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Birds Birds are interesting flying animals. They are vertebrates and warm blooded animals. They belong to aves class and they can be found all over the world. Birds breath with their air pocket. Beside as respiration organ, air pocket also can enlarge or reduce their weight when flying or swimming. There are many kinds of birds. Earth bird has special characteristic. They have different morphology acording to their food and their habitat. Some of them eat seeds, pollen, fish or meat. There are some species that live in land and the others live in water. Land birds live on their nest. Female birds have specific tasks. they lay eggs and feed their baby, Beside that they look for foods for their baby.

Angry passengers stage sit-in on plane Angry passengers staged a sit-on a Batavia Airplane following a delay at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Friday. Airport administrator Herry Bakti said the incident occurred at about 6 p.m. Dozens of passengers going to Jambi, who were supposed to depart at 2 p.m, entered a Batavia Airplane that was scheduled to fly to Denpansar. They reportedly staged the sit-in to press their demand for compesation from Batavia Air for their delayed flight. ³The plane was supposed to fly at 2:05 p.m., but the plane is having trouble with the weather radar. So they will be transported aboard another plane at 8:15 p.m´, Batavia Air general manager Dexter Leopard said as quoted by kompas.com. He said after the passengers were convinced they would get another plane to Jambi, they left the Denpasar-bound plane. ± JP Answer these questions: 01. What happened at Batavia Airplane at Sukarno Hatta airport last Friday ? 02. What caused the incident ? 03. What flight was in the trouble ? 04. What caused the flight trouble ? 05. How did the Batavia Air general manager solve the problem ?

How long did the passengers wait for the departure ? .06. What time should the plane fly to Denpansar ? 08. What time should the plane fly to Denpasar ? 07.

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