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Web 2.0 and Cyber Bullying

Web 2.0 and Cyber Bullying

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Published by George Couros

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Published by: George Couros on Nov 21, 2010
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By George Couros

Using a Web 2.0 technology, login to the following site: www.todaysmeet.com/forestgreencb

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School goals Connections between home and school are key to the success of students. Preparation for the future. Valuable use of the Internet in a safe manner.

Did you Know 4.0?

"We only get one chance to prepare our students for a future that none of us can possibly predict. What are we going to do with that one chance?" Stephen Covey, The Leader in Me




Understand common phrases that are used with Web 2.0 technologies, cyberbullying, or both. Become familiar with Web 2.0 technologies and understand their importance in improving student learning. Garner a better understanding of cyberbullying and find resources that can help you know what to do about it or prevent it.

Digital Identity
 The

representation of oneself through the form of technology and Web 2.0 sites. Example: If you were to do a google search of yourself, what would you find?

 Cyberbullying

"involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others. -Bill Belsey“ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberbullying) term used to describe a new generation of Web services and applications with an increasing emphasis on human collaboration.” (http://www.headland.co.uk/pages/glossary)

Web 2.0
 “A

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The Printing Press Telegraph/Telephone Television Web 1.0 Web 2.0

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http://docs.google.com http://twitter.com/gcouros http://flockdraw.com/ http://wallwisher.com/wall/gcouroscb http://www.formspring.me/gcouros

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Cell Phone Digital Camera Social Networks Any data device

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Threats and Intimidation Harassment or stalking Villification Defamation Peer rejection/Exclusion Identity Theft Public posting of private messages http://www.digizen.org/cyberbullying/fullg uidance/understanding/forms.aspx

Less people have seen THIS on YouTube, then have seen THIS.

Powerful video showing the effects of cyberbullying. VIDEO

Beginning to incorporate practice for digital citizenship in our Citizenship and Social Responsibility guidelines. Taking part in presentation on Cyberbullying. Discussing with students expectations for acceptable use of the Internet, including using email and Web 2.0 applications.

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Talk to your child. Keep your home computer in a central location. Join a social network and see how they work. Become active or a “lurker”. Monitor Your Kids Online Work With Your Kids’ Teachers and Other Parents Teach Your Kids to Keep Their Personal Information Private Know Your Legal Rights; talk to your school administration as well. From http://www.reputationdefenderblog.com/howto/stop-cyber-bullying/

http://www.schooltube.com/video/21838/Le arning-to-Change-Changing-to-Learn--KidsTech

http://www.mindomo.com/view.htm?m=485 11abbfb7e4145a33dbe6453d0f8af Tom Whitby explains how teachers use Twitter: http://edupln.ning.com/video/tomwhitby-explains-twitter Learning to Change-Changing to Learn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tahTKdE UAPk

Canadian Safe School Network - This Canadian organization is committed to reducing youth violence and making our schools and communities safer. (site) There are resources for parents, teachers and students on this site. http://www.canadiansafeschools.com/home.htm Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet) - PREVNet is a coalition of Canadians concerned about bullying. There are some amazing resources on this site, including bullying statistics and facts and myths about bullying. Under the Resources tab, you will find research reports and toolkits for educators and parents. http://prevnet.ca/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx Alberta Education - Bullying - In addition to a description of the different types of bullying and Alberta's Bullying Prevention Strategy, there is a link to additional bullying information, including the nature of bullying, prevention initiatives, and interventions. http://education.alberta.ca/teachers/safeschools/bullying.aspx Bullying is not a Fact of Life - This guide for parents and schools comes from the US National Mental Health Center; it provides a detailed explanation of bullying and the warning signs. There are also some tips for handling bullying situations. http://mentalhealth.samhsa.gov/publications/allpubs/SVP-0052/

Stop Bullying Now! - These resources and activities about bullying are from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. http://stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/index.asp?area=main First Steps to Stop Bullying and Harassment: Adults helping youth aged 12 to 17 - "Bullying needs to be dealt with directly. To stop hurtful behaviour we all need to respond when it occurs and take steps to prevent it. The first step is recognizing when there is a problem. Here is some information to help you figure out whether a teen you know has experienced, seen, heard or taken... http://www.psepc.gc.ca/res/cp/bully_12217-en.asp BullyingCanada.ca - BullyingCanada.ca is a website created by youth who wish to speak out about bullying and victimization. The site provides a newsletter, a PSA, and a youth resources database that contains information about bullying. http://www.bullyingcanada.ca/index.php Bullying.org - "The purpose of this site is to eliminate bullying by supporting individuals and organizations to take positive actions against bullying through the sharing of resources, and to guide and champion them in creating non-violent solutions to the challenges and problems associated with bullying." http://www.bullying.org/public/frameset.cfm Bully Free Alberta - "This website helps parents, teens and community members take control of this issue by giving them the tools they need to prevent or intervene in a bullying situation. It is a one-stop resource filled with helpful information about how to deal with bullying. You will also find a link to our kid's website,... http://www.bullyfreealberta.ca/index.htm


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