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Layout Design

Layout Design

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Published by: Surender Singh on Nov 21, 2010
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Layout Design

Plant layout
y A plant layout refers to the arrangement of

machinery, equipment and other industrial facilities for the purpose of smooth and quickest production at least cost.

y Reduce material handling costs y Reduce congestion and hazards y Utilize labour, available space effectively & efficiently y Provide volume and product flexibility y Reduce accidents with employee safety and health y Provide ease of supervision and maintenance y Allow high machine/ equipment utilisation y Improve productivity

Factors influencing Layout
y Materials y Product y Worker y Machinery y Type of industry y Location y Managerial policies

Principles of layout
y Minimum travel y Sequence y Usage y Safety and satisfaction y Flexibility y Investment

Types of layout
y Process Layout y Product layout y Fixed position layout y Cellular manufacturing layout y Hybrid layout

Process Layout
y Also called functional, job shop or batch layout y Layout is decided on basis of process involved y Work has to be allotted in such a way nothing remain

idle. y Principles used Distance between dept. needs to be short Though like machines are grouped in one department Convenience for inspection and supervision

Product layout
y Also called the straight line layout y Arrangement of machines in one line y Equipments must be placed acc. To sequence y One line can¶t cross other y All operation included in one line

Fixed position layout
y Involves the movement of men and machines to the

product which remains stationary y Investment on layout is very small y High cost and transportation difficulty is avoided

Cellular Manufacturing
y Work divided into cells y Less time consuming y Flow of parts within cells

Combined or Hybrid layout
y Combination of two or more layouts

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