Column design as Per BS 8110-1:1997


Contents :     General Recommendations of the code Classification of columns Effective Length of columns & Minimum eccentricity Design Moments in Columns Design .

67fcu/ Km Steel Stress-strain curve ± Bilinear E of steel 200 kN/mm2 . for steel 1.General Reco·s of the code         Km for concrete 1.5.5¥fcu/ Km 10% less than IS Ultimate stress in concrete 0.05 Concrete strength ± CUBE STRENGTH Grades of steel Fe250 & Fe460 Primary Load combination 1.6LL E of concrete Ec = 5.4DL+1.

1.5 . else ± UNBRACED Cl.3.Classification of columns SHORT ± both lex/h and ley/b < 15 for braced columns < 10 for unbraced columns else ± SLENDER BRACED .8.If lateral stability to structure as a whole is provided by walls or bracing designed to resist all lateral forces in that plane.

Effective length &minimum eccentricity Effective length le = ßlo ß ± depends on end condition at top and bottom of column. emin = 0.05 x dimension of column in the plane of bending ” 20 mm .

45fcuAc+0.95fyAsc Nbal = 0..25fcubd Value of K found iteratively . Deflection induced moments in Slender columns Madd = N au where au = ßaKh ßa = (1/2000)(le/b¶)2 K = (Nuz ± N)/(Nuz ± Nbal) ” 1 Nuz = 0.Contd.

.4M1+0. Design Moments in Braced columns : Maximum Design Column Moment Greatest of a) M2 b) Mi+Madd Mi = 0.Contd..6M2 c)M1+Madd/2 d) eminN Columns where le/h exceeds 20 and only Uniaxially bent Shall be designed as biaxially bent with zero initial moment along other axis.

Braced and unbraced columns .


Design Moments in UnBraced columns :The additional Moment may be assumed to occur at whichever end of column has stiffer joint. This stiffer joint may be the critical section for that column. Deflection of all UnBraced columns in a storey auav for all stories = au/n .


N/6bhfcu (Check explanatory hand book) Minimum Pt =0.4fcuAc + 0.8 Ascfy Biaxial Bending Mx/h¶• My/b¶ Mx/h¶” My/b¶  Increased uniaxial moment about one axis Mx¶ = Mx + ß1 h¶/b¶My My¶ = My + ß1 b¶/h¶Mx Where ß1 = 1.4% Max Pt = 6%  .Design Moments in Columns Axial Strength of column N = 0.

Shear in Columns  Shear strength vc¶ = vc+0.8¥fcu or 5 N/mm²    .6NVh/AcM To avoid shear cracks. Provide shear reinforcement If v ” 0. vc¶ = vc¥(1+N/(Acvc) If v > vc¶.

67fcu/Km 0.Design ² Construction of Interaction Curve 0.5h d h f2 M N 0.0035 f1 0.9x x I2 I1 A1 d1 A2 Section Stress Strain Distribution of stress and strain on a Column-Section .

5h-d) f1 and f2 in terms of E and f1 = 700(x-d+h)/x f2 = 700(x-d)/x The solution of above equation requires trial and error method .5h-0.5h-d1)+f2A2(0.Equilibrium equation from above stress block N = 0.402fcubx + f1A1 +f2A2 M =0.402fcubx(0.45x)+f1A1(0.