward. iIIifedmg all lh-i1lg creature's witltn -iO-feet of th~ coffin. RoBing away the lid creates a Ieud noise thai:: alerts the !j~rvitO.r vampires m area R

roison G,al (ulIm'ity .mist): GR. +; ld4 lV-is plus 2dt: Wis; Fort eave DC lf~ S~Ft:"h {DC 20); Disable Device (DG 20).

6. Wincll. A.sumbly

A wOiJdr::.n and meM bol' ~s, affixed; to the w;tH.directly opposite the False coffins, The wooden portion ofrhc box is pilrtially


Sltill1 ana F(,at.r: Alc~lJ1}l ... 7, Appr:l.~t Tn, lla14m:e +lr. lfluff+17. "C!unb "-t9, 'COiilcelttrafioI:l +1Q; Q,~pruma~", ... 3 .... tn. . ~date +1, Jump +~ _Kno.}Ii'l~g,e (arcana) -tU. K:~!.wr~tlg!: (rui:tLn"e) +13, LiMec +11. Move Sil!!u,t1¥ tU"i'''Scry +"8., Seardl +5, Sense Motive flO, Spdkr,Jt -til, Spot tl-:r; Twnble i-l1; A!ettn~ 'Brew .PotjOll~ Combat C2sti:ng, Craft WOlldrQWi Item, lnipJ'!n-lliil T nltiJti",e. ];'oi.o t Blen k Shot. SQ-ibt; ScrQIL

li,.miliH BtzI,cflti,Gir,aI'lIS' rna$~~1' . Alertne,ss rfll~--€W'h~(J wlthu1 r ftJi fiI1I1Sl::e:1" ean .,.;h,al'le spells: master bas empatmc

&~ '-

Wizard .sp~ll5 'Prepaf'ifd (fJ6/';/4/2, baoecDC ",'n ~ ~ level; ~(jDh',{;,pell failm:e- chance) ~J.a.ze,. di]f~d mtfgi c: C11 d;mlpll~hde(ld, read magic; ht-t:har'1l1 ~e.rsOl; (1), h-Y(JI1Q1i.sm {'21 ml'f.fa~~I~. !L(:iep,~ ?nd-alter 51!!f. 1!u/ri mle/l,;tb, raf:r gr,7U~ d~'rr4'11"lJughfs. T (J..sba'I bdiums lmq,hll!r; 3rd-'Dfild per;sGtl OJ, .. ligh/Ill,,!. bv/t;stlgg{utilm; 4t:h-Cb,dtlJi~/J. lUJ,e-f geaJ.

. SpdlJJrJfJN: O-daze, dttJiJdJ "Idgic, -'tIi.frt.fil ti"I~,Qi1-, ;rid md.f,l,_; '1s!.--rbarrn persou,- Qy'ptz~lism', meS$4fi!> ;s;/itep; 1nd'- 41t~ n~Jj; !In;[hl'trltp!,l-hc, cal. l,r a r;~,· derI!Cl,JJJtJUt,!Jt~ Ti:I;;hd'~ Pid(:JJu, l4tltlJter;. 3rd----;-hptd /lenunJ {;gli!f-nwig b!)ltjlfjJftl.'lti~n;

tth-Cf)fJj'tltjI)JtA j.~ J..se~ gt'<1j1. ' •

'PPoJSfM5iom: Mitht>!i.ciftin: shirt, 1+.2 ic}' }Ju,,.Jt ,h"'I'1 Jwtmi, masterwork. baud crosshOl!i', 10 bolts ..

.BawlF.amili&,r: HD 7; h_p ~2.; Atk +6 :lnelec; AC 21; SQ__ lrn~rovedevasloJl. ('an deliver tow::battil.Ck~ ca.1\ speak with m~er, call speak_with~nl~ of it" ~pe; fut 9; see Mftn'sler M.am~111 Appepdix 1'.


-mttcd a'i/ill1y~ revealing a set of IUs-tins: g-e.urs wiltllin, ,A h1Jg~ iron cha~l zuns from the'flywbe-!!l upward tQ {lpulley assem-Wy located 'near the l':ei1ing of IiIle~h.3:mbeli' and dirn:t1y abovethe- grating,

Atta.c-f!.ej! [-9 the gears and prottudiug from the :;ide of"th!' box is 11: metaL winch band1e,huge ~IlOllgh for th:r.ce M~d.ililmsize cl'ta(Uic:s tognsJ! 'Slmui.caneol!ls!y, The a'Ssembiy is so tho!',' ollgllly rusted iI1)id in 1itlc!i astate of d.isrepalJ: tb~,t ,tu,\,llip,g the lli-Ildle: (whj~ -reql1ire~a combined Stn:lIgtb score of at least: 30) results in an immedilfte a_m~ very loud sound of metal shriekmgia p:ro1:eb't liS Ilases of rus. e~p1ode from lhe !iatldle and fl;'\llhfei Tbis.sound alerts t'b.e servitor vampi(es in UI.1:Il S to the presence of mtruders.

-7. IU~t:y Wall

_A section of tJle:,cham~,rs, !<Mt!trn wall is an ~llu&dl"y wall ~hiilt kacls direcd)"' into area. S.

8, Hall of ~tl:d Dc;t_t'b __

·Ch.aracter;s passing through the" iTIUSMY wall: fwd. themselves p~c~illg into a corridor findl \dtb dense tog that obscures aU sig~t (ineiuding darkvision) Bi;lyond ') feet. !hs effect iii the result of solId/&¥; spells made ~rnrn:neut.

. Spaced (e~,ularty 11101111 both sides of the ceuteal fuillWJ!.)' areniclle1?, ~ut r feet deep wto [h~ rock, each canf3Lnmg .a plainly c:;u-ved &tolle cciffi1i' 5~an.ding upright upon the rough fLag'>oom: Iloer, Half of the eo[r ms are empty (bill: they do .b:a've their Iids in place) llnd 1l0~ :not-l!worthy in any wily. The" other half are the r~st_ing places cif servcitor va nlp ire'S] rach. r01'mcrlya I'o'ar;:iol':ill theemploj' of the Night Ma5k~ anil ereatedby one of the dukes -s_pecifkally to serve as, guardians for I

. their masters' Iair,

Tne easter-n end of tli~ flaHway dead-ends in a \VOiU of masonry of visib1y more- recent corutructiol1 than tb~han'rVay. In the cen,l'er of [he maoo.llry' wan Ileal' its juncture with thl; hailway ceiling. at " n.c~ghr of about 9 feee, are,three llo1e!t~acb no 1l10fe tnan an inch-in cl!iameter-atI"llJlged ill a triangle. Tl'aehole. penetrarc tho: mascnry "w-all, allowing the ,,"amp~e~a means of 'access, to- and tT'O:In the hip'dell te:lllpI~ wbile ,hI gllSfOUS form. The masonry wan is 1 fOOt thick {h,iI=l;dm~!IS, S, hp 90.b.reak DC H}

Male- Sc:nri~9f V"lImp,i!!i1:1i (1); Ftr6) CR S; Medi!iiU...-sixe undead; HD 6dl2; hp 42; Init H'; Spd 30ft.; AC '14 Crouch 11. nat-footed''B);Atk+~lnal:ec (ld6+6, lilam plu~ epergy dr;ili}) or +15/+-10 melee (id$-Fl0. +.2" irlltgr:1J1(J1'aj; SA C!li\uu: ~nergy maiti_~ blood drain. children of rhe night. create spa.wn; SQ_ Undead, damas,e-.ro:iuCllo:o lf/+-l, cold and ~l(!ttrldty resistanee 2Q. glis!Cous; form. !ipi.derdimb. freedom of movement, alternate form. fast Itt-ding f. nu:~ re~is\ram:e +"". -v;a,;n;pite Wrulleslies; .AL, CJE;, 9V Fort ,.1", Ref ~~-> Will +~; Sitt ~:1., Dex 11, Cbn -:", tnt as, W is 1'2. Cnu 11.

SkHhamJ Fila,s: Bll,lff +9, Clilpb .f--l0, Hide '1'11. Listen +1':' ..

Move- Silently +11-" Ride +11, SeareD +9--, Sense: MO[Jve -:--11" Sp-ot -t-l7; Alertness. 1J1illd-F:ighr. Cie;l.,ve, Combat ~exe-s--, Dodge" Endtmulce, iLmproved Initiativ~> Lightning. R.~nC:_lCe". "Power Attalik. Sunder. Tocghness, Weapon Feces (longsword), Weapon Spe.ciau~tlofl OQl1gS"'o:~}

Ciilldren of £:be Night (Su)t Each. vamplrre .fll:fl Clll fort]] (;rom ~he ~wers <I pa,d,: of\4d8 dire :ra.tS or it swarm of 10010

batsas a !l~r!dard acootl.. Tbese ei'eatUfes arrive in ld6 rO'llllOs and! St'rv~ the vampire tllat called d-.em.fol" UP' to lJmQf. 'F{)$Smirml (each) T ,hhJJin :;hlrt" +2 1(JN:g!ward. riog qf lre~-

il01" of I1UJ!I!,c,melit. ;

,Taaic8! If any -of 'the carr Dl U!lE( in ~ai 13.['(' ij{dvutIed, the ~r ~'ito!( -,;·ar.np ireshearthe noise and are _Mened, rot~ .pr~nce of intrudcr~. They do not leiv.e the fog-smoud;:d han.:.oowe-ve~ hllL rather prepaIi; tm:m~lves to a:ttllck any that d~Q''i:r 'this route to' their m.all[e~J true lair, Ex:itiJig l'I coffin is.a mQ'{~~i!jv~

alent ac[1011. •

Two ,of the scrvitoi' vampires asceu~, the wall Oil',either ~e'Of the hallway with t.hcir spider cUrnba:bilit)l, posltionmg themselves -on the ceiling just inside the entrance •. wo.eee they ,can attad:by- leaping_ outo enemies Who pass below (ho_pirJg 'to \ixtcl! them nilt-footed). The<> remainili!l£; three servitor vampin:s assu'me gase01ls for m. It I~ thnosti.mpO$ible 'to distinguisb_ th,;e:m rmm the: fOg itself (Spot check De ~GJ. Til,,)' .wart for the; bes[ .mo.lJ],cnt to 5tll.ke ... t intruders Who enrer the col'l'idot.

If the intruders do [lot ~t off ~y bf the I!QfTm I:'I'lI.,PS, and if the intruders do not make any other loud sounds, ~hl: se,t1'~tQr vampires are nat .:1I,ware of the intruder~lpre5ence I)ntil they pass- t:lu:oughrbe lllusofY .wall. In this case, the ~rvjtru:- vum·· pireii exit their coffins and ilu-ad me intruders, The. vampires make good use of ;thcir dillity to ignore tbe limitations placed Oil movement by the JiJJidIog.1f the intruders $u(:\)~J\J.Jlydi;;perse 0, rewove rhe 501id fog. tile vampires summon dire ~at'; or bats (equal chance of either) to aid theru, Should. tJH: fight g_d b:fld1r fo!" the sl!fvitoor j';l)I1i,li,li'"f.!!. at lease one assumes gasi;(lli5 fQJ:m and enters the hiclclltJ'l temple viath,e door nrbes eo gl.vc wam~ng of the a!'1?rQ;I!chi~,g ~]gel'. The· servitor 'vampires lIre' mcapa Me of sunclldrr io.g, reg,ardless 01 the odds they -m:igM face or i1()~T badly the tide of battle may tutu l!tgalllst t_l~c:mJ since they, i1re.completdy under the control of rhe yam-

_!leu-es thaf created chern. '


'9 .. Ancic,nt 'Wor,ship 'Cham'be.r

Th . smooth stone now; of th_i;; wide, .::ircWa:r cham her Ilecmues ::I. 'l:wi~ -tow of seats arranged in opposed semicircles, o:eat:inga small a~dito1'itlm. i'1mH sets ot -stone steps lead down about r [.eet to the OIIJ.ditorill.ml100r~ To the dght.thl;. iI'uditt:l1:lum Qpens direc:til' Ol1tO 1I wi&! baUway 'franked by l!. double tow of stone pillars. 'to the 1cf~. at the (Jjppos~t:e end of the auditorium, stands all e1np~y,row}d da:i~ hewn fr-om black stone.

The teml?l~'~ origi:fial denizens once gat'l:iI:.Ted' i.rJ this subte-rranean auwtorium to pa.rticipatlC 111 religious p!!,ayet~ medItacions, and ceremonies preKriboo by tmir"fait4- All their reJlgiom l1C'.tp pings 'are ~al1 ished now" gf!ling fID hint of tile ru.tnre: dr~ iden-

tit)' of their: deity. .

The'ouiy IHIl:ISU!li reamr,e~of;:he room is the bladukis. -A Spot check (Dc J5) ~1:1ll;b-~ ;1- .d~ali'actc::r ,to detl::r mi:ne, t.hat the top- ~f the dnis is slightly indented, @~st:ir.Jg: tha:t somen.iIlg qUile 11eavy once rested atop in bulk.. •

10; Altl[( .Hall

A double row Qf;~li!n !;-Qbmms march off rOl'\-rartl the far end of this wide- haU\,:'ay. iiiuJ;lporring the VRulre,d oeiling mat ai'cht; '20 feet ov~raead< Located at the I'arth.tst end of c-Iili. hill is a b-uge a1ror. 6 f~et: hi,gh and 10 feet" wide. calved. [((!Ill :a smgle

Long considered <)th:rea;t tG peace in eastern Fq.eriu.. the Re-d WYlal"ds of Thay have a liil;tOI"Y of '),v:tU" and 'liw~ssi.on 't9wW'iI t'hcit 11,eigltoop, ;l11d even more dist<lnt lands. In ft:t:fnt .Yt:<l1'5. tney ha>ie also ftetome tb.e principal puqr.;:yors of magkal goods to 'the.powe:rfui, weaJth}'. nod the dt$_Per.ate th:rg\lgll!:m~ much O{, Faeru,1. Enscol1Ced in secretive walled el)da.v'ea ill dO'1.e1iS of dties. the 'R<:oWiiz.ard's command rear llnd respect far oo:~side the borders of their nari v e 'fh..ay. These mel"~a:n.rili: enclaves l1ave become sc s),IccessfU] that wany Red Wh,;ird.s have abandoaed their, dn'l~ms of mi1imry conquest for -a m~o .. t lnsididus ~n.d ,petyas,ille .fonri: of powef~the powe:ro{ goW,

n1C Kcd Wizards' efforts to export theu 1p3;gical g~ abro:a.d have l'esiutedln three maciJl beJlefi'[s for the'TI13),<tB.S. Fir:.it", ,Pt'Qple of dIStant llitud.s are bcgml'liil; to Vlt\V *e Red , Wiurd5 OIj m}'5.~J>IDns, pedlaps; .intimidating. .IlI:\erchIDlt5_. [ather than as would·be cOllqucrws. Secolld, tbt sa1e of ~aaic ~~emS8 even nt a discollnt;j is a phenomenal source of r-e\'"ellue . f = du: &e<l W i:z.ards. 1\!fiu:h of tlil&. Wealth nOW!! bad to the

CQffcI'.5 of the 7;ulkiu (the l1CadcrsJ. who usc the pcafits m fund rn ~'gj,;'-!l rest:;anh., esplo11ag ~ an d w 113. tev:er [,e;.rr ible


Red wizards of Thny'

'Til!, $/Kl{j, tiJ' RJ;';_jiel, tlJe1B' ~r:e R,lI I!Mcellnrl d;"I('es." The ReA, WI:z.ar;d flnsh~d jour ",{Pis ii'TliS$ /be 'ivr;w!e1J r:rnm1er/(}p, rack fJ:Iar:k:d 'tulih the/lame' if Tbay all.a th~ftat. of 'PTOJkirr. "'I. tber~ anythIng els« TVft can he1e yo« 1J/;/Hr"

Th, ~~I'" "If paU~e7l, m'(~tcMit the Jrmg, rear ~1J ki,rch~,!,aJld ftfJ#ght ~b~ut his cQmpaniom-l,v.;iting bac/t at the infl. "'Fe.s, we'll 1leea ¥lJl eJJil#l'-am:e p"tlrJft, ()ne if ,eagle's sp.t-eHMI', a'ld ~Ji!l ,~ ha;le . .s~(JJUfard di;f1/JlI.lirt'"

ll. Alldieace Chll.m'bu "Of,r;!l.uT$(J." ,

The dominating (~a.tll1~ of this candldlt circular chambe:r is a Tbe eljr:o'fll'tte-d his CMf.tJ 'Ulhl/{! the fatfMed m4'i.~ /O(;;2ted Jbe

throne situated on tbe wall or,a.s:it~ the entrance, catv-tid r{!'lq~Jlt:d Items, 1!J~rJ (Jsked" "is Urhutl Knm wt'J,.~i1fl!. IMs-yr'

from a sin~e block of ",up: and pdfuhed to 1Il_ .mirrQrli.h . "T ~a/ie'fJ7 S()." I~e,' ied lPi,Aara replied'. •

sheen, A. secies of eX'p~n!>~"e .tapeStl:.ifiidepi£tinS vile scenes of ''G~Qd. His .praturi1Je-tatim1 came il:lquitc1' I;and:y. and I'd Jike

btoodlf!ttIDJ; !::o,ver the cMrnbet waHs from its .smooth flall~ h'im J'r) J1Jmre (1.1u'}1liel""

.toDe if1oorto itr. H~foot·higlLc:eilillg. A Sll1gJ.f', H;rxit-bi.gh ''Ifyo'U a,.r:,aJfl"~qui:nlil cuI:tDmlfr t"~{! a.$j~o"re hu-t, I

block of h~\V!l g,ruute.~tap.ds alene Oll thoe:W1!.)l de:at theoc.haIl1- am sure f;e '11'(jlltd be-happy Ja fJMige.~'

00: entrence, A[if!Tv:e 1nUlJIJedfm:e saildeltly pet'nd thl'lnlg1J the doonUlZ),

'!'his Iii wit;h0lrt: g_uestioa the. "'Cry worst place 111 Westgate .<1 'fnn'rior with prrIlra Th-a)'IlN features ,'lad- ill clJai~ 71~tlU.

to be if one is not a ~e-m'6!:r of th~ Collft of Nig:lJ,t Masters.. "Wiza.rd Tl!azal.Tabt:iJ', 'il. iillylhi1Jg4lmiss herer;

for here the -NiSb-r King holds court. When thl: court' meets. "J.'lD, ..4rzel 'Pheil. ./Ill is -calm. C'ar!7 011." The woman

OIbakh ascends M oap throne and -,res'ides over the 'con- midded, t/Jell depar/ed.

clave of vam1?'lres a5 thl:Y disi:uss matters rang,irtg from tbe "Those k1J'igiJu if 'Pu,rs gi'IJP' me fhe chills,," #,he ell said with

5tiltus of Night Ma:;-ka Qper~tioi'J~' t~their progress towatd dn e~all.ualed ,blfdiJe1'.

their true goal. Tbe candles in this chamber are under the "They tj.ye bur paltE'eltoN: TlJeyare /i"rJFI! to ttm"b-BJ ;hfJsewho

effec:t of II t;atl,iJJJta.lfhmJfl spell, The- bloc.!.; ef gNnjf~ is i,n- wr>fliJ f)drm tts . .Nol A.teiJ:()JIe iN {liis part rif {h~ 1{_{otld if iJJ

scrili!;d with a telf:por'f',(Jrio,{ cirlr/r mad: }lerma1tent. CreULJ_r~5 frilltu#J' f~ (It .as.you.;" .

th~t s~ep onto dle block ar_c: te!epoded to the correspondln~" "Te-.r~ JtJm;e if my rYlVlt _fri,ends SI'!-t!'l1I, j{) diJtrtut .,I'.mr ~MrI!S,

hlorl; In rOOI!:l 1. The vamp.i:r~ ,crea-te.a these devicesnr case wlii(h 1s 'lilyy 1 &'9'" 1J~I't j1/~tl:, IJJ~I your mag,ilJ' hfJS si!I'l;'eii me

they 'were sotnehol\' p,re~>eiUed_Erom ex,icing the Iiidden tcmpl~ 'WeiC',

hy assamieg gaseous f01'_lii. "Pm,gratified {"j) hMi' it~ BJ th~ by" "Farithi 'lllishe,l);,e r(;Jell

J(lU that th~ aparhrcarj h'H mort if )'Ul~l' zir,m."

.A1~(m&Cr 1001 .. ilppiumtd. ii, Ibe. elf:. eytr5. ·\EXM!kffl. GQ_fJd

dg.y, Tbaza.l 'l' .. bar." .

u. Ami t{) y~fJ. ~ir /Miste!. Tour PuJimfSi i.,. nhPii)'I ~/ek(Jtm: h~e" 1" Aft!!.': t6e flif lift; tre if.caWiz«rdJape-d hlsjitJ(J!f'J !J#d mtlisd, Tl;e.fiJQi wa~ alre_.o.dy ad~iateJ. H~ 111(}uld /Je biltc/:.frnr more.

blOCk of baSalt. U&y Dahlla:, the Dilchess of Death:, haseonv erred this altar for the ~Ql'sJ~p of SooJ',ller pi1:troo deity. A ~h.r.e-e-dimensio!lial represenracion of thl! deity's emblem, a b1acll disk I.fifh ,il, deep purple ow;d:eli, rests ill ~ n'itbe carved .iJ:lro !:he fare of th·e- al~l.1Jr. R-esting .atop the altar Me a pair!)' ltlarik pillar candlt\S t1h~ t h<! v'!, ae. ve r been lit. It Dahlia is pres~llt ir{ the temple wnen mtxooetJ; arrive:; she is lUOU likely to be found smm:\vhel'e in rhi5 llaU___:6e.fore:> i!.lli~ altar if she. ~ net alerttil to tbe iotrud.::~" pr-esell,ce. or lyillg in wU~ rot d~n!l

.. mong the pillars if she knows they·are here, ".

1'1.. Tunnel of DCICIDl

Thll nagsmnes rJ~ar !nalk the other- areas or this oo:mplex suddcnLy.glve Iw,y to rhls ll:l.rurahoci. mum:l.

The entragce to the YMnpires' lair i!i Pfotl!0ted' ~y :11 pepn~I1cnt lt1'atJl of 5 t~7if ;SWe]t Theani:maied tu [m,elattatks an)' nonIllUllpite attCJnptm~ to enter or exit the 'cavern, 1;he tunnel mak~~ il grapple attack agffinst reach uDnvamptrehl the tunnel ~\I'e:rr round. [[ has a {. ~(l melee 3ttilck OOJ.\luS' and a, SuenSrb score of 30. If rne tunnel succeeds' on iteS grab attem!!~. it maKeS a grapple df€ck and d<;;ili '1dQ+-10 points ,of da-Qlagc if "'!.IcrcssfUl. The ani.ma.tc.d s[pJle.has..AC if, hardness B, and 60 bit points.

13. 'Ilie l'ruc:La:ir.

This na;flU;1I1 stone iuu!ld ends in a, narrow e-nttam:c to th~

. '

cil:rulat, w<u:b:d-!lot!me cliamool'. Res,ting 01:1 the :rough st,one

noor equjdlst~,llt from one another <Ire [tOl.l:r ll''G'll ccffius.

TIle rampi:rell 'of the£~t of Night Mast!!rs flei; to, dle1r mffim if thl::)' eV<:"!' find t'bemlld,Ve.:; reduclt.d ".0 0 hit pomt5. Each or "these coffms II> pW{lX~ed c.,ne:rmIHy- by a Sj'1lt l;~1 U "~Pf" Itunl.i$ ~g~veCl ~l'tOjts\ li~ aud '!:(iggercil when allY liOnYilm· pir~ look!; at it. Th'l coffhlS ruJI!: aJm.l'IQtected; by an ~t'!:cl.:a1 mcch.amsm that allows the '\'a.~lpire tG 6eCl:trl: tlite lid from inside

the 'I.'Offi.!l. .




~eCl"e.t .iaterests t!n~'f m;t)' 1laVJ;'. FinaUy, demand for Thayacn goods IS, ~o high '[oat the l1ed Wt~ards can eXMt sigl1'ificlI.l1t eeneessions from local rulers ~D!lii to Pim.>g seme of the. w~th :gen~ra!:~d by .r, Talty,an endaV'!; into t;h~ir·c;itiI."S:. The: trade: e<l"I<J:vClIJp:rovidi: the Roo W~z:u'ds- with. secure, bases of

operatTon, tpy m:twe[l]i;s, .~.!ld resources ahroad:. .

The 2:liImil's lu;aystill be a:ealli.ngt~rribl~ battle spells andruOI'lSr;rOU5 magiC'll war l'!lachine.'; 111 th~ -Ilc:erc:;:;y or thl!ir bt'H-6d.mit but the public fa(-ad'e of the Red Wizarm has became' f:.hllit of' !:lfllililble,. if

Brief Histo.fV

'D:I~ hi:>ll'OCy of the R,ep Wil;a.tdsand Thay is ful!]i~0vcr\O.d in the FORGOTTEN R.E..d!LMS ,C4mpair;n ,Settmg. III ~h.oct. :; group of Mu.lli!F , ra.ndi wizard!, seceded f.l"om theit llOmdand to form a rotluu}' where wiza:rds ruled instead-of godlin.~s, These wizards eVMtuallY .crea~l:d the Co.r:fI.'1l!· go~Jt'iillC'I1t'aJ ~tru~run" in "Eta}' Mid jVa1":r,ea ~gallj~t. rheir m:i:ghbo!'& inrnt'~it1te!J:rly rGt"'l;:e'ilmti~ withthei,r p!,ansr)(tCIl tmQ\\'n lni:'Qc.haos kcall!C ofarguil)g facrians Wjclllilth~ upper levdlfiof'the Qcgll1liz.atIDll. While the more aggressive fa,ctiotW ~rul plot and scl!1l:t11j;, o.wer B:.e3'd Wirud'5~npt!lh] y the zwkirs of Abjllt.aritlll, Illusion. and Tra.nsmutat.iml-ll:ave turned rheir lllillel. to a bu:r!?i~.oIUng: trade in .m.a,gEI' items, ~arl'ie~ om in 'ThaJ~all enda vos in. '!i:it.ic,s :ebrOUghOI.it: Fae:nln,

The Ol"<g"o.ni-zntion

. Vt'hih: the details of Th<l:Y.Olre summarized :ill the Fo1lJ'iO'1TP.N' REALMs'C:nmpaq/l .setti~b the foll.(;)wi.ng statistics ref1c>i':t the Red Wj:zards. (.:l:iar:~ct~d; witb-Iev!l"ts, .in. Ern. Red Wi:t.:ar~ prestige c~) and t~e ir appnn tlees of v'\ri:eu,s Levels (those, wlth·

OUt levels in me'presdge class], . •

H=adqw.ICer&: TharmUij~t" ThaJ ..

M'ellillb.c,[i!: A:pPTOl'IDlacdy 1.000: a~t\l.al Ile~ WiVirm.; with lI:ppr,o:x:im1!te'iy ~>OOO ]Jr.;i.l>ttcing wi"nds' in t'hd. Sf;H!""1:, Hiicnrchy: Milita't.isti€.

1I:.cBdoc:t;Sl The 'l,I.IThirs of Th;<!~' Gloo£e: £OunciL of eight Red Wi?ill(ds.e~qh ~p~iil.li.rea ifl II dlfflCl:t':llt ~hqjjl or .11:cnl1g:

ilHI.!5it} .

:af:lig:iQn~Jr,'O$S}J.tlt 14'l1~:.,Sh3.l". Lovin.t:or. A.l:jpmellot: L E •. :N'11., LN, CE.

.Sc,"recy; None..'

Symbol: A ilrsk with a. wb.ite sta, ·n die cenrer and It red ~iral mc\'ing cl)UlIt:erelock'Ni.5e from t[:Ee (!,i!:nttT, Tiv:i.dl. e-i§ftrn:d ~phe.l'e" of' increasing si1.e Pli dl.~ fI)lirat The rl:.d tepl"e(lelTts the ~~i1 WiZ2T.J8', 'tile eight SptlCrffll mp1resellt t'h~ ejg'l:ttpl'imary Schools Qrm"d:gic~ !Wi! th~ !;II hift IiUr tep.rcsl),n ts a fiading fireball

The Red Wizards.-mie: Tha}' as ehe heads,oPa large quasi-u,ili, tary orgs:illzatiQ;I:l, the !ifIU.crute of wru:c1'l:is ;Inore ce'QV'ol11fecl

'IJ:tHJ]. it: l1rst app~", ....

JbllOIJg Thayan~, the terms "~ii;ard" oa.nd "Red Wnard" have d:if:ter~J.M: meanin,;s, A wi1m:d. is oollu:o:m~ -\liho w,idds arcane ;pow~ in {he f(lI"'Jll of 'Spells. (tIlhi:le bar&.lllnd '5C1rCil:r~r9 are !£nown in T.h~y, ~the R:~d Wa.ac-ds cQns.id:.~u: :die'm inferior' and trll<l.t them as.1011di.) .Althuugh wmrrd:> may gmw pm>'eifuL"

and. that power deserves I;~!iPe.~t; mll.y Red WizVds .comntand

W'u,e 'au thor i1:y in Thl1Y" '-I

4 ·Rccd.Wi'l;ap;d: ~ a pral:tidng· w~iU'd Who fill.5, be:e~1miocttj,. f!;i,t'e~ i:hto tiie, OO~llnllost drC'le or Thayan politics. III TlIay, only&cd Wiul'ds..atc JUowc-d to wr,1.T redrobes, ;tl.ld il'm.s~ who viEYL1.~e tlliG law are 'Swlf1:Iy c:auglIt and slDwly mrt:!Jr.l)d, I!Suall)!

in, a Hublic: wumer. tQ .avoid cye:n the threat' Crf such ;;I ptltl.isltment" mest Thayans never Wear anythillgl'ed, and some refuse to den oran!?jc Clot~llg as well, The: billy exo;ption. lire the clerics of Kos:;utb, . who !;t;a[ld autsid~ tl.l!~:b;w and are t'a~Uy ~[!::cog' Jli;l;ed by t!.leir lloly :;)'r;1.~ob and, their flm[ti. eolered [Qb¢s,.

While most people <x<f:l~e Thil:y belle~ di3.! a D ThaY3JI ",1za.r~ are Red W fr,ards, fhit' is not true, Omly :I1l.out OI1<l w~d in &ilf is actuanJi <IRed. W.izard. The 'rest, are appre!l'tic~ low-level w~a .. d5) fh~ u:m:'Qncel"lled ""ith poHt.ics, . .rna chose who .lhwe_illot: yet pnwedtll!,ir ~ watE'.h so TI$y, TIIgarulf terJns, on:ly cllirr.:i.t;'[ei~ %~ J:1

Ievels in the Recl:, W il.atd pr<:~ti~ d'3~~ 'are eitlle.~ ,R~d 1,\1'jl!.- .;;

,t' ards .[;>liilioogll dHvlol.\S and fQ('lij~h i.ndiViJua:t:ll tll~Y claim die II

title 0l!luirle TJ&ay \vitb the intent to Iool odler's} Cb.'00:51llg m ~: hem,n~e -a Red Wizard r~1.llke.s ~~(ad thought, forwldWe tha~ ~ path holds gteil"t: puwer -a We Red Wi~ai'd lose'S some of a era.cli· ~ tiol'l-al wi:1.ard~s, versatility 0>1' being obliged [0 'selecc at! addi- = tiO'nal :probil{irtd 1icllool of !ip'clJeastmg). Ma!lY wi'la.rd.<; d~l.ay joini.ng the R,ed W.izards fOI ,11.5 long as possiMe. hoping ma:t their wide.r yar rety. of spcelk. wmpe nsates for their sn.octcoIDing~ cOI.npared. to raose whodonll~d the red rlQbe~s·ellrlic1 ..


Illa)' 15 li'u?ed by eight Zld.kitS, each ~ powerful Red ",rlIru;d speciajjied .In.. O£l.l:t of th~ eight ~!i.oo15 ill rnagif:. Wb.cp ane-xistwg zulk.ir l:eav,es office {uSually thn:rugh death, altbough z;,llkir SzassT.amnas been a liei'li for hundreds (If ~'ears). a new 'l.u]kir is f.tth:ct'cd by the Ked W izards, wirli powerl'!.i:1 Red 'WizoaJi'dl; holding mtlre ~W1\y in 't'h.~ eheiee a .. j u d t!:Je rem!lining zuUi;it~ ffilv:wg the final ~J>

Th.!! 13W'callCI!Lcy

Xh~ 1.ulldn a,ppOlnt ele:v~1'i .1'i;lrtu.Jor1:>, one fur \'!':ilcb .of -(bl! Cou:Iiny'~ 'H.~rdls (l:Q!lnci:es ·ol"proV'm'-es). The. tbal.'Cbi.ons.a~c as govern drs for tbeir n~gil)r1$, d~ling with: local i:iSues iUld obeying the orders of rhe- zulkir$, ThetharchionS may beef any .(jl21'3.Ctcr class, 2)ld some )ReJ Wi~3rd" see this duty as a means ,otn~qtlil'ingpoHrle.a! pOWet and eventuall)' <1. position ru;. ,I . .z~l};lr. Cul'rel1.t.l;y, one of .tbe rharCh,lot'b:> is also a ' zWk.ir, ill" tnol1gh 'fbi!> is .. r~fe,situ;n:tion.

Tb.e tl:randnoos a.ppoint lor:l.lbU1'i'!libcrat~ rollc!) :l.ut~dlS" ime pa&itionr;; at 'varioml I'ev.cl ... AIl.thar~hs fw.~t:tiQn as, .mayoxo, lIliil;itary leaders, mQ. ministers Qf' various Qr.gwiudon,s stltoh as £ra.rla guilds. M0!5~ :autha.t:c11S han Jittl,e nuthCl'ky and 5(Jl've: ill:UtUy'as COn1(e"Mm SC'.:t.pegoai!cS for· oocas'ioJ1~ wlten a zluldl"l; 01' Iillarchlol1'{; l?!;i.!,!s g9 a,wry: The a:~:i:hatclissuffer at higl! .~1itni)'{~r rate, SJnc'e incompetent: ones !,I'.a!llsh or are kiHed .and compeW:l.t o.aes ;!ie p.!'OlliC!te:1i Th.e luder or a wade ~Ilda V~. oiIled .a l.:.h'll:li- 3ik, [l!clltUCaJly.lias:UI f:q~v,aJejl'r I'aryk [oal1 ap.tll:tl'd1 n1Ming:; 'fttJ p.rofimble gpild irD·an eqwva]elnet·~ city,. a1t.h~fl,h the khazi!J'lI' ti<nds l;o.ll3.'i':e higher staru.6 becalJ se he lOr "she ill lliwa, s a



of the enelaves, since lliljnrii!tiv\' ttV.mli an: common, commodi> tits there, She'is th·sole .511onoor of the enclave ill Procampur, wbicl1 brings her "3 grea:t 'return 111 botb money and slaves, She rewards enclave a.bjuren who send herlQformacien, and the ~he'lir:k of [he Procamput encrnr'i'e 1-5 one of her flYOIiCd. forlM:t apprenrices rind' sta .. n1cb~st ·~tlppon:ers. She. has. t.b,C: mastery of countcr~pdling !tlc~mas:e ~bi1iti". wlUch ,>h~ h'rui pu .• to good use defeating: .ri:l!als.

LaIl!OOl'il. the 41llkir of EnaJUtJltJ'!lt'tlt, is indifferent to the wncep't of clTclavcs; hecau5e th1.!)1 I'at_ely sell his !Idtt of n1Iagic. Be bas yet; ro sp6noor ;m e~cb.;,'e and is considering sabomge and rumnrs t@ hamper dIe ellicienc.y <If the ellda.vt'S jU1.'t to avoid all,Y one factiuufrom gaining too mech-power, H~ is fend of creating in,relligiln~agil' Wil:spousloya1ro him 'thilt S(l1wdis(anl among his enemiee, He remains steaMasdy e:ppoSe:d to Sl'aSS Tam and is looking for some mas,cal means to Wlt'::st ",way Ciootrol of the Ilch's ~l,Gfead a.l:'fllj!!S.

Myehrelll(l;, the l.Ullldt of musipn. has refuseii"ai.ly involvemeur with tIn: eaclaves, although she has spies and iurermau:ts in several large ones on the coast of the Inner Sea. She has t&.~ Greater Spell Feile'tratioll felu. ~nakitlg he,!' iUusilirns ,<er], difficult to tlishr:iit;\;e. Like Lallara, she p.'1)'s c1esea:ttentLon to what hel' agents in the end<ives- hlnre to say. Mtcrr a f3.ning~m

- wiclJ St4SS Tam, she retteafi!d to her tOwer and. has professed neetrality in all. di:aling.i with the other zlllkl,j)S.

Nc1':ron. the l.ulkir ofCOlljU!'3tiOll. has 110 i!'liretest tit nhe- 5~C~E$S of the cl1clll,\\r;f, and has been. (~s:iJ~g fii!i attet1tiou OJ1 'rearing sCJ'oUt; Q{ dcmon-sl'l.mmoningiiPclls, He is k.iilpwn to own a ,rjng 0/ 1l,i~.a1;":dry l!n~ ~ 1"lJbf: if the .arc-hmdg.J, and ~lany ,

~ StlSpel;t be has d@monicallie5C Ney.n:m.opposes Szas:s Talli~ and is Ga:suaJly allied with Lauzoril, aLthough he would betray 'the enroal1te:r .illstaniJy if d.oing 50 would advance hi:; own power.

S'Z2SS'lam. t,hc: feared zuUir of Necroma.mcy. is Iles_ttrmt to opeilly support Ute enclaves, but 11~ is not woding ag.rlnrt th~n. He spOnSO[5 (through intermediaries] one e;pda:ve to


'R!:~ W.izard .. fn s1ruarionli where a Red Wizard.is accused of Q, crime, the loeal ~.utbarch uiiUally defers to his or her tllatcTI.i{)IJ 10 svord the possiMy Faral blundel' ofconfrolltuiga Red Wjz:ard who is under' the prot:«tiol1 of l\ .higbcr-kvtl politician.

W'hil~ this chain of command, w,mks in [h-eory, inpzaetiee the :ullkin wmd ilo~1{n erders teO the .harchlbns, aUfnarcbs, miliciI'Y, kha1;ad: .. ~, Of Commoa:l,e:(s with impunity. 'The on!:y pe-op!ll'wlc[b any 'rEid independence are wi~afds:. who endure !Olig ll.p'prel1ticeilii~~ to their Q'11~i mlLSt~rs before being ahle [0 strike out on tlu:ir m\'1J. llnt! pos5ihty enter the ranks of the Red ~VtVlrds.

. The Zullirs

See the FO.Rf)07TB.N RluJJ,.JS Cd1?lpdtl,lJ &nitlg for basic infl)t'· marion oll·the zulkirs, Tho: following s¢ ... t~on indudes: notes QI;) the zalkirs" rehUion~hi.ps with the enclaves and other cSignifi .. t!!llt ObSCl'V'lltiOllS,

.&nl.:r: Thml. th~ zulkir (lfEvota'~i~ll, I;lnjoys usmg his masRI')' of eterni:m:s an:hroa:ge abili.ty to surprise l'oeil will:~ variants of spells using dlfferem energies, He has tittle involvementiu the enclaeesberanae the}' r4'rcl)1 ~\lU it'('IDS with ~\\'erg from his llpc:d!l1iz~d scbool, Instead, he has ordered his under- 1in;g5 '10 prep-are powerf ill magic i.tems of the Evocation school (mch 115 '[pat/ds: if firtball).in aJ],ricip'atioa of il great demand in bIad; mark.c.t items thtO!Igh the- e nelavea

Dlli'~1lIi Ikym, the zulkir or Tr,ilh5@1uratio:ll, maineains un alliance wit'hS:z.a~ Tam, H.ili tJ:it~l.J:siasm helped persuade Tam to roIl5hii~.r tbe"~ncl~;ves ail a Viable option, pru,:u.s·Wll!s ane of the ndiest 5:r.1ppurters of t:b;eendnvell -and llJvC'st"tl,d mucb Qf hi!; persona'! Fortune ill: the tint three" which hss ®f<!'n repaid fivefold •. He LS nor <i.~e;rsc to 'assa.~ir!atWg hi. _:po!itll>a!. etl~lnie1i. and orrl< of his favwlte .m~tbods is tnnSformil1S his !me.mm' equipment 01' food Into poisonous vermin. One of his archtnl!se pow~rs is the lele'P";"/'5p~n,.like ability.

lallua, the zuJkir of Abjuntion~ 15 an. ellth11Sia.sf~ supp(}r~{'"r

Appenro.llce Qil.d_·persollnljt,v ,_

-.. -- .,.._ . .._:.\

Th.e following:t;re ,tYPlclIl persQ'I;I:ali1ies amrattth:ucl~~ for Rea Klid Wiztrd, l':fec,tQID:&:Dcy; lk~g ahdJ .. "gloomy. with

W-i7.lU'ds of the J,!iu1o~ -ochOoJ8 1m 5'pecialitation in4 these linht:i:lJte:r;::s[m the welfar;e- of cQm.p.nlof)sor ~rVil.tlts,

Wbo f)'picaIly b'a:veJ ~~ them, These descrifttiom.-;tSl;lJ!:ne it R~d'I\Viurd. Tran'"mu.tIlflol1: AnaJ)~dcal.9.l1a obsessive,

(ll'fson'of-evil aI1gnmtht. wicb vre-puC'dj'~QUsos for moo.t any S'i"tu~dof1 er ,l;bn·'fef5lll-

AU Wiu[!l. AbjDacion: Distant and, _Fl!rIt!'pti\',e. with ;i tion,

sc.rutlni?..ing cre And ill habit otlooking OjlCI pue shoold~.. Cler,ie o~ BI.DI¢: Stem al'td··~tnlmJllatory. with 10.y:ilty

. ,Rtil Wiz.I:t(f~ &ajuntiolll.: Arro~a1}1: and (;ontD:o!1ing, Wlth toward lI. S.tt'Ollg leaiIu'and derision toward a WCll.}:,-qne (e.'>l'e.·

a habir :or gl\>ing e;rders and e~pect'ing ~lQ delay ill compli- cially !ol'l'llId the leader of an oppolIing gJ.'oro:p). "., .

a.DU:. Clel'k of Kossuth: Agg~l:8Si\'e 'a11a. _pfoselytn.ing, gtel:dy

Red" W'U:l.iI'd'. DiviD.ciofli Wtso:! -and a1e,l't. aCllustom~d ttl >lI.lmllt goodulld power.

know1ng the thqugJlt .. ""nd ,,,",aft!; af tho:;.e arouu~ r)icm.. llIuie of LoYill.tu: Oturl and t;11>litiOUS', widt a ool~ air tl:ruI.- ..

Red Wizud:., F..v,ocadon: Hm:headcl al1'd I1::il.ll."twn;ttv. wi~ 01. bolt Qr iJlnlct~lg n~ll.cU:css meatal and physi'Cal p: .. it~. .

jI. tenJenq' 00' !J.FgoQ ,~d. ~ive p1'Obklllii hi' iiSi~lg e~(;e~ive _ Clute of SAa!,'; Arrgpy and rem;ote, 'wl!ilia stare th.nt Itnplies

force. ~ C\'ery riny msult will not be forgouen.

ll~, WRm!. Enchab.tmcnt: PerSQuable and conaescelldin& Tha:yl.tl Knight: S~I.l'FILa:nd TI:rrimcid!'lfi:J?g. ptt:n;nrud. ana pm-

With II slight.und.ercw:re:nr of SlImy U1luustwprtlUness. '. ~ti"dy lutking around nearby Red .WizardS:- - •

aN W"~I(f.'lUurUom Fl>lffiboya.m and mys~e;riolls, .... ith .a. : P'ijhrc:r !BodfP~Id: S~IlC:ll. and ~mpli"ult> ''''lih 3.li~ of

tenJf11cy for careleSs UI1J! of cb:lfg~d. rull!l;ic iteiru, [",,"~'lJ~$m ~nd ~\SpaJr. """


Nymia Roc:,a[ (CE felnJI,le ]lll.man Ftr9) is [lu! thatchiQI'l lif Pyarndos.13ecausc her thatCh is'a haven for those se<:killg glory and 11,lOt.in the eastern mountalns, she overcfu:~gC? ~dveutW'ers Jor li'q_ui~m.cJlr atId taxes th~ mines there. n::>ultlng~ in <I V~:r WCl!lt,hy province.

'l'HIiI A"l;torm (I.E 1l1ll.1e 11ulllal'l ,Ati2) Is the YOl.log,rbardUDlJ of Thaym.ount Ch.osell -by Saiss Tall], he is a .:iyil ser\~~ Of m.il1-

, ,

imal skill and Utile more than.a puppet of [hi: Iich, S:zn.ss T:Vll

keeps him p,rotected wi.th ltodYgwu'~ spells. and ,magjc itCmE. ~~alonE Ca.nos (I.E. female hun'l,an Frr17) if; a skille:d.military commander and sailor, ilDd .haEj,.been 'thllfrllkijf of AlillQf fOJ' over thirty' y,ean tlespite manyattempts [0 slay or unseat

l..r' -

her, She presers to rernain neutral.in any eonflscrs bef)~'Be:J the:

l.ul:_k]t5, and her alilli\;r \10 a-void off~!'ldil1g them impresses as often as tf if!Il;Jl'lare~


• The a~d Wizard,

The Tha,n:hiolD W~ile t~c zulkin :and d:rllrO!i:io\lls may he the most prominent

TM th;m;hiOnB dire:ctlyl..-untrol the tereitories of ThSlY as klla~rs of [lie l;ou-ntry, die Red Wilf.a.nh 1tt' aU levels are.seen as

noted below. tlk:. epitome ofthe eVE ofThay. Red Wizards hold the power

Adur Knn (NE f~ale- human PnU) is ehe aggressive of life l:t'Ild dC'llth o~r others:m that land. ~u:rd oD.lyother rival

tharchicn of G3uros. She aiiit-rols a strong aJ'my backed by Red V.iiza;rd$ lwp th ... m fmm exerting t'ba,t power at whun.

SZ:J.SS Tam's ,legWII OT zombies, Her hatred of Rashcmen may Standing la\li'l! in Thaj prevent the Red W12.ards from simply

eventually lead h'el' t,CI,U'O§ tb~ border with her forces, forcing -seiz.il1g whatever foodth"JI.",,'11nr from fauners and any item

the zulkirs to stop her. ' tIley des!l1e from mer~aIlt;;. Tl'leil main power- 15 political .. and

A,,'IlD,IU T,brul is the_'than~hi-on of Friador as wdl as the 'l.IlIklr those who r:egard themselves as 300V~ such mOrtal and mun-

of E v-qca.tiOJ1, as liltlted a: bove, datfe !;;O!lCcr n13 qo:kkly r imi themse l~es e rilid?r k,ill~rl by qtbe:r

Dimon (LN male human Clr'r of WaUKGCn) ovcrms the Red Wiurds w:rent 011 pr~ervmg tile .$tllt!J~ ~IUI)-

tOOc:.I1. ,s.f Tytttu.rrnl. Di~l1n~ID!h:d ,vitblii~ faith. h~ retains lID [D pxactice, a Red: Wi]~ill'd is likely re hav:a man}' cenraces,

ralents In fi:nal1ce and I'lHlmpliliti6i1, which makes, his tlW"ch allie5" and enemies OIlllOUg t:Jle w~l'ds 3:11d. dt<: ReI! Wd;ard~,l

v-ery p.fofjta.ble, .. widl -serlJ'ants of ~·a_rying '~ytle8 .aud nriOD& PIC'!~ levels, rf a,

Dmih" Fla~5 ([.11. f~mq_te human ULB) is the tharchion of Red Wizard 'is slain Of- liJSIlppears,iUs aBies m:vestigate. AI-

Elrabbar. Beaudfe], ba1d, and elaborately adorned with m:ag~ thQugh they most often asswn!i that the disappearJ.m:e is due to

tattOO!\, sh~ is known ,all, the First I'rim;ess of Th.ay in other a rival and leave (tat that, OC'aI5iotlfllJy the alJies'try eo frnd and

Janda She is married to the Hilli]] Blade oI Mrumaster, Se;1farU ae;:;tl'oy those rcspomltl'e for the death.

troumdQlphin, she is, close])' allied with Sl.iliS Tam and has an The wlzards or '!bay grow up and ate edueared in '3. curthroat

extensive spy network. environment of intrigue, l;mujJe~iti!:lI" and clue,lcy. TMy mv!:!

Hczasli NJ'mu (NE male bltllu_1l elrE.of ~~ltIiJ tll:les th~ 5\lHiV'~ a:mge'fou:s mast;tn aJild evil, rjvals, 1lJld, have experi-

tharch of Lapcudiia]c. Weak-willed-and corrupt. be doe. what- enced and witlle5~iI magic: tll~[ :is prohibited by moee ethical

ever dle zulkles t~lll him, Those witllil'l his church beli~ve that wb..;rr~s. TheyiU'c not fool{;, i'-lthO'~gh some are lI'Ji!:g;llO.lllii,.Ilia,cs

the Pir-elol'd wlU £OO)'.tOllle to d~sc Nymaz of his weable.s% ~m:i c;arltl:ot see tbee naws in their QWI:lPUUl5, TIle enVWI'l!illint

and his fellow clerit~ debate whethe.r .he will SDl"'yiYll ,the clellrl~" in wbich the-y.are i'ais!!d .and trained makes them dllllge-rQ!,IS a_p-

ing, II fue we{'.e removed from office, [he church wouk]! _puiih to Iiolients, and rio one should take them ligbtl!(.

have another derie of KPSSll,h rake his puce.

JU'\l;.l/m Mct~oD. (LE-male hnmru1 Fttll) is the tbardJlion of Delliwnide While this region used to' OO_ the capital of fhe Mtl1- b.01andiproviilceof Tha.y. Invarri has little interest in piding OVI:!T thf' roms for treasure md instead 'has OC£"!1 workin,S to increase IUs thwcb's farming eurput aud sttengthen jt5 defenses .,g.a in st. _?OSSiblo: attacks by Rasbernen.

Milsan tOJ D,iumOli (l.:N mall: bU1ll4f'l F 14] c0I1.r·OoI.5 the dtarch of Tblw;ai-bar. An ;og.:-d.paniot, ht is. plea~d d13i: Tna}' i\'i r wally blt.ing _product i v~in the a b~nal: of ill-,planned and d i&+ astrous I,,;rrs, and he Looks for:ward 'to Thay remainingpro_"cr'

!!lW until the day b.tl dles~ -

Homell Odd!eH:QD (LE nIaI.e htl-mM Evo6fR.ecll/Ftr12) is the rhan:h!on of Surthal' and a "f0rmer"lled W"_zard~ having vQlulltar.il}' remGwd bimSl"lf frOID thll r;mks of' b.is 1Il'l::3llt:' pea-s. ro focl'ls OJ] the. mffirary Q!1-ight of hrs tha~ch. Be !tEed t;Q 1.~<l:d I'ajcis agaius,t Rashemen and mai,i'lt>lius iii sizahle army:

moalror how it flimcriOli5 and fO' ke(:p th¢_ im\ance of power Jrom shifting ll!Way r rom' him. Like A-ll1M Thrul, he <tilrie1- pates 11. demand Tot mol'€: daugerons items ann has ser _plaDS _in. action to stockpile ieems of ellis n a rure, SU)5S 'I~m "h«~ crea t-e-d b:ul1dreds of magic items: during, bMi: lifetime, W8,I'l}" of wh~cli areintelltiolllilly cursed so the wieid~r IS, I;!veu tlJa Uy compelled tp ~r'fe.hilli. These are Ukl::"!y 'to m:ak~ tlteir w"oLy into the 4ands of greedy buycti ill. the ncarIurere.

YIJ!hyll. ttIt zulkir of Divina'tioJl. is an aUy of Lal1ar;! and one of -dle few people who can foens the aqjur.cCs attenrion 011 Unportallt topics at ccitkal times. Sh.e avoids a1llger by knowlng about a_n.y plots agaiI1sr ill:r 'before they come to flt'1.l1tioE. Sbe WelIl'S a magi!O amulet that protects her from penalties [or aging and makes her appear to heiliinr years of age. Sbe hllll spi~io. every t:llda~.Qf:te'l1 glvill,g UtI! weaker ones sVOIig pl'~ te e rive items '[0 f!IlS!.lI'e- botn. their survival and the:it.lo)'1alty.

The Guild of Poreign Trade

Tha),'s enclaves in foreign Iands-are admitl1stered' throuS;k the offices <of the Guild of Foreign- Trade, basedin Bezantur. Fifty years, ago, tiu: guild was 1! m~r~ she;!l of 1111. orga:niza,tioll that e~isted an ~y for the _pI4r_pose. of seHin,g charters to Tha yan_ mer- 1;11aurs \VIm wiibed to t.rade abro;;,d:The success of the Illoagk item t,r:'.tdc has made tbe: hlading nffu::ers of tile GuJld ,of Eoreigp Trade some of thf! rnqst_ powerful, wealthy, '11:l.d i:oflijLe;q;-

tlat peopk in Thall- .

The guild.'s ~pJ'3_wling warehowf,S. bU(Led ~'IU.:ItSJ and fortre~jke bu!1duJgs CO>t'llt ilO1.~ms of aett's and emp[o_ .hundreds. of wi~uds, dozens of po\\rerfu] ma~ical guar~~lIns. 'illid rClmmon guard&, clerks. atld laborers, numbering,.m ~he t~ salldq. From tlJe .guiltl \lr'ba.rvf:&_ fne. ye-llow--lMIiled ilroJflQmi'$ o[ I'bay cravel to ill cprners of the hm~r Sea. ~;uryil]g the output of That's Jnag!l;al workshops l!nd~r h~jwy gtlariL At:

llas. an age(ld~ and is, }>liQfi'l'Ulg someho~'! from drung 50" al"" t:hougIi eha c pn)fir- .m.:! Y not be :!ppill'cnt to, dle reeipielU3:Ild! m:ay mot be i.lHlJ~mS (l t:;uagihle well1th

these same wharves. wealth in the form 9f gold. r;JilVes,; ij.Dd v:nlc:alile trJad~ goods returns to Thay in paym!:?-t.

The Guild of Foc{l.lgn trade is adrnlllis'~ered hy &unas Kill [LE male hUman Tra7{Rcd8:)f a hril1:iaJlt, aru.bitiou,5 man whq ,tlIn~i" high. in dlle nab or me:-;Red Wizards, He i$' second only to the zulli. Dnrxus llhym. alllOt1K mosc Rf!t1IWiwds ill t,he scheol of l'nmsmubtiorR, rilll'iitly ooe to the staggering \Vi:aLth :rt: his di&posat As the grand master of a SO>'l:rnntfl1t-$ponsored guild. Sarnas Kul is nominally an authareh, but in truth his power and infiuenc:ei:xcerils t:h,at of all hut: the .strO;Qg~t tbar¢ion.5. Cmtp~leDt and G'}'llical. Sarna'S Knl, goes aoou"t hil> business draped ill ge.m-studded gal'mems 'with lings worth thousands of g,old'pie,c~s on .ea<;n fingel', fl:aunfrllS the wealth t!mf pou.rs .ir1to Ib.ai~ caffus (and his 0\\,:11) r:I.trough the guHd,

Sevenl -of tJ,l1! [l.~;lkjn are counted as members ,of the guild's meeting bo;u:dj although ill practice (hey leav-e &tinas Kid eo administer tl!1: operarion wh.'1~ collectlng h.cibeii and p.:'\j!offs of s£llg£;"r ill~ all'l:·o~:n ts f 1\1' t'heir farb!: iI::hPli;'\! and continued !!I?od will In thcory the 'Gtil1d of Foreign T li;'!.de.l'a5Se~ Gil all prof.i:t:; to the State. but m practiee the state receives much less than t1a~ ~~ (or other ,trigbJyplilfce'dRed Wil.llrd~}'1IlH:l ,b.app n to ,h3u th~ir hands.in [he lill

Man)' lesser Red, Wi'lru'ds are nomtnaJ]~, employcl in the guild, answering to Samas Klll While fh~y drrtct 'trn: revenues genernred r.hrOllgh mdt ~~I'];:' ~ck to tM zulkirs who 5pau5Clred them. Tn.:

GUlld of Fureign Tra(l-e .p urchases items<.rafted by me wizards laboring in tllr.' mIkirs' .,\,ork5hops and laboratories for sale abl'W:p. ;!Jld a nm:J:lber of Rea Wiz.ar:ils;u'e inVI!l!yed in ~ommandCav.lg me ll~t:e'i&Uy re.;;ourre~ to k~p up 'the flow of goods. Otber Red WilLards Sl'rv,~ in the cnctaves as lliiinitlr!st1l"ators. spies, and guardianS', as well as crafters of rulIgical goods ar ,earn locatiDlil. The guild at~ <i,~ignlflC\nt Mlllber of the best Ol.$ld. brigb.t~rt low'lanking Red Wi7.;!.rd."" ~\llID5tJll:!m: for Ii!) opparE.unity to become iI master at gL"'.uid master Of the guild asd .. faldi the elite r.:ml~ of those wMmn dh'ert~iu. profits to rnJ~ir own POOKI}f:S withimj'ulllty.


The zW1:.ir:.' evennral goal is to rule me world. Ror, centuries dey tried to attain l'his ~ wlrh force of arnl.'1; !lOW tfr~y are trrmg to do it witbJ. trade. WlietilQt OJ[' t10t t1te <'n:dave system allows them to sluwly take ·I}Y1;C F'.,e:r.L'!;n, it p,rovides th.em an intreru'01e' amount Ijf reseurees for their other pl'oject,~. which IJlclude raising :I,rll:1;ie~J f unding ~pell research, and paying spV;s and 1i351tSSln5 in foreign OOtl.n tr ies,

The goal of rbe Thayan, enclsves 15 to acq;Q!re ulformatit\ll and We.alUl, which are funneled to the homsland, Contacts.-'lTe Il:l!leilnporamt, as is tbe piit'l'Oll:lligC of 111dh'i'duah 1"i'iJling to make :spul deals ~Qr 1Hicit goode Gf :in ce:u:hang.e for fa\;Qrf). 1"he leader of die eilclalye is responsibk for .fi'aCking wbich Items and S(r .... ices at·e selling well or poorly .. arrd adjtlsrlJ1g staff to acOO!lllllOOate pri!lduct iol'l a Of irI·deQ:l q,ud items.

Wh:i1~ same indlviduaJ Red Witarils 3.rG B.olationi,st.s;, seeling to d~c off tbeir llatiOtl from otb:ers to prot.ect their Vl!!it ma~iclll -secrets, tht:Se are ill the ,IDnorit}'.1'" a !Led Wiurd, FOI'I~r is Ure funil!'l1lllil,Iltal l?w:re>lC¥; ,and ItHI,g:icai. puwer the mO<Stwldely'ac(~pted and u.nder~t~ki,nd of force. Ev~,l1 those who'.hllve' no il1'telltion of cpnqm!ru.g the woI1d \t1sh to set::!Il!'e. Uloogb power tel hold their Littie !,I~_' of it •. destIoy tJ1flf oli! lllar.tl:;d ili:T'ta1!' I[ ba:~~d ri'rol:t or fma ;u 105'[ artifact. A 'Red lVU.lIfP whogi'l'csromerhing a~~y (particulaily m~gic) usually


Th~ lted Wi'lard!i ba:v;e nQ inten:.st iu JilClI:I-Thal'a:D;S joi'l1i:ng dlC',i,r ,ranks, Anymll: l'i'hl;;) isn't TaaYilII .is worthy OJuy of enslavement, and of rbe two races of hu:mal'ls living in TItay, only the Mulan (d.e&cendants of the Mu:lhora.nd;i 110ble class) dl:.s\':.rY~ true pGWlll". I:be Red Wizat4s Imve no jrtt~rest i'n recruiting othe:rs to jcin th~ir ranks, particu1ltrly those of th~ r'~oferi,or" R.asllemi race native to eheircountry,

Noo-Tllay<rn5 can be valwl;bJc t,ooU and lHle.s~ however. and the R.~d. Wil:'arcis-;u'1'! ru:wllysloolil1g for people lmung: to work for lib~in, whether as 5pi~. scents, fence!!, sIlingglercli, SIHY~.rs. or on otller t~skB that the)' find too ctll:OOefsomeor with which they don't want to b.e direcrly associated- S~cb mwvidu:<!.L;; can be found in almost. any part of thg world,par'dttllarly near places tha't have-n. siglaificrulot eucrave.. These agents arc;' often pa,id in magic items or magical services.

Just as tb~y knolV that ~tay;tS are' \'alQable prop~ty· 3n<hhould not be destmyed without good reason, [he- Red l\T,i1.;J:rlils know that tbdr contacts, and ~hi;mts pl11ll:idt!!'hay require. SOIne care and -sl:roQlil ®t be a~atldone:d simply when citcwnsta.nrn turn against them. They hav-e ;i reputation to rnai~'troj1~ as, ~lhh1e merchant;; and employers, and rhey do 110'[ del.iberate1y scnd skilled agentS'mtG cirCWIllltallce;;wnere they :w:,e likely til ~. killed. 10 ~bort> ~m'ploy· ~s of tIre Red Wi,zards are nor dispffij,ble, btlt DUI be Silcrifired if !:Mil ~dlS aceompllih some l1c:Eter goal. (or if &aving them.r~ -

• quires the e~difm'e of more r~ tlmn Ute.! are w'Grth),.


The Red Wl2:arm. l'ta ve few a llics, g~ ven theu history of betr3}'al and aggrt'tSS.ioD_ Their allies liom'in of thclr agents, dte Thll..yat1. branch of the chutd'l of. M.s8utb, people who va"lue th.eir merchandise fa tenuous alliance at best], andlecal spenrasters interested in trarlin'g magic. Some may have :agre<:. ments with powerful fiend. .. as weil. While they maintain their roles as peaceful tllcl'cilam:s, 'the. Rei! Wizards may be able to make alliances \Vi~n cc'J'Wh m~f'~3,J1 tile gmups 'olt_ell as [he krl!l~ Tbrorll,!', tlie ~Ilru'!ow Thieves, a'nd the RUlide-en. If they tread cilrl;fufly. the R~d Wizards might bI'illltb!e to ally themselves with mOIe~~ssi .. e .groups s,LLch as tl'lt Zh~ut~TJm and the Cult of till: Oiagon, m«ing a secondu}' rolE in th~ir plans but able to. qukUy galn power when I.'he;{ feel th.~ tUlle IS 6g,ht.

A Thayan w~1.Rrd alm,a'lt always has a familiar, Ior while sucha crezrure does ma ke the wi'Lar.d vu Intt~a.ble ra SOIlIIlOi1t r;liIb.o cenld captnre it:, it gives him an ¢:rrl"a set of eyes and ears with whic;h to spy upon bis (:,nemy or 11<: alert for attackers.

The greatest aUy ofart.avt'lJJ1g group or Red Wi1.;uds.is the presenc:e of Ei] e:llc!a\re. An. em::Ja\".r cat! fUllctioD as a temporary 'base of openlcions, as!l:fe hOllS<;'., linda p];,ce to. :I1liqUlre magic items man emergency. Within an em:ia·ve, the Red W'JZ. aras arepo!iticalL}' 00 their llflnle ~11 Somding i;!Jt 5<if t;r ground ,tuA oohtej'ed by the prC.5cncc (if' t.heir fellow Th<l)'<l.I1S; they IlU not likely ttl suffer a!mse at I':Uc h::inds'of fore~ers. F.rolJl\1I1thiil an end.a:vl;, i Red Wizard can find lodging and ~Vi!'rt ar'rang~ to ~ di.sg~:lsc:d. or tdeponed t(}~otl1.et locatiClIl;, A group of R.~ Wuards traveling ';11 3. hurry toward a ueH.rby city is probabty :;eekmg 3 TenlpOl"aI'¥ rcfugl!.




While thf Guild of Fore-.i&:a Trade rnay wear a ~3{;eru1 ra,t':e" th!} Red Wiurdt; are still iilevoted to evil goals ;!.S<'I w1lo\e.,i andSo they are 0pposl!!d by organizations .bat fight evil rll Fae.:tm. Primary e:l]emn:s of chis type ate, the' Harpers, who rarely a;ppo~c:tbelll o"f!}J11:1y, [>.ee:kui.g U!;;;t,ead to tnW:ilrt and.reveal evil deeds tfu: Re~Wlm~1'; !.)Q!lIm'it io d~c ~. of ll-eddlers of magic. 'l'11e Harpen IGICato: and Iiberare slaves onr.beir way to Thay Gna d~!ho.\' caches and sml>meu~ of dangerous Thayall magic items when they can.

The Lords' AUi:;!llce oppOSi!$. gr·0ups Illa,1 seek 10 control the North through trade- or treachery. i-VI:ill,e the Alliance doesn't oppose the R-ctl Wizards outright, it views !lJl~m with suspicion, for any collection of ~v.izards from a n;l.[,iOll known 'm he interested iJLI dominatlag die world poses a. potentjai rhrear CO f_j'~ed:om inehe North, The Allian,e" confines its actlvitie::. 1:0 spying 1Jp'0n Thayan e:Qdavlts Il.1ld Itg~.m .. it-porting any UIlu:SU-'l l :I", tei v itit~ eo JQ(;_aJ Hu,tiJrn:iries ,m:d other grou p~ such as; th~Ra.r:po:.ts.

The Zhe ut arim keep a watchful eye on !Il1Jy' known ThaYlIils wi[JuII [heir terricory. Ior w-hUe m,any Red Wizards pay homage to :B.-me tl'he pat'roll of the mack Network), t-he Zhellt.a:rim have their own jllami for coaquest of Paerun llll:!!I d'on't want any Interference from th't red-robed WiXitids. Still. any lilvasion from Thay is ITkd}! to target Aglarond and Ras!ll:'mcll First, and Fzoulls sure that some accommodation COUld. ~ readled ir the two gl:OIJ.PS' age~ldas came- in'~o ,3l'1t,lve c(}uflict.

Gh'eil their past C'Q!l_fljct", .rhe people of AghTond, Rashemen, alld Ml.l~ru:and djstmst the R~-d Wita;:ru.. While diey make no' concerted effort to COllf£Dl1t the R.~d' Wi1.'Mds in •

• n,onm.! situations. loyalists of these nations rarely hesitate to take advantage of an opportfl!Jlity t,ill foil a Th3}'>ln plot-if it is withliIl their power te dQ sq.

Volhile their nation as II whole is feared and disliked, lndivid· nd Red Wizards rru'ely have personal enemies ou:tsidr- dIcit OWI~ orgao4za;tioll. As ReCI ~T"LZurl6 $,1u;,), may be gener-ally .misttu~ted; !>ot mastl:t._~Vf: dOlle nothing ta, offend] anjene in p~tRruJar. Of course, same' make realJtat'~on5 for th.~m.,dv~ u slavers, .rnurd!I!ICffi, t:hieve.s,:and op,pr'eS:56CS .. but chese)ndividual Red Wiz.ar:cls are ¢.idler etim1nutd by :a.d:ve'lltllrers 01" :nave 'ill~' Iicienr resources fa hold their arta ciets at ba,y, II nd their repu['arion tfSll!!.n~· sends potential vjctrm s scur l'y.ing .r or the hills.

Within the Red WjzarHs • Intense riYllki{!s fhrc, Wiiardii hate their former masrers, Red. Wizards diitn!st'tJufir fo:rml1'T appremices. Rivnl appr~mtkes of th~ sa1!le ma~tei hate each oth~. Specialists of ilifferenr schools feud avec which path 11ll.S the most power, lfnd 'the 'lesser witardli envy these of greater power. These conflicts can IfSC;l,'hI.tt; into small war;~ panicaJ,arly in TIui.y where bodyguard armies rend 'to Ire rllfiection6- or their ll1a~ers' power. In 6thf'r lands, these 'Sldrmisbe,ji are too"; and attpaft a IDt of· atteuticn, ru1~ thos-e ,",,'bo hue the T!:..ed\Vjz,ards often try to mstig.ue sl~ch toorua~ in the hope of wiping om. Reid WIz;J.rdl\wi~h ~imd risk Oil tlu:rr patt.

'fhe-se battlt!s ovftr penonai I:onflicts are r..ro:ly allowed ·fa occur-within an enclave QJ' even a city COlltammg. an enda-ve, because thr kltazilfl h$ the <IlIt11Ority co mw'u:r all thee Thayan !;\o'Wtr'ds wi,f'mn thc.r:ncla ... e and des,troy those responsible for the disruption, !Idling their persoriall:rf~crB within the encia9t'. As confiJent as some of the Red ·\V:i .. ru:d~ In;);), be. J,lO.n1: are sofool,ish as to uwit'e nrutksfrom do?ens or w.iUrdS at cnee,

As with 1.hc ltcdW'izards as a wholt; good !7Dupa &l1dJil5 file lIaJ:pel'ske~p a close- eye on indi~idual members, CO!1.fr0Iltil.l;g t.hc.m .·If £bey are cogage-d incvil Gf illc:;~lIlCtlVtty. The Zlitn~ tarim, t'h~ Lords' Alli;l.nce" and ather' agenciessuspidol1s of the Xed Wizards w';;irdl individaal me-inhete fmt rarely II-tt3.CK unless provo-ked.


'. ,_

nedwizords: Ties. for 'rhe DM

The il!d W~d.\; tn :Ul f:!l:Cl;\r:e axe ~t hill: as Iilit;gmas fm:.iLS' web of bribery and il;ldebtedlles~ am:'IUIg the _ local DaMe'!;

long 015 Pdssib!~. Ide:ill;y. clw heI'Qessho~]~ jlerreive: tlf-c! t1irO!lit;t his "giftS" nf V'\l.lu:,l:i-Ie J'tems. Many 'R:edY(i7.atd~Il'

l':haya.ns as a m}'iteziouJ;, somewhat -smlitet' bu~ P9.tmt'rn1}y elavea avotd such 'll(:b:chn~ and funrtian as llothing_,!not or

valuable resource, While dealing in d.eap· magic itoms tInl lcs~'tball dealers in I11:t§E. es"pecianyincitie~, wfiel';:'-glX'il and

TIi.3Y~I':tS lire- smerally holJ:i!st ]17:1(* bQIi10rll.b1e;; but....ii3 LUJder:. law rule, Others are far'Iess !iOlJPI!~O~t .'- ~-

steed th~t somewhere, uaderected, fbe}T .ue' up to'ilO good. Outside the enclaves, ind~Jlendenr g;r;oups bf Rea Wizards

The heroes, ne e ~ to W(l:lku fmc-line between anti-Thayan eru- are Rn eudl'elj' dlfferel.n matter. They can be eUi.es or ene-

saqing zeal (wmc.h ~'!.~ (111:)' don't' gain the benefies 'of mies, Jependh.lg u.pon the :aCti).jtle5 and ;t:_ttitude of (be cheaper lIlagic itf1lJS, than therr enemies 'Illigh.t') lUld full eu- hcr~ A p'atticublr gNUp of 1,'"hayari~ mj,gbt be lL.I.r~e:m dotM:rnenr (which rnlg,lu cause p,oblems.wiili good M!.burchll;5a:t1y,· teaming: up against a common foc sochss a magic-

and orga~a,tious !i~h 3'5 the Harpers) eating monster, or areC!lrr,rng enemy who wa!i's out~dll:_R

~ 1'M n1any pla~l!:S. ~,e enclave funeti0ll;i3. a~ ,~ HUll': Pl-e~ of dl.m-gerltl ~o ~em:l11.d31l t)lagic itelll!! foutld within; ''i'hil., th~

That for tbe ~b(lroes 'to, !:X!, lore, A Red 'iY i:1illltd putEl1~d by the heroes are -bit ttered q;nd IV!'!?!~. These ill~:epefldl!n t grou.ps can

herees might :ilieI tar llIimin;m I! ncla V'(:, eonf:id.e lit irt hls abl,J;- be t'srrrbiisbed lui foes in ceom'btl r or -itS r()leF'~ay ing oppOnei'lts-

ity to, esenpe Nsci£~'---"nn1e53 tile hcrGeS" are. willing to Irnrvl: .hmdin~ ~lUnd tl:l~ pr(lh:ct~;;'!l of "an 1::11 clave. While t'he l!i1-

che enclave's fopuiilable iIo:femts:and risk capture.~d sla'l'- dat.1.! muSt pregm >! lJ'_rJ!1-11s/: of ll~utralitJl. 'inil!jvidiJ:i:l Red" ..

!lIt to pursue their [01:. Anoihe. ~ed\V:rlal'd'mi~bt uSe tne Wlzilnls run the Spt!ct~bull ,of evil, with mlly a n.r,e few e:s·

enclave. lIS a lie~e. ftom which ttl i,a1!l[lcb hlo plots am] chewing ~\iil in tn.1! pfrfsuitof m!ig1('uknm.\rled~, SdllWle51tlg3inst the forc!is of' good nearby, or qwc'tly wcne.iI-·


[WilJt/R.~4'~ 1 Tbay:w wi.1.ards (1.E btlmal1 [Wi'z]6), 1 del'j,t {LE lIwnan Clt,6 Of.'K03Sltth), 4: 'bod:yguahls (LE human FuT).

. .B.c'd Wju_rd ,EncCWlteE' eEL, H}: 1 Red Wlz.ar~ (LE human [W-itJ t/Red 6)., Llesser lied Waard' (LE,buman [Wil]$/RC'd3), 2. wizards tLE., j1llmao [Wi:1;]6), 1 eleric (LE Imman GlrS of

KOS§itft:h\ 4 bodyguards (LF.': human F:tri') .

Red Wizard EnCollDt,er (EL 16); 1 Reu1I Wi'li3rd {LE human [W:lz}f fR.ed8).1 lesser Red Wiz.ard_ (I.E nillt1aa[Wiz.]f fRed:5). '2 wi~acd~ (LE human [W;iz16fRed2),' 1 cleric (L,"E human CUIOofKoosutn].4o bodyguards (LE human Ftr9),


./i Red Wizard ahqOl>t nevtr traveh,; alone. Even e~iles and tbose concel!ling 'thek ide<1Jthies hire bodyguards '[0 pzoteer them. The only time :L Ked \VJ2lard n~jgh'[ b~ found traveling alGlle .is it his ~cl'.lrts 00'1'1:' all been ~laill.> ' ,

The priJnary members of ~n enceunren with Red Wizards art:- of CQurse characters with levels in the Red Wizard p.[e5tIge dllSli . .A Red Wizard QUtfaog5 all other chua£ters [11 ml: group, im:ir.riling o_tber wizards, and rhe one wirh the gl"eatest 'I1-Ul1':ilbef of R~d Wi1.Md levels is th\lle,taer of the group.

M01;t RiCd Wi'1.ardstfli\'ei \r,ritb lesser wizard~. 1nllaIi~ ref~tu\& to M al'pr~nticas regarnilles.; of 'the level. of the wizard! in qucstiO__ll, Most :ap:prentic~ are 4th level or lower and are ooth_.houml Caud semerirnes under 1l: gelfl'i) to !en~ their Rt:d Waar~ master.

A Red Witard patty is 'I.!iua,ll-r accempanted by if ~eric of K=uth, w1!0 ~lomina11y reports eo Ixhe Red Wiz:ard but is a pajd employee rather than an eath-bound ~rnn't. 'SOw,e of rhe more ~v_j;! Red Wnards tiil'!vd with deries IZlr darker d.t,kies, such ~s &Illl'; Lo~"i3nc or Slt3..1:', but these f,)[jests are Icss to1er· atedin mose lands, ami 50 ilthe cleric of KOSSIlth. is II safer net, A IUfky Red, WttlU"d might' trav!::l witb a clt:Tic accenipenied by .hoty D1'oub of Kmsuth, .altbough these nwnk~ tend to' defend

the cleric in 'p:reIerem:e to the Reo W:iz~d •

"&:tdygua~ds .round ou.t the' _j':l:mam~e df the gfOllp. At,J'piNi Tha_yal1 bodYg(lard lsa 2o_d-level fighter, although poorer ,ot mere frugal R~d Wizards sometimes make do with Isr-level f1g.!ne.r:s or warriors, Oolym the wiJ:cl.:::rlamd:> Ii»' within tfue oowrd:aries of Thory db the.y employ evil humanoids such as DrGli) gnollS, Dr goblilw ll:.S b:idygUJlJ'!li-5.

A hd Wizard at home ill TI1SY or 'I'r<l-v"l:illg within tha,t cew:ttfy is Iil!£::ly to, have more bOdyguuds-. SaInt: powl!'JlffllJ!L wizill'$; h_av~ small lITlJI.i!;lS lit their- conmiand, :riv:dmg the armies of'the tharj:bu:m~ or z,lllkirs. These para,rloia wi1;ard5',a:re rarely foolish enough to use rcbeir armies to a'Ltad: gQYI;1rn_JJJIeDtalsoldim, "Ilian wOllld resulr iii tlu:ir swift ~Hrfijn<l.tioD.


As stated _ill the Fo l£~B'N REALMS CO'I,npaig:n &rrr"g, I; typ· iI..'1Ij CnCOUJH:cr wiflL a Red Wizard outside nlPY involves a le .. der of at least ;'th level. one or two. waa_rd subordinates, II dl"i'i. of Kos.snM, :and at least five booyguardli bf lllodei"lIt~ ~ltill (r([presenting an EL 10 =m:-ountec"Usted 'below). An)' bOO:yguard of 6th I~vel or hig])eI may !leave leveh m the Tfmrau kn~ht pr~ge class (see belo w ). The [W,izl n6tllti_pl1 ~-and. fo.li a speciili&t in what,ever sch.oollOf magic the P.M,

~hOO$eli for the wi:zll!' . ,

Thay,,1l. Wh:ud El!:count~r {XL +)i 1 Tmj'ill1 wizard CLE

humAn (WizJ311 OOciygWl-rd (LK human ;Ftr1). .

Ttll)"1lIJ W ~U'd E~~OUDtC:r (EL ~): 1 Tllft yrul wizard Q:.E hUman [Wi1.]rJ, 2: bod}'gU'a~d.s eLf. h'llman Pte2).

led Wizmd EDroutate.r (l!'.L, 8); 1Red Wizard (LE lIuman .[Wi'L~1lRedl).1 :tpprenrke w.iz¥ll (LF. hWIlan [Wi2.] J1 ,.f bcdyguara~ (LE hUllliU1 F~'2).

Ilea: WiMJ:dE!'I:IroU:DtCI1EL 10):.1 Red' Wizard (LElJ,tlnlall tWli]ffRedl), 2' ~pprcll;ltice y>,jnras {LEhu~]:atI CWizJ4J.- i cleric (LI. human Ck'" of K05suth161)oiiygu.;ll'ds OLE_human

FtrZ-). ( ,

IUd Wizud 'EtlcoU1llfel' (FL H) 1 "R.ed Wizard. CLE btunarl


Tho:: Red l.V12ltd"$ di~tat,~ how their ames- function ttl £umbat. Each type of aJ1y hasaa assigned role, and deviating From that is·likely- t<! get fhe ally .killed-llO[ 1:1eces:mi!x (l'iJt of s-pite (armQUgh (qat is possible), buiby bejog ill the wrong place a~ the wrong time. Itxp-uienced troops lears to-obey :dr~~m~ exp-~jcitly> ~ince they b~ve see .. whitt hll~P\n:s whlttl.a 5qUatl.i"OU~l'wc:> l~lt iuseead of right· AlIa ends up at th~ cenrer -of a b-r.ehali mtended fot' the ~nenly.

Red Wi-z::t.r<h eonsider' themselves gn~at t~tiCians> altllQllgh_tbe \lIis~1" Qnes study battle I,ec;otds 3lnd1isten to their ad:vlwrs .• partie-ularl}, any 1h.2Y'1n knights lft their employ;,

. They prefer Iarg.e--stale- aggressiY,e mag>ic, such as corif'tfSi.m, c/ou(ikili, and /ir*e"ball; They are not a.l'xlve lIcrilic.ing taeir- 0Wll troop,; todest.roy anenemy, ijttbOllg1:D; !fit can bl: avoided the-y \II,m do so. (If 'their ~od)'guards tningletbiir ru'de.rs and ruin a~1e-xGelknt atta.ck plan, Stlcl] II sa!:rifice is mere I1ke.ly.) Gjvell 'their' e!l$Y access to Jl'l.·a~c· items, they prefcfusing _ sq,ol~ ani! wands to their own spel}s unless t'mly powerful magic is needed. Some- W"u,ar.d!; (particuiady abj13rerr;) prefer fa s~'Y on tile d~f!:mlive> utilh.mg l!oulu:eT~p'eUillg and shield!Jlg ma:~c. Many m these carty a 'Uland qfilispd m~gitJ just for thispurpose,

C!.eOO are expected to takea S-UpP!lil't role in any eombar encounter, ellhtlll1cing the abilities anti d8f enses -Q.f the Red

. Wi1.al'd and bodJiglta:r~ Bince'the~r own ~d Inagit is generally inferior to !Ene powers lIvai1a&1e ro a Red Wiurd. They are expected t_e have; prepared several .;:urf' :>peUs of various levels, and tbey carry p&tiollS or ~toUs with.. similar- magic. --W,Ile'tl. fll:<!illg ~n:em}' spelleaseers, they u:st.iail), usc baNi {I~nfm a.ud<siIi! m:i spdl.s !lO- allow -tIn: "Red Wju,rd to cast spcll's ,withcmt

being i[J:tel't"up t~d. ,

Tllaya:ll kui~ht$ coordinate thesoldiers anl1 make sun: the Red Wi:zar'd~ or~ers 3t1; !!n~ctt.d prGlP.r::rlj'. They anticipat~ -what t1i~ Rt:d Witard meeds and protect him or her Ggam&t mplc.e attacks. A Thayan knight rarely stra~s from the Red Winrd's side unless directed int"O rile (_ray, This aggresei .. c' stance is f,wered !:iy Tha}!lIn' knig;hts wrU:! access 1"0 the !!v<!'SloD. abiliqr" and Red. W~a,rd5 have beea kuown to take advantage of theses1o:il1s bY!ieudillg them into dose combat with opponcJl.ts and l.rin,g on tbem wid! area SHeils I'l!qLiiring R.::Ael: ,avmg -tbra,"·". If !>uitab_ly prepared 0,( skilled, t:blF 1. lIigh.c is Like 1), 00 emugl3 u ll!iWllt ked r rom the midSI1 of a pi1e or en~m~ bodi~s. •

S0h:iiel';l; do most of We thankle&5 work in amnbat. They are r;ainedro '_'Use tacdcs tbat 'pr~vellt eElellueS from sp'l:'e-adin,g 'out. lind they art" p3'rt:-i~!.ll"rLy ,adept at IQnning ~ti,eli 'that c;annot Lx: bypassed with:a simple i'-foot 'stq (in otbc:r words, meir Itnernl135 must bull rusb or ove;rrlm to get 1~5t dlem,_).


2nd LcnID: W.and; m4gir; 1II1,fi/e- (sk~ for Div/Ene/Ill). EO' t.lo:t:ls:. ~#"l' iir.h~ '1/ifJ!Jflth, bid;I;&> m"Jts;ihiJily, l~,~. ~crons: _Ag~!lItzzn'l"'. IC.Iff(!1:rIl'l' (or skailWlllt?f'<I,l' for Di'l'/Erl.C/!!11 Snij· lij,'j £}luwb(1t/ fll!Q-rrn (or l'l'f}is(lJflity for Div/EncjILl), dJspiri rIIRg_lc,fly, shield (1), 711f;'b.

~~d Lnell Wffnd: m?lf!i(J '1ll'irsi!(! (sllltp r01' Dlv/ElJcIDl). fathollS:_ itrtJ#ijHj_ty,,_lfiteltig~;t~e:, C;I~~I! ·mnder'ale' WlIff1Jd/f..'2),pml1 C3rd.lev~1 caster], magI! «;:mOT (3rd-Ievd (;a~te,.). seroUs! Ag,anazza,.·J scorcher (or siJ<ldG'W spr{jy fot Diy/Ene/Ill). Sf/ilJoc',! !/lvwfulij ~1Il'i'lrm (or in'tJi;;.i'liil#j' for DivjEJ]cjIIlJ. dJrpeJ

magic,j'I". s/irdd (1). ' . ,

ttb LAve!; RrotZccrS if 1:'1'7»'01' +.L WaJl~ mag_),; 1lJis5i1e C,I'up for DI'I1fE.l1c/'Ifl), d:l!lelJtm(Jt,k-. rotjol~S: cure mMlmlk 'WlJlmds:, b!J~JIJ"g~IJ.'c:t:. Scfoll;s: dispel magic, 'Web,fIYI ~~ietd C'l'1_1ighfnJJlg (rfJll' (bold penon for DiYjEne/XU). .

:ftli Leyell. Bracers Iff armor +1, deal: of usrsfam/:g +1 W<l(llO: ~nag{! b-tiR(t." Potioes cun~ u!-ri(JJJs 'ivQu1j-d.r; Jnt:~/.N1IItj;e, $crpll.ll: dhpt!l ma,gic, web (2), I.bieid (1), wdH of j'ir't: t(fr-JifuSimi for DivJBnc/lil)~ fire.ball C2) ,tdisp,!ae,e:mrm.t ['l] for Di \-rjEncl[ll;' .

6th Level: lJrut'l.'r:1 ~f anllQr "'A c1~k qt' rt5'ist~tfc!! f.1, ~"Mb I~Qfher Jok'lIn 6vl;-ip)' W'ill1d: M~Jfim/d'6fJf!1dSS. Potions: cure medet'tflt '1L/().atul~, Itffdligt:Jlce. 8croUs, atJ[Jf!l magic, 7uet, shield (2)!- ie« UQPIJ {impH1!ed l1l"fJilibUity for Di"fjEnc/m).

't'h Lcvel~ Braeers oj' wnnor -j'1; C~M* '!! rnist'a.n~e +1" rit1g- if ~ra!tu:tion +1 .. Wand: Melfs .:zeid arrete, Fattons: pn· tt<clitm flrem . .eJeffUrrf! !fire). SeroUs!. dlsfd- ~Qt,.ic, 1,nb, shield (2), f,i;t'ruo_lc: mt-Ogi. l<1tl~~ (1), l,Wdf! add arrll'7P G~tfm· level caster).

8th Lnel: JJrd('~t'S lJ( lU71tlJT t-I; c.JolJk if 1'fHi)tIl.IJIII; +1, tmg "'f pl'oMcriIm .. 1 '¥'lInd: mog;i., mis:s.ilr (9th-kvel C'Ist!;:I) (yh6Ck· i'fJl1.~4JP (9t.h·leyel easter J for Div/Ellc!mj 'Potions; eure w .. ;" ,au! 'lJl(}ulldJ.flr~ lmralh. Sarolls: ilitpd Mqgic, fileD; ,hildJ (2), 'tpait of iee (2) Cd~arm mntlSte.r- ['1] foJ' Div/E.nc/1ll1 fit'~bllll ('7th-Jc','cl caster] (nmnn,m ml'tJulef' III [7th·level casrer] for DhrlEnc/IU).

9th Le'vet: ellUl-/: if resis:/dlll:e +1, rili!" of' prolt'f/ioll '1'-1, brae· el's:if' armor ",,g, hQfUl 'ofth~ mage, l'otio)J: tf#r'l reriotrr W_lllmds. Btm!ls': di:rpcll:mlgi~. wi!!h, Jh.ield (11. Jum-moo 11t()NStfJr 1fl"{B:ih.· ieVllI, "ast'er),

lOch Levot C/o-air of rtJisttJflce ... 1, rtn.gr/' fXrQfeC~lI .Ll, cr-ac-en of '4N7UJr + 2, lmiNb of .'JliiJlJi~'-g., W ~ml: lig}jl1ti'_~g ~o1t




:L ... l lip .M::r Init' Spill Dag;ge'( (Iii."') Lig,he CIi:b:gebQw (1t1.S) FfRlW KIlo (All)' 3} COlli Ah:h !fpdlejDily

1st 7 12 - .,2- ~O it. -1 t1. . -t1/+21+';I, +6 tf ~13

211d 9' 12 + 1 jO ft, +(1 .. 3 +1/ ... 2/+4 +7 +6 4/4-

~rd 1'2. 11 t2 lQ ft. ... 0 -+~ +'1/+~!+lr .. '(I ~ 7' +/,4/3

4th VI- 13 +1 iO'Jt +1 +4 +1/'103/+1 +10 - irH 4ln4

ntt 17 B 12. 30 ft. +1 -I'.:j. +3/+4-/.6 +11 ... 9 +4, 4!"r/~f~

6tht 19 13 +-'2 10 ft.. +l ++ +j,l~4/+8.,12 +10 +1' 4}5!$'!+

7th l~ 14 .,..2 30 ft. +7. -r +3/,,41+9' +13 . -n +6 4/61 r! +/2

9th 1,4 14 "t-'l 30ft. ..'1 .yf./ +'~'f'il#~ +14 +12 ~,i 416/fjytJ

9th 17 15 +2 so fl:. +~ +Ii +4!~-~/+IO 4·1J +H. "S 4/6/611/312

10th 19 rr +2 300 ft. -s +6 +4/ ... r/+lQ +16 ",14 +9 4/616/r/413

S,dlc/Kn;o; Spel!i::ra(t and fuJPwledge check modifi~r. CQII: CQllije.l]tr~ion dl~,ck I4,lOdifier, Alr:br AJthemy cl1e~k modifier.

t-Ao t 6th level, 1II Tba)l~:D MJ:.aJ:d gWl:!:ifie,s fOx. an~ almost alw:zys adopts, fbe Reed \Vizard pnsrige ,di1~ FrQ!J1 6th leyei on, the- su~ tll;~tiE::;' gj'''~ll here im:Wde tI~e bell~fl.ts of the _prcsti,ge clas_s (Si;'t! the FfNwmTEN REAL.lfS Campaig17 Sming),

The soldiers' main purpose is to li~ep enemies f!l'9)I1 em~ring melee til-pgc with [hew Red W1m.rrl. employ~r. BCC:lUS.- t'heyMe likely to be puuished if they fad in their duty, tb~}' sometimes ta.kt' gl'l'lIt ri'ih to prevent this frozn occlluing-after all. an enemY' fighter orrer'5 aqujck, clean death .cempared to

wb;!;~ an angry Red W,a,;ud migilt do. ..


The l'7e3:tellt' .stllten~ of the R~d Wi"l~r'ru. is their magical pOI!!'er. Red W u';1rd~ k1llJtI other TharaJl Wl.'lru'ds).ha ve access to the best spells, tli~ bese irentli; and the best ilJt4,lSC5 for their money_ Anyone planning to confront 4 'Red Wizard In a magleal combat sholll.d_ be J11or~ powerful th:lJ1 the I'l~d Dr prep;;r~~ ~:rith items to (;Omp~ll~te fOr die R.ed Wizard's .sIDll.

In addition to their magical strength, 'Red Wa.ards have many 'allies (even if these allies aren't truly friends of the R.e'd Wizard In question) and tr;; 1{t;1 'in groups. Unlike many afth~ 5u::mger 111ons.etSo m Faenin or crr.!arores lvtfh mllgi.cal ~bi1i· ties, clcriCilo, bodyguards, and even other wizar4siillpport tbe Red Wizards, ruid_ they are :35 familiar with each other ~s aur adNe.nturillg patty. l'be5~grrli.lpS t\likc adY!m.ta.g_etif n:J;:rair.1 and eac:h. other's skin s as much ilg}ossibfe [0 ddeat a foe.

The greatest \vea:lrness (If the Red Wizards,is their, reliance OI.' magic .. If they Lilli be forced loto a ~ca.d m~k areaor an dtl1il#4gje-jielti {or -if attacked (.om sud I. II locafioll). m0S~ ci the Red Wizar&' magicall'111g,bt If> useless. and they an forced to rely OIl th~ir bPdy~:1rdJ; and '[hc.ll; own nlUl~d comhoat .abilities to defend th~msdve.-" Sinularly:, u. sileece .peU th:wlrt.:o mucl:lof !lleir s_,peUtastill,s abiEty,


Red W~Id ch:u'a~tetS rend to. have more magic items thll~ ;J standard character, becanse ,theu- lIDI;gic gar Willi acquired in Thay Oli frpUil an enclave at a 10"" ~QuJ]t. These characters aliso bave theextra equipment granted by their prefc(l'ea c.b5Ses.

The typieal ~a~bl equipment, f~t!!i_; libili'ty scores, and p·rohjbi~tld sehoels fOil: a TIlil.Y3nwlzar-d or R.ed Wizard are given bduw. See the accompanying table (.an the nexr page)for more details.

11Ir Lt ,ell' Potions: &Ill. gr1t{;Il', ",.re fig'hl 'liiQund~, spld~ climb. SQ'ol1s, 4gatl(J:zz,,'!yr !iC'o/Cht'T (or u!U}arnu $fir"j! fur, Diy/EncfIU1 Sl1lllrHl$ _Jrl()U!uall fWiU'm (or ifl'!liiibiti~j' fel; Dil!'fEnqIU. dJ~f'illIMgir;,flY. $hj~ttl (1).


- ..

sllarthow ( . .g Str OOl!llU!S). 10 masterwork arrows, Pqtious: ;;U'r~ mt;_.:l~'t"ide '1jj(jll ""uds {'2.11f nde« allre.

6th Level: elM}: if re#stance fl, dfl#li p!<J,te~ iar>ge meta:! shidd, Rlasterwork longsword; masterwork migh!:y C£lll,lpos1tt sh6rt"l,ow (+ J Str bonus), iD masterwork atmw.;. Potions; CU~II ml!rt~ta(1I 1tiOi.ttf4! ('2.), {mduram:r;.

7th Lcvel~ Ck'<z,~ o/n:si,st:anu,+l, .;.lff/II plate, huge metd shield, +lltlTlgJ7P(1ril.~ m;11;ferwor;k mjghty composite silO!toow (-+3' Str bonus), 20 masterwork ilITO';Vs. ?otions: curt moth/rate 'lPOlmaS ('1), f"dl~r(ltT'.c.

8,th. LOTtl: Clol1l1 f!l resistanct: "11. +1 full pt.11(. +~ l<:rge milal slJifJid, +.1 {(J1llS1iJIWd, mas(e'nvorl mightycoi'l1posite 5hartbow (~1 Stl! bOllW). '2r +llJnwp"of, Potlons; IJUl'<! 7tlGdet'(1.f~ 'Vf!Utfds 61.), £lidErall~e.

)\IfD Level: CErurl f!f rt'J.iu,ulcti tI; til."} plaf~, +L largl!' m"dp-l ihield, +1' l()Ht,,J7I(W:-d, -t.1 mlghO' 11Im~posile sh(}rthI)'JU (+3 Str bonU5). :U «L arrours. Porions: curr JJJod'er.afe' 'ZPflI!I1a'S ('2)p,

e"ldul'(f;fJte'. "

10th !-evt.'k Cloaw oj'r/:si.sta:l'fce +1, * lft~IJ 'flatr:" t llargQ tw:i.;f ,.shJelt1; + 11mg;AA'af4, ,~1 mit,hty "omposite JbM'tu()W (1" j Str bonus)" '2 r +1 arrMPE.. Potil;:>l1s; csr« 11U!,kf~ttlCwOll,ui'! (2-). ~nd(iy.fI rI'ce.

• F:eaU: 1st, !mpIiO'\'ea blitiiati"·e,, WC'llPOi1 Focus (:compos.ite shortoow),Weapou FotUS(!<mgsword); 2na, POW!;f Attlld, 3rd • . Iron WlIll; 41:h. WeapOJ1 Specialization (I6Iigs>I'ord); 6t.h, Cleav;e, .PoimBl:lok Shot; Bd!.. 'linpl"GweQ Critical Oong:SjV.or!,iJ; S'til" Qg.'ic:li DI"!fI\', l~ Lightning, Reflexn

Ability S(;o!,¢I" 5tc IF (1~ at 4th, 1"'"7. a,t Btll;' DeI" 13. Con 14, Ira 10. Wis 1'2, ella 8.

(dhpe/ magi! for Div/Rue!!]])' Potioo! 1!1lelli,e11ct:. Scrolls: ~r(JU>(;t1(J11 from ilrrfJ:U'S, web. !'hield (2), firl!~ali (10tb·levi! ~t!:r) (lm:ftlt [tOtb·le~rcl easter] Jm" Div/TwJcjIll}, fier!J tq Ji~lIi]j telllfJoTt.

}fell.U: 1st" Scribe Scroll, n.t:too Focus. Toughness; 3rd, Brew ]otiOll; fclt, Crnft Magic Ari,n!i and rumor; 6dJ, C-ombat Cast· Jog;. 9-th ... DiS!: ipJiDe; 1.Oxb, 'QII;K--k,e r1 SrelL

Ability Scores: Str '8,. Des H. Gon 13, IZ1[ 15 t1.6 at 4Th, 17 ~t 8clt1 Wis 12, Cha 10.

Defa.nU' Sp!~]]1f P,[ohibi~ccl Sc'hoois: ;abjure.r; Irhcllnlltmen~; conjure-c, EJl.cha1lnnl~1H and Illusion; divil8cr, EvoeaCIon; enchanter. Evoea'tiou; evcker, Encham:ment and IUll~ion; il]u:iio~t, Evocarion; necromancer, Endl3:pll'ti1cnt~ frMSm!lt~-F. Ellc.D,antnhwt und 1lLus-ion,

CJieries acc-OIll.p,an_yhlg a Red \vjl.aJI"d use the standard ability scores, EI!<I~ "and eqrtipln~nt prese:ntecl in Chapter Z of ehe '/JfJ1'iGED-N fofASTE.,li/J Guiik~ _pIll!" al pulp", if' cure 'Inad~1CdJ& -lIImmdis ... nd the bonus e.qui,pmen t for, bcil1g from. "I'hl!.y.

Following: i.e: th.e typi~l ~qllipin~IH> fears, and ability ecores fo~ JI: ThayJ.Jl rightl:r-bOOygllaJ'~ or Tb_ayan k.ui,gbt- The informa.i~n below itlckId:es thee 0011U6 feat for humans, 'l-Inn: .all Thaj'lln ri.gbt~rs 'are human, as 1li'e11 as the regional bonus eljlJ!pm!:l1t.at .lst level. Sec the accompanying tlibk fo .. more d~t!ils--

lit uvel: Splint mail, huge metal shidd. masrerw:ork long~1\'(lti composite silQrtoot!, 10 arrows, Potions (lure 1noilera~ miUmlr(l).

2nd Le'v=i; Half-plate •. Iarge me-tal sbleld, rna'ftefwork • IOs:Jg~word, masterwork mighty composire shortbo-w (+~ Str bonus). 20 masterwork arrows. Porions: {"I~r!f m(Jd.t!rate 'Xpoll/Ids tl.'\ eJ:dB1-tm~e.

,3td Len!: Furl plate, I~rg\l. inera] shield, masterwork !oug$wonl. masterwork mighty composlee shortbew (,,"2 Err bolmB), 2{) masterwork arrow:s.l'od~JIS~'fUrl" mmJ~"~t(! 'fJJ(fIPU}'s ('l). .c'lIdur ~,'l"e.

4th L!vd~ Full plate, Ikrge metal shield, masterwork tong.,word, masterwork ml.ght_y composite shonhow (+3 Sft oonlJsl1Q 11l;J,'5N:nv,ot101 ar'Fows. Potiam; al~~e m~,(#1'r:.:le'1";QOw!ds {1 t i'n'*Ir"dJ1Ce.,

Ita Mv.l; Cloalo oj reslstesce d" full pl8_t~,h{g,C' metal ·ibidd. masterwork 1()ng5~,'ord. JJ.l,aste'rworlll1jgb.ty composite



Tn/! R"d WJllrll~ have i.r1V-elft;:il dbzcll~ of spells designed [I') de5troy. and llil;J11il¥UI: their opponents. Som.e ,of the more common. ones JiBdLlde -!lam.G.usf, fimdf(irm, and fli11n~ d~gge~ (all described mthe app~J]dix). ~ purveyors of magi!: items, tlleya}sGd,:a.ve ereared new weapon. .such as the iltrm fnl!J 'll.11i1 .he n.;igl~t"'"de (destribe!.l in the appendix], and those witn magic \~e:apan~ prefer ones with the flaming nbllity,

In ge~era.l1- the Red Wi1,arUs..:or peaJlle in their emplQy use f~ &pdl-li.ke OJ: 5uj>ll1natlMuJ ~blHties.Some wdiyiduals., saeh as powerful R,ltd V;?:izardr. with archrnageabihries Gt feats such-as IWlate-;Spell, fitighr-l1a.ve sueh powers, but these are Ilnique inCij'illdualr; w~o a~e fl[)t representative of the general me.rll~rs:rup~


Com~osite KDo lUlo

LTlhp J.Cl' Thit Spd Long~word (ld8) Shortoo'!ll' (ld6) PfR./W I:otim (Ht-.Da.) (11)(;31. Thay) O1iJJu Spot

1st 1'1. 19 +f '1.0 f,J:. +t (+1 datil age) +4 , +-4/~1j+l .. 0 +1 .~y

tnd 1-9 20 +Y '10 ft. +6 (+~) 1:1" (+1 damage) t'f/-l/-I·'l .J,Q +l +1 -5"

lrd 1-7 j'll +5 10 ft. -t7 (-t2) '1-6 (+-2) +H~!+4 tl '+1 +-1 -4

+r.h ~4 21 .!-S' 1:0 ftc. +9.cd:) -+ 7 (+J) +6-/tO}+-4_ +l fl. +1 -3'

Vtb -i't.21 +5' 10 fi:. +-10 (+f} .8 (~jJ .. 7/+1/+Y --1 ... 1. +1 -1

6tht +9 22 "'f 2:0 ft. tl1fo Cd") +91+ ( ... ·3)+9/+1/+1 +1 ",1 +1 -1-t~

"rh ti. 22 ",1" 2,0 fro .+12/7 ( .. 6) +10/t (+3) 71OJ+-1,l+1· '1·1 +1 -t:1 ",0 +;

Sci! 64 ~ l~ ->f":10 f(. t13IS (,.6) +f1,l6 (+4) +10/"'2/+6 ' +'1 -L +l +0, +3

9th n 2~ +1" 2Q_ft. +'14/9 (+6] tl2/i7(+t) -Fll/+'2/-Hl ~.j +1 +1 +1 +~

10th 79 H +-1' ~O ft., +lrf.10 (Hi) +l.3/B (+1) +111:1'2/,,6 +3 +1 +1 +1 +Y

lntim~ lntimidate.ched modifier, XUG' lCnm\\!edge ~hi;c~ m:,alfier. C31iJJu: Clim1}.3 11d' Jump check modifier, Spot:- Spot che~~ mOOifier. tAt 6i:k lev:el. i1 Th:a:yan ng.lltel' qualifies for, and almost always rulGpt."i, the Thil}'an knightprt:.tigc class F:ttlm 6th level on, the SUtistll::SglVtm hef~inc:lude the m:nefits of tb", pr,estige class (sec 'tOe description on th.t' fonowing pag'e}



Notable exceptions includ<: dmse who PUi'so(: smillge paths to immop-ality. such as llilldom. These bem~, most often netrml1lillCcrs. nave the 5Eand1!.rd magical abl1it:lll'5 or III n;ilitfve, ' creature they became, Many Red Wlz:l'rds 3Ct1y~'.in Thayan polirics ,qnt:ea1 flll:w QJllildead [litton: from other% ~l~ ... d.ng that secf-IT[ly kin.! undead give'S theJll ii.dvautag~~ o"~r rbese who wouLl try [0 kill. them, Tb~&! !idws are bet-tel' pteSMved 't1liliJ1 a t'YP,iml lid),. and mi,g-nt even be masked by Illusion to ddiect

, ' ..

easuai. e;U5pl~lOIl.

ThuljQfi Kni-sht PJesri~e class

Wb:il~ the Red Wizllnls are not eppesed to blasting their opponents witTl de;a,dly .speJls or shredding rh~ minds df their enemie~ with dark mllgic. there ;tt~ rimes when t~ey need prote<:tols ~":OOha;"C' mast~r'edth<: art ofswordplll.y. l'i'lese prorectors are the Tba:yaJ1 klUgb!:\i. familfitI' with ~ilg1C a;tJd Joyal to [lone' hut tile tattooed mages.

The Tha)'lrQ klii!!'>h,ts act ai bodyguards and enforcers for the R«I WiPrd$ ana '~ an !!lftih~io!l of' meir readE. Tllli:Y [('a'll common Tha)lill1 tr~s 1ntQ battle and b.dp guard the wizard el1dllve:s, Although mer are referred to as knights,. the), haveno_ rode Qr (Ollduct,atld 'th.~ only m'u1c dmt binds them ]& t1l<l,:I: their Uves iII!: worth l1Gr1wlg compared to the .5!1,fety ,of the R«i WWttUs.

Aim est a 11 Tha~'3Ln knights are l1g,htcrs, lllthough monks and ~IU)ger5 ba>l'~ been ~nO\VI'l fa, FIU"sue this eareer, lluoo.:rillns, au' typica1ly too reckless rccencenrrate 011 defense, <lDd th,e' Red

WizardSC6nsid~T ,adler ind!viduaE [00 weak for [Ile dudes ot a

Thll:}.'IDl knight. ,

",01, ~. _l~ " Hlt .... W.~~.

I R.EQWR,E,l!4E'b.1'J'S

To qualify to become .. Tha~an Wghir, a character -ll1ust:fulfill aU the fQUowi.L1g criteria, - - 1 1lI,ee: Hnmen,

Region: TJra_y.

8<!~e !.t~lle'k Bcll,D1I~ t 5.

Sl;il1s: [pt:imidate :2 fllInks, Knowledge 6!.n:a'na)' '2 ranks,

Knowlli!Jge (li;;l;al, TIlay) '2 ranks.

Social Status.; 'No slaves,

F~at~~ troll Will, WeafOo F,"OCllS Oong~word). Alignmeu,t: Any n'ollgood

Special: Sworn allegiance to the Red! Wi.lards of ThaJ.


Tl1<! TIlayan kuig:llt's c]!IJ'S skill'!;, :(111 1'1 d- th~ Ju:, abiB.y far each ski11) are BlufI {elm), Climb ('Str), Craft'(Im:}, Gather [;0(01- marioa (Cha), Ha.lldle Animal. (Cha), Inn~l1'ndQ (wis)/ Inrimi· da.rt (ella), Jump ",Str).. K.10w]U1ge (ilrC<lfln) (lot), K.no\Vh:dgc (lPC3J, Tllayl Profession (\Vis1 rud~ (Dex), Spot (\Vis), and Swirn (St!").

Skill POI:L'l'tU:t Eacb Lc:vd; '1+ ltiidllodifiet.

Cuss Fu'I'URES

All the rollowrngare class reatu[e,~ of the T~yan knigbt: p.res-

t(g~dass, •

W~apo.D. and! AtlI!!ot Profiei,l:lley: Thayaer k~tighti; are

. .

_O-Q_ T:;ho.van soil- . , -

, , . . .....

¥o.r>any Thaf~>lJ ~ncla\'e. the Law of SQ\'~l"ei511t.Y n.pph~s~ I1tlM~ortable H. tl1~J -wfltC 1W:1Jd~nns a~1; Ueulf1:tllr ill

The Illl1d 011 which tht_ellclave sits is wnsiuered'Thayau soil, Thay i,~5tU': The gnllrdli,e~plijm that for tlle sake oi"c0Ilrtf.!lY.

01J1(1 Thajan hI:t is th~y law, This Is more than jpst ~'arili; the vIsitors should te.fV'e~ or at least find 50JM plaee ousside

on 01 firule ag:reem~llt~bc Red Wizards col1Bider th~ en- the .~Iiclave' te leave 'dt~ir weapmu io :'tvoid worryiDg' the-

da,'e's land to:bc ap9.li.t or J'hllY, and \!Ina.: they devil: go auf local· IhnyaJ!~ Tlleir blhiilll!S'5 is welcome, D~t p[~fcrnbly

of mit way to off~nd t~dr ne~s Ili'itll strange Tha:yal1. wLtaO<lt th!!_ hll'ightcnedl'tfusiells of ~ armed outsi&):. .

~tmaifls. they ll!h~ not averse: to pllllistlkllg lawbreakers ql WMe this mllLls occurring,i:l1ol'l: ~ds arrive io support.-

fheir OWn fashio~, ' - their ~hes:; and a nearby :r.haYilll i!o'i.l,~d or-"-\'{O mIght Join

A pf rS:OD caught swding might 'be Hogged, O!l" hn u ded, 01' the-(:[Owd. If trO!\btemake~ refuse to 'lea ve. the soldie~~ of,f<~'(

(r4l1'~jyJ put 1:Q! death. The Red Wizaillslfa?e hali .. h penalties to escort them to the edgl' of rhe eneJ!ll?e or to th"·!'lmb:lSsy,

for rhose Who off~ll.d or ~llilr~ a Red WizaI~ •. with, b~ll!,[ia~. wner'ii one or tbe senior -lViutds can explain ,th~ sltuiu.iOn. IT ..

ITn,PrirollalN!fl£. ami! enslavement all i;0mrhon't'~lIonscs. This still n~et \V~tl:J r~fuS!l.L tht;; guardsmay imll'r1s0I1tne .... isi'tQI'5

prevtiJ1t6 Ill_on :brave or foolhardy Oldvej)tu:rit:s frora str,1;lt- lIS trespassers; cwbic1t lloll.:dly results 111 <Ill ov;erm,ght .stay U1

ring about an C!lClllVC', inmlrillg. folk and hara6Sing tl~e Re.d' the prison. a fille, and bauishment from the ehda",~

W:i7.snls. . When )'OU. ·iki"ties v"jslr 1In e:nda-vt; ~mp,h;ll!iz~ the diff,;:r-

The Thilyan $;lkli<:'rs patrelthelr enclaves day "Inti night~ If" ~m:¢ Letwc¢n tae s~tpW'ld:i1'lg 1;OWJ1i, mid the md;a.vJt itBeW. t)ter see sem:edn.t likdy t~ eause t(_flllbl.: approaching Q~ 'Pc: ptop!~ look allli sOL.!nd diffe:ren't. the bulldings are at-co-

Within the enclave, the soldiers r,:orlfrollt the ~l'scm ill "llDes- rated strangely. :i1l:1'i' ar~m YDru;d~ are much 1l10[~ fr'eqll_t:llt.

,tiM.. Ih U1Ul')" cases. those "'likely to ~ rreuble" illcllla'C~ Moot: peaecle spart tattoos; ~md sna:vm beads. are the n~r'tll.

1l:al:a4hJ~ Rul1 W!!I':ics of good [lil~l:i.;. particularly those oppose_d even OJI W()Mleu.T'he num her of w:i~'lU"d~ is re markabl y higb,

to the acth'i~ Cf the Red- Wizud~ 0:0 'DIlly ~l generaL III and when .one in red robes wafu, by. evervone Em tal': street

rhese cas~SJ the s-oldiers politely i:16k the PCQpi~ I'O leave, IT ~ quiet alldi I~weri; rn.::ir eyes. The R~d Wi7.tt.rds art) .iii

q.u.esrioned, tltHelrli~ClI m,pdtid thatjJ:eople like tU:e:EU [,end ropo~~r,; and they l!avl:' heth the will and the dght to D.S!:' ,that

I:!\ake the ~~JI'IIUS llJ1Comf,\,rtablll'-jliS! lI:" th:;< might. feel powu Oil anyone withm tb..~ir dQtn.am,


Ciw Ban Fort ltd Will
~v'1I1 ,Attil,ck :Bonus St.vc SJI,ve Sa:,.!;
1st "+1 402 +0 ·~O
2.nd +2- +3 +0 +ir)
3td. +~ 13 +.1 +~
4th +~ '1'4 +1 +1
f.tlJ +f *+ +1 . +1 Spec~l

HOftC')Co (If Th:i!y (+'1./iiitrl +1 t:hdrTi~). 7.l.ltkir'sfuyor

• Zulkir.s, d(;!f~ildet:

Fighter fe.u

HGrror£oflhap (+4./f.t1r" ·,·2 rihtlm,)".fmal ~['and Zu~>s ci'lampiQn

proficiemwith all !iuuple and 1nudal weapons" ~th an type~ of armor, and with shields,

HOJ'IW'& of :r~y (E.J,); 'Because o.f IOllg exposurl;: '[;0 th~ eredty 01' he:r bomdaru!. ",. Tnaynn knight gains a +2 morale bonus all sa"'Dlg throws against feer effects and a +1 morale bonus 011 Ji 5.:Iv.i:n~ threws agamst cham$ ~fJECts. At: 4th level, [h~~ bonuses ~ increase to +4 and +'2" respectively. NOlle of these bon!Jscs apply 4 agai.JJ.St attack Irom R::~d Wi'l.aIds.

Zull:ir',s Fa,vOl' (Ju); At 1st level, :i :Krugh!.: wl.i'ergoes <:l 10J]p '! P II and F;tlllful tattoo"mg ritual. Thi$ magic t«ttoa:p!;1ced either

l 0], the :bac;k or the f:orcehead, provJdes a + 2 resistance 'bonus on

RJ1ex saves. ThClllattoo also math the ~ku.ight as someone

~ . .

loyd to the 1l.c:d Wizat'ds. Th~ knight m:rtom:atu:ll!Uy fails all

.~ SIvil'1:g drrO~B' against mmil~affealli1g. spells east by a R~d ~ lVizard'. When the tattoo is vill.'ble, the knight g!lU1S it '1,1 'f;

~ morale bonus OB Inti11lidat~ checks as ~ll '~xtra.ordiriary ability.

t;; The tattoo does nOJ:.ooy ru as 'il;!!J.li,;,g a "&<p4Ge f ot' a magic it~I;Il,

hut ii does (ount tOMrd. the limit of Dug,i.e rarteos permitted

bydil:! create m;.V';.c 1'411f'D spell - . "

Zu1tiJ;'s Defender (EI) A :kl]Jght:.of 'lnd le\'eli ~tS 1! ... 1; morale bonus on attacks U\~ damage agams.r any creature that attacks Of that she JUIS previously seen attack a lied. Wizal-d..

P1g:Mn Fe.at; At 3rd Iol'vd~ ~l ThaY'1lj 1:liEight may cheese a,oy ene feu {ex:'cep,t Weapon Spcc.inllz1l.tioll) from the .IIgbter bonus feat list in. Chapter 3 of me 'PlaJ/t:ili'j Ha(idhook OJ;" auy f~at ""itilt. the [Fig,b:tet] descriptor ftom the FruC(YlTEN REALMS Campaig'J! SeJf.iug.

Find Stand (5)>), Once pilI: Jaf as it sraudard a~tiOl'l;. ~ knight er 4th levet 1'11' higher can il~spire her troops. Allies wlthln 10 Feet of th~ kn'ight gam 1dlG t:empOL'at'y hlr points, Thi'l a:bilili'y ,,ufecrs a Ilumber Qf creatnres equal to the lD~gh6d,ass level Charisma modifier and lasts the same unm ber (If rounds-

Zraair~l, ChI.m'~l)n {Su)~ .At' rth le'l'd, the kUlght receives ~. large magic tattoo .1t:I'~ ber [nco signifr.illlf her devoriou to tJ1C ptoteetion of the Roe! ~W:i2.a.rds. Once pert day, the bligilt CZI1 fala: it +2 Ill!;:!; bemus on a !>lD,g!e savllig thro~!,l'" This bonus can be t a ken after the die is rolleil and :after other modil'rers luw been appUed tp the l'<ilL Vlrhet~~h<t tattoo 'is l'i&jblf~ th~ !might ~ln5 a. ++ rneoal bonus on Itlta:m.idate checks as an e)tmlordi.I1ru'}1 abili,ty. The tattqo does not count as IIS]l1S a ~I!ace fora ru,agic .tern, blJt it does count toward the lim.it of m.agic eaeeoos permitted by the &r.C'd/e marir:ll1iJeo spell,

The -proskur Enclave

TJlesJ;l statiseics ate f~r th!l!, R.td Wizll.ri'l'. e'flc1ilve witbm fbt:

Dr~ioi1',dooSf Ei:ty of rrQ5kl:I.r,.l'his.endav~ili!l typ,li:al example or an enclave wi~hin a large dty tha't has rebtively lapse laws and a~ open mind about coutroveraial lssnes such as slavery AD d illicit subsu.F1cl!5.

Tbe mQst ·visible face ill ~~ R:ed Wjz.ards of TIt ... y is tJlt Th.'i)'lIo" enclave. As described in the POR(J.O'J''J'F.N RE...ilLHS" Campo;f." Set/I fig. the si$t:'Qf \)'1I"h elldave dep,mds on the S!l.e of the settlemeJtt ill which if is located; each enclave

n.Jldll' k""il.b, • has 2. nuurher C!I,;CU-

~*' ~q!lal to roughly 1% (Jf the populatian .of the :;ett!enUlit, (Froskur's popn1atien is npproxi.lllaroly 1'\,000.) Th~nchwe can easily be u.se.i in any other city in Faeriln of ill1prorimarel,' tl)e same sh;!;

He a dqu.ar le'u': (Jf'Oi'kW"~ d'Ee Dt'lIgon COa!it..

Memlnn; Fortyon e 'l'\'l.zard~ and Red Wizard'S pill. over l?nt bundted Sl;II)po:rt staff, in" eluding guards and


Lea.dc,f: K.bna.tk Cba thin Zurn.

Kn'own "Enclaves, '

, . .

The. rouoW'mg cit;; have wen.estllbusbed enclaves of at Ieast fifty Thayans; Athkatl~ Batdur's Gt~, Calaunt. Crliinporc:. Cimbru:,. Hilk;rnr, R!;Jtl:); H1ond~th. Ir.mru::lith. lrm!:oor. MarS'ember, Mel'semprar, Mui.mnmf, ProGaflll,pur. Ra¥~ns Bluff. 5~erlrxl1l_, &l3rdall!" Scb~bel, Soo,re!lat,. Tel'f'lal'l1,m:. Wa~el"d~eF. ~Ve6tg:at~ lind Thauno.

Other- httge cities ma)' have J siegle sbop staffed bra handf III Of l"hnyall wizards or are Yis.ict!d <it.J'e'doSt IllQu:th1y by InIvdirll!; wj;::a.ri!s; wLthgd()({s 1'0 sell, Cou'11ttw:;, with a 10111} bisto:rJ"·~f abase aNi violence at th~·h;mds.ofthe' Red Wi7<1ltd.s-f>~(;h as A:c1aro,)d., R1i:snemtll, lind. Mulh6-r ntl'lll-r!!j;"'lIse to IIJ]OW tlnYSor:t Of permanenc enda;'!" ~"ith.iJ:l their citicrs,


:lit.maban i)OOD. (I.E male bumen lLl6) film the 'aicane gallery under Mw:{th Ganls.

, l'fcphllll Phet~rU (N female l:nlJ113JL\ CJr6).

"T,holilU Anln (L,E female human E"flc6J.,

frhazal TaI)u (NE male human /i,bjf) runs the St01"llli 'ami

wOT'bhap~ for St'mU iWd poti.€105", - '.

D4m.it ... Pdlin (NE female .human End"~ U:mar:;t, Zuim (NE female bruU3:11 un).

Soplci: Zan, (NE m:a!e_lw:mal;1 Abj+) is the Se€ir~mry t.othc idia7.ar,l:.,

Ocher Wi7.21'G11J< FOtlT -4th·levil~ seven 3:rJ-lev~t eigh"t 2nd-

level, .:Inti ten l:,~t~I'~'i'l!l .


should ')poor 1:3mp"tlgn be: located effiewh(;:te inrhe world ..

11' ),ouf campaign is not set ncar Prcekur, this enclave can be plaCed m 3!11other city of s.irnUar Dr larger sil1:e,pteferllb1] a po.t city, such ~s Adikitl", Oalim,POI"f. Mar!iembcr" Mu'Lmas· ter, Sae:dvon, Telfla.mm. V.tat,er-.deep, Q:I' \V.estgate. ..


Forme members ,or the loesl thieves' guild govern Proskar, The ci~y has ~a rcetJllta.cioJ1 for hGllesty and the leader of tl1~ Proskur council is of good alignment, Hgweyer~ :illicit activiti~ ill the- city are [o!eril:t~ as loni as the c.o~l1cir{;iyes peT~ missian, which generally c[Jtaili; the; 1:01ll1ci1'8 receiving a portion of the profits. Since a ThaY3ll enclave LlscuaUy proveS ~lIir.e lucrative, the eenncil wa$ more dian ~appy ro Set a~i4~ a section o:f clIe city for the R.ed Wiz:al'ds~ rnd it has not been disa;ppoinred with the results, The COlHi.ciJ'S s(i .• 1CtLOIl also allews rhe lied WIz.ards ee eilgage m,om~ tl~fa.r:jou's,practiiCe&. such w; t1i~ .ell.i:ng of Titre and llIagic.ill drll,g s, and a qWllt and &maU u~de In slaees,

Endave Fe:l'IODDd

Forty-one wizards, four of Wlioru are Red Wu;ards.live and work in the enclave. Appro,ximateiy 'OI'IC hundred "Qdie!" T~yan5 live ill t[1..e tnc];aye. dlese are mainl~' guards, ${'i!'\lants, derks" and, skilled traucsfolk. A few clerks ensure ehat the Thayans ~n obse.w the rt'figkms prllull1'e& of tit&> homdand. Sufis,tlcs for the wiZards, Glerjc~ ~nd ThaY:lll knighta ~r,t surnmarized ooJO'l\~ Most other IIutYQ.!l~ in tbl: enclave are commoners or l!;iperts ef ];sl;-'Btli level; their stnctisdts are' glvcm in 'tne description of the atc;:a m which ther work

Most Dr the lower-level w~zm-ds rotate their work a;;sign· ,

• meats e)"e!'y few W~k5, as.ordered by dUl kha1.ark "to broaden their .... kills :lind j?reveat them rrom becorlli:t:!g too OItt<1chcd 01' loyal to a j!Jb, Dr an ~lUpl"ycr. BJ:i;aiJ.~ of this ~ollcy> .only permanetrr cl'llp.loyces are named in the entries fur the encla VC ellterprises, OEbe![ pcsitious arc desq~hed ,,"S, "two 3rd .. level wizards fUnd one lnd,k~'e! "\iI'iUrd." and 5"OOB'l,.

Not .aU tb~ tvi'l.<!;[d5 assigned to 'die enclave are <tccqunted [o( in the location desEiripti,Q(ls. Thel'emaindu ,U11l0n leave, fll;lrnap5 onr a~ve,iltll:dng·or 5ervin,1'l w!£'h rhe P:r'osli;,11T miiimry or city guards to !¥lain. experience amf tfuts be able to make mart magic ite.m" 'tvhen they return.

All the Red Wizards 1\.11\1 Thayan wital'd. COme from d;~.

Mliliul race that makes up the ruling CW!I. of Tlt.i,.Y. Most of ehe others in, the enelnve are of che: RaBlu:mi r31,;;;:. tbeoSe ,pC:Ople shouLd not be confusc.:! with the !latiy~ people of Rashemen IJI' the language of that lllJld, also c311w Rasnerni


tihathin Zm:n CLE female human El.1c9/ReJl). Cbathill lum is ~.lle klia'i'.Jl:,rli: ,of tb~ en .. h!v<!, the p'o[eJ1t:aU ve5t<:~ wit.h. the full power and authority of Thay in PLOs};Llr.

TOrlsk H~lIt (LF. male h1;]m1t.n IlI9!Rcdl) ls the' ;;prmas~er of the eacla ve al~~ S:ll5!;onti in cOlllllli!.nd, -

Murith 'Uu&S (LN ma].e human Abj8/R.edl) is the lU:t;i>ter of the tnda,ve-'..a, arcane tn\de_

Kloth K2.1anos (N mall: hunran ErICS) is frequendy aWlI.yotl '~ll[ious 1uisS10l1S fot the khazark,

U:rhu.fi K£c'lm (N""'E maJ~ hu.ruan Necr/R~d'l) .Is ~. master of

uttoo f1Ul.gil:. ..



Th~ QierJes .

SO-Kchlu (LBl:tla"le human 'Clr9 of Kossutili) is me high priest 'of-the TempIi!' Qf K;QS$utb.. -

I;Iuma VHf (I,E female human iPtr7fCl'tIll~ .ofKoS5urh) is a ~ig~t of the· Vue Drake, and I. responsible f6r the Sf(;urity of. 'th~ Temple of Kmsuth"

T.I:ui:zn-Kc {NR male human Old" of }CQSsuth) is [he Keeper of the Fibune.. in cl;ul.r'~ of tending the alrar G}f K05SbM:lI and second In cotnmani:l to Sp-Kehtu'.

M:C!l!I'ithi.(LE.femaIe: bllmaD C1r1. of Lovl1t[W'} Tbol&u (LE female hnman (;'11)2 of Bane] .. Zo,i!uJ (LE female human C1t2, of Shar).

Atolyt~i of Kouu,th;.dl!'I"<:e 2nd-levd aad sillst-levet

The Ttlayall Knrghts -

Nul.rB.hYD (LE male Allman Frr7ITha}''rtn KU1glit 1)

ser ..... es the k]]azark as bodyglll.l.rd and ady:~.]'. .

Savyia DIal (I.E female bumoL]1 FtrJ'{rh.l\y:an Knigln 4) is .in charge of th~ slave pens. ln t® undergrcund leve<[s; belle.aUf

the' em;lltV'!.· .

Mapi!tJ Va.H!. (Ni. male human PtrJ/Tha.ra.n K.njgnc 3) serves Torisk Haur Mllf"often carries messages for tile .pymas· ter eo his coutacts m towt).

AUlc:l Phe:1I (LN female human Ftr6/Tilliya1l Knight: 1). Azar Vrut (LE wale human FtrrlThaya.lIl Kl?ig;ht 1).


The TIl<1yans ~rn~!o}r a. detschusenr of tbir~-S<i~guaJ;d.s ro defend of the-enclave, The guards (Wad:. to WlIT3. with scale mail, large ~b.icld. tig,o:t ,et-Q!iSbOIV. ana ~eilI'litnr) are organize'd :into (lve SiJ.:·m:an ~qIDub. A guard-sergeant (Ftrl.to Ftr4)Juds aacll StIU,ud. The glJil:1'ds are UUil,teE ehe command. of Lil:t1tel.liltlt Karl'arT Hur {LE lnare human Ftrr).lCn~a[J Hut is subject"to rheordt:rl;, of an~ of the Red' W@ds or Th~)'al1 knights, bur i~n prill..",t:i,"l! the '!ted Wh,u&' ignore the ·g,!1ar{!e. ana the Tm:yRI'I knights shadow the hij;h~r<l.nkwg, Red Wizards as eve,[-'WarclJ... .ful bodyglill,rd~.lti add~tiGn. tnt tcm»k of Kossurh. q1:lart";'s, its OWtl S!l),aH d;:taGhl;tJ~l1~ Qf gU<lrd£.

About thre~-quMrers of the cemmongt:larfls and all the leadersare Thali1Il. Karv:au Hur ltires a small l1lJlnbe:r of Iecal m..:1I(enaries to< it!1 out his com¢'~mo!l.It of gl1ll,[d$, but \l'.iltj;"JJe.s

these fardgl1l3i;> \ll;:ry'clo:>e1y. •

Two of t_he !?J.Qr d squlldtiare Oil .dllry by day and i:n'o b}1 fligl.\:r:: The- squall with the da.y·,Off is expecred to spend: half th!! ,d"y- ill wrnpon~ train~ng lind h'.ls tnt rest of the day free. The guards nor111allystaud w.ltch as; described below.

'1)0J:' Twa gWlrds and tbe' 5erg~ilnt a.t ,be: t9'aill glue, ,two




(CJilllb DC" '2!). Tht 1ha:yarts anoourage the grcru<1lh of iii. :green ID065 in -the upper reaches of' dl~ ~l'tw:1Td-fRcing walls, whkh eounts as a siipperysurfaee for Clinib checks.


guards O:ll.cli-ll.!: tbe- north and south gareS;, two ill [he' fmut Hall of th.e embassy building (area 33). two walling the paIitpefS, aud two :roY~ilg th~ compound.

,Nig{jJ,- Two guards at [he maln gate, two in the (rout haD of tile ani 00&5)' building (area, ;:.3). two l'>'a.I!.mg the. pru:.apets, cue e.auIl.in We' tow,t!l's. (areas 6 ll.J:1d 20), on the barracks rooftop (ilw~~ .2B)' ana 011 the north hall rooftop (area 311 and two plus th.e iie-rg~alH rov.ill~ the compound.


The riHes of lora.dons.hi the em:nye give me name or the building; or area, firSt, l:oJltlW;;d when apprepriare boll apru:eu· thetlcal .s-rnremen.r indicating the nature of the shop's business, MOot of the businesses have an upper icyel used ,:is" r-eside-nce by thl;" OW11Gt!i and abasernent level for ~tarage.

The' O~ter 'WaHs,

The 1',OOk!lf e!lictayeoccup-il$ wbatw:e'1~ form{:rly s!:,~era1 $1ua:re hLlZII;kE of 3-'pri5spefoos businl:?S area, M:an)1 of the bU!:ild· irtgs still ..raijd-for examp!e,- the "Temple of .K{)SSU~11 cecupies a buIlding that was formed}' II temple of Wauk.~n that had fallen out of use. Odli::tIi were eorn down to l::Iulke ~i'll1}' fol' pUll,d·ne:w structures, such a'll tb~ embassy buih:Hng. The Thil.y.ul$".rei;ufar"ed all th~ outw;u;d walls, hricked up ;Ut,' g.Muna • .Ieve~ Mlldo\ .. 'S fat:ul$ OU[W~J~ llnl;l tiUilt J]]m;rnlfY walls 3..:r~ former tbOrollghfaJ:'.i15 to 1®~ate tb~ Thayan enhUye

IfQID the S!lI'J:!Iillindingcfl:y. ' , (

Conseg:l1ently. die !'rao.klll' enclave present', a Yllguely.menac· illg alla.dJ~sjve' face to the n;'S! Qf i'he city. AU the ooter hWld- 11111;5 atE at least two storie& h.igb., as are the walls ~tW{"'1I 'them

The IilQOfJopli

With the eX"ceptian f!)f the outer parapet, m05t of the toms in me: ('Qn1fOUlhl are' covered in tilil:.R day ti~csal'l:d s[ceply pi{(l\e"d.· TIle bnrrU5:b b!lUding (arC'll 28), the guard tUWCt'5 (areas 6 an.il '20), and the north hall Clll'~a 31) ofte]" cas)' accc-ss to rl1~ toaft-op ~brougn ,rnirwe]~ but few otllcl' bllilding!S ~\'C access In tbe_ rooftops_":_ilch.ougll every building 001$ small ,garret- windo1ill5 or rooftop Mellts that a resourceful hmg1ar might squee:7,e tfll'Ciugh ~lIpe Artist DC 30}

To prevent thllr.sortof infdtraticn, Kb·:l"l-ark Ztlrrl h~ captured '\'I'a garg(lyl~s and tj:JIDpeUed them to guard the" <IOkics above the' compound by night. Tile garget1es lair in the kIfr)' of the Temple of KosslidJ {area 32}. Whife Zurn !!'l!:ISUTi:S their 0'bc~iliel1c,e -tbreugh djl/.fll1 m(!n~f~'" .spen~ sht: also rewards d:lem with [be cccasional slave or prisoner. The gargoyle!> h'!Y-f orders to, aturk .anyon.1: Hying above thecom.poulld ot ~y{me all. a l'CIGrtop v,1UQ 1'1 nor u gllar-d or.n Red WJ7:;!.1'd.

The CDmp'OIlnd Int~riQr

During da.yllgnc hours, th.l" ~tbt;:rn 'cOllJ:ty'(Ud-t~la:t put or rhe compogll.a. between th= main gate and the SOll!~I!"-l5t eomplt::l! or stores 1Il1-d wOl1.kshoj,ls-is <!.lIite bus)". thronged with ,.us·


tome,s, local. mcrcna:I1 ts de i:ivering f ood itH-o au ppijell,r and th.e

. idly curious, The grOUtld is ha[d.pad:~d dirt tha.t; becomes muddy after a good rain,

Few visitors: WOJlde:r In tilt!. qullltl:r mUJ",tym:d north of ·th.!!


• 1

StandUtg Stone BU11dllJg: (area '27} and the stronghouse (are"Ji l'2--10). [n terms of v;olwuc of customers, m~i poople visit reae emporium (area:& i-13), s]l1!:e f(l'w t)f the-CQn<:lmol'l fO!'k !If, Proskur C~1l1 afford to bu.)' even th~ cheapest magical gpocJs efIered m: the s:tnirrgbouse.

At night, ~hl:Fi ~h!.: sbops are dosed. traffic qui~kly dies off inside, All cuscomers are escorted from rhe premises ~ortly after sundown, The Thayaas move about ehe compound Fer a couple of lw~ri> nfter the stores clbse, c(mgregatin& at the ref ector}" the t:lplrousi::. [11.: batllhOll51!, 91' 't'Wle,.: a _~cndlB.y at r:hrTemple of 1C0S5l.1rn. Hign-ranlmg' rnc1ave residents are pei'ruined to entertain guests in m.e enclave af:tcr bQurs. ,ut(l[ 1«a1 Proskm:!ll!l who venerate Kl155uchCthe.rf aren't many) tan a15Obe foul1d inside after hours, A.lI}' fjrn:J:-Thjjyan must be 'e5Cm't~,d bybis J105t {or an acolyte. in the case of a \\'onbjper) or risk

ejer.tiOl1, .3t best; en the SRot. •

A S'IDall number of infiltrators err spies migfu l.!e able m move abcut in Wsgtlist without UtrnctiDg too mucb !lttenti~n, but chances ace Ill,gh dli!f they would eveiu:oally ~ cha1l~ngoothe guards know almost .ill the eTl.c:la:v~ residents by sight

By midlligh"2 no one is atlout except for the. gua:rds and the occ.a::;lO!lru senior wizard or cleric inyotved ill some secretive blliijlless of Ills or her ewn, aDd the gUards aggr~,'dr ehallenge ~myone (mind in the 'lta. W0llld~be cIilsadors who fall ~ta (he Thayan'S' ha:n'ds inside ~hIl eaclave a.e generally, clapped into ircas and sl.Upped hack. eo T_hay fer a brief, tt;)tlrallcd iii e as a sl<I.Te.

1. 'The: M:ai.n GJ.,te:

.A. small g;l;td)!l~5f' flJ.llcti?Ifs.lIs the primary entrance to tJ]:g enclave during dayligbt hours. Two guards,1l gUard sergeant, and •

. a wizard (USU1i'U)' .one (Jf2nd to +th level detaJI.~d [0- the job For a tC'nd~y or so) keep 'all ey~ on 'tbe people c:oInirlg'Ol,nlil going, OC'ca&rou.ally using a -'If.Ilma qf deled magic ot Ii 1v,a'IJ if' de.tt:,~ thollg,bis prOVIded to the \"h:ard on iluty to examine suspicious characters, On~ ~ O't mlJr~ nia yll rr .. nigb tsoften Ioitee [J eal'b)". watching out fOI pot!itntial probleIllS.

A sturdy perecullis pr,Otccts the enclave entrance at: lligh,t A quiek-release lever near the .Ilorthem g·lltehouse (l0D1' aUQ1"'s the guard~ b<lr~ [0 ii'rfi'op the portcullis into place. in il single round, Those granted admittance aIt-er hours I~ j small door in the- gare, The second floor of the :gfltdlOUse rn ns ove,r til' gatii! and can be reae hed from e itl;ler. par t of th~ Iewer floor. It c~;:mta.i.ns the machinery rot the pru-tcuili5, [QUI arrow sllis Iooklug over the sn:~~t out$ldr", and some cramped 8tOnlge'Space.

Qw[ds ~t 'l;jj15 glltte issue fokeo.s admitting folk to:tnt: compound. Before doing so, tbey make a cursory' se:!'rcn of anyone seeking adm.itt:am:e~ Heavily armed vlilltars are-turned away, as q:t:e thO!>lO well.ring signs or symbols ,of organizations deerned !!rHithetj~ar to Ttil'!y. BeJigar,s and pateutia] !iy,tpl,l[se~ are -also ~u$ld enuanft', Finally,. the gL1~.rds _keep tT:l!cI.:: of knQwn t-foohlilm:l.1::~rl>. ResidelltS'of the ellc1l1ve, and weIH.now111ocal _pat'rom; who l:inove llf;\::'!'l £ssE:led OJ, pli:fm.lEitrH ,Pass, may em:er llIy ,iU:liot'liEr gate [Q avoid tbe line' fhat Q«iiI>ionalI)' forms. here.

2.. Set!·onmy Gate.s

~esides the main.glille, rbtrnm;: fQlJ.f other common entrances to the el~c1;J;ve~ ;ill 'of I1"llli::h aTe dos~ :and lqcked at njs;1u

tm},:s:; otherwise noted. .

The south gate is open by day to any Thayau or Y1sltor shawin]; a p.errual1ellt :pa~~ C'ill"t traffic and ddiv..;rL~s· ,ofte:q come thrq~ghhet<;", roe, provided tie. ~ds l"ecogmi:Le th~ drivers and' merc'haliQ,. Two guards starld wllt<;b here during the dir-

f T.he north J!;at~ 1$ nor maIly s!lut bu r IDa naed 'by two gnards by day. Tbhyal15 andrugh.,rJ.pkin:g lQl,a_:( i1Ii:gflitar-ie61<)'.e perrnirred entrnnce here, iind 110 one ~~,

The east sa.t.: (betl'i'e;erl ine north haU and the bathhouse) .• ; dosed and locked almost ~Il tbe time. Ir is rudy used..

;. lM"g~ door opens ilirectty from the east wru:eaoLlSf} ('ilea 19) to the :ID~et- Shipments to and From 'rhJy samerinses

mde usc of rbiis entrance, .

,. s'tabLc

The stable ill set slightly <ilpan from the resr w the enclave to prevent the-smell of horses and! manure from pervadin.g tne envirc;mment. Ti;.ekhizarli. lJa.s infQ.!"U1;ed~he R<l$'l:iemi stablemaster Rahbt:k CN male human Com3) that if;be ~ell rcom tIle stables becomes too great, he wilt be sent bad to 'Ihlly as a slave, Ali :3 resale, ~t3ib!c OO)'S are .reqaired to clean up aft~r the nocses frdtquen tly at,jo w;I5b eachpen after its a,c;cupant lea v~s.

Ralmek is a mid-rankuig emp1oyt1:! of the enclave (and. tlu::6[1gh 't1lt~ enclave, the Guild of ForejglJ Tfil:de) whose prIncipal futlction·is .ro make-sure tImt h,igh·r;;.nking T.baYllls! have mounts available, He is empow'I!red to~equi!li'tiQn fund", ro bily

bors!;$, f~~d, tad, omd harness as necessary. . ,

The uppet floor of -the stable Is 3. larg~ hayloft. wnkb Ralmd. keepa.f u11,

+. Mathet SiVUii'S Kitchen

Belleam a sturdy call vas t!lut Eo t;bl!-?outiI c~qard stands the only business ill the enclave 'l.l'ia't- isn't: run by T.lJ.ayam, Sivil'rta and her busband. Bor, are' natjveProskur.H15 ""flO par the kb:tz!Irk for the p.lLV'iIege of Slltting !lP theil" 'Skcwe_r~~rills and stew!lob 00 the enclave grounds. Thdr meal! are ineJl:pen..,ivc and gene:r;llJy good. Si""an:a has even learned several re'!'i~ for TlmY)ltl 5IJIlps. to better cater to her customers·.

The rcstaurlttlt Is pop'!Hllr II:UJong the guards and common roTh of theenclave, _pru:tI}r because of the price and parrly beca.ure t.11i.' ownees 'don't j~i!.getilell:! b'JI tbe if st;;tioll. m life. A persoll Interesred in hiring someone: orIn ],earmg gossip about the people of' power 'in die enclave would 00 wen ~t'ved _to 5top by htre:, :Ilt![d the food is aibargai:n for the price,

1. South Wucbol!lsc

This_ cOlnpartJUenra.llied tWO-ilfory warehouse i5'apj-h'at~ seerage !:;e;p:mr ~6cd. by multipl'e bu.sin;ffi~Ntarly e-vt:r.y rrmndane busin,GSS in the eJ]da,,~ usesspace ill ~11~ pf the warebouse. Qlerc or area 19). I), gen:era1, the most valuable meLck":!pdis!:! available in dm endave-the magic g:oodr-are stored in the seqet V'ft!l:lt (an:~. '16).

A l<l5g~ nunp l~ds totbe upper floor of tbe \W:rch.OUSIl.

6 .. South -Tow«

The seuth w:tn,!lQ\is~ 'predates trte l'haya1J ell(C1:a:V1: in F.rO<l.kUl, and It bas been _he::wi1r modified to suit their needs. This corace "'IlS reinforced with new wal!.s 211,d_ built ~lito a tllrecjiwry 'iiil.tchtol'l!.e:r. From its upge:r noor the :rooftop. of ;U'el:all ~ and ') call be. '"",,Itcheil MSi]y,·1lS well as the Wl!ll.top puapets .[lear-by. BOth the secona and 1:hfrd stories have two arrow slits,


... _


!OFfJtT ONJ<S@AR£ EQliALb f FRl','i m: f~'" ...


=r:look.ing: t'hl! s;trf;et,and the l.hir;(! !;tory aloo ha,!l slits covering tbe ~mFound inte.io" . .A smgk gut1.rd is normelly srarioned here .U ruight.

7, The Priado:rEmpOl"ium (KorcD'~CutioIlJ

Ko.re...n CN .male human 'Exp7) is. !I. very old Mnlan craftsman ana SC111ptol; who :;pcda1i~es ill woode., .u,d iVOEj' carvmgs RI.d kni(;li);n:n;~s .. HIil·!trHI filE wUl:' Ch~.sk eN fenuiJelium'.lU1 E;ql'4j rana small ~~srn ess in Etta bbar and, eager for the oppo:rtu~lity 1:'0 &!:r:-thi! wor:hJ o!1l'Side lnay, g."lv~ir to tb!!.b:- SnlJ when tfl:i~~fl' G;]lIY~ opt"Il!:iI .. Ti:l!;Y liY~ in JnoJ~t qgarten 011 ~h~ ~icond floor Q[ the l!miiding_ du·ocdy <tbove the worksh.oJl.

K:o:rell :Import." little from Tbay, doing mGi\t: of tbe wcrk hlm..:lf. Hb wdtk is good. 'tlndbt! rs pa.rticu!arly foord of rnakmg srnall Jtems sll1juble fqr fqlillg lpver~ to giv;e ea4! other. HI': has carved lit least ontl small flf:,'U.lne>tft@t .a Red Wi!i.ard later t:J::i.r.ned mto an Ottl'J: dcl,.lIt that &~d Wizard1s 1'(1- ql'!est,,·h~ citrvcd seV"~ d\l-zen U")Qre like it. wbidli she -i;ml,lu:ed witban tnooilscqpciulal amount ~f magk (enS'll:gb roQl1like mern ~dia[e.m3,gic but net eJ;lD~gh to ~¥e..:hem ail)' ol"hilidtsJ. Sa!: ,Ga,v ethese to other l't"i7..ar a~with t:1lc i~'~el] t of l:O!'tcei!il"i,g tb\l Ilniqpe..n",siHlf her ow'li fJglirine.

craftsman and take!. g,~t J!ri& in his wor!;. He SfOl!IHl;l1 sor.ts

,oJ leather good!> except arm.o.r. "\

lj$ra:'ih .is weft Known for his, h.taided b,tllcif ropes, finel}' triojed SVI'liIid ~",blflaj&J uDdl:'i.JStli!m book covers. ~t ll'itardli n~ding l~~th(\;gOlXl.sfOtih,~ir mag1:c: Items oft~:r.i come to !lim wltasre:d.fic req_ue5ts (SOlIlt' ef which m"olY,~ tb;t! s:km of bmU3!is, dves, o. at.!:!;:. st:1l6el:rt c.re.at:ilre~). He shares some -of his w4U"k w,ith his si!>ter. '!CranPi'! i:J,e "bookbinder (ar.~~ 11).

Drasb.'s wue llndtwo ebildran Iive with him in the erowdcd !"oqIl"lS above his wOJ"k:l&wp.


10. Th,¢ 'iE'iiJJiQ!, Emp"oiim:D._(Spico£l;) .

F.II:1009 fer itsPriadoran fire !!pice (so potellt titat when. eaten, ·It in!1tcts Ipomto[ suMlla.i d;}mage on a failed 'Fo.tr.i tde S11t v« agal!i.st DC 12), t.bis ~op is afavorict: of [h.ost: wllo ~lljO}i spicy t6otl. It" also sells more common :>piCe5 suro as cinnamon, clave$.; gingllT. p.gppi:r, sa:JTron, audsalt

. 1'11e pxOPXietOI Shaum.o:k EN male human RgrlfE:xp~) fs a. Rashemihel'oolist 'al'ld healer. He, tKnoW5 exactly which .of ll.i& pl~m~ ejlII be .Ilst.-dto Stl:indl w·oUJlcls or aid h~a1i.ng. ana l1~un:l1, :has ~",a!'a1'premade heftier's kits a,'\I':illable "i:JJbJs $t;Qi'e. He sells I'he~ at a 1.0% dist:@!lllli" iu [he' same way that the wizards sell mas:ic .items.

S~mlnlak. is gruff {lnd..speab CO!ll][]OOD :v.ith,a. thick acren:t.

He li~es alone,iII r.he 1:oo:ms ahovc his slJop.

R The .PbaiioJ:' Empol!:1Dm aew.clcrJ

TJ:rffi shQjf !:tt:Long~ to Jilhdu i..N' male .Itltm~ Exp7), " bwly young R35hell~i jeweler with a tbick 'bushy beard. He ,dairn~ to

be alii!! t~<w"rl:.ll.J1l sortor metal intojEwdry.1!i1d ~ far lIe 11. T_ J?;r'iaeilu.[ Emponwn ~k~ind:CI")

has not dalppointed .my of llls clients, wJlo.i.ndud:e .Khaz.ar.k Th.iasho:p.is wry popuaar W~th the wizards of th~·enclav~, pro-

Charhw Zti.ru berselr.As a ['a1,'IDl" ~a tile,sil'l'C'fsmhfl, ehe case vklingpaper .HId p'<IJ;;;hm<!Dt 10 varioo~colo.ra !U1d !iuaEfi~s,

jir"/! fliap !lp.a:n hi~ stroflg;_box and lias sworn to !lll:d'flnci,destroy blank ~ks (JIl.chuung tbose sniJ<lMe far ~peUhooks). :MId, a

aq)\one who robs his store. ~ hjj]ding serviee for thos~ With I~ pag'!$. T.heprop.r.il::~t;

1 andae IS.<I. hitter mllllbf!'au,* w;; w'if.i: yulka i.. a !il.ilve ~Rk in Krauna ~N fern,,! le hum il'Ii'ExP':;)..t> tht: siJ;:t~ of Dusll farc:;J.

IooS. bdhg pUIu,b:ed.~c.aus~ !;h~ 'llttal>ked a 'wiz,vd who trieil to 9) and loeks muc h like !fer bl'OtileT, dcept rha,{;she wears it

l00J.'uu- family's shop. Sinm. fre.£m.gsla'i'~js ilk!f.ll In Thtty. he li; natTO"wllOnyool.'

without ho~,~t1a he drink'S heavily and. takes. m~morY"lwmbing lCta:nna is a sl.:i.LJ.elP't.<lHignpher and forger, :t1:1:I:iO~gh ~hl"

drugs sa t.h:l.che ma1' f'C'J1'g~':t his pain. If.his w!f.e was somehewres- onty re ..... es.1stl1e Is,trer fnet to those, she trusts, ,she also sells a

,(!le4(l .from l".hH.y andretnrned to him,,:Ire wc¢r.l!l be gtll.t~fIll.to· small jmmber or boots, mostly fclari!lg to Th:ay. It's, lands,

th~ nspol1sibie as long as he liYoo-;tnd IlS IOllg as ·m.r p~ ;~p~tt.Y; and ,rIJlru.re, <lld,ou~b ~Qe tarries boo'k:;l;>y local <;u.thGl's

kept 5euet;fmm ]'h,!¥ilJl, llutheritEe50 ;>'.!51wl'!I;li, Kranna 1ipf;;a.ks~ncl· r~3d:s CQrl~m9tl, Agla!,qnda~l,

Jll:lldar livesaloue in the rooms GD. the setonil floor above Alzhedo. Ghesseut.m. Chcmdal:fuln •. Dwarven .. EI,.en. H~ltua@nl

his 5'[c;lre, MuUiO.randi (stwdardand. Thayom var,ia.nts1. Ramemi. Tui,g:m. UlJd,l;"I"commoo .. and Untheric. She lives iti dIe ~Qtjd,nOQI ~pal'tmen[s!)Vf:r ner 5holl'"

!t 'fhe J!rndcr Empot~llm (Be:zanUU\Ul Leath.er) Drash th" l~athemla"ke! (:LN 1l1;tlt; human Exp:!;).. a whip·thin M~h!,n fdlaw with curly tatt<lQ5 itl. placl: Q( htEs. ha:ir. rims t·his shop, ",rhilc JUoHt'of hts stock eomes from Thay,nc is 11 skilled

1?.I'h~Friailor Emp,oiiuJill (}'cr! tuitc:r) {mmi'Lel·the:Ram.urli IJJ\' female human E.xp:13 rum' this

'Tne .prin.dor EfI1porium

• the ~JaclJl.vi.:. M08~of the dote pr6piit';tors IKe ~ed u~ftsi:".qJ1IYf10 ca,fI (ilil:fill. the exacting .Gram of tllf· enclave wiz.· aras rar e.l:etic le,arl1erW0r k. jewdry, Ot ·mrvmgs suit<tblc f 01· ,enchantment" Just as rue mClllber,s or me merchant 'tubal Watsril:!lsorS tbC'"l'mj1Orluii:tl"e~f &P;iH~ far't'hciI: !>haRs in. the Preikru ~ll,lav!i,$o do the s~o .. ~ ~toprietQl'5 .~rlt spit::e in '1;jW ell:.parrum to ply thei:r,tra®Sal1d .. lmjGlp\':munilan:eThayan E,OOOs t1113.~ !l.o not th,rit!l.[ell tlill ro3.glfOn~~~!msm.es'I'i of ~u: , Guild of FOl'eigll Tr:~de,

The W'lJthea1it em Iiel" of dIe .:i.u;1",y£' ~cl1tJlills a ,oUec.t1w. of .~v~ fl diff erelli: ;;toj:r~ <in pal" t of .[he Prm,ilQ, ElIlporj um,...-illl impOrt OOs1.'feSs f-rom Thay. The cOJl!;ortium.of lJwyan Ill.er' cnaJ.lt:s spon.ror.wg th~ cl'hporilJ:t<iJ. pays; well fl'lt .rbe ·p.riV-]]egt of l¢ntipg 5pa~ it!. ;J:, rorE,~gl"! m~:laVe irld selJing Thll.J!t1i

WiIi'l"c. al:m®a. ' ..

.The Thapu .IllHcbli.lItl'> whD SPOl~dr tlte~r.ia~ EDltlG- 1'1"1:1:'1 tlc1i'C"r 1): d;::cilk,il t9 1m par tin t:l(I ~jo.osku:r .Il00aS thaf \VQulil :!;flpe~, Qot on~)' 'tQ the )UCi.lls,. bat aJ'f;Q the Tb:ayansof




perfumery. and it~s quite :a lor afbusillC'S.'>. sineethe Thayal1s • are fond of scents and 011& WWle some are [00 sllplile for t!:le: commoa tI'O::..;! to recognnl; .Bleil q,' of ft'ignmces a-lid soa.ilS here lin; pleasing to less refilled, tasees, The srore Il_nws customers Erom aU over tht: c.i1J~ _PiU"tic~~y because JJ:nlnit.eJ can make items tailored,to her Icustomen' desires, One of her-mere LiI1- usual patr.ons is a I'caskur.m assassin who'.sphsill:s his victims' ),]:odies with perfume to ,ma.Jk his kE:IS:

Imm,iz,lll and. her [wa nieces live :in reoms above the shop.

1~. The rtiador I':tnporiu;m cniJItiUc:r;y)

Tha}' is 11m-cd fot its ji!xot~ Liquors and fortified wines. The parrnership of n~jla;n merchants tbat operates tb~. e1l1;porWID 'pUT\c!iasO':'i ma,ny-diffe'rent vifltag~s from il'iinUlero <tl~d distillers in Tbay and sIuJls them overSeaS to the Proskur €llldan- for

sale a long rhe Dragon CQ.~~.

V'ladisln (LN mile h_l111J2_TI Ex.p3). a, ca.ntanli:emtls middleaged Ras1)emi.l11an with a. tl:llrIWCY to drink tOO much, runs 'th~. business with the ~ of Il~s brorhers all d 'their fa:tnilJell. In iddirion to "'intages imported from Thay; Vindisla,v also brews 5eV' eral potent 100'11 concoCtions. Hi: is 3 Fine d il>tiller and lJ.as aJJJ!t3ctl) in 11llil1}i pru't'S ()f Ilju: wlMl~ Hmt provide him I!:xoticliq_Llors, induding -<\1l Q(;~io.l_al battle of Rasherneu f'll'cwine_ He can dupLicate nim~t auy draught he has fa'sred jf gl;;rel. 5UaiCier!f tinw, altltOu:gh fuewl:ne has s.til1 rnana~d !;G ev .. dt him,

VJmliskv d'oe;S'iI! lot of businesa with Th;t,YllllS who miss rhe liquoJ"S of their homeland. .Re is :Hl(tine,i trt rekkil, al~,tf is :ll~Tm'.vs: hov~,inS pu the Itdge !If going, :i!lltli.'l d:ebr to the apqthe. Cllry:S hop. Waco drunk" hit becames, very violent, and has been k'iJP,,"'ll' ttlSWillg il l.a:rge knif~ at ~U;r0Ile who off!l11lis-hJm

H. Silo

TI:tis tall, 11arrolli' bu ilding -stores grain. It has been. nUI,gka Uy Pfotectoo against: electricity ahd fire ('fe&istatllle 11). The silo ~ legally reserved fot the use of the enclave only" cVI;!J1 if the-rest' of the city IS StilHing, ,A small woodej] shelter hul:J~ into t.h.e basil! of the silo is the home of E.-...'.cmius.k, the drt1bid who. tends me g.toIlJlds, (see 3t'~l.1H).

11. The Standing St'one Inn

Before' the: ";F113)'Uns. leased rhm'dls«icr of I't&kiIt:, this. en tin: b-ui(ding: WM 3. large and faidy p-I:osperou& um=-rhe Standiug Scone. White half of tile building hits been eooverted .te per-manem- qearters for 'ilClave pcrSOl1l1!!J Cs~e area :2 i}" the: .Si:lutherl1 half re.t;aip.s ~olnet'hi_tig c.1Q;,c to, its C!!'igmaL purpose.

Toe Standing Stoue once derived its name from the hrge stone lO&lli1 that isthe centerpiece of the il.m'~ m..ru:u roo.m. It \10m Su._Pf~edl}T brought frou! the tlllnS in the Marsh of Tan by tl1e IDD'srigllla,! found~t mallY years :;,ga. A Thayan of Mulan descent named Sa:kelis (CN male lwmaEl Sorif\viz.2) now rues tnt: place, sake:ris left Tbay aftt!< tlr'i!)g of the evilltlld im;rlgut:s of tbe Red, Wi~'lrd5. He a~o [ear~d PUseCUtiOEl forhis skill as a sorcerer, S.akltrts U'1Se5 tJu: inn as a meaIism keep ut touch with people f rem his homeland and .[0 Wsedve;r peopl, .... iltb. a talenc for sorcery and liberaee them from rb,eit t"it:s '1.0 Thai)" •

A~ a ;;killed "'l)l:lk:a;st~r of a ptospaoui> Th' .. yan £'amHy. Sakerts possessed sufficient influence to ana.tlgc a charter for his bUSIIlL!,$!l. He is I'D private T.hay;m cjd~tll who Q'\lIll~th~ Sn.11d· i~g StOlle, 'not '<1:11 employee of the e,!lclav<:. Sakeris has 'been

- 'k.l!lown to Jlire' ad:ventllr,e-rs to rescue Thayan sorcerers fl"OII\ stavery or sitIJU:joD.'S~ere their talents are .Likely ta:get them ki!led. Hi! susl',ec:ts (rightty) fhat the Red Wiz:trds Irave him




under OOo.ervatipd, and _he is careful nat to speak too :poorly of them,

The cqll'ltllon room nf the StllLtldin,g Sm ie is We only taphOlls.e an the enclave gI'OUl1d8 and doc-s a. ~ood busLn!;ss almoste1i'~!}' night. .Many enclave personnel take their meals here-teo, at !t:ast. 0J1 oI:lJa$ion, The S~1m~ Stone: building.i~ rhree stories ~ and ibellpper two stories ofdH: 'mn bmll.t eiglH' small, wdlKelt'r.ooms: I'ts primary customers are Thll'r~n merchants, arri- 8lWS, and aQV,cll.turers ,PllS'&Wg through Prl!oGkur, but jllS,t abocr any itinerant'tnwcler from Thay mig,ht b¢ staymg I:!l:t~.

Area A is the inLl'S luteben. '

16. Loam and Trades

WWIe enclave residents, refer t(l this entire' building (<!TeaS' 16 througp 20) as the c-ast w:ln:hou.sc. only Plitt of the bu.ilding is prepecl y a warehouse, The resr or tl::ti> stroctur:e' was eon ve rfed: into a ~umb¢r of smQ,ll storesan~f the ~m:ll1v.: 1citche.ns wbe.p. the enclave was rebuilt fa the ThaY4111S; sped£lcatloolj.. A :rogue: l1am<:d Aoth:u' (l:E male hpman Rx1' ;/Ftr"2:(R~gr) owns !iris modest sh,op. HI: 15_11 ]vf~IJt!l. msu w~th circles mttOQi;!d'~'f! pbce of b1; haw and eyebrows. Aoth.iiJ· op~mly cani;":a Lantanese pistol and is 'proficient in ixs lrse,

Ao,tba:r lis' Ut:S 1eL'ter.5 of eriali: cllilt can be redeemed at'. face VlI.lue withm the enclave and: can even lend co~age' iC .hl! borro~<er offers collateral or J~ known -ro him. His business alse . functions as a pawnshop! and he is greedy !:JlQugh to buy ~tt'ms when he knows ,mother &nOp rnighr offr:r more, He apl'r.ioo, valuables for a 1 g(l fee, AothMstaned tbis !thoJ:l after, finding ~p ~usvall:r Large treasure rrcveas a )'tIiJng ad.Y'I!l'l."i'Ut1!r in Tnay.

1.7. F~j-Fmgcred Map,g

Frikhesp (LE female' human IlQg41, a sneaky·looking, Mu1an •

. woman with jagged ta,ttoo~.oll her $haven bead and only four fmge:f's on lie. Jeft ha.ua,. op~tt5 [h~5 store, ~bebet:;Ime an adventurer in 'TIIlly and t:""etltua!ly tca.\'e]ed through mueh of ,the Unnpproadik;tbJe East Wor·!: bcihirig. a Gn:ild. of F!ll",e~gl1 Trade Gfficiaho ohrain an mtk-pcndent l~a.,.~·in tf>e l'rOilkul:' eurlave, Fdlbc~p 113S a skilled hand ami can copy m:Lp~ and diagram£. er-: t,eme!ly \vell. A lthoogh he!' .main i}usiness is in nau t.ical maps and ones 'Suitable fol' display, 5l')~,. buys dungeen maps, ftqtn qme1 adventcrers Ior 1 gp apiece and seilS' cOllies. of them for J gf apiece. She makes 110 claim to their authent4cil:y. only ;tl~at the)" wa1!oou~t from SQI]~oon~ whQJooked l.ike au ;J;d,rCjJtmer.

SOm~-of 1J1f maps she: sells are from her own brief cxp.ioratIons :into at Jeasr thr-ee of the nearby known dungeons (the Crypt of Salt, the Dungeon o£Sevcn Hatreds, and tile Lait of Sbllaegarth the GJ·~en). She ~1'15 these lnaps for 10.gp apie'l:e and includes notes on known traps; secret doors, and good places to hide: and ]'eiS'!' outs-ide, Some advell;tUl'CfS. who haee dealt with hill' b~rDIe5U5pe:(;t I:1UI.( she bas macae ,3, deal wfch ¥l1UC of (he b~rutli living fjt:~r thc~e ~Wlgeon:s. b!J't so far n0tlilli,g has been pr0ven.

1t1. Ille I.d'etfory

Most of the enclave'e guards and ]ow·:rin:king wizards !la' in tllk; crowded diniJ1g rOO111 tw,ce a day. [fhe khazark Imd tlio.£e wlIDse G'ltlities keep, them in the em~y building ut In tbe dinin:g room there.) Several IOIlg tre5tle tubles Gil the ppelLl 1\1.11. and smok~chee-ses alld me'!l~ 1tang,frol:n the r.afters.

The nfectory i. i"'un by tlll: Milst~, Provi~i(mer. llitiye,fj Chergovn (LN md~ Imrna;;l Ft[l/l!.:xpS). a mid:·xanFmg

employee of the Guil.d of Foreign Trade stationed. here alOll,!; wirh three generatioas oJ his family. Chergovll; 15 cllargt;;d with pt<x:u.fngloc(1.! \>tll.J?'l{!S and ovrn~ei1'lg the servants who prepare sixty meal!> at a sitt'tng;. Tile :roof of th~ buildiflg is a tl'll:Wing. garden wh.ere th!l' Ch~rgo!{:;[s Cli.hJyat'l: mllnJ:: ancornmou fruit:;; :a.pd v.tgetab,te&. MQSt of 't,be' fOOd !le1''Vl!rl hq,~ is pUt·

chased f tom Pms,kll ran ¥cndots. .

1.SA, Kitchl!lll. 'S"'~y6n's. wife Hama (LN fe.mak huma,,; EX'p4) direetly "n:Fv!:ses dle preparation of meals, oreheseraring the businesa of the heCtic 1iitchen. with 3. f~erl:e temper and ,e~l1 fiercer tougue, Tb",yan hrMd arId spicy stl!~' iff a typical

meal ln the ref~ctQr}'. .

hB. Pantries. Eelew the kitche,il!l, sc~'l!~:lllarge C!fUaJ'5 aold a respecra.ble store of food'. Items most frequ~nttj' used Cor more petis-hilbl~ and che'r~m-e to be used qujekly) are ftru:ed here, One of the cellars ill a krrge EC~ rO<)t\1, m:lgwaUy dllille4

, 19, Ea:st Wiat·e:hoUllC'

The only portlOIl of [lie I<u:ilding ~at Is 5ci11~s.ed. !IS II! warehOJ]~ trus ~wp-snory chamber .b{Jld~ bulky p~Op~l'ty an (goods bt!longing to the cfjflavc. Theenclave's nllIgic;al goods are not .kept here but are instead Stored in, the secret vawt (!l.r~ '26) A l'arge ramp leads [0 the upper floor ofiltewarahoose.

1\ weU·hldnell rrapdGlOl' (Sc.a:rcb .DC If) provides access to underground area.', the Thaya:ns are eooceriled with keeping St'r:.re t-tIle 5Ja ve pc-ns :tl,d du I:lg.eonE.. 8m ves can ~ brought up '1:0 I:l\tl~ warehouse, loaded into sealed wasom;, and driven d,OWII 'to Preskur's wharves eo.be earried hH'k to Too)' by sea,

20. East Towc:r

Like the south warehouse (areas i .. and 6), the east warehouse has Men rebuilt to support a tht~-5tQr}~ watclitOWl;t. From its upper 11oor:. guards ,Vouch OV-eT the 'rooftops of rhe emporium iltua the l,athhonse. The upper floors have arrmlf slits D'>'~rlCWClkir1g the rueet !l!11d tbl.'""t:ompQund interior. A sjngle ~':llard is normally sJ\atiOl'u:d here <It.Ilight''.

21. Thiiyu. Bathhou-se

Thk. bathh()~ is rua by a luge fal'Lill~'!:!f Rasnemi., led; 'liy' thC\' mother of tJ.lJie c.!1;U •• YUldar:r.a (LN fearale human Explj, "f.uldarrahas a c1osere1atiol'l:;hip~ with hnmi'llc·ldle perfumer (area 12) alil'l5cl1.s ~er prodil:cr.s here, The building bas a lar~ commcm bltth, with foUt small priVllte barhs In ind] v. idu'lll rooms. Upon requese Yuldar.:ra. aH'l\llges to bring m petSOQal bath "arrendants" from tile local festhallsto t\!,or.k in the hathhouse's priv'atr: roofflll, Usi:qg the common path eosts 1 cpo Re:nting a priwte '!m_th tostl' 1 !>p per hour, with.oth.:r services optLond AAd ~t"nn arlditioJ1l1l,Pri!;e.

Large evens ~s'to;d to hl'!ilt ta.llk;s Qf water for the baths occupr half of r,he 'bllild[ng'~ st'~ond floor. The retruirnd:~rof the IJoor is Ilving SP:lCf: fer the owner,. Yuldarn understands that if II. fin: 1!,(~.{ItS in the enclave, the baths will be LlSed 10 pr~~-Jde water (O,pUf '001' the blaze,

21A.WoPlieQ'1I DieMing ltoom. Female guests of the: bathhOUR use t'his roofl1 fer changiug and short-term s.tomge' of personal effects..

2lB. Mea's Dre55wg R.1ONim. Male \Tisirqrs to tbe batbhousl: can chil:l'Ige ;;n~ score their belonf,rlnSs Iler.e.

lie. The Cammon kth. _A large !cl"Ul1munal bath OCCllpiei most of tlim loom. Tar \Vn.t~r is l:;ept so hot tb,at, Duly ~nm!l

long ,accust'ollu:rl to batlliug in very hot water art' truly cornfartable he!:i" l'ltayaJls llli'le a O'aillriotl of cOlllductin,g; St:[iOWl ~usjness aJ1d jm'po:rt~111 diSt~siO~5 .in the c1'1rnfilunal bath_ Ion,!:, as strangers aren't around,

210. l',rivatc Bum. 'F.£clt of the-se: :smail rOOln!! hold:;; Ewe more thin a L<tt&: rUlb, swiJ1lbh: for rwe ' pl'l~ple tdw small rooms! or as m~ny as s~ (thdat§er one).

'2:1 .. StrollllrgMuse: Th~'ArC1am: Gdle,ry (Magic: Item:s) ~y magic item .ma.t is Jlot :I potIon or <to :>en:,u issold ill m~s port~or.! uf the enclave. Customers can And here wands of 10\11- Icv,:l sJlcllib low-cost wondrous i.ems. magie' ammu:oitior" seme of' the less !1f)wrrrfiJl IDagir. rings, and ,occasianally a sUIt of magie armor er a magic I'le3pOn. Fe\'<' items ,aife displayed,

~ ~nl:r, inst!!arl~ customers ili] too "wre are escortedro one or ; several richly appointed waiting .rooms to,i.J15pe~!: stock brougbt J eo them in gleanUng mahogany C~ Berause even cl1e .. cheape6f

J:remJi all'lluabie if! thls ~le1:'~' se1J fo.r several hundred gold


i pieces, the Tha}'aJJ.5 eater tolffie cj;pec.tatiops of t'he: wealthy .

.=: fl1 addition to purc:llasil..g it~ms available 111 the enclave" au' .. ~ tomen ~M also arrange to f;,a'vjj 'a maseerwork w.eapoi1 made J;> rnagidll a. a, custom orQer. (T1.1e Thayan,s raceJ)' agree ro make ~ itllms orl}e(ter [han * 1 value, but ,a. f reenen t euseomcr 1:n1ght be

'; ,_-

J able to ccnvince them te advance irs pol'\'er be~·oh.d that;) The

~ galler}' buys j.bagi.!: :i'l:Cll1ll and resells them, but otb'e!l:'wise does :::; not crtillt" rings, rodE,. staffs.. or mo,r~ pQl1\erful wnndreus items.

The lower an ite.m's COSt, the more llk!ily it i.s thn~ th,e Thaya:n':s M""~ the devlcd.l1 Srock-e:lfM:t 3.'Il'8ibbiiiry j.'>ieft to the 01\<1'8 d.~r'l!i;ion. If an i.km is not C"~;entl)' :l.vai1abi~, tn£-ertcl.ave wh· u'dB can nnm,ui'arture uJ:most rn:ty standard item Of 2.100 gp • value or less i.l11dl0+10 day~ Items or"~p m-'S.roo gp value ran

be: ,cus'lQmd)rd~red from Thayall workshops (del.i:vl:.ry dme 'l.d4 m01Hh:s1 alrttoL:lglli rhe Tffiiyau~ u.n!ilcitaJi:;e work- Qfthis ;Sort on~y for the .mosttrusced and reliable CIlS[Ome:n,

RtiD:Shan Doon (LE.l"llaie human l!IliJ nl3!llaKfs tbe g:JJkry um:!.u rhe direction of MUXAl:h Gu.ras., In a:ddI tion t..q Itams!:lan D'QD!li" the HflZMk rmrJIlally- IlsSigl11i om:' rth·le'l"e:l, one ~rd· level, anal two 'lnd·]'e"d enclave lli'iz_~t'1'b to this Iocstion. •

1;3. SU'QD§A01!iC: ThfllUlldil, Morill' (ApQthc~lU'y) Tar.ith1. (LE. female h,Ulllili.l1 Wtz-3/Exp,l), 'a mis.mtbropir;; MuLnJ wom.a.n WIth ;ttiStra~t taUoor. Q[I her head and eyebrows, euns 'tllis store. She is a mld-ra:nking- Guild ,bf Fdfl:::Egn Tmde agent who :tD&~virs to the khazark, Tujt:hi'!i' stQir~ sells common aud' eXQtk herbs, htcludlng eassil and nararoot. Most of her lllen:hill'Od~ i& simp!e- remedies sudl as minor pa1:nkillus, s!lI('lling 5lI.1115, 'l;'w:es fQI'i1ango1l'crs, and orne'r berh,,' that, common folk m.ight need from au apothecary, Her mose profjl'3;ble irenl,S Me the slran;ge aad sometimeS daugeToIHs drugs d~sired by ..vqlthy ellenE, including ]:hayall 'I\~ard:;J y~llg noMt's, ~nd 1I.dve'fl t~tl:rs. She sells all 4£ugs, listed IIi the Drligi> of Faenm eerion ~n the appelldill'. One ht-lc1,'eJ wizard i>Sliigncd pcre- by ~e kba:tMb5aist~ Tacitbi

i't. St!:101l8:.!ro~se: Zurn.'a Eli:J:in (Alc:&emb.t) KetmnZur ~ (LE male IIUll1aJ1 W'iiY r,:Exp ~).a strange older Thar,m malt IVith:m.mysma[] burn sears om,__h.i~ fa~ej arll'1~l.uld b211~ runs this shop. Oll~ of his eyes is ll~ar:l)1co\1:redjhl r.1, c!ltal'a!!r. ami he has mtril:ate tattoes of a mustache a.nd beard, He is the klli1:'I.ill"1>'s uncle, sorhe tndlOve wizards ate carcfu.1 [0

3tlY rune,ac whkh_poiJ;JJ: th_e bearer may purchase that number of Q·level5pell scrolls at COSt.

All unsold pocionsand !P{;tolli are stored til the seerec vault

(aIda ~tD ol1emight. "

,'l,t.!" Tanom.. Atlvel1torers and the enclave's wizard:') often.

Visit r.M small s.fiop. Uibnn Krel1 (hliE. maJ,c i:l:J.lman ~ec:r !'R.ed'l) rnns me t[!btoo, ~hap. He 'and Ills as.s.is~,.11 ts.. Oll.f jed-level and one Ist-level e13clav~ wilAt'd, provide normal and magic ~att!Xll). \:tattoos are scri!ied "'11th either ".he Ta,ttoo t\1~gic feat, which UI'hru1 Kren and hisSrd-level assistant have, or the rT'e~ld rnag;,; lai:tf{!J bpeU.) Th<:}' are capable Of G"opyjug images from other sources or cr:eacing unique. designs 'with -equal "bjtity. A mundane tattoo ;:dmulr as big .Ui a band coots '2 to,r SF dlllpeijd'mg on (;ol,ppI4ity) and).f dla cu~tol1ler doesn't 1ik<t tile result, the wiza.r<ls U~ an erase spell ro remove it at no l;D.arge.

Abi:mt h:Uf of UrJiW} KreUl'S buslnr:.ss is mundane tl!.tI'OO5, &i11l;<: ,rus, work :i.s ofSllperior. quality. The :remainder consists of n~ii:: tattooS. whidi he Frefers. Urhun is II tan; gaunt M~llal] nIl!:.l widllolig. ~Jiclte fmger.s and a habit of' staring for minutesar a time withol>t hiinking, Getti:Hg It tauoo. from lJrhuu himself. requites either an >aPPQintment ria bit of Iud (40% chance he-is available OJ] short notice),

treat him with respectde.;;l?~te ~lIS eccenrri ity. He only :;p~alG to the e.nrlav'e winrds who work in bis shop (one 4th-level, one 1nd-h:lld, (lilt': 1st-level) if he's giving erders. and he doesn't k.t rh(! wl7.rar<i5 talk to hi~ I.'UGtomcrs.

Keth:il1Z~n sells a:JW llikhemica1 ieem dcscl'i:bod, in rbe P/aJ."l'rs: Hal'U]f;I)(11:, ·the F{}~ilO'ITm REdC,'ds C;j~JPl1ligp Stlt,.ing, or [he appen dix of ;tills bool';. ~11d ean mll.n!!flU: tll;H:e rnoee if he runs ant. He-offers a lQ'k d:is<:oll.m on aU his goods and an e:ft'rll r"% to JllyCifle from Thay, He. ill kuowlccl~b:le in, herbe, spelkraft, Thayan lore, and typioo.l properties of 111agir items. He reads and speaks Common, DraGOl'Lic, Inferna], Thllyall M!l.lh.aralldi, 3.l1d reads Loress al'ld' N etherese,

Whards assigne,d to the petions and scrolls 05tor~ (see ~low) Can often be found here. engaged ill manufacturing merchandis= for t1:teir st,Qtc.

21. Str,ong;b.Qg$cc rQ~io~ iUi'd SC,rcllB •

Tlm:mI Tabar (,NE r';;lle human Abj5) runs'tb1s C.luttellerl store, .l'ep-ortin.g to Mm uh Garas, In add itiea to_ Tha vcl "Ta bar. one 4th~level, one JroAev!1, one '2nl'!·level, and om' lit"·knl enclave wizard staff this store ~nd wo~ksh,ai>. OIlC of roe wizards overseea the shop ,"'hile tl1e others work in rhls roem or in Kethi:n Zur.l1·s <llchen:rist shop !u;l.kmg ,PQtion;;'3:'I1d scroll ....

. The place usua.l1y bOIS: at least Oll~ srunpkof ~~b. poti(ll~ availabfe ill the 1JmwFDN MAS/'F.R·$ Guide (except those that r~qlJire the creator tQ be l1~gb.~1' thao :3rd ~cve)l and usually sells one to tbr<lll;oPQtionl! ~ 4")1. Jimior clerics from rh~ T~mpl"" of K.ossut.h preI'are ,,~weo ,potions r or S;9.) e here, too.

Sec,olls of 1ll<J!>';f lst-;{ncl '2nd-l~vel spells are kept 111 !>fbrk, and there is 11 ?S% cl1a:~e:e tbat' any givenspell ef 3rd levd

1& available oil a scroil. Sc.mUs of 4th-le'vel spells require :J. .. $pm:i-al order. SGrolli; of 1.th level \'IO~ bigher require special oniering and must be li!:pp.r'(;)'l'ed or the k.h:lza.rJibefore scr.ib· mg begms,

As explained in the FOflJ,lOTrEN REALM~Y Ctmrpa;gN Seltint,., fbe i~'i1.al'd:l s.ei'h.croHs of Q..lt:"vel sl~J.I.s. at I:OSt wit.h t.b: pLlI' chase of ill] equal. number of magic lte'llls from me enclave. When a customer purchases an item from rhe Arcane GaUery (al:n 22). he reeeives a number ofs[muibroli;;:f: corns equal ,to, i:h,e illJmbe1i of it~J]J~ punhas;d, !l:3>:b b-liarin.g th~ ~ymool of tb:c ~ed ·Wi.l,ards on €lll~ side i111d a, furled scrol] om th!li other, T.h~g td&:eilS may be returned t:o the Thaya!~ enclave scroll shop <It


Oneea I'Lill of 1i\:~t:.hy merchants' 1:Q~rl homes, t1~ls streome (:1.te'a5 '2"1 to l6J is the center of the enclave, where cu5tQlll~rs comt '[0 piri-.dl;<.\1t! nugic j'";r,eru Thay. The It;,e:r· clw-n:rs' hoases \Ve;re. cQmp h!~r)' re bIl 11 t. lil'h~ u Iltlf~ eC)dil v;:'.

_ wa.s f(}!.IIliled, hut the high ceillngs and cregan< waillscotmg of t'hl! interior wall:! :ljl'llilk of weilih .!lillrl'power-whil~ the shutfered WiRdo\vs ;tria ~rordy, copper-$cac.ht:d .doo.rs ~ljJ]f at mysteries better left Im(nscovered!. .

The QPper floo11\ Df t:~r; buiidi:n,g consist' Gf secure 5tm<:~ roomf> fer che encla:vel" inventor~'of it.ems for SIlk. phis. ocWy appoBtltcd meeting cha.tubers for enterta.ining the we1l-1Miejj~ di<!~t:S Qr Visiting ,rn,gruta.fiE:,~.


'1,6, Suonghollse: secret Vault

Thievce and burglass throughout Ptoskur dream ;of rmdil1g their l'I~y·t,o this room, .. !llld shudder in terrer ae the pl:llillty S honld they he ca.!l.gh:t. Mil rith Ga r.a o:..~ nrale 11Dfua n Jl.bjS/R.cdl), dIe third most senior Red Wi'lla:rd in tlw enclave, directly 5upeil"vlses the inventory .of magic items anl The aeCOIl!1tmg ofprofits fro·m the' MC?!1.C Galler)", tile pf:'tioris :md scrolls store, th~ ~ttoo !)fiop, the ali:he.m.ist, and tne 3jlotheGary: He is assi.m4 by the most reliable and loyal of t:hej.lruor v,'iurd5, normally one of 3rd l.I:'vel and one of 2nd.

The wuUs and doors of tbis building·withirl-:a,-building an: lined \vith lead sheeting to prevent serying, and ,gDll;rded- by a number o( _po:~eIH .mllgit: traps- (primarily glyph! of 1~<2,.ding cast by So-K:elnw, tin' hi'gb p.iC:'lt:of the Temple of lillssuth)'

The exact contents of th-e 'CJIlclave's inventory and $ITOll&bans are l,eft to the DNf'!~ discretion, The rotal value ('If the b.uW'ciis mMc itha.('I lODPOq "gp', Th~ defenses of thll V'~ult are Mi deadly and i.l1Sidiotls, as t:be Th3)' !IllS elln devise, and f eature at: Ie<lsr one .JWwerftit deVil brought to the ,em::ian fo, this purposeby a plal'tar billditltfspdl

2.7. StaB,ding :StOllC "Building (lte$ideD,c~sJ

Once part of me S.ta1ldlng Stone Inn, tins half of the. threestar}' ou.i1ding contains man Y small a.p:)t'tmt!l1ts for the inhl11!jrants of the enclave. A tYpicil JiparttneflI:' .hilS a befu'oqm and it I>mall sitt:ing room tna:t doubles as a kitd]:(ln (the ltO<t stove is also used as ,3 hea;te.r); Wee lily rent ia°l gp_ 11 boo t ft.'ell ry ,;r the ~jlmilv*'s low"le'lle{ wIMr.t'!sand skilled prJOfe5Sinllal~ (otliC-T dJ3n tli05il"liymg .. oo"e the I:]j]pqrium) are g_ .. artcred h~re.

2; B. BatPt:1:s

The gu.lU"ds, IIco:geq.ntl{, and capTain of tbeellcl"ve's liQml\:r tleta.chmeJlt uctJiUl.rtered bel'e. The stairs .a~ld doors of this buJld· ing a:re wide to male it easier for mulrIpII!' gllllr.dsto mON'e about s:imulfllijeOu.sJ}'> Two ll~·leY,d cnc!tlVl' wtz'3.rd:i arf' assigned to the barracks :l.t <til times '1;0 provide rnagic31 mppor. if it is II eeiled'.



18A. Co~on lLoom. Off·duty gtl'ilTd!i [k'IC thii room fDr g:un blmg iI~cl SQCi .. li1.ing.;[ t's ~3l] yoc{;-l;Ipied h y Id'h 1. of the

cig!w;>t;:n !"ar:cis not oa iII'%tcf>. •

- 288, Catpfno',1 Qa_artcliS. Karvan Hnr uses this room r or h~ petflond quarters and his office, HI! i& rarely lim~i instead S.l'fDdin,g·mo..'lE of his day paerotllng dIe· el'l~ l:1:~'; and t:heck,ing, III 011 the g,Ull,d~ on watch. -

180. Eutaw Room. Dill! of the fiVe six·man squads comJJ,r~;ing the gu:ud for(;~ (If the enclave is quartered here, The sergeant in charge of the squad sleeps her.e too, k~t:piog hi;; soldiers. in good Q,riierc. Fa:DI:,~oolns i:dcluicil to fills one mal!:!: up the secQnd Iloor or the: b:uracli,s building ..

2. 9. Whiu Filrre Aca:demy'

S\,llOtrun3.ster \'1!-IT'0l Uuth (I..,E. female human Fu~J, '3 Wama'!! of mixed M.uhm-Rashemi heritage. traII1S' enclave guards and InOSll" il1tetest~d in the Thllijran _fighting: 51)' Ie here, V;:IUIl [I uth hlOW5 el~ougb aOOut. T,haYiiJ:I ilwordcr,;ft thatshr! can re®gf.l.lze if a bl~,a~ was made in her J:u)melalld, a :~d (if 'a .masterworl blade) probably knows the smith who made It ,If your campnign requires tr:tinmg f 00: level advaneement, ihls 1;]ac~ i~ fur. rki~nt for that pu,rPOSf,

Varn Uuth is mOft and wiry, keeps net" hair Hopped short, aad bas no tlltt~ The aCaiiern:y tQl1slsts of;'l small smdie widl Tha}'aIl "''eapo~:'; l!iJltng rhi! '\WlUs. Sbe keeps se-v;eral illllsteTWor:k wea.~m; III a str ongbox and wmill1' trains with COJUmOll blades to avoid damaging the higher-\, .. lue weapons, The pl:iu::e is mllm::d: forher personal WCl!pcm. a t: 1. kee1'1 f~ll,mic?l(, lollg,J'Wliril,

iO. S'hrin'1!5

Tbjs !arW bulldiflg is moot1r OPCl~. with four bread' alceves lining Qte walla. Three of the alcoves are ~hrines to adt.iespop~ llhtr in Tltay; Bane, Loviatar, and Shar. The fOllCl1'b is ':l commen shrine to the orher deitie.s .revercd U}' the Thl'lyans:

Garg:nr.rb. Kelemvor,_, Malar, Talons, and Umberke" The most po,pllb"f ThayalJ deity, K~utb, ,has his own temple In l.he en-

"fa ve .(uea 37). -

The's;1irlDe;s:'!r~ tended by Tholara, M;l,lJI'.rrhi, ami Zoha, 'three young female MuJ.:m clerks iV~O have small quarters 'on the upper fl.OOI". They' '.lIst s:pdh in. e.xcl'ia,nge tot or(C)'rmgl> to the shri.tle£_ Tholara, the deri<i of Bam:, ,;tct11'c1y dislikes Zoha, the cleric of Sbar f.!lld a. ll5er of the Shadow We- ..... e). and gCK."5 to

great lengthll to ll~tittle her in front of visitor!!, .

11. )o101't b Hill

Thismree"story 'buiJdiJJg is home to ~bout fifty of the endavj!l;; 1II'123C<iS, skilled ptofe85ioll,m,:t!1d Tb.ayal1kliigml:s... Mt.'iSt are, buiiked two Dr tbr!:~ 'to a n)om, although. same or true llighe:rlevel ThaY.llll9, rare- diletr OWl] EOOm.s. Th~ enclave's lnos!" senior wWosdii mvC\rooms in the. erobassy buildlng,

The bsseraentof the north haIl i!l ho.ro.e to ~oout thirty of tbe enclave's scrv:nnts and labrn:'<;rs.

. 12. Tem,le o( K.ouut.h

'the orl:gUi.a-i bUlli:iing QIl rM'f.ite 1ViU> rom down when the.area ~'Il.S assigned to the enc1avC:_!lI1.d .he cltJ,ltch 9f Kossuth m-cbd:i1t jt Wll!h 6tone and ¥okaruc roo:f.1. Now its l1Jorur~d stonesl:rme.

• " I

:30 feet high, , ,

filet v;;mlted U!l!<lin wo;r,.bip, ;t.re~ OD the Hrst floor of [he templ=- is COV'0(<:d in, sand. and the cen'l:fal part is a luge stone

fire pit in wh~c'b ;I flame- U, kept burning at aU times, OJI holy days and great events. th<l f'Ji:U:111l' is, stoked .bigJ), Only' whoa deri!;liJllIl$t ,Ptlfortn tae firewalking C1trem.onf '~OIiL g_:ti:n1ng a l\tw;r level is the fire illov,,1!od eo decdne ;CO nothing nllt lI\1.rrilng coals Rooms adj{:>iniJ1g tbe worship area are' [or acolyte. (1stkvd/dcric.s) and gu~ Stairs lead Lip to tile second noor wiierl! the: deries live, The temple is pJ'otec.ted by an fml)a//(r,w sl)eU that is tied to an ~1I;'I,Iisi};ility plU:g,e spell,

A longtime master of t:culple politicS', th.e hipJI. priest of the tempi!;: So-KchUl' (LE n:HaLe~IJ:m1l:.n ctr9) beLie-m:s that rn~ sueCe55 ofqu: GWld of F ore~'n T r .. de 's enclaves I'MY lead to a great expansion of Kossuth's wol"Ship across tm: Inner Sen. He 5llppurit'.fthc khazark WU'esen'edl~'-aJS mIl.g as site at least gives lip serviee toO .Kossuth's faim The clerks pril~'ide ne~lil]g and o!;ru:,r spdl~tjJlg in return for donations. ro the church. and the lesser clerics work III the potions'and scrolls store: to create Cttt"l po-'

tions and po~iDl1S ef other erer ic spel1£. ,

;'2.A. '(;"a:'&OO[8, :'Ii.,; dedicated temple gmlI'ru;"(LE. -human F,trl to P'H3) ]U'Qten rhe ,grollnds ,d,f the temple. Tw(),a.~ nn w.atcl! lit If"")" giYell tune. two are FEStWg. -and the others are off dirty.

32B: Clerics' Chllmbc.l'k Three 2nd·level and ~ix lst~leV'el aooly~!:s sha.r-e these 'fiye ~all rOOU1" The acolytes are -busy, - helping the enclave gum-!ilr> w'atc.b over the enclave, assisting mak-ers of 'potiall~ and scrolls, RJ1d p_bserviag Kossuth's 'rites.

:i.c. fume; K~epC['I~ Clhamben. The second·rank-iIII; priest. of the temple is Thazar-l(c-. {LE mal~ bllltiiUl Clff of Kossuth). who hold~ the tide of Flame' Keeper. Th3Z~-K(;l is quite ambitious and dreams of replacing fiiO..:Ke-hur.'

~ 32D. Fi[C' D:nJa~'s Ch~mben. Duma V:rrr (I.E Fc.tnale

human Fti7lChml 9f Kossuth.) is a Knjght of dre :Fire Drake, a member of Illlo!}' order sf warrior'S devoted lathe 'p1Q1eC-' tiop of XQ5sutll'S temple5:. Sh~ commands the teJuple guards' and acts as So-Kc:lUlr's personal bod,YguIl_rd.

TIle upper Iloors of llh~ie-mHle [Ontain the high pl'iest'a ccmfcrtable.reoms, plus :J: temI!le library and ,9, secure sac_dsty - wJ.l<:rc'llo1y -accoutrem.n;ts .. nd: ceremonial g:uments: are stored, Two mure servanrsaztend So--Kebur's chambers.

Thc belfry stands two stories.above the remple prop~1 and is home till a pair of gargoytes under the coIiuot N~rbe km.n..rk. On occasion, ~Kehur gift!> the g'1J"goyies wi.th the lefto!i'"er~or sacrifices to 'Kossuth.


This p[lildillg is thick with_ ~he _politic;; a.nJ economioe of running an enclave, The enclave wizards \.yho work here develop k)]IJ>lfledg~ and skillll necessary for them. to, all.%llc:e:ln the tntt1ito;at \~'orld of the Red Wiz.uds:. TIley int!~faet with. important _people .in the government of l'roskW'. leaw hOI'll to get th~ir ",'I)I'_with others, $n:fj practice Ilbnie(ha1.n'le-a'1S for dealing with ercablescme k1d1y]dmcls and ~itl:la~ions,

Kh;rzJlTk z\'lUI spends.much of he. tUne in t~, hu~lding, correspond.l.t1g with her superiors in TIia}'.l"IUdl.in~ Illu,tfdanead· miJU$&.t':;l;tj V~ tasks, and entertaming the most IDl'pOttiUt~ ~f the lwa.1 Frooli;_Lr.rans wbo call 011 t.he enclll.v~ Two glia!l'ds :in assigned to this bui1d.illg at all tinu:s, and the Tm)':tn Knignts tena to freqll~Ilf the p]<{I;e too-especially whilnfon:igl1e'r5 call

• on l'b<: kJ;Ul,""ru.

Theb .. ild'ing is protected aga~ns{ ('oJ.d, dectricili, ~nd rl:re Cresl"t~1nct' 11) and! the ~1/ood used to build it has !leen


Wondwos Item; l)iscipline .. linpTom FOlIDiliar, Setibe SeroU,

Tattoo Fom~ Thtig~less. "",

l!'lImilw Bene[irl; 'Grau$ m.aster Alenness feat (wh~ withill S ft,); In!lster cal'! share spells; master bas imp:d:hic;:Jjnl:..

, Enha.nccdSp:c~i&lintiom G.h_ilthm Zurn gained Conjl.lt,atio~l w; R proolbited. s~Jiool wilen she bccam.e" 4 Red W:iza:t;d_, in: adcliflOI1M the school of Eyatur.ion. She c~Jm,Qt rue. spell tOil1P'~~ don 0'( spell trigger Items 0.1' these scboolsunlcss she :already knew thlt spell ill quest ion befor~ becmning:.! Red ·Wizard (seethe prepared sp..:lJ:s I~ttd below).

Specialist Defc!1$c; Chatbm Zu.rD_gams this 'b9tUls Gil he!:

saYmg fMOWS against e.ncballtme.nt spil1s.. . ,

Spell ;Power! .Add this bonus tn enchantmenr spell DC5, em. eluded bcllilw}ru:ui caster l~'Itd.cht:cks to o~'e.rcame spell resistance with euchiil]1;Wt"llt spells.

1P;,ztz~d Spells 'Pre?tl'r<Jd (';/6/616/f/4/3; bast: DC '"' 14 + spe ~I lev d) D----"lla.ze'''" d{!tl:~t mag:ir" dilr up-I itl1ae:aa, rrldg~ /ppnJ, -r.ead magic; lst~charm l't't·J·Q'I'-'; f{al~8T' ftI1l, .""sgi!. <t1"m(!f',. shi(!td., sltJlfp··, mUi:cll J"1!r.u~nIJ ·2nd-CH'dte 1'I1agictattrJ(). darhisia.1J, «eke! fhM§f;t[, tmdsib1liJy,;t!tl itt1luiil#ity, TMh:a'. b.Jde!JI'Il«tJ,gliter"'; ?>rd-;fI411<11 arrIYlJl,Jl)r,'/uule. 'bold pl:.t'"S.rJn'·, s;uUlui,wif-, IJmgur:.sj 4th,.......,c!Jll"rm 'IIJ(}l1!te,.-, JimenriotJ ikor. ltSf," :g:1!'~.r •• , Sh'y.lt.fg: 5!h-do:!1'~I1.ate p,t;:rs1ui-, hilk). rnansreth, lester Jronguatd, SummrJni.. ~m}1isif!r r; 6th-,.n" .. h'.t:<" d7J1i:rnl~th·. d]:;in.tfJgra1e, mass "Jji,Kcstia,l'·.

-Save "DC 16 ,. spell level (or t:JlGill1.nrUJ.eu'tspe:lh; . .s'peJLlujok .. O-RrclI.ne ~~l1"'~J da11l:itll, 11gbts, ddze" ·dt:.~ed magic, Ute,;:i potr"Jr, disrcl,?l't tmdeaJl fillf"e, S,llf}~ jfllutd. light" rria&~ band me.la'i-;/& ~pl!'ttld()Je, pr(stjJigjtaJ'irm:, r4)' i!f jrar/, r-erui.tJMgic, ref~#<7.ItI:t.!; lst-al.:tlf'I'!'. Chiltlge self, .bd'rm pi!rs(JlI, 1J~~prehef{(J /atll"ua,g;r" fca#'JI!F faN, idenl{f!i~ milI;~iInriw, )hidd; si(,r:p, lU1flt~1l .In'1.FlZl1~ '2Jld--tl'euJe mag;c tait~o, il(lr:~'l)islall, delttCt tbough/f,. irro.isibilifj, 11l1l~;C mouth" [lToIJ/uliriti /r·om .a',rnP.r, se« irl~I.lp.iliJyj .!jadrJW lIU1!k, T"'th.~'J' hfdltDIlS ]atq;,btt.r, "'We!J~· ;-rd-allaJ.ru I'tff:tnl, tl~''Pel m4gic, JJQfJJot arrota, fly, baSI!!, !Jgld.f!lfrson! p!;o,1It(JJ/,I'ueed. er(Jtecl;"f'i'ro:m tlemmu, sag,gp:ttt»'j t"'l'Jg/f~s; .4t.b~a~.al'"m "Mlf1Slet, l!(JlI!itIirm, dimetdian JflOt'. lesser gC:M, minIY· globe r;f i1J,'1Jlliflel'"aJ;'ility. $,L"ryi'/g; j'tb~ doinr,urfc perSINI, GTifmvald'! f,J'4:}ip~atHIt:, ""Qld lIum.Je-t"., Le.b" NlM,nf/".. R:C'Jff"e rbl!l:l'l!r. lersM' ir-O'f.[l!4'O'I;r;i, {UtIl7lIM tmmstt' ,r, tel8pr;rl; 6th-~Jla(,lr ... e dWfcmer, dis;met;r0te., fluh tl) JtQl/.lJ,

ma S:5 !JJggplifJl1: •

!PfJJjf:s;;~m: Brncert rtfi armlJr + 1, c~{}aJ. if t'~'ri#dtJre: +'; rfflt if pr,~ttlction +1, kr(}ocb 4' shidd;I~g, 1I{41,TI{i of disrel mtigl€" f~j charg~s), '1oaJ]d 0/ skw (1"t trull;~)~ W,Ul{l qf mirror im ... g_~ ('25 cbarge~J; ttf'r./d.zrt: f1f"flf'eltal1~ CIY1)1! 1). masterwork dagger. &-.rolls; p,ot~~,tio" fr&m 4f'rtYlJlS, web" fuidd 21 hask OOrhlevel. -cast'er), fk$~ Iq .J6nC', tt:irt,porl. Por~on;s: I'ltt'tllig,_l!lt~1! (21 m:re' mtJtienJtfJ''W()tma.s, cure S(frl(}l~S T/tOtma·!. As the khaz.ark of lI. pro5p~r&t5 TIlayan cn(;wv~. Chadiin Zum can access n:ion!:j' 0]; ,I11.itlQi:' magic item s' aD ~'el'/" shrn-t ~~o!!ii1e.


5tI'tlUgthcJlcd by means of the fufaetlftJ(, spell (see ffif4&~C if F.:ri!1"tlh) '[0 hardness II

UA.. Cloaboom. A servant stands 111 the front hall [0 t:al€e" tile coats lind hars or an}' prominent visitors,

nl. S,~rvQtl' Room. The embassy servants store de:mittg

$llpplie&, db.h~, and silverware inrhis rootlil., -

nCo JBtch~n. WhDe nmst of the end-ave lH!rsoill1d and gUilrds IDfle. in the rtf ector}' (ares lS,),rne kh;'l'l\1l".k rod ilie other bigfi-ra~lki!l.g officers of the .. nelave p:rdeJ' 'to rake .heir meals in the e.mba.ss}l"s dinIng roam. 'rhe; small room dlrec:.rly

to the north js a p:aUlfY. •

un. Di~mg ltoom. This gFaliil CQ31'llttu is domjnated by 1\ Long taMe of Thaya.l'lI tlli1.hog;uU" that ('-oIIl !leU Uf' to twenty for official cceasloas, KkI:z.ark Zutll and her close Sf adviso.rs and $!lU!trunates Jlo.rm:a.lIy· dine h:erll ..

33E. r.dol.From time to time, the kh..1.1;uk luitertlillmiYis· itOr5 in. this ~ittitlg room.

UP . .Aaminiltnti"~ Officl:li- Till! seuth wU;g of the em' ha,;isy :Is devoted to the!!nda'le's offices, This ch;u'D.be, ls_a'.Jl:ec.~priQn eocm, :normally occ\lpicd b]T the kha:l.~Ik's s'=e-retaJ"Y Sop!icl Zan, Ass1gnerl to the enclave to ~t la the creation atnd sa1~ W rnaglc Items, SoPIte];; Zau proved to have lUI unwnny talent fDr admiJl~tr'lIt'loa Uld 11".8, m.nl;m~d the, kh;l;'r.- 3:,_k's appointments for Lll.Onths. Two ctcrks llssist Sopse!·ZnIl in IDS 11'01' k,

l3G. Mu.dth G~a~'1 OfFlC!:r- Murltll GuRfl tnai:n"t<lill5. an office lIen:. but he spends most of his rime over i.n the stronghouse rending to his, dn ties.

HH. Tori:a'k allat'a, Off"lCt, ~orisk Hairr if; t.he secd:nd in command of the enclaveand 1\h,az"trk Zwr..il\ spyma$ter. He SQp,e.ryiseS the enclave's .security pr~i\utions. keepsan I!"ye on any • . enclave residents deemed Ilpteliahlc.and ~IBoworks lI's}lide1'\\!C'b ,0{ informanta and SOi,lJ"ce.s in tbe cit] beyond th~ enclave walls,

~u Khawk ZUnt'. Office., This spacious ofJice. i~ the ptrsonal demesne of the Kh:Ll\ark.. Vl~ita,fIDn is only allowed by appointment, alJd the ~arEcst npppiutm'tr\ts available are. usually ar least t\1,'(j' days :away. Tho Th,\lY~<l knIght NLi~iU' Rhy_jj;" .is the pWlQnal bodyguard and assistant of the kha'l-aJ"k. and he il;;. rarely more rJui.li :li few s~ops fro'm die wiz<;trd he 11;:11; sworn to defeni!,

'Pbe upper floors of thi; building contain eomfortable suites reserved fer tne mbSf .imPottaut .~idellt:> of the {:lr~raV'e-dle khazark" ~erlsk Hau'r. Mmith Gar.aS) t.Trh~ll K:reo., ;1!ild Nu.lar RhYl1 .. The ba,1!ert1e~u holds quarters for ten servanrs, who took a1te:r the' e:mbll1i"J lID,de.j' the d[rc~ti.on ru a major dpru.o named Omal (LN lllilk bumall E,x:p4).

CDthW ZUB:~FemMe huw-aJ1 Enc9fB.ed3;.CR 11; Mediumsa'Ll" hUt11iill.oid; HD Sld,4+~ plus, 30+, itp 31i lIlit +i.; Sl/d ~-o ft,;. 4.C 16 (tQli!ch 13, rl.l[t-f~ted 1.4); .Atk +6 rndcc (1d4/19...:1Q, ml1sterwork, dagger;' SQj'i'aJl1I1.illr lienelit!l" enhanced 'specializati(m, £peri:l.list .defetl$ (euchanflfit:1lt) +2, speU 'power feIlc.h.a:n unellt) "I' 1;J).L Ll1.; SY Fort +-,6. Ref +S;, 1Vill ,"11; Str 10, Dex l*~ Con 11.1nt Hi, Wi:; 11, Cha H.

$iiil~ nnd Fe.at.: A1ehemy ... It Coocentra.tiol1 +15, Thpl& . mac-}' ... 3, rnnue-nco.,.6, I:Ilt:imlda't~ +', )i;:nowledg~ (a:rCIIJ1i1) +U, K:.oowledge (geogr.aphy) --foil, KnowlEdge (h.istorJr) .,6, Knowl,e4gc (relig.io~l) ~~ Knowl!ldgc (TJla.r local) -+9. Knowledge Gnndead) +(i, List!lll -t~, &~y +1'2.~ SeU3il:' Mptlvc. +3, Spdkuf'l 41"1~ Sl'ot·+J, Alertl1es.~ lIilte\v l'oci{)Jl, Combat C:lstl.ng. Cr4ft

Ypt; Eyebal[ hehol~rldJl. familiar; ED 11-) IIp 16; Atk +9 rnele'e; AC 14; SQ1mptQved evaaian., ,can deliver. teJ.n:h :lI.tt3;ds. ' can speak wl.th\m<lstet. Citn speak with anlmal;; of its. type; Int .ll; SR 17; see Monster Ma?l(~(Z1 .A'ppetulix r ..

Gllatllin Zorn ~ a rail, tbin woman, bald. and t~ttooerl !.i.k,e af! R(:d Waa:r~. Her beholder eyeball familiar, Ypt. l'andy ie3Vl!5

1');<';[ s.i.d~. .


:PQ'.se.f$i~}M~ +1 flaming !(J"g.sw~.,.d, +1 mMlU1P.arli mi{'hlj' ctm1(!lIsitl! rb(!7'ibmp ~·~3 Btl ooJtlm'i], 21' +1'lIrnnQSi +2/t1/1 pI4J:r?; It'l tal1,;!! ""lltoJ shidd, c-tMli if rruista11i;f;" 4,2,. rrilmie-r q/' ttaturn] al',nor +.1, 2 p()ti<ms if cere 'serious '1JJ(lw,l.dJ, pf)Ji~iJ of ,~~,dl.(.r{J.J1(;f; .poliol' of baste, poft1m qf pro/cr;/irJlt /r0111- elf;nj~n.f5 (firr"'tl'2,O gpo


:Born of all" au,;lJ1ged marriage betW~':D two ';[ha,ya:ll ",iz.~n::Is, silt tool: to the sru~jf·or ma.gi~ at 11'11 ;:.;u:ly ,age and chose :tQadranee hf!f knowledge of 5pcll~sril1g for ~vei-ru. years as an adult hefo,re stQdying to!.beCome~. ibd Wil,o:.rd. ExttemdJ' 1:0111· perenc. s~e requested to wad in aij, en<;"~ave ,fit ill Sl!l~iQr position

and \I'Il5 graateil the' role .()f i':n3\'.iiirk '

Clutilltu wn r:~lIr eurhrares th~goo:1of' the enclave ill f:ivnr Dr direct J:QJlquC$t or other 'Quntri~, Shi: is a llldl1e~ debater-and haS argued for the crelltion of new tlucla .. '!!S, t-o heads of cities areund the Inner 8e:I.

Npr:mally she tendsto.!;pe:all. eondescendingly to,oth,ers) bt1t she can be gracious and kind when' she Jl"cd~ to be, tbougll th~rr: 0I1waY5 is all' undercurrent of 'IIJJttu:Stwortll,ml:ss. She is, a proven readet and very protective of thoSe wboJi~re in her enelsve (at lC'asi agaimr ,attacks by 0I1t£:1de'f~).

ChatIlll1 Zlli'l1 i:s infie.llJ.lel1't~y seen outside the embassy- or administrll:tion building. Sh'e 'tries to iVall:. about the I!Jlcill\'C at Jo:ast once a week, and she is imm-ed.jat.cl)' rerogJ1tZ:lble because or her unusual familiar, She .k!1Q\Ys that sb:e may hecomeu tar,get r or the encuries of her COU1!tr)~ 00 she at ways _prepare5 a teli!,/1f1r'1 ri:pdLin ease sJ1~ is a.tt:lc ked.

NulaE llyn: Male Jlum211 Ftrjrl~fan Kilight t,C&. 12:;, M'NljlJm'5ize h,umaL,oid; ED '7d:lo,.. Tp1us 1dlOtS; bp 110; lnir +~; Spd 20ft; AC If (rournll, nat-footed "24}, At"k n 7/+~'Jjo;-7 melee (ldB+6 plus Id6 flame/l7--'10" ...,1 fhl'mifJg llJllgs'1tl()rd); o.r +16!+1l/~6 rang~ (1.dM/xJ, +1 might),Cmhpoile .har/~v[~a gil" lxiuus] amI +1 QJ'J·rnl~) SQYIWJ stand. OOrI:o,fS of nay, zuU;ir's clwnpi'Qa~. 7;ullcirt~ defe:nder. mlliil§, Eav,OI; AL LE; SV Fol'lt +-11, Ref +10, Will 4'8; Str 16 .. Deli H. Con 12, mt 11, \V~ B, Chii14.

Skili! arid FfN~/~" :muff +6; Climb ~ t G,ather Info;lrlr)!atiQil +4, H8J)d1t! Animal +4, Innuendo -r, Intillidaf:t.l .. Tl, Jum]} +~, li:nOlliledge (atC"lllaJ -t3.K1I0Wledgl: (Thay local) .. 3, Rtde (hqrse) 0;-3, Spot +9. Swim +5; Cleave. !!nproV'ed Critical (longsword), bnprov~d li'litkll:ive. TrQJl Will, Lightnillg' R.dlf~~s, Pomt Blank Shut. Power Attack, O!.lcick Draw. Weapon P,QCUS (composite short bow), Weapoll FOCus flong~word)., W!iafOD 5pediliza:tion_ OOl1gswordJ.

lfinsl StaDid (Su.). Once ptr d'ay. Nllll~ "Rhyn san inspire bis );;"oops to a h~E(Jic effOl·t. tempotad!y inr:rb,slng their 'vita lit}':" Ames wiehin 10 feet of tbe knight gam WO ~emporar.y hit: po.il1ts. This SUpecl'fiarur'll ability afffc~s.ali many ali 5e~l1cr~~mres and iaSTS the same number of rounds.

Herrors of Tb.y (Ed): Nllhu Rhyn gaiins a ++ morale OOI'l')1S en saving cilrows ag~mr /:>:(lr effects anj]. a 'T'2! morale.bonus 011 !I.uing throw,", lIiJ1lmst r:-harm effects, These OOJ1USeS do not .rp,ply .agaim;t att-ac!(s frern R.ed Wiza!'&' .

luau'. Champ,iop (,Su); Once ;pe.r day. Nurnr Ith)'ll can fall:' ~ +2 lLi~,k ~onus om a single saving <MoW. This bonus com be added afrer ~hc die is mll.::J ,altd after all other modifie!'s qa.ve been ap'plic,~ re the roll, W,bJ:"Il_ th-e ,lfI:ttoo is !t;mibl~, be g,1l.1nS !t tf moral!: bonus on IntiJnidare dl~d~s {in.cllld;;:d ir1l the above P)ws] as au uuaor.;linuy ability.

z.uUii'. Defender (EI): Nular Rhyn gaim a ..,"'2 mmale. bon!!:> on ~tt_lic"ks land $ma~ agrum1St lilly creatur!' att<ttlll.g or "he lt3$ pnviously se,e:n !ltt~~ ;J. R~d WiZ,Md.

ZWkiI:·. P.:aVOl' (Su): NullIT Rhyn's f0rl!:'head tanoo pro'fdes a +lresistan<:e bGnu~ OLi Reflex .s~VII5 (inclwlM In f~ .:lbo"Vc toralsj.{H,tautoma.tlt:3Uy faili all saving throW5 ~gainst mind<Iff cClmg S;IJells cltSt by a Red W tz:ard.

NWar 11.11)10 L~ a tmnpact, museular 111i11l with !!tfQflg Mula'/] fceatur-es and tJ.rtoOs :a.d.ornmg hls c:n'ti(e"fa:te. Bum thi son or a Thayan noble, 11(: showed no-talent for tllagic hut excelled at swmdp4Y. Mowiug the best 'Way to power wa:; in. "s.ervice to-the 'Reel Wiza.rds. he trained ill tb~ lWt-cSSUY skilli an~ eventually beeame 3 Ihal':o.n. knight.

Nu,lar llyn is EQIl1pJeli:ely loyal co ,the Red Wivr.rds. He believes m their goals and Jtn0\"'~ wneil eo keep 1115 mouth shut. Ha"VWg proven ~ loyalty time andsgain, he ia highly recommended and lstmsred by all w:U;a.rds of the enclt"e {.although tht,:y use de ted thmlt;hlS onhim from time to t Line: just to be sure). Direct, intimillat.iJlf.. and alert.for t.h1'eats or ne ..... s, N.ullU

lthyn [51111 excdlelltbodyguard. .

Nular Rllyl.1 tarn his duties serious!y lind lli williIiS to: lin or em· .to jl:l'eV"ent' the deadl or a :Red What·d. (H'!/!is not ij1ely rIO risk his life in deferoe of an apprentice wizard, but such U'J act is oat out or tb= question.)

, .

H .. Pad

Wlf1i a statue of an: atrrru::riv,e Mulan 'IDan in die cent;f"(, eMs area i'i striking in its ilcauty, with . small trees. ani elaborate ho:lge, an.a lush gress. Many coupies' (from the enclav;1il or from .

I the' city) CQflW here to Ivllik in the ea~J1 evt!ilil!g bef art] the en' drrve dOi.et The ,garden is tended by Evendusk (NE male human. DI'dr or Milihu 1 a MltIlan druid wbo cl:Jose all .inlliIejloiii R_e~ Wi'lnrd a> rae wgCt for a lUlU!. Evrmdl1sk ~E~ cap· tured, driven' half mad by ills target"s slld1s. and then sold to the khazark of c~ enclave. H~' ~,plll.ceJ undJ<F- ~ gea. thtilt Frevenrs him from harming l'I:I.ri15eLF'or others anll forceshim

- to' tettd totrhlEparl:. Ev~ill1f;);: almost r.i:!o:vet j:ODl~S out during the iiay; when hI;' is usuallysleepleg; in a simp](l wooden shelter built into the base of the silo,(.n.ea 14). He ~<l5 no cquipm.en; a:nd he dresses in r-ags.

Tbe Und~rground Levels

'Below the e,!clHve Iia several lev,els ~f ~Il..If\geQn5J storage !oom:l"l!.~id ShiVI'! pens. The P.~kUi~ enolave does net hesitate to ,tle;t! in slaves, bur the Thayans c~ndu.ct riae business disu·eetly" kt'!:pil1g the uufortunare souls out of sig1:u oft:bt local eiti1;cm • C",nditkilla are cramped and not very bornane. with prisoners paired up in 5-foot-_'lquare·celb and of tell shackled to tOil! walls. Three special [tUs.. reinf arae{I~"'~th iron .\"allij and an. iron door, b3 \fC. bc:ell~C!!iltfitterl. for s~llCll.:;r<:rs.,

The Tlmyalls r::u:cl}t hate ·it10:El!' than twenty slavc5 011 haud, in the enelavc, preferring, to shi,p newly a;qurred i;iJaVllS to Thu,y as quickly as possible, II Th~yatl Iblight named SIl.VV.iS Dil;,!!. 'commands till: wldedeye15, wll.Cdting ov·er a da:r.ell bru!Ftl guards atld monstrous deniMl15 of the deep cel· lars.. When llCl:.:essary .. sne (an !!aU OIl the enda lie'S ~izard 'or de:-rics fOr"...a~lstm't.C.e in dealing ,...j1"h J;ecltlcitra,~:t pr:u,Orl~ts.

'l.nge :51uprll!:nts ,of sbns,. or vu,itors :sticking rhe~ lI(lS~ iu 111ayan busmess.


hardly a !.:ity in Faerfln.dees no. hear rumors about t.nese m)'sterious str<l.Dgt'["5;. "\>\'ho at-e tJJ~e mit,rmatk ~li1:g,si The}' are J]ot~ing 1e:S5 tban it piece of livillg history. tQriI _from f'~crlln's ballHOr'_g,ottell past. Their 1l.11c~si:~ and their ITYJ11f, cil'f depaiud FaeirUfI over 1.7010 years ag9jus[ as tbeir homeland, the Emp,i:r,~ of Nether'il, was aWiihil;l.te:d by It oo.r.:a,dysll:ljc rr.tged;( bon;' of a desperara attempt' to save the r:mpire from the ra,;;ages of its greatest -:nnlly. The tlW~f ,advallced arcane i'l,atIon of Irs lime, Neth.eril boasted m<lg1cal kllQ-wh:.dge-·apt seen on. l'oriL since its destru:c,~io'il-until nol'\!.

The city es.:apc:d riM: destruction thanks to greAt ItIJl.gic: that s!rifwu the dty and all its .people illtQ t!lc: Halle of .sb:lIdow, S1lif~ from the disaster" the :r~rtl;g,ees, (who call dlems,elv~ RJail9vars) ,maitIfll,med -their ou1t:un: .and socie[)l' tlnoug;hout tltttcellturic:s that foUo,wei!. Free t~ prac:tke tllcit M'fane .speUs. lind ~Xpttjm,eIU with the stuff of shadow. the city'S 'nabl~ rulers became 5uff'llse,,! ",.jth the ~a:rk elu:rg:y of thcir new ~ome. Alr'taily 'wiz.atds and sorcerers or consider able ability" they grew ev~ m01:(; pott:l1t as the)' mastered [he te'nehrolts

substallce of their new envrrorunenr, '" •

ne Gi,ry of Shade j"ernrned[iO'F~~.rIin ~brul?dr til 1372 DR~ appearulg i(l tho: sky over the Dire: Wood and m;:n preeeeding dirc!icdy to &"l.3ur,ocb, where it nllP> remaiaed since ercepr for briefforays into the Tl~jgllbc:rring lauds Easing their home high OV~l' the Shoal of Th.iriit. the ShadQ\I:U51G5t no time in estabfulling dll! Empire: of Sba~owB. They have m3i:1e it cleaT t:li:Jt tihey consider the entireexpanse of the great desert to be t~eir :rigbtful t~rri.fQrfJ a:l"1d,t~ disappearance of frelfe-ral Zbe.I3'e~_ri:m ca.riH' <J:1il$ from the 1iCiuIllel'i1 portion of the wastelan d g considered restimeny to the Slladov3..r claim, Thus far. the new masters of ,/maUfoch have not ,de.i,g_netl to take.action againsr the Bedine, the noona~ic peoplH wno inm,bit the I'h:s-ert, eensidering them I!IIl1:leath notice, Their attitudllb toward racesand cultt1re:sbey.Qud A'llaurocfl have ranged frOID aJ,oof'tocurious, and [rom disda inf ul to • .llggre;5S-zvel Witb an ,aaenda and goals k 110W n Q!~lJ1 to d:iel1l5d v~s. the Shadplfar-s .I'eprcllcl'It Olle- of the most imdglling l1l}'sterie~~nd greatest d3vge.rs~m Eal:f'Uil today, MAny eyt's'.are turned toward A1l3U.rocb aqd the:Sili'3.nge c-iiy tba~ 109ID:; 'm its sky, hoping' for !!Gmc S:i~11 of the Shudov;trB' intent, and for 5.urfJ.dei11: warning to teac:t should tIle -city's return pl!~ve t~e~ prelude' to a war of conquest.

. "

LeflWllh g,lIlD'ce4 to h.i; 'i:fl, 7Jih(r~ the or«: SJ4'f)fJS 'filet'/! bard {;J,t' w~rk J:ig,'i"f.·tlrnmg;h r/;.( rlt,b};11! r:r;.ve.rr"g tbe (J/J. ¥1ltJhemi.J'f~ !(!li/,intJt',. He 11Ifts th{/:lll;/~l MIC~(l[;a;nf(}r'tbl! P-"'ff~t!'llJe4Jf 'he. slmi/ow "JlII.lpy, Wlfhrmi il.s ~nm:!#;!)n, he and Jfu olliei' SIJ.l:ulJi'lJ'dr! (J[!igtN:d t~ 'h~ till. 'fIl-Otf/d suffer the- f/~.Jl flf/flCf:; of /r,"'plU"ure fo l~nl;gh'. II "11M ll.lwa,,~ tr,(g_bt wifhltf Ih.~ trQufim;.r qf fl:N! /Jarriel',

"Are j'Ofi t#f4ill, Arr:'i11li-st Gir~dll'il>J l1e nskeJ, t.afl111:tlg th~ '1u;zartf. filr;f.' for "!lJ' sign if gt4ciif, IP'bile he dM;,', tl#fJ!~ thtl! 6italdtl$ 1:jl'(Juldcol'mlli~ oJ JeJhsl kwra(i"l' iw th~Jfor.5aku 'llliJd er fie Y.I, sa f ~~ lT~m fhi! ,aftl;)' of il!Jei;.f~r11rg city, h~l:,~ldd not be' J'Ure. 11 "pollia 'f,f! simple oiru,ugh to scm/ UC:'l,,'oth and h_is troops 1m'! to -con/T.r,!!1 an army 0/ trolls, UP into a deddi;)' .ambush. /1z~1 Ihr mir1iQIl 1~{Jd~~J fit.: 11111£ as ;Ul1re-aaA[;ie as 1'1Hrr, ([na .Ue'!Jofb lM:tI t~ ,.'Wtk./o1" th~' O"Pedett r.nprm:It·.

"'JJuJ (If II(}U.,.;f~, C"prailt L-->:.NN;lh. O,w"spell. d-q ,lIot lie: T:i!r:_r,~ .pre Ii;.- i"trrld~f'r, eacb rrmghly. the siz(! if "'~ ,adull !:mmml, C4:mPfJ,i~u fbml' i'J' mile ,0 11k c,tlO'."

UIf'Qutt; nodded, hi-I f'IUlii';fh'fJIIJ sft'aylng !mr:ajm:ilJus(y;p.ihe pommel of hi! gN!£/ts'l/Iord Irrm/lIlIf,. The tJrtm:m;e r;j";rmhl()wII' p!:FJWU (bios c((}i~ tp llid rfl!(ctl'lliltiolJ C(}lild b:c .l:(:(linc,idC'ller_ Tr-d'IJ-, ,1&J il~ 1he 'Falle" L,."tI.a.s 7PUI1 l'I:tJi Wlp1'.6r.e:dep:ted. TlHy ''1l'gr~ ',wit ukely hrmt'eN .. or p~rh'ap! ,adw:lttur(!r~~ and the)' naer« prob,lIiJ1y igll&rGllr ij' thl!jr t'ui.l, Bm ,rh~l l1gdi1b fJr:I'7?~p-£ IlQt, Thq .fl/mld jew G) e"Hitx ~Il' Ipic5, :wnby .(Qm~ ii'U1Ir-{y fflriGilJ 'I(}bll! of ,c:il)' '~{4tl1;:il. €f1':rllilrt)' fhe'1'r'1Jta$ 11"-' ,s!J'1ir;lsge if JiiE-IJ mkrlftpers 'ivJJb '11NJt:rJ delermimJiilo make. m(i!(rf1c~J l'Jf.lbemselvn No, hi! der:MuJ~ he (.(mld IU)1' aff~r'd trJ Ink!! Jh~ (IlumcfI. The I

, 'Pr-1n(.W$ if Shaile haa etJfrtutiJd him 'lllilh the fll"~/ect;'m if :lh~ m.issi.Cltl, '411d hisdr#;~. rViI'J clear. f.pvl"d of what the: ShadvllIIN were da.itlg ,blrt:-tlnd whaf tbe,y had dimroer(d->l:ouk/. Ito! hI!' ,.ltfTwed to r?a;:.h cblt cwilizf:a taR-d s. N~t pM,

«;rl"o!'r-}' 'l{leH:'~ue-va.-th Jdid to hhwm/u;i·",itit. '''A dl!to,IJbmttnJ wiJller1vl! tbe r;rmlpmlnd t~ dispatGh.rhe: intmderJ; three bourt: aftIT it is fully dlirk" HI: .did -not ~lia'1lt hi! ,frlMfs m 'b11 af. t+lfYth~n& less than: the},.. fli-tI $.tr,ml.lh., Jim:iI: tffurIJ 111051'10' way tiJ'dfYo termt!ld hil'W' d'ang;erQu.th~ 51! ftrll"i.1(fier-.t Tl/,'rglJ'f prINe. ~[.sh-n.tl k,ad JIJe de:ldc-hmfn'f "M)'5£/f ~

Qi1",,14Uf b(!'litffd bh hiOlil itt ac;h;()1Q/.e,dgmell-f, flut Uf:.'lJotn did liar/ai/it; mJi-r: ibe ghG'~ 'of tl smile that pJ.r.1!;:~J aiJou{!1he ar-,

'''lIi-srs lip s. -

The shades are .here, and the)' mean I)llIImess. Their appe-¥raifce has gfcatJy rroullied the oou,tlCils of ttl\\) 'wisolt:l1d learnedr and

Brief Ristotv

While the Shaduva..rs make 110 $ecret about their conuection to Faenin's put, tb~r have been reluctant £() reveal the elltire extent of wl1al: t.hey know abour th6r DWIl-~nd,

. _'.' The shades: 'l~ips fo(: th~ PM

c;onct:al the e:a-c::Il,1 of the ihades' po'l!Vm~md motivabof1S. ll,lliruIce of COll'l!eni,el1ce "\lrith :U1o!her _powC"r group. aMuctillS

obliging the player- ch.a:raerers to dlsoov\lr the~e det:a:ils OVl:iI' Nethfrese deS!Ci:lldal1ts,,9~tempti:llg'tO m:m.illulate individ·

tht; .. ou,rs~ !'If $~veral FI,dventllres. 'iOIi Gall h.a.!ilt> a SI];l,dQvaJ' Ila]s. All chese activities ooutribut'r! f:O the High Prince'l; IqlIs,

qJlltinge!lt or expedirioli pop up t1.nex~e[;ted]]i' 'alld iudd!olJlly r:H1ge'pians:but tbert's no reason that tlk player <:i11U'actel'S

t1oad}' 3nywl~~re i,l FaeJlhlf eog3_g_ed- i[l allY om: of a vujet}' 11lU,~t ]cain thii (:lIt:_t right away Penetrating t-he nil of S\,~

OP1l1i5Si'!.JU: searching for a ~c:therese ~tifacc~ looting an otd. cn'~l tbat 5ltrrOllnds the Cir)~ of Shad~ a.nd its m~biu<ltions

Netherese OlLtpQSl, oeollthn:url:!} sUf"vl!liigncll QI1,!il §mu, ef crn.qd be the theme of an ,entull campii.!f,lll, •

city t:b,;it Prjnce Hadrlnme cnnsi(je.q;- d;mgemusj.alscus~~~g an.

ciOll'S, of flora and fauna. ipcli.adhlghullJJ!ns., 1M t:a:r1i~5t root» of tJl~emp:i.re Can be traced (I) .he time when the felk of the fishing ,villages united to sum: off rhe attacks of marauding' .hl.llllal1oids. This coa.litiQl1 remained unified af£:!;!f ~c b:ad defea-ted ifS enemies, beeoming a. ;f~aU ki.ngdom that gr~w rapidly under .a series of expansion-mmded monarcbs, "I.his young kingdom\olias energericandaggresaive, !JlJt bardy dvi.1U:;ed. It wis during this period. whiI:.'n Shadovar history calls the FirsT Age, t:OlI..tht Net"iler,ese l!1ad~lI]itial contact wirh the elves,

from whom they first 1camed .ablltlt magi!:. .

The ShaaQya.rs accept as tn:rtb we nodon titat Utcw ancesWI'S m.d.utrong, ll:atll.filbffinit}' fOI srcane m;!.sic. Thelr bl:£. t:OJtica'i lIC-';'Ouut5 note' tha'l aft,c r dlClT 1ll'5.t contact ~!fith 't he: dye!\, the Netheresc took to magical stlldy with IlIlCOm:mOIl enehusiasm. an d' quickness, Un lih man)' otber societies, i:b'# Nethe1eoe soon consideced arcane magic tG be an essenrial component of t:htlr lives,ill}d they .made a eencenerated i:Ir0t~ t<\ master If;s sem:.':tE. ENery I:itiz~n 1~as tutored in basic speIlcraft after reaching the ·;age of aseeusion (11 yfr'Ji'S oMJ, lind by rhe ag~ cf lllRjo;"qy (HI ye;t.rs old) was able to G:3i:St a rall:ge of q·l~yd sfll.::I:lS. Those Who ,~'hoW!!d aptitude: above d.,l' 110fft! were placed m special acaiilem.k·s for the i'urpos~ of snbatlcrng and incr~5i][lg tll~i:r maglcal pl'efickn(:y~ whtte they learned 'to I!:!l.st .Ist-level andmore FQw'l:rflli.speU:s; The mos'~ talented became arC.\UiTh,i;,; (the 'l\\l:tbC'iese rerm for ~ wizard Or sorcerer) .:11ld 1'05<: to great 1retghts 0f political and social pow;~r. M>t;'llY oevQt¢d their lives to c'Qlltmuous nM'lgieal reo

• "ca.a~ch> seeking alway:; to expand rllerr-:soeiety's lmde,Tstanding, ,ana Jn~l.'1!ry of the Art. The tlrCi!llistl! 'Soon became the second most important lind respected class ,of eifizeDi~ just below die

Tqri1's-histerYJ ereept when doiEig so bas advanced nne or mOfew me High ,Pr-incC"s,i>pecif1~ g·oat~ The Sb'adovun respond to dU-.:c.t (Jl!rditiollS about dieu pruit with. replies that are at; ,PI?S[ \Tili~Lre. and at wcrse misleadmg, Th~ Shadovars rTCf~r that none (ea1.iL¢ tMy themselves do nJlQ[ possess 'all the an" swer to tl]!'~iieque&tion.s, and rll:t'r eae of their prlmaq goal" is to Iearn as DlI1t:l1. about Neth~ril as 1!'"bss"ibl(l;

WHAT-THE COMMON SHADOVAR KNOW TIle City of Sl1ade._al.sn known .aJlf:ihl!d,e: 'Enclave, conraine a grear deal 9f hard informarlon about the Neth~r~e Empire, bllt this data is accurate only -up IJiJlti1"Il\~ tl:m~ preceding 1])C 'cataStrophe thu d~l'o)'ed Nedleril Uuring the dt.;l's "sojourn" 011 the Plane of Sh",dow, its' inhabitants were em' off from Fac-run, WJ.at Ilrrle contact ,they hall c-ame by wa.y pf divmal'iou 'Spclh Ccl<st by clerks of Sliu, wJ:tat. foilQWS ,is a sunsmary or wh..ae the ShadovlU'& do 'JUto\\, about their past, based Oil the histories aITa,lIable to litem in rheir .C'it.y's, libt,aric.s janu recQId halls. This te:!t CO!l$ti'tu:tcs the official 'U1~ aecepred ver-

.ian of •. heir" [history_ -

The hi:s'l'OfY of tbe N~tru:re5e reaches f ar back into thel~ts of rune, begii;ning well over five millellfiia. before the prl!1!ic-m: dllY. ',(he link };,now]edgc that exists m Fae;nlll today is ill tile hand!'. of a small group of iJ;ar,ne1 s;!gers 3Jld Ioremasrets, The' officii! h.lstory of rhe ,:NethcrtSl" .relates th:tt whar would la,«.:r Oei>ome: a might)' empire VVli ar fiJi~t ll~t1d more than j); duster tl'f fll>hlug Yillag~.tht,!f f.i.ug~~d the ba.DJi.s ('J,f ~he 'Nllrrow Sea m what ~ !lOW the eastern central portion or ArJ",ur.6d~- What rVl'ntuJill)' became a tlo!'sett.I+'lls_tiJell a verdanr laud, with abundaut water and fCl'f.i1e soil capable of suppOI'tmg vast popula-


Unknown to the Netherese, their greatesr en em iid's W\l!r~ not tbe vast tribes .of orcs, gliOUS. and goblins that roamed d!,e 1l.nd, bud f~ that remained romp1et:e1y undetected UIlt:ii it.'tVa~"lIU bac. 'too ]a te, A renega.de arcanisr, di:ssatisfied lit. ~ peQiiil:'s whol~sa!1: slaaghtc!i ana the enslavement of anyone not boil! N~thi:'rt5C. iilcp:artecl the empire with a bn.od of like-minded f01· loiVi"H's... SC!C killg a safc' h3.'Wl\l1,: Wey V~ Iltureti into ca·v~.; .and t;a;y~· ,l>fTJ,S, Eventually making OOlJt.act. with n subterranean 1'3.:;e of creatures thatcalled 'themselves the phaerimms, This fUlldul .nic~tiJlg was the kgUlnlllg of the end for N~thedl" th01Igh. nei .. [her rhe disgruntled areanist nor his ;!ssocimte;; !.ldl1ld.knfW" the im'l?s,ct they would have on th.eir hOJm~lllnfs fllUIJ"C,'

BefriendID~ the human in the .gUl~12 of a peaceful ami concllflle--dral;'(';. the phaerimms trid,.;-d him lnee rtv~aling "Viml inFormation about tbe empire, Tb.~ir disseIl",l:niiug w ... s sucee::.stu.~ WithuElc realizing the enormity of his mistake, the well-mean;blg. ar E:mist re ve31id to .his I1~W "fr it nds' SQ}t1C or tbl! m(l5t elOiSe I)' gl.j.ilTdtdsl!:cr~p; of hi~ c:ouf)lJ"Y. mCiudi.ng me dis:ten.ce· and. uses of' tbe mythallar. What the·.you.ng. arcanist did not knew was [hat' t:be plia<:rimms-possessed 'bt;t one goal: the eradiCittion of all OtGe'f beings m F3erlI11.Aftel:' tbe arcanlsc and ills comr:ades del!arttld: tnt phaerimros' caverns, the _ev1i. creatures used thei,f newly ga.ined knmvh:d~e to neg-in phnning Netb.ed:Ps aestJ'uctLon, E:rnpl0y111g the il1fo[matl.on given to them by the YOl,mg arcanist, the phaerimms raided NdtheI:e~f 'O'ut~lJsts:' tuaV2:n~, and I!ludying, seeelemenrs, ffflm whkh [hey stole .>1 considerable amQtl-nt or ~wl.gica1 k1l.Owleclge i1.J:i& !I. number of \VOII.dreus .tt.ems. TIleir savage attacks left nQ :;;urIt' Ivor~ lelurltlg th.e imper ial arranlsts to won del" .r u.t ilely wb.o was behind tnt-se murdeteus jj)~~den,~ The p,ha.erIDl1'ns· (15ed thciY -plundetrd knOWledge to advaJlcctheu' own srudy !I.!1.d UJ1< dersranding Qf the Art and then turn iet againu their chosen enemies; Rventuany.. they were able t01 capnm· a Itlythiil1ac from '3 Ca1U\'1al1 outpost, and then the tree warbegan,

USlllg the mytllalliT as .a model, the destruction-nrinded pbaerintlus created rllccLr O\1'n version or an arcane device: ttl uccess the Wean direotly. Even i1.f1: Nel:h.eril reached the l.et,ith of .irs power and glory, the phlu;·r.ilnIr!.S mre.cted terrible IirM~(,j;'Z spells at ·th.!:" empa:.:i!"~ fertihl lands. Their spells ]~ehed lihe very life from: the laud itsdL The prs!:es5 w:!.s51(')w, put the NOlfberest conld do nothing but observe the clfelltlarge tr,ll.ct5 of [cnlle. ueen lan.d became sandy, useless deserts befose theu- .. yes. ALarmei~ the emplite's, Joremosc arcanisrs sought the cause, even. as tb~'y strove to limit 41e damage wirh weir oWllJ?owl."'rfuhpdls. By th;: time they discerned the intelligence behind fbi. phellOmenolil. vast sections of their home had soccwnlxd to" the phaeruurn asseulr. Rut even as the ~mpirc prepar~ tQ dcl"C!"(l.d it>eif agaM.\st ;~s fl.i!lvly i.dcn~tmEd

foe, the phacrilUm~ :attack«l openly. _

Arcame ener.gy eXIIJoo.ed :tCt-oo,~ th~ land in 1'1 nlagka! doel of immense proporCtons;, aiildi!1g to the .I~vel of de5il'1:lIction all'eady r.;<IUScQ by d'l.~ p.n.ae,iln.fl1si Jife4ira.ining magi.c. N:eimcr side WIllS able ta iuin It distil.l-ct ru.!v.ailit3ge. :however, and the war ra5 d oue Qf conqol. The ph.:l!e.:i:J:n.Jllii' ooruinu!11 bombardment cl lifetlraill sp~Us inc;rea.SI!d [hI' area of dege.rtii"iriltiot~. l:'I':e.ntuany forming the barren wa.ste of the; Great Desut. Thl;

_ Netherc~l:. responckd in kind, ~mplnying arse'wlli of Imgini \li'C:!tPQIU)' and' treil'[!e fiPt:.Us to rllm ~l!Strut!tion lljiO)a tbe pha.erimms ~nd' th~ir uoderground hom.e!>. Both Netherese- llnd pllilel"inuns surTtlT6d ueillClldollS lCkS5es of Lift:~aud pwpeHl"



nobility and snrpassmg the ckrgy. The Netherese wyalty were the JD-ost powerful atcanlstS" i.n the empire.

'Th~ true now(:fing of ·the Nern.ereoe EmIl ire' W<'IS del'el1ld~nt' 110[ on the ell:perimen;s of its i!i1!rLj' arcaniSIli. however, but: o:n the Jortuiteus discovery of the Nether Scrolls, "On~i1:rtbed in [he ruins of SCIll'" even older and long-forgotten ~ivmzarioa, the Netber Scrolls were ~ trO\''!1 oI :;'1"«1]<: spells ." wt:!l 3:5 <i11 ad v anced treatise or; spellcraft, the eornbinaticn ar w hid1 ptaBelled the f1~dghng empire's mag.U:zl knowledge fQn.~ara. at least II Inmdredfold, A~ tht aroanists studied there ancient tdts, they unlocked secrets of <ltpeU'CastiYlg tllat bruJ. van is hed fxoll1 thll 'Mlrld untold millennia before the- Netheresc people: carne mto being. As thearc;wists, dccipue:red these, secrets, nearly every c~dzel1 of the empire reaped the .benefit;..of their research, In particular, ,the scrolls pl"Qvided the key to an Invel.lcion t.Ii~ would shape the .i'~maliJldcj' of NetMril's Iumre, catal)·Qlhl'lg the l::iviii'tat,iOli fa llndtenmed .• of summits or power: the mythallar,

Using d:re incredible arcane powcrprovid~d by die my;tha!lD.~. the Nethl:rese lITere aM" ,to construct architactwai 11111t'nls that ha .... .: rl.pr been j;\;1!111a Faerun since the fall of th~ir nation, Crait!ifolk and arcanisrs worliM in ccncerr to design and construct ever ll10re breatIltakiug hOOdmg!> and civic h:npraveU!~nts. They levitated enrire buildin.gs and bllb:nced rhem perm:ment1)? :uop impoSsibly till)' surfaces, creating unusual dWellings that ddi,gb"ted ~ll~ pO~uWtJQt1 and impressed other races, Arti.5ts deS\g,lled public S;:Ul:p"[UfCS- 'I)" a ma$S.iv~ ~e, and

.. • ,1 - I - ~

arcamsts ~ncl J:a!xJrer6. made these dreams a re~ljty. :;j]a.pmg

enOl:1l10U5 qua.ntitit"i> of precwllS metals inro he:mtlful images that lJoated'in a, lazy 'ir.~u.i:r above tbe c i ry tit1~ts to be cl1jQycd by ali at diJl"e.rent mtervnls of the day, FID.ilUy, tntl']' le.arn~ to •

. shear off the very summit :Of,!!. meuutain and suspend it uLJ,;IrleilQWfJ. TJ1er then placed a mYfball.ar within a m.!rJ"Ored c.rys-t:tllin~ struC"t.tm· designed to reflect the power of mil de~cc hack onto itself ill. such. a way th<lt it allolvit\:d ~be ov~rtPfrl.ed IDOUntIlllltQ_I;l to'Float in midair. Netb.eril·s q.ttls:l!lS, craftsrol~ and. Lalnrers then aOl1stl"u('ted a city UpOll ·che.lrl\'erted mOM' raintop, and tile empire fnllea theseserucrures wit~ citizens who ~J3cGferth Jj"ll'cd Il"ffiQ!:lg the {J10'OlGS, At" the .height orNedl~rii"s pG1ffl:f; during wMt its histoty refers roas the GQldet\Age,.~he empire boasted a rota L of thirteen flyil1g citie!i-

The NethereseEmpire continue-d to grow and tlu:iv() in tile C!!IltuT1eli th<lt Ioliewed, As the arcanists cnatinued to· p1m.ub the. depths of !lliI.g·kalinVi:M"lg,a:riGil.'I11V1lYs pushing t:lt~ enve:lope of tbltirkll"lowledgtl:. they ['ef"ra~ tlleir understanding a.nd centrol of their ':tbilities. Ewmt'Utdlyj th~)' began to conceive and design ~peUs of SIlrn m~bt dl..:t arcaue power of thcilr ~n:aguimde has. not w~n ~el1 in Faerun .since Nethuil.'s destructi.OI1 (and r:crr Ver)' goOO re.l$On~ The empLre us.ed i.ts 11Ylng aities to ~xploT;e more of the 1Yotld. to 10C!::l.tl: m.o:re r,3,W '!Uat~rlals .f~r its industries, to cany out .:raile l\'iith 'Ithcr rnces, lind to·n.cqulre mor~ and more terrl'tGry so· th'.lt its popUlation would ha·ve ",11 the r~ and spa.ce it requiired. It also utilized th.( ~itieli as ili~ borne llliitfol!l'l"ls frem which jt lallftched J1eadly rutta:rks: ag_!l-irnt its ~ne!lljes. wiping outei:l.omloQ$ I1Ql11bers of ho;;;tl.le humanoids that rnighrl'nrealen Nctheril's peao: and prosperi!"),. The Netbere8e" Em,i;rc became, Witll thepasslng of th<; y~5, rbe preeminent magical civil..i2ation of Its timc: •• md indeed. P!:1"haps IA ail the hi~toflY or Faen'll1.. Its adueveme.llt8 (}D~r mad!:!

-Its, decay and dow1JJaU aU ~e more tragic. .



K.,arsus the ~rtani~r decided :1.0 In!.<r,ge with Ml'!>tJ'yl, ~he Netherese deity of wagic, Th\' result was camst r ophie, \-Vhell . .his essence l;"ombu1.~ wi~h MJstryl'5'_ the deity losr tb~ ability to m';irnaill the Weave. The 'goddess saq;ificed herself m save the Wea,1l'1l' before the iljnnage became iucparab1e. ~in in so doing she temporarily obstructed the W c.,ve. ending its CO]'illectiop with Faerfin, ~U:5 was kiU<lo by the ,expedcllc~, just as he had pred'!cfed. but he did not gam My(itryl's divine po\\'~r for a period ltmg elltll.l'gh to l;v.idd it su.cal:>sf(lily" the wholesale ccssa:riOI) of m:ogica:l em::[fiY sent arcane shockwavcs through. out Faerun. since all spells. illd wondrOU5 irems ceased to [U!lCtion a.bl.'lIptly. TheslltvivoT«; of this catamop.b,t and their deoc~nda:nt5 WrW~ J'elipoll~ihlc [Qt the rise of the now-milled emp,i.r_es of ~llIria, Hlondat&, and .A.5.'l:~!11, blJ:t Netheril itself was gone, Ev;ent\l311r. MycStryl was able to zeincaruate herself al'l'd restore me Woeave to its prGper ,,_tate, but It was roo .Tatf for tb.e peo,le of Weth!:ril. "fbi! .folly of lean>!!>: c'ad:- done w.hat the pnilerimm.s had beerr unable to do; The Neth~rell~ E.mpire !/I'<IS no mere.

The ~)I flf' hT$US, made g\ganrk by the IDflux <if divm," O!I:;~rgy. feJl m eIl:1'tu 3$ b~ died, b shanel'ed, lea1.'UJg a sliltnt rem inder of his foUy to [urnre \",izi!1'ds-:.t single red stone burte at ,ttl: ~ ~f a high Itiiff :i~ wUJlt is !lOW the Dire Wood.

. .

but .rhe fighfmg continued un;)~llt-ed, wit:h each iii_rle dc'tcrIltme:d to e:xtillgDish the ot,her, _

_ The Sha.t!ov:us,· records g1:0W vague and conrr.ad:krQry at this point, Netltel'il prided itself 'onkcepirlg an oc~1!fite aectlElmt of It> cultural ~nli rocieml progress, hur iIi!: prolonged war against the phaerimms made: it diJ_ficult to conduct dvic lind ItcollQm.ic affairs in the aecustomed £ru;hion. Afuny records w~r~ lost amiJ the d~truCtifJl::lc of bu~ldi][Jg1; and entire comm{l,nities. nu: City' of Sllail~ possesses UWDe'I;QU5 a~CoUnlls 91' tll~ w,a.r"s lUostiJ:n:port,Ul!'t battles, as waI ns more mundane 'records [roH~ cha:t era, bu:t these ~Vn 110 rne..:tnS of .,bt:;illiil~CQmllJe'te lnfor.ru:adon on all that"\\'R5 tran$piFingdurin,g that confusing, itnd dcltdb' time, 'The ..shadOV'!l'J's th~tllSI,1¥e6 do not a,ctwlLy kllOW for <I certotitn), vihar CIDlBed the cilt<u:lysm that destroye:tl Netherrl, Most blame t11e phaer:imms,be!:ievi.ug that til!' !ulllmy conttiyed to launch a fi ... il, devastating attack that called 1J1'0l) 5om~ kind of unknown areane po~;rc.r, All the Shadovat"" really !mow for I:cn:Uzt ifl that lu~di their (iff not shifted roto the Plant! of Shadow Rnd.remlli:ne~i5.1ere> '[heir ancestors would also_h:lve pe!'ished iii the disaster,


The Hi,gh FriJlce, b.~ sons, and certaiu members of the dry-'s ~!I!rgy knew .wucb more ~b(i[H the de;;tr'uctlo11-ofrhelr homelrutd than is broug:hI:oUt in the ofCkial. history. rronic:illj', i't was not" the ptial!:rUnms 'that struck fi;e fln:!l~ Mow agalJlst Nethor.il-it ~s Q!je oaf ,their own. _[)urii:Jg the city's tIDl'C ill the -Pkm: uf Shadow. it was cur off from Faerun at1U unable, to return, The ckil:'i_cs of Shu were able ro i!a~~ divmatiol:D $pen~ !II1-t7vl:..;!Sf'uIly, bowever._a.nd. t~eir daft. d~i.ty provided them ~lIith infor;mati0u that enabled tbetn 'to diBo.:m the trufh. anQtU '\~t hefeH 'NtthcJi'i1-0l", ;it least, the ttuth thar Shar would have themknow, A~rording [Q the cll:!rics tmilings. 011(; of the tnC,St skilled and pote-Dt ru-camst5 of the ~mpire, known to hisWl'y all Karsus .. -artempted to eAl1 the war with Olle. deci,,1ve Wow, When the JY.l._[Uf~ of the p'hacrimms' lif"!d'-4irJ !i£e115 ~<lme knOWI1. KanllS began "Work on a spell of hIlS own ttat he belteved would enable fum to save his peorie, Widaollt a diIDlbt, it was the mightiesl arcane :ruag.t~ ever wielded by a mortal IJ'!I: th~ h;isto-n of Faenln, K_arsw;'~ speO would enable, him to rn~l"stl temporarily but akecdr with tile essence of any al:f"tty, He lNQult in effect. tempQr~rill' beceme a deilY. gainWg 'access tp divinli. .POM;!',

He planned I.COl wield Uus dlvine might 00 dessroy tlie_ pbner:immsaml end t_he:i.l' threat _for,e\'ci'_. 'though lIe was al\o-ru:e [hu die spt::U mi!ght well !;:PSt him his Iife, :K,3I'~gS deemed me sacrlIke worth the risk. -H.ow':"'l'I;'. sOl'iltthing went terribly wtong~ Xianl:ts ]05,[ £Oliltro] ,?f hls sridl;llllU the resulting arcane backlash neal'ly di:sfmy~a m~ W'e-ave, wrea:liilgha.¥oc' thrQ~g!iiolJ[ Facrun_ Kar~B was kil!kd by the unrestrained magwaI ellen;)'. and the magnit\lilt! of the cam..:tgcto.the Wea,vl: sent ]},Tctbectih flying dries pl!.m'imeru;g to the gt"DlJ:Ild, klllms ill their inJmhital1tli, Endan'K, ootp"s.ts, and commnnitil!S of aU sizes 3c;ross the: ~mpt;e suffered 5im~!at fak.~,as their myiliaUJUs <:xplode.d and their 'i.I'I1mense ar~hit"'(tI1:I'IiL;Il::h.ieve.mc,l;lts ca:m\i ulIShing down atop thcil; dti2r:.:ns. D~lly th~ Hlg:b l'rmct's C:it}lj san]),

wjt1iID the Plane of Sludow;, waS' spared thjs f:tiit', I

:High Prulc-,: TelamoIlt <Iud the I'Iti:Ler ShadoV3X5!Vbp ate !lware'Of these facts are content 'to a]low their 8ubjee.ts to be:lin-e tbit tb.e pme:t.imme caused tb.eir empire's do.w,Ilf;rll.


A sit:!g!~ :fIring ciry mir,ar;;ulously cScJl:pcd the- cab_5trophe unscll'rbed, purdy by ha,pp~n~,ta!lc;~. Thecity's rYling noble, a powel'f;orl a-tE'anist,. bad rar sometime Met! -exper,irnelltiug wirth -

, movement between Fa,C'l"l:ln and the Pl:Ul~ of Shadow. His studje5 'C\'I!Dt(laJIy Imabled hiinm &love nOt muy ,himself freely ffl;:: tweer~ [be, '[We, b.jIt other people an8 obj~,f."[S_ as well. In dw w~k'\preceaiJlg; the c11,tadY5m, dte MCIl.!l]st-knoWll 'tQ the'Clty Qf Shade 0111y hy Ills. cllosen sObu:-iquet Of Lord Sbado","'-had. akcad)' comellJ,p]ued tile fe~.jhIJjt), of .l1lovl!~ an entire nywg city into the plane ro whirll he had been ttavdillg for S01tl:e rime. HI!: gave the order for the .. ity to pr~pare iCtelC for the e)ipcl'imentmere days bcf01'e Ear,sus Cia~tlri ... spell, On the very' eve or the dilia .. ter. Lord Shadow trauspcrtcdbis entire cit)'. nnd all its inhabitants, to,rlie Plane jjf Sl;muow. Once tlJer~ he lII'as _j)Jeased 'to'"SeIl!: that his prcdictiOlls were correct, 'fb'! 'ii:ity and ttl; c;imens ~tlTt:r!l'd no immediate ill ~ffects· from the journey, Bowever, he was concerned and _djsmay~d by'the discovery that. for reasoas he did. Ilot y'.1t tt_l1cler.5tal1Q, hI!: was unable to move the city bad< to Faerun,.

Uilfllvding thi5 myster}r took weeks" and when the city returned. to Neth~ril its in.ha.bitaut<i could only gape '~vith Karrat at\vruu it found, F()t da¥,s the city journeyed across t.he ruins of ~erhe_rll, ..e3J'c1iing d~spelia!Jet }r for sur \rh·ors, to no :avail PreSUffilll! this hidtlQus[iI!yeiatioJ1 -to be the wo"':k o[ th~ hated phile~ the NI.'1:he.rese 'tl1jmed fat :l'eV\lpge, Lor.rl Shadow rea.lil;e~, however, that a single flYlllg city was,no mat(ln for thtl ph~,(ITimm;s. Moreover, he cOl1sidercd. if likely ,bat the Net:herese dwelling. in his city might wcll be the lijiSl' '~f their l'al!e. Ht ",~itcluded tl]st lie could nor Jfford to I'is:k losing h.it; dry and ~lIbj~ct-s a~ well Vowiilgt&at one da,y- the city wOllld reru:l"l1 to F:ac:rul1 to reestablish r,he rrunt:!! empire. me arc:wist

. 'trans('l:tred ills N;:ity 6ack. IDtp th~ Plane of Shadow, \vbe):,e, through Dnforse..::n cirotlIil.stanclI:&,it re,maine-d fat lO~tger-J;;h"Ul be had or iglnal1y. pia11l1 ed,



Tbe Sh~doVi3l'S dwell in what ~s: best described 3. :III mobile 6tysrn.te ruled by a gOV~l~menr that combines fea.turc;S of a monarchy, meriton:ac,Y_ ':IJ!ld ID£lgOC!ltCY. The city is ruledbjr its H,lgh Frillce. TelamoIIt:., ;i powerful areanisr a.n~ sh~de. His pmlll;r and authority are' ~bsolu:t~. All ShadaVatli ]jY~.~"llJd die by 1lis eOlnmf'Liltl 'relamont has-br!en the Sigh Pruice of£nadc f~f as long as un)'onc living in, the. clty Can recall, O~~y his SQI'IS and trust,cd assoeiares knOM-- 'tll3-t hI! i~ as 'lid <IS mil tic}' itstlf arid hal> ruled since it' was f"lfst bnllt at hiS directiou,

&rving the High.Prinee as exteruiens of his ~'Ilttlority are his twelve son!!, -me.l'rmue5 of ShaM. Lik-e r.h~i{' :la.ther, dl': prl~ces are shades and areanists. Competition amoqg this circle of ar'C11'\~.'l.ards is s1muJtlneously fierce 8.lfta regimented, much like Shado.car seeiery.



The .or-~o.nizQtion

HEJ;dquarf(!.u~ The City of Shade, nornWly lccared npa,tmgp above Anauroch, jU.S[ off the northeast coast Ql the- Sbaclow Sea (or. t9 gil' .i't Its Ncthncse name, the Hid,d~n Lake). ~QIi,'b.e<r': Appl'!o~~tcly 100 wdes a::im::mg t'b~ ap'pr!,x.i-

matel r '2'17,000. Sha·i!o;val'$.

Hler-ueh}': Mili~m:istir;:.

Leader: Te'taUllOi.1t, the High Prince of Sl:tade. 'Religion:. Shar,

Alignment: 1';"'R, LE.

Secrecy: Medium.

Symbol: TJle 5Jlaoes neither POS§~ nor use a. sym1o~ to rep~ resent their c.ity or society .. s a whole. Each of the twelve Pril'llc~s ofShaae and High Prmcf'Telamont employs ms, or her awn U:l!li\'"idwi.1 heraidk: dc.-vlCI:.. These si!:iils wer~· rl.£~t 1jl;sed in tlIe Netherese EIlIP'~It, and have Jong since p~d Ql!!t [If common heraldlc lore .rIlG cxperict)CI!. A Kl1Ow~¢dg" (histOl!Y or Jloblbty} chock a~:ritl~ r. DC 2:5' is [I;'qirirc'cl to rec.ogniz:e.:linat: the syinbol is Netb,er~s-e in oriyn,. and 3 secOIid Kli0wleI~g.e check (DC JO)is xeqi:lked'to correctly identify the exact

N&ther~slt nohle ram.ay~ Se;:-flie hierarchy ~ectiQIl tnr "li de&niption or the royal sigik

The Sba:dova:TS have: a diserete ~1tur¢ anil clvilintIDllI. Tm~- £1.0 not constitute. au organiza:t;ollJ in the g,enerally accepeed sense of theword, But bl!causc the actual number of sbade.> jij small ,cabout flye hl1lldrell shades dllle,lI in t'llr: City of Shade), aud~eanse tbey gusrd th,eir priva>:y 1IJ14 motives so zealoll~l)'> oley arc functiotl'ail): simlla.q:o ill seerersociery.

Til1£ geCrlOn gives ~tat_igti.ca1 details on the shades wlmlifwdL ..

, iII the CityQfSba.d~. TIle &Juldc,s ma}(!.~ up onl)' a small percent- 1l.ge- of [he flying dey'ii papulation. The remainder of tll~ c.ity inhabitants ace of two ty'p$'~ Normalhumans who art!' 'the descendants of the Nethetese who entered t'he E1l1.J.1t: of StJadow over '2;000 yellr:S ago but' l:vho did .!lot become shades, and humanoid slaves tflal' the Sh.llO'ovat.s h2Vl! acquired b6dl in the' Pi;we of Shadow and ill. F3WJ.l~,

Apeeoru:nc¢ and· ~ pe'f"SOnolltv

- T~l'hysic:tt traits 9f.ll ·6ha.d~ are described in the FORGOTTf!N REAl.MS Campoi", Selthl,- S1ilad€lvat$ wJ:lOate hor 5 hades- are identical to their outsider- .. musters, butlack tlle dis,tinctlve gray ~~l:irto ;th.eU- ·5kil~,

The Sb;)dov;.r.> dress in elothing that seems (to odm 'r.,."ideI1t~ of Paerlil~) out"jar;eJ to the point of aJ'ltiq,ultj';; th~ courtly attire mal' tippear 9uda'nd,l:sh ;lld 1l.1ic.il, TJ'lC!i' fa 1'01' or.-"k co!ot,!; rucu as black; bU1'glll"ldy. charcoal gray ... dark grct!u .... and imdrri!J:bf blue. Me~~b~TiSi of the 1Jpper elass wear a gHar deal of jel,!,'eirYi gems and jewels are 3!5.0 oftefl cUllniug~' WO"iell into du:ir ell!icmbles. Ihey are :a l"so fond of gilt, "goEd -rhireiid., :tnl dorh-of.gold acccm;ft. Common folk wear simpler la..rb. as befits their trade, and ",lavc;s, are pl:nmn-ed only serviceable. ullltd,wned clothi.!lg_ tbu is,(mJ}, margin:lfUy beaci" than sim])l~ b:brnespm:J, •

_ - The High Priace

The NiJt.beJ'e~ an:anisIC known as High Fr:lllcC Tdamont Tauthlil (NE male slut-de \vb,lO/.};c:m~/SilalO).is Due of du: mm;,t powerful W.llges1IlOu! in Faerun, He' was known once, t:hGlU-'iilcrlds of' years ago,. as Lord Shadow. One of tbo' few rtm:!.ining citizeus of Netheril who survived· Ut,e.ol.'1itmct.ion of the !!D:lf'ire, he ru~es rue Shadovars wIth absolute aut:horl!:Y- Wben he considers the time to be right_. Ta]awcmt plans [.0 re\lt:al to. the Shadov.ill'5 thefact that be lis dIe Lprd Shadow of legCJld, lnspiring them to ",letort

WeU over two millennia old, Telamonr 'p~rye~ !:lis life "by means !Dr pOI\"erfni magit. sech ~:J 7vi:ih 5;fltUs. This pIOCes5 1ms been mad~ e-:u;ier by Virtue of the fact tru.t he is no longer numa-n. but rather an outsider. The natural Life Spil.t! of a soodc is many ,titUe5 longer t.i,).an that of 1tn Clrdi:n.ary human, "Bmvevet, Telamont ac.knowkdges reluctantly thu .tiS his outsider body begins to faU. stronger measures <lH:-rt:quire€l to keep him alive, He.has nor yet decided 0>11 the best means of COJlfiI1u~g his eJcis;. tt'I1CC. but the Shad'ova:r5'ntwra to Faeriin 0([&5 a we;llth of pac;- 1:iihilities, iududiog transformatlen il100 an undead Cfca.rufe;

Telamont h~s taken great pains to preserve WM{ he believed were tb~ best elements of NetlicrelJ"C' socicry ~d merge [he m \~rith ~hfl I':'hata"t,etisri~ :tle,~ssa:ry for liuf)'iv:l,j Oil the hosti1e P!.sneoF Shadow, ~. j[~sult is a met}' DOWld hy forma~jty amd r~,imeEltatioJ], ill ~vhicb ev:el1 the ID.OS[ mundane aspects of d~' ~ife ha:vUome level of ric\l~1 bound up in tb,eir execution. In this fa~h;on order is manrtalned, but more iruportam. 50 is· continuity of culture. fro.m c.entury to ct:ntI!fY. Ail the f'.malar-biter of ;'Ill that transpires in the City ofShaiic, ill In,,ol ways Telamont is the city, IDs, subjeEt:., vi~w him as the living embodiment of all their customs; bellef~ and vaJlIe.~, And tijlt is exa.c.tly hol'/ Telamenr sees'bimself 1I~ well:

These \\1110 meer 'rhe II ig,h Erm.::!: enco~ter 6(lmeone who has had uli11:eJi.Bia ropractice keepl!1g tJl;S true rhoughts and fe~futg5 ill. e:becl. 'Icla~nont is .:is·diffwlllt to ft:!<d as be ~. ("0 hlllff, Ellen b!5 ~I1" ra.rdy knowwh.:Jit" r~ir father.is tm1r rbioking- bemnd his Illlpcuetrable ll13;slJ:Jf gLa6aJ calm Despite bi.'i inuprI!:ssive exterior, T.eln:lnont~s mind is ~d.,.'ays in mo'riotl. A.t heart tllt:

Higtl Princ.e i s, an .autocrat: IDa determ.i:n3.tloll tll b::a.d lW> cit}· StenlS from il:5trong innq I;QDvi.:;:tio:n dlil't no other 1I1div1du.al could pOlisibl Y be. "ltS ~ucc\';'Slifd1 at jt: as lIe collsiders lilinseIf to be.

Still ralL all~ . robust des~ilte l_!ll; a&e, the High Prince: !i:ltt> ~ ~ imposing CigW'e w9cther :;'Cpte.ll oil bls flOllciug thr:one.. Of ptesiding ov·cl' ceremonies in me StreetS of the cit,~ Whc:.ocver he


5hadowl'. 'Bre.IJnu, thrived ill di'lS discipline. anp tad;a;y 1le- is' one or the City of: S11a.d&:s f orernost experts on its N~tb,rm,:se roots. It is he who has foated the remuants of Nt::theril still extant ill Flicroo 3Jrld ~ent l't~peditiJi)ns to these sites b). re~V~F !.llhll:t t.rca:sll:t"l!s :lind :l;nowledge remain there: The prince is eenvitlced [hatt!l~ arcane power Ilit1detrll1 thi! rums of N~th~.il .hulds the key to th:tt ~]all's &!1ccess" 'iilll:i(!'11 dollng witil oth~l~ :fril.,cc Brcnn.il5 is 'Vety gl:nticrmmly and formal,

pdnoe IBI"eJ.lnusi's personal.sigi! is a sinrer sphere, aoo.re·u"ee mountain peaks" in. a black silhouette on an ochre field.

lI:ppears in ,u'blic, the High .Frrnce prefer'S to, \YClli:' the fradi,tional dark Minor of the Ne:thlITe5e 'Imperium, wit:rr it<; drllgPllwm~c:d evermantle, iityfued vambraces, anti" flowing, darK pUTp1e robes'

The Eiigh Frince':s·peroonru sigil is a stylizJ:d lione!lCJ.ue creatun, Vilith IdragonUke 01' batUk( \v~ngs I'ampatlt;, 111 I)k\ck silha!:!eci;e on a bloodred fldd. .

The ?rmiOlc"s B-.nd

H:(~b:hune (NE male shade Wl-Ll01Shil.10). the right hu~d of Rig4lrluc:e Telamont; isderaifed in theJ7(1R.G01TBl'l RB.i1u.ls CampaigH &Ifing. Hadrhun.e'scl1rrel1t assignmenr is th~ evaluation (If tIle rlum;rouSo-citiesand! nations in the Heartman·ds, ill \':onjum:t:iDIl W$t'G his FJall for (li<:st[Qyirig those th"t might represent a thf'ea~ CO tbC'PQWC, of-hiE, father, His per6;Ona] sigillli a win g,edc SeJ' !lent, t>i!vu OIl a black field; within the: serpen t's ccrils.is a gra)""s,t'Olle towe r. '

The Twelve lrwllcs.of Shade •

The: princes Are brothers, ill born before the rill of N~thfr[iL

frmci! RivalO'Il TilDthul (NE male shade Wiz:ll!ClrUjSha"J

of Shar, I:s the City of Shade"s high prie~t of Shu. If High 'Prmce Tdamol1t tS the tcnlporal rulee of the Shadovars, Fooce Rivaleu is their iipirif:J:l.tl1eader. From the m<I~i\lI;::Ha1J

Qf Shadow Iocaeed near :!he To}':!'l palaee, th~' pr nietl ai!_jTIu" 'isrers Sha.rls detgy ;and PIOIlOUIlCef; ner will to fhe faithfu1 The J!:rincf':s dlVin.at:IOI~S e-.ilabl~~ his father 0 l:l!Inl1yg1;l.'iUi! the cit.y b:!d to Fa.eOOIl, where Slmr hopes 'that die Sllad01l'~r5 tip tile balance of pOW!lf in her fa\',!! 111 .rhe long struggle iiga~Ji:5t her ~ hated sister, Schille.

RiYl!,h:n is illso ~hWHi's greatesr ri'v;3..I. He resents tbe f:l!;tot that his fatnl.'r sJion's to Hadrhune, and is secretly workin&- to undermine HadrbullIe. He knows that' he nl~sr exercise great casrion, ,oocause Hadrhune's enem ies have ill unpleasant habit uf OlSappel!I1J]g.

'Prince !tiVll]en's peNQl1ld stgil ilit& symbolef Shari belOw. ~t ill, :l p.;tir of clJlviing dark PWJl le ram's horns, ou:t:l.ine_d .in. black 00. ~ dark grilY field,

Prince C~a.di!tltlt:UU Tattt'h:~l eLF. -m~It! sbade SenIti Sl'm4/Ftr8{Rog?) is tht!' YQ:l,Dl1gesl:" t-a:pfalf1jl1 t:liC city'.s m.iiitatJ:Though gossip hm·~ tb;tr hjs m~t:eoric rise is due in no small p1Lrt to his hig birth, those \vbo hmw the Frince reL'O'gmze bm werrh a'S a. warcicr and a· ~c~a:I commander. HI! bil:? noe ytt !!:llprt;;seJ an opinion ll.OOU't how th~ Sh.1,dovars should (!onqver the HI!'"Jir-dand~ lil.rgely because no one has yet asked hint. His. favor~te weaj;lon ffl :li +.1 g/.iJ i-~e' tif 1(IomJding.

Ffinct Cl:1iiburnkia's. JPprS01lal sigll.is a gedd star, ontlined in blm':.k on II midnight blue field

Pm!!!! B~i!1m:US Tuthill (NE m~t!e shade fliV12/Lm8! ~ha6) is the yOUi1,gt'lit brorlier alliong .be princes, 3.li;d. many \li'auld ~f that Tei.llnlOllt lIas a s_prc,ia:l fondness for 1li:in. IdoClntified e;u·fj' as an wiltel.lj:ctual P10d:igy. tbe boy was placed in t1le hands of t.he dt}"s finest rutprs llrld edt}ClI.ton'. f\ttbQugh ~f.t.lIl1l!S &splayed [he roy\l! Tami1y~ expected fa.:ilit)' vmil a.rllill1e magi.;: his tca,(!Mrs noted that" 111:: s!lID(ied all ~quill)~ SttPJ;Jg :l:putudl: for frlt>to.ry. At hi,sI:atb:ei's.din;ci:wtl) BrclIlnus's 'tutors fQ.nmd t11·C j!rillC-:'s cdllc<1tion on tbe ric.b history ,mil Ion of tn.!!

l'rim::t Mattick Tli!:Dth!Jl ami h.mce Yanick l'lInfhul (LE male shade n116/81111.9) :u-c twms.lJlack·haiNd and black-eyed" tlley are'perfect replicas of .eue another. (Mattick js, the elcl.!!r b-y '2 ~utes.:l It .Us virtually impas,5.ibl~ for anyoue odrer ~lilliJ t.beir PM"eJ1U [0 dlstinguJsb one f,rom the mIler. The. twitlS' haw ~d tl1~i.r ii!c,lf"jcal appearam::.e to perpetrate: iauumerRWe (;Of!~pirll;c,ie!l lUJd j9k~~ ~~ ttenign all d>o'tS~s mudl )~ss so, on I:l.l~ royal hQIl~ehold since tb~i" w"rll old enough to wall. Thl'J)' are illseparahl~ Fare~y found. :imy great distance from one anorher, The princes Givide their time between research at rbe atademy of alchemy <lEnd llelpingthd"r young~~tbrother Brennus seek out due" to the ~ocatlOn:f of old Netherese site1>. Tiley side wjrh Brennus and H3&-liune, whom they idolize. in supporting th!:.swift ae!lIl:~;II;:fun oj all threats to.Shadovil.[ role.

Prince MatticJ;\ personal slgil is a pair of intedoc.king gold rings, outlined 1Jl purple on .... charcoal gr'!}' fielll:

1'1' iniCe Vattid 'sl'crS()nul sigil is ~"pa ir· of ulteT!,pc l;mg .sih·,(:r .rmgs; outlined in plUple Ollil: chan::0Jt grny 1Jeld.

Prillce Ide!" Tall'thul (NE malt; shade FtrllI'Sor.121Sha.·V Glun4j is die right h:tJld of.1tis older- brother Prjm:e Ri:vruen. Respected and fearroas:a warrior of great prowess, he trained firse as a soidicr ill. [hi: Shadova1"anny. achieving the l'3.flk. of faptain bef ere.be beard the iall fQ ,Shar's service, N£lw Ydcr 1.$ a warnor dedirnted to th~ cause of his deity. He commands tll~ temple gu:a,rdi of the Hall of Sbadonl and undertakes cburcb~FO'!lsOred missions. Like: ms brothel' .me high priest, YlIcr would lLke ['0 see Ha&':IHID~' fall from graC1!. U.uli:kf R.:ivaletl, bowever, Ycler b.,~ 11m-hillg persoual :l:i:f:Iinsr.-Tcl:UllOllFS dbosea] ~. He _WO\'lld :5'illJply p'llefl:1 ~G! S~<: the will of h~~ cleit:\",

gu id~ th.e SbPldo1"ars. ratbe r rha n the will of Radrhuw.. .

Prim;(l ya{l~'S persenal 'S~gills .1. 6tyli.z.ed sill'ergreat-swmd 00. a grOly ut"ld. The pommel or the sword is a .replillA af the symbol of Shar (a black d.il;li \1rLth a dee'p purple border),

1':l:iol;l: Mclegl.ollt TmtlluJ (LE male sha.de D,iv16/Slla+) 'is one of the yOUJ1,~=st of the tweLv<: brothers and does not l]a:ve a great narural apt:i,tude in rile arcane atts. rl'elllmollt lnscrucced chat Meleg,aulU be tnine.1tlih the rest of the princes, de.opite dID!:: facrthat the arcanists who evaluate the S.ha!lOY!ttS' :<EPt.i· tllll~ roo_nn ~!I·t tlJe p.rincelu,!g, had 1\ PQ~~til.l!.that Will> only batdy ;above averll,gll. Tdamont ord~.l"ed this f.ac!coJleeal!:d.Gu pain of death.) What MeIegau1'lt iAl:d!;:in m~gkal tale-a,t. how" e~re,l', 1I.e IlI~ke5 t:lp.Jor ·in guile. H~ hll,S a ~l1aG;k for ~&epriall, combined with a [dent fqr false e:1tlpliEth.y, that mak,es him a formidable'. mal!:lipu:h:to:r. There are few people Qutswc: the roya1 fllolflil), he ~31mQt win over with his, pote,llt c:o~hiDati91'11 Df cbarm .. good looks, 1jfJ$l seeJnin~ sillcerity; iudeed. h~ b",s jl:ca;:tically madi: it hi£> life'~ work


T.b:e De:termmwts

Ceni"llrie:s of survival on the ;P!:irt;;: or SIi3dow _tal.!@~r the SJJad01;";VS thllt 5wvivd is ac~O!.nplishe,d ont, when !!vel'Y me~\beT of ;11;: <society under:ltands his or her rob: and IVor:l;S for ~cbeHt!nJ:1ent .of the elty asa whQ!e. Thus" SfuJaClY3' society is stricrly m':l':.l.t'ch:icaJ, rnur if is also a mill'ltocra:~. E"'ti;yooe.is e.xpe¢fced ~ti '!'wd:: for .ll:he security and 1ltIr',T i 1'[1 !!If the CP;fiJfi~iiityi' I~oi;he best, of ~Ii~h .[Ia5Q>!'s rnpacity" This capacity is dete1'$i'linec'l by ::I. sp~iali."lOa ~ttllry ef. t~·st8ad.tn.mist<:rcd to each free dtacll :;l~~rtly after he QLshfl [each~ mel: age of aseensiea (1.1 years old) The, tests' are attm.ifl.istered. hX Pr:illreLamcJu'~ cirt1e of Deunnin.is'!.S. Once the Shado'iu's l'P'tiwsie5 .are knol'\m, he is

.tl"ain~[l to.rlf:velbp them. 'Wltii Ill! r~ tm: age Il!'~rity (18 years, old). w;llen.be enters his ];lrof~iol1l full-tirm:. ~S;iollaUy a. Shadova.r ~rl1.Ihits such dramaltic ~p(ovomcnt ill skill er aptitude over time dial:: the. Determsrists. aJmll1ister 3. second IOl1.1ld ot' testing. and sometimes illter[ll:~ Shadovsr's.oJilginal de-slglla" '~io~ T~ instances are rue, :ho-l~fl;Ye'r. GJ;1e to lI:&e sopb.ffitU!,u:i.o]]. <mil nCCW"llty of1'rin~' Lamerak's assessment ru.l:fnOO5.

l'ypIt'd DenrmiDin: ;t\1'E, mds:Sb .. de ·~i1.$fSha L

THE.S.~'ES ....


Unlike mallS j)f biS brothers, M4l1e~olltb.eli~ves.ln l.I1iingl :a;, more sub,de approath iu u."king over rhe Hearrlands, H~ advoCates that his R3tlll/;~ should m;uiip!llau.' :hi;> 'r~o21~'s ifl'11~JTiie:s,· The prince l];;u; observed dla:r many folk who dwdl I .. lIa.erlJ§]!l. panicula.lythdJ.e swora toth~ SGI'Vl('c of good., seem.all too readj fo b.~lle'\le what ril.~y wanr ro he~~'~;imd. Melt;:gawit sell .. mel l'eaEo-ll w~r [.IJ,e Sliadovar :;tl;owd.nbr fake full ad'T;hI.~:~e of this !Jaw. He irit:!i Ul.:n it takt:.s 'onJ!" miniina.l erro.rt to put various citl.e's 'and orga.niz._:tl:ions; ~t Ol.l.e- iiUl.ot:hc:t's fhmals, star t, mr; a fulL.:sca:lc war: il~.( would e:6ea1~t1: until ii'..el1gWfs all tb:~ HearrJa nds, All d~ S1rndev'ar:5 'W€illil~ then 1111. v~r-o do is impooe t'~eir wm OIl the' weakened :ren:man'ts·'of wIlatcve.r ,is left WhCil. the dllSl1iettkl;,

P:riUi:~ Mdcy.'mlt's l'<"r~na1 sigil :is a pair of ctessed r~i!I 5p~r.s on a. w,hit~ .fleld,

l':riD.'::Co·Lamora'1: Ta.uthull;NE m:ale sbade Wl.!'1915bil7) was appointed iI decade a,gD by Ills Jarher to oversee the Determinists' Guild. It l:s Lamorak and his- fellow De.rer~lioo:>1:S wiJ:p"ad· 'mjJl:i~ter d:ie- toests to each Shadcl'vllr il~(Il:der to de~eI"l11in,e- how thf:y ma.y De5t serve the G~' of Sbac,f:.Lo>l)orak 1t;ai&l· Ell. cbaJ".gc of the elesely guar:deil. proc'es5- of seleering and ;tZill'lS· fel.'rning tl«rvingS:hado-vat£ rut" sh~dJ:.s. nl\::.princ~;s pnlirics are, r-ela~iyet}, ~ellt:t"ml, but when aL! fu ~aid and dqrte he thi:n~ that it might· be wise f(')l"·'tbe High Erince to m.u,lillll'Jatll'. rnther than e-ntc~ open war agamb't. the dti's"encmies 'at thit; time.

rri.w;o~ Lamerak's lr~roon"a>1 ~igil is it wbit~ skull o.u~lined ill .blacl; oil a light !1'lE!J field.

l'dn<:c;Deth}ld. Tibf~u.1 (I..Eifiale sb;Ldc N~c.1S ISb,..IB:) 1li; :perh3j'l'f; tnt" I"l'lMl: !'~fYro of the twelve prince",. Kia. !"ep.l,ita· ,

. tion for 8il!luceis famous throu;ghout th.~ City.or Shade. H~ fal"eI}' .s-peals directly too ilfly;ane~ .a.nd w)]!:f1 he does, it: is .wu'lilly with'th<t ,'rncc'of Wi.5®Il"h Amcmg the l"o~:l'l family, Deil:'bud is ~be closest: mii\g te a peaa:!1\a.ker.The ,~.lJe.r eleven p:dn.::~ conrinue toseek'''Oe'tlmd;5 advice on ilIa,!), otrheit most vexirl.g prQJd!l.Rls and prj<;<01;te qml1rds. Dcthud [a~e~y rake's si.:!~ fir ~"Elch mai:t'el's;. but 3J.hUyZes 'die shuati,o!l a.ndoffers illc.i5we. 'logi~al solutioils. "flteHigll Prince ·ofte-n weluJes fiethlld In tnllitlly or poli[;ical coum:.ils, ma).;i1.g tnt !'lui~ii' pri~cc the ~(',otld lROst Uill'.uenr,W of hlsbrethr~tl aPt~r Tehmonf.Whea pr~5'(ld fer his opinion n.ig.u;:d.ing th~ oost means or ~c1Ue,"it'ig his, fatJl>:.F-s goals of conquest, Bet.bud favo!'s Mde-g<lutlt's

,pelky crf ma.i;ipulatiou. -

Prince De.h1Jd~s. perscmal s-igil is,.a .. tylJz-ed blacli.?!Jnburst 'ill a pale yellow f'reld..

F:rilu'e .Aglud"ra.n.th:al (}IE. l:nale.$had~ SorlOjFttlO/Cl.l'61 Sh<!2 of Shar) took G'l'cr as COlUlllall.der of tbel! HighPrillC.C·'S pe:r~onal borlygu.ard .... lUL!l the City of Sh.ade 'retW"uedt>o F",eru!I. He bCiWS tlllit Ii is ant)! a m~ue-.r 0f 'lim!e' before the High Prince i.:l the ""(get of m """''1lSl;j:na~IQ]] a~(;l:~llt-b!it whet.her fh;Lt atte~pt is directed by all ell~m¥'g9vel"un~e!:lr, 1I i;e~:ret o.rg~i7.at~on st.lc.b.·iUJ the Harpers, 01 olle .pf IDs 9Wlt hrotherp, b.e d.oe.."iU't knmv. Eo: doe:;;n'~t rea Ily c.ar:e. eit,W:r, be" t:aus~ Aglarel lias 1.'1:0 interest in what he sees aspoll'lt11.l"Si!> palit.

. lea! a ltd powu ;sq!,1~ !'lilIes. He eil;; IOY1il.1 to hili. father f~S;t aJl~ . fQ.;.'~lIlo.st and d=,rot~5 eV¢ry-wli.kil~g,.mmll'teto prot~t.mg him.

Pr [nee: Aglilret·s per.sollll:l. sigij is ':I great he'1m in llmnl!!', stl:e] 'hl.u:e with black ri;o;r~ts, outlill~d in b1a!>k Gila. dark ~rnng:e field;

Th.!!" mcanillts

Below th~ my.a'! familr,bu'. fat aooy{; t'he avel'a,gt Shntiovaf in ;lutlipr:ity and "intPOftrui1;:e. are- [~e WIT;il;.!'d.sailcl ~!lrce'l":eT:i of the- 'City of Smile... T>lking their name from th<: ,mci"rtt 'Net11er~st term for witard, th~ arcanists arethi8 mll.gi~"l badbene of the dry. "Emf' gtaff thil Institutions'of lea.nw.lg, t1",ill the ta lenteIJ in the $e(:rc~s, of the Mt, acnd support ;os:riCiI:t:i

. missions as [he twehre pdnces command. TJlcre are ap;pi'm:~ !baldy ope thm5<mcl arcanisrs ~"rnt iIi [he t~t:y; cl whom rQug!!1)" 1'01'0 It!lr\d:re.ti r Jft)'an sl.iadi~ 'The ~iiad<f' :ljc;tnhu; ate b.y far the more powerful representatives, of the ~r0uf'l .:arldi they .hold the positions of hi~hesniUt;1101'icya.w0Ilg):he arcau-

isr 1lf>Seln bli es sll!'1 tlrgll.ll lJ.:aHO(l s., '

Typical AtoU.liu: LR b.wn3,!j l,lJiz-il-jShaJ. Typica1.Seni.or ArcaD~t: t;E shade Wj~g./Sha J.

The: Military .

Some Sh3.dovars :wllo de.mol1suate"ol'lly minimal mag~errl .aptitude lind.a .I'-espected place in .il:c city's milita.ry. MQSt b~gin as llmW-i'il..it'k'inlg s(llili~rs, btl r ?-inpIe QPporfuru~i' c~l:sts {(!jllihe a M"e ~Ildwtellig~lr.tt'" earn promQtroll.& into we fil,;:ik~ of the ·offiCt·[S. Ih.~ City of Sfutde 5mr~red :i.nrlumer<tb1e,~nack~ fiom a 1."3.[ iet)' .of hostil e ereatures dur:ing its 1011g rojQtJWll.in. the Plorne of Sh-adow. and the- army bore '[he brunt of these: offensives. Now that the 'SltadaV'l1..rs havecome back 'to Faerun, the R\g:11 fc.mee: has ord!\"r~ milt ·tbe JwJJtm:y"s :num.kr;\\ and readlue~.

iJ.iUtJ!,s,e 3S swiftly ;>1> p:()t\sibl~. ,

T.h:: Git.y of Shade's a[my current:!y itlumrn,r~.apprm.:i1I!:atdy rhrN~ dlOtlstl-ud .soldiers. Thebnlk of 'these, IHlm ber 5 are humlUj de~{;-e11de1"tts of N'er,h!rrrL \\rhi!~ aoouttwo htl rl:d red: Iln~ sbade-,s (i.ndudJng ;IlL dIe 0fficl:f~ libpve: the ra.llk of li~tlten~nt} The High Ptilll>e.is the commallder of i:".be~.I'"in)\, but ire wcli~.s 011 <1 trh.lH.lVlnte or g/;nerll.ls~5helk"'t" V.adenryth" ~e<l 'IYfl"ollusto d.eve.!.cp <lDqiIgpJemel1.t .militaTY stcat~ies en dl but t'lie moor dite o[ IXcamons. Eachgem:f-'!l commamds -roug1l1y Olle' thffilsa'nd troops, and. the.!"!: afe mtwy ~i:dalli;;::d ~u.ad!l a'rid dl" vwiQl1~ wi!.:iWlrh~ iU"mY,~Q.me 9f I.'~ese gr'Qi1pS vie with one mi· Dthtr in rivrucits tbat G1ng-e hom mostly fri!!Jldly (f\lIch :1Jj. that bet\~'e.l;11 till: First Expeditimlary Division ,jIlIt! there-oral

Scllllts~ to d.:n'igetmlll (Slldl ali that hetw~n the High PrinL-e'i, Persons] Guard .and General Shelkar's Black Swords).

-Typicu Shado1"U' &I.diu; LE nWllan FtrllS6r~

Typical! Sbadovat LiCIl,ttUllE: I.E buman Ftr3/SorL Typicd Shado-var Capulin: NE. shai;l;t! Ftl'f/oort

. \,


Sl:Jado\'us who show [10 aphtilde for e;pe[!s higher than 0 level Of for warfare are' assiguea to ORe of the cemrnon rsnks of society., These folk make ~ '!he bulk of 'tHe in!:l1:lbitall[;i til the'City m Sbad~. They knot" their placeunu uudl:l'sC;ltld'that the city'~ 'SUJ'vival .dep,elld~ not. only on their ability to WOl,"K hard f?I' its" future but a:lso in fheir €IOCdEnCe to their ,s<X::if'ty's structure. The Shadov-ar commonor is loyal to his princes and devoted to Ilj;; city. the Fare: citizen who dlspJn:ys behavior 9l" (0l111'Il!:rS jJC~~ th:.u m,lIY ll1Jdel'miJ1,C' rht"cJtf;~ ~atoty 0;1' SiXurity at'1: di;cov~tla. OftelCl by' the liability's, paId. W IJi'rmil11~ and pur to deOlth.

TypiilaJ Co;mmDDu: LE Jnnnall COil1/..


The QI't}f Of S1Ulde requires oorutant maintenance, due eo thestresses 1,[ endures while- moving through the atmosphere, 'Ibere are hundreds of crafter's ill the city. eaeh spedalilinl; in Wle of a ullmbet" of tta:de-s. (ml'!5~nry, psving, carpentry, rneralworki.llg, leath!trWoikiug, aill:~ similar tasks], Manyhave mall;;g,ed to learn one-or two arcenespells (a.level) to help east their lahars. The&e $ileUs ru'etypkaIly diago( bIJ11'd,. 71unili,1f" fJpenj ,W!!, or pl'esJigid"l,lIJ1J, All.cnltttllfs are bUJnjUL 'lliey iLl:i[a their fuuilies e~pe~t' reasonable tl';Ol!'tme!~t: f,om their 'bert'en .. 1'\'l1d their W3g~ aft' suff~dlmt [O.:~llow them to fi\'e comfortably if [lot hUUI"'IQusly.

Typlcd Crafter. LE h!llJl:a:n E.xp4.


Even in tIte trear:QIj;:rOUli all~ !itr411~ llane,ofShadow, the {:ity of ShademaintaiIl:¢d an 'Ilconomy. Trs merchant class mrs skilled in obtaining uw mne:r.:JaB and otner goods from the pl<lce5 ttl!! dt)' y-'l5ited in that da:rk realm, ltnd Ilmkmg them availaMe f.O th~ir fellow dtizew;. Prices.nre stj',I);I;'~y ronrrelled, II i:!i the mlnti.llg aljd d:i5nibution of cY.rl"ency. Thus the economy is artificial. intel1d~ IRon ali ,<t, mesrrs of regul:atwg. .lrpply and dcmand than allQi,vmg anyot<<: t() earn a proflt.

Typkld Me:r,chant: NR l;tUI'liUO l"ixp4.


Th05e citizens who shaw no 3:jlritu:de flilr ~~11lgiC; rdigioo, crufts" er ;l;llY other usef ul ~lll:p'foym Emf jom tbe ran ks of i'fn: perwl'l'31_ servams, These foTh" are asslgned primarily to dDlllestk ~ole.:; such as l'l:l~d. valer, inessenger, "uJ 5l:~d cleaner: W'bHe they have no hopp or oorll~rifig their: lives, mall}' hope and dr~ <Imt IDeiii:' childre:li farel'len:er_

Typical Sct1'll:!lt: LE human E..tp1.


SJavesoccup}' the !m\~s~ r.ung 0.; ebe Sbadov<ir socia! hidd~t. SQm~ sIaves at,e ~aJov.a{;5 v.1'l:o (;Khi"bit IlbsoLuteiEy no Illicrul skiIl'ot .talel}t; Ocln:t5 are dtizi!11,S ton ... icted ~fm:mc;tpitat Qff~!i., The major.ity 3f~ ;b1.Il.llanoith; ~aptUl'ed by the Sb;adoV1!:lts 011 " slllving (:xpcditionor aC'l.uited ftom slave trll de rs.

The slaves of [be Sha~ovar:5 expect i~,o[bilJg b<;mn' t"h!\il !J'lit!s

of menial :Ia~ and drudge:ry. How a slave is treated is left endrely to the individual slave owner: Sonte, particularly iUl'long thearlrtocnuJ~ .eg,men~ of s~ety. prefer to f!1glH"d !ila yes as t. 8- vored pets. hut there is Ill) reconrse foF' a 5~ve wb.osc: muter dccides to treat fum witb,b.Jrut~lit)'. 'Tlae slaves of the dty know beuJ!' t11;Ul. to ,a'( I'-cmpt: revolt or fliGh.r" llOWe'lle.r. Theil;' masEeJ: s pO$esspGwer::l:[ least sev.c:.ral orders of magnifu,de higher [rum trut r of,thl! iypjellls!a.ve. Vlon;c, the ShadovaI5lrn ve DO reservaclans .. bout simply 51~yiri:~' rebellioes slaves out of luttl-dand acquirm.g: mOte later.

Typi1;:U Sian; LE ore ComL


What da d:le shades really lVlU:ltr That quesrion has been on the mil~dS aed IiI)!; of TIobJes"..sages" and adventurers alike C;-VCf since ~he Cit)' of'Shade r il".'>r cast ih sbadolw over tb"dtiSl:rt&Ultls.TIlll ~ !.erg,}' of 1'l1l11:'ittl'(l!JS d~Jtil!S \\".ID C to .k ll{)W whether 't;liey sbo~ild !)e p.r;epariJ1g to '>mge a .holy war agrunS't the shades, Mo.nard:is In dozens ,of natiol1s anQ dry'sta~~s eye ,the activitie;6 -of the shades, with. d~t!p concern, und some. hOl:ve s.e.r,iOOsly: considered whethl:r or nor to call up tbeir Le'l'i,(l:5 tobo~t~t i1~fo;nses mICaS<! the shad!5 c;nQC.'lS(t to move against th~m. M;:oanwhl!e. those skilled ill. the An seareh for 'the means to deal withthe shlldeS' BrC<IIlC _power shoold the worsr happen, lind learned f91k througbout Faen:ln rum to f'ragmenrl of ubScu.re ~nd incomplere Jon: in an effort to glCJ111 marC li.1fW'matlGn '.thou'! the true nature of the ;;;1$;ks a]J}u their !J[!te·mightj' ,riviJi'fJltioll. H~I\l~vet> foi the mcmem OJ1'ly the 8h~t!'!)\,;u-s kllQW whillt tbey trllJy des!!"!:.

The concerns milt rrouble t''he gOOd I"o!k ef'Faerltr:l an not -

I m:i.sl'lac ed. Higlt Prlt)('e Telanicnt docs indeed uuetld to e.mbadi ,on a ea.mpa!lgil of OOmju.eil~ inI:mecl.iatdy after die shades deal with t.be phaerimms, The City of Shade simply cannot contain his a.1l1hitiOns any longer. He was born [0 rule, ami for lniUCnD~1I he has bad to content hiulSelf with ene ITt· fling cjty. Now tJiat ill Paernn is available, fo r hirneocenque.r. he plans to us tore the old Nct!'llcr.esc Emp.ire nnder his

. rule aD,d ex.tend irs forme!' oolJ.;)ldarie.9 [0 eneotupass the Heal'dand!;, Enc'h of ii1s "pns CQve,l} ll;t least one portioD of Faeruu as his own {:i"fdom, and. thll sooner the Sha.dova,rs :ge to " .. 'ar again,st their infer lOr!!;. the seoner die princes receive their just rewa:ra:I5.

'fhe-princes differ on bow best to achieve tills end. ~holl.gh they take care eo clrprcS!; such ideas c;t.l"cfuily and !=.tfuJ1y w'hen in their fathd'1i preseuce. Some favor Looting magic and knowledge from oM Ncilicrcse sites In Faenrn ",ud. then Dsing this power in a campaign of eliminatloe 'directed against those cities ami even races tllll.t might pose a tbire-at to Shadovar conquest. Others would prefer m ally with one or more illag~J'!!-cies sum 1"'; the Thayans ill order to share arcane lUl;owt~ge !1!nd "divldl:;-ti1e I"espotuibili\ks of conquest (and d.i:>eard'w r.ile:>e aillies Il)f cnnvetrience ,DIKe victory is a.c:hU:'ve(l, maruralty) several _princes ndvocate i!l mere Sll;~de ilipproaclt.. They :suggest mal'!lp~latLng; other g_r'O'tl_P:l and. wl'ldividuals • .'io!vm!! d:i$SClit ..,mong tllcm and eocouraging the.m to rip one am;~I\lltl'r apart:. These prillfes WQold l~ to' ~ tb.~ citl(;s lind nati~ns of th~ Hcarthmds engulfed by <! l1uge;,; all-out war that" would enable the: Shidovars [.0 impose QI"m:,r Illl.rbe weakened victors.

One tb:illg is deaT ~o both TemlT,lont and his ambit,\QU!l-prog('ny. They [ann(j~ b¢gin their conque:;t's until tIley lnow rllOl:e l'!bout me CIJcfent shape of the. wodd :.ul.d if~ inollbit;mt •. It i.


fOes. The phaerim.ms are, at long laaf, free te centinue their

cLmpai~11 of desrructien. . ~

o/heLl. tbe: escaped phserimms tnresreped the city of Evereska, High Prince Telamone lesr no time in lelldillg'ShadQiVlU': Blilpport to. me: heltlagllcTen .:Jf COIDililill.1t)T. Wbatever rhe rest of Faen'ill may t:hlnk or SllSjie~t·of 'th~ Sh:a.dqyou:s; man)' elve-s !lave grut'lglng!y expressed their sincere ';gratitude for thJs. valuable aid~wltbQut the arcane migllI_ of tnt! City ~ Shane, EVtrt'eS}ta. wOllld almost cj!·f[Jl.h~lr lD,w been ;des1toYed. Th~ pitEtcrirruns" thwarted in chdr .attempt: to' exterminste the dves.lmv·f' been sea rrered 'as a result Qf t1re CGmil{g of the Shudm'ilr, Tellunom and hia $GDS 1l0W~a tbeircllGTgy COW<llid locating 'and d'l:Jtroymg the rema.inmg pha.e~imms. .

. Exactly how the phaerimms escaped -rheir pr.isoo is !'tot known, but rumors abound. Stories c-lrcula,tillg, in the tal11k near Anauroeh dallll that their I;"d~ru;e '\1'as at:cidenrn1. the result of an ).lmortwmte c.oinbinariol1 !'If magwal ~n~rg4es across the ~har-ns' aiagle 1O';'ll1l. Other raniers hitl! that it was dIe Shull>vlli"s dlcmsehte5 wlio an::<Ioged for the release of tlle:ir old enen"Jies. What better way, these tales, ask, to earn rhe tru~t and g~will of others,Htan 0)1 c-omiilg to the aid ru Eyer~b? 1h~~e- same voices whisper _;tha-t it wa~ the"(iity of Shad~ tha;t destr<qyed the Cormyda:n dry of Tilverton, using ancient Nethere;;e magic to reduce rhe romm'I.!1itj' to <I. sIDokin,g craltl?t.

Titus fal'_. Do or.gaJli7,ecl oppooitiOlLto thl' City of Shade ha$ formlOd, though 'this state of affairs eal~flot tQJ1t;=.ndure.lt is olily -a ~llttcr of time before the targets of their enmity'dio' cover that the Shadovars mtelld to subju[,i,ate tl1tlD, SoveLil.l: g;I:QUPS are antvdy ~VC.tig;ltiilg Ule Slladovars' vm:imiS-ll.I.rtivitie5: These n~clude the Harpers. wpo"re d~d:irntnlg -an increasil,-g pem:nta,ge- of their resources ro investigating the shade threat .. To date. file}, have de:tel'lninea the fOUOll'lmg,

_ One (If the. jrrinces of Shade has' quiii!t-ly obtained a uumber Qf human slaves from the T.haya:l1 enclaee in 'Fr05kur and is tramportil"lg rhem bilC~to Mamoeh by 1:l!llknown ·means.

Sevetal.lIJdit'iduabi. i_q, cOllu')umiti'es. Dlr.I.1: rlu.e bo.de!'!; Qf A I1clUl'och h.tv!: disappeared in eecent months, The OJl1,ly link between the di!a!'l~eanu1<:es Is [hac [he City or Silade- WiIS repottedl)' seen .in the sky near t:licse; placr:~ aI'oun'" tl\it ti:mi: thltc. [he missingp-eQP!e 1l'an,ishcd.

E,xpeditions from the City of stlade are exploring some pre· viously tlnlrno~ ruins U1 the vjcin:ity of _Allaurocb., A pail' of Hiu'pet scouts ha'V~ j~t to ,report b<!dt af[ti" ootdn g QlI.t to ill"es,. tigatejLlsf.s-ucll ,..1) espedltion somewl1ere ttl the Fallen Lands.


!,(t!cil;~ly this ~ack of-eoncrete informatica rhar has pre¥finted Telamon~ from making It final deds-ioo ,a~OIi.t ;)m invasion. Likewise. thm is the: reason behind the Shad-O'!.'m"S' Current exp~arlllory forays intQ various lIU(S of Faertln, as W;tlU and their mlllt fot .the -remnants of their destroyed empire. The :J'~eBt rd~~SoC' m ~he pjl<!~I'.imI.DS frem. the: shar"ml ll:J1(:ieJ;;t prioo:n under th~ sands, of li\nllllroch MS alEo caused rhi: SimdovaJ1; to delay reacJrin~ agl'ee'tnent On a final !It-rategic pran. Even the c(}nqu~m·JJUngry Telamont cannot resist thf: 'OJ>pafl:Ullity 'to

des-ttoJ rus peopb:'5 mo~t;h;;;ted cne~es, .


The High P,r..iJll:t"~d his sons engage in 11 Iimited fOrll1 of [[e· (f"llil~g, primarily from within the citjz.etU~)' bem aui! 'bJI'ei in the City of Sf\adl1 . .Although It is well witrun their po,w;;r to transform any living creature into a shade,. tlleypr'eJ'Cr ti::Ydo so oo]:y r.pa,mgJy" From thilirpemt of new, tlie[,talls.(ormaticm is a great bomor, not to be g~ .. en light!)". l"Jley kstow,it only upon those- they (1011S!lieJ[ worthy to join 'th~ tllootcLite segment of Shillovar sociery. Those who~afteif reaching ,dlle ag.e of rnaj9rity. displtiy U:iHt5U:al ilrl!$oe t~ltlJt, OI M'i'e o;r1l_erwloc disdu· guishcd themselves through!.·n~ice to t.be city OJ' its royally, are sometimes C'hQllfin to< become shades, An iJld.hriduaJj marked fQC the traflSfOIJ'lLlltlion ~ not h;ave the option of refu~ing, _

lui for 'thQ5e nor born Slwdovar_. the ruling elass ,rGllSiders tbem fit only for serv:ltud:e and conq"!lSt. The <only exception is Faeronian Ilatives whom the arc:lnist~ have iden.tifie4 <as: pasJle!ismg S1Jbstantia:! Netbere3d an~try. Ti\laJ1lont ba:r;,.aul'lior:ized l"rln~~ Aglarl!; I. ro seek oat a nd capture those pt-ecioli$ f i;'v;' in whose veins the ancient blood of Nethenl yet.fl£lws.The Prince arranges for [be: secret :rbdm.1;ion of these Individuals, •

. brillging[hem to rhe City. of Sb~ds where tneycRIl be exsrnmc(ffi and studied ill orJer to determine w.hethe. tll~v are

worthy for indu(;tion. . - .

The ~bades bave I1Q compuncriens "hout 5'1'1ellmg the: ranks of slaves in their city, however. To dice they havC"captuted untold !Iumooi'iS of gnolls, gob-lins_. ~nd orcs from the lands fWrroiJudill"g Atltll.ll'Oc;:b. "fhe majority of these unfortunate humnnoids toil in the City of Shade, perf.orming ill manner of tne'J.lwJ ~S'kSdl:llde[ the lash. Tbe 5h<ld~ 5-end Ute rl141;l.lndl:lr of !;j':;u:ir -;;J.'l.1v'e" to labor in the arcl:Jeoiogical diss

a-nd orhe,r surface enterprises, •


Tb<! City o'fShade has no Iormal allies, though it ~ not averse to forming tern pOf-'!Fj' a lliarrees of (1011v.tn ience wj,r;jl these lV he have .'iQm~thu1g to· .offer that the Sn3doV1!r-a cannot Q,; pr'!lfer not to obtain fm-themselves._


T~e Hig:h Prin~ anti hi!> sons cOIl5.i-du eVi!ry other race, calmre, nation, city, and group in Fa.~iirn to be thdr ,~nemie'S. Howewr, there exists; ont: race' for wl:ijcll they f!lei lJotllmg ather than whj~-lrot;, bitter :hatred: tile ph:aetJm.ms. lpng after me City of Shilde d!"Pm:ted F:ac.niu, the pl1ae:rinmj.s eml· tim,)ed <to '~r:LT-ori2.t: the wodd ulltil another prinleval race. the shUJlS"pllt a .SlOp to thi:ir de p:reda tl.Otls. The shatus' imprisoned t1)e J!lial:Ti1l1111ls -d~p ~1~CJlith [he sands of AlilaJj~(l>Ilb. wht!fe they have remaifl.~u for c'entul'ies. But' tbe re.rum ef the ShfldoV'.rrs flas eomd~k>d \~'ifh the return of th~.ir most bateil

CkrtaiLLly the Re.d Wi1..l1nb arc:aoo lnteusely ittrtrtcElhld m what goes on i.n the. Crt), of Slliidc~ put-ltl!}atly since by all aCG9{lJl ts its i»11abir'l1nb POSS-eSS an enviable iU~surC; ef arcane pov,'i:r. UnfartrJ.lia~e"J:}' for the Tbajans, all the,ir efforts ro entit~· .th~ SJJadQVm"-S W,tQ rbe: eoc~v~-s have wfar faile-d. The SblUIQV;J[& ap.pCiU' to be purposefully .3.;voi.diJl& the enclaves, and titeR- artirude toward tite ia;~a of ~e Th<tYiU1S' mercantile endeavors could lkst be! described! OI.S contemptuous, Thec!llly koown ex· cepti(,)l~ took pl-aci: in th~ ProskuJ 'I'lIl.(ila.ve.,and t1JarWilS oilly tOll ncg@ciatc the jurc):ta$e of human s1aVeg. The 'l,.ulkl.r~a1'i! !lOW cont~nlpfuting a policy of ,authorizing the cflcl;nres to trade i11agic. jtt-lll~ il1. r~ll!~n foll' so<lld ~9rmation .r~g.ardi\l!J:g the. shrtde.s' Q_per,Q.I;i{l115an(! goals- If t:b,,~ Fails. t~e Ret! Wlzards are obUgoo to- t~h motc. direct ;lcti~n fo penetrlli:~ tIle veil, of se· Crecy liu.rTOmu:l ~~g tail ir targ."(~



Tbe Sll.ldQvars rarely leave the pOWllFful haven of their ftyillf," city. Pifhell they do. they travel j'n g1:0UpS for pr«cctiol1_" by order of the High P'riLa~'I:, 'Only a Prince of Shade or a 5Qlili~r 1.11 the Sh;ildQvararIl1)' :holaing the f1l.uk of captain or higher m~}' 1eaiTe the .dty. wIthoot escort. 'Evetlt.bf"{~. the t.ray,ei.1og Sh~do'i".u rnus hare iii kgitim_llw reason 'fer jounnyi.nl!; through the lands eJ;lt~ide the city. The rulers of the City of Shade ar~ extrt!ftieLy careful abdut whom among their uorumUlJiry they choosete allc;l\v outllid~li fo .see, because exercising such care enables them to beuer conceal th~ir tr~e numbers and p-h,\1i. While it ili clear to non-Shadovars that 001 every rcs.ide.IJ:[ or the flying ci1:yi.ll3 ahll.d'e. they cannot be. ~rtain exactly ho~ ma11Y 'are~llti [he High Prince ';';-9u1d like tQ keep ~t this w:ijy. ..

Typical ei;lCm:illte;r.'l with shalles ou~s:ide :their city at!;: with ul1eWtio.lla!!]r forces f'lsiglle.d to :aJxpmpwh ;I. :panitular taJrik, I\'h~thc:r ji'ollticaJ. ~rdic,QI"I!ical. 01' murderous The-sit gtoup~ ~mmber Oill}'"Ivbere from five ro one bUL1dl"ed,.nep!:::Il.ding on till: nature oC the mission, and are in1';a.riab!y comrnanded by characeers wiib lc\'els _ill tl,te s~do\V adept prestige class, The type or mission normally dirl!:ltle:!i whether anarcanisc or 'Ii S101diqf ISin cQlllm.!!l1d, but all Shado,,'ars-arc ourranked by a member of th~ royal family. A Prince of Smde \VJlO commands ~ e:llJledinon eXpects to be obeye4 llstll!l,.ly and tlnqucstloningly. Mest: expedi.cioils Include aclerk nf Shu, a lank-i11g of~ite'r d thr:

Shadov~i: army, at least one mid- or low-level ;m:anist, and !I number of soldiers ilili! hb.or~~ befitting the goal of tne rnis- 51.011 andthe 5.tUI:1S ofl:h~ commandl!'f.

OJlly Ha&hUJ1f js 1;U9WJi!. fa tlt3Yci without a-n escorr, by ~~1!:ial pe~ul~il)'ll of hl~ lord. Whj;>D Hadrhulle is encountered without bodyguards. Q£ c.bel aCi:ompanying f[Jtlctjo!lari~fi. 'it means dla r :he is Iltl!l,'er taking a special m i5.~ian Utj:dCf the' authodc)' ,of roc~Hi.gh Fimee. usually us his mlts(er'5 dirt-c:r emissary ~O'SOlll:l:i fOl'ei,gti power,


StAndard R.e"QDnai~l!JiIIc~ EnCiounte:r (EL 10) 1 shadow adepr (NE shade WttYjSnlll'Z11 clerk GNE. human Glr3 of Sh-at. domains Dal'J.:lleSJl. Knowledge). 3 bodyguards (hTE human Ftt'2jSbrl).

Standard E:r:cI vadon EnCQDll t~r (EL17); 1 shadow ad-ept (lII-"E sh":lde Wi:tIOjShar),"l- d:cric (NE slade cur of·Sh'at:. domains Dad.ue~Kn:owledgc). 1:lill.pmu1 (Nf!. sl:Ul:de FtI"1). 4 srcanisrs (N'!? _sh.a,~~~ Wiz5'), <) bodygu.rrd!i ,(NE human Ftl''l/Sorl118 soIdie,:; eLi- human Ftrl/Sorl)' 100 $'lave.:i (N me Ci:nn1. J1<lI1COmnaWlPi).

'Sta.ndarfl'muIwm En;~rmiD~tioD SqILOI,d (EL ~2.); 1 sfuadQw adept (NE shade Wirl.l/Sba9). 1 c~pu(in (LE shade FtrS). .4 arcanists '(NEshade Wi1..7)~ 1. Jj~ll.te:nants (LE shad.e: FtTf1 ro 'badygun.rds (I.E human Frr1/SOrl), 100 solm~rs ~E. haman Ftc lfSor l.}



Sbad~. ~'{e em<tordinarr access to most mundane types of m:J.gic items, ,including Mmol" and 'l'I'eapuns. Vtb:at rbey ~Rln't or' don"t wish to create for themseh'e">" th~r can el!5il-y purchase. They 'Ill"e anll15c1:'I by [:he Jtecli-Wir.ard$' ~ttempts to E'llbju£ilte F:taihi ~~JmmkaUr, and ,tb~J admire tile' v;'jzards,; en~rpdse. hut there !~ IlnLe- 'th~ Thayan endaves offer that rh~ Shadovar

. denot alread ~ poSS'tss.

Fo!!owing is :rh-e typical eqttlptllC11f!, i:eal:S~ and abilit;t scores [gor a SJlado"!'u- s6ldillT. (&:e the ,u;cm-mJpan}ri:ng bble for more dctaik) Tbe. ~blldl."Jvar S0idieT is a lJll!il:l.r1-flgllittrj!lorcerer. so the bUltlan bonus Ieat and I'kill poiut<; are included in this summary, T~ SllaJovar soldier>:S default skm choices art Coucl:utratiOIl, Rid~'

(dire bat), Spellcraf~ Ilnd Spat. Because di~ armor till:' typ[Cill • e' t N th 0 t· r

Shadovar soldier we.lr~ interferes with ~ncasting,'rno&t prefer AnCl-fi'.' e ecese_u -pOS

to ClS[ long-duration spells that e .. 1l1ancdhe'11' ibil\tks. rel~'ing on Sln~ their ret1]J"11 from the PlaJI!: ,of Shadow" rhe shades have:

magi~ it'eftlS spcli'as ~~'lU"Id5 or st:ro11s to lnvok.e speUsin ""(),nlbOlI;. not been idle:, and accm;n~yitlg thdr activtd~s hR'6 00<:11 II

lsI Lcvt:1t Mnsterwork bre:lStplate. mllsttrwo,r1l. tllnseUl'j f healthy measure of spesularion about Ihdr true aims and de-

javelmli. PQtiom btlll!. smenglh. sires, Hardlr a civiUzed culture In FaerUn- ~ tJ!QI; ae-ard.(lf the

. 2.n.d Level: +1 ?in~a:itj11litf4 (25% arcane spell f~c1 master- s.!,m,des al1d[hdr ast,onislifug nyillgcicy·. $Qm¢ dti.e9 nne' eVen

\IIor k ranseur, 5" ja\!(:Lins. Warui:''itlflgf. mis.ilt (10 d:w:ges} Pi:K-j(jjJ~ r~ejv~d the: dubious honor of a v i!;i~ from <I ccntingen t> of

cure {igJJr1Pml1~d5_&roL!si shitJId, magic'll/capon. ,these beings or the City of Sh3:de i!t5.elf: .At times the libade;l

:lr,d Leveh +1 hr:eAItpf4ft: (21% l1IC!IM spell fa.ilure1 master-, pU.rpOllq seem clear, T:her desire to obmin informatioIl-''l:OOU.C

work ,3:fcl:5 ur, 5 javelins, Wand: 1l{tlgi~ :i1Ils;.il1!' Ord, 10 c.l:Jarg~~J the land from which t,hc'}, d~:'parttla So long ago, seeki.ng [0 un-

I'ations: ~t~re ligln "/pormdr til ·Scroll.: JhiE4d (2), m>f~j, we.~!M de.rsr"'-nd its history, geography, and inhabitarrts:

(2), bl~IfHtr..englh, But not all their IDoti:variona are as readi1v vfiibl;: lind, under-

+th l;c:vell +2 bf.7JiZttptaff (,}S% !lrC<lJle srcll.fail=). masteJ;,- stood. Reports have surfaced in rec:eut mOl1;h.o;;, }>Iltt.icul.utr ill

work :l'al1Setu:. r javeli!l5.·W:'!mi :Agd..tJ,{JIUtIt,Js sm'C«!I' (4tl1" ,lO uu;ps:e communkiss l:o.:;IlJed near [he great des:cn of AIDlru"ocn,

{'narges). fottOll;. mre m04.t:rafe 7l!oiliJds. &rolls~ sMi'lIt/(1;')_, magic 'that sizable numbers ef shJl.d.es baye been SCCn in remote ~!!!I:S>

"/VMjWll (11 but!. strmgth. • 'ooaut"J.,king,®knawfllIctiv'iri'CS. The shades turn away any ",",'00

,ftb .Level: +1 'h1'~'d$lF"P,l~ (2f'o/.l. a:rC1I11e speU fai:hlre). +i'lt:nture too close .to these proreedings, disoourag,ing t:tlIiosit}'

yn'm'i!fW, r'jav,e!:ins. W\l:od!; IIIM,iJ: R1is~i1e'(grd" 10 CMrrges).l'otioll: wi[,b rurel1.rs and dil!plays of force or ft1\1gic:. Sante Iolk who re-

cure m(ul~mite 'lu01mds. SCrolls: rb,ieli (~} {used to heed Ute;; shadlls' war:nmgs ha ve wSlLppiax~d. Tbll~ f ar,

6th Level: +1 l'1"e.i1stf!'lli~ ('21% arcane spell failulI'e), +1 t'b~~ mmon and r-epoft,s h.rve not ~tidte{l any Sort or off!-Ci.al

rtWtr!'lff, r Ja.vellns. Wand: S1Zll1(lfi'~ J:p.~b411 J'ffl(l~ (#h. 10 re,spon'Se fwm the-cGlnluunides in which fhey are .repeatcd, atilt

coorges) Potion: osre mmitfftile wolltliir. SeroUs: ilt1lhibl7lty, !hleld- in 110 small part to the fllct that J:;d05F fQll: fecl .:'t gre;!t reluc-

(1), btdls .fjffl~tlh. Dlire bat oonDrt, ttm..::e to involve: themselves in tn.\: affairs. of the lihades.

7th Levc:b +1 'bre~stpl'!Zi:e ['11%. arcane spell failure), ;jl The- followtlijg location df.!t;ti]s 'One slilich ssurce of half-un-

ranseur, :r ja:yeJ.im;. rI~/;·ff resid(JfJ(,f +1.. Wand: lJ,g1JtnJtlg;boll (10 dcrstood rumor.a 6h:ade <t;r~heo.!ogicai .e,li'pedition to ,r~t(:!vet

... .fuu:ges). Potion: cur« mlNiefdtf: wlmnds. &mU.o.: .rli{,f:id (2},z;rt'ItMr' fill «ncient l\'et.her~ outpost. The e'!l~cd,idon includes the

I'Ilagir: 'WfJaPtJtlJJl1mi. Flem&lulire l'r.!.t: cohoo. . rQllow:in.g .mem hers: "

8tiIJ ~"';!;: ~-:2 bredJ'rp/rfte (25'% arcaae sp~U railure)_,-+l rasseur, t javelins.. cloak of U'"~istaJ.1Ge-F1. W:<nd; lighming ool~ (10 charges). .Furioo; ttfn ,h:if.llJrdfe 'lJJ.lMfld!. &m]h.: sJil:1:1d (~). 1:mstr:. Huge fkndio;b Ii r e bat cohort {61ID}


Lvl hp A.O Init Spd R::tU$~ur (ld40) Ja.velin (1M) F/B./W 000,' 1Lid.e $p~l1t Spot SpelbLj}~J

1;10-1 12 16 ... 1 '20 ft. H (+1 d~rn;l;ge) .. '2 (+1 JlImagl!) ..-4/+1/+1 +s +1 .+1 +1

FullSorl 16 17 ·+1 '2,0 ftf ... 4 Cd) ~'2 ("Ii'1) '.+4/+1/+3 +G -,.2 +1 +1 rl+

Ftl:'1/Sotl 'l4 17. +1 10 fto tT (-I-l) ,-3 (j:l) + f/+lj+ 3 +& .. ~ +1 i-'2. 'i/4

Ftrlfoor2 ,,8 18 ,,·2 10 ft 6' (+1) !Ioj"' (+1) +f/+'2./+4 ... 8 +4 +'2 +'1 6f'r

Pt.3jSor2 36 18 f2 '2.0 It. +7 (1,2) +6(~1) +r/~'?f ... r +S +7' +'2 +~ 6/~

Ftr4/SaI"2 43 11'\ ~2 '2.0ftt8(++) +1(+1) +6/t"5/,V ~9 ,..'8 *"2: t%' 6/1

Ft1:"4/Sar3 48 .18 +1 20 ft. +6 (IA) -I- '7 (+1) +8/+5/+ 7 +12 ,,8 ,..1 1"2 6/6

F~4-/Sor+ 60 .19 ,.1 10ft. -t9/-t4{+4) t-SCt-i) +9j+fj+B +14 +9 1"1 +1.617/4

Ftr"f/Soli'ii" 66 Hl +-'2 20 ft. ..10/tf (.j.6) ... 8 (+2) +9/+"Jf~_S tH +~ *4 "1'1 6/7{f

Frl",4/SOI'6 i1 19 .,,2 :2.0 ft. +11/- .. 6 (tti) +9 H.,J 1·10/ ... 6/",,9 +1f ... 9' +f t? 6/7/6/;

Com Com:elltratioQ cbed ~odifier. IU~; 'Ride check modifier. Spdk:Spelktaft d'let'k modIfier. BR0It: Spot checkrqodifier.

9tl:l Level: .+2 br~a.nf11(1:t1:1 (1fokru;-cane spell fal!uli'e)., +L "'i!1~etff, r jali"d.iJ.15, gafmtlefs if cgrfJ plJ1Mr, climlt aj'rSJiJIM.'l! +1 WaniI:.fir,e!Jail (11 charges) l'(}c:ioTh~ am: maiIerJJl'll! w{J;mdr C2} Scrolk ibJdd (1.1 hlJst~. Huge fiendish dirt bat cohott{13'Ilij}

10th Lc:vel: .. 21mrasrp14Je (21% UCMle spell fallure). +1 sbr;ck· jRg TanUmf', gn;r.lll(le11 WrJgl'lJ' ptxr4ler-. t;/&?1f uf resi,kim·If..+1. ,v: ..... d: fuibnll (1'2: dtaigCS) Potions: c"'r~ mfidUr¥1<! trt.w,md. (~). :5ct~ shield (2} HUge fiendish dire OOJt cohort (10 HD}

.Feats. Ist, Iron \Vitl" Moul'tt~d Combat. 'Veapan FocllS (.I"ru_l5fur); ~nl. Combatc.eS1iilg" IItide-By Atta;:.k; ,6tlJ). wdership, Weapon Spe~lli::ttiQll (_ranJ;e.lJr)j !hh; SpiJ:-ited Ch.uge.

Ability Sc.cR« Str.l? (14 .. t 9th], Bex B{l4-at 4i:h); Con 15

.(16'lI..! Sth),Jut lQ. WisB, Cha 14. . -

Girddlls: M.ak sh:l:df Wizl0lShal~ CEt. 1 ?i' MediU.llHizc eutsider; ED 10114+10 pluJ> "di+rr~ hp 60; Init #4; Spd 30 ft.; AC 17 (touch 14, nat-footed 13);. Atk + 7J+'l melee (1M plus


ruin. During 1~ long declirJe and wSSolutlon. the plitce becamea I'efuge for <1.111 number of humanoids' and n1011~1:~rS. Orcs. b:QhgoLline.,. gnolls, "'Y"erns, manticores, :Uld other creatures in their ruIn mhabired the ruins in sl:u:cessi'Vt: years. The:}, rn .. d.e their l-ah:s amid die fJ.!1e.i1 pillan, cracked fotlrld3:[io:tl~, 1l:J1d ove~l"owll mbble, not C.ll!"IJl£, I';'.ha dl::Is p!ac.e might 0!-l~ M'I1'e been, All t.hese: creatures, Iike the f'ew 1:I'1I:!i'l:lel'~ wao pilS$d by ~ I'uills it! the IQng :>'pan of Yliars since it full, \Ve~~ COI'n" plottdy LLtla11larc that despite its harn?n appeaumt: the de·· sIToy-ed outpost' preserved inrpartant.s.ecrets. They had no way of knowing that beaeadl. their \'e.ry r~ct lay. 3 trove or ancient lmowled,ge. that would make dle fortune of arty wha Were surf1dently skilled or 111c:lty ~nough to locate it.·

ld!6.cold} OJ!' ·;nJ+lI ranged 'touch (by spell); SQJ!had.o~lJ adept abilities; A.L N'E. SV Fort +9~ Ref +12, Will +16~ Srr 10. Dex ~s. Con H. Inr 21, Wis H, Cha 1-2_ Height 6 ft.

$1::iHs nita Fv.a'I'I: Akbcwy +18, Conc~r1i'ratioIJ +H, Hidll: ~ 10, K.uowlcdge (arcana) t-19, Knowledge (th.e plalus-) +19 .. Listen +4, Sery +19, Search ~·il, .sp'ilUcrmt \ -1>2.:1, Spot ++~ CQmbiu Casting, E:itend Spelle' 11'ls,idioll~ Magic. Momirni1.e Spell. PI!f'IL1cioos Magic, Qyjchn SpelL SeObe SCN)U, Shadow We:a:lie Magie, SUeur-Spell, Spell .Penetration. Still SpeD. Tena-

cious Magic, Twin Spell. -

II! Darl;ncu or Sha&:!m; hp it; Spd ro ft,; AC ~1 (touch 18, nat-footed' 17), Atk tlrl4 md~ (ld6t'1 plus 106 caM) or +13/ .. 8 .Tatnged touch (by s_pell.); SQ_Sbnde abilities. ilia-dow adept abilities; SR '26, SV FOri: +141 bf +16, wm. j·'20. St:I' 1O~ De K 18, Con lJ~ Int 2:1; \V;s 14~ Chil. 14,

8J:jliJ .in 'D"'rJm~ss or ShmJl[i'l.U!.· Atch~my -+18. CcneentrariCilI1 +2..0 .. HidJ: +18, Knowle~!: (~re;a:uaJ ~·19~ K.itowb:d:ge (11:u: phuu:s) te19, Liseen ~8)MQve SiJerrd}! +1 tSc.ry +19,: Search +13.1

Spi1l1k,aft .. H. Spot +& •

.Sh;ad~ .11 bi.tifi~s; Con trol light. f alit healing 1, invisibility" sharle.sigbit, shadow .image, .illadow ~tr:i(leJ soadow nan!. 8b..dow .Adept Abili:fi~i Low-light vi:Jiol]" sb.adow defense +'2,shleld of shitlowS r roun~/da.y. speUpoweN1.

SfJ,t.111! 'Pffpan'J (4J61!JYfr/'Jf3/~!1; Base DC = is -t spd:l level): O-daz.e:, (leted' magic;, gb))i1 ~(1Ulld, read 1fff1I.'c; lstalar;m" cll1ltl're-/;ff1td .Iant,un,e:rJ iJI!1i.tifr,.lnag~ armor r~,;r af en/eeUe.mtll'lr, _ff;E"l1' '~r'JJd'tft;.'lnd-MeJf. (l~i.-J ,Ji:r()'W-, IfX-aie al;iIl,CI) see in;srbilirj', ill'vj,ibilif.;Jr", TilJJJ.a'$ _lJjiJeo¢lJ' li'lug,bl'f/r".: 3rd-di~t'I!l-~na!.itJ, iJ."piGJi'Vl! runes, haJJ I!et'.wm", iesss« ,iJ4dtlU' tl!I:f:Jalill1", jUt;gIHtJon"; "'[h~ha,.m ~"(J(ISfI!"". e" e rva~:i~fl-; n;ryi ng,. ~had(nQ';;Orf1<IITialitJTi". ston« .ki1;(i,· ft'&-a omlr.uztf! p~Tt~}]/', l.mid m:p'l1sler", gr8aff1T riJc-dow te~.tt.l~'i~\ sha,dow e<ill)(i.t:.Ii-w"; 1Itq{1 of jToti,,' 6th-legm,d IQre. mas.s .rf(~t'slir1"",. sh.ld:aw ~a~iJpr.2: 7t:il:-::fillger ~ death"", IU<ld(}lll 'It' ~i1t", Stn-l.iB,rriJ wiltitlg,'".

wBase .DC = 16 i spell le\lcl for encl:ia.!ltme-ll.t_, illusion, 11ecrom>ltl·cy. or darkness spellii.

'POnWi(!lIS; AllmM if "{i-tl~rat armor + 1, lmmrh if Ibi.eJd~ j.~fi, .Ioak rif uIiSI'd.nae' +"I,g,lW!t'S 4 J)~;ytt'ritJ' t2, P()~1J11 iff c~~'e'

SoI'ti-aH.I 7VrJ/J1ttJ:r. • •.

L:,=-voth: Thir. captain, a 'NR shade Wi.djFtra. is desqribed In the FORGCffl'I1.."l R';'ALMSCa:mpa;gp·$l:ttillg.

Sh~dQVU Arl>!!Inj6tJ (f}; Ea:dl of these is 1I NF: human. W.i:z.l', 11$ described in Chapter i of the 'J)U:N(;Jil)l'( .M..dsrSR·S Gtt;ite~

:Shad.o'(u Soliliic{5 (2-4); -FA:ch of these i.:i a NE hllli,Wl-n Ft.r1jSor1,3'5 described Q!l th_e,prerriQm pftg~. .


beep in-:_tbc:. hl!ilrt of the FilU~1:\ Luld5'-:"n strip of rLigged. Wi1ld5wcpt moors m:rtJar rI'QJti '[h~ We-liw.ru oorder oJ Anal.l'rocb-a sc;crct h;I!t remaint'.d\hldd.eu fDr. u.ntold ItUHellll.ia. C6uceaMd by jts; desolate 10Ciltil;1l1 and tlle relentless ~DcroadilJii~t ef die n:Lt~'lfe terrain, thh once: gralldiose Otltj1tls't or th-c:

Ntthemsc people slowly coli~pse.:l in the ccntm.ie~ afte~ ~ faU of its creator 1:wrnte u nr:i1 it remamed !l!«r~y :)i sn:aftE"[ed


It might seem. at first that the slaves woold be enger to throw their lot in wrth. all adv-tmud.l.~gpa:l'tl' If i.t moaJlt;.gaij~i~B theil' freedom, Rowave:r" tae sta ves IU''':: alJtlf)sr comJ:J:ter~iy- de~ala.ed' by their eaptkit}'- TIley have been to the City of. Sl:mrle, md s:~e.tI what the Shadov:ats a,:!'t- ca,pa.ble of if provoked, They have [10 desire to pllt their heads on the block. If wonld,he rescci:el1l demonstr>tce the wlierC!wirhal to holdrheii' own against the Shadel'lll's, [hoe ~[ave~ may Ile tempted to join :ill the £igh:L . Even in tbitt U1St;:a.IH;~,. however, ,ma..-r·Qf'thern WQiJ1d prefe·c tQ escape than. oonfl'·b.n r fbi S~Oy;q t.rOQP~

.Th.Il DJlj - '

Thanh to the &iErode~ and 11lc:t:P5 pl'eseil'ved ill tlte Cityof' Shade, the. S]Jadovan kaow d;ir:: approoc:imllt~ loc<fl'lon of'man), .

• Neth.erese sires, Since tie:i!;' return to Fae.run .. they h!lY~ been b.Lffii1}' re:og.i-gitl~1 in s~eki.ng ·Otlt. !\'XDE .{;!.tmg, :I~d looting these places Th(1",~h 'almost -ill have OOelJ occuJ,ied by other .races at one time or another since the faH of Nethe.ril. only rhe' Shadova:rs RIlOW where a.nd' how [0 look fot.. the Cll.ches of lIJagie items 3l1!l Ihlawledge still hidden .lI.t' mao.)' of these old structures. Five such sites have been Jecated .. md exeavated rhus far. yielding a trQve Df Nethm.se;tE;tifacu> and n.uormlltion, Ey far t.he lri03t proih.u:tive digs.lla'Vt: been il.[ the old Ne[hef~ oneposts. whkh J;Velll' smai], independent comnarnitiesdesigued to pro\' id!!~u;ppDrt . eSQu,rC!!$ aud te.III,PO:m.ry !ihe ker 'ID Neth~Tt';!le-

l'a"fil..l:l.S and ttaNcle;·5.

-Prmc~ Br(;lt-i:nUE> l~d ~.J1 exp~dit'iQn to this, area several mantlE :If t'Ci th~ City _of Sh:!de firsr rererned to Anauroth.~m:e then, a full-scale ex£-avatiall hafi been !lllde~ I~'ay to Wlcover the OllilpOiit and its treasures, Bre-nnIm has since f[![utl1o:d to thi:' City of Shad.e to bcg,inrescarching dlC uexe Nerherese site, lell:1l'ing this .dig under die able command of .Aic:anj5t Gi.r-:ljdtl5~ lone of bis long-time agents and asseeiates, Ca-pt:.,ill L!,;cvorh leads tb,~ CDlltlng~nt of soldJE-rs :lttxhe.d to·Hle dig. It is their doty to pretecs the sire from intru:dl'"r5. '~

The first stage ·cf rsc e!<t't\vado[l is· alm!.d,r well t!l1d~I' W&)-,.

Slaves ace dearing <lW'ILy all the eurth, vegeta~io:p, 'a!'l:d ~~H~tl;]r rocks that eover tlle out:p-ost .'I.UIlS. Gu:aldus elected nOt to n:i.se magi·c to rnO\fC this matt~ial because h~ \vas CO.llCetued that rome iterp pf value might be ovulook.ed .. T.hus the r.tll!~.f:S 3r~ not only obliged to uncover th.: btliried s.truotures by ha.ntl, hut also t(I pau.,stii1lBgly sift throu!;he\Tcf)f 5lJ:1llILf,e foqt'of eartb as the)! dQ so in P1'de~ tQ- enlim-e that !lothing of potll'n~aJ sig-nific;trlce is llc;cidentlilly dru:Mded. GlIiialdus and his fcllow U¢;lnistsemploy spells to IllOV"1l' the Ia!~er rods !llld boulder;!;, ont Qf


"pell'~ effect aPleaI~ c<rery much like a bt!ildlng or simimr shelter. UpQllodoscr msp~i:ciou. hOWeVll! • .ix becomes dear d1~[ tills is .no urdinary wall, Its pnrple-black surface baa a glossy. almost liquid s~een and appearance, not unlike that of an 1.11'rignt and sc.miso!Jd oil sliek, 111e ~Ol1l~_ of shade,w c'Ompletely sun~il5I.!1].d, ~fJvers;tbe dig sight to a, I:J~ight of It f,eect, InslO:I\' the P~QIJ~!!~i;Te domt, it is always night. See the ,5:h.a~IJ,a7JopJ. spefl d~tiptlon in the appendix. .


thr \!lay, bu~ only 'after 'tli~y an: CC1'taIn that doiug ;10 repl'esents no ,thtt:ilt '1:0 th~ ruins themselves. The h!lilditlgr> of the outpost are exposed one> at it eime by this metbed, !By-the time· the fipedition cencludes its wor'k. the slaves will have shifted innumerable coos of eaJ1tb entirely b, hand. So far. thdr bad· bn.'ll.,k:i:ng ~oillu,ii p,ai_d off, The digger:!! have Ill1mvMe:d and (I:trievecl it I'gl:mfu.er IOf IlUgiC and mundane trt:R$W'e1lthalC. the arca(1iserhav~ cataloged and ji11a,ced in s'[ouge for later return to th~ City of Shade.

Meanwlrile, the squad I1df' 't'Wo·dOz,ell SQ!lfiei. charged W1fn en~i.llg rhe sllcur:it)' of the expedition gtov.'S bor€d with the tedlum of their ilssigtJul:eur. Lerl by the r·edauhtab!e oCap'miru Leevotll" tbq haYIi! umh;:rtake11. a sunre)'of the land 10 the vici.nIty Of the dig site, amusing themselves by slaying the monsters and humanoids they encouurer in the viciniry, (All me members of the exp~ditio1! appreciate the huaters' Jund:i:work. whi~ qffel's 3. reri<;~hillg cl'l!'!lg~ From ~he sfea,dy dli3[ of bland, pIe,siCI::VOO roodstllffs supplied by the 'City of Sha,dc.)

ApJllOlUl.hing the Site

Evidence of the eXj;13.vl'!ti~ si~e-namdy. Lbe it.Ill& of rabbk that the digg.errs IlMI'e piled 1.1 il outside the-exea vation's protecrive Iha'4(}iIJ li'al'lll~?-ru'e pjaitlly 'r'isib.L~ i.l:l. [he .dayligru: r"Ol1.1a ~tHI1ItC of approximately 100 feet. At rhi;5 di<;;tan(e they look like irregular stone hiHocks~ tbeir ~ighter hue contrastmg 5OO1'1y wIth the unyielding browns and grays of the moor Iandseape, Observers can d)g;:enl a yeat:er ~vel or de9i~ from Jl;ppro",itllilt~ly20a feet aw:;y in tllil. d:zylig:&t. Ji!'l'Ol11 here, an observer can see that libe- hillocks ate "acmallt p(]!cs of loose lock. A Spot ~h~ck (DC J6J ;illmvs It chaeaerer to .d~tect th,u: ~me sections of rock in J'be- piles are actually pieC,\!i; ora larger •

. structure. ObsernJis can abo ma,ke eur at: tJiis distance tnat thIS rock piles axe' not'ti'te unzy unusual tbjl'lg pr,escnt. Near them ll'tan~ \oV1l:H lQOh like '1lI d.ome~i;b;tjlcd srruceure made Illlri:rely of .50UI'C Qpa,g;tlt', black substance, At uigllI, me eXOI:'I-'arion Site is not vis.ibr~ beyond the range-of rora.ilable Light,

Observiog dt~ Site

'Cbatal.ct{)1'S may wis,h ro s Wilt' or .. take out, the sit,e befere crying to eater,

NOill9\TlOment ~f1U1y1i.ind is visjble In OJ' near t11f,siu' whil,e th~ suo. is ill the sM,),. AplrQlI:ima.tdy all hourafter sunset" rile S1Hla()'llt t:il1ifJ[il is disSOlved. A ~~oz.en soldiers under Leevoth's command emerge ftonj tnt: tUg tOI rcr.~nnoit.er the area thorou.ghty (ill' evidence: of it)rruJfl:fS" before gi"illl; the: all-clear slg)1liL Leevori'! .a:nd his squa-d then stl'ldio of( "into the 11lOq,r latld's, to hUIlt. Hattl oil (.be heels of their aeputlJr'e, ,half a WIUI'I 601· diel's !Zxit the dig"3.nd take up sentry po:;itio~. around tile site. The sell'tries 'll1t'e1' tlidr ware'll pos~tion~ once every .hour. FonI' hOOES, later, the)' cxchwl$i: roles widl till: Tl:mai.IJmt h~.li·aozen ~(ddier:§. who supert1E~ thesla'¥'e6;;5 they rn ov,e lruwilnted rubble aijd "'''rth 91it af the dig com~ul1 'lnd: out onto ,the rock pile's, The hunt.er~ i1<!rmaUy retutn between FotJJl' and five hours after the'Y deput, laden with ;game l'IndtrQpbff.'S. AppJV11l'l1a~lr an hour before ~l1rise, ",,"beG the cold gray m d;twn first begins to 1ighte>1 the e<l5:tc:rn .sky, die sbol1~ c(J/'t~P:l1s- .reesta.b&heq:

1, The SluJjIP1ll (JlIIJq,J

To llrotect the dig Ir,om pr}'JIi,g eyes ilnd iUlW1ll!ted g;ue.s:tS, GlTaldus has cast a sJU~~~fI f(J;'t!>P)' spdl Froi:l1 It djstam:e, 'the

• ~. Mydmllar Houa1ng

A c:irde of massive pillar, that r~sentbk mvert'<ld' colleS ,taIved fro:p:i $Orne ll!JJ:nOWll type of dark. VGJ]C9fiJve lUethl. xi!:"lg th~' J'lIhi'~ of a cin:ulllI' structure. ~his .romlldaLfre area \If~ once

. the p.11.)'$i'<IIl aad magicalcenter of the eurpcse, the Steeds of

!:he commuJ1lty radiared from t:h~ central J:lQint; their p;1;Ving ston:c:s .h~ve long .since been PQundel:l into smaller rods and dietS!' by tbe relentless ~n~~l<!!Jght of time,

_ It is readHy a.ppWOlI1t evea to a casual ohserver t1!a~ die 11llI.tedals used to construct dcis building' were (tat of the staElilard variety. The bttilding'~ pillars and the leJtlOliuing pottioasof it;; walls and IOIltldatl(';il1 \Ii'eJ'e, forged from ~ steel more termed. than .any :known r.ooay in Faerdn. 1:1::> m;r,ICiIl.::e ~ I'Q1isbcd 'to a mk10i' ~!l,e~1. E'\1ill'l ~ii4ay; the m!:tall,ic &llrface aJ."e<l of d1:e buih:l:ing'lo remaining piC'c<;s reflects light nearly as well as the finest mlrrQ[~ and defies the rust and 1:0I:ios]6U tlm;t wouiW SU[>e~ overcome ,my les5.tt alloy. a Sll!l~eW~l ~di ch«:k ~C ?G) .01 and ll:l"ou~d the il'l.iml; of the rotlU1Jd~ enables characters to find small :pieces of' higli(y polished 'quart.!: in a myriad or colo:rs-n:d, bluet" gr~ell. orange, brown, pink, viotct, .and yeUow--lSc:attercd over the groo1i<!- A character with i Of 'more ranks in KnOWledge (hiE.tor,y) recalls [hat dte ~etherie5e made lIS.Hlf crystalline s_truet"W'es m [heir moSt p(Jt~1: 1l1agk IEvict';5, 1l. c:h~lI.ITter who maks~ asu~oo!iifulK.J!lClwletlgl! (history) cheek (Dc, '25) Je'ali:z,es,,tbRt tlte bits Qf ~ryawl are the'tio,y remaants of a .:rystall1JIe .:.hell pnc!3iI (iI.ret the ootprut's mytbaHar tn r e · fleet it$ intense :ruagicalligbt, dir;('ting and s.hapimg it to YMtoW! IJl:rrposes ijy paSl,iwg it throogl1 diffetenHolored ctylit:3JJ s,

Tbe mythallar j[~c1f' exploded during the fall of Neth'l!cil.

S.hllrd. and fragments of the magic g1qlk iemlli.1.1 within the \'illi I] itt of the !lig., The exped iti'.ol] inrsnds to locarea ncl retrieve as :rumy of them as possible in due course. Some shards InaI' be foum1 burie.d in'the earth anU rock a,s fat as a lttil" frorlii tb e dig &R:t'. The Shadr.s w;l,nt "[0 cbtain every piel:e of the destroyed mythallar, J;lO matter J~ow tiny. Gir,aldull is, will· ing to (r.adie some minor magic itl!.msa.:m:! .. quantity ofgC!ld. pieces (upC to. rOO) t'll'rc <J, :.mgle rr<l!;llle11t Of shad of the m,ytball;l r, If these negptlatiollii are unsuccessful, Giraldus reIJiUI!St:s. that Leevoth areempr '[0 obtab1 the.desired pleeesina more direct fa~bion.

3:. EJ:ca:v.rt'd Libruy

The sla \'e5 art! 11a:r~ at wor:!.: .1.1.DcO'IreJ'ing the lower remain., of th~ structure. whim ~"It5 oom: a thl'.:e-5tOry granite bl1ildiil.g, w.ithmagnlficent Ii3S'r~llef llClJ1pturc5 adoruillg its ollter \~115 and pedirncms, Tjle llbrM)" WliIS tcue outpoot's rcpQSkOl'r of knowl:dr, ~~tit:riningto!11es -a;ld sCJuI.is tfutt ~etai1l!d 1l. var!~tJ Of tOpACf. m iilt .... rf'!it co'th!;' Nrtherese:. from history [0 g,eogra:" plly~ sp~lkraft.tQ metalluTgy. While not nearly :liS c.omplete.u. the Ilbrarie5 in fhe great noating citie~of tlte day" it was llCliet'- 1'beless aD ilT'lalilltb~f: I'I!:u:rutC~ to botl) ti;J.e olltpOS)'ll i.llhat~it~n.t5


we're once imprlsoned, Each of tHe- a,p'p{9Ji;1m:'ttdy ,fifty ~1li; measures 10 feell by. 10 feet.by H feet bigh. The eell 'i\;;uls are [b,m~mcted from an opaq_!11;; blue'st:onelike .mll.tel'lal rh.'It defies identifica,rion, J'llfY are mlly '2 inches chick, and ret are tWJCt: a a had as Qcdioftl"}' p;mnite Ql:ardness 16, 60 hit points):

Each cell has-a door e011.stIuderl (If '1'.bJ: s:trilt: m:II::11;,ial.rl.1l w~[is (break DC 30) ~:h'3!t OPe'I]!'. outwatd.,a'I'i'ay from' fh~ (dl, and sports a narrow- sUt through w1ii;:h thl,l ~tlan~5 could 0"-'

serve the prisoaers, - >

.AU the celli are empty; I:mt they !Ire: srill in w()'r:lling ord'el' despite tll,e.,pas'>l!ge of y,ears,.The door,; of the oel]S "bud ppen, but if dosed che}' loci auwmatic:aUy. AIl the k,ey s that ence operated the tellloch,ha-velQ!1_g ~w:ce \'anisbcd; though the locks canbecpened with an Opgn Lock check ('J)C 40). -

mil the travei<:r5 they l!er'l«l. Tod.ay nothing of th~ knowledge 11QlJJ'cd en me- upper three floors of the library ternalns. Most 9f it was' carried away brdep.artrng Netbere~'io thl; -wake of Unt carastrephe and ended up in other Nedlf:rese sertiemfD'tS, Whll,t lit~1!: r~malned behind ivas found by the iDl,umer;tbl~ l1umanoid.5 who stunibled onto the O\'rt_poo~ rums A pnrrion of tJ1e origitlal 'bas;,r'l!bof From the south pedimeu:t ~ sd1i1 eJ:tan~ ,bowe,'er; It depict. a Netb~e:se flying- cit}! hovering, oyer it dense forest" wbi1ein the sky near [he city several dragons

swoop and dive. '

G!r:aldm focused rb~ expedrrjQll'S elTon!! 0011 This building 111'!rr wil\h a particular ~ool in mind, He sought the treasures he 00- 1leyed were still JocatGdi.io the lihrary'e.lowest level Namrnlil}' he upJon:d the l.Jpper remains or tiie lil:iJ:ar}l first. nor because he really ezpecred to finO aoything bu. because he W:l.ilt~d·lo be ~et; tam that he could inform Prince Brennus that uofbing hsd'been left tg I;'balJte:FoUowiD.1g Ills ~i1JS~CCtioll. Girald.trs inStl"lJ:Gt-.:d. the Sial'!:\; 00 demoliro the IlpFeJn: :1)001'5 ill or;de"r to elpose t.br Ii-bruy'!; fmu.iladon" whk;n they th~l1 l'iC'moyc.d pie1:~ by-:piece~ revealing a deep basement level an.d [heator3,~;: containers, GiraJdus. was not disappointed.1'he\:m'!'amers yielded J;;t'''!tmlancielillt b1:lt stiihfunc6onu.,g, !nligk items, I','hicb art Ll.OW secured in his quarters.

Tl;lc slaves cQntmlile t~ wad, rh~ 'Site" lifting the- slabs of marble from the basement floor and digging into the rock UI1- Ill:emeatb, Giraldus believes tlmt <ben:!:.i:tlaf be a subbasement bdow the h)\¥tsr level uncovered fh:lli~ far. T.he' results of til'!:: ekd\"3~ioJ:l tire pktirJly vjSj'ole. A f!jgllt ~ !l=1farble ;;'taU-s, Ieads frQffl What remams of the f01ll1dati.oll terhe basement floor, 'H' feet ~oW[Jj into the earth, The. walls and floor of t"he baseruenr ar;;: cut from die btdr-ock, though the wo,k is m.ll~b smoo't-b,cr thnn most similar efforts Qr tbe present day. The noor of the basement is lir~ed wirb larg .. flagstones cut from q_ll¥tt dlat. is rOS1'-wkitc in cQlo.r and polisb~d smooth.

.... GanstabulaI)l

The plain, gr~y granite wa[is' of tIDs buili:li.og, unadorned by any decoration, hlm at rbe s<:vuity or itS otigiu:1li ,Purpose.,The oerpost I:Ul1Stafmlarr-ict;; Iorees Q[ law and order-()(;'Cupied thJ.s simple rwo·stozy structure, :lil,d In:eJ'e I::her dn'.l.:tl~e(l-cr-imiBats and prisoners uurn thelr tim~ of Jnagm~lIJt.

Thf-' matll floor .of t"h~ bujlding con&is~ of a iatg,e s<:m'icu:wtar reception area and many smaller rooms, The moms OJ) th~ uf~p~r Aoor an: fewer in auaiber aud larg~1' in size dian thos!: on th.e fiJ:st floor. Ullfortupately, 0.0 hint 'of the builde['s purpose r&walIlS, The interior of the structure is barren. stripped dean of ilL! movable Qbjecrs. 'fbe'bllsemellt level, 1i00,vcvet'~ holds a.:;ignificam dUl: for the curious,

The f oLlndat~on ;nd s~airl' are COIl stmC'te.d or; gran rte bl~ ks, now cove-red\with 5ever:af differ~llt types of lichen. and the.pitIat!i!'Q.:lt alll!P0rt rhl: celIa.'s ee ifiog -are shaped from II. deep-red marble \Iei:ned with bJ:aq. A Seai'.ch i:b~ck (DC 12' reveals a secret door located in 'th~ noor near the .sourhwestern-most pillar:. Atlothcr Search che.ck CPt; 'lr) allQWii the &;Mchcl' to naticl.' t!lit dIe settet jjOlli' ill 'Qper:i'I:~d :by gmlUling a: pa:rtlcuh1I o<:ctjOJl or the nearby piUru:.lIud rotating it couol:erdodtwise. Thc~daor slides a.~Vll:y mrto th!= ffoor to 'rlle south. revealing a nilIJOlV s.toue Staircase thu]uw; downward.1f fl!'ct llit9 ij:J ~I_n.. lighted! J'oofll. This IIrci!! run'S unu!:..- the entire building:utl'! i .. l! ma1.c'likc cellar, ofindiv ldual llOll'IitJg !;ens wbere CTimi:nal:s

.f. SaDttum of Our Llay of Spelh

AU th.at remains of this oMe mngalficent temple is ~ts, frq,nt portiee, Foundation. and ~~ppottil1,g ,pillan_:b~u marble veined wjtb wwre" cracked and Chipped. in W<lJ'IDUS places by me -unpa:ct of wlmtb~r :al'd t'ools-that now rise fO feet iRt.Q the ii'ky like stone Fingers grasping for the cl,ouds. E.ngrave.! deeply lrit'O the granite of chi! front J;'lortico lS a single star IDelI5W'inC fa feer across .3r its \\,id.:st poim-. DesF~e the yeH~ of ellpOS!.!1."1:

- tGthe elements, >.Oru~ tlf' the erigluail enamel tb~t om:~ g:ave rile symbol a briiliatlf 'blu(l-whire color (<lD<51:ill be seen, A KJlO"liedge (re[j~tonJ or Kno,wledg_e Chistoryj chcfk (DC 10) allows all observer to identify the '3ybl~O]:all OI1etmtt WQ.S, Om:1: associared wir~[.bc ddty Myst1';1,

'T1I:Is, .massive ediflce was.on a: the 6U[pbSt!S, ternp'.ie.~o the ddty .

, Mys-rryJ. a greater PQ~'llf blown to rnQdern reaid~t15 of Faerlij,n' Ill; M),l>trll,' the d~1ty of magic rehorn· rwiL"e anew, ·rtUthough <Ill that l-'~mainso( dl1S oace enormous building arc its.f Qumlationcs, smu'GI5el!; and hl\ge roof rillars in vltryms St'Jte9c of rum" it is' dear that- this fUR$!' have oaee been a VI!i')' jru.~iriB structure,

~. A}c;he_mical '&ml.Daty

This two-story. building, aLtholigh. &l!lIl:iller than serne in tl!<~ outpost,' is OUll Qf the most irnportanr fm,d's of [his apei'llitioIL Only a glance is, ilcc;essary 1:0 sc(!~[har this is rhe 'bestjl,r~5€tvel'l srrncurre 10 the entire mg area. -L~ whi(e'V<l$.I::i~d graniti' WllUS appear to ba~ br:e!l I:U!ii:fly tom:.h~d by t1Jci.r long ,exposure to the elemel'lts, Wri:ttea in Old Netl:u~rese higharove the lintel of the dou'ble doors marking the enrraace are the W91'ds "The elemel1nJ"af nature are lmjlrol7cd only by the mind.'"

This scbool was actually ~ branch academy of a h.gcr scheol ef alchemical leilromg, the fox:emoot example of its kind in all Netlleril 1Ji'h_at makes this disco,{try sa important' to ~hl:: expedition m~mbl:ll5 ill Il.ot merely me fact dlRt' the school's J.UaiJ1 subje<:tl'l'as a:ldltmYj but rather that till: main instimtion \!laS IIX~ted an ~b~ lIery flying city that tiiJ4p1)-eatl:.d into ·[lite I'lal1;ii of 5hadov.'. The sertrin:l1l'Y' tailght: ,thearu of aldH~my but Ol_pproached th~ sub,_K:ct with ~ucb ~ d~ree of 11- 11eSSC and l1etermi:rtairtion dmt it required irs'studtQt'S [0 live witl:lliJ its cOJlf.wes,muc11 :m a magical to.11ege might l'~qu~l:'of it& pupils. 'Gill'"elt rite huihling's hl~toriC:'JJ importa,nce" GH'aLdu" has illstruc-[~d -rhe digg~n, nocm touch it until he has had th~ OpporfUJ:1,ity tor explore Jor d:{mt'ouglIly.

Like moot of the f'c:m,a1nil1g, outpollt structur~, rqe inro:i9r rooms of this buiidmg lU'e de:vmd of furniture or o,ther mov· able ebjtcts, The ground floor ton5illl:S of II half·do'!;~n larse





R.1IINF'.:U W"'L.J...


R.UlIlIt..B FlU!


Oi!fl SW.-.RF. RQu-,U,.;; f FXET


fmmS of ~inJiI<lWl1! _fmH.'!:jon. <iElrl tbei.!Ilper f]'-"!Or co)L't'ta~-wo dQ'l.ri;'!l small ~harnber~ that .t!ight on~~ 1,ave heen living qUaT-

!er~, givel1>their size art~. eonfigura!io.(l, .

AU, aIdie€. _pornl in 3.. flr"st-floor _room I'e1l1:a~ ,iL 61!t of b~Ck l11Jl.1bk s_t\!ps t.bat. lelld 00,1,11'11 to the basement levce[The Lmmdatiou of tlle seminar--y -is., ~l!kctbc oppe r le 'fens: a~ ';in remar Ku.bly good $Ppe. Althongh. earved from a ,iii1lgle enermoushltck of gritni~, dil~ liockil;.1'11lt~h ctaik~ dwu 'l!oml,a! "~I~p]e.o of irs type should be afte:t' aenturjt:s of t'xpooiJ£em wini!. ;!;D.d nI.i11, At· ~tm(!ting to ·damage ar r,elllove apart or tile fotmdati"cill is ml)r~ difficult than dom~ so tethe oeilen' 5truc~ttr.e!l in tbe ~ area, ;lOd far more dlfflcuh- t IlIUl ao-ing so to ilormal ~tQI1C {the stone of the' foU-urlatiml has hapdnc~ 11 and j'Q.hit points per mellE of tlID:k:t1cs.), Thl: ae-l'llinru:ians treatt.d the fOll nda Holt with 1loD ruc:nemjcal toughenitTI.g agC;l.~t the.)" dcv:i5ro. Thousands of year-s later, the ag,eJ:u: i5 still pro.tecting' the stone-from the rav<lIe'S'M' ~DSio'il. The b~.semcnt's su.ppOrtillg truum)lr---'UJ.-footIri$l1_ Mad marh}e IC}':li!:1.d:ern-al'<!-.aJsq_ pr6t.epted.

Ia the uortlmtst corner of the rQundat~eLl slandS "VW!t a~peals tobe a 1ars,c cube .of an u:nlmowo. dark metal, The rube measares roughl)'" f feet OLl each slde .a.nd'welg,l'tS,a:ppr,oximately GOQpoWIJ.&. :a su".:essM 8:P-to-t ".becK (DC 11) .e"e!\ls tnF; \hin mltl:in~ of ali openi.QgOIl the c:u~\ tel] sJ;lrfa~e,buteven dle: most '!:~fu1 SC!:1ltiny hils·to dffirern My ryp~ of l'ock or @ther obviolls IDe<tl1S of ope{,ing ~t1!: Hd. !h~ C"UDe lRIi the ~in'll!'Y'~ Eie;\;urc-stmntame.r. and: :tullchkm~d ';'It!:'} inllch 1iJt~ a .saf~. Here th~ massee <Elcliemists,'stored. dreir gn:ate-st secret-s frooil prying eyes (their r:il':dry with t¥ eiem·e11taJist-S l'i~llS snme:lhing of.._ culmrat legend)' Some n(t_h~ secrets w~:re l.tlside the container when the ClItad1'5m bwwgbi; dow!] th~ qnpire,ilUd thel'~ they remain, iilwa.itiug disto",!<[)" kvoth ~I-lSp«l;9 that' there may ~ \'al:[laM~ it=ll~ l'i'ithL.~ tlie oonrnmer. EI!:I[ be i!Ql;tS DOl, yt![ hlOW' d;i~ S~r~ of Op~Jl hlg the lid. He 1" ,reb:J ~t;!n '1:00 -IJS~ destructi Ire nH\gic for fear of dam:lI,ging whatever is m~ide.

Tb~ Lid tali be {I_pen~d, ilvirlt a succeSSful DisitO:le De~'iC-e dleck (OC3Cl) Qf ilil'l)ltl'hetl o_p=n C!tardnessB, IIp lOO,}

t:rap: The iHwriol of t!:t~ con ta-in~jf and i"t& lid, an lined witll a .tWo, autigllr. layer of glass. Op~lIlng the lid er sma::;hillg open tl;1~ canminel' Iirc-ak5 the g)_russ,- al10lllLMg the alch!tmi~a] ii,quid within to -eorne into contact wkh air. The liquid ~v;<porotes fJIik1dy, ,an~;l.,ting; a ~Q"x::l£ g~ All li ving ¢Fea.1ili~!; Wij;hltl 20 Jeee ~f the cotlt$i:ner arc s!J6J~ ·to its eff~

ALchewt Poisq:D. ~$: crt ijForJl: save DC 1'8; U6 Gonnd:6 Con~ ~f"h CDC 3Cl}, Eli5.llble Device (DC 28).

Trt'ulHe~Si:J{ Oa:s;ks oj N.{thtresi tJlr:bemI.{tlj:;nt. Til:is tlllck, purplish SOO is tteat.:d .clrl1ctly like alcnemts.t'-s rITe ill ~be 'Pt4y~F. Hd~dlkwk fmr<tb_e pULp-me:. .of d~lieJ;minm.c: a sticcessful. attac:i!:a5 a gnm~delikc weapoll, but I:'.u,!: Netilcl'e'Se veljSion .oJ t1lu; t;ulistance. briXIl5 mllch h6ttu 'arndi!> bardu tel e)j'tlll~ guish t'h-an i\S l:lonnalCollll tr:rpar tOn the [o&]1)d f oUo;-vi'lig a direcr hit:,. fhe t<lf-get ta.".~, an additi.qn;;)l )d6 points: of damag:e. TJJ~ target can tlik .. ~ l'¢1·rmmd ;U:t101l to iltl:eanpf to riril~· _jjUiib the, flames by making a Ref1e).! ~a,,,ulg throw (DC 18), Nethi)f'~§f itfb'!){Jimi-JfJ_fire wlltillqes tel b1.'lI.n for 1 IEllmd after u:pOOIMe' 'to water. U'.a bu.rning. [alll,d !ea~ into 11 OOily of

\'?l.tCl',. '!-he 'flames bum limit d:u::followmg rauna:. I

d Sl111:ill woodell OOIl" lined with hlack '{l"ive.t,. wnt~illll, si:( IJgbt1t{~g;gl()l!n This, device (:on.5io~~ ill tWQ met-illk: h\"!m_isph""r'es jomed''tD form II giD~ The tqp and bottom spne;r1:<s. distill' guii£hed oy Neth~e sywbQIs. are divicled b,ya narE~1;Il seaIl~I"

Each glol:ie m~ea.'lllttsappl'o-..:.illlail.eiy 6 1,~cht5 ill d~metu atId' weighs app.rClilJ,m:a.tdy 3 pO!1l1ds. Llt;lunil1t;, glate. prwu:ee I1:ll dect:ric.il_-d~:lJ:u'ge rl12t caninjure Dr even kill A g:to'be ·CiUl he' thrown as a gr~lIadelike weapon, but it tnU1smi~s the dectt~l disc!;i;I;fge 0liIIy wh"'l3 it IsproP!!:dyUQled. ToO arm it light1tfllg glvb~thf tGP 1~emi5p-here must be l'otared a: ha1f~rurn.cou.nt-er· ~lockw~e. When 'thls.is, a~compl;shed, tlli! d~\Tke ~mi* an (l)udi· Ole click f@ alerrthe Wier that it ~ riOW at'mce"d. If The: user ilpes, uot read 'tJether~. -he -ean IlU! ke Iii Detlp'h~-I &.cipt c:kd toe 30) rodisti-nguish rhe. inscription that denotes.the toOP hem:~· sphere, Wben an armed. globe isthrown against a. creature (as ;I, raugcdtoueh attac'k}or My hard sorf:ice~ it de1ive.n <llurectrical s.hock to every:t:hin§ wit.hin f feer, T.hl.s att:a:di; d:e,als ldS ::Q,ultS. of l1uiXIu;il darn~e te living op~tJerIt~ (Refb: llillf DC If).

. Tw.o.or man lig_J;fniltg,' gt~b~s .!<;m be CQIDbmei3 to create .. !e\tllill shock. By tw.iBtlmg file top b:emisf!hu!! one full turl1. docrn'lse, dre globe is arm.ed to dcliv<er an eLectr;ical discharge rli:a. ares to m:Ot11e:r li.g,lihJ;ng gidlie 'Withil, 'i 1 fl!:et provided ,u'i:at globe isann~d 111 the S:1:1~ f~s.b;iqp~ 'I.he sbock ,d,e.u~ ids ,,,un,; ·of dil!!1I~ge for ~o;;b gLobe contributing to i~ (Re(lex haW DC 11~· !lumber of gldbe~ cotltributitlg}

'~11mned iig-hmi-ng gkb,/! cau be deactivated lO·lth n SU:tt'eS5" fiil DisilMe Oel'ke dIe"!!: COG 201-

A lell-ther ease COlltailling 3 4--volumt treatise entitl11.dTlk' 'Pri:1tfi[f{f:_s ~[ ..dlc:htimi-ifr:l~ tn/wad/till!, writ~en by H-a:k,¢wtH. a fa1J1~~ N~th<;t-e;S!; Jldle__mji'>~ wliQ Ii'vi;d il! rp<: year;; j~S,t ptim to the disast.er. The looks'al1e written :Ill tlt~ oM Netll!U"e~ ton~e. The tomLlS .an ~ullcl' In a thkJ,;. dark Mile .leatbtl"~fut Was, 'Crell.ed with an ilJkhctl)ie11 pj'~~en;a.tive •. dmde-riug them still··

~ readable today. Once exposed wrut' thpy- begin, ~a di1>j_nte~.t:1I~e if not :p1'~~rVeti n'l~_gica_lly, falling m pieces Wi:thii! a month. Read'tng tbeboQk& r~q~irC':i I:i'~r~t:)f in N~thfrelie. Ap;y'O!l~ who cumpMes "',i5wdy of all ('001" volumess-ams, a +-4 e:D~n.cemcllt bonu~ ,On all Aid\emy cheeks, The knDwledge contained in the books Iml.~" be ta.Qght to ot:he:rs by eue W~lO has read them, bi;!t the recipie.m reCeJye& GIlly a .. 1 ~tllI;lncemetlt lto.mlJ~ on A:J[~~I11!Y I;heclrs (the price for !'tCeiV,illg the information seeondhand),

'?,Pdfec.t&!i Palace

Tli~ ruined. fOl,'tific-a-t~otl was 400ce lhe Ih'wgquJU"ters of rhe prefect .who g01{CrLle-Q; the oucpost: W:h~n .it wa~ ex~ant, .he strUit(rr1:. •. ~ 11. f4ibulolI'i ~~pJ~ of NetheJ:e&I; an:hite:cl:lin:, boostIng" floatins garden pmtf9nnabQ~ its roof, r,,;u;hedby # .5ilrie5- of levh<ltillg tenia, cotta dIsks, All that !"l;'ml1:IIlS of it now is tiie fOllildatioq, SC)Jue: hrqke-p plliar~ ami a big flile: Df mbble. Withou~.som,e un~e-rcStaw}iJ\g ,0{ NetlID:ese ;m[hitecrutl!o'Qr SQC.I, et)'~.it would. be impossib.le .0 dtlilr:rmme this stl'uct1J.re's purpa;;e:.

S" 'I'h.espialls' Guild ~nd P,crfOtm"n~!! H:~.ll

This St:f:_.ud;lJJ'e- is almO$t t,.om,pletdr reduced to Iubble, whiJ:b looks to be composed almOSt -en-urei,f or maS5ive cl1un\'k:; ,of a

materia! tba-t re~!llbles da;rk·r~d te:(ta cOtta. ,

Ever); Neth!lr~ dzy, whethe-r l~lldboo;rid m: fi)"I1l:g, am! ,near 1y eVltry0uttpOO~ C(luhi OOilS!: 3, t least on\; "~]11.1~ dedic-:!t~d to the pe:r.(or:ming a:rts, Thee Ih!:~pi:l.ns' Guild was~n ;!soocm' do!, if singers., aitor!~. ana. _~[5 that \vas p.o,pular and r,~· sFecte~ th.n)ug!lol.if tbe ~!<lIpi(~. -AttendUJg: gui'!d :perJ'or!ll i10 C'eS was an~ of the r jlivol'i-[e paSflmL>S of t'he Net'lli.el'tlse, p~r deu! [l'tty ·;I.;Jlong d\o~e who w~!'e J:S;;lgll~-d tQ disUU!'PiiitP05t:; sjJe:!;, ~ ~~, o.tle, whue iP-rgaruz.ed !:tltl!l:u:inmellt Wl1c5diffi!.lUlt to oome- h},.


tit\: travelers and gues[1O w{!to !1)ilidc use of ttte sites amenillils. lived in thc:se rwo-srery dwellings. 01~1,}' fhe baee-ssoae ,walls lI.ndl'n~r:5 of the &tp.lctures art;' still present. Everymillg conn~ctcd to aild. re.~embliqg :L portable bOllsehold art:ic ~ Wal"

lOOted untold cearurles ~go. •

T.I1~·m!el:l:lbeX'5 efrhe Shado'lrar e~rediti()il have [1l1r:n these seruetsres Ill~ th.::;i:r ~el]]por~ty qiJute1':!i fOf tb~ d~a.dol1 o-f this mission.


The guild's headquarten and pcrformauce area in the outpOSt W3.S ,3 cirfula,r building tbpJ;led with two dcmes, one consrructed within [he other re ereare au effective acoustic· environment, The i!1wim' dome, was wh~te IDM'bie veined in light 'bItt!!. The esterior dome W<l.s.c;l,s:t in It il1atinurn allQr .. ll]JJt l:t Wll'illfo '~I'in (to achieve the d.eslred acooetit ~ [feet) that spells of pl"~rll'iadon were., reqnir!:_d to prevellt it from ~hattering dUring ll!linh 1Y1mu storms, The: remnaneaotehe marble dome lire all fbat.r;maiin of the buildingnow,

Buried withm the marble ruBble of the hall is ill iron bo:l: that meaSlHe5 -6 inches long by .J. illCh~ wide and '2 iflChes deep. A character siftm~ tbro!.(gh the rubhj,1l can filuJ t!te box ir he makes a s~ccesshl Spot checlt' (DC 10). The box once ha~ a lock, but it was broken off some time ago. 111!llde the box is an item that at first glante, appears to 00 some .kionJ 01 theater Illas}:. It is shaped like a large white domino masR edged with styLizcl.i feachers cast:m thih plilit:inum, :ilucb th~.t.!:h~ w':Ar'e~'5 fa,ce resembles that of a strange bi:!;d, This is a miJfrfm mt!Jk; ul hem traftfil for the exclilliveIl5e ofJ:.;letJler~se- worue:n.wl1o ooClupiecl th~ I.Ippt:t ~tnJt;:! of un_pcrial soci¢ty.

Tr'c:as~re: Donning th~ mirfteTI ma,it convey. th~ following benefits 011 the Wt!drer. darkvlSiotl flO feet, a +4 luC'k bonus on S<lving throws againsr all)' type of poison, al1~ a '1-1 enhancemenr bonus t:o Charis.I1l11. The mas-k is usable by creatures of. ~r gelldeT~.hut the N'et:nerese considered it aeceptable atbire (111)' far WC;l!:Hen of eohle birth.

9, Hall of tho kCIli~

All eaermous tile mosak dominates tl'J:1i entire floor area of the" rmmdatlon jhat ()'lle~ sup,parted this temp·le to l'aigus.the Netherese d.eifY or war, The' fOlJnd!;itlon itself is .eonstrncred •

. from solid granite ... while 111(; mcsalc lS composed of fist-sized p~t'~s of colored Ql:u;_k tiles, Olose jnspectlan reveals tb,It the tiles are acmaHy pkces.of polished obsidian, The 111oW.C ct:cUI1S a de;piction lof 8 pinwheel of five black" s.u-..ky arms spinning OOl1_llteJ'dockwise, each arm ending in au identical sword. A Know1efilge (religion) OJ' Knowledge (hlito:ry) check (DC lOT aik!W6 an observer to identify 1:he symeol.as One that waS'.ooCd ~iat.:d with TClUplB- D!il:ing the period wb:en I:'hh:re:mple: \I'l!I.S in U5'e, It was a three-sfo[j';stnlcture 'that b~d the c1'tlri.c~ of TaTgtas. an armorj, aud an area for thl: practice of .skill\.t arm s, A successful &ardtcheck (DC 11) enaMes II character to Jopl.'te .~ 5O!cret panel \vithill die north. wall of the (fnnary •. .inside which-under a layer 'of dust '" inches thick-ill .1 wmpoH from. a hygol1l~ "ge.

Treasure: St()'r'Ht .rt,ar [sec the appendix~

10 .. The Farwalkers

Several ntcicn;mtcons".t-iu.:ms spedalh.cd in the Creatinll of Bm:rn/r tw:oo.gholJt N¢t'b~ri]. but the Farwalkers W'e're the most respec ted. The m,e.rc:an file ven t~:rt hp,tla:n offic~ in ~ :l:lm:nst every Nethe:rese community of illly size, and thi, ootpo .. t was 1]0 exception. Unfortunlltdy. all t'hat remains of this organization life these ruins, The Set'ref of thcir lle'JJ'-perfect 9tJt;_tAh vanifibed along ,vith N'etheril

1~ DwelUngs

l!';ach Q£ t'Zi;e&e buiJliil:lg5 sb:OW$ sigm. of serious 'weM and [iW'~ e~ce_pt for (lnc that',is tdarivdy intact The ~aiorir)' -of fhe ~ethercsll:' who one!! dw.elled in the mitpO$t, as wcU at. JUos~ C!f


A. ~. C. D: SIa.'V1!! Oil_a.u:crs. Thllllty-five slaves are packed into each of th~S{: small ~one houses The~rl:Suiting .,tbncli. o1'mc is sa S,tI'Ollg chat anyone approaching the buJlding cloSer'than 10 fel1t is i:nunedjatelY';1.W'!U'e of the reek, The!i!aye.s sleep on.crude 'straw, pallets and ire guarded by 11- pair of-selltrie~stil_tio~ed <It the door. The stan; .are p:eon-utt'c~ only the moat rn~ger of ftt!.T son aI-possession s Il.]l~ ha ve-Ilothwg of vame.

~! uc\"o;th,·s Q!_lIr1:cr,s. The 'Shadmfat iU'I1lY capfaiFt has trrketle tbfshOllSC for his pavate dwellirJg. l'w!'l'!lOldiet:S'f~main (iii 1:.'1J"l:rd duty at.all tilIles. regutd]~of whether their captain 'is p{I:!l'elU. TIle)" rd'Il1I.5l1 to _penmE anyone other t ban fAil voth to en rer the Jloose.atld .tile}, 1l:tt'ldi. lI1lywho try to force the.ir way ins]d~.

.Leevodr's ,wom hi the mil}' location of lnter~t: 1nsroe die buIlding. It is ~P''''l"t<!'1] in .irs. decor. but at ['htl: same time maa-ages [0 .:onvey a feeling of comfort. The captajn sleeps on a low bedthat, while made of doth <Ul(1 straw,. ili- of somewhat bo'l:rer qua1.it)' rhsn. those used by!:ris_ soldiers, Tlil!;: skin of it dIril 'I:~ ftJ_m;t]ou5. as It ~'omfqrt~l', and 'the' skin of a dire 'boat 'makes a serviceable rus, On- the siJl of tIn: room's siu..gle winQQw. Laevoth has placed several s~aU mi:ru.ell.tp.s: the: t1g,L\l"eoof a Nf:f:W:t'~ womau carved Irom MBal~ measuring about 6 U1cb:es n.igh, and the figure of a ata;goll carved (_rom a chunk or

onyx, about 10 in~hes long. .

. 011 tltes.ide of tOil: l00J.1:3 opposite the bed is a !lw:S"= wooden. pltdiJ~g crate that L:.eVurh bas been USill,(; as a desk. A .tack of papers_, heM down 1lY a fiSH.iz:ed Chl:Hi_l of mck. records. the aeriviries of the !i ldierli-S:u:1c·c thCYlltti\lcd at t!k dig. Ih~ ~ii fit~ wrinen in th,e Netherese langnage, Near the p,aper~ are several pens and II borde or ink. At the !'oot.of the bed is <t wooden 'du!st, nu:asllcin:Sll.bm:u; '2 fte;t It.,ij.g b;y 11/2 feet wIde by1 feet tall n eonealns several clrll:ngcs of Shadov:ar dorhin§.l1 wlletstene, two Q~ UI-\ daggj:ts,'!l fJ;u,k of Ne'tben~5e hra:n.ty. and !!wo

'Pr>tiGllJ tif ha~'e, I

F. G;Buucks. The lmerlOTs of ¢.ese houses are ridy and o,rg'.l_nized,-as befits soMtel's or the. <:::ttyof Shade. When not on dur)'. the soldiers sree_p- on SI:!rOlW mattresses 0lC relax <It one of the -tliJ.akeshift woodeu-crete t_abk-s w1b:er!f they tall!., read, ~illble. audp1a,y stm,tegy games. There an: always Id4+~ offdLlt)ll>o!.diers in each heuse, The soldiers wear their armor ooten '~e.ll .retire for the .nigl1t_,Wr ,Iley set chrdr }1'eap~;iIIl5 :l.s;ide U1lO1] ell tering tb~u' quarters,

H: Mes! Hall. T1Iis stone oal t was once a. food yelldor~5 J1J.3.l!':ke r; bu,t .it5 O_P<!11. flQOrp]n~i mv serve!; admirabl)r.ru a m~p bal] for ihi_> dig petsonm:1. Cra~s and bl1uels of foad and bev-erages,are ~[u,cked a oae eud of the illte:tior. a]oug Wi.c~ any wiTh! game tb3E' the soldi~rs h_.!lV~ mailagf;d to obrnin from tbe :;yt'touJ"Irli.ng wilde-me.ss. The oolrlier-s tat!: turns _pre,Pa{'t}lg.'CQOking, :LHd

cleaning 'ljlp aft~r the meals-, .



12, Clommllfl.:t 'ltath Rilini

'the conO:2;'ve surfa~c of .hls elongated oli'al appeaJ""S, ,at [u:st gllmce. ((J be painted an.odd Muish-gray hec, Direct il1~p:ef,;tion. ' OJ," a SPQt "]le'ck (DC -1f) :<110'W5 the-character to determine" tiua. what ~pelU'ilO to be paint JS actually a t}'pe ef material unf:amili.at to mm.. The Ner~rnS'e created'this mat:crial by cambinmg"'a pal"tkulu type of ifan ~e thloU rq~y ~fftalned fro"m a race ,of e:n,im;t dwarves who dwe:iled in f;fu: <uountain5; of what is now Amm;n;)(;,h;; with 1M1 Rlthemical 5ubsrn:nce devised by- imperial ,dch\'lll~i5ts.. The result was what ttu N.ethereSeca1h:d "irGn$kin_." <!. water]Hoof material that 1Vl1;S as 5[rO;llg as. :J 6~inch thicknes;; of 11'"00" bllt \1i\IIS only 1 in,ell thick. This,deep oval bas.ln is whlat relTU'ltns of the great bathhouse that once served the entira:. (futpost:a5 well as i~ ViSlt0Z'S,


I: MCI1i1,tsU" i"OIlartdt!. The four arca.nisto-Ieuaute" Cl1j'as:, Terenzia, and DiophatJt-whJ:l<ierv!: as aasi'stant:; to Giraldu.s. are all quartered in this house: The lower flam is an absolnte rat's ll.CI>t of wooden cheSts, co1ltatl)ing aflzerls of reference boob and scrolls brought from the City of Shade" canvas sacks full of irtreresting rock fngments that d~e: ar6nists: have colIected, pla_t~8 boldiug We -f<=a.iu:ii of 1liilf-eabm rnr=aJ.s, and ~w-[i11ed packing cnlm. holding bi,t'i and pieces of .,he ontpost"sarcmtecti.lre. Each of the .arcanist~ has iii, small pdvate "Chamber on the second Door, anll these fOOl]]:>' are IlU neater dlOln rbose bf1ow. The arcan~l'8> rooms cacl\ J1'OId 11:1' ()veisturf"d ~rraw matt:(es;t;. <]. make~ij;'t !;Ilnod~.,H".Jate dbsk, plenty

of wr.inng supplie~ and their personal effeets ,

J!Ginld~S1'1 QaHtcrn, Grraldiis eollecrs the eycava~iOl1.'s ttcasU1t'.S as the slaves unearth them and stoecs them U1 special, secure ccnrainers until he-and hi> f>:'llow arcanists caa eatalogue them pro pert)'. A pair of LeevQt:IJ'~, shade solcfiers remain on guard d~Cy outside this building-at all times, Mledter Giral" dus is _pr!!sll:!lt or not, Leevota's orders ru:e that no one but Giraldus (;m,d Lee\'O!~) may enter ihis building without spC1lifi e permission.

The fltst floor of; dn: b!!i.L:lin,g consisrs- of h.df a dozen rooms chilt are !!mpt:.I~ but r or ll: Juunibf:r of straw-filled wOOdell packing crates of various s~e.s. All but two of the Ilpper [0QIllS an: e1llPty. one is;l storage J[QOnl tl:tat-holds.six; packing crates. G"uahfus has placed Q t.ljph of warding Oil t'hen1jtll&Urrng iliat 3:Il)"ill1e oilier tGal1 IDmst:lf who opens rhe !;'t!lt~s is pptlisheiJ f9r the tr~n$yl;!ss:ioll. (,see [he acppend'i." fQr mag,if: ite:lJl lna spell de5c1'iptio!~s.)

81J1ltif)!p/ W~4f1~ G/~,h if 1fZ1I".i,flt. (on hoE) CR 6; I-ft. t.m:rgy .blast eMS); Reflex.bruf (DC 16); &an:n (DC '20); Dis, able Device {DC 30}

'rl't:lslJ:re; (bOlL 1): Ri~ifwiZ4,..dry"

l'iElC~SI.U'~ (iboJ 'l)r EJ,gllt!:ell bar'6, of 1;Qld, (;~dl mtt\Surrng '1 inches long by '1 uldites thiCK hy ~ inchl;~ wide. &;!dl bar is marked with the crest of the Netherese Empire, which a eharllctcr can idenrify b~' making a 3I1cr~~fulltCnOlvL:dge (histPI:Y) rned; (D(: Hi) Theseare trade ~ of Ntlfl),~ w:!U(1! gold . .A char~cte:r C'allderer';lnll1e tITC' wlue of a hat with a sl>tcG~ssfu:1 App.r.a.Js£ check (DC JS); E::I£h f-pbuud bat is Worth. SOO gp lin ~old "due alon~j to a,lorelllaster,or othe~"sI;fi:oJar, [be)' might '~l"cll be jlrh::cksS just for their sheerhisrorica 1 value, .

Trcullrll. (bwr: 3): Storn~ sta:r (see t1l_f app~ndlx)

T::t:ea:S:liI:re ('hOI" -t J~ An ojldotb S.\ft'cheI 10011 fain iJlg n, J:rrgg book bound to whilt appeus to he the hide of some tb.i.clscaled creature, possibly an llLllg;tt()f or crocodile, The tome appears (0 be of gr?t antiijuiry and f.ragjlicy, Anyone lfad· ing It must make it sllccessful Dertedty clll:;~k- (DG 1~ every time be t-1:l.IiQ!' ape:ge ill ord~r to avoid tell..ril1g that page. '!1__l1l; volume ~lT't t1tb::d, anti, app\.';irB to he lUI.l':lal'i'riftrn in IInciellt Netliel'e.ij.e. A cliiU'l!.c£e1" Ilt~l"d!; i~1 '[bat: tongue Ca.ll read tilt: b:oDk. wiuch .is the ptlvate journal of an aldlemist natnf.cl At3tn:lS of Dtlli.;j. 'The dimy de5cr~hes dle Netherc~c s.chola:r's tfTl1iLlccestl'u1 quest f!iJf dpcDments h~ reiet'~ to as -"The

Nether Scn;.lk" ' I

Treas'ui"~ ('bot ji;): &rnll f;'r.hi:f11d]"41tt, (see ;!.ppcndi:!I'j. •

'IrCil.I,1U:C (bor 6): Scroll of phallJa,,", pla;w (see appe-n(lITJ

The z,hento:fim~

ll',:Wmiu: had 11ll1'IJir luuf?l tibi~.ta keep 01/<' !"G~i I» /rcnt t!f fhe ,9J/~1J1' whitt: ",;~ group m{l"~he-U lIcrMS A'ilmmJC'hj dnd Ib«7 'li!aS 7l!,by; h~ llIf.1S Sf) hflP,PY /r) sPr)t fhe tum'()f a C«Yd'.JatI)1nl 'lii!JI;;mJ Ihe. 1!ffxt tuner. The others wer~f{lri.~gf<tr' Ixuef' than he, pl"oO,/I,bl, ti'fJ't:<l1H6 thltir fer.s saere "-vttl! as Mi1t, as iJi;, " 11:1t tIDf' ''1QHI!f't tljdl lu,tnr1Jli1r i.s n1til ~'PllP '{lIil-/; tlJi;".{'

''S,rlli1Id, g(lOa 10 'mt::' .did Akt;;ditr. '7'~if hlttf/,'~;d nm h41 bfm bumi;Jg n;y qes all day.'" Tbe clark flV' pulkd the prim if hl1'Y' orffoil hal.fnrt&r 4tn(nJ ('/!)6J' hilI' t:)'f:' a5'J~~ cOl1tif.ll~ad 11JtdJJi:tlt:._ They r:n!dB'd the d,Uljf llmi il1W Jbe CiJJtlp srriT'Wledw/t lie/owi Ih(!1IJ-J~'1Jetl '1I1ngO'JZS, with tetrly·.,und ~u.<lrdf .aU arou1td • :

• 1Jal"4Ji"J a cleric of Lal,1!4'1.4t:r,jr:tl7Dtt_rrd ami p~illlctl.rr: /1, !pre;'

''<If/idly .IJap.pillg; its 'Way J!)1Vard th, cLzmp. "IVb41'r #Jatt", Ml)kt'ar:gll~ped. ItA'm4!l1r.r1re/ lb. g()hlg 10 a/(m:1t them,!" ~'lt hll~ a Tidll1":' iJb.rerJ)nll'be cleric.

"'ifJ proiurb/J' a Zhenfrn"li1t '1liizQrd! Ire 4ia.'lle II) hr!Jp defend tlla o,af"d'IlltN.fii ll/aktar stcrJed jQ1"fJ.<ard, f«f 'flats /w."llghf up mflN /1), -a. geSf1mJ from tbe drO'IJI.

'''rh<lt ira ZlJellJnrim s:aro'!;iul. JPe hn'lle 10 geJ oat of,h:.re be./ore WIT/! spotted."


The Zh~lltal'im, aka> known es tile BJaek Netwl'Jd:, heg:-.rn as a grOIl.P of Dlerf,hallts but fin s grown ~(J ludud~ 1ls,,'-1L8siil$. spies, "lnai-wy, ,.alld the ba~l;jng of tile church df Bane. 'Now in control of h<t'Ir the aJiel!. around dle MOOll5C~ the Zhe:ntarun has illl:rea.aeU .it;!' influence It£rOIi5 the continent and" acmf!Yed footholds, in .be westem and sourhern .r~iol1s ,of f'il;.CI'UTIQS well. WeB armed and ~ElppHed" the Zh,cnu.rim 1'<; suppol'~cd by powerful wi7.ar.l., a.nd clerics and led by ali Mcht:mlge and the Chosen of Bane himself.

Feared by the common folk and beating art evil reputation. t_h~ Zhent:lrim is not a. f~ that one should challenge witbou.t I!i~T~a~ Ll1t.enUO:. 11.5 th~ organization and the dam::hof .B3:ne'grow togethtr, its lnf1l;1e'[l~e 11; likely tospn:"d' eyElJ fia1;-t~l", for 'both gl>oups seekCoU1ptete domwfttiOll of l1ortberu'Faeran. Now even it !P"0UP of common l11ucllants bearing.the ~ymbol of tile Blllc;k }J'ttl,rork ~ treated .. [I.lGpectfuJ1y and.kept. at arm's; h:ngth, for T,h~ m~.I'Ch<lllts, illig,at be UDder [he' pl'orecdcm of-a ,p~n~efrIlJ Wizard or carry ma~C" far beyoud tm meatls,of orruIlart' folk:.


·' f . 1- HIEI./lRCHY

~r[e"HIs.~ orv The !;]lent.lrlltl: hierarchy follows II linear bnnre111:1lg. sttlJC-

The Bhd Network wru; erected 'by the archmage Mal)5hooll.' rure, w'tt&i Fzoul Chembryl itt the h~adi of the oll"gamr;a:tim.1.

who rose through tne ranks of Zhentil Keep by ellntinatillg his, Sev~tallmwer(ullQnia.lie'port dlrccdy to him, wjth e3G'bJorrl

rivals (jn.~ludiDg members of his OW.Jl famlly). After becomittg b3Villg, Buhorriw:!lt!:s, wno'passeD reports and requests, The

:1, leri! of _Z,h,tlndl Keep, _h~ warke.dro gam control PVf'f his Zbenta.'rim discourage skil?pin,g ranks in the' ch;itin wfu'!l1

rdlow lordS. Once (hilt WlIJ; established, he m~at!;d a, secret soci'giviug, orders, ;;0 tmly i:n times of cU1e]'~en~}' ~O(.'$ E·'l.oui giyt

cr}". the..zTIei:uuim, wbic:h would;!-d mdeplmoe[rtlJ' of Zheutil orders directly eo one of hisge~e'rli,l,,' 'Qff'k~rs wi'tho!lc that

Keep. aml 'I'~vide: him mort; po_l1I'er than _U{f:ne:raf'!i knowledge, The ex:ceptien is

simple lorflship could, Over ~inle 'l'l.'1ll>UV'VIJJ who has FW"IIl\s permis-

shared the lead~nltip with apprentices sion to. commaud :agents ItS ~he )kll.'Scs iu

!io.Uea,gu~. u1Creaslllg 'rol! power of rhe Blaci;k, pmt:!:uh of furtb~i.J.1g the: gb~1:; CJf the

NetW'Ork greatly, Due of these ConVj;rts tarim. .

was Fzou'l Cl1etnbryL, who ar the Fullmlr1ng.is a !hort list of some of the

was -the leader of:l fiplmill."l" cult of Bane, major fig!Q'eB ~f th¢ Zlle:nt .. rim. i

Over the Y'e3.l'5, the Zhenrarlrn expal1d~d ro In- '~~ii~~ P?oul Ch~'.m'br)'1 (I.E male. biuman •

elude Darkheld and die Citadel of the Raven, IJl, Ii Cirl'IRie;2, Chosen of Bane), High. LIJJ:d oftfu; ~

pe,cent ~ee.a.des, t.l1c oi'galli~tiDIl encountered :a ~umbl:r.JQf ZMn.tarim, Tyrant of th~ Meonsea, is the 'head of the or- f

Sfthad:s, orten 'through if:', pW'5Uit of 5penrare a!:1.d t:onflicts gaiji-z.,tion. He di'i'~dc~ bis time &e~n die Citadel or thi;1 ~

with pOWl:.!'f~J mages such as E.lminstcr. One-major setback ee- Raven and Zh-::ntU Keep. More illrOl'matioo on FZ9'l>Il is

cwred during, rhe Time of Troubles, with the destrucrion of tm available in the FORamTM RE./ILMS C(Z;,,?aig11 S~tlitlg.

Zhcntarim'. p.,rimarj' deity, Ril:ie. Later, C)"lclslnllolvement in Scyllg~ D'ulihopc (LE female human 1':alt/Rgr4-,ffitk:6 of

'l'lle desr,l'1u:tiell of Zh~lltl] Koo.tt E.aatte!'ed the main base of Thui~1 C;~teHan of lhentil Keep and Higb t:l!pta.ill of the

power orrhe. Zhetl.tar lrn and led to UM f oeused ;!lltl111-plrum~d ef- . armies of Zhenril Keep. r.epl1ftS' ID(ec.tly. '(0 Fzoul. With -Pl-oul

fQ["~'Sof [Ququest ill tll~ fOU0Wiu,S years, Sini::e that time, F7.Qul busy beadlng bodi me Zhi!l1,ra;rim ;lLgd the chcirch of E~ne. Scyl·

has cb:~ng«l his aRcgiance from Cyrie to XViID lind then U,I lila, h.!,rndles a 1o[ of the i'outil]:Cl :l(itniI15tra(ion of tile }teep

'Bane ~ga.inJ ZhClltil K.eep has been rebuilt" ~nd Fzoul has Jtsdf. More infQrmation M her is aVll.ihJ)ie in the FOR()O"{TEN

become the Zh~lltarim;1i official ~d(;i',l\1;l.11sh,oon ~,!Ol:If acts ~,jll!nEAI.;'jtJ,s Cmnpai&" Sl1tJitig.

me:;u-]r. iJ1d~pcndetl't ro;per.uiw,:, V,(.Ii!'12 Fewell' disti;'a.,.riolts,alln fh~Lorll, Kit1!H~iI[ ,I'difimd tLlZ male human Full) iaa lord of rise of Bane, tp,e Z,hel'l~.:ITim. ~ ~olidi:lied its puwer in rae die Citadel of ,the Raven and the ~sht arm of FwulL A deveur Moonsea area, is prc_parwg to' take complete control of tbn r worfowpe:r of Ballo. he looks forward to pueging DarkhrJld of Its

• region. ,and then advance it" plans in orbH ]HU"tS of rile .... 'mid. Cyri:cist in£luem:es.

• Ma.QshQQD (LE male hum,1<]] W'iz,~O/A[m~lEpk3J repaft"5

h ." . to' only so Fzoul but hat; .u(,[onomeus control and cawli.land, au-

T re OI~anlZa .[ 0 n ,tho,itY-0vf'r:iU lesser. a,gf.1:HS Qf'the Zbemarim, MereWartna-

While the POm:iYrrEN .REALJ1SCa1JJf(l.igtl3.·~m'lg gives illfGr- tionnn MD1s1100ri is available ill the iFOJJ.GO'JTf!N RlUl.MS

mat-ion (llil th~ citil,tS. controlled by the Zhent:uim, the aa.rn- C'lm;P4ig~1 Sel'fln,g_ Manshoon IS known to m>tl the uesis d(Jfl~

gi"cn here :tppli e s to the actual members or the Zhcmarirn spell, pl'es~lltea in -the 3.p.IJi>Ddix..

within those eiiies and elsewhere, ~ 8£1£:1:1'11 Uoumdolp:hin (}.:E mal~ human Ptr'20;Rgr1), High.

HClIdqUllrtct8; 'Zhtlntil Ke<:p, the MPQl::t~.t.. Blade of MiJ1maste-r;. ~ the l~1Jider of the ZheJuarhn within that

Mt.moo&: At least l.q,:OCo. fI1llinl~f located ill t:h.e Mocasea area. city. IiJ: truth, this person i:s.&!lf ar_jj;s iWh! brother Rassendy'U,

Wetu:chy;Militaristic. who kl!.lcd him anti took his mime it5 ,,<ell ~$'his p!a.ce. H!: is

lilldcr~P:;mll Cben~bryf. married to DmitrI! Flal;o, tharehion of 'Elt!!bbar in TImy.

!B.~ligiQBS:' Bane (primari1{l. Cy,dc (some holdouts in the which pU'tf> l1im in an interesting' position ilio!.lld the 'lhen-

- wesrern IUI~). tarim and the Ib.:d W:iznds evc! fall to open warFllim"e.

AUgl:lmtll.r.LE, .NF_ . BUD'I'Eta:g 'Hbmmycl\yl (L,E m;al~ hwnilI1 Ptr?) is the

StClcey: Low. 111"011 (51.Ie-riff) of Veonlar and u. worshiper of Bane, He se-

SymiKll: The orig:U.lai s)lmbOl of the Zilentilrim resembles a cred), repons to Seyillla sothat Voot11ar t;et<l~l1S, the illusion

styIiud. spcar he3Q bearing J. white "irde. .aQd a tong sc1:awle& of independ~!:Ire.

;~. in dl~ Dat:bek,nlpl13lKt. ltectl1dy, FwvJ ChetllbryJ com- nl:rik &nla:o (NE male human Sor?) is, the .a.Pt!oumd

uiissioned the creation of a new symbol fer the I'Irg.aIDz.~,doll~B klj.d.eJ;" of the '·prottctorate!!ofYd:iash. A quiet man who wishes

black sCepter c.Illin.lng.gi'een rays oa a g'old di§t:. c1u.t;:hed in the to remain rclati'Ye!l' lillQflflll00Sj he reportS'to Scyllua.

talons of a Mack ",}'rtu. Thl!'5L\'e_pter and raya ~igllif)l the vener- Zt~lIna Hell~B' (LE female human W,W;'lO) is the lIIilitary

ation of Bane .. the disc stand. for 'wealtb. and the Mack dragon leader of Tesbwave, Crude and pron to mutd3rilng u.ndeJ'lingli

represents o.ominiQIJ. who fail her,.$e ~~ cl!sl1y .recognizable by her wllit~·m~aked liild h~ir aad.burn-srazred rhrcar, Slle:.rep.Qtts to Scyllua.

TllIldo[J] Daf,kbope (l.E male human GIt9 of RaneJ, ford·o[ rhe Zh~l1,tar-lm. il'l Minta.r. helped Fzou] forge the Sc:epl1tr if ~h~ Tyraffh Eye, His- Bawte arnrly c('Jo:quered' }.{inrn.r, and he awaib Q:rders to.attack other cities. He r,cpons t9 Fzoolt


The Black Network is finallf beceming the weU-organized , gro'nlljl t'hat M1Lt1&boon envisioned. F'u.n-cti.onmg very much [ike a ~ec:1lW arm of tile church of Bane" the Lhentar-un i5 Qrgao_-

iz.:d aiong it rigid bierardiY.r of commalld.' .


~la.;;k Netwol'"~. providingboth a profit from the; g,Q.ods lind arr implicir liIllael"s't,anding from the buyer toat the Zhentarhn si:lcceed in trade Wu.eIe others fail. Since the Zhe)1tli charge esSerrt111,Uy the same prices ;11; the-ir competitors., !:",cn llOUi:lSt -(ou.. tend to buy fr'1J)l them, despite: allY mi~giNings over the source.

'OiI:rtJ, th~y use tillltic!i sumas c.x:rn.rtioo.. arson, andmurder to deter 'tbeir 1":01l"Ms 1I.~ui .oppon,tn:ts in mer:Mntil.c f[a~e ,,"lld -pdlitical :u:tivity. Zhcntarim agents rummoll.I)' a~tark local: [a:r1tle~l'i aqd waf~holJses to delay their tri.p~ to-market; aJ1owil1g then.entj to sell their geeds Hrs-t &$eilines an en:tOirC' viIiag,;:Ls hdd nO;;tat,~ by a group of Zlte:[I'ta:rim Y'-'itITiarsj pre-venting the :import or <'X'pert of needed supplies until the Zhenbmn's demands ar-e met.

The Black NetworK also t:lXe5 adv:ant.-ll:ge of its access to mauy spellcastet~, by St:crefly :lgltttting- 1.00ll1 monster populatiofls" C-.lusir!s 'IUiexpected l.Itra: .. J;s UpOlJ SVJ1111e:r settllmentstoot a squ,adron clI' Zhen tarim :;o1diers (1~d by the :spoeUCM,te-r fl:Spon· aih!e (or the distu.rbame) can scare off. Once r:&ese$oldie,.. hav<!:

, -~

esta bU91ted a base camp in o.t'lJear the settlen1 en t; rh-eyc are re-

mar kably ,dif[iCllJt to tlis1odS~_' e5p~crn liy . because dn,ey :tIa ve stt!nding orders to ally with lOcil vl;!~dr tnercbal1ts to Justify meir IU'esetlce as caravan guttrds: Ilnd"llssume . the \'en"f !'!f inYlked guests, If -local WOIlsters are not :lvam!able, Zlu:ntru"lln spelleasrcrs hsvc been known Eo conjure hideoas creatares, with tile same !Jet effect of a rampaging native terror.

. .


The: lul:ghoat (GE male nUll1all Frr7/Cb.mj' of eyrie) is. thl'l ID}lSt1:1'IDc:J5 commander of the rollii'll")' forcss ut DilrkbokL He elUneil hiii name from his pale f uiI: plate and U:ui1.;jm_ped hefur [hat" md:es hlm appc:ar undead Tl111ilgn theer \vor1511ip the sa!"~e d<'!ity. he "lEtl'S Dhamir E.r:crus (seebe'J{lwj ru:ld p!ol'Srbe nra,m_'s ikat,b,.

Dha.:mJr Eruu (CE male, -htunan Cklti ,~'f Cyrie) ill the tQl~~il~r IOf D:n:khold with tlre:.F'e'f',g.hoot HI.' a.nticip<lt~s g blOly war with -tht: Banite Zhent1l:riin. Bu.t is uncertain .h,o;w be would hr,", given iris unreliable allies and the forces arrayed against theui,

"K!lfll Cher.mos:i: (LE female human Fr1'9jCltl of Earle-) isa mobi1~ m~]_j.t a ry leader currenrly assigned to T-c~hyar;par Fortress, She reports to &ytlU;ll, MOTe information about Kua .can be fOllud below"

Vfl:hl~n, (LE milk hinnan Ftr9/Rog'1) is- tae Slave Lord. of Zhentil Keep and r-!.lports to Fzoul, I4:e gained [his _posi., 'tjon after 'th~, fornfei: Slav-e' Lord disappeared, Ve'l1hlen ~tLI1 ~njO)15 making slil~"m_g r"ld~ R1!lI can be-- rQund a;ny,vh~r~ thi!

'lb<:nmim 15 a,l;t'ive. •

Ai!l:gg,8 Mafllri: lLE male human Ftr9) is CllpMin of the Outrid:c:n of Darknold,. Ii. military iqu~\lholl. He reports t-o the Peregb(!)5t. Angus hat~s CQrm}Iil ami attacks Purple D.ra:gof.l!> anytime he lIas [he opportunity.

OapWI!1 Gvaal DIQ,n.:p (NRmale human J<'td/Clr3 of Ball!!) is rhe kade:t o[th.: BrQthen of th~ Black Fist, an dite f met: of IDIdje(s ll!a~d 111 the: Gitadei> of the": I'bvetJ. He reports to Kaadar "MilmaL

Mua lWally (LE female half-df Mill:.~) leads tJ~-e Order .of the IroIi GalHll;let" 01 ~U'groopof Zh_enf meeks who wot,· s hips llane. Mara has been i:jven (It(i,ers by ScyUua toO'iIJ::ti-Ti'ely recruit !lll!;m'bjJJ'Ij into the Black GauJi:ld.ena.nd train them tn ~ttalth,al1d assassination.

Xullll(LE beholder], Cara,van Lord of rhe Zhi:nt'adITI, has iI IHfft base or operat:ion~ 50alewhere .in Shadowdale. She repol't~ to Fzoul and coordiuates the -acth'lties of thtlO Otll~ beholder allies of Jl!_~ Black Nemod'__'



The i..b,emar,im used '[0 bean organiZatiOl:l t.hilf focused mainLy .oil [be con trol of tlJ'!ldethrol.lg"h 1'l00f tiler 11 :F aeru Q, tV'.it'h theexpam.iorl of _its activiti,e;s iran mwde:r. esp.idI:Hlge. extortion, arsen, and aU·oul' warfare, rhe Zhi:'l1'tarun has beccmeapelirical and military organization with as much power lUi n sm.~fl country amI the desire to 5.ee the leader", of rp,ral ci~;-es and countries faU into line ulu:1~r the banner of the mack N~'mk. Ml!lcn- as they control most of the, Moensea, MIJ:liShoon and Fmul would like m (lee thl: Zhcntariln ev\:ntually rille the. lands r]j"t st retell ,al.l the \\"a'y \\'C~t\~oru:d to the S\vord Coast

To ;ithjeve these gools.z;hellrarjm operatives use several key t~letic-&; .First" ttlcYhave ex tetlslve merchan t can races i 11 tb:~[r O\\,U_ lands andrrearby terrirories, ali.! the)' ~:lll 1110'o'!'! iH:rge aUl_QllJjt;l; of gooifs mely aud qllidl:I.j!' through dangemlJ!i pnd~ III j)'artkuJaJjt:bo Black Rood throU.g11 A:l'I1Iu:rocir cut_.; "'",~ks frQm t:hei[ travd time to thil wes[em cities or Facrui;l. OfrlID th~ir gQOds consist ofcol'ltraband Oil' l'('sttiI.4elJ Items

{stic;ll ~s POiSOll. slaves, &ii:rg~ QT ,m"(}kpP'fUd~,,. weapons). •

5!:colld. they mid cacmr utravans, using human soWieJ;s at r-ecr,fl1ted gangs of hu.rnanoiils to drive then- comp~tit~]:~ into POVtt • Ofte&) these ean.vans 'He simply c:aprured and tb"fll brooghr to th~ir intended de$tinatioll under tn.c na,g, of the


While the' Zhentarim has _~e,l}' ~u,ht ,recrlJ_ib in the prult. the ie<:entllphG'<lva]s hay.: .slo\W.d'dqwll its recruiting drives so it can ,consolidate exj~Eiug resources in pr~pll$';],cioi1 fo, future •

~ ~xpal:lsiOIL

It i. still intc,i'Gs'ted in el'lLb"t:ing Ilke-nrinded lII'i7.ards to it:> C.·UISe, as well as clerics of Bane, 'bu'~ most otht::r in~lvidunls ale rurned aWlI;Y or simply not offered positions withm the orgaaizanon,

o.m;e the: Zhentarim is prepared to expand agaiJl. it willl~ for _pe.ople 00 flll OUt an levels of the 'organizal:i<m. with a largt . per,m~ntagc: ·of tbe I'"ea~!tltroinillgJmm tin: cblHc:b of Bane.


The gr~ate!'it ally of the zn~,ntari:m is the dnm:i'I. of Bant:_ Sio!=e d.e ~el1 of D~e l~oo~ rae 'Black Netwo~k, any Wor,· dlip~1' ISIf the Black "Hand is inclined '1n aid lID Y Zhe:n tarjnl whQ ,:tbks him er her for help, As the Zheutarim and [1m ChUirch 0f

. .

Appeo.ro,I1Ct;; o.nd peCSOnnlIi)_J

• lb.e foUlilIWillg iJ.t~ typic-a! pe!OQl1a1itics and. arrirudes for ~Xle'!tBbIlJ1' or the; Zhe-ntllrim. These deecriptums atlSllme a pr:u'$pu of c:b:aGtic eli" j1 i11~g~.ru:f;llt knoW{l to Ipe ,awOl's!) !per . of,Ute B-i3id. Surt (1n$[t:ad of being di~glli&:rl).

Zlientari:m. cJet-i" ..,t'"Banc; Imposmg alld,severe~ ·witn llll aU.e.ncam~)",ssing g~,'l.e "-IJ.d "Ill <lma of c(lottlol.

Zhcntadm FiI:h~r. 5u&t1y crur::~ ~yith .rllflelt!!5 honed to

implctncnt cotttmanu$, .

Zhentarim Male: Schell1irl'g and amhltious, \\'ith a habit ofloolmg_ over p_otf:l'I:oal rO¢S to set which peU it would

ta'll! [I) J;.ill them. . •


led 'm ~he ind~pe'tHle(ll:t: of Kh!J;lI.}iH<'6orgaIli'tatlQn~ the Mop.nstar~ Khclb~n>s ,g.roul) is almost unknown eueside its membership,. and its purpos.e (aft<1 Xhdben'j) r.easoJiS for hatg;ainillg with t9i! Zhl!nt~rim) is alsa.secrer,

t ·


~e become more '!illlc'W~ed fach dar" rhe Bla(l; N~wor);, can count O:ll,5Upport from jHlrthiUli Banites, Some GU'~\,ln15 rhat inelude a .deric of BtI'lH: sometimes have undead skeletons' lashr:d to the undersjdes of Wll!gol"lS" wbichcall be released with a few Ijlll\;.k ,tugs if th~ C'3Ta'V:uiis attaded. GTOO_PS with a;l.l,i.gh- 1~vel cler.ie or wi'zard arfl somerimes ' aeconlp,anied by banedead, .and a: beast or X."im, (tecbniCl!.Uy now a beast of Bane) ul'ight: a.ero.npaIlY p;ri&>iI"j:!,[!(J group,. At: leasr one sky-mage" 'GkNuts ,Mrisdfa5J hal; a. hippogriff touched by the powee cfth~ Black Hand in this manner.

Another powerful ally is :l ~oop of bcb.old.eli's lo¥al to Mlll1s;!:Jooll. f-zoul, ,and the churcb, WiBe)Hl;d expel"ie\lc~ beholders such as XuUa. Mm'lxaJ\'lI. and Xavlal can eliminare enemy spelleasters, charm. all. unlimited number of reticent contacts, il,nd. carve oilt secret hideeu ts in tht" hardesr rock, A.;'ldlti(ma.lty, the Zhenrar1:m hllS .hade alliances witlt the.drew m th.e past~ and .~ .tiavin.s. townil formal arrange1l'\1!'nu with. the AuU:ovy.n .d.~ and .80= Jaelrt:,c e::l:ooll11gioS ml1.gk and. goods uruquc to cHell gro!.ql.

Unknown 'to nearly c\'crrone" Fzoul arranged a reauous :P~iltc \'t~lh Itbdooll. B1:ach.t&ff ~ 'I.¥aterdeep. In exchange for j.nformatloll provided br dl1: '1nackstaff, Fl.~uJ llg~~rl to Limi;- Zher1tarimt'xpf!Jlsion to east of rille TIJul1d'~rr.eaks for D.~."rly thirty years. This does!1't pre'~'eU', th~ Zhel:1t~ how de-, fen~ing thd:r western tcui[ories, but jn illlikelillooi'l if dtas~ rerritories were lost Cfm: eXiEmpteJ if D:Jj:.khQ]d were to be' taken ever by Cyticists1 tliey would have to accept ,the 1055 ,until ~li~ agreement expired. This agreement caused tht?" ~il~6nl b~ tween Kill: I bell. 's F <ldion and t:b~ other Har.pels and


, ~

Tile ZLl!:nmti:n1oPFQS@sanyQnewhop.r'e!le.Ilts iI thr,ea'l:':i:o .its ~W19 vrima.r)! interem: controlling teade aud 1;vorld clominatioo. "tIili artirude puts the Zhents at odds wicbtht Iron Throne. the Cult of ;tbe Dr~g011, the R~ndccn, aDd lltly evil group of 1I mere chaotic or ]l!1dependall1: inclinarien, T,hey also Itav'!: a "'strong d· Vil~}' with the tJmrc:;b pf'Cpjc because,ot.die 'EI~e~' Njjltw0rl.!;$ tlecli to rlit ehnreh of Bane. Theyare tr-.aditionally enemies of the Red Wizards as well, but s,lrice the 5tlOOc.<SS of l'.he enclaves, Ute Znentz haw begun to see the aaVll.nl:"ag~ of it 1111'gt: grO«P ,of neutf31-=or at least not hostile-mages producing c.heap magic ltl."ltiS they Call. use [or thcit o\inl purpQ!!ieS:

Th~ 2:he-lital'im U$OD:Ppo.ses (aod is oppesed by) grol.lp5 th .. t prom.ote geodand fr~edonl, n- 11ft" er s a &tandillg boon ty fo.il me heads of powerful Harper allies who have fOllgl1t the ,'lhl.tll.. tarim in Ib!!' _past, such as, Elmlnster and Several of the Seven SlsIen. The Hnper~ dr,l'w. many age.nJ;,5 from, the fO€s of the Zb!:l:it;trim., and are !umor-e:d ee 1J,e starting aootmrHarper Hall in Ravens Bluff to. !Commt eastward cirpitl1.!ikm: Il}' '.oo.~ Black N'1:t:work. Th.4; so-called "Rilveus HaU" has been ilPQke11 of by at l.ea::.r one eowled bud, '\1i'ith hims that .hose clever enough to .filld it may be asked m' join. 'rhe Zhenta.rlm. are trying w fmd this Sl.!qet hali hefare it gTQ\!.'S to become 11 trlle p,robkm.

Bec;1,u~e of its d{lp~!'IdC;l1ce 011 Hi!\' tr~d~ mlltt! thnNj;y. ALum-


zhcirtu·.cim: Tips' for the D~ :. ~

Ths: ZI;II::Dtal'im is a<.:tiVf! ac,rras tlte oortb~tl'l ~ !,aeru¢ Pa.it;iCp]!i;]y if tbo~ wisblC$~6incid~ with tJ1dr oWD~if a Iocal

:rnd.1l3& agen£5, carilvs1!s",.md soh'lie.r5. in ke)' points~15ew!:t~re tempJ>l to", ri!{itiLa~i~r h!L~ been sUP,P'*-t'ing'advenrurers in-

on ehe conrinem; At any·time., :tbe.Zhent<lrlm.or mcrceuarlea ,valved ill di\ ring tIte plans of the Black Nct\V@tk; a gWlt;,

in itscemplol' could 3~ a caravan thtl neT0e5 arel';1l.ardi.n-g,. of Banltes 1II11d 7-l1 niarilll ~fI burn quWIi rlu: feuIple ene

~~ f~iindJy ~erchant'lbe yh.yer characrers know 1.Jl.igbt be !1igJu:: perhaps aided' by ah- aerial flrr:17:#11 a!iSw!t' fFon, 01

fatod with vialmt.thug;; In[CJ~t 01' de.layjng a sflipmel'l'[ of flyitrg 111:ll:ge- '

needed geods or Cti)n~ia.clf!';g h7m t<l find a d:i:ffercllt 5TIppli~l'. l--'ot: all '!hi:: reguc m0I15tG'r act:iYit}! encouraged· by ['h~

rr..th;e herees arc\:l:~~g It valunhlcltepl ($uoo ~ $; custom- Zh~tarim. is a. result" of threats made br' Zheut ageurs

Ill,de l1liJ~c i~m) from another towu, (he caravanbringmg llgalU5t the: maasrers, The'Zhentarim luighr priLe't!ie mon-

It'might sunp1.y- never appear~ the rnerchanrs having been ster~ either with. money or m~ll: items. A group of herees

slaugh~~rtrl in trrul'Bif, or it Illay ~rrj .... e hcaf'.mg tnt coltirt ~f p"~pared fa deal with an .... t'ttin 1l1~)' ~ J,1,lEpriil1d ",,'bed'dt.ey

the Hiack Nl3tw;ptk. Herees wQtlIJbt: le:f:t \!Ij)Qd~i.ng jf ;tbey, fmd thltt cltti:n pretecced b..y II mllge ar1",or .spen am:! enhanced'

shputd ru;C'ep1: dCLh·cry of tJ.iei.r Item pea,ceotbIy •. or iIIttfl.-ck " by a. ClIft &,Cace spdl. all ceurresy or a hid.denZhenrurim

~ceJnill!gly legitimate Caravan tha{ lfJl"i' kn.~i,... aas Pl!ll11C- "lase. Likewise, I! VOW. II simple sbje:/d allJlif' spell t::tS[ oniln 'm-

trated a erime, ' vjsibk Banite cleric makes an umber hu-U. a mo.re,tetdfying

• A group of foot: to: tell Zht;;ntarim ooMi.er:B; with brease- o~pOl'licm.. . ,

plates and Sll:i~s-js:more t~:an i!: m~tch for .~.groiJP of "ii," H tAl! ,i:ul~" 1;l1!1'ke \:Jl~mies ofttJ.'1 ,Zhl:ntsllTI iLud.pe:rsill.t·

iag~1:'Ii> but thaSE -s.cldier.s _male a. gft'XI tulCQUiI'rer for low-Ieyel ~1:1t1y int!:.rft.trl:- witlt their _pIail .. thirJl will eve~' bm~

heroes,.l'hi;l heroes can ..-omc acrOiS 3 small v:i1lage'being fer- t.he tru"get~ of ~il::lat.ioJl.attenlp[rs.: While the Zh~ntaxim ;S

totized:, hy -a gJ<ll,g' or, thes~ th~gs, e111;iinat~ [hI; t~reat (111!.r- UStr.llly g:uit: williugto lutelll.pt ass\,!S!.Il!l:lati()O$ dUtct~y. some--

Illlp.5 wlrh (I few gettJJ1g nway to 'alm then- "&upenQl"~' -abo1.{t .r1JJ1es it- SImply paits Jarge- bounties fill" the .headB of ilie

~d\'l:nrurers !;d~kiI~g tl~eir nD.s~ wha;~ ~h~y ~dfl't h1tl011i), lI~roes. T!jese'Wl!.lltk;);u-e ciftTe:n lll:l:ompa.nicd b.y false stork>!;

and make fl"re-nds andcfll1taro amah!!; thr;: viUa~!:rS. ,af.:!f_epravecl ,~dld C'\ri.J acta COiDl1i:inC'~ By tl~e heroes. (0 ruin

Since the church of :&&. -SOpp<'ttt5 .tht: Z1IC11!tarinl,) the tbe:p" reputiltlo]] and h:op~fuJ1r C~U'll'lllce (lthw- gOQd-il1tgl'ted

ZJ_leID;t!l oftc:]J actin a,q;:ardilm:~ with the wishtS f!.r 'Uif: ch:l;lrch, groups to target dlt! h6-Oi.!:i, -


:since th:ese el~~Mll te:ril arL' u$ually sl)eciafu:ecl. grouJl3. I))f highet·-

kvd chara'~'[,ers rathet than large tlUllllbers Qf low-level gltards.

The main yarinhle it.t mere powerful cara'van &roop.i:ngs is the le .... d of tlle' spcllcastfi'[ Wbo, guard!;, [hem. The IlL or a more ~owcrful encounter can becalculated by using single OJ' mIl.Jiijl!cs 0f the eara 'I'l!I1S a bevc, c()mhln~d with Q !rig.het-le¥~l spHlaas~~ ...

'the luilitaty encourrrers have two EL tistings. The first is f.or the eaeosnrer at> pref£tltt-d. the second is for the same group without tll~ spellcaster .

.AllY sorcerer OJ' ,mzlIr.d aoo,,:E: nil Icvd might h~ife Ievels irl the Zhenrll.l"irn skymage pr.e.slige class (see ~I.ow}

Za:e.otadm CiflliUI1 'EtlCillttl.Cl:i' (E',L 4) i speUl:attcr Q:..E. bU:i1H!J1 or Jla1f-Q1"<;' c;lr2 of i3ane. Sur2., or Wrz214 guard!! (LE hOlml)l..>'Qt~ I'M' hatf-OJ;cWatl)

Zb.enwim Calnall En~ount:el!' GEL 6): 1 spelleaster (LE human or haI:f-ort Cll"+ of Bine, SOf4. 01' Vfi,z+J.,,4 gu:~ds (;LE

human, Gr9; 0. half·ore Ftl'l ).. '

Zhlltll;Ym:. Caravan Encounter (EL8). 1 spelkast!lI (LE bl1rnRfl.'OT half -orc Clr6 of &B.c, SOr6. OF WiJ:6). 4 gUM& (LE human, CIte, or lrul:f·Q[c Ftr1).

• ZhC:Iltar"m:. MiI1:r.lI.l'y·Encouater (EL 6{EL 1) 1. sergeanr (LE. human, erc; or'h3'lf-orc Ftri). 1 speik,a&ter (LE h!J'tWl:!l '01' halr-orc CIr? of Bane, Sod;, or '\Va2) • .;. wldiers (LE human. we, or h~1f·orc FtrlJ-

Zhcntunn Military BI!C01!lDte&: (EL 8fEL 7); llieutellil.l1t eLl:. hwnal1 • .01'1;, or 'half~I'C Ftr4)' 1,spelk:a&tet (LE human 01: balf:(mz CLrt of Eauf, SaT!, or Wb;r1 1 sergeanT (LE human, ore, or !balf-IYre Fn'2.), (j SQ.lalers CLE 111lffiRI1" ere, OI .

• half-ore F-trl).

Zhc:nflU'i!m Military Encounter eEl. lO/EL 8); 1 aRtrun (I.E. .human, ore, or half-orc Ftr6'), :I: spellcaster (Ll! human or half-ore Glr8 of lhne~ SOTS, or WtzS),. 1. lieutenant- (I.E hWIl:a:n, ore, or half-orc FI.T4J, ,. ooldlfirs (I.E bUITi1lJ1. ere, 01" ha.l.f~orc Ftl'l).


.£0.:1:1" me 7JUi'll,Ui'.im \m:J ahi)OO~ certainly come iuto wriflict with! the shades at some point in dw near. future, Since t'be shdes (OmliUe! Anawoch to 'be part of their nacioll" t:b.ey are wilikcly to a«eJlt-arrned caravans gwrd",d by spdtca>ters travdlng tbroo:gb their land, Such II conflicr v,"mJl.d ~J"rail1ly be [roublesOm~ for the Zhenu, (Oi' while d1ey ;nay ~ :p0l'i't-rf ul, it :b;. doUbtful rliat rb.ey couJaeffcttiwl~ com:-'baI. those who widd the ~nllgjc of Im.t N!:'theriL Losing' the AU3:llrodl trade route may force tho Zhentaritn to consider other, soerhern routes.

On a snJ.lIlli:t smle;, the r:nr:mies of the Zhentarlm'are'(:]]e people ~~'~ose tive.s [.hey r~ or d1sJ:llpr; reputahle rn~rc.h;!;tl ~ ,,11· .Joi,ger& in rrontiw: ii.reas. or local law etlf'l'lt'C~m~Ilt official!; who tty- to stop shipments of eontraband, In Ot near ,LMttS where the Zhent1 ~e in power,. tb.cy arc treared oooUy hy nenmembers, For whitl1l they- bring shipment;; of graiI~, tools. and 1O'e:ipons, th06": same caravan guards migll, return someday.as parr of an attacking:army. Xhl1Zhents also reenaln.alert.fur ag4lt!; oftbe'liarpers ~i' o.rgauiz:;ttWU5 S\ll;'h 11.&. the Iron Throne who would love to leam mote !l,oout th~ir plans and rC'pl'esent~tiil'es'ilj the area.


The Zhents belifN.~ in !&trengdi in !lum'oors: Th~)' alW:l.}',s travel in gro-upS;,'H!1'i! eveulone seeree ~ellts and spies fabrJc.atC'·"pvcr

stor i-e. and e.r-Cl1.5e~ to tr.Ryel with others, .

ZhcfttarUn ag~nts may be encountered as guards fol' one o{ tlt.e Zhel1t caravans, I~rldlts ~.ooting a C'ilravan they have-' !littack~d. soldiers ilwai61lg d~ptoymellt into'!!, -yillage: to. deat with "bostile monsters, '" rb,lJgs ,of' prof eS!J,ional ~ssassin& 'prepa.!'ll~~ (or a murder 01' flth~r crime, at soldiers on maneuvers near a Zhe~im. strcmgi'roLd. The' Bhu::k Network elsebas its, OWi~ oo,nd's of adventulCe:rs who go III ~el!:rcl~ of t(t:;i15Ure, iaformation,and the chance 'to make names rOl'cthemsdves.

Grollps of rravding Zhe.nt~Jm alWllYs Ulcw'd'e a spel1c~st~1' of .sOll\'C Sen: (ty_picall)' a, cleric of Bane, a sorcerer; or-a wiir.ard), unless tbe grQUP is a parrolof soldiers near a Zhentarim base. Usu.illy the po'lvcr of these individuals is exceeded by rheir ambition, but t,bey are all q_uite ea.ger to rlJ'OY~ their' worth to; th-e Black Ne"[\\lru' and W! 11m hesitafe to e:l:peud every OUI1CC of dtdr magicaL migh.[ for that purpose. Truly impo.rmJlt rais- 5lons (illdlldit)g guatdio$ v'llry valuable Q[iI'r.ins) 'rclld to Im:ve ,pellc:aucrs with cl1a:r.a tel ~erdii exceeding rhOOt of the other Zhentarim present.


The sample eneountcrs below Me divided into two cah;~ones, "car,Hmfls" and "llIilitary;" CM:3V3n guards, banditS, ana thugs. 115e' tilt "carnvan" itl"ooping~ W1less there- are unusual ci[lc,i.lIHstant"$, Soldier!> of.anJf kind and ~i~ use the "'military" eneounter (altqougll skilled assa~sins art:. more' liJ:ely ~Q actually hav't' leli'd~ in tlx a8S1l.6Sln prestige'. lass antI' aveid tra 'oIdJng \yitll :myol,e other tbiUl F-t'op:!e siniilatly practiced in stealth),

Most qf the Zheutai.i:t'l1emmunter.ed .arc low-level guards, ~ ilie takljjanons for tbe Olnco_unt.~r levels l:JlcJodfn:g those "f,ld higber-~e~ chru-lI.('t~rs teIld i.O hr'e!!.!! dawn arow,d EL 1Q. While matb~'1tI;l.ti;;dLy ,1 groqp ql'tell.1>it-ieye] Stl'a.n]s aCo.ob,lY.tnyuJg ita 8th·leve!.so.n:ertli i& all EL 10 encoul:l.f.e.r, the SOl"c.t.l7fX poses ~he rcal threat and the g;u.ard.5 are; of Dil'gligi&1e: Uxtpo.rtlInct lu a group of lOth-levd I1haraders. Becau5e (If thi$. stan· dard encoW}ters for Zhentat'Un above FL 10 :tJ'e 1I0t ljst'~d.


With their dependence oncommon soldiers, i:h~ Z~I!.ntarim re1y heavily upon the use of tactics eto defeat their OIl ponent s. Zrn:ll< r:uim, sol.ilier.s are ['rail'lc,~ in fl.gprmg as u ream and supporting I:bcu fe.llows. They ,Pl,,(chlci: t;t!!!tie;s. ~d on j~t :a.battt !:!Ye'f}" sort - af',eamunter dl~Y are ex:peC-t~d to deal with. They -are info.r.med of the typu:a] .BUateg1~s of their superiors and all}, temporary allks to allow those people te better use dleJiI" skills as well :is .HI p~'fent harm to themsc Iv 105 (avoidin I;l. the ~}lot -whet!,! 3rt O!I1i.e.d wizard is e:rpectcd: m, [hrOll' .aflnl7ail, for enmph:~

Zhei:ltuim.l!oldiets USl: dre phalanx fQEWariQ.·!;I wb~I1ever pcis· sible, .'iud_ al!nost e\'ery- soldiet has. tbePm\lan); Fighting feat. With th~. taaticj the soidler'5, remain adjacent. llSililg their sJ:tieh1ll to prm:ecu:he:ir lleigllbot:;9_~ well as tlil!!mliclvts. Whill:! this does .J!llean they te!fd to :stid:: tog:etw::r (aI1d: tJl<:JCef()re an l't1dt~ ~nerable to area nt~ck ~lls); sir,ce mCl5t of theit.r~Jrtsinvo:lve oppoacnts \\irutQtil't magic. th~ benefits oLttweigh w rish Zhenblriln &!)Idiers rardy break FIOro a grOlJp 11Jlless pu:rsui.iilJl; lone oppar.ltmt? pr If remaming together is obviously too, dangt!rous (such ali whom flghri.t~g an en.em]1 m age using a.r:ea: attack sreUs).

Zh6~rt:arim soldiers fullJ,_ foes if I1ass.iMe, lO!Slpec:iaUywhJ;i1 workitl~ with rogues.. W1!el;j t:eam~Q with 11l1l.g;es or d~riC5,. theJ use [\'1'0 nmin tactic~, depending on l:hsir orden. If told[ to der~nd" tHt'y <l£s'UIne defem,iife formacions [0· guard clle s_pcl1-

I ..


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