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"Discuss the role of leader in traditional organization and

dynamic organization"


Role of leader in traditional organization:-

The leadership role in traditional organizations includes leading

others toward the attainment of an outcome, or realization of a
vision of direct value to usually a third party someone other than
either the leader or the followers. This type of leadership has
become a profession and data copy from v and u new site say an
important requisite for executives to succeed in their roles as
managers in traditional organization. This leadership is like
leadership in war, it is a war of competition that is fought in the
market place using products, Technologies, Services and
distribution channels as weapons.

Role of leader in dynamic organization:-

In Dynamic Organizations an endless source of practical insights

and ideas where leaders are a line executive responsible for
organizational performance or a human resources professional
providing expert advice. Leaders must cooperate with their
subordinates and provide them necessary informations regarding
to projects. And making every necessary effort to make their
organization strong to handle every type of danger. So, making
their organization strong from insight is also important. And role
of leaders will make this possible.The role of leader within
organization is not complete just to convey their orders but also
their participation is important Leader Behavior In the dynamic
organization, the leader contributes to performance and
satisfaction to a greater extent than in the hierarchical
organization because in the dynamic organization the work is not
so preplanned