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Team Monterey 5: Practicum in El Salvador

Dates: January 3 – January 22, 2010

DRAFT Budget

This budget is based on 17 participants for 20 days, with a combination of home stays
and the dorms for 17 days. Meals, accommodations, 3 double cabin trucks, and a van
for weekend excursions and airport pick up/drop off are included.

For any overnight trips outside the region, transportation costs (gas and van fees) are
included. However, MIIS will be asked to separately cover all meals and
accommodations not just for the 17 participants but also for the drivers.

Use of a cell phone will be provided free of charge; however, phone minutes are not
included and must be purchased separately.


Room and Board $6,685
Transportation and logistics $4,660
Indirect Costs (El Salvador & US) $3,955
TOTAL $15,300
Cost per Person $900