CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT, made as of October 19, 2010, is by and between The Entertainer known as ³Sidney Starr´

, and _________________________. The parties hereto desire to enter into preliminary discussions concerning involvement with ³Sidney Star´ for the purpose of shooting video footage. The discussions at this event and recording, being held on October 19, 2010 is not to be disclosed between any parties outside of ³Sidney Starr´ and ______________. ______________________ may not discuss any events, meetings, or discussions pertaining to ³Sidney Starr´ to the press or the public. Each party acknowledges its acceptance of this Agreement by the signature below of its authorized officer on duplicate counterparts of the Agreement, one of which fully executed counterparts is to be retained by each party. Date: ____________ Signature ___________________________________ Date: ____________ Signature ___________________________________