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Valerie F.

Candidate for 24th Ward Alderman

Improving the Quality of Life

for 24th Ward Residents
When elected, Valerie will
“A leader for such  Work with at-risk individuals, victims of crime, the Police Department, community based
a time as this” organizations, schools, and parks to create Crime Free Zones
 Work with CPS to improve quality of education and school facilities so that our children
may compete in a global economy
 Work with the Mayor and City Council to eliminate waste from City budgets to hold the lid on property tax increases
 Work with local businesses to create a healthy environment for business growth and job creation
 Provide opportunities for training and development for new workers and workers who would like to learn new skills
 Build community by increasing internet access for seniors, small business owners and students.

Bringing Democracy Back

to the 24th Ward
 Participatory Budgeting process in which resident-led committee works with the Alderman to identify and
prioritize public improvements
 TIF Advisory Councils made up of a broad base of stakeholders within the TIFs
 Restoration of the Lawndale Community Conservation Council or similar body to guide holistic community and
economic development

Building on a Solid
Track Record of Public Service

Involving you! Vote for Valerie

February 22, 2011
Join the team that will build community and restore trust.
Contact Valerie at 773-521-3137 or Website:
Follow Valerie on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Scribd and Every Block Chicago-24th Ward
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