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____________Paragraph is titled; title is not in bold or underlined
____________Name, Teacher, class, and date in upper left corner
____________Typed, double-spaced
____________11 point font

Y ¦ 

____________ Both titles and authors are stated in the introductory sentence
____________ Titles of stories are in quotes
____________ The point of comparison (i.e. what you are comparing) is stated clearly
____________ The aspect to be discussed is stated clearly


____________ Is organized according to either the alternating or block method of
____________ Uses clear comparative transitions consistently throughout the
paragraph (e.g. Dzcomparablydz, Dzsimilarlydz, Dzlikewisedz, Dzin contrastdz, etc.)
____________ Discusses the literary aspect and makes it clear how it specifically
relates to each story
____________ Makes 2-3 points of comparison
____________ Uses at least 4 quotations to support the argument (2 per story)
____________ Links ALL points back to the literary aspect and how it communicates
the point of comparison


____________ Mirrors the topic sentence
____________ Does not use the exact same wording as the topic sentence
____________ Includes the titles and authors of both stories
____________ Reiterates the aspect being compared


____________ Proper spelling
____________ No typos (used spellcheck AND proofread)
____________ Correct punctuation
____________ No use of contractions
____________ No use of Dzyoudz or DzIdz
____________ Proper citation for the quotations (MLA)