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Dawn blushed; betrayed her waking sky

to gently break another morrow fine.
Night waned – the black receding – highland
Reaching for the early morning wine.

The chorus rendered frantic caws and

Chirps and other avian song,
Mapping out the 'mine and yours, and
Goading more to sing along!

Quiescent water – deep of lake –

Reflected out the hazy red, but
through the glass, a flick, a break:
An urgent tail from hidden bed!

And in the meadow, waking faces

calmly spread a coloured veil;
the dew disclosing spider laces –
Oft with once a fly’s travail!

Dawn blushed; revealed her inner peace;

she handed on another blissful day.
Night ebbed, relenting to release of
Warming blood that gives to her display.