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10/24/2011 Croup 2
10/24/2011 Croup 2 3
800 members of the Bani Yas tribe, led by the Maktoum Family,
settled at the mouth of the creek (the natural harbour) in 1833.
Dubai soon became a center for the fishing, pearling and sea
The souk on the Deira side of the creek was the largest on the
coast with 350 shops.
By the 1930s Dubai's population was nearly 20,000, a quarter of
whom were expatriates.
10/24/2011 Croup 2 4
Located at the crossroads of As|aţ Afr|ca and
Duba| ||es a|ong the Lastern coast of the Arab|an
Þen|nsu|a |n the 5outh West corner of the
Arab|an Gu|fŦ
10/24/2011 Croup 2 3
!opulation : 1.5 million
Capital : Dubai City
Official Language : Arabic, although English is also
wide spread
Government : Sheikh
Size : 4,114 km2
Currency : Dirham
Economy : 38th largest in the world
Religion : Ìslam
!opulation comprises of=17% of UAE nationals
10/24/2011 Croup 2 6
Culture of Dubai is predominantly Ìslamic.
Day-to-day activities, festivals, cuisine,
dresses, weddings, and other customs are
dictated very much by religion.
Despite waves of modernity touching the
shores of Dubai, the emirate remains
close to its cultural heritage.
10/24/2011 Croup 2 7
GD!- US$ 37 billion.
Oil and natural gas currently account for
around 6% of the emirate's revenues.
Largest contributors to Dubai's economy.
Real state and Construction (22.6%)
Trade (16%)
Financial services (11%)
10/24/2011 Croup 2 8
44th among the worlds best financial cites.
World's 33rd richest city, in terms of !!!.
Dubai's top re-exporting destinations include:
Ìran (US$ 790 million)
Ìndia (US$ 204 million)
Saudi Arabia (US$ 194 million)
The emirate's top import sources are
Japan (US$ 1.5 billion)
China (US$ 1.4 billion)
United States (US$ 1.4 billion)
10/24/2011 Croup 2 9
@ransporL ls conLrolled bv Lhe 8oads and @ransporL
@he publlc LransporL neLwork faces huae conaesLlonŦ
ALu70 bllllon of lmprovemenLs planned for compleLlon
bv 2020Ŧ
uubal lnLernaLlonal AlrporL(Lhe hub for LmlraLes
Served a LoLal of over 37 mllllon passenaers
handled over 1Ŧ8 mllllon Lons of carao ln 2008Ŧ
ln 2008ţ Lhe 20Lh buslesL alrporL ln Lhe worldŦ
10/24/2011 Croup 2 10
W LourlsmŴorlenLed has made real esLaLe more valuableţ @he
larae scale real esLaLe developmenL pro[ecLs have led Lo Lhe
consLrucLlon of some of Lhe LallesL skvscrapers and laraesL pro[ecLs ln
Lhe world such as Lhe LmlraLes @owersţ Lhe 8ur[ uubalţ Lhe Þalm
lslands and Lhe worldƌs second LallesLţ and mosL expenslve hoLelţ Lhe
8ur[ Al ArabŦ
W uubalƌs real esLaLe markeL has experlenced a ma[or downLurn ln Lhe
recenL monLhsţ as a resulL of Lhe slowlna economlc cllmaLeŦ
Mohammed alŴAbbar councll of Lhe shelk Lold Lhe lnLernaLlonal press
ln uecember 2008 LhaL Lmaar had credlLs of uS$ 70 bllllons and Lhe
sLaLe of uubal addlLlonal uS$ 10 bllllons whlle holdlna esLlmaLed 330
bllllon ln real esLaLe asseLsŦ 8v earlv 2009ţ Lhe slLuaLlon had worsened
wlLh Lhe alobal economlc crlsls Laklna a heavv Loll on properLv valuesţ
consLrucLlon and emplovmenLŦ
W As of lebruarv 2009 uubalƌs forelan debL ls esLlmaLed aL apprxŦ uSu
100 bllllonţ leavlna each of Lhe emlraLeƌs 230ţ000 uAL naLlonals
responslble for 400ţ000 uSu ln forelan debL
10/24/2011 Croup 2 11
Maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirate.
Dubai's lure for tourists is based mainly on
Most populous emirate of the seven emirates of
Ìts revenues increasingly, from tourism rather
than petroleum and natural gas account
Jebel Ali-largest man-made harbour in the world.
10/24/2011 Croup 2 12
W @ravellers enLerlna uubal can be [alled for 4 vears or more lf found
ln possesslon (lncludlna ln Lhe bloodsLream and Lhe boLLom of Lhe
) of llleaal druas (even ln quanLlLles as small as 0Ŧ001a)ţ
lncludlna poppv seeds from baaels and prescrlpLlon and overŴLheŴ
counLer medlclnes such as codelneŦ
A senlor uubal [udae was
quoLed on lebruarv 11ţ 2008ţ bv Lhe uobol cltv News savlnaţ
ƍ@hese laws help dlscouraae anvone from carrvlna or uslna druasŦ
Lven lf Lhe amounL of llleaal druas found on someone ls 0Ŧ03 aramsţ
Lhev wlll be found aullLvŦ @he penalLv ls a mlnlmum four vearsŦ @he
messaae ls clear Ÿ druas wlll noL be LoleraLedŦƍ
A number of
Lravellers have been held pendlna charae whlle uubal auLhorlLles
LesL Lhelr possesslonsţ blood and urlne for anv Lrace of
10/24/2011 Croup 2 13
ne of Lhe mosL speedllv developlna clLles ln Lhe world
ls dubalŦ
8eal LsLaLe and consLrucLlonţ on Lhe oLher handţ
conLrlbuLed 22Ŧ6Ʒ Lo Lhe economv ln 2003ţ before Lhe
currenL larae scale consLrucLlon boomŦ
uu8Al has aLLracLed aLLenLlon Lhrouah lLs real esLaLe
pro[ecLs Ǝ sporLs evenLsŦ
10/24/2011 Croup 2 13
uubal Marlna Ŧ
uubal MeLro
uelra Clock @ower
8ur[ Al Arab
10/24/2011 Croup 2 16
8aLLle of Lhe @ower Cranes
13Ʒ of Lhe world Lower cranes are
currenLlv ln uubal
10/24/2011 Croup 2 17
Wor|d 8|ggest 5k| Dome
W|th|n Ma|| of Lm|rates
10/24/2011 Croup 2 18
Duba| Mar|na Þro[ect
Iume|rah 8each kes|dences (40 b|ocks)
10/24/2011 Croup 2 19
Wor|d Largest ƍÞa|msƍŴ Iume|rah Þa|mţ Iebe| A|| Þa|mţ 1he Wor|dţ De|ra Þa|m
10/24/2011 Croup 2 20
Lver slnce uubal was flooded bv Lhe lncrease of populaLlon durlna Lhe earlv
davs of ollţ houslna has been dlfflculL Lo obLalnŦ @haL ls when Lhe novel ldea
of bulldlna homes on arLlflclal lslands ouL ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe waLer was
developedŦ ne of Lhe flrsL developmenLs was ƍ!umelra Þalm lslandƍ plcLured
aL rlahLŦ @hen came ƍ@he Worldƍţ a serles of manŴmade lslands wlLh homes
LhaL onlv Lhe meaaŴrlch could ever hope Lo affordŦ wnershlp of an lsland
home aL ƍ@he Worldƍ ls consldered [usL as deslrable as a home ln
Aspenţ Monacoţ and oLher favorlLe hanaouLs of Lhe 8lch and lamousŦ
@he maln reason for Lhe consLrucLlon boom ln uubal ls lLs drlve Lo dlverslfv
Lhe economvŦ @he uubal aovernmenL does noL wanL Lo depend on lLs oll
reserves whlch are laraelv belleved Lo become exhausLed bv
2010Ŧ Accordlnalv uubal ClLv has dlverslfled lLs economv Lo aLLracL revenues
ln Lhe form of expandlna commerclal and corporaLe acLlvlLvŦ
10/24/2011 Croup 2 21
Demand for construction jobs
Demand for engineering jobs
Flourishing tourism industry
(Due to this hotel jobs is also a
growth area)
Business opportunities
Travel !ackages ÷ Emirates Airlines and few travel agents
handle Most of the travel packages.
Exports ÷ Some food items like Dates are very cheap in
Dubai. Also used cars and jewellery are very cheap in Dubai.
Nightclubs ÷ There is always a market in Dubai for
Multi Level Marketing ÷ Dubai has tough laws for pyramid
schemes. Ìf one gets the government approval for a genuine
MLM then the sky is the limit.
Job agencies for skilled labours ÷ Almost all job agencies in
Dubai are focusing on jobs for professionals.
Franchise businesses÷ There is a huge market for
Childcare business ÷ as many young couples are working
there is lack of childcare facilities.So there is a niche business
opportunity for someone who wants to start a business in
Nursing Jobs in Dubai --There is an abundance of jobs for nurse at
facilities like corporate offices, hospitals, wellness centers, and
other medical institutions which are world-class in terms of
technology and level of care.
nursing jobs available in Dubai
- Staff nurses
- Emergency room nurses
- Ìntensive care or critical care nurses
- !ediatric nurses
- Dental care nurses
- Nursing directors and assistant directors for various hospital
-school nurses and company nurses.
-traveling nurses, or nurses who are hired on a temporary basis
-private nurse or caregiver to someone who needs personal nursing
Moving on to dubai
Michael Campbell is a 26 year old journalist working in Dubai. Originally from New Zealand he
was recruited straight from college.
He says it was too good an opportunity to miss. "Ì was keen to get out of New Zealand to gain
some international experience and exposure. Ì had previously considered Dubai as an option
because Ì did not know too much about it and what Ì did know sounded quite exotic. So when
the opportunity came up, Ì went for it. Oh yeah and there is no income tax here, that probably
influenced my decision a little¨
Michael firmly believes that working in Dubai will give him a head start in his career. "The
opportunity Dubai offers is like none other. Because it is still a developing economy, in the
middle of a boom, there are not enough people to fill the jobs. !eople with little experience can
come to Dubai and walk straight into a job that would normally require a lot more experience.
That's not saying standards aren't high, they are: it's very cut throat. Ìf you don't perform you'll
soon know about it but Ì think people here are given more of a chance to prove themselves. Ìt
is commonly known in many industries that experience in Dubai is worth double what it is
anywhere else¨ Again like almost everybody else working in Dubai Michael cites the lifestyle
as one of the best things about the place.
So would he recommend Dubai as somewhere to live and work? "Definitely, it's exciting, exotic
and new¨
26 year old Sarah Doran is a structural engineer. She says she fell in love with Dubai while on
secondment and did not want to return home. "The company Ì worked for in Dublin transferred
me out here for a short three month secondment ÷ Ì loved it from the minute Ì arrived and
desperately wanted to stay. So then my company moved me full time to here. Ì wanted to stay
because Ì had made such great friends and the weather is fab.¨
10/24/2011 Croup 2 27
10/24/2011 Croup 2 28
W Aerospace Ǝ uefence Ŷ
- uubal Aerospace LnLerprlse (uAL) Ŵ $13 bllllon
W lnvesLmenL over 10 vears
- lnvesLmenL lnť alrcrafL leaslnaţ Lralnlnaţ manufacLurlnaţ
W flnanceţ malnLenance repalr Ǝ overhaul (M8)ţ space
- unlverslLv of Cranfleld Ŷ Aerospace lnsLlLuLe ln uubal
- Lxpanslon ofť
W uubal lnLernaLlonal
W uubal World CenLral AlrporL
Whv uubal?
W noŴ@ax pollcvŦ
W lree Zones for buslnessesŦ
W @ourlsL desLlnaLlon
W lnLernaLlonal buslness cenLre
W Leadlna realonal Lradlna hub ln Lhe Mlddle LasL
W 8ealonal offlce locaLlon
W uubalƌs locaLlon makes lL unlque ln lLs lnLernaLlonal
connecLlvlLv and accessŦ
W unemplovmenL raLe ls 2Ŧ4Ʒ (2001)
Whv uubal? ConLŦ
W Aslde from Lhe economlc advanLaaes of uslna uubal as a
buslness baseţ lnLernaLlonal buslnessmen can be assured LhaL
Lhe clLv offers a superb quallLv of llfe for Lhemselves and Lhelr
W uubal ls LoleranLţ welcomlna and vlrLuallv crlmeŴfreeŦ
W @he llfesLvle ls lnLernaLlonalţ wlLh luxurv resldenLlal and offlce
accommodaLlonţ aood educaLlonalţ healLh and shopplna
W SporLlna and lelsure lnLeresLs are well caLered for and uubalƌs
Lop class lnLernaLlonal hoLels offer a wlde ranae of dlnlnaţ
enLerLalnmenL and nlahLllfeŦ
ev polnL abouL uubal
W Easy access to regional market
W Consistently strong economic outlook
W Best economic environment
W Well connected location
W Thriving tourist destination
W Safe and stable base for business
Leadlna brands currenLlv ln ulC
W Dubai Emirate: The second Iargest of the seven Emirates that
make up the United Arab Emirates
W Located on the southern shore of the Arabian GuIf
W Dubai City is a bustIing metropoIis
W InternationaI business hub; HQ for most major muItinationaIs
and internationaI financiaI institutions
W Current popuIation approx. 1.67 miIIion, set to increase to 3.5
miIIion by 2010
W About 50% of popuIation is under the age of 20
W Lconom|c systemť @he uAL ls one of Lhe worldƌs wealLhlesL counLrlesţ
wlLh a CuÞ of uS $34 bllllon (2000)ţ and has Lhe LhlrdŴlaraesL proven
oll reserves ln Lhe worldŦ Whlle oll and aas producLlon form lLs
foundaLlonţ uubal ls lncreaslnalv broadenlna lLs economlc acLlvlLv Lo
lncludeť real esLaLeţ Lourlsmţ Lradlna and manufacLurlnaŦ
W Expatriates make up about 80% of the
W Dubai's officiaI reIigion is IsIam
W MusIims make up about haIf the popuIation
W Conservative, but very toIerant society
W Outside the city, the Emirate consists of desert
and is sparseIy inhabited

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